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The Abbeville Bulletin Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1865, Page 2

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The Abbeville Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 10, 1865, Abbeville, South CarolinaThe Abbeville bulletin Abbeville s. Thursday August 10,1865. Mary habri8� trial conclude. Tho trial of Mary Harris fyr the murder of a. J. Jour rouges in a Vasington was concluded a few Days since. Burroughs was a Man of sovino standing and Intilli Genco and held an honorable position in the Treasury department at Washington. s3 Harris from being so much exasperated at the treachery of Burroughs upon meeting him in Ono of the streets of Wash Langton shot him. Sho had Tho sympathy of Tho populace and manifestations of Joy it her acquittal were great. We give below the argument of or. Vorhees and the verdict of Tho jury. It will to found interesting Washington july 19. 1805. To Dav the twelfth and last of the trial of miss Harris for Tho murder of a. J. , witnessed a larger and More excited crowd in attendance than any which preceded. Tho sympathy of the Public with Fow except on had in the x Ourso of the trial been arrayed on the Side of i to accused and an intense interest de Vav k a i in Trio final result. Ai aka ranch of mi35 hatthi3. At Twenty live minutes past ten o clock tins cued entered. Accompanied by her Coli if and lady friends and took iter seat in front of Lite Green table amid a Buzz of Many which the marshal end Oak. Ored to Tostain. Mi.=s Harris Camo in eating 011 tie Arm of or. L the argument was commenced the jurors nol engaged in the easy were discharged. Altu Chest of or. Vovou Hafs. At half list ten o clock or. Voorhies cd a minced his argument. Iti lie course of it la gave the following sketch of the in Tutoky of tub accused. Seven years ago Mary Harris was alcaulifi11 and intelligent child of twelve ears old i i the City of Purlington Hoti in in moderate ii a Lumn thut to proposed to fashion her mind Ilu Rinir its Lacni Oung mind and heart lie took her bythe hand and taught her that her Litu be longed to i n. She grew up to woman Hood in unquestioning obedience to that i Lea. It fashioned All her budding Hopes it was a part of All her Plana when she dreamed of Tho Sunshine and the Joy of Tho future. It was Tho Solo wealth of her pure , and it was enough she was Content. He was literally All thu world to her. Iio taught her to regard i in Asher destiny ller parents not blinded by that idolatry Vith Vrbich she worshipped i Resnow thnh which Fin All wrecked and blasted to Many Uvea besides his own. They disapproved of his protracted and assiduous attentions. They strove to Sunder the connection Aud to dissolve Tho spell by which he held her eur chanted. They wished her to marry another. 13ut their efforts were in vain. Her being was absorbed in his and when the Issue came Between Obud Ienco to a. Rental authority and obedience to his omnipotent will the result could not be doubt tui. Lie was to her As the Oak to the Vine her support and her life. She Clung this fortunes. She gave up All. Jlome1 1-t 1 Jehu Kii Turcg were Init behind. She Wentforth Beauin on that Arm which had eau braced her when a child. It was thus she came to Chicago to reside with Tho witness,mis3 Devlin in order to be near him who was henceforth to be the guardian an protector of All her future years. Aud who is Here to Rise up and condemn net Fot this act you May say that the step then taken was the source of All her woes and the cause of her present imperilled condition. If even this were True Bear the blame and to bowed Down under Tho world s censure i she loved fowl a -1 warm air her copes to or har lono.4b Thebie Alc Alt a vows of which Ahe bid for years. He court do More. Important witnesses out of lilo Ivay. He then proceeded to the consideration nil analytic is Well As a detail of Tho eviden1 pcs adduced of miss Harris insanity. He walk by the canal in Melon Elfoly contain no Sivu i suit due a r iii ick .011 miss Al a tin the Complete revolution in Lior character the Chango in her physical condition All Liis going Oil for oho year with Tho burning sense of the wrong inflicted other her attempts to sue him for breath of pro Aiso of marriage lilo lingering Lovo Rich mingling wit i her Wrath refuses to Sno Bim for damage because poor is poor and Sho Only wanted to Clear her character to vindicate her name. The testimony of or. Nichols was Thon reviewed by or. Voorhees who insisted so rough on Tho skill and exp Crenco of the Learned doctor in Whoso study and practice mental disarrangement had met with Alife s study and Experiment Pmj was finally supported by lilo tendency of every other physician who testified in Tho Case in thefts ski Triin to ref. Slin pm Milfort l lit my Kiev Ucucu till tier an Insano or. Voorhi