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Texas Freeport Brazosport Facts Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 1

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Freeport Brazosport Facts (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Freeport, Texas Of Bose Doest need to feet but machine is now tub Ning out sunday 5 cents the Braz sport facts sunday 15 oen7s and Damon Faem in All How 33su 49 292 associated press member february 1962 Texas of the w Scott writer doing As reds want Hospital boosted comm by new s2000 donation Hospital efforts in Hie Sweeny off of is of the Telephone id mow d dict to 11 inn kids of this these gifts will boost the Down Viu Are nov running n town to in articles led s or d America s rur u get i want o i f1 in it won d appear unit for there Aie lots it i i i ii t Ano i r was to i Only a balance of is needed s who would like get kith donations and to reach the the Money re amount was secured Chr nigh Hie matched by the same amount by Hie j i disapprove Willi the articles kor right by Rel Man Morin instead of the rightist going along Wilh the instead of he rightist is doing just what Lin communist wants him to ius be cause a red operation is he in at tempted the nil icon Niu nist program in the United this red it drive a gains anticommunism was openly under or Ders issued to die communist forces of the especially to Beacroft Dies saturday rites monday a Hill Burton Federal two donations Wihib have been added into the Graml Lota Are land valued at and equip ment valued at Hill Huston Are such that will no allow Matching i funds either for the land acquired i for the Hospital site nor Gills of the value 1 of two items must he deducted from the for those the United funeral services for Percy beat Fumi who died at John scaly fundraising drive still Sis to spill in Calveston saturday i Short of he will be held at 2 j at Pauls episcopal ii ire in Freeport m o n d a y Wilh the Hie who have Spear headed the drive for Hospital funds from the and Mem Llu Ough die red manifesto of William Sterling hers of the Hospital december 5 burial will no in or Elwood me Are renewing efforts to this propaganda program mortal Park under direction of rain this balance by april crush die anticommunist move Freeport funeral masonic ment Here is revealed the Roth members will be pall Roll let a Filc government publication entitled us Iii muu9 5 casts sunday 15 storm study to include Angleton Bill aimed at Lewis charges i area is included in be subject to his reviewing a Linn Well As the approx a Bill passed Shortie before the special session of the Texas Bou area for Nevi Onslo ican mrs Ai a Sale study program to investigate the feasibility of of he Lii Urciana Protection for i Long coastal this information was pub Henry said if the expanded pro lie by the Angleton drainage disk Elm is not the corps receipt of a consider the Angleton area for army clips of Enior Inver ligation under its present at Galveston As a limited coastal area the Angl Clon drainage District i vol huh ends Protection and ups a study of the for an economically justified local Protection Secretary of the an Gleton drainage said Bat tide and or Drain re and flood the request on there will probably be a discussion chief of the of re Marks of i nation oink i till k Walch slurry in i Xvi vilify s of Oiher by Jar tracs the drive against the anti i eight candidates he was a native of communist the son of a Marine it an old red lactic to and Commodore these groups with objectionable forge Frederick Bra Crof and Harmon of the labels who Are endangering my the former miss Louisa democratic executive conic Quinist Progress in our during world War announces that eight More Candi Llose can Many amen served in the English Navy and i dates have filed for various ran papers publish the same was decorated by the King four county offices Sinie Friday morn ideas worker i publish limes for his outstanding filing deadline is Midnight i Ini tile communists to Jat one while on a secret i monday inf among so there Joish were seeking to my the county commissioner is j is no Unity or time left to Altac Kol by Crofts ship was to Stevenson of Rubyj communist activities Here snipe does and lie was left of West Columbia is the in the Baltic sea Lor several fourth candidate fur the office Oil there have been some he Cami to Freeport in 1920 As Justice of the precinct j debate on Ami both j inspection Engineer for the free Hie remaining six candidates sides of a situation have been port and later was seek posts As precinct i Hope the press will made port Engineer for the Komniey Are Sansom and a the precinct Isike Scott 1703 West 9th Freeport governor Ross Sterling named Jackson Square him the first port Engineer for precinct Jackson Brazos where he Colla Teilh precinct with Engin was in Jones diversion of the River precinct r form a dependable Harbor at free1 Doci precinct at the beginning of world War i Beacroft was advisor and inspector of engines built for the to Hie facts i Navy at Brown shipyard at Flo we As a nation hold ourselves i As the War he Iii up As a shilling example of docent to he sea As a commander Moc racy inaction and expect the Meix Hant Pruett Leader must set example Daniel Walker in race for governor glaring example of the preference Jot our on party legislators for politics instead of attend has aligned Iii stif sex time my the business votes entrusted to Leuis 1hc controversial former rightist army and Price also bidding lie dem Wratic