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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - November 25, 1840, Terre Haute, Indiana Muthe Mirum pit bushed every wednesday in by of oboe a. Cha Pimer. Vol Arne haute Vieiro a of my Indiana note Hiber 25, 1840. ii run the Wabash enquirer at published every of fico i ath Between Wabash and Ohio Street directly a eat of the court Houe. Terms. Two dollars per annul in Advance. One Dollar will be received for six months and fifty cents for three months. Five dollars in Advance will pay for three years or for three papers for one year. A new club subscribing for this paper when All Are sent to one address it will be furnished As follows for 0 copies one year $10.00 for 12 copies Quot 2t�, for 20 copies Quot 3i ,00 for 40 copies Quot 60,00 and in tie same proportion for a greater number. I lie Cash always to be paid in Advance. .\dveiiti8ements inserted three times at one Dollar a Square 8 lines to be continued at the rateof2.j cents per Square weekly. Unless the number of insertions be marked on the manii script when handed in it will be continued till ordered out and charged accordingly. Advertisements published by the Quarter or longer will be charged $ i a Square $6 for six month. Or $10 a year. Merchants druggists and others advertising by the year will be charged for two squares $15,50 a cent the Bright beams glitter on the water and a thousand odorous Flowers give Beauty to the swamp i which of late was to Dia Roal. The Gander Payee to and fro Over the liquid element moving a if lord of i the Waters now he inclined his Bead with a Grace i Ful curve now sips to quench Hia thirst and As a Noontide has arrived he paddle his Way towards i the Shore to relieve for a while his affectionate and i patient Consort. The lisping sound of their off i Spring Are Beard through the Shell their Little Bills have formed a breach in the enclosing Walls full of i life and bedecked with Beauty they come Forth with tottering Steps and downy covering. Toward the i water they now follow their Careal parents they i reach the Border of the Stream their Mother already floats on the loved element one after another launches Forth and now the Hock glides gently along. I what a Beau till bight close by the Grassy mar i Gin the i other slowly leads her innocent Young i Lings to one she shows the seed of the gating grass to another Points out the crawling slug. Her careful Eye watches the cruel Turtle the Garfish and the Pike that Are lurking for their prey and with head inclined she glances upwards to the Eagle or Gull that Are hovering Over the water in a Earch of food. A ferocious Bird dashes at her Young ones she inet Santly plunges beneath the surface and in the twinkling of an Eye her Brood disappear after her now they arc among the thick rushes with nothing above water but their Bills. The Mother is mar climb towards the land having listed to her Broud 111 accents so gentle that none but they and her mate can understand their import and All Are for three squares $20 fur Quarter of a column a f i Gusely lodged under cover until the disappointed ea-21k 0 Ems $2 half a Colum ii $&Quot>0 Tiree fourths Gull bears away. Of a column $6 j for a column $75 a year. I Quot i re than eix weeks have now elapsed. The advertisements authorised by statute Mun be paid of the goslings which was at first a Oft and tur for in Advance. By has become coarse and hairline. Their wings advertisements coining from abroad must be accompanied with the Camii. Unless ordered for Public Ilion by a brother publisher. Oil Osta a must be paid. Tiik loves and Callam by. From or. Ai Nubon s epi80df.s. Ille my opinion that All the Birda of Oliie to epics. Which leave our states and territories each by Iii Ltd for the Distant North pair before they depart. I his no doubt necessarily re a Ltd from the nature of their Cummer Mendence. Liere the genial i Eason in it so Short As scarcely to afford Triem suffice edit time for bringing u their Young and renewing their Plum Ige bet re the Rigours of a Ivancin Winter Force them to commence the r flight towards Milder countries i Lii is founded on the following facts i have frequently observed Large flocks of geese in Ponds on marshy grounds or even on dry Sand bars the mated Birds renewing their courtship As Early As tie month of january while the other individuals would be contending or co quetting for hours every Day until All seemed satisfied with the Choice Fiey had made after which although they Reid Maui de to Geilier any person could easily perceive that i have a serv Are edged with quills and their bodies with feathers. They have increased in Fize and living in the midst of abundance they have become fat so that on Shore they make their Way with difficulty and As j they arc yet unable to Fly the greatest care is required to save them from their numerous enemies. They grow apace and now the burning Days of August arc Over. They Are Able to Fly with ease from one Shore to another and As each successive night the Hoar frosts cover the country and the streams Are closed Over by the ice the family joins that in their neighbourhood which is also joined by others. At length they see the Advance of a Snow storm when the ganders