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The Abbeville Messenger Newspaper Archives Oct 8 1884, Page 1

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The Abbeville Messenger (Newspaper) - October 8, 1884, Abbeville, South CarolinaVol. I. Abbeville s. Wednesday october 8, 1884. No. 2. /""10lvmh1a a n Day Urkon a 1. Foil and after August 17, 18s4, i will run As herewith indicated upon this Road an a its branches. A ily to crypt Sulu Lentif so. 53. Us l ask nuke � la Jurve Columbia s. 5. Ii inc n. .12 3." p my " Columbia c. A. D 12 50 p a arrive Alston 1 50 a in Newberry 2 4 p i ninety six 1 17 p in Inja Greenwood 4 57 p in i st Hodges. 5 21 p in j a Shelton. 28 p in a be to Greenville 7 50 p in Xhu no. 52. Down i leave Greenville at 10 05 n in i Tribb arrive it Elton. 11 28 a in Dodge 12 40 p in j do Greenwood 1 06 pin ninety six 1 30 p i Newberry 3 ii p in Salston. 4 12 p in Columbia c. A g. 1 5 15 pin Larriv Columbia so. Jirine it 5 30 p Inho so Autanis 1h1, Rios a coi.imi1i a . 1, he. No. 53. I i ask Nokia. In a heave Alston 1 52 p 111 his arrive fit other 2 31 j in is Shelton 2 5h p in Union 4 02 a " Lone Aville 4 4". P in to Spartanburg 5 to in .4rrive Spartanburg h.a1. Depot 5 40 p inh no. 52. To in i ask Xci .0 live Spart g r. A i. Kept 11 55n in pm " Spart g . A v. Depot 12 115 a m 1arrive Jonesville i in nil " Union l 40 p in a Spielt on 3 0f p m y.1btrolher � 31 p m u arrive it Alston 4 07 Ujj in in i.avkkx8 hai1.uo Al leave if Olowin 4 10 p i s1arrive at Laurens i. 7 20 p in n leave c. Ii t 15 a in Larrive it Helena .12 25 pin a auukv1i.lk Hodges 5 30 p in arrive at Abbeville 0 30 p in leave Abbeville 1130am a arrive at Hodges 2 30 p m k ki1h1k Ani and son lilt Asci. Leave Helton c 32p in a arrive Anderson 7 05 p in " Pendleton. 7 43 p Ini Seneca k 17 p in he or rive it will Falla 8 55 p in j leave Walhalla 05 a in1 a i Fife. Ill Seneca oily 5fl m 1 do p in Central 10 12 p in i 52 p i Liberty 10 p iii 2 1 5 p in Kaslov 11 10 p in 2 27 pin j i free Sivilli a. 11 42 p in 2 47 i i 01 a i 3 50 i in Las Tonia if 3 20 a in 5 54 p in 2% Charlotte /. 1 10 u in 0 -111 p i i i South Intel. No. 511 to. 52t 7l.oiivc Charlotte 11. A in 1 00 p m 11 2 0 a in 1 45 p in 7spalliiiilnirp 4 28 a in 3 45 p i 8 Ironville 5 43 a in 4 55 p i Tih Artley 0 17 a in 5 20 p i a1 Liberty to 34 a in 5 42 p in 11contra Lisi it in to .0 p in j Seneca City 7 33 a in 7 3 14 a in s 10 p insula 10 00 n in 8 5w p 10 30 a in 9 25 p i Atlanta 1 00 p in 1130am Kex Fidemi. Mail. / freight trains on this Road All carry Pyssen v Kris passenger trains run through in Danio ill Utill connect wit i Virginia Midland rail Way to All Eastern cities and at i Luisita Alj lilies diverging. No. At leaves lit 1 p in Anil no. 51 arrives there at 4 p in 52s leaves Itie Minond at 2 28 a ill 53 arrives there at 7 41 u in a he Tiff of. Slac Piihl curs without i in a on trains los. 50 an mum , . Sunnah tar. It a. L ass. At. Q a. H Ali vol 2d v. 1. And Jen. Man. Pc South Carolina a. Railway sunday. Sept. 7th, 1884, nt2 85 it ivae Nurer trains will run As follows until further notice Eastern time j Columbia / Iris . Leave Columbia 7 50 n in a 25 p in Lii be at Chari est Oil 12 20 p in v -17 p in and All Point in Florida. Naif at a to to with Georgia and Central rail p k Urtada to and from All joints West and Smith Job m Black Villi to and from All Points on darn k � la Railroad. Through tickets can be purify Fiji cd to All Points or thoth and West by apply to. It Nik pm of i m i 1 " " Smo let " i a " m11 a \ Muziii iii i a. Ii a " j to i 4s 44 43 " clip lit " j1 " i3 " no to " " Lancaster. " it of " 00 Unck Mill. 44 2 00 11 16 44i iii Riillo. 41 1 00 44 _ iii pm a. Newberry ii pin " . " 12 5 j 20 44 14 Lipini fits 4 it 13 iii 3s 44 4 iii Lorenn 44 10 43 44 30 44 " in Conville 44 11 53 " 16 1 Willii iii 44 it 00 14 no " Abicic visit ii of 17 44 4 11 50 41 to 44 41lac iii i snip Viilet 44 Soo 44 " lid trains Between Charleston Ami Calnin w a. S. v. 1 i int. M. Wmk Limox in l ship t. J i ii 1 i As. A rent. Lox in is i Temh Maiio " Magnolia passenger route. � in. Al oct september 14, 1s84. 