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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1840, Page 2

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - September 28, 1840, Terre Haute, Indiana A Wabash div Airek. Denio cratic Fomil Fatios a. Roa Rob so brr in Akton Van Row ice met Mcgirr my har i Jim Soili. Fat a Tren Gury and a Mimi a aim my Bina Ami for a Ray Cal it of of tit Exi Tir banking Sytten. For exhort pm. Hendricks of Weir Saron. W. Manti. I. Dirt. Robert Dale Owen of tote. 2d. A Henry �ec�e8t, of pol own. D. Quot th08. J. Henley of Curk. 4th. A a j. L. rash. A Khz. Quot a. Kennedy of de Wair. 6th. W. J. a Celby. 7th. Quot j. M. Lemon of a port. Vigo county convention. On wednesday the idea Nerata of who As ambled in convention at Terre haute according to Prev Loos of Otic. The Meeyung being called to order. Peter hul8e, a. Was called Toton chair and Geo. A. Capuan appointed Secretary. Tic object of the Nee thug being explained on of Tina a committee of fire was appointed to report a preamble and resolutions for adoption by this meeting. S. B. Mullen t. C. Clayton r. Wilson we. A. Sang ter and pm. Wines were appointed said committee. The following were reported and unanimously adopted the present Are times of High political excite mint. The Maui gets Are various but All concentrating to one Point to a the Emeralion to Power of a party fundamentally composed of the federalists but now joined by every faction and disappointed fragment known to modern times and the overthrow of the govern Orient of the people s Choice. To effect this we not Only see every Means used in this country not honorable Means but Bac fraudulent and die lion Oracle but we see the friends of the same conglomerate party in England very of viciously lending their influence by gratuitous advice and actually sending Over Large quantities of British Gold to Cor Rujita the purity of Trio ballot Box and w Liili will make the elective franchise of Wirich the Deino Riili portion of american citizens arc so justly proud and jealous a scorn and a Bye word. The intelligence Oftle a mass of the people is treated by the leaders of that party with derision. Instead of joining Iesue on any of the great questions of the Day and Dis cussing them honorable and fairly they att my get to mislead and deceive the people by Idle clamor foolish shows Coon skins log Cabins and various other Humbug which ought instead of deceiving to disgust All sensible i in. Many of the leaders openly assert that the people Are too ignorant to be convinced by argument Aud can Only be reached by foolish excitement noise and Parade. That party has openly refused to let their sentiments on great subjects of interest to every one be known to the people. In fact every Side of every question is embraced or re Hidi ated according As it is popular or unpopular in different localities. They have treated the Reno eats of the people made in a proper and dignified manner with disdain and contempt. On the other hand we have before us a Man who has been tried and not found wanting. One who has received the commendation of the greatest Man now living of Andrew Jackson. One whom his Monr it it opponents dare do Justice to. One who trusts implicitly in the intelligence of the people who never has and who never will desert their cause. With jul Artie surest and Richard a of. John Larson we have the Good old democratic principles to support the same principles which led our fathers on conquering and to conquer. They must be preserved in their purity and to that end be it resolved that we continue to have the most unbounded Confidence in the integrity and patriotism of Mast a Yam by Rah and will exert ourselves and us All honorable Means to procure his re election. Resolved that in col. R. M. Johnson we re co Ginise the Sage the hero the Patriot Aud the statesman one whom the certificates of corporals or aids can mtg Ier Honor nor injure one who has proved himself a Friend to the West and to the country at larg one whom the people Delight to Honor and one Wim it. A yet needs no body guard of three to protect Hii opinions or quack to certify to the sound Neas of his a ppr Iory. Resolved that we Hail with enthusiasm the passage of the Independent Treasury Bill As completing the divorce of Bank and state and restoring to the people the custody of their own Money of which they had Long been deprived to the Benefit of Stock jobbers and Labaren and which will be the Means of restoring to the country a sound and uniform currency. Resolved that it a the duty of every Branch of oar Cik it re Ament both state and National to prac time and enforce the most rigid Economy in conducting oar Public affairs and that no More Revenue either by imposts or taxation ought to be raised Tymn a required to defray the necessary expenses of our government. Rea olred that we believe a National Bank an Inabit ution dangerously hostile to every interest of our country and dangerous to Republican institutions and popular Liberty. Ilea olved that we Are As the republicans have always been opposed to every attempt to abridge the present privilege