with one Accord sound the order for their Dei Sarture. After Many wide circling the flock has risen High in the thin air and an hour or More is spent in teaching the Young the order in which they Are to mine. Out now the Host has been marshalled and off it starts showing As it proceeds at one time an extended front at another a single lengthened file and now arraying itself in an angular form. The old males Advance in front the females follow the Young come in succession according to their strength the weakest forming the rear. Should one feel fatigued his position is changed in the ranks and As he assumes a place in the they were careful to keep in pairs de also that the older the Birds the Shorter were the j Cleaves the air before him perhaps the Parent Bird preliminaries of their courtship and that the Barren flies for a while by his Side to encourage him. Two Indis ideals were altogether insensible to the Mam j three or More Days elapse before they reach a secure Testa ions of love and Mutual affection that were do i resting place. The fat with which they arc loaded played around them. The old bachelors and old maids Wilether in regret or not caring to be disturbed by the Bustle quietly moved aside and Lay Down on the grass or Sand at some distance from the rest and whenever the flocks Rose in Wing or Betook themselves to the water these forlorn Birds always kept behind. This Mode of preparing for the Breeding season has appeared to Nie at their departure has rapidly wasted they Are fatigued and experience the keen gnawing of hunger but now they spy a wide Estuary towards which they direct their course. Alighting on the water they swim to the Beach stand and gaze around them the Young full of Joy the old full of fear for Well Are they aware thai Many foes have been wait no their arrival. Silent All night remains the flock. Frow the Albion. A specimen of English human court of bbl Obsta. Do owning the , whether that far famed personage whom common report Acari be to possess a tail not a political oae a Cloven foot and a pair of horns a slept the gentleman in Black is amphibious or not it has never been satisfactorily proved and unfortunately the investigation of the following Case still leaves the matter in doubt and uncertainty inasmuch As it was not the Devil in prop Ria Persona that met with a watery grave but Only a namesake of the venerable old gun Tasman. Bill Huggins a strapping Coal heaver was summoned by a Coal merchant residing in Bank Side for ids. For the alleged value of a Devil he capsized is the thames. There Are probably Many persons in the world who Are in such n Blissful state As not to understand what a anal heaven s Devil is it May therefore be necessary for the Sake of Perspicuity to explain that a Devil in water Side phraseology is a sort of portable stove or fire Basket for the purpose of kindling a fire in on Board the Coal barges along the Shore to Esible to Coal Peters to see to work at night. From Blac friars Bridge on a dark Winter s night it is no uncommon thing to see forty or fifty devils blazing at one time upon the Coal barges along the Shore throwing a lurid Glare around and exhibiting the dark grim profiles of the Coal heavers like demons in the distance. The scene is one of a singular description and is not devoid of interest by imagining old father thames to be the fabled styx a person May fancy himself contemplating the orgies of the imps of darkness in the infernal regions. Quot please yer honorable Herships Quot said Bill hug gins the overgrown Coaley Quot it s Werry Ard As How a Man like me As has got six infant babies bellies Tofill arout mentioning the old Poinan should he tuck Avay from his Turk in this Ere kind o Vay All a cause a do cd Devil happens to git commissioner if you Don t use better language i shall order you to be turned out of the court. Coal heaver a Pardon yer vers Bip but Arn t it enough to make a Parson swear. Commissioner a it appears that you were the cause of its getting overboard. Coal heaver did muffin o the kind yer Pership i Vos in the Stern o the lighter when i heard a splash in the Vorter Quot there goes a Devil overboard Quot ses my partner Quot let him go and he be Quot ses i begging yer Pership s Pardon Quot who s a going to save the Devil from being laughter the plaintiff in the Case Here informed the commissioners that Bill was telling them a vast number of lies. The fact of the matter was on the night the Devil was drowned the defendant was As drunk As a lord and stumbling against it rolled it into the River. Coal heaver my eyes governor that is a Crammer. The plaint flt said the Coal heavers were such a Drunken careless set that he was compelled to make Wake of another who an example of the defendant or very speedily every Devil he had in the world would be at the Bottom of the thames. Coal heaver yer Pership list a Joe that s Ray partner about this Here Connarn he seed it All. Commissioner Well let us have Joe. Joe a Veteran Coaley with White stockings and a Black face accordingly came Forward and in order that he might make a More forcible and eloquent Appeal to the court in behalf of his pal he took the precaution to remove from his Mouth a very Large quid of tobacco and being at a