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The Abbeville Bulletin Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1865, Page 1

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The Abbeville Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 24, 1865, Abbeville, South Carolina% " the Abbi Votile bulletin., ,. To � by Huo Wilson Abbeville s. G., August 24,1s65. Volume i. No. 5ww.pii 1 i l ii 1 Al c Foft Babille gel left. By Hugh Wilson. J. Term9.thc bulletin will he furnished weekly to ube Cribe a for two Dollar your in Advance. Provisions will be taken Al the mkt copies ten Centa. �5@p we would Call attention to the military order in Liis paper. Mib Sioux to week we omitted to give our Friend of tie Greenvill Mountaineer credit for tie governor tale Spetch air Greenville. It waa copied from that paper and it Debould buy Ehud the proper credit. Rikard from the Many Friend of our Wilder or. Stugh Kiuon senior will be Plen Ped to learn Tomt he Jinn recently Heen heard from. To u in Charlestown Tepa Tsee. In a letter just received Froin him he Anys that he will noun be Home. I " to be mastered i reported that an order has been ii used direr tin that the coloured troop of the Federal army now Garriso ning tie different Townsin this state Are anon to go mustered out of Servic. Theft during the pwt week some robberies have been knitted. By. Would put the people on their guard against robbers. Among others who have had their smote houses rifled we would mention or. John Enright or. . Sililo �9d mrs. Ramey. Of week we have re a cited quite Large addition to oar subscription list. It is truly cheering to a Liberal support from various elections of the District to our Friend a -.v. A Juicy our our bucker Ana we Ball for them Ever cd Erin a w Arm plan Chin our heart. To believe that in no District of Sou to Carolina do the people support their papers As Well As in Abbeville. It is with much pleasure Tjit we a/9 Able to by that the bulletin is now on a Safe fool nor and it 5 Nurmi Noinin-1cou1u listed. Or Tow visitor cannot fail to notice the recent improved condition of our Streeta. Lieut. Black the Provost Marhul expresses the determination to keep the Village in a clean and healthy Condo tion. Every Day he has quite a number of freedmen under a proper guard sweeping the Street filling mud holes building horse rack whitewashing the Trees and boxing and otherwise improving the no Pear acc and sanitary condition of the town. Wro Taxt to shipper shippers won us do Well to read the card of Meir. Davis and Mcfeat to be found in another column. They Are not we and energetic business men and we take pleasure in j Lcou amending to the attention of of people. All business entrusted to to Beer care will to attended to with All possible safety and despatch. Or. Davis a Well known to a Patty As the former courteous agent for the Greenville and columbian Railroad at Columbia. See advert Sumeet. Nic arson 8 hotel we direct the to Teuton of the travelling Publio to t to fact thai -3?ickt�r8 jux is himself uni i. O to has established a first Claes Flo tel in Columbia. Lie has rented that urge and commodious building known As the Colombia methodist female College now prepared to serve the travelling Public with every luxury find Comfort that the City of Columbia affords. He u quite a Plens to t landlord and is Ever ready to administer to the want of tii guest s. 6e . week a my Friend sent at a dish of Sweet milk and peaches for which we would return our thanks m � Uriost polite manner. Nothing could Bare been More highly Are Al so indebted to other Jud Friend who lie in the country for a baskets the Best fruit that we have Sec a this year. She will accept or High appreciation or the attention. The Gentoo iii Turbo want us that Jarg and Apt Odid water Raelou has our Thinka too. We Hope that smaller does May never grow of Bia farm. L a. Killed blah a Reet to Tab Vicinity Offee Frood to this District tre least that a Federal Soldier coloured we flee name we Jwuc lb1� outmtiaf1 Greenwood from any Ltd plan a t la plunging a Mcmo. Top of each Aam my Peop to my a bpm v in 1 c in Farr �5 we notice with pleasure general disposition on Tho part of our people to go to work and it pair As pee Milf As pou Blethe ravages and losses of Uja War. For a time it feared that bitter refining and unavailing regrets might take the place of i vigorous Effort and Manly action. But All from or esteemed governor Down to the most quiet unobtrusive citizen seem animated with a to bring about a state of in Armony and Prosperity to our country. There Are Dorsc we cannot repair. Tie have been sundered Wei Cut cannot be i 9 vacant chair every la chord is tin said in the Micisio of. Every family. I Lents bar been torn we Ith time cannot heal an Hopes Ynve Bren blighted and Joya have win urea a Nicoli can never Spring again in Gret Ness and Stortv gab. But poll is two months ago to were prostrate and Panl red and without Money. Now we have a daily increasing currency and the you Vii of the Active in