11xi so i til. Tonttu nn/1 i i 111 i arrive Augusta .11 till Tun 8 50 pm ave Augusta 10 $0 am 9 00 ii arrive Atlanta 5 45 pin t 40 am to Yave Augusta 1140 am drive lie Anfort i ill pm " j Cut Hoval to 05 Jint " " Cli Aleston i 50 pin " Savannah. It 42 pin " Jacksonville 0 00 am Illi no nokt1i. Al ave Jacksonville 5 to pm " Savannah 0 55 am " Charleston 010 am Nve port Koyal 7 25ntn c mean fort. 7 117 am " Augusta 1 40 pin 11 ave Atlanta 8 50 pin Larrive Augusta to 10 am ave Augusta 4 00 pm 5 40 am a rive Greenwood j 00 pm 11 0 am tickets on Sale at Greenwood to nil Points through cheeked to Desti Ilion. Daily. To daily cd Cut Sam lev. Pm. K. , tent tic manager. To .1 n. Hash superintendent. F,1 Autan Huru and As ukr i ilk Hail Hoad " on lid of tar May 12, 1884, past Cutrer Nins will be run daily except sunday be s ecu Spartanburg Antl Ilund Carsonville Asmous 1 i p up train. T hic ii. Is depot at Spartanburg 0 00 p m i be Spartanburg a. I. Depot 0 10 p m ave sol non 8 a 0 p in out the Flat Hock 9 i5 p in drive cuders Onrie 9 30 j. Down . To Marc Ilene Phonville h 00 am Nve Flat Hock 8 15 am Avo Saluda 0 00 a in a Jour i in line Junction ii 25 a m a ring h. It d depot Spartanburg ii 30 a in trains on thin Road run by time. D a Tomb trains i acc connections for Columbia of id Charleston via so Stranburg Union Andi Lumbia Atlanta and by air and son. Superintendent. A hit Ilmington co Nibia and i a atrium sta . Going Sou b no 48 kit -10 Cave Wilmington "9 30 p in ii 10 p in to arrive at Florence 1 50 a in 2 20 a iii Riva at columbia6 40 a m # going North so 43 no 47 a Cave Columbia 10 00 p in Enve Florence t. 4 50 p m 1 52 a iii Arrivo at Wilmington 7 40 p m 6 10 a m Jinrui m. Mops in air stations. Los. 4hid 47 Stop Only at Brinkley a Whiteville Nicini Irton knit Hanf Marion Florence , Sumter can Idun Junction h a. Woodrow for the past l Benleen j oars and was taught by him i the Seminary i desire to make my l Oble contribution to the elucidation of 01 Liis subject. That or. Woodrow is a Evont Christian and a diligent Humble u and Earnest student of the Bible none an deny who. Know him. Mis Reverri Nee for the ili Blo As the pure word of Lod the childlike simplicity of his Faith i All its utterances the native honesty of his mind his ability and Candor in Ealing with its difficulties from a Scien Lepoint of View his deep conviction 111 f the absolute truth of every word of lie Are the impressions u which were made upon me while i sat t has feet in the Seminary and these u apr Cessions have Only been deepened by ii my subsequent knowledge of him. Is a Man of science or. Woodrow s i mutation for unquestioned ability is 0 Wyond dispute by All competent judges Hother in this country or in Europe. His wonderful ability however has of in to lil irn nil a vomit Vii 7 it to by his excessive modesty. The press scathing and searching Ord Al trough which his address on Volu 111 ion is passing will afford at least this ratification to his will Coine him to show to the Public something a f those transcendent abilities which " ave hitherto been exhibited mainly to is students. Now when such a breast of the Ablest Christian philos m pliers of Bis generation endorsed too a greater or less extent in his views m y such men As Ash fray prof. Dana " r. Joseph Leconte and prof. Drum s Lyonil of such a Man Ives the result of his studies on ovo Lui Oviand its relation to the Lsible. Is it not worthy at least of a respectful and Dis passionate hearing ? when such an Ini nent Christian Ami scientific expel t s or. Joseph Lewonte says i adopt very Vor a of or. Woodrow s address s my own belief it would seem that a pliers should not hastily jump to the . Woodrow has avowed is belief in evolution therefore he is oth u heretic and behind the times As a t iii dentist. Let me add just Here in a Niceto or. Woodrow that he knows thing of my purpose to write this Arti v be it is the spontaneous prompting of to grateful heart feeling that i owe him Ai r his instructions in the Seminary a to est which 1 can never repay. 