loss How to dispose of it he threw it with some Force Over his left shoulder and the More remarkable that of reaching the in race j tit not inactive w Ith care they Betake themselves j by Chance it alighted upon the Chin of Moses Cohen appointed tor their summer residence the Birds Ufa to the Grassy Shore where they allay the cravings an old jew tally Man who was waiting at the fur flock by Parade in pairs which form their nests acid of appetite and recruit their wasted strength. Soon ther extremity of the court. Rear their Young at a considerable distance from each As the Early Dawn Lightens the surface of the deep j Quot a help a cot that a Nasty East Quot roared the other. I they Rise into the air extend their lines and pro i jew As soon As he ascertained the nature of the Dis it is extremely amusing to witness the court slip j need southward until arriving in some place where of the Canada Goose in All its stages and let me As i they think they May be enabled to rest in Security Bure you Reader although c. Gander does not strut they remain during the Winter. At length after before his beloved with the pomposity of a Turkey or Many annoyances they joyfully perceive the return the Grace of a Dove his ways Are quite As agreeable i of apr info and prepare to Fly away from their great to tie to male of ins Choice. Lean imagine before i Cut enemy Man. Ine one who has accomplished the Detato another in a struggle of half an hour or More. He advances Gid i infernal naval officer a lastly towards the of hic t of Contention. Ins head pointed by lord Melbourne to inspect the new in scarcely raised an in h from the ground his Bill open a cation says to its full stretch ins Fleshy Tongue elevated his eyes Dart Iii fiery glances and As he moves he hisses Kuoy. While the emotion which he experiences causes his quills to shake and his feathers to Rustle. Now he is close to her who in his eyes is All loveline a his neck bending gracefully in All directions in my opinion the merits of these inventions arc to extraordinary As to Vest the absolute sovereignty of the seas into the hands of the first Power that shall adopt them for i am fully convinced that it is impossible for any thing that floats to resist them either at close quarters or any Given distance even passe All around her and occasionally touches her to a Range of five or six Miles. The strongest Forti buds and As she him on his Victory i fictions in Europe could not withstand these extra agreeable Quot Windfall Quot and without removing the abomination from his face rushed Forward to the front of the Bench and exclaimed Quot yer Var ships yer Var ships look at Dis. That shall i Dol Quot the jew s Appeal to the commissioners was received with shouts of laughter which exasperated Moses to the highest pitch and he rushed Frant icly out of the court to undergo an ablution at a neighbouring pump. The court then adjudged the defendant to pay the debt and costs in a fortnight. The big Coal heaver left the court muttering imprecations on the whole legion of devils. Kissing. Treatises have been written and lectures delivered on every Banch and department of every Art and science without a single exception Viz kissing. And acknowledges his affection they move their i Ordinary Powers for a single hour in River ways foe certain rhapsodies have been penned and pro necks in a Hin Rcd curious ways. At this moment j and against stockade As in India the largest a Tierce jealousy urges the Defeated Gander to renew j would be annihilated without a Chance of is his Elf Quot. Its to Htam ins love he advances Aiace Ine j Cape and the most difficult passes would be utterly yes the fire of rage he shakes his i untenable against their operation. The country Broad wings ruffles up his whole plumage and As might by their application he rendered impregnable he rushes on the foe. Hise. W Ith Itie intensity of a. For 101� sail of the line might be easily destroyed by Ger. Tie whole flocks seeing to stand amazed and a single Small ship constructed on the principles i opening up a space the Birds gather Roubid to View i have had explained to me and whenever it might the combat. The bold Bird who his been caressing i a necessary to Call this Power into action its Efi act would to attained at a trifling expense and upon the shortest notice. His Mac scarcely deigns to take notice of his foe. But seems to Send a scornful glance towards him. He of the mortified feelings however raises his body half opens his sinewy wings and with a powerful i Uii Sti of or Philadelphia go blow sends Forth his Defiance. The affront cannot Zette relates an instance of the bursting of a stove be borne in the presence of so Large a coir Pany nor from covering up the fire. It was a Large common indeed is there much disposition to Bear it in any j stove m the Laboratory of a chemist and had been circumstances the blow is returned with Vigour partly filled with Damp Anthracite Coal placed on in the aggressor reels for a moment but he soon recon Coal and the whole covered with ashes in erf and now the combat rage. Were the weapons i an hour or so afterwards a tremendous explosion of Tore deadly fear of chivalry would now be perform a curved and entering the Laboratory the stove was