of becoming citizens and own Era of the Oil among a and that we Welcome the Opp reared of every nation to our land of Liberty and Punty. Resolved Taftt we can never support for a High a Acial Autira a Naa who Haa no principles or who Havi Aff them a aha and or afraid to avow them in the Fec of Hia flow ii Imam that it a the right of 6�mma to Kew the Mati Menta and View of those Frew Aak them for their suffrage a that deprived of liw Rifle a a Aronld no longer be freemen and that Ibone who Rolo Aurilo abandon it Are fit Only to a a opiate with the aum us Are ii of Europe. Reea ived. That a a a Rova of the convention to he Taliaa at blood item an the loth Proximo and that a Waii Titae of fifty he appointed a delegates of two to la a of Btu Obereta. Ease Lead that a to Amiree of fifteen be appoint we make array Geom a to reveire with deserted and Home in Flo m. Johanan vice of tha Vaitai a tatar. On the occasion of i plaid vat la Thia place. I that 4 my Bittle of Fifejr be appointed u wait Apo col join too at Lafay a it m till pos Lelm and Macort him to Thia Vara a a Aai Walf adapted. Tin a my vile Pai Aam pm Appal ii dal Gatea la Tea Naomiah Cobitt Stoa w. I Baker w. Joa Eai to . W. A Mullen t. by Benekam Herrington i. Half talk. , ,. O. Randolph l. Caelho t. Lock a a Jayc Wara m. Beach j. 8. Wyeth j. E. Bell Jan. Maui Ney j. Strouse s. B. Littlejohn b. F. W. Brown r. C. Mcclore j. 8. Wiiala. I. Pearean. Wilsoa Joho Fon Mewhinney whinny j. Sankey p. Hula j. A. Clark i. Kurtt a j. Hakina m. P. Whittaker g. A. Chan and s. A Nevai. D. C. Weihar a w. Harp. The Mio ing were a pointed a committal Otar rang Meota w. Iaea r. Wilson j. O. Joom e. Tii lotion w. Dickerson w a. Sangster t. C. Clayton g. C. Welsh Jno. Mullen. Or. E. V. Ball. We. Herrington g. A. Chapman s. B. Mullen Jas. Johnson we. Fenimore. The following As an escort j. C. Baker a. , s. R. Mann a. Ward we. Mullen f. Mullen j. Mullen t. E. Sangster a. P. Holmes a. Surrell jr., c. S. Holden r. Wharry w. Howard j. Morrison j. R. Tillotson c. B. Miller e. W. Smith Vav. Titus a. Baldwin i. W. Morris. J. Paine e. 8. Wolfe Jas. Ward s. B. Littlejohn Jno. Gunn Jno. Wilaon e. Stag i. W. Griffith h. Arnold j. Mesa j. E. Joii i r. Wilson j. H. Mckenzie j. A. Cummins a. Engles w. Joslyn j. Ward j. H. Mor Rison s. Phillips s. B. Littlejohn j. Wilkes h. Hager c. Howard . J. Sankey Johnson Mewhinney j. Ray j. Staton we. Smith s. W. Black. H. Fairbanks. On motion a committee of three was appointed to correspond on behalf of the democrats of Vigo with such prominent democrats As they shall see proper requesting them to meet us on the Day of col. Johnson s visit to this place. Geo. A. Chapman j. O. Jones we. A. Sangster were appointed said committee. On motion. Resolved that the thanks of this meeting be presented to m. Mcfadden Esq. For the use of his Hall. Resolved that the proceedings of this meeting be published in the Wabash enquirer and Euch other democratic papers As can conveniently copy them. Resolved that this convention do now adjourn to meet at the court House on wednesday the 7th Day of october to hear an address of Robert Dale Owen Esq. P. He else chairman. Geo. A. Chapm Jan. Secretary. Putnam county convention. The meeting of the democrats of Putnam county was organized by choosing Joseph f. Farley president Hillibe and Geo. Mcintosh vice presidents and o. F. Waickman and or. A. Shepherd secretaries. The object of the meeting being explained by the i air it was on motion resolved that a committee of one from each township in the county be appointed to prepare a preamble and resolutions expressive of the sense of this meeting. Messes. D. R. Eckels t. H. Clark we. Miller we. Leach a. B. Denton d. Barnes Jas. Roland m. T. Bridges and a. Woolery were appointed said Coinon Ilter. During the recess of the committee the convention was addressed by the Hon. J. W. Dis who in a speech of two and a half hours highly gratified his hearers and did great credit to himself. The committee then presented the following preamble and resolutions which were unanimously adopted preamble. Believing As we do that the people of the United states Are capable of self government and if j left to themselves with principles known and Rea-1 son free to Aid them in determining the right from the wrong will always do right and being satisfied fully that the result of the late gubernatorial election in this state is the result of imposition exaggeration intrigue fraud and management and by being fully conscious that Indiana is inhabited by a Large majority of citizens truly democratic in their feelings and principles and that these results might have been warded off if the democratic party had not themselves neglected one of the essential principles of their Success in peace and in War that Quot Union is so Rengh and feeling determined that principles which were to dear to our fathers and yet Are to ourselves and to our posterity should be no longer jeopardized and trampled Down by our omission to organize ourselves and by Means thereof to use the Means that god and nature has placed in our hands to Avert these evils from our Young and