2, in reference to the address it should t e remembered that it clearly Dis Crimi t ales Between that doctrine of evolution a High is atheistic and that which is i Lici Stic preferably neither atheistic nor i Liei sti rejecting the former and adopt the latter As exhibiting Rod s plan g f creation. T whither what or. Woodrow explicitly As i / i Rin l nil ecu Ticu 21 y seems to him tax Only h no which can be Given within the limits o f in Tara 1 science necessarily excludes lie possibility of the questions whether cd lie doctrine is theistic or atheistic i whether it is religions or irreligious a Loral or with him it is mom a theistic As the logical contradictory of / theistic. It should be judged h ire. From this latter Point of View is his of itself is t valuable contradiction n l enables the student to feel that to act ept the doctrine of the address does of necessitate a renunciation of his be n if in Ood As the creator and preserver to f All things. U it is further worthy of notice that a Kin doctrine of evolution is not contractor of the 1 Ilc. Or. Woodrow s b position is whatsoever contradicts the n Lible is Noces Sarilu false we need no to in Thor proof of Tho falsity of any state n tent than that it is contradicted by Tho k1 Libit. But then., before we apply this 2 summary process to any question in Dis Etc we should to very Suro that the to Triblo does contradict it. Believing that to lie Bible does not contradict the theory is f evolution As held by him to main � tins that it May to True but whether p Rue or false it docs not of fact in the d ast his Faith in the absolute inerrant Siy of Tho inspired record. Tho Biblo h nys Tho god formed Man of Tho it ust of the the Bible there i Are answers two questions 1. Who p armed Man ? 2. Of what mar a rial did form Man ? 4 of the dust f the if now we choose to e so a third question of what sort of ii ust organic or inorganic Dio god form h inn ? Tho Bible in silent. Therefore a r. Woodrow maintains that whatever 1 Naswor naturals in air a Gnu or our 41.5a i j o " " " Hird question it cannot contradict Tho to Lible for the very obvious reason that to n any particular Point when the first s i triess neither affirms nor denies then i Hother Tho second witness affirms or to Lenies there can a no conflict Between y hem in that particular. This again nets to he a find of Tho student at rest for he t ice chives that whatever Niue be said of 1 solution whether lio believes it to be co it or false lie is not required to hate co be Jot or Tittle of his iii Ali in the plenary so Spir Tiou of toil s word. A let it be remembered that or. Wool a w s address Eon hues the application of Sele principles of evolution to the body Fri Adam lie holds that the scriptures teach that the sunt of Adair was not the solved but that it was immediately i muted by Sod find that the Lily of u re is not in evolution by natural pro lit ssi a but a creation by the direct in i position of the divine Hanik Cven it respect to the evolution of Adam s Trudy he does not dogmatically and die it Tori ally assert that it is so beyond far y ice dispute but. On the contrary states be i few of the facts which be foil client at least to keep us from sum in a aril rejecting the doctrine As certainly a cannot be lightly and or dismissed cd Many Good grounds for believing that st solution in these to another distinction which or. Wood to w signalized is that distinction Between be Bible and science dutch other and the Bible and science Al ref teaching the same thing. Many Are w imposed to think that if science teaches the thing and the Bithie does not. Teach Lyle same thing then we have conflict lit hey demand that the Law which regu in ites the connection Between science d id the Bible shall be the Law of har fun Tow. Or. Woodrow maintains that in a avg iii Lic l iii Law us him ill in tradition. This latter is again an of Ivan Abl Aid to tin student of tin the Ible in connection with science. It st Ives him from running to the Bible cry time there is a cry of conflict to nce whether or not he can torture tie n oly text until lie can extort from it in Nie expression which teaches the w line thing As science and having done Solie must wait in anxious suspense st science should a Inin change her it a session when he will be under the so iii Ful necessity of Alftin subjecting Cile Bible to the rack and the thumb w Tew. But 1 r. Woodrow s students i