de As it is thrust and blow succeeded teach other found blown into pieces and the pipe split asunder like the strokes of hammers driven by sturdy forgers. I to the ceiling. I he phenomenon is attributed to but now the mated Gander has caught his ant ago the accumulation of Gas in the stove before the fire most s head with his Bill no Bull dug could cling fas burst into flame and when the flame touched it the ter to his victim he squeezes him with All the end explosion followed it. The Case is mentioned As a Ergy of rage lashes him with his powerful wings warning to House keepers and at length drives him a Way. A reads out Hie pin a. Runs Joy to his mate and fills the air with h h if exultation. Hui now see yonder not a couple but half a Doz 1 to Ini Idt is Are engaged in Battle some Desper a a ins. Has i la Lien a it on a mated Bird and Sev h of the the last two or three centuries upwards of fifteen Hundred i fixed stars have disappeared. One of them situated i in the Northern hemisphere presented a Peculiar j brilliancy and was so Bright As to be seen by the r to. As if sensible of the impropriety of j naked Eye at mid Day. It seemed to be on fire i Rush to the Assis Ance of the wronged appearing at first of a dazzling White then of a Rod i Ney strive and tug biting and strik i i yellow and lastly of an Ashy Pale color. La. I. Ribeir wings and How their feathers Fly i place supposes that it was Burnt up As it never has lit i exhausted abashed and mortified the been seen since. The conflagration was visible Zoub intruder retreats in disgrace a a there teen months. How dreadful a whole system on in lies almost breathless on the Sand i j fire the great Central luminary and its planets with such Are the conflicts of these ardent lovers and j their Plains mountains forests villages and in a full of ate Cimon towards their females Are they habitats All in flames consumed and gone forever. That the apr Roach of a male invariably ruffles their tempers As Well As their feathers. No sooner has retaliation a the Baltimore Sun says that the go it Ose Laid her first egg than her bold mate about a year ago a Young lady of that City was in stands almost erect by her Side watching even the aged to be married and the Day was fixed. The bounced on this theme but they were Mere rhapsodies without order or connection. We wish to see or hear the subject treated rationally philosophically analytically and synthetically. It is a topic excellently adapted to lecturing As it admits of extremely pleasant illustrations. Suppose a Good looking Young professor should get up a course of lectures of this kind for the Especial Benefit of a lady audience we presume he would meet encouragement. Illustrations it is Well known Are the life of lectures and it would be incumbent on the gentleman who should undertake the delivery of such lectures to exemplify the effects of kissing on the lips of each of the girls who composed the auditory. Pew persons suspect How Many ramifications what a variety of detail this subject will admit of. Kisses May be distributed in at least a dozen classifications. There is the kiss of Friendship used by gentlemen in France but in England and America chiefly by Young ladies. It is rather a silly insignificant bread and Johnny cake ceremony performed by two individuals of the same sex. The kiss of love Haa More meaning and would itself furnish materials for half the lectures in the course. Then we have the kiss of Charilyn the fraternal and sisterly kiss the parental and the filial kiss the wedding kiss and the kiss of repentance which tiie votary bestows on the altar the kiss compulsory which the child bestows on the Rod with which he has been whipped and the kiss matrimonial which the husband bestows on his wife some months after marriage. All the last mentioned kisses have frequently some dash of bitterness. Then we Bave the kiss of Condoll ment which the Mother gives her child when he has Hurt himself in a kissable part. And lastly we have the traitor s kiss invented by Judas Isca riot and since Practised by million male and female. This 1� but an outline. If any Young gentleman ambitious of acquiring a scientific reputation thinks proper to improve on our hints let Hira announce himself. A lecture room May be had to any part of the City and the girls will not be backward in buying Phil. Ledger. Ladies reception of col. Johnson at Indianapolis. The following ode was delivered by mrs. S. T. Bolton on being introduced to col. R. M. Johnsoh at the residence of or. Basil Brown Indianapolis Indiana on wednesday evening october 14,1840. We bail thee loved chieftain Long Long May it thou live. To receive the warm Welcome that freemen will give. To him who hath of ter a nor offered in vain his life in it Spring time at Liberty s Fane. We be rear d thee no Temple for vain would it be. There s one in each heart sir that s sacred to thee. We be Strown thee no Flowers we be made thee no throne. For the wealth of american hearts is thine own. We Welcome thee scar covered hero and Sage As a Gem of thy country a Star of the age to is a burst of affection spontaneous and free without Art s cold trappings we offer to thee. When the War whoop of Savages rang o or the wild As they Tore