Sthen alluded to Tho saying of the attorney prosecuting lilo Case that there should be Anem Nolc and that the whole Community desired an sex Amplo to suppress crime Inthis but said , i speak for this Community rot her when i say that they do not want this g re undo an example and through their lips and the i Jires is Mieir of expression they have indignantly repudiated the idea that they thirst for this girl s blood. Mr.voorhcc3 next dwelt eloquently upon the character of woman the Protection which she is englith d to at the hands of Man and upon the fact to a woman s crime ninety nineties out of Ono Hundred Are but the rebound of Man s criminality towards herself and that she is Ever but Tho instrument of punishment which to has fashion cd and create for Tho expiation of his own gum. The e Oquient argument of or. Voorhees to hear which a crowd comparable Only to that which filled the court Roo during the Sickles trial had assembled was listened to with profound attention. Tho crowd outs do was As great As that inside through every available window rows offices appeared and whenever or. readied any passionate passage of Appeal or entreaty of approbation which the new marshal could no quell within the House were loudly responded to by those Oti Side. Tin jury rkt1rk. A few obstructions delayed their pass. Ing out and it was seven minutes past four much Pic Inbi 01 Mem disappeared. Atten Mimi pcs past four they commenced judge made no charge having already instructed them As to Tho Law hut old hit jury Ere they Yentho was Saiu led they Lead p cloy Emch made a their mind. And would return a verdict in a few , in 1 so they did. I ii Vrh Dick. They answered to their name were asked whether they found Ilie prisoner guilty or u .1 guilty and or. Scrivener site Foreman said it piteous sight. Lie was evidently saying 1something, Pic bably about order but those nearest to him could not Hoar him. Very cheer Given inside was echoed by 1the throng outside. Miss Harris failed. Jusho was taken out of Tho room by or. Bradley. Tho judge left the Bench an the crowd hustled each other out of Llie room to mingle with Tho Hun Drotis f a a wait ins .1 1 a Vij Oug Tiitu let Luiu kiss Olit which fifteen minutes after Sho did loafing on the Arm of or. Bradley. Another series of cheers went up. Silo in. Tired a waiting Carriage the misses Devli following and Oil they went. The judg himself together with his wife waited on the opposite Corner of the Street to see her pass. Thus ended Tho trial the most exciting that has taken Placo before a civil tribunal in Washington since Trio 1 celebrated Case so often alluded to in Favoron and against miss sick. Les Case. Greenville a a mnn1� a a i new York world 1 estimates the total exceptions to the presi 1dent # amnesty proclamation at from 200, 000 to 260,000 men divided As follow perhaps above the rank of colonel 400 Rai Der from Canada 2,000 ,3,500 Volunteer rebels Worth above $20,000,00,000j foreign agents of rebel government,200 rebel naval officers 100disloyal jurists 80 seceding congressmen140 old army officers. 18$ j persons who maltreated prisoners 300 governors of rebel states 19 Northern men in rebel Emp Jia a tar in rebel army Frem Borde states to of seceded 50,000 a Kortuen Anson Ettlie current tone 28,00 re a Cvrk i la Secretary Seward s recuse tons in reference to the amnesty oath. Do Patmont of state Washington May 29. copy of to president s amnesty proclamation of Liis Duto is herewith appended. A clause in to instrument directs the Sor. Rotary of Statos to establish Lules and regulation for administering and recoiling Tho amnesty oath so As to insure its benefits to the people and guard Tjie government against fraud. Pursuant to this in-1junction, you Aro informed that the oath proscribed in the proclamation May be taken and subscribed to before any commissioned officer civil military or naval of the United state or any civil or military Foll Cocrof a Loyal or territory who bythe Laws thereof May be qualified for administering the oath. All officers who receive such oaths Are authorized to give certified copies thereof to persons respectively by whom they were made and such officers Are hereby required to transmit originals of such oath it As Early a Day As conc Tiitus to this department vat to they will to deposited and remaining the archives of the Register thereof will be kept in the department and on application in proper cases certificates will be issued of such certificates in the form of official certificate. 