faithful to the principles instilled into i Icin in his Chus room Are saved from Ali ii this persecution of the word of cod w id not even the in isl of a conflict to Ali Veen Scienzo and the Bible can by any by Nasih Iliev disturb them in their studies a i the inspired Page from Usu a text Chap r of Gates fax to the closing word of i ovulation. It this Law of wow contradiction i r. W � itt Woodrow maintains arises mainly from. To facts 1. The two and the both the product of in same almighty spirit of truth. To the absolutely wow scientific charac r of All the contents of holy scripture. His Law is confirmed by the results of ii Prev lofts so called conflicts Between be Isible and Sci tace. So far As in him is he will not let his students forget Galileo or How not Only astronomy but l Graphy and geology have combined teach us this lesson. First there was inserted conflict truth of science and u a site of Riv a tin ii Linn " Ela Rufony then recognition of the Law f Joh contradiction. Scorof. Woodrow was put in Tho Perkins liner in our Seminary to teach the Annec ion Between science and eve shall we now turn him out As e heretic because to teaches that the tir which regulates the connection j tween science and revelation is the ii of Joy font radiation ? if this will of suit will Tho Church have him to Ach that it is the Law of contradiction f a this would be heresy indeed sheer in cd elite what then ? shall he teach Jat it is the Law of Harmony ii Oil ill this teaching Square with geography Itron inv and geology ? obis it not self evident that there must a some Law which regulates Tho connection Between science and revela j 0 1 1 .1 1 � Uji in i i iii uis a a must do toil my Cal under Ono or other of those Throe categories Viz 1st. A of contradiction or pril. Contradiction or 3d, Harmony t a flow it seeing that his critics demand my he shall maintain Tho third. If so j Len either 1 Thero must to some Landard outside of nature and of Hove Ilion with which Tho two must be coma Rod in ardor to show Tho Harmony or 2 nature must Boas mod is Tho Standard by which to judge j evolution or a revelation must be i sunbed us Tho Standard by which to Ido nature. The Jerst is clearly Standard exists. The in of Harmony according to the second fun Ould compel us to find Tho doctrine of i Volution in Tho Bible or reject Tho in Uhle is raise. Limit tins is exactly what it is critics declare is not in the Bible Cind yet they Assort that Tho Bible , i he Law of Harmony according to the t Hird would compel us to say since it lie doct Riuo of evolution i not taught in c lie Bible Ergo is not taught in natural j .1cience. This is exactly the position Rof. Woodruw s critics wish him to of Ike. But what is this in its Hist anal i Sis but Tho Church a Church under n liking to teach science and to dictate d her officers what they Are to believe o to True science ? Xoy has Sho any a to Tench science what 11 it she do for instance with the once of astronomy if site insists that 2 shall go to the Bible to got ournatu1science, As Well As our theological ion co Mill that having first obtained Din the Bible our science of astronomy e must then go to nature to find there e same science of astronomy ? this Ould be the Law of Harmony or. Woodrow rejects it he tells us there i natural science of astronomy in the Bio it is a waste of time to search for where it is not if you would find the. No religion search for it where alone is to be found in the Bible but if m would find the True astronomy Arch for alone it is to be und in the stars. So too. In refer Ceto geology he constantly cautions inst studying geology where no Nat Al science of geology the first Klapter of genesis if you desire to Udy geology search for it where alone be geology is to by the f Rah. Is it not Manifest that if Harmony is Ian did As the Regit lit Tice Law and the Ible is claimed As the Standard by High that Harmony is to be judged in we must first go to the Bible to am science and then go to nature to id there the same science which we Ivo already deduced from the Bible ? id not this course produce the shatno1conduct of the Church toward Jalo is it not. Therefore proved to to i unsound principle ? i cargo the mind i Rof. Woodruw severely trained by e accuracy demanded in scientific times rejects it. The Law f Harmony therefore. Will t do. The Law of Row a dirtion will t do As is self evident. A no the a of Hajj Contra diction is the Only Law Liili regulates the connection Between hence and revelation. It seems then that prof. Woodrow is iii exactly what he was put in the miliary to do and exactly what the lurch ought to desire him to do. Shall a therefore for these things denounce i As a heretic remove from him his fess worship and so repeat the Folly of e seventeenth Century ? and All for hat lie Causo Forsooth lie teaches j Hinn regulative a a 01 me connection Kiwoon science Ami revelation is the w of non contradiction it semis Clear that the Bible in ten. I 7, formed Man of the lust of the found leaves it an open question lither the expression dust of the found is Inte led to mean organic or j organic dust and it seems equally ear that no Oiler passage of scripture ils in the solution of this question. If i. Then Lii in Selimi. I to Case must belong to that Sci acc Host proper study is the investigation Liis very subject Viz organic or inorganic. If this be so. Ien is not any attempt to Settle then Tes Tiou of organic or inorganic dust by of Bible a persistent Effort on my part invade the sphere of science and n i not attempting to violate the regu Ivelaw of non contradiction and to a Force the Law of Harmony ? jut if so a i not expect both the Hible and Lien co to rebel against me and refuse to pc the Aid or Comfort ? i hut if All these things Are so. Then in in present aspect of the question of solution As to Man i am not called ii 10 say mat i Veneve 11 or mat i not believe it. As a scientific ties i n it is still under discussion. As to to final settlement of it As an accepted doctrine of science i can afford to be of undly indifferent so far As i am a corned As a student of the Jib la. Or shall i concern myself to Settle the lesion whether dust in Gen. Ii 7 Loans organic or inorganic dust by Way getting my Hible in readiness for the test conclusions of science for this is qution for the scientist to Settle not r if if science shall find that Man Ime from , All right y liable save it was dust and if Sci Reshall finally Eon Ludo that Man Iino from , still All right y Bible says it was dust without say whether that dust was organic or in Ganic. And so when this question is rally settled i shall Hail it us n renewed Monston too of that which i Rof. Wood to in Columbia Seminary in Law of non contradiction. shall learn from Tho past a lesson for the iture. Jamks l. Martin. Item Necly l or Poison Oak. I Camo across Tho following very boil recipe in the medical record a few Lys since and give it for Tho Henu it of any who know what a dreadful thing is to get Poison Oak on you. Tho Spe Fictor this Poison has been found to be Bromide. Of. 8. A. Brown of Tho uni states Navy states that to used it in last forty cases with unvarying from ten to Twenty drops of Bromide to an ounce of Olivo Oil Cosmo Noor Glye Orine. Rub tha mixture Huntly on Tho affected parts three or nit Tinina n and i in Kenn ii my Chivu f a in i vol Liliu 13 of volatile that the solution should to Reev Dovery Twenty four hours. Tho eruption Novotn extends after Tho first Venty four hours and promptly Disep . Twenty four hours if the plication is persist cd in. A Ijo Takio. \ del Iidro you ii missing Krooni. About the Middle of duly two Young nou came from Augusta in., and open Dnn Agency in Newberry for the Blouse Lobland the Domestic sowing machines Inder the partnership title of mus Rovo partners being Musgrove and .1. .1. Williams. L hey were strangers to the people Here my appeared to be doing Well and were Ivell thought of and or. Musgrove stills though recent developments have greatly Chen cd the estimate placed up. N the other Man. Williams has been l on Dingo late with or. 1. S. Doh Sou. Who lives just outside of the corporation n the Western Side of the town. Miss Annie Southern a Young lady of Olumi j bin about seventeen years old has been visiting or. Johnson s family to whom she is related for several weeks Leing site pretty and attractive