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The Abbeville Bulletin Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1865, Page 2

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The Abbeville Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 24, 1865, Abbeville, South Carolina the Abbeville Bullet Ian Abbeville s. O. Thursday August 24,1865. Txsin830p&i. Of Hutch in Alabama � to the clergy and laity of the protestant episcopal Church in Tho diocese of Alabama w of the 80th Day of May inst i addressed a brio circular to the clergy suggesting the principles Whigob in Ray judgment should govern Ibera a their official conduct under the pred ont condition of affairs. 1 deem it advisable at this time 19 ,in a More formal and Public manner a somewhat expanded statement of the views contained in the circular referred to. Ine Dipso 01 me a Onie Eraie govern went docs not neck stanly involve the disorganization of the general Council of the Church within the limits of that nationality of a Church is a matter purely conventional and of human Arron Gomont. It is assuredly possible for two Church organizations to exist under one common civil government without violating the Unity of the Church. There is an essential difference Between the Unity of branches of the Church and their Union us Ono legislative body. For example Tho Church in England is in perfect Unity with the Church in the United states there h no legislative Union Between these churches. Again and this a a Case Moro in Point Tho Church in Scotland i3 in Muty w i a Trio Church in Eigland and vet they exist As distinct organizations under a civil government. Cons by no charge of schism ran Judithe Church in the Southern state. A site should be fit to perpetuate herself Ough a separate organization. She does not thereby necessarily depart from Tho Unity of the Church in doctrine discipline or order. Therefore it Mav or Mav inf a circumstances May indicate be advisable and expedient to dissolve the general i3 a question for future a Iclesias tic a determination. As to the changes in Tho language of Reitano prayers we Ich Are Trade necessary by Lale Poth Al events i observe Iho lapse of the Confederate government requires of necessity Trio omission of the prayers for Tho president of the Confederate states and All in civil Tho immediate substitution of another form of prayer does not follow of the same necessity As will appear from the following to Pray for All in authority is unquestionably duty hut a duly of a religious and not of a political origin and Mode of Duch Argins that duty my the determined by Trio proper ecclesiastical authority. Consequently any attempt on the part of a civil or military Power to dictate to the Church in this mutter cannot but be regarded As unauthorized and Intra Tiff its of Lov Sliv 4ini. N non #8ulil shed by authority and Uliey who faithfully conformed to these test have fulfilled the requirements of Tho , am.,have right in equity and under the Eon--"1 Stit Tiou of the country to manage their Eccle wait dual Aff irs according to their own discretion. The Church has due regard Toi s established authority and it u not to be presumed regard Esa of her a crud oblige tons. She no hence a i remarked in the circular we Way yield a True allegiance to and sin Cerely Pray for Grace Wisdom and understanding in behalf of a government founded upon Force while at the same time we could not in Good con Eorence ask for its continuance property the civil authority shall be restored it will be eminently proper for Ali Church to resume the ase of that form of prayer which Baa been established by ecclesiastical author lies and which has for Many years convoluted a part Foiter Liturgy. M. To Amiro mat in times past i Nav expressed a Strong desire that the regular and Ordinary forms of Publio worship should be so entirely Ca Bulic in character m to be adapted the exigencies of tin a place and circumstances and that i urged this matter upon the attention Ozouf diocesan Council in 1861, with a View to action at ? Fenev of cares Vej but it is not for Trie m my individual capacity to iut Rosoce into lire Liturgy any other form of Orda Lino that which the Church a in collective a legislative Ca Gli he Monea. My Tonoli Loxi i therefore and my direction which i hereby give Chat we to to Jivu authority shall be in the stat of a Abam the clergy thai uan Laform entitled prayer for of the United As it of cd to of . Is to heed the teaching of the Church in regard to Diw Barga. the Ianetta item to i Jiovo. Point is Brief a kit j War of the extend Etc to 11 Nam m Weir Oler Gow Uitz. In �1 of the pelt/pt"16" _ Ems Mai us in fit. It ass v. Aal i or a g of qty of Ijar Verity to to government is Only the formal and so Fortar acknowledgement to a w i Tuu Vav the guidance and. Protection of god and earnestly praying that All tilings May be ordered