prosperous state and freeing our children from the contaminating grasp of federalism recommend the adoption of the following resolutions resolved that the democratic voters of each township in this county proceed to organize themselves into democratic associations for the purpose of warding off imposition from the Public mind and for furnishing the people with the truth. Resolved that a county association shall he formed to consist of one member chosen from each township by the democratic association of such townships. Resolved that we Are pleased and feel much honoured by the contemplated visit of the vice president of the United states in whom we recognize the firm unyielding and devoted Friend of our principles in the Cabinet and in the Field. Resolved that the president Aud vice presidents of this meeting appoint three delegates from each township in the county to represent us in the contemplated Bloomfield convention. Resolved that the Hon. John , for the Able and faithful manner in which he has discharged his duties in the present Congress is entitled to our respect and gratitude and that with cheerfulness his constituents will Reward him with the plaudits of Quot Well done Good and faithful servant Quot for the Fidelity with which he has performed the Trust confided to Bis care. Resolved that the citizens of the several townships be requested to meet on the 26lh instant to organize their several township meetings. In accordance wih a fore Oina Resolution the following persons were appointed delegates to the Bloomfield convention Greencastle Henry Secrest John s. Jennings d. R. Eckels. Washington to. , Lemuel Wright or. M. Shepherd. Jackson Geo. Jeffries John h. Roberts John Talbott. Warrens David Barnes Gilmore Conley George Pearcy Jefferson a. Glazebrook h. Mcgill Jacob Pearcy. Monroe m. T. Bridges we. Leachman John Duckworth. Mad Iaone Isaiah Wright. Rafael la a. B. Denton Thoa. Hunton Chas. Bridges. Clinton Joshua Yates a Webb Jno. Briscoe. Franklin a r. W. Moea Edwin Heath John Price. Monroe�?3ir. Palmer r. C. Brown. J. H. La Caa. Floyd a a. B. Matthewa Jaa. Rid Inion l. Olaa Wooks. On motion it waa Raa Ulvad that the Proca Adias of Thia meet ii be Pohlid Adib the Wabash enquirer and Ladiana Democrat. Of i Cioa the net if Adio Amad. Job. F. Farley. Prepaid eat. A. Fuia g. Claro a. G. F. Fam Lermon Sullivan county Democrat conv my Tion. Fnu boating a my led to a a Lar when Oft Botko the Geo. Boon we a in Preat did to am Wilski Al Ca vice Peri Deaia and a i it oif a Tad we. Mckibb. Saer Atalim. And. A Mif in goof to the great contest. Maj the two part Ian Job. What Chw the administration done or of coat Arentt Adt Briar Apon it the fierce denunciation which through the country have they Law to tax or Opp Reaa the dwell Tammi we to item on the contrary the pay Eidbo to and con Giina have Paa aed at their . Shaw a a a a Liff Alafae Vaiona pre Imp ii Lawa for the special. ,. Quot. I befit of men of that class who have the Enterprise and Iara Al Bane Ware appoint and % and Industry to seek Independent Home on the waste Landa of the weat. Haa any Law been Paa aed or a commended to prevent men crediting their fellow men for service a or property in All the relations of life t nothing of the sort. Has any Law been Paa aed or recommended to prevent Banks from loaning out All their Meana to the Rich or the poor and enjoying ail their lawful privileges in the highest degree 1 not at All. Have any new taxes been levied upon the Farmer or Mechanic no. On the contrary or. Since Gen. Jackson a election have not about half the Doriea on imported article which Are conducive to their Dubai autence and Comfort been removed 1 Yea truly. Their Burdena have been reduced they pursue their occupations in peace the world is open to them a a Market the Farmers Are every where thriving with a Comfort unsurpassed and if they and the mechanics do not get As much paper Money for their produce and labor As they did a few years ago in is not on account of any act of the government but because the Banks having Lent to speculate a More Pabb than Thev can keep out Are obliged to curtail the currency and in some places where they Are not obliged to do so Call it if for the Pur Obb of Mareino the people so Rosr. Has the administration in any Way interfered with the business of the merc Hanul by general Jackson Many millions of dollars plundered from them during the wars of the French revolution and Smartt in vain to be recovered by proceeding and Mimi rations were secured to be repaid and have been received. By new treaties the scope of Commerce has beep extended. Half the duties on importations have been taken off enabling the people to Purchase and the merchant to import larger quantities of merchandise. Has the administration recommended or Congress passed any Law interfering with professional men the doctor lawyer and divine 1 do not the doctors cure and kill without the interference of the general government 1 does not the lawyer without restraint from that Quarter get All the clients he can manage their cases As he chooses and charge them As much As he can make them pay 1 is not