she inns a favorite with the Young men of Newberry and received from them a of Deal of attention. Williams paid iter some attention but not to such a Legree As to Lead one to suppose that he was serious and the Surprise was great therefore when it became known won Ilay morning that they had been mar pied. Thev Ontl � into i Wii in Lav morning on horseback and calling upon Llev. Luther Broaddus this residence to Skol him to marry Thein which he did. They mounted their hoses and after going Down Street Ami buying a spool of thread and a paper of pins Roth Hack to or. Johnson s. Messes. Johnstone & i Romer had a few Days before received i letter from a client st Seneca with reference to n claim against Williams and giving him a pretty bad name. On Ledwith this was a Rumor in town that Williams had a wife in Georgia. Or. Johnstone As a Friend of or. I. ,Rode out at once to his House a d Laid the facts before him. They then naked Williams about his Georgia acknowledged that he had been married in that slate but said that lie had got a divorce lie was told that there must by a full and satisfactory ex-1 Dan Tiou with proof at once Ami William proposed to Telegraph to Augusta. Exit instead of doing so he slipped out of the House mounted his horse and . 1. S. Johnson. Telegraphed to Augusta in the afternoon hut received no reply until the next morning when he was informed that Williams had never been divorced from his Georgia wife. The observer saw or. Musgrove tuesday morning lie was greatly distressed and worried As Well As surprised it the conduct of his partner. He says that Williams came to Augusta about a year ago from Greenwood where he had been connected with a newspaper at d pot a position in the office of the Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine co., and shortly afterwards changed to the household and Domestic in which or. Musgrove was employed. Or. J. K. Harton the general agent asked or. Musgrove to come Over into South Caroli Naami sell machines. Williams Nui iii ii in Cuiyu Uiso Tiliti Mey came Long tog thether to Newberry and opened business. Or. Musgrove knew that Williams had been married and that divorce proceedings were pending lie says that sunday night Williams told him he intended to get married and he asked him about the divorce proceeding and was told by Williams that he had got the divorce through. After remarriage and speculations incident thereto and the Llight of the new made room or. Must rove telegraphed to or. Barton in Augusta ask or. Webb Williams lawyer in the divorce Case if Williams has a s in trouble Here signed o. H. Must Vovk. Tuesday morning he received the following ai/oit8ta, ga., sept., 30, 18s4. Ii. Magrove Newberry 8. A divorce proceedings pending but second verdict liar not been signed j. E. Kaii tos. The meaning of the second verdict is that in Georgia t to verdicts at separate terms of the court must be obtained before a decree of divorce is granted. It seems that Williams has one verdict but Tho second hearing has not been had. The Case has been pending in Atlanta. The Young lady says that Williams told her when paying his addresses that to had been married but had got a divorce. When i10 left monday he told her to keep Confidence in him and he would return soon and that everything will to cleared up and that he will be vindicated. The situation in As a dime novel with a persecuted hero. The Young lady s Mother being telegraphed for came up tuesday Mccoin Panido by n Young gentleman of Columbia and they All three returned to their Homos yesterday. No Surv it has Boen issued . La a a it t Lri Lara ion k for lio state i stir. The regular meeting of the Hoard of Trade was held last night. President i Earce. On behalf of the free utile Comini toe on the state fair reported that he had appointed messes. David Jones. A. Iredell and n. A. Trump on the committee. They had held one meeting and had corresponded . F. Buchanan of Reeve s hand As Well As with or. Reeves with reference to procuring that hand for fair week. There was every reason to believe that the band Woald be engaged As favourable negotiations were in Progress in which president Duncan of the state agricultural