to the advancement of Ilia glory the Good of Hia Church tid the ski to Honor Punj welfare of Ilia people i am yours faithfully in Christ and his Church Richard h. , Bishop of the diocese of Ali Bainn. Greensboro Al l., june 20, 1805. From the Augusta constitutionalism. A useful ta3le. In consequence of numerous inquiries daily As to the Price of Gold for Confederate notes during a certain period we have for tie convenience of our citizen who May have settlements to make prepared a table from our books allowing actual Hales from january 1, 1861, to May 1, 1805, which is at your Orvice should you think proper to publish the same. F. C. Harder & Sger Exchange brokers. Augusta. On june 9, 1865. Prices of Gold for Confederate notes 1801.january 1 to May 1, 6 cuts Premium May 1 to outlier 10 october 1 to oct 15, 12 " " oct. 16 to nov. 15, 15 " " dec rapier 1, 20" Decem Lier 15, 8i 1862.january 2. 20 j miliary 15, 20 february i 25 february 15, 40 " March 1, to " � March 15, 65 apr i 1, 75 " april 15, 80 " " May 1, 90 " " May 15, 95 " " june 1, 95 " " Jour 15 to july 15, #2.00 for $1 August i 2 20 " i air i t 15, 2.20 m 1 september i 2.60 " 1 out her 1, 2.60 1 october 15, 2.60 " 1 not. 1 to feb 1, 53, 3.00 " 11863.feb. 1 to Murch 1, 8.10 11 1 March a 8.25 1 March 16 to May 15, 6.00 " 1may 15, r.00 1june 1, 6.60 1 june 15, 7 60 1 july 1. 1 july 15, 10.00 1 August 1, 14 00 " -1 August 15, 16 0 " 1 los Jet 15, m 10 to a i 13.00 "1 a october 15, 12 50 " i november 1, 13.00 " 1 i ber 1, 32.00 " 1 dec i incr 15. S8.0o " 1 Lve omber 31, 61.00 " 1 i u f. Pfc i Fla to j i x it uxry 16, 65.00 1fehru�ry i. 6.00 " 1fobrumv 15, 4d.do " i % March 65.00 v 1 mural. 15, " 1 april 1, Volo 1 april 15, 80 00 " 1 april an 100 00 " 1 april 20, 1 april it 300 00 " 1 april 2a, 5o0.00 " t april 2troii.00 " 1april 30,. La 1 May 1, iuo.nfc " 1witch by the last actual Chis fur conf Iwate notes. Apr oar a of the cholera. A Washington despatch of the 12th, pays the news from Europe which was received at the stare department yesterday seem to dispel till Doughl about the steady weft. Ward Progress of the cholera. It had reached thu Inland of Maha in them Terri tar ii sea. South no Truk to �. Raging with great violence and with effect. It was a of prevailing in the form of the most malignant epidemic a constantinople and it we hourly expected at Odessa on the nor Ihen shores of the Black sea near Hitt Crimo. There Chubb no doubt now that this terrible Scourge will soon reach the Western countries of Europe and it is m re Tiff to probable i habit will Cross the Atlantic. If he unitary condition of our sea braid cities was whatsit ought to be there might rot bar und for much Larto on the sul balt Moreis prepared for the Leri Ime Yaj or for Washington the intelligencer a Day or two ago said we shudder to contemplate the scenes that Moat be witnessed i Washington if the cholera should make its appearance Here in the present condition of the tie City authorities Are moving in the matter but they will have to move with rapidity and decision for there is a herculean task before Vliem. Dmit Ditoh in gentleman who has just returned from a our through the court in of Stafford Spott re Vnnie Anh of Nutu v.�. 1. Re Ori null newfound t e inhabitants in a very destitute condition with no Money and aside from the present crop. To a m the Gratifying telegraphic announce met tall by he it my we notion Trtat the new yrs Herald the Ikin tie pres it Atlantic Cable if mocha fully Ork a will lie much More importance to i lie old world than the new from the changed condition of diff Ira in the two count Lien. When Liei st Ruble Wai Lxi a it new Mil necessary that we Houd know it the Earnest Mon but what a going on in old world at Ita courts on its . Of in its Roark in Sireric to Tolm policy we it their feeling towards this country of ours in the West and cd were to be to be treated n n Frank Ami Friendly manner or to be the subject of open 6pite or festering ourselves to Public opinion abroad in Many respect we were anxious to understand it and quickly to receive however the cae is different. News from Liis Side will be eagerly Locke for Oil the other. Our transatlantic friends will be anxious to know How reconstructions being effected peaceably and harmoniously How we Are adding to our wealth our population our Security How our cities Are growing How new states Are being formed How Many millions of Gold we Are producing every month and what surplus Cotton and cereals we Are ready to dispose of to foreign nations. And so will be As anxiously inquired when the Monroe doctrine is to be Putin Force and the austrian prime sont bark to Bis own country. In fart there will be a constant Wocicki i Kimmig Nuu Cuis in it Unjin 1 16 attention of Europe and european politicians and the Tran Luis ion. Of news from this Side will Bobo chief occupation of their operators and