every divine at perfect Liberty to preach whatsoever doctrine he please to enlighten with truth or bewilder with sophistry to cherish Humble piety which makes Earth a Paradise or kindle an arrogant fanaticism which makes it a hell to collect As Large a flock As he can and tax them As he May 1 in none of theae things has the administration interfered or proposed to interfere. Why then is it assailed if the taxes on the people have been reduced instead of being increased if every class of our people Are pursuing their avocations in peace without let or hindrance from the government and appropriating the proceeds to their own use Why is the administration so bitterly and incessantly assailed 1 do the Farmers want Congress to pass a Law to enable them to make three crops a year from their land As the Bankers May from their Money 1 do the mechanics expect Congress to enable them to sell three times As Many articles As they can make 1 do the labourers want Congress to enable them by Law to no three Days work in one or get paid for three when they perform Only one i or Are these classes insisting that the government shall let them have the use of the Public Money until it is wanted for the purposes of the government to make them Rich by lending it out on interest they Are not so unreasonable. They Are Content to be protected and let alone they do not look to Congress to fertilize or till their land to strengthen their sinews to Grant them special privileges or give them the use of the Public Money. To heaven the Farmer look for its genial Sun Ond refreshing Rains to Earth for that munificent Friend which never fails to pour Forth riches when properly solicited to his own Strong arms and willing heart As the honest Means by which he is to enjoy in profusion the blessings of heaven and the bounties of Earth. In a similar foundation rests the Hope of the Mechanic and labourer. His heart and his strength Aro Bis capital he is Content with perfect Freedom to apply them As he pleases asks no legislative authority to Confer on him advantages not enjoyed by his fellow labourers or fellow men Iliouch less does he ask the government to hand him Over the Public Money that he May get Rich by its gratuitous use. Not with these classes do the attacks on the administration originate. When general Jackson caused the Public Money to be deposited in the state Banks instead of the Bank of the United states who was it that exclaimed in the United states Senate Quot we Are in the midst of a revolution bloodless As yet i Quot not a Farmer or Mechanic but a lawyer who had received seventeen thousand dollars in fees from the Bank and could obtain Money from it whenever he asked it. Who on the same occasion exclaimed in the streets of Baltimore Quot there Are no sabbaths in revolutionary times 1&Quot not a Farmer or Mechanic but a lawyer who had also received Many thousands in fees of the Bank and procured Loans from it whenever he wanted them. Did the uproar into which the country was them thrown Spring from the Farmers and mechanics on the contrary was it not excited by a Bank president and directory fed by Means from its vault and lashed into a fury by in dependent lawyers and debtors hired instruments and deluded admirers in Congress and out did the Farmers and me Banica Para the unconstitutional Resolution in the Senate denouncing the honest and intrepid Jacksom a an usurper on the contrary the Farmers and me Banica of the country never Reat de until this stigma upon the first Patriot of the Republic was expunged from its recon. It is just so now. The Tucka upon the administration do not originate with the people with the Farmers mechanics and labourers whom the government protects and Doea not molest. They feel to oppression from their government and week no Favora from it. I complaint a heard from them at All it is excited by the falsehood which Are inca Santly poured into their Eara for the purpose of making them the deluded instrument of the privileged order Quot which producing the mischief ii it charge on the administration Aweeka thua to enlarge and perpetuate ita Power. Look at the Harrisburg convention which nominated Harria or and concerted the grand scheme of driving reason from the can aaa and carrying the election by Showa thou a and Drunken revelry. The following Clarai fiction of in member Haa gone the Rounda of the papera and we have not area it contradicted Viz to for a adoption bit tag. Whar Eupo ii Feua Ariy eat Jill Hiie were reported and adored commit lae had retired the Hon. Rompf Dale Owen add Saaed tha meeting in an ibo limit Paech of three Houra which highly Gratis Hla Herrera whar aaa it a the privilege if not the duty of the Taa Etimoa of this Republic peaceably to As Atamble in primary me Tioga to exp Reaa their approbation or disapprobation of the conduct of their Public agents and also to Cravata freely and unreservedly Public principles and sentiments. And whereas this meeting has been convened in part for that object therefore resolved that we repose the utmost Confidence in the democratic administration of Martin Van Buren and that we yield a Hearty