1 am your obedient servant we. Ii. ,. Secretary of state. Amnesty Peocla Mati k. Ivy the puts invt in till. On i of a Muica. Whereas Tho president of Tho unite states on the 8th Day of december 1 8g3,did, with the object of suppressing Tho existing rebellion nil persons to Lay jowl their arms to return to their loyalty and to restore Tho authority of Tho United slates Issue proclamations offering amnesty and Pardon to certain persons who had directly or by implication engaged in said rebellion and whereas Many per Obs who had so engaged in to said rebellion Bave since to Issue of said proclamation failed or neglected to Tako the Bent fits thereof an whereas Many persons who have been justly deprived of All claim to amnesty and Pardon thereunder by reason of their directly 01 by implication in said rebellion and continued in hostility to the government of the United states since Tho Date of bail proclamation now desire to apply fur and obtain amnesty and Pardon to the end therefore that the authority of the government of Tho United states May to restored and that place order an Freedom May to established i Andre Johnson president of the United states to proclaim and do Claro that i Herby Granilo All persons who Nave directly or indirectly participated in the existing rebellion excepts hereafter excepted amnesty and Pardon with restoration of All rights of properly except b9 to slaves except in Casu Solero Legal proceedings under the Laws Trio United states providing for the Onfri Calion of property of persons engage Din i Bullion Liao been Institute de out n the Coli Difton nevertheless that Overy ugh person Liall Lake subscribe to the following oath which shall be registered or permanent preservation and shall be of he tender and effect following to wit i do solemnly swear or affirm in pres once of Ahn Guty god that i will henceforth faithfully defend the Constitution of no United states mid Tho Union of Trio states thereunder and that i will in like Nanner abide by and faithfully support All aws and proclamations which have been made during the existing rebellion with Rev Renesto Tho eur an ipalion of slave. So help the god. Follow nig classes of persons Are exp Efrom the Benefit of proclamation. 1. All who Aro or have been a Etc Nde Sivil or diplomatic officers or otherwise Domestic or foreign agents of the pretended Confederate states. 2. Ail who left judicial st tons Usu a. To United slates Loaid the rebellion. 3. All who have been military or navaljfficer3 of the pretended Confederate government above the rank of colonel in the Irmy or Lieut neut in the navy.4. All who left their seats in the gon�res3of the United states to Aid in to rebellion. 5 a11 who resigned or tendered their designation of their commission ii the Arii Yand Navy of the United states to wide their duty in res fiting the rebellion.6. All who have engaged in any Way in renting otherwise than lawfully As Orison hrs of War persons found in Tho unite states service As officer soldiers a earned r in of tbsp . All persons Tjo Bro been or Are Abler from Tho United states for the purpose of aiding Tho rebellion.8. All military or Navoni officers in Tho Robe service who Wero educated by to government in the military Academy attest Point or in Tho United states naval Academy. 9. All persons who held the pretended offices of the government of the states to to j o1-4. Sub iii of Nabob Jiuu Usu ice ouhc8.10. All person who have loft their Bomes within the jurisdiction and Protection of the United states and passed beyond Federal military lines into the to. Calla Confederate states for the purpose of aiding the rebellion.11. All persons who have engaged in the destruction of the compere of the unite states upon the High seas and All person who have made raids into the unite states from Canada or been engaged in de Siroy no me Comra Erco of the United state do Tho Lukea and Rivers that separate the British provinces from the United states. 12 All persons Nho at the time when Uliey Geek to obtain the benefits Hereof Byla Keig the oath herein prescribed Are in Minifay naval or Chril confinement or pm Toddjr or tinder Bond of the military or a Val authorities or agents of lie unite states As prisoner of an kind either Bof Oreor Allet their conviction in Alt ifiscfcbl3& of Ali o can Ami i to Poco and dignity of Tho United slates. The Secretary of state will establish rules and regulation a for Elmini Steringard recording Tho said amnesty Oatas to Issue its benefits to Tho pedal and guard the government against fraud. In the testimony whereof i have Hereunto set my hand and caused Tho Seal of the United states to be Afi fixed. Done at the City of Washington this Tho 29th Day of May . 