to the Tuosto notwithstanding All i every True american will Hail with Woythe Success of the great scheme for placing us in telegraphic communication with the old world. It is wonderful How much ingenuity in mended Nanri mama a i. Few or o lilt pay men of government taxes and internal Revenue. The commissioner of inter rial Revenue at Washington receives daily a Lar of number of specimens of the devices mechanical and others gathered up by the various collectors and assessor throughout the country in the article of matches alone there Are dozens of evasive specimens presented. One received a jew Days ago is a double Euder Natch nearly twice a Long As the Ordinary match with cach lend dipped in the phosphoric consumer of these double endere in the tit Idle and he has two matches for one. The tax is one cent for All packages of not More than a Ted double de Tler a rpm ili Luu tur a map is a boat half Trio government tax intended by the in. Another ingenious evader gets up Jargo package3 of thin blocks about three inched Long and theh nth of matches one Edge being dipped in the Dios Iiorio a mixture. These bloc she den m rates Kindl i a Wood. And inform the purchaser that if to Desi a t use them its matches he can do to a any to into. By Hill Licitr ili iii off the kindling would. Ii is scarcely in say thai by Ilie uni of the demo Iliof the commit Sio Iier of Rcw nue these evaders Aie coins rolled by the Lionett tax required by Law. Mormon letter from t Lake i y Speaks Nus of the Morsio is flit a i it very kudu Tri u3, Etc relic men. Vanning 10 tin Valley seven tern years a Lleti h waste to veiled Only wit Sage Brush,.they live built lift a Large Beautiful cite of May fifteen thousand inhabitants. 1 t by have Fried it with residences Sartje h o is him shops of Ever kind Hoy hive surrounded the r dwelling with larg Garden filed with fruit Trees if to Flower. In the Yaley of he Errio Rybb is Are thousands of farm bup Rede of Mil 6 and manufactories and in All nearly a Hundred thousand people have made comforts it in my of them Beautiful Boron where less than Twenty years ago it was thought impossible Lor any besides mph to live. Tiie an out of labor they Nve Dune and the extent and variety of their is really amazing. Rodin nil mix pm in Fri Tuff fallowing re Tiu priced paid for sout Carolina Bok notes in new York. Tie a prices Are in United states Legal tender notes or in Gold Coin. The Date of these quotations to of the 4th. Insl and Are of course fluctuating Bank of Ommon 12 Bank of Charles ton 15 Bank of Chester 15 Bank of Georgetown 16 Bank of Hamburg. 15 Hank. Or Siewt Oery if Bank of sout Carolina is Bank of 8uat of South car Otina 17 commercial bunk Colombia,16 Exchange Bank Columbia 15 Fara Aera & Exchange Baik Iff merchants blk Ciciera 15 Peop a � Batik 80ranlr _ i o t v owoaecnun.8oujl�-Wrtmrn Ai jjoad.26 state Bank "10 Union Bank 40., to to. A. but the rigid Rule Proi Tina from wafer Idt tor from in a thu week r red from Hie City from which we Tarn Mati Fajok Douht Tuiai Zzz Tueth of i. Tiie 80b�crihcr is agent for lit croat Congo of Ali Derma Mia 11anoveh, Lac panties of hew Yok Kri Hii an us Grigat. Capital of three by Liis arrangement on policy will cover on i undoubted Mulveney of the companies is vouch this company also insures Agai the perils of Inland transport. I. i in i a lieu Hin life will be Inri Ukko against r n year a Man can so ure to himself or family i killed or n Eli Tail Nalo unt. Per week in Case to person Fig Rise Suli Seilier it now prep or a. 17. 1h05, 4-3m x. By the provisional governor of the state of South Carolina. A a Dan a u a to Taatia. . To i1ehea8, his excellency president t � Johnson har Isi Udud i me,.benjamin f. Perry provisional governor in und for the slate of South Carolina with Power to prescribe such Rue and . As May be necessary and proper for convening a convention of Tho 8iate, composed of i Legal is to be chosen by Fiat portion of the Pef the United state do hereby proclaim and declare that All civil officer sin South Carolina who were in Ozice when the civil government of the state was suspended in May last except those arrested or under prosecution for treason shall Ontal cing the oath of allegiance prescribed Infin papa mull Amno fit 1- a �ilic29th div of May 1865. Resume the duties of their offices and continue to discharge them under the provisional government till further appointments Are i do further proclaim declare and Malc known that it is the duty of All Loyal citizen of the state of South Carolina to promptly go Forward and take the oath of Alle Muce to the unit. � v5, fur a lie Purpo of Tiller Inland amending the pre int Constitution of South Carolina or remodelling and nuking a new inn which to the or to changes which Timve taken Plepe in the late and be ii Urr in Ami Ivan Concan principles mid Equality of i do further proc nit and make known