said who wants to be Texas nomination Iasoni Hilric Man Euver into s Quinif manorial Assoc site of i race b both became candidates Stert tar of the nomination Iri a mi5 a s Lituri led at Al latin bin Zoria county r Man division tort corp j Gular meeting of the the Bill referred to requires allot said the request was ref candidates to file by monday at a Lime when we for the primary ballot Rev inv of or Lmarr canc Republican parly id already and a reply was i advised prospective candidates to allow completion of the this county that if any vacancies Irviv remained on the ballot after the in rlwni5 we applications could be the problems confronting a per to Al Illch As Olla sin tons prior to die new x Dan Ron Nood switching ruler three Days 1hose caused by fore the deadline is just one More harrys letter Svalj w i tie Brazoria county numerous requests similar to March brought close to to also bad been March of d i m e a Campaign from newspaper puh Lucils and with reports from five cities and other you Are probably communities still not in by slur tint we amp requested to Mak a study entire area Bei Dean Morgan of Lake an Lelon and the authorized co univ Mathern March of the corps of engineers letter lie next regular meeting of the annual March by mothers Brinas v president Lyn i a signed As i to make ih5 can Wiio planned o take advantage of tiie later deadline to said because of Gray Cli Furman in primary to he bitterly ass As a Jor general last fie1 uni of Lomand general and preme court Don peeking the far amount to offer qualified candidates for of s1rcad areas of the coast Sti were results of ices where voters otherwise May 3udjcc to Hurricane Hood dam Sweet Jonrs not hav the action p corp Deveo cd a i and Damon which held its 1 or be study March saturday c there March designed to i Pun Hcan Well Fauaro in of the i4th Liaison and him a troop indoctrination i state Alt v rift Lor pah she lain a Houston Titis would in tie by cities Are vesting at the feasibility of provid Lake 13 Freeport proc icon for Long coastal a n Gler than limiting the Vest o developed local Columbia so to Aiva is included in one of Lake and two Republican Gray will direct 1962 heart fund drive Tion is Jack to of Bice Kenrith he ran As Democrat two Mit p i an weather Cist partly Little change Are coastal reaches to rated Fer this Type of the Leiter perhaps it is because we Are so economically in Plantation near o mrs Ralph sol Licud unit to Gray of As general chair mention they e Given to he in Man of Ibe heart fund pm he annul cod 10ja county he publican an tile trite As votes for other in dilates Piave Tler Freeport mothers March expanded i was sponsored by the so Optimist As a temperature through program is presently being and the Brazoria oiling rate variable mostly Southeast reviewed by the chief of engine Lodge sponsored the March in today and Oro Aress under it would i that John Conn ally says to follow our i after the War he retired More a mlci4r of Why dont they had lived Wilh his family at the candidates had filed for precinct president of Brazoria county heart will he received his education it Robert an Ope of last 31 years our nation has Bootle Institute of technology Rator for Dow chemical has had a creating h National England at Liverpool filed for reelection in precinct debt of billion slightly Over he is summed by his i at Isike Jackson and William b Fer cull Carlon a Field Dork with ten percent of our governments j Loomis of Ami Texaco inc has filed for Griir Aiso of Fec with 13ray Scundi Titan he Riff Camci it Vern 1 and Dek income must go to pay the inter est on this exceeds the which combined total of National debts of All the other countries m the world by Bilts in any wonder that our fore friends Are concer Luxl or the a lability of the Dullar in the inter Nali Tuil Piirto Citlally since it has gone a North of i in 19j9 to 16 cents in there u a movement in Iii Ian i o Bass of free porn i Man of precinct at West co Ami one attorney Percy a position presently held Beacroft of by american defense chiefs meet by that remains Washington Memice of comm isl Miller senior Pilot lev Means o help i an Nal templs to Aii Gincel subversion by recently Iii Iii Ai As Active in numerous civic affairs so has Vixen More close Kyj i with school than any a Fonner Mem let of the port school she is a president o the Coas asocial Ion of school boards and served in the executive commit ice if the Texas association of school also ins the disc my Tion of Bitis the first woman to Seive is Goninan of in1 co univ senior Pilot suitor late Here from an aide of John j said in Washington Lii at 1owt Strom with lured Walker not Toj tile aide said both i told Walker his for a would lose gloss and glitter if he became a can Freeport education key Factor to Industrial growth Connally Tom newsmen i dollars of research Money to an All out explaining that saturday that he coned by the nations defense j the 16 missiles on one Polaris sub was Thice Das for Bruce his attest unions a woman judge Dallas to i who Haci found inn Lent f for he had Ember Dement two Yoars to v Alker to carry his Nie Yalu to the people a foie Mlott i Tat Ini a Poineal uie Lien to following her sock a Federal office As a a club a cation As one of tiie to Sli these dollars and those j have More destructive Power than Lions Ward off cuban communism sending cd liberation forces to of presumably High priority overthrow of some lie Panama canal Confer of the smaller this threat h u tint enc sat Dav Between Pentagon