support to the principles which he avows and practices in his official station. Resolved that in col. R. M. Johnson the vice president of the United Stales we Reco Nize to he fullest extent the hero the Patriot and the Sage a a True son of democracy a Soldier with genuine certificates of bravery of the very Best kind and in great abundance. Resolved that As democrats we Hail with Pride and pleasure the Prospect of a visit a Mong us of the True hero of the thames and that we will use our Best efforts to give him a Hearty Welcome to old democratic Sullivan. Resolved that we recognize As Cardinal Points in the democratic Creed the following principles Viz uncompromising opposition to a National Bank a permanent divorce of the go it Vern ment from the Banks or other corporations of the country no appropriation of Money for internal improvements from the u. S. Treasury except for works strictly National and of absolute necessity no Tariff for Protection a simple frugal and constitutional administration of the affairs of government a no More taxes to be levied and collected of the people than May be found necessary for the immediate wants of the government no National debt no Large surplus if possible to prevent it no Union of Church and state or any approach thereto no repeal of the naturalization Laws no sedition or gag Laws a no legislation giving to the Man who lives by his wits and his wealth any advantage Over the Man who lives by his Labory no distinctions in society except such As virtue and vice May make necessary. Resolved that As democrats we View with some degree of jealousy and concern the evident Effort of a majority of the wealthy and educated to array themselves against the great body of the Labouring classes of society Well knowing that a minority with wealth and education at command will have powerful weapons to Wield against the majority in bringing that minority into Power. Resolved that All appeals to the passions for the purpose of exciting popular prejudices disregarding and losing sight of the True Issue now made Between the two great parties in this country is but one of those desperate and illiberal efforts to obtain Power which must fail if Light and truth can but exercise their Sway. Resolved that we regret the late defeat of our worthy and talented fellow citizen Gen. T. A. Howard in his Effort for the gubernatorial chair believing him pre eminently qualified to relieve the state from the financial embarrassments into which it has been plunged by mis management and mis rules our Confidence in his talents and integrity remains undiminished. On motion the following gentlemen were appointed delegates to the Bloomfield convention r. W. Akin we. R. Haddon m. E. Nash John s. Davis we. Alsop James s. Reid Geo. Boon Justus Davis h. K. Wilson John Huff or. Freeland shadrach Shearman h. Riggs James Davis Wilton Mayfield we. Johnson we. Mckee we. Reed John y. Dodd Harvey Wilson Isaac Sexton Samuel Brown or. Ferrell Levi Maxwell Alexander Carrithers we. Watson or. Walls Milton Mccreary Edward Marlow Chas. Eaton Thom Sturman Absalom Hurst Benj. Gray Jackson Hinkle John a. Willis Anderson Minich John w. Huff Caleb Summers John j. Martin of the Prairie Joseph Latshaw jr., Rev. Robert bid Well and James Brodie. On motion the following were appointed a deputation to meet col. Johnson at Lafayette b. Wolfe or. O Haver or. Barton Gen. Stewart Joshua Alsop James Davis and Justus Davis. On motion the following were appointed a committee to make arrangements to receive col. Johnson in this county col. Snapp Gen. French Isaac Beauchamp Israel Benefiel Hamet n. Helms John s. Davis Hiram Benefiel Richard Davidson Rich. Jenkins of Tow Henry Dooley James Snyder Henry Hill Luke Walters h. K. Wilson John Wallace Thos. Springer or. Sheldon judge Drake h. Riggs major Gray b. Turman Jonathan Botson Jacob Hake William Collins we. Patten John Davidson of danl., John Mahon Stephen Carrithers of ethos. G. Neely John w. Huff maj. Hawkins maj. Haddon go Leo. Boon Mekhae Hunt d. C. Nicson Alex. Dixon Lewis Creagor Saml. Brodie we. Price m. C. Wilaon h. S. Ross h. Brinkerhoff and Jas. B. Booker. On motion. Resolved that the Thanka of this meeting be tendered to Robert Dale Owen eaq., for Hia Able and argumentative speech made the Day to our meeting to avar of democracy in its purest and beat form. Mail Robby a . Douglass Poat maa ter of this City has furnished us with the following communication addressed to him which we publish for the information of those who suffered by the Rob Bery of the great Eastern mail in Ohio last Spring Spain Ribald Ohio sept. 8. 1840. Is a through the Agency of one of our Guarda we have succeeded in arresting the robber of the great Eastern mail near this place on the 10th of March last. It proves to be the Driver of the stage Charlea Boatwick and we have obtained what he Maya a All the Money he took aay $18,000. He a now confined in jail at Thia place and will remain until we get a warrant from the proper authority to Geniave him to Columbua. Please notify those interested. The Money will be deposited in the Clinton Bank of Columba. Reaper tally j. C. Achi80n, for Neil Moore in go Poat matter Louisville by. Lon Itsue and. M.8h�,ph�std, Viea Preat debts. I secretaries. My or. C. W. Duby editor of the courier do Phatic paper Fai new orly us waa Atah Toi a Tommy ainu in one Al a meat pause a to most that Tity i fut. Harm a Daral editor and Gerou Aly 4iawyera96 Bank officer. 