1705, Auh of Tho Independent of America the 85th. An Duke Johnson. By the president we. Ii. Sewer Secretary of state. Instructions to excepted classes. The following circular Lias been Issue from the attorney general s office by direction of the president Al persons belonging to excepted classes enumerated in Tho president s proclamation of my 20tb, 1865 Olio May to the president for 11-. La Miv my two us tii a Iuit a oui u Pineir respective applications would be must be shown that they Lafavo respectively taken and subscribed to the oath or affirmation in said proclamation of the such Persou dusting special Pardon should make application in writing or in person therefor and transmit with such application the original oath and affirmations taken and subscribed before the officer authorised under the rules and regulations promulgated by the Secretary of state to Adra Nistor the amnesty oath prescribed in said proclamation of the l resi.1x Feuu Jas. Speed attorney general. T � 0utrage8 at Newberry. According to the statements of the now Cerry Herald the citizens arc filing but badly in that town and it appears that rogues Aro doing a profitable business in that locality. The editor of to Herald in Bis paper of to 2d just thus graphically pictures the actions of those nocturnal visitors robberies Aro of common occurrence and an occasional fire gives a change tothe scene. Meat houses Chicken roosts ifee., Are swept nightly and any thing moveable or Looe is clean gone by morning. 1 if something is not soon done to arrest these Petty irrepressible pilfer ers the Farmer will Foon be reduced to a pitiable and order Aekins to have departed and to Are simply Drifting on Tho current. Id. Garmany s office was broken open the other night and robbed a number of valuable articles among which were sover Al setts of valuable surgical instrument. Mrs. Higgins in Der was entered and plundered of a Quality of lard etc., and Friend Scot Ells us that All his Bacon was stolen a few nighl9 ago. Major l. J Jones and or. James Caldwell have also had sustaining i083.wo regret to learn that or. Robert ste wart s gin House was set on fire and con sumac together with its contents ten bags of Cotton one Hundred bushels of wheat thrasher a. I if we Are Wise Thierer is still Hope for 4 us in the future. If we Are weal every step will Only plunge us deeper info the tse Bonian bog. We Nuat act under the we have had during the whole journey for travelling companion rebel officers and soldiers returning to their Home often being for Days beyond the reach of Union sold tere and have been universally treated with Courtesy and kindness notwithstanding the fact being known that we were -.1 � vow Vin us f government claims and applications Furt Ardea All applications for Pardon under the amnesty proclamation must first be lodged withe provisional governor and from thence awarded to Washington City for final action y the president. The intervention of an attorney both at this place and Washingto nity will greatly facilitate the transaction of such business c. J. Al food attorney at ,lug. 3,1865, 2-st. Greenville s. All papers in the state copy three times and Send Bills to c. J. E. Important to the travelling Public. Daily Hack line n from Abbeville to wa8hingto 3st to detention Ai Sither place. Thu subscriber would Ukson him Imam inform the 4lsw4%lhaws travelling Ponjic that Hilt Fiolli to emf ,j9 they have this Day Pat nto of radon Adah Lin of Haek a to. O., to a Filo ton a waking j 1 a Enger Arr fluff at Abb rom a tha 2.19viesukr-Wwiirtfr at r Wae Mingtoi. Net Lionti in 4ima Fri Tai 8.20 Iralli and Thieo Rrt in if ths30 la train at Abbeville to time fir Tho id.30 a see Rcd from the agent a a Watt a jct a Georgi ref Drtad by from he loud Tutor to the Abbey Halo a Sass is "9 of Tuk july a 1800. 2-tf ska ? a a Load notice j 0ffi 0 8ui a r. J new Stoke i a fit Tiju tit to tit in non Mew iuuii5. � the undersigned would respectfully inform the Public that lie has established a store in Abbeville at the old stand of Oray pc. Ii Elertson. Where tie Mosi Choice goods offered since the War will be sold atthe lowest possible rates the goods have been bought for Cash in order sell them Low Only Cah will be expected. Though personally unacquainted i Hare no doubt a Good Many will recognize Mohs Tho proprietor of the Honnet factory established . The following is a part of the in Oica received at present gents furnishing Giumo. Consisting in part of shirts Cashmere and Cotton hats men s and selection drawers Linen shirts Best Quality Congress gaiters All Sites " and kinds shirt collars Linen and partner i Cut avatar. Nil f a Lorn Oral or icon my and boys Hose a Superior article suspenders India rubber and Tobera ii Anu Kern its pure write Linen and coloured. Perfume by such u hair of pomade eat do Cologne rom water essence of Street Brier essence of Ryan Windsor soap Colgate soap in bars and others. Combs and hair pins. Ladies Best it Otondo Combs with and y without new India it a ber dressing and Fine s Patent India Bobber hair pint the beat in the Market per tet Combs Badiac belts envelopes and writing paper tooth crashes 1y Vuk or to f Hoof skirts pocket Krivec Fet Ocila if Dow. Of a description vey cup \ spool cot of to very Best flax tar Jund Sega re i Large Quantity. Smoking tobacco nn4 it Tomy 11ifc
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