receiving Ita Reward. On the ruins of our once stir capital a new oily a rising Phoenix like Fiton the a Lui of its conflagration. On the desolated greets of Charleston to Al sound of the saw and the. Plane and the ring of the Hammer and trowel testify to tiie Teal and Energy of our people. Adhere in Otler own Little Village the work goes bravely on. Time Muht elapse before Allis restored but at the present rate of 1 " � u Atuf chrs win i ice All material traces of the great struggle in which we Lavo been eng gtd. To this desirable end let every Ono contribute we Haro for on capital Tho Strong arms and by nip lion int to i Yui a Ciacio Al jul the Soldier who Lias done and dared now nobly net Neil work. Let Alt. Show themselves men with the feelings and Honor of men. And who a laudable desire to Prosper is cultivated by every one let us open our hearts and develops the Noble emotions of humanity that we a prosperous and Happy people. Our duty As Well As our interest demands that we As a people cultivate amicable relations Tvito a i i cd jul Sliu Flo fawning servility of the slave but with the spirit and generosity of High toned gentlemen. Four Cara ago we appeared to arms fur the decision of a political quota tion Between the North and South and now let us act like men and abide by that decision. We have been fairly overcome and it becomes us to show to the world that Ween Bury the Hatchet with As Good a Grace As we buckled on Tho Armor. It docs not Hoonie a Bravo and chivalric Peop Eto murmur at their situation. Lot no bickering or contentious feelings be enter 1 trained for n moment but trusting in the god who hns promised his Blessing to the diligent let us go Forward actively courageously and we will Prosper and acc cd let the dead past Bury its , act in the living within and Ood o or taxes in Charleston by a recent Nril Roa Ftp Intro to u6u a in taxes Are levied by the military author Itie for the City of Charleston. Where payment is delayed More than eight Days after he hah expired a penalty of Ong Dollar a Day is imposed for a la is ass red filial which it Rupie Enta. To lift my wlm sin Possession of a Plantation inn no no re right to be a Otei Ltd than the individual who sold tie place and holds Llie m the Olathe possessor. It is the same in principle to Rote the land away As to cons cute its value. The next step after voting away your neighbor s note is to vote ourself is Arm. Ill both cases unadulterated Foh Hery through the forms of Law unsound in policy because it would be unequal and unjust. lost nearly everything but our character let us not wantonly relinquish that. We Are Goingback into the Union let us carry with or at least our old a Hio nerf of my mid integrity. The creditor is a citizen an Well the debtor and As Macli entitled to the Protection of the state which should not he a Mother to one and a step Mother to the other. Honesty is the Best need the credit which nothing but Apgood name aff.�rd�, to obtain the not Ann of recruiting our shattered condition. would gue credit to a people covered Alt Over with the ii Famy of attempting t us Arguo private say attempting to do it for it i not Only unjust and in Ipolitis but impossible. If every Man in Abbeville District were clamorous for it tie tiling could note done. We mean that i done by Law. If any god citizen has the desire to cancel Bis claims upon Bis debtor he May do to. No one Wuu d have a interesting it or the right to of Jegi. But it. Can t be made cum Lxi by by Law. The Jons it ution of the United states prohibit sit and any lit of any legislature or any ordnance of a convention a tempting it would to install undeclared unc i attainder sex pot Facto Law. Or Lav impair inn the v of contracts dec. J his in is Tuc Diug on us and is id up me Law tithe land. That ends Tow matter. It in True and pity tis thu that the country greatly exhausted and but the remedy is in indulgence to Dehors not abrogation of contracts. Execution should be staid Lor the present and War debt ratted according to a proper will afford the Relief which the country of much needs. take the following Voll Lintel remark from lengthy editorial in Trio Columbi Phoenix of the 19tb inst we Trust that every voter to Abbeville District May read and Ponder Well the suggestions made let our people in All the District proceed promptly and unitedly to an examination into their social and Intel a tall rtvouru.,in Ord o their employment in the Orget anew Raffl to the to tur Lynsi Sulioti under it. _ we need in the convention a pc rally the heat Legal an judicial Ninde men Ca Iriart it with Al the. Nice discrimination of and Eop Ahu of Lotty ing wll the Only require of in a Job publican Jur a of Lottita tour us to a a Law tb1#at$wa u k. A uhf a evil upon a a cnoftq8ut� a Flea Chariut Nestle of boy and o5t Coruto to of our of Traub Ucb As a Gen i Maral High tone known re t re to bitter to inv Rapa with nil Tho a who Denim jul or a Siro too of itis he of thou duty of take a Eli anti vie Purl in the work of a organization a will ave us from uie blundering of imbecility r the tre Cheries of malice. We thu Fri Dunvar to make Tho Constitution South Carolina a tolerable As it Oihi be made under tin Eiri in dances Ottlo Cato. For the . Slitor Muny Viers would suggest the following Hume in gentlemen competent to a Previni Alil Tevilla Dulrich i i the state con volition Viz hon. D. L. Wardlaw hon. A. 1juht. Oion. .1 or Nir r h. Oiin w. Heart capt. P. A. Connor. 