Wen by the Duc Tois officials Ami Mill airy chiefs mourning Arsenal of Kussi Annaide in and m the Yanhuan iving into Artive in Hie for Poi the the Navy normally has a knee brought together warships operating com pain re of i Cense i most of them at a Story in the Bra Osuell fails in Iii silted that Ellen dig is Iulah and ast o ii coun Siuao Vanamo Zuj mba Touard d cd with ailments than o Hie joint Lucas 11 the snaps there Home from a a Mislon and Claude stick included v of Lien Enders strides llluvl11 or ii Iii made in or veil m of her Simgh Lens of heart and Treal planned Lur necks As a Hiis has Linen neck Annh million of is Hislar i Ilins in me up patrol upe Ukiu Cathy Backoo of ill the John Jackson of a he Iii cry Ihan it Luik Jam Dio Seii 1 Uisu Ilie Iid of the Lii lid carib Sci on the nil pcs Ideal in Vijh Thaviu Oiher Aiea hut s Al Ilie was i Diama a Suhi die Lii visit the i Misiun Els Del cig ii minis Iris Mikk n Lead out of die Organ a i anon of and my Anil Jack fast Sis like cling was Anil miss the unite House an a Klov de a comply la Oil son Kohl or Houston i puns ii in runic Muir ski t Uli 1 nuking a Lecent visit in i Pinili Ila mros with the Wjk Kook actions d Dahhan and children to ill ser tile Cam Mign to curb and Cahlik iiklin7 and Casio Iii by All of Sci cling of slate i lean Kusu vim lors in Iveine i and la Misici in Clary Roli Erl Mena Liua lit cd on Henius Licio Delesc k at whih Salu iday Wilh lop of Luers of the in citing a Ducal cumin unit Minnei Loilit Lepi leis is Loi the cols Imi Oiler Jun am Cruzii schedule pc of disease lie i it 17 of our friends neigh ii is died of limit As w ill Vii fion nil i liter ii so Dume it s unwell in be to a Cut fund drive will reach Chi in i Leirl Iti Ileedis Ibe cell us Mill of Ili ii to deliver e Luci in Hei it at id to accept in connection with this Pavc of Fumi raising i Bliia i Kiin Ltd net thai lie in Isle in to the inv was unleashed by both sides Dur key factors in stepping up the available from other Public and in War including can of Phi vote he Texas adorn pc who resigned As Setre must have tile the Emin be during 1963 one Polaris lady if the Navy in Ioco Iii r Lent and the i come of the Assembly line candidate for governor of thei but in he Hie j each was in the county to estate must prove itself financial he i cannot say Thore in liver the principal address at the by sound and politically some Vlaste and some in Fri annual banquet of the Angleton the need of this economic in the military Organiza chamber of Iulus was he that be i icon going on t0 explain that this there must be a a considered it a g r e a t or dial waste is kept to a minimum Gressie Effort to industrialize thelinge than the Federal Post in such a Huce Connally said i is Only i Hope for Texas economic am convinced Diat the Mili coi Inalie Sug Jesien that the in tary might of our nation is second i Tion should give some Praise to the we must make an Eif ii c to be said the Navy military m addition to tin con get these but we find Marine corps Are extremely Cap slant j this that so Many of the present Well prepared to carry out he described the Carrier Kuter Day industries Aie not reliant on any prise As Ibe greatest fastest ship the natural resources that m tiie 1 want to contribute whatever in the carrying planes Tel hive been Texas in Talent and experience i have can use conventional and seeing that Texas is a Leader nuclear Iii Irv of Ibe among Hie and exercises1 he said die knee Pirse Cost soon i and More will be reliant on brain the responsibility that should go but has tile greatest com i and Are going where they Wilh state Bat capacity of any can Duvon this at the Connally w cannot expect to be a Dot i so there must be great in our nation is Strong As tie crease in Ibe Cost of the military Phasis on this of develop Faith that us and As weak establishment in the Fores Cabla of Hie co Neuilly the fears which beset future if we Are going to have Tea in this approach to topic of his speech Basic he Connally Felt Tiu it Ilc Kiaie Eunce Nied personal observations pointed in i must actively us Insixi stand evaluations of individuals and communism has Cap used Lions of higher i Fth Pul during die time conure third of the worlds people be and tire must be Servil As Secretary of the and Are laced with a the Law oratory Laci Lipics and tiie to on i e Lvii the top Rise an moral and physical m Fields leaders As men of about Loo Hundred hear Al Broad and saw Angleton ing Piu National great chamber of Luccis installed by a 10 the Knaly and he mid Luas of die is a Maniber ill ail Iii ii ii in whom Vou Caniff Lauly Iii pro Thorpe gets award i Lux Kat am Tut f oaths Ismini of a Halibu to to in tit v u a jut in ilium i Dittl Llu of the Amy pet suied us i guru Fer i he its i Itin i m i luring niit1 i Ettril j i Ait h llu1 inure Lor latinos jilt Al Luarl Iizumi of Emini Siul Nsairy is Tippo Stoiu tin linu1 u Irain must i Point in he i Miarl Llu suites Oun i i Jiuu tettion i Tuoi a Imi Liju Olliie j u d t huge excavator plans is pit Liioi Ouid pile and Chi Hod diced the e Cuil fining tiie he said be one Hall n is ill ihi1 Iii in forces 1 most powerful Nul Iiara Moscou m Kii Gucci at aggregation in die die Ukraine designing of in his can u n Nokram torsk have prepared Pujue Lihue will be no All out War at prints for a Power exc Uny Lime in tiie near future Begalor that i lie Tass news Cit use countries Al our said the Jui Arv ail i ii Rev Iii Lyubi Nii Jinni m nines of

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