from the breast of the Mother her child. When the husband and father As death Dini d his eyes saw the flames of his dwelling ascend to the skies. Then then was a Gath Ringo Brave hearts and True to arms was the cry to the Rescue they flew round thee then they rallied and Neath the Blue sky. They pledged thee to conquer or with thee to die. You met the wild foe where the War weapon s gleam. Was Mirror d in Light on the thames Placid Stream Tecumseh s bet re thee of god Speed thee Well thy weapon was icel do the mighty one fell. The Brave and the Lovely Are Blessing thee now a Halo of glory encircling thy brow. The wide world has heard the loud blast of thy Fame and thousand hearts throb at the sound of thy name. The tribute we bring to thee wealth cannot buy t is a Wreath of affection that never will die but glory has trac d on the Tablet of Fame. Thy bravery our motto our watchword thy name. When our children to heaven in prayer Bend the knee. We will teach them to ask its Best blessings for thee for thee shall their tiny hands Laurel entwine. And the first name we learn them to love shall be thine. To which the colonel replied although Madam i have Ever received from my fellow citizens More notice than my poor services to my country entitled me to expect yet this Assurance of the place i occupy in the hearts of the democratic ladies of Indianapolis overpowers me quite. It brings up shadowy and dim remembrances the realities of which have Long since been buried with the past. In defending my country in the dark hour of danger i Only did what every Brave Man would have done. I voted for the declaration of War in 1812, and i deemed it but my duty to give an evidence by my poor service in the Field of my sincerity in the Council. I have Ever held it True and this Madam but adds another to the Many proofs which during a Long and eventful existence i have found that he who perils his life without a murmur and freely bares his bosom to the storm of War in Quot those times that try men s souls Quot will always meet in the smile and approbation of his country his Best Reward. I shall Ever look Back upon this night As one of the Bright links in memory s Chain. Accept Madam for yourself and fur the democratic ladies of Central Indiana my Heartfelt wishes for your and their Contentment happiness and peace. Measuring Corn. The following rate for ascertaining the Quantity of shelled Corn in a House of any dimensions is by William Murray esq., of South Carolina and was read before the St. John s Colleton agricultural society and communicated by them for publication in the Southern agriculturist. Quot previously levelled the Corn in the House so that it will be of equal depth throughout ascertain the length and breadth and depth of the bulk multiply these dimensions together and their products by 4, then Cut off one figure from the right of the last product. This will give so Many bushels and a Decimal of a Bushel of shelled Corn. If it be required to find the Quantity of ear Corn substitute 8 for 4, and Cut off one As before. Quot Zampi Erin a bulk of Corn in the ear measuring 12 feet Long 11 feet Broad and 6 feet deep there will be 316 bushels and 8 tenths of a Bushel of shelled Corn or 6b3 bushels and 6 tenths of ear Corn As Kos Rob Mir a lib an it no tic Iii id by has just Oce ared in tho Marylou one infirmary. Ann Mph a a Young and inter a Ting girl Olio bad been the support of an aged Mother had gone into the Mai Mary for the pm room of undergoing an opera of for the removal of a drops Cal complaint whih bad Asmi Raed the form of a Large Tumour. She waa warned of the painful and even per Ioas Natare of the operation Bat she expressed her Reed ution to sub Mit to it owing to the ardent wish that Ner life might be spared for her Mother s Sake. The operation was accordingly performed in the presence of her Mother and several eminent medical men. It lasted two hours and forty minutes and the magnitude of the Tumour taken from her May be imagined when it contained no less than two Gallons and a half of water. Notwithstanding the Long and painful operation singular to heroic girl never uttered a single cry but at the conclusion tests was observed rolling Down her Cheeks and being desired not to shed them she replied that they were tears of Joy at her Freedom from the incubus which had so As she appeared to be in a sinking condition the medical gentlemen upon a consultation deemed a fresh infusion of blood into her veins absolutely necessary. On making inquiries As to whom they could procure to provide the blood it was ascertained that two men were in an adjoining room one 25 and the other Between 30 and 40 years of age anxiously awaiting the Issue of the operation. Believing them in the first instance to be relatives of the i it Oor girl they were ushered into the room when it turned out that the eldest was her employer for whom she worked at Ahoe binding and the other a Journeyman in the same employ both devotedly attached to the unfortunate girl. On being made acquainted with her state and what was required to be done for the patient they both simultaneously volunteered to Supply the by it from their veins. Much bitterness of feeling and Contention Between them ensued As to which