31 merchant. S4 manufacturer. 10 Plantara. 7 speculators. 0 Doctora. 8 Parana. 3 whig editor. 3 schoolmate a. 3 lottery office men. 1 farms a mom a. Machalica Hong. a a Abb Amoco the but t Mot a my hts to i Bot a Wodium Shah 1 what did theae m a Jara 31 Bank Offlee iad 24 merchant. Mees Ihla at Harrisburg Iberl waa it to promote the lat Vieito of the a Kra Ian and Mehan Ica. Or their own 1 if Timir Meei in to Pra Omta the Inte Reata of the Fyk Haap. Why did to lev not Teu tha Ahonor 0� what pane Ileal Naad they a aft Ald of Yetf diff a aia Oira a i �ii111 a limn ii lil Pim it the win Lahar 1 Immis Kymm. A Oleet the a Lew la piled m Mem Van top i a a Mem Makl if or rim Tami. It the mrs ther proved by their attempt to draw the Minda of the i ple from All principles and All Mea Aurea amusing Showa deafening shonts and into icat it ing drug Bra of a cider am other More exciting liquor. If they did not fear the a Zercie of reason Why week to drown it who aet on foot tha great gathering is of piggery at Baltimore at Colu await Ohio at Zanesville and a Hii feared other place a t is it the Farmers 1 or is it th9 privileged order of bunkers aided by their dependent lawyer merchants merchants clerks and the hangers of of the Quot order Quot about the villages and cities and who but the Rich aspiring to Rule the poor foot the Bills 1 who created the whig executive committee at Washington 1 had the Farmers mechanics workingmen of the country any hand in Iti the committee themselves have declared that they were appointed by the opposition members of Congress Quot and so far from the people aiding in in the arrangement was made in a cast and without Tykia know Boob. Some of the people May have been asked to stint their Means of subsistence to furnish it with funds but most of the Money they employ comes from Osce Holder and the Quot privileged order of they were appointed without the knowledge of the working classes to dictate political action to them and to carry on their operations have raised vast sums from those who live without work. What do these people pay such a tax fori do they not expect to get the Money Back 1 do they expect to put a few of their leaders into office and use them to protect and extend the privileges of the Quot order a let the workingmen look around them and see who is most Forward in causing the erection of political log Cabins wherein men of the Quot privileged order Quot and their instruments condescend to associate with them Emtil the a Lection who is it that stamp log Cabins on their buttons paint them on ladies fans Wear log Cabin hats and drink log Cabin Champagne 1 is it those who live in log Cabins or the people most like them in their circumstances 1 they will find All this Flummer to be the invention of another set of men who rely on the supposed ignorance and weakness of the people and expect them to act from impulse and not from reason. These views Are presented to prepare the mind of the Reader for a full Devol Pement of the origin Progress and principles of the present Federal whig party.�?gio6<. Another accession. Sex govt Boa Tazewell of Virginia one of the most distinguished men in that state and who opposed or. Van Buren b election in 1836�?has, after having closely watched his official course frankly declared himself a supporter of his re election. This declaration is made in a letter replying to or. J. P. Young who had solicited or. Tazewell s opinions upon the merits of the two candidates for the presidency. We have not room. For the whole of the letter to Day and Content our Seif with the following extracts. The letter is dated Norfolk aug. 23, 1840. In my judgement. General Harbison is both physically and intellectually incompetent to perform the Many varied arduous and important duties which must devolve upon every president of the u. States that it is not prudent to expose our country to the certain perils which must await it should its destinies Ever be committed to a president by Accident in times of difficulty and High excitement and that such a catastrophe is always probable when one is elevated to the presidential chair who has already reached the full term ordinarily considered As the limit of a Man s life. To a kind letter from friends in a Distant state inquiring what were my opinions of or. Van Buren s administration i have recently replied. A copy of this reply is now before me and As it truly represents my sentiments upon this subject i will transcribe my answer to the inquiry propounded i was opposed to or. Van Buren when he was first a candidate for the vice presidential chair and my opposition to him was continued when he was afterwards a candidate for the situation he now holds. Upon each of these occasions there were other candidates who As i thought agreed with my opinions More