Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer in Terre-Haute, Indiana
13 May 1840

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer in Terre-Haute, Indiana
13 May 1840

Read an issue on 13 May 1840 in Terre-Haute, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer.

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - May 13, 1840, Terre Haute, Indiana Us Iii u my i i Quot Pimp i the published every wednesday a a a mme haute Tuffo Coo pitty Indiana May 13, t84�o>uthe Wabash enquirer it published every wednesday office on 4/a, be twee a Lahtuk and Ohio it reefs directly East of the court haute. dollars per annul. To to Dollart and fifty cent will be received if paid within eight months from the time of subscribing or Tybo Dollart if paid in Advance or within four months. No paper Discon linked till All arrearage Are paid Ullem at the option of the proprietor. A failure to notify a discontinuance at the end of the year will be considered a new engaged near. Of advertise rents in this paper will not be allow to average More than four column. Advertisements inserted three times at one Dollar a Square 8 lines to be continued at the rate of 25 cents per Square weekly. Unless the number of insertions be marked on the manuscript when handed in it will be continued till ordered out and charged accordingly. Advertisements published by the Quarter or longer will be charged $3 a Square $6 for six Monthe or $10 a year. Merchants druggists and others advertising by the year will be charged for two squares fl5,.5 a for three squares $20 for Quarter of a column of 2000 Ems $2-3 half a column $50 three fourths of a column $63 for a column $75 a year. Advertisements authorised by statute must be paid for in Advance. Advertisements coming from abroad must be accompanied Willi the Cash unless ordered for publication by a brother publisher. 0 postage must be paid. The pour g1,ntlem\n who the paper. A some Twenty or Twenty five or it May be thirty years ago the landlord of the Lush tavern in Bria Iol England was so far a benevolent Man thit on every can semis Day he used to set an immense table at which i winos Over would was at Liberty to set and rep ii Iii his inner Man with As much r last beef and plunk Puc iding As he could dispose of a privilege of Winch it May Well be supposed the poor of that ancient and by no Means City were not backward to Avail Tjem Seips. Bui the dinner , flanked Asil was by an lib cum distribution of tout ale and cider could not appease the generous propensities of mine list of the Bush he was in the habit also of giving away a score of guineas upon the anniversary which were bestowed in Small sums of from five shillings to Twenty upon such of the free guests As Fiji cared to stand most in need of something More than a dinner. It had been observed for some weeks toward the close of a particular year Vav Liili i do not remember thai an elderly her it it image when n nobody knew was in tiie habit a t to Topping into the Bush every Day and taking a a Majjie Glass of Brandy water with Whitti he cd buived to Dally so Long As was requisite for the perusal of a London paper brought Down by tiie guard of one of the night coaches. A London paper was a great thing at that time in Bristol. I he Fonlk Man was elderly As i h Ive said and moreover his pers n and garb As Well As his habits gave Token of poverty. He was thin apparently feeble his coat was seedy his hat Rusty and his nether lab aliments threadbare and otherwise Long and arduous service and his expenditure Dover exceeded the sixpence required to pay for the one Glass of Brandy and water. No Jody seemed to know Huu and after a few of his daily Calls to came to be recognised by the waiters and landlord with that Happy adaptation of names f r which English landlords and waiters Are remarkable As the poor gentleman who reads the if any doubts exit Ltd As to h s poverty Thoy were dispelled when Christmas Day arrived and the poor gentleman was seen taking his place at the Long table and demolishing an ample allowance of the beet and tiie pudding fur which there was nothing to pay. Quot poor fellow Soliloquy sized the landlord of the Butch i m sure he can t afford that sixpence every Day for Hie Brandy and water i Mut make it up to him this measures were accordingly taken John the waiter had his instructions and when the poor gentleman a med his plate f or another slice of the pudding a Guinea was slipped into Hii band with the whispered a Quot master s compliments sir and says this will do to Lay in some flannel for the the poor gentleman looked at the Coin and then at the waiter then deposited the first in the right hand pocket of his Small clothes and then Drew Forth a card which he handed to John quietly remarking Quot my thanks and complis cols to your master and Tell him that if Ever he happens to come my Way i Hope hell Call upon this was the inscription upon the card Quot Thomas Coutts 50 strand the Quot poc it a gentleman Quot was at Bristol superintending the erection of some thirty or forty House which he was building on speculation. What afterwards passed Between him and the landlord of the Bash is not recorded but this much is known that the a Aid landlord soon after engaged very largely in the coaching Hurliness that his drafts on Coutts in co., the great Bankers were always duly honoured Taftt be was very successful and became one of the richest men in Bristol. And it is further said that the id entice Christ May Guinea is still in the Possession of the Quot poor gentleman a Quot widow her Grace the Duchess of St. . Quot life Quot in an liquor in an Oyster Coo latins ii Reibie altitudes of Small embryos covered with Little shells perfectly transparent a i fining nimbly about. One Hundred and Twenty of Toliese in a Row would extend one Inch. Besides diem Young oysters the liquor contains a Groat variety of animal Cule five Hundred times less in size which Emit phosphoric Light. The list of inhabit Oto however does not conclude Here for besides the ust mentioned there Are three distinct species of worm found in