should do so which was put an end to by the decision of the surgeons in the favor of the youngest who Baring his Arm with great Energy exclaimed Quot that he was willing to lose the last drop of his blood to save her the blood was then carefully infused from his Arm into the veins of the poor sufferer till the Young Man fainted from his loss. On their taking place the elder Lover implored permission to Supply the remainder but the girl recovering it was deemed unnecessary. The poor girl began to improve and great Hopes were entertained of her recovery but unfortunately these Hopes were blasted for unknown to the surgeons she was found to be afflicted with a severe diarrhoea which increased until it became a confirmed Case of cholera from the effects of which she died on the fifth Day after the operation. She was sensible to the death bed scene is represented As truly affecting. She expressed a wish to see the Young Man who lost his blood for her. Kissed him bade him Cut off a Luck of her hair and begged him to be kind to her Mother. She then entered into prayers with the Rev. Or. Moody the chaplain to the workhouse and in the midst of it paper. Diso Lackful the election yesterday at South Pena township while the voting was proceeding quietly a disgraceful attempt was made to create a riot by one of the superintendent a of the Girard College named David Sunderland who headed a gang of bullies procured from the Lover part of the City. The democrats totally Unpi pred and not anticipating any disturbance were beaten and driven from the polls and the whigs attempted to take the ballot Box. This was secured by the democratic judge who secreted himself in the cellar and there remained until the democrats rallied in sufficient Force to restore order when the election quietly proceeded. One of the ruffians was arrested having been found secreted under the bed and was committed to the Spring Garden watch House fur Safe paper. 12 12 11 11 132 182 6 6 792 792 48 316,8 633,6 Laird of Logan Quot relates a pleasant Story illustrating the miseries of printers. An old and respectable Printer in Glasgow was sadly bothered with an apprentice who could or would not be initiated into that grammar which treats of the proper Dis position of letters in words. One Day he presented such a shocking inaccurate proof As made his master after staring with amazement take the spectacles from his nose and give the ill disposing Imp Quot the following Recife a my Mah just gang Hame this night and Tell your Mither to buil Fullon and Knight s dictionary in milk and take it for your supper As that seems the Only Way you la Ever get Spellin into George r. Y. Hewes one of the very few survivors of the Boston Tea party reached Bis 106th year on the 5th september. He resides in the town of German Flats in Herkimer county at the Bouse of his son in Law a or. Morrison. Until very recently he has enjoyed Vety Good health never it is said having experienced a single sick Day but for two years past he has been confined to his room in sequence of an injury which he received while attending a 4th of july Celebration in the Vicinity of his adv. The Decimal 4 is used when the object is to find the Quantity in shelled Corn because the Decimal is half of the Decimal 8, and it requires two bushels of ear corp to make one of shelled Corn. In using these rules a half a Bushel May be added for every Hundred that amount of ears results from the substitution of the rustling sound of the Breeze. The least noise brings from him a sound of anger. Should be spy a Raccoon nicking its Way among the grass he walks up to Bun undaunted Day hurls a vigorous blow at him and drives him instantly away. Nay i doubt if a Man himself if unarmed would come off unscathed Iii such an encounter. The Brave Gander does More for if imminent danger excite him. He urges his mate to Fly off and resolutely remains near the nest until he is assured of Ber safety when he also retakes h Uiselt to flight mocking As it were by his notes his Dempt Intel enemy. Suppose All be peace and quiet around the fond pair and the female to be sitting to Security upon her eggs. The nest is placed near the Bank of a Noble Stream or Lake the Clear sky is spread Over the Day arrived but the gentleman was not to be found. Again recently the lady and the faithless Lover met the Promise was renewed and a Day named. The Day the Brido Groom every body and every thing arrived except the Bride and she in her turn non invents est. Capital following were Given at a Celebration in Massachusetts Quot the Only shares that pay a sure dividend plough Quot woman she spoilt us with an Apple but a toned for the wrong by forming a pair Quot the Liberty tree we should to careful while to Pluck the fruit not to break the different nations have different kinds of loafers. The italian Loafer spends his time in sleeping the turkish Loafer in dreaming the Spanish in praying the French in laughing the English in swearing the russian in gambling the hungarian in smoking the Ger Nan in drinking and the american in talking politics. Abri Mitish or lady married of course was ence troubled with a equalling brat whom she always addres red As my upon being asked Why a be gave it that appellation a be replied