exactly and whom therefore 1 preferred. Entertaining such sentiments i have watched his course since he came into Power with a vigilance that might not perhaps been used by me under other circumstances. Yet with All this vigilance i have not been Able to detect a single unconstitutional act that has been done during his administration. This is not a slight Merit at least in my eyes and when i connect with it that the whole scheme of his policy in regard to All our relations whether foreign or Domestic has evinced much sagacity prudence and forbearance and this too under circumstances of great difficulty i cannot withhold my approbation from such a course. Quot these Are not the sentiments of one who Haa any claim or even pretensions to be considered As a Friend of the present president. They Are the result of a careful examination into All his Public acts since he has occupied his present station an examination made with As much Candor and impartiality As i could command. This examination was commenced i know with no expectation that it would end in such a result. But it has so terminated and common Justice As Well As common honesty compel me to award him a Meed in my judgement he has so Well deserved. The support he has thus fairly earned i will willingly give him so Long As he shall continue to Merit it. Nor will 1 Ever concur in the attempt to remove any tried servant who As i think has deserved Well of his country. I am sir respectfully. Your most obedient serv t. Littleton w. Tazewell. Or. J. P. Young Portsmouth what says the Gallant Boyd j at the Cloae of the last War the army was reduced to a peace establishment and it was the Fortune of the Gallant general Boyd not to be among the officers retained. Upon this subject he addressed a letter to the Secretary of War enquiring if the fact that be was not retained in the army waa intended As a censure upon Bis conduct and ifs upon what such censure was founded. The conclusion of that letter we sub join with the simple remark that at the time and up to a very recent period Gen. Boyd was universally called the hero of Tippecanoe Quot a title now studiously Given to another. Age. Extract Quot str p Quot Quot of Tippecanoe be Haa merited disgrace and neglect on these Plains where the commanding general against Bis sex Presa advice trusted to the Diane med honesty of Indiana and fell into their aware where the Savage War cry Burat upon the Atil Lenaa of the Elf night Camp and the discipline of undaunted Regalare saved the existence of an army 1 it waa a diff Reat inference he Drew from the plaudits of the Mike any bestowed upon him and not upon their of Aalto there waa nothing like reproach in the Tomi their voice when the Indian howl waa Loat a the distance ascribing their safety to those have the thanks of a territory for prevent log the desolation of a Frontier had Laught him to think on one occasion at least he had not filed in Hia duty. But to Hia government it Aub Mita 4he de Ciaio if he waa Misken he Wieher not Ementhe poor acknowledgement of having rial i Hia country of aiming at her Heabeat if Haa hould have failed to Proa a fit to. With much . I have the Honor to a i Alf your obedient err list. Jno. Pub god. Boat on Jaalan. 1610. From the Picayune. From Eicas. By a arrival of the Schr. Henry yesterday direct from Matagorda we have received a few far ther particulars relative to the recent attack Apo the town of Lionville by the Camanchee Indiana. A few Days since we published an account of a Battle Between Thia body of Savages and a party of texans under command of general Felix hons ton which resulted in the defeat and flight of the Indiana the following letter which we find in the Matagorda Gazette gives Fuller particulars of the depredations . Quot port Catallo aug. 9th, 1810. A a Siam yesterday the 8tb, at 8 o clock a a about 1000 mexicans and indians entered the town of Liana que shot and Seal pad or. O Neal of Pensacola killed major h. O. Watt took Hia lady prisoner and either killed or took away Oaie three or four men Blacks and writes Afler which they commenced plundering the houses and setting them on fire at intervals of about an hour until Al were consumed. Fortunately for the Surah res there happened to be a Largo lighter at haad into which with much difficulty and imminent danger we succeeded in making Good our Retreat. Much danger is apprehended from an inundation of Western Texas by the combined forces of the centralist and several tribes of hostile indians which apprehension is very justly predicated on a letter from a highly respectable gentleman in Matamoras to an acquaintance in Texas together with other corroborating circumstances too Well known for the interest of the West. Yours in haste Quot l. H. W. it appears that the indians first attacked the town of Victoria from which place they proceeded to Linnville. At Victoria they killed several Oft be inhabitants and Burnt the houses. Those of the citizens that were left had fortified themselves in one of the Corners of the Public Square they were without arms and could Only rely on axes clubs dec. About 40 men had left the town