6st the following gentlemen Mac nominate for the a Nufi tinn Cal to. Oku r Mccalla a. Hawthorn a. R. W 1 Gen. I. Bradley Cal t. We. Smith. Loho cake. It the following gentlemen a nominate for the convention. . Wardlaw Abb evil e 0. H.,w. A Latimek. donaldponaldvill.�,d. M. Rogers Cal Mon s Mill a. W. Aiken. Son a i out. To. J Job re Kuniju by Many voters forthe consent inn hon. D. L. Var Law or e Calhoun u1sn. R. Ii. Belau by col. 8. Donald c. T. A Kell. J3y"the following named gentlemen Are respectfully i Hilera nominated the convention now. D. L. Wardlaw Hosias Thomson. Esq., on. 8 Mcgowan cart. Be org a. Burt. T. D. Davis. W. T. M. Feat. Forwarding and commission notice the Rindir Ignart. Into officers of the tween Lilwen Acton and of Kimhin in to Forward Witti safety and pcs Antcli. A Lirl i of every description a and front Al Points on that rend and Colombia. They will also buy and sell on commission and alien to Biu Inesa of every kind offered to to twi. them at either Newberry or Columbia,8. A. Merj j. v 10 cur u .aue24. 1805. I. St Mckerson s hotel Columbia 5. Of be unde Ign 1, in Vang leaned Tho Largel and commodious building known As Tiia Cul ii Hia Methodi to. Frt Nalo College will Din it Piik or if tui. I Vav jul Tiv Ilu a september 7ih, t. I Nickerson 24, 1805, 6, 6t comptroller general s office go teen Al Elk s. 0., Avoult Lulu 18ti6. By permission of i excellency governor Ivory. Of duties of it office will lie attended to at Lii Acu until further he Hild be addressed to the car of my. A Laval. Jame3 a. Black comptroller men log 24, 186ft, 8. It Provost marshal office . A Ait a. 14, i83s. J Xuy accordance with special order no. 12, Al Fenil. P d do Init . I. If he Boule tabs Depatty meet of th8 Bodib rom a. A n u i r t i Tri n. Loom ii lat Lieut. & a let 66th n.., Loc Richau u11n , a t. 5ftth n. Y. W c District Alib vill. George Lack. Smtth n. �. A and a t i Rover to Martha. Aug. 2t. 1885, fit 11ead quarters 2d sub District District of wf.8tj.rn s. New , 11, 18g5. Gas Sbai. Of ctr no. �. J in compliance wit i in Tronu Iotis firn pin riot of Wettern South Caro Una All pc Nons having in their a Phi ion any orc mulch wagons. Nil Mamiee. Harar pc mail la or Brigit. in Ort or an proper belonging to uni cd states got Rumen or the late a ii fed Acy will turn i thu some to Lettl. A. J. Clemen a. A. Q. , before tho20ih int. Commanding officer it Lam eos. Abbeville in d Edgefield i l enforce Thi order and fur Wardall property 10 three Reid to comply with to liar order will object the offender to lie arrested and command of Lieut. Col. In Tyler. Commanding District. Alenri b. Loomis a flu 4 adj t 56tw n . a Orrieux John Aie Calu. Cut fifth n. Y. V.,commanding District Abbeville. Georce r. Black it. Fifth n. Y. A. And v a t Provost . 17,1885,4-tf head quarters. Military District Western s. 0 4th separate brigade Newbury b. C., july i7ib, 1861. General order1 jfc.2. I t. All Pur Raita heretofore granted for the Aasc of ale win cider Brandy a Hokey or any intoxicating a Riou Are Bert y revoked and veiling of the Aoatua to any per atm or Par j sons a prohibited. J iii. All Cotton being transported Moat by Tea is Arafat prot Oit manual and marked inspected find any Mon toiling to comply with this Ord will a guilty of violation Oford a and Pam thed go a of Bif Vrr Baia. Tint c. Vanwyck commanding diet riot. " ii bib but it n y. Gnu Orcut Geo ofe. R Black in. 5 in. Y. A. Aud am to Provost. i85, 4-tf 60verment claims. A Mit new goods. Low prices. \1vance, Strai iss & co., Nai a ainu ulme Dunt Haick Over ired a i re and or a dry minis Jim a Huiju boots and shoes hats and Caps groceries crockery i a Kuwabe i ready made i clothing. Be x �mlv1�txfo&$v perfumery and All kinds of notions by Large and Small Quantity. Wholesale dealers will find it to their interest to examine our Stock and prices. We have made arrangement 9 to receive new sep puff every week. Terms can. A goods will be delivered opt of our slope unless paid for in Cash or ipod air. For Trio latter the highest Market Price Wilt to paid. If Alt tel Cine to Trio it rat vill lie 51miiss & in cakes Ury aug. 17, 1805, jl-3t q ii eap ats 3tk it o Omax Jim us. J the undersigned would respectfully i furn Tbs attic in of Abb Fil it be pm now on hand a Largo variety of Good consist ing to part a follows Cali Coes Gingham r. I u i. M i. I uie in Buie Yonei. Iso is Jerf Rumely Cologne ladies collars to iry Crape shot Bra Hea ammo by Buek ing be pet spool Cotton in them rat. A ppm. Nutmeg , a rpt sloth of my Fik a vats itt of the a my r.60tjw
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