because it is derived from cherubim and the Bible a ays the cherubim Quot continually do Quot greatest Baste least Rule Fob Alsobr Tainio tub a bight of cattle sheep and Hook a in the Cataili keeper a guide there a a Short and easy method Given to find the weight of live Stock which will be of considerable Utility to breeders. Let the animal stand Square put a string just behind the shoulder Blade then put the string on the tail so As to form a plumb line with the hinder part of the buttocks direct it along the Back to the forepart of the shoulder Blade Tan the dimensions on the Rule As before which is the length and work the figures in the following manner Girth 6 a. 4 in., length 5 it. 3 in., which multiplied together make 3i i Square superficial feet that again multiplied by �23 the number of pounds allowed to each superficial foot for an animal measuring not less than five nor Over eight feet in Girth makes 766 lbs. Where the animal measures less than 9 and Over 8 feet in Girth 31 is the number of pounds to each superficial foot. Again suppose a pig or any Small beast should measure 3 feet in Girth and two feet along the Back which multiplied together make 4 Square feet that balt implied by 11, the number of pounds allowed for each Square foot when the measurement is less than three Foet in Girth makes 44 lbs. Suppose again a calf sheep or to should measure 4 it. 6 in. In Girth and 3 it 9 in. In length which multiplied together make 16 feet that multiplied by 16, the number of pounds allowed to animals measuring Lesa than five feet and More than three in Girth make 368 lbs. The weight of Tettle beep and bogs May be As exactly taken this Way Asia at All necessary for any computation or valuation of Stock and will answer exactly to the four quarters booking the offal which every Man. If be know a few of the first rules of a Rith noetic and can get a bit of Chalk and a string can readily perform. A deduction most made fur a Balf fitted beast of Ltd a Pound in then a a my thu from a fat one and from a cow that has Hai Ealver and is Only half fat two a weds in Twenty Mutt be . Farmer a Bank commercial Bank of Millington my has stopped payment. Immediately Afler this bad become known the people of the neighbourhood took Possession of the banking House opened the vaults took what available funds they could Lay their hands upon and adjourned from there to a tavern opposite and then redeemed the notes of the Bank to the amount of funds taken from the vaults of the concern�?$565. It is said the circulation of the institution amounts to $300,000. More fraud in Columbia South Carolina where the whig candidates had a majority of 17 votes upon counting the ballots it was found that they exceed the number of voters the judges very properly refused to give certificates to any person but reported the facts to the legislature. The grand jury of Philadelphia who have bad before them for some Days past the subject of the naturalization frauds lately discovered to have been perpetrated in some of the courts made a presentment on tuesday which implicates the clerk of the criminal sessions. Capita. Porter of Pennsylvania Haa signed the death warrant of Robert m Conachy who for the Sake of a few dollars murdered the whole Brown family six in number near Huntingdon. He is to be executed on the 6tb inst. Curious old almanac contained the following a Quot about to a by tube Day of november in the year of Grace one the Wand eight Hundred and Vertye Many child Rene will be borne through out the Jolly Mill fir of trip Mux. At the fat of fits Mil mfg a Kisti Iii Merrill who strap get who had been some time slowly Multaf of the Hill accosted Bidi. Why Dost thou whistle Fhy old v Bald he. For Lack of wind replied the Niiler a aptly f and the stranger smiled at the Par Odorica reply a thou Art Shert continued be. Some six feet at any Rau answered the Mill drawing Bunuel up. Thou Art a merry soul. Merry 1�?pshaw a Flat As a cask of a banged ale no that s Windy rather like an on blown bladder for that s Flat for the same reason want of wind then thou Art Only in spirits when thy Miu it going like a race horse that s a bad comparison said the Miller m my Mill goes just when in �/o�n�?4uid when a horse stops True i should have said an ass Foi that too goes the better for a blow thou Hast hit it said the Miller lady hog ind i shall henceforth never see a Donkey without Hilik. Of met anticipated the stranger joining a tue laugh. A surely said he thine is a Happy veet Tion. Thy situation too is so much above Tbs richest of thy Heighbours a even the great lord of the Manor must look Little from the height ipod be oldest him. Why yes replied the Miller and so though i be not a pro ild Man i look Down lip ii �11 for not Only the peasant but the Squire is beneath ale tis True like other tradesmen i depend upon my Taiti for a livelihood j but i Diaw All my Hohey from the Farmer s tilt and then All the hungry Imp up to Ine for their Neal How grated ii ought All to be for thy Favory Aye it deed fur where would be either the highest or the lowest bread without Only exertions 1 to be sure if they be ungrateful i Cah give then the sack i every Lii Stith ought to be filled with the infill air i Praise said the