about the time the indians first made their appearance in the Vicinity and had gone to the Indian Encampment about four Miles above the town in the night expecting to Light at Daybreak. They had not been heard from Twenty four hours after they were supposed to be All killed As the indians bad come Down next Day and again attacked the town. From this place the indians drove off about 1.500 mules and horses. Amongst the persons killed at Victoria were col. Pinkney Calwell and a mexican servant. A private letter which to have received from a Friend at Matagorda giving an account of Gen. Houston s Battle with the indians says the indians Are completely routed having been compelled to leave All their Booty together with the lady who was made prisoner at Linnville in the bands Oft be Whites. Seventy eight of their dead bodies were found on the Field Many More with their wounded they succeeded in carrying off to places of concealment. Gen. Felix Houston is still in Advance of them with 800 men and 500 More Are in hot Pursuit after them. They will no doubt be nearly All Cut to pieces. The country has completely recovered from its temporary panic. Linnville is fast being rebuilt it will never again be spoil for the indians. Emigrants who May have been frightened into any delay by the Indian news May rest assured of their perfect immunity from danger. The War now waged against the Savages is intended to be and will no doubt speedily eventuate in one of total extermination. From the Western whig published at la Orange Tennessee a bet offered. We Are utterly opposed to betting in All ita various forms but especially to betting on elections. We think it morally and politically wrong. But there Are thousands who will Back their judgment with their Cash and we suppose it will continue to be so As Long As men continue what they Are. We Are requested to publish the following offer $10.000 on Martin Van Byren whigs take Voi ice i am authorized not by the government or any of its officers to bet the above amount or any part of it that Martin Van Buren if living will be re elected president of the United states. This is not the kind of argument generally used by democrats but As bragging and boasting appear to be the order on the opposite Side i now offer gentlemen this Opportunity of backing their judgment. I Hope to be pardoned for the impropriety and immorality of offering to bet As i should not have thought of it but for the example of so Many of Ray Good whig friends Here and elsewhere. Campbell Stewart. La Grange july 28th, 1840. From the Catskill recorder. Read read the following letter from a Federal whig merchant in this Village was sent to a Quot whig Quot in Potter s hollow. The siderite it who has his fears that Harrison will lose his election Quot will recognize his own language it is unnecessary to publish names Friend sir you must do All you can for the Harrison cause for i sometimes have my fears that he will lose his election but stick to it like a Good fellow we must never give up the ship until the last moment. The whigs will give a Large majority in cats kill. If the whigs Are Defeated this time it will be a heavy blow for them. I believe that do cd sub Treasury will injure our cause. I did not believe they would pass it a if they bad not we would have been Safe. Do your Best. Yours dec. Q the returns from North Carolina account satisfactorily for the majority which the whig candidate for governor has received. Ten of the Western counties interested in the proposed Railroad have Given him about 10,000 majority while in All the other counties the democrats have gained. More Bead is in favor Oft be Road and Saunders opposed to it. This question will not be carried into the presidential election. By the Laws of North Carolina a property qualification is Necea aary in voting for state or Conaty office Ray which exclude about 16,000 Persona who can vote at the presidential election. Thia May make a Small difference in whig calculations. Act Haven Register. Clay and office of mawr general of the u. 8. Army became vacant by the death of general Jacob Brown during the presidency of Johnq Adama. Or. Adama de Aigard Appman tag Gen. W. H. Harr Iaea to fill the vacancy a being the highest in Rook of the general officer a Avivi the War. Henry Clay than Secretary of state in Tefend overruled or. Adama a predilection a of the ground of Harr Teon s inferior Quat Guions and advised and Promise the appointment of Gen. Mae oath. Tea fact like a two edged word Enta two Way a it eur Harrison Down to a pretty Low Gnas a Soldier and it Cau open a Guh through Bieh lady be seen the hype Ray of or. Clay a rapport of tha available for the . Lom of Grant. Tha n. Y. Era Harria ii a Raa an. H.moetoerti5idr%efawa Kef to death that by the 4th of Marth he jul Ann a of aae Vaai Cifu Fhy a Jim Mila a t the new Bra by yer he is Denim. Uncasa baht Eom Manity will be of their guard note of the Fet lowing Banka Senjea county Bank Bank a River a aim if Oom Paay up River Baal coi Puy new Beah lag Ohe a Smiy tenth Ira re Kak emf treat cobia in. A m
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