society was also participating. President i Earce also stated that lie had corresponded with live electric. Light Compaq ies and had just received the address of another company to which he would also write with the View of having electric lights at the state House and at the fair grounds during fair week. There would be at least one company represented at the fair and it was probable that the exhibition of the electric lights Here would result in a permanent Benefit to the exhibitor. The indications Point to a larger and r better exhibition attended by an increase number of visitors than any previous fair and preparations had been made and would be further made for a grand Dis play of the Industrial acid agricultural resources of the state. Till. Iti a inc. In flw1. A .v1vh.1u his us Sivu Stok would he great. Preparations for the accommodation of immense numbers of visitors had been entrusted to a competent committee who would discharge their duties faithfully and successfully. In the matter of illuminations president1 Earle said that Large numbers of japanese lanterns would be used at the state House fair grounds and other prominent places if the contributions of the citizens should be As Liberal As last year tin committees would be enabled to make a better show Ami entertain the visitors More pleasantly than had Ever been done before. It would appear from the action of the Hoard of Trade that it is proposed to have night entertainments at the fair grounds which will to h iwo feature Columbia . The suit. The Chc in Aiken county and How it Wiik la elided the Lent overruled and lie Case to he appealed. The Case of the Woolfolk heirs against the to Graniteville manufacturing company which was tried in the court of general sessions in Aiken on monday and which was concluded by a verdict fur defendants has attracted considerable attention. The Issue involved the a. 1 possessed by the Grunit Cuvillo manufacturing company. The counsel representing the plaintiffs were me frs. A Nev Al Noy Croft & Dunlap .1. E. Bacon a. Ii. Alfriend and .0. C. Ionian for the defense messes. Henderson Bros. Samuel lord and .1. I. Cloy. The defendants regard the verdict As a virtual termination of the suit and consider the matter irrevocably settled in favor of the company. On the other hand the heirs we understand will Appeal the Caso to Tho supreme court. They say that the court ruled out a certain deed in a Legal technicality which constituted an important link in the plaintiff s Chain of titles Mii hint by their own motion they thereupon directed a verdict to in taken against them with the i jilt of Appeal to the supreme court. On this Anil upon other Points made during the Progress of the trial objection was made. The error complained of in this important � link consisted they allege in the ruling upon the Point thai u deed was probated Liy a .1 ii Stice of the peace in Georgiu Tho defendants claiming it should have been probated by in of Hoer in South Carolina. Tho judge ruled against Tho plaintiffs on this Point and the Casogoc to the supreme court. A hut i chronicle. Cooking an an Art. The Man who presides Over Iho Kitchon in a first class hotel is an absolute Monarch. Nobody ventures to question his acts and even his employers make their feeble suggestions in a deferential Way. The modern each is an artists Well As a student and for his Nso is provided a Library filled with All Tho Standard works upon his Art. Hero to consults his authorities and Plana Bis campaigns of gastronomic Conquest. In the Kitchen Are subordinates of Many grades who look no to Tim with Awe. The cief of n leading hotel in new York lately admitted a reporter to his inner Sanctum and there confided to him the great secret of Tho cooking Art. This it appears is Tho making of a Auen. Everything in its raw state says the Oracle has a distinctive taste but the a Imrik it Art it a Kirin or i a in n � in a 5ehj that it readies the palate. The Kudret ill our profession u to Supply flavors where they Are absent and develop Thorn when they Aro there just As Tho Painter v -. Makes his effect stand nut from thu can Ife tii jul
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