stranger. Certainly added the Miller. Foil every Mouth would be imperfect without the grinder Here they both joined in a Hearty laugh and the Jolly Miller finding the stranger s a Pinion and sentiments so Datteri Gly in udis ii with his own gave him in Sitivi Fatiori to taste his malt when they cod versed upon his meal. The last fish Story truth is strange tis True tis True tis Stran i and strange in is tis True a tile following is a fact once to Ipoh a tithe where the packet ship or told lanus was returning from Liverpool to new York the Carpenter a very worthy Man was taken sick and after Brief illness expired on ship Board. Hal bad an interesting son who was i assistant As ship Carpenter Iohd the boy loved his father with the most tender and filial affection. The Pouf youth s heart was almost broken at the of suf his Parent and no persuasion soul in induce him to Law the body the usual pro pm rations for a funeral at sea were made the poor Fucai Peter was sewed up in his winding Sheet and with him was put an old grind Stogie Hatchet and chisel to carry him Down to his Long rest in the Ocean. The poor boy grew frantic when his father was about to be committed to the wives and was obliged to be held off by tho sailors. At length just As the fatal lurch of the vessel was taking place the boy with the strength of a in amp Uniac broke from the sailors and dashed him self upon the body at the very moment that it was sliding Over the ship s Side. It was too late to save him and clinging wildly to the dead body of his father the hapless boy was seen to make one Swift plunge Down Down into the Stern of caverns of the mighty Ocean. This was in lat. 97�?Long. 79, which was duly entered on the log Book. The coriolanus arrived at new York completed All the business preparatory for her next trip and sailed again for Liverpool take a Long breath Reader tis coming. H Hen in Tat. 69�?48, an enormous shark was caught and when hauled upon deck a most extraordinary noise seemed to proceed from the huge monster s stomach. The creature was opened and there was the father the son the grind Stone the Hatchet and chisel of if it aint True then never May another fish Story to believed the pour Carpenter had not died but was Only in a trance when they buried bin and there he was. Sharpen ing his Hatchet with the son turning the Grindstone they having just resolved to Cut their Way out of the shark s stomach Picayune. Troubles of an editor. There is scarcely any one not initiated who knows the troubles of an editor. Step Reader into our Sanctum and witness time nine o clock a. My Arthur go to the Post of lice whew How cold it is Stop and make a fire first where the Devil is my steel pen scissors he Means found it Down in the publishing office after a Hunt of half an hours enter a quid Nuncy any news from Washington Harrisburg sets Down and writes put this in As editor air fact i had it from the person himself enter another news mongers any thing from the South when is Congress to take up the Independent Treasury Bill dont know sir must ask the Federal or. H. Can t you let us have a Peep at the Picayune Quot yes sir its under the table find it yourself Quot a tap a up tap at the door walk in Good morning a did you get that a Yea air but there has been nothing done exit enter another has or. S. Been Down no sir writ at Home too Many visitors Here a enter another is Gen. Harrison elected saw it published in the Start of very Likely sir the sur never fibs another Good morning or. Editor have a Short communication Here on an important subject looks at it and find it occupies four fips beat pages headed thoughts on the times Quot a sentry to inform you we cant publish it too Long our room is precious Aud so it goes Quot from morn till night Quot bother bother until the Welcome cry from below it heard Quot no More copy wanted Quot now Reader dont you think we editors Lead a precious life compelled to write willing or not amid All this Din Aud int eruption indeed t do Good sir and if i was you i would tick up a notice advising your particularly a a did Good Natorp a friends Quot that As the wire Man said there it a time fur All Ead Well do it i apis Era. Republic of tax ask Texas has been recognized As a Republic by Holland and a treaty of Amity and Commerce signed by general James Hamilton for j exas and Barron Overstock Van soc Lett for Holland. Soniat Yankee has invented a machine for cutting shoe soles. It cuu twelve soles at a time and rapidly repeats the operation. It is now to be so a a at the exhibition of the Franklin Institute Philadelphia. A see a a Mas Sac Busedu paper an advertisement of Patent Nudi Eine which to be of any use. Tbs adv Tiser says must be applied internally and Ettril uhf 1 can Meit m rat As far a any body Quot know ii by remarked a Dandy. Quot i should think you i Nigto said his father by the Len the of your Whu Kunj what s in a Nambi the Boston Post Aat Brig temper he from a titty in say Brou Glit a he Gina cases opium and i Etez fiddles vote was taken of malay in Alexandria on the question of Retro Essly ii Virginia and carried by a vote m5for to 147 sea just it. Quot 1>ohu run a a in a a As the Sua said to to i but

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