that Ibe Finati Tinion and All Laws in fare in with or Lin i prior to the him Sion of the state tire Here by Ina be of Force under the provisional government except wherein they May conflict with t he provisions of this Ali judges and can Nellora of Liis tote Are hereby Reznir a to Xercie Al the Powers and perform nil the duties which Appertain to their re a Tite Folcee. And exp.1- i i Fly in Orinin a it i be. Expected of the Federal military Otho cities now i South Carolina to lend their authority to the i a a i. Iii for the purpose of enforcing the Laws and pre Nerving the peace and Good order of the d ate. And a do further command and enjoin All Cood and lawful citizens of the state to unite to enforcing he Laws and bringing to Justice All disorderly persons a plunderers robbers and marauders All vagrants and Idle persons who Are wandering about without employment or any visible Means of supporting themselves. Tit is also expected that All Fourrier owners of freed persons will be kind to them and not turn off the children or aged to perish Andrlw freed men and women Are earnestly enjoined to make contract just and fair for remaining with their former owner. In order to facilitate As much a a possible the application for pro a under the excepted Section of the pie aident a amnesty procuration it is stated for information that applies Lions must be by petition slating Tea except Idoft and accompanied with Tea oath petition Mast a first approved by tha pro., , and Thoo forwarded to the president. Tha headquarter of the provisional governor will be at Greenville where All com in ii id duh Cote Wco. The Neap per Gobi state wih publish Fri Lection fur Meibert of the com Eulion. 1 r Lute to non we a from i have Hereunto Etc a Bandat Daentl to but Matibe town off t j or Vilt a Tab Soto ref in july n the your it ppr lord Lac and it them a Dence us Roll a 8tuahfl Ninetieth. V f. Ipoh fish a tivoritebf4botimioe 7 few Taw b. A a a. Private Saufl Urov. I a a a a. M i Eraca e Agency. Lid Ltd insurance companies compose Dalta and Republic insurance comi million dollars. Mui since of forty Tho Paud a Nyji tote i Lor by All of the Banks of new York. List loss or damage by ire and action either by land or water. Kanok company of new York byte Acci Lonb in travelling. For fifteen Dollar five the Friand in jul ars provided Helie a compelled to lie up of account of injury 1 to Ake rinks. Branch Jve. P. It w Vii i re if u.uuijjl11variety store Abbeville. The undersigned would respectfully invite the attention of purchasers to his Stock of goods consisting in part As follows dry goods shirting w0bsss hoop skirts ladies and gentlemen s Hose to Needles shoe thread pencils Hooks Andin Ejon Pine Neo Lea flax thread combo gloves gentlemen s collars knives and Forks pocket knives pipes Ladic enamelled belts Blair Oil a variety of toilet soap. Raisins Mackerel Herrings sugar Green Tea Pepper salts Berra rope. Jars pitchers ups and saucers Tabi Salt in liking and chewing tobacco shoes Linnen handkerchiefs. Audios worked collars paper envelopes pens jewelry Tope Osnaburgh tin Ware Factor thread extract logwood horseshoes rasp Bastard files shoo blacking a. Pm thence forwarded to Washington City for final notion by the president. Tho intervention of an attorney both at this Placo and Washington Eity. Will greatly Tuc Imitato the transact iou and couple Yipu of such by . J. Bluford a attorney ill a. Aufu. 3, 186, 2 st. Greenville s. C. Of All papers n Che state Obj y three times Anil Send Bills to c. J. E. Important to the travelling Public. Daily Hack lie # from Abbeville t o i wa8hi 1sta to 3st. Najj Tention at either place. Or the Mih crier would respectfully inform the they have this by up Tito opt Rasion daily line of Hacks from Abbeville a 0., to Washington ga., making connection with the Tiaris Levi do lot placet. Up passengers arriving at Abbeville on the 2-80 p. M. Tram will arrive at Washington next morning in time or the 8 20 train and those arriving at Washington on be 8jo p. Ai. Train will Arm at Abbeville in time for the 10.80 a. M. Train. A 8eau May be second from the agent a Harriett a depot of the ,hd4 from a conductor n ill Abbeville Jirauch Railroad. I awl Vav 4u4tt Onty 18m. To i will list lining. Wek.v��-1m sfsfjppi�&�2? a bin for . Leu i ili " a new Stobe 1 a w n new goods. % re aka j 1 j a. Lib ii Ciai Lucu yuu1u respectfully inform the Public that he has established a store i Abbeville at the old stand of Oray or an j others 1ia.no kbrcuief8,.puro White Linen and coi or de. My "1 hoop skirts e # knives Pencil Needle of cd Tirjer Ueeck Puon very cheap Apo i Totton the very boat flax Segre i arg Quantity. Smoking tobacco and Pip i Vav a a. Groceries. S c #t7 i which we will fell very Tow Ssiss sit Tau Liperr mall search Silver Loei them i id a hal a to Vic cd
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