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The Abbeville Bulletin Newspaper Archives Aug 17 1865, Page 1

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The Abbeville Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 17, 1865, Abbeville, South CarolinaI ithe Abbey Ixo Eill i. K Tia. By laugh Wilson. Abbeville s. C., August 17, 18c5. Volume i. No. 4. -1-rn /7\ i i. 11 i i i 1 t ii c Ilo Cobl � by hugi1 Wilson.ticum3.tin bulletin Viil he fair nihed weekly tue lift i hrs for two dollars n i provisions will be taken m the i Trkola pro of. Iris Tytle Furr ten cent. A Titis week there appears to he u dearth i i Chi Iwu id. Num iii new or Sui Lustri Nair log. All quiet and hot. claims and application Ron Pablo attention is directed to the. Advertisement of pm. J. Git yer. Attorney at Law Charleston s. Civil offices comp Lioncio with order from departmental head quarters All the civil offices Are closed for the Praseut Sec advertisement. M situation wanted tie special attention of those desiring a teacher is directed to Tho of a lady for a situation. Liis lady gives his credential. Arp Nikci tei the editor of the Newberr Herald makes his Best by to his friends in new Rry for their Liberal in Pori. To his new names were added to i subscription Liu. A. The inf or. S. Ii. Beard dentist to to found in another column tie doctor id a skillful dentist and is favourably known in our midst. Decaying to Coli should not to neglected. Inc Greenville Mountaineer. This old and Well is now published Terni weekly it Greenville s. C., by g. K. Alford Esq. It is neatly printed and is edited with taste Ryhd ability. We arc pleased to have it As an Exchange. Time Cape Fao Tohy. It. Tarrant Esq.,by order of the committee Calls n of the members of the Green Wood card factory on the first monday in september next. Forty pairs of inferior or refused cards Are to lie sold that Day. Seo advertisement. O Lieut. George 11. Blac this competent officer Flor Lippi pin not Lam wlm Fri. Abbeville. Our people will be pleased Willi Lis liberality and kind manner of discharging the duties of Bis office. Attention is directed to several military orders to to found in another column. Doz Stuwe regret Tounoun be tie death on saturday to Riog the 12th inst., of or. John Mcbryde an old and respect Abl Cit sen of our Village. Or. Mcbryde bad been in bad health for pomp time previous to ins death. For Many years he was connected with the Post office at ibis place and was known by. Nearly every 0110 in Abbeville District. He w9 an upright Moln and a Good citizen. Thanks we return our sincere thanks to Pui Nerous friends for their exertions behalf of Iko Hill to . A every Section we line Board from we have received . We Hull Endeavor to Merit a continuation of the favors of our friends As will As the generous support an intelligent Public. To Are truly gratified for to Iberal a support and we appreciate the kindness of our Friend in a i Ign degree. 1 Nus race Alex Ottlie attention of every be a directed to the advertisement of our aver energetic and Active fellow townsman or. J. Branch agent for he great companies of new York. The aggregate capital Stock is three Lillion and the solvency of the companies i vouched for by Oil of the Bankers of a jct Roik. Every one should insure lif and property. It Cost but a trifle. For full particulars Call at the residence of or. Branch where he will take ensure to giving All or tits to Lis proclamation of go fit nor Prrry which is the Tori authority for a election soon to a had of Dole Feltes to a Fiu Coop Anion Abb Tille District u entitled Tomm thy Wrob a of in member sin a Tom met or 8wutt.n Wii i other i nominated t � Leiros fit Abbeville dior a to in Trio state. On Elliou to a acct 13l o of sep. Next hat my name occurs. I Licar Tlly a ppr Ciatu the Corrip Linnit of Man voters. To to lick of Fuy native Al isl i to j owe n debt re i gratitude i can Nevi a repay for the repeated manifestations of partiality nud Confidence x tended to one of in Wilile and a pretending Lizul Villi duo Difei jut olo my Friend l no constrained to decline tic nomination. Tie grave and important Foj i tons to be decided in j the Cousinjr convention in thin trying Crisi of our Listor incline Nic to confide to Abler sex be Rienold tie remodelling of i our state Constitution. Declining a ears ii a Peri once love of Home an j Domestic Tranquility nil i in loft to Litis Durci Xiii. In penning the above note emotions sell i my lio Isoni that Pant for utterance i love dearly i to Good old state where 1 first breathed the Vitul air. With her people nil my sympathies Are entwined with her fill Ziy fortunes have i been swept away her Best and noblest Bous have Mien Martyr in her defense. Ten thousand bleeding Lien its mourn tie end bereavement with you youth Hae glided pleasantly away. In the silent Grare sleep my sweetest memories. In our Lute struggle be i ave lost Ever Llang but our Honor. Thiol Oti it earning of scores of years of toil Economy mid frugality have Licon extinguished. Let pie cohort my countrymen Iti this hour of gloom never to despair. The judgments of the lord Are True and righteous altogether. Let us Nuqui Scein our destiny gird ourselves like Means invest ourselves with the character of american citizenship. Give no place to apathy and Supin eness. Cease Crim nation and reer mation. Our path appears rugged. Still., murmur at nothing. If our Ilia Are repairable it i9 ungrateful if Remedi less it is vain. The putrid build i fortitude on n better foundation than nto icim. Self reliant with Greatheart patient persevering resolve keep your eyes up and your Law aits aloft. The rain boy of Hope though partially obscured will yet Buret through the gloom and Peaco and Prosperity Gladden the desolate heart of has Given us a temperate climate fruitful soil and the richest product let us train oar Sony to labor. Make it honorable. Toil in the Prico of sleep of appetite of health and enjoyment. The Zoay Azu Alioti is improved by the toil that fatigues to Lien. Let us farm Muro and our Broad acres to cereals and Cut Down the Cotton crop to a Low figure manuring nud cultivating in the neatest manner one million Bales in Tiu Cottor at the prese t enhanced Price Yah sch must continue if restricted would foot of to the planter More than three million has been yielding. I expect to hear the music of the loom Gruidle and shuttle in our men pain districts. The Moun Ait a end Hills Dis gorging hidden Rich Ore at the Buck of Active Busy Industry and science. Labor is plentiful and cheap. Capital though at present wanting with As is abundant seeking investment North and East what then with the Bleesing of Ood is to prevent us from becoming a great Happy and prosperous people. Revolutions Aro just like the Storrs of nature that pal Riff the atmosphere and freshen Ilia lips noun not Clouds master in the heavens for the elemental War. The cataracts of Rains ravage the Earth with flood Bat Tho storm paste the Sun shines from the Boom of it lost Cloud while from Grove and Bower burst1 lie choral melodies of rejoicing nature. My fellow citizens let is lift up hands that hang Down Tabo courage and go on to fulfil on Mission. Geo. W. Pressly. August 14th, 1865, for the convention. To the following named gentlemen Are a Pec fully dominated for Che stata4ft . W. Hbar3t., w. Al. Lee Bra " a pm following ticket i augg Sud fort Myers to t ii state convention from tbudutrktf1.h it hon. Pal Wab Plav. Hon by Jet Gen. Samuel Mcgowan of. kor. Col. A Ziev a Haskell. t or. Editor Lcmae Ann Unaa a mtt4 Geo on ref Etc at Abb ii 0i�iwtin the stat p#r9tjlooi hos magnanimous temper of the Souther people. Tie subjoined article from Llie new Yor world contains Man just statements and Indi Cious reflections Winch to Trust the admin a Ratinaud lilo people of Trio North calmly Ponder l be bearing of the Southern people under their defeat and the immense loss of property involved in the emancipation of their slaves is More generous Manly Onur newspapers teem with calumnies of their character ? ,.,. Juju How Ciuci i Lull logo i qty the mighty i evolution in their social system what sense. What magnanimity what decency even is there in bul a eting them Jone Edles humiliation find inf Gities i nobody form a i it rebellion nobody believes that the Fink submission of the Bouth is feigned and it is unworthy Tho character of a rent nation to practice n mean suspicions and irritating surveil Aneo Over a proud mid spirited Community who Bear toe Trtat ves with such sense and Belf command under of of the greatest trials through which any Ever called to pass. Beloved Brethren the events of the last three months have placed our coup trying greatly altered circumstances. The fortunes of War have brought us again under Federal Rule and it becomes us to wisely in our now new relation. The stars and stripes again wave Over us tis our National a and should by us be respected accordingly. 0ar lord anticipations of a by Erate nationality have in the Providence of god been disappointed and it becomc3u3 to submit quietly to this providential award. To Havo maintained a Long Una of oozy struggle our soldiers have fought bravely and although forced to sub rail to overwhelming numbers yet we have lost no Emnor Dur enemies being the judges. Now that our armies have been pm Erly surrendered and our Brave soldiers it is our duty to what Providence seems to have ordained for us. Let us All Deport ourselves As quiet peace Loving place making Citi Zens. Let us As far As practicable try to forget the drop i we have suffered from the Northern people and henceforth to cultivate the spirits of peace and Good neighbourhood. This is both our duty As christians and our interest As citizens Hope that none of our people Wilf for a moment countenance bushwhacking or guerilla warfare. These Are wrong in principle and practice and whatever Apo Loev men May have made for them during the War there can be none now. Above All let no paroled Soldier violate his parole by uniting in such enterprises. The oath on which Youl parole was Given was a solemn Appeal to god and it my to violated with impunity there Are. Federal soldiers. Stationed among Yoy and this perhaps will be neoes3nryfor sometime. Cultivate kindly feelings towards them. So far As i Davff observed their deportment they seem duo Osetto a Ord re a. T a % Evv us Vui uncivil deportment towards them provoke hem to a contrary bourse of conduct inv Toibero to your churches that they May mingle with you in Tea service of religion for there Are no doubt Many among the who at Home Are members of the chef Rob and Oon Stateh christians. I Nave noticed Witt pain that some of on estimable Ladie seem to Uke pain to express in the bitterest terms of reproach Teir contempt for the Yankees. Now this is unwise As Well As unchristian. To sum up Allin a few words go jeep of Mohave ordained Thirft a hike together in civil compact with Tenor tic at Fortar by and the sooner we Cau Bolar about a state of kind feelings Between the Sec lion the better tor All concerted. Law Windy the Home of president Johnson. Re. Randall Ross chaplain of the 15thohio regiment writes an interesting letter to the unite presbyterian descriptive of Greenville East Tennessee Tho Homo of president Johnson. The place contains Only about one thousand inhabitants and consists of four squares with streets run Mug in Rougie i Rigi angles lilo writer mentions the principle is taverns the old Mill etes end also i note9 the spot in Tho Garden of mrs. William where John Morgan was shot and Kortawy wounded by a Union Soldier. He was Phol while crouching under a Grapevine and the Vine has Astico been Cut away by soldiers who have take the Cut Tings to Plant. Or. Uo3 then continues but Greenville is noted Newl honoured a9 being Tho Homo of Andrew Johnson present president of the unite . This renders this Village interesting to All and everything connected with Andrew Johnson s residence in it is of the deepest interest to Tho american years ago on a certain evening n rude Black headed Black eyed Good looking boy said my informant drove into town with a poor old horse in a Little Ope horse vehicle in which he had his Mother and it few household things. They succeeded in securing an Humble ,. 1 .1 tvs Lui Ibi Aniio in Kurau Tuo Iivari us jul was to secure labor by which to live. He began to inquire for tailoring to do. Ilis Youthful appearance made it seem to be somewhat of a risk to put cloth into his hands. His honest , together with his anxiety to obtain work however induced an influential citizen to give him h coat to make for himself with the advice to do his Best on it and if he made a goo Job of it he then would have no difficult Yin getting work. To did his Best be sue needed with the Job and to began immediately to gain the Confidence of the Public and to gel plenty to do. This was the first appearance of Andre Johnson in Greenville Tennessee and this was the first Job of work to did on his own responsibility. The first House he live Din i am told is not now standing. To was industrious and attentive to business and he succeeded Well. In process of time to was married. Tie marriage ceremony was performed by Mordecai Lincoln Esq said to be a Distant rela Ivo of Iho late president Lincoln. The House in which to was married has been removed at this time my informant Lold to Andrew Johnson could not read and was Tau Rritt to Road by his wife fur their marriage things prospered Villi him Antl in due time he became to own his own House an lot. Just Down there at the of the Hill stand a Small Brink building with a Bac porch and Aroi Cpd it them Cussary stands on tio Corner of the Square near where the Mill race passes under Tho Street on its Way Down to tie Little Mill. That is the first House Ever Andrew Johnson owned. It now. Belonis to Jinn i. Or person. But Down there about Dut West from Liere i sit and almost directly opposite the Mill whose in Rte wheel is still moving but whose motion id scary cry perceptible you will Aee a rather Humble olt fashioned looking two Story Brick House standing near the South end of main Street. I. Has hut one Entrance from the Street. In for Oft o it stand three or four Small Shade Trees. Trio Feness of the lot and windows of the House show evident signs of dilapidation the consequence of rebellion. Like in my windows inthe South a num Bolcof pants of Glass at broken out and their places Tupi did with paper. Glasa old Vrtol be obtained in the confederacy. A-5 you paid along trip pave ment on main Street by look into Bielot you tee several Young Apple Trees Nandin tie spaces Between two of them Are potatoes growing in tie rear of flip Kittli in stands a Small Appon Shado tree an Down there in the lower end of Tho lot is a Grapevine try cd upon a trellis forming a pleasant Bower. K scattered Over the lot Aro a number of Rose end Ranic and Gooseberry Bushes. Atthe lower end of the lot and just outside stand two Large weeping Willows and under their Shade is a vory Beautiful Spring. Thesis to residence of Andrew Johnson Dresden of the United . Up Tho Street stands bin former tailor shop with the old sign sin on it. And in an old store room of for feet is the remains of his Library. At present it consist principally of Law books add Publio documents most of Bis most valuable to orcs having been destroyed bythe rebel soldiery. .5the love of Man. Can cultivate too earnestly & Hearty Lovo for Flowers. We May not measure the value of Thorn As we measure merchandise for the influence flowing from them is ethereal and intangible yet not More i Rumi a w inv nit w or if hand Broad development of body than a Loving Coc Munion with these dwelt thoughts of Oil needful for All True up both dig and Ibe sind. The notion that it Ian weak and hominid tiling a this cd Foi women and inter881one4 self. In Flowers a Styf cry of the Goat humanizing tier Fermore noblest things in Warll � a 1 Vout stud7 of taif we Beautiful works of god y if ashore Are Granite picks and Bald Rikh fofbiddmgw5mdear, Are to to ejecta to nature. Tier re other 1 the be Tinq in Kew r recently hold in new York for the ostensible purpose of raining funds Ond taking other Steps to Securo to or. Davis a fair trial before a civil court is exciting Tho Northern journals. They abound in the sworn account of Evans dry j ers and others is to the treasonable Beniares of the Meriono engaged in motive prompt the part is we cannot certainly say but their object being innocent and worthy we Are disposed to think Well of their motive. Provost Marsita it or rpt Aub Vii its. t aug. 14, 13g5. J in accordance with special order no. 12,1liout. r. Black in appointed assistant fro vol marshal vice ii. Cioper Rel ered. By order of Rockwell Tyler Lieut District. Henri b. L00mi9,. And a. A. A. . Ceorge ii. Black Lieut. 6gth n. V., and Asa t i Provost . A 1865, 4, of notice. Provost marshal s of ice Abu evilly s. C., aug. 10th 1865. J in compliance Wiki instructions receive from f a pertinent head quarters All civil offices will pc closed for the e George r. Black. Lieut. 5cth n. A. Ami ass t Provost Mars hal. Aug. 11, 16c3, 4-if head quarters 2d sub District of Western South Carolina. Newberry s. C., August 10, 1865. General order no. 4. J in compliance with stiocin.1 order no 19 from head org. Aventer i is. Of South Carolun dated August 7, 1p65, Lieut. Col. R. Tyler hereby assumes command of the 21sub-District of Western South car Olin conv prising the districts of Newberry in Crews Abbeville and Hope Geld with head quarters at Newberry. All orders now in existence will remain to Foice until otherwise ordered. The following named officer arc Scroby announce Doo the staff of the Lieut. Col. Lieut. Henri of. Loomis a in t 6cth n. . V., Sajt adj t 0#-n.capt. James j. Cox 66th n. . V., ass to Provost judge. 1st Lieut. Win j. Snyer 6glh n. V.,ass to Provost marshal. 1st lif it. A. J. Clements q. M. 56lh n. . V., a. A. A m. Ii Jui Ruu Torii in l of Kins ii i. Y.,a. O. A. " 2j Lieut. Andrew p. Conklin c6th n. v., com. Of i in or. All comm ii cations for to life lle Ixl qty Arlera will be Najr Stifil to . An t ati Jil a ii Conini ail of Lieut. Col. It. Tyler commanding District. Ii sri d. Loomi".1�i Lieut it a la t Cfaith n.y.v.v., a. Ipuru Jolls Metcalf i a 4 r/.4l x or air Uii k a iii in. V., Init Abbeville. Go Luik it Lilack la. 5fith n. T. And ass t Ivo Vost marshal. Aug. 17. 1803, 4-tf head quart2d sub District. 1 is Iuit it of a Catt in Soulli Caro Uii a Hub Huntiii in Mieir pub Feamon no horse inn lip a. Go�8, ambulances harness, Ert or Torea or any properly belonging o Llu United gov. Run ont or the in i need Ruey will turn Rihr name to Lieut. A. J. Clements a. A. Q. M. At new lurid before thu Toth inst. of ices at Laurens Abbeville will enforce thin order and Forward All properly to these lie id Quad tvs. Failure to comply with this order will Tab Jeet the offender Lobo arrested arid punished by command of Lieut. Col. R. Tyler District. Henri b. Loom18,1st la. Stun stove but Rel Witus Una kid a put Catl goods will be delivered out of off. Store unless paid for in Cash or product. For Tho latter the highest Market pric will be Croni Incio a a ennui i jul. Cokesbury aug. 17, 1805, 4-3t cheap % the undersigned would respectfully info the citizens of Abbeville that he he now on hand urge variety of goods consist ing in part As follow Cali Coes Oln gnaws pure article toilet soaps 3? Cologne ladies collars no iry rape. Anoe Jar mip Mason spool Cotapo in the Placer Gaudy it Pepper spoke Ginger Nutmeg Mac x in Stock of -0i6ars r Al Mil tobacco " � a Good a8s0rtmert 0f sto3bs, Fine us. Tooth Brush Fiji cravats ac., a. All of Tiai Boro will be Jollow for Cash. F to. Golden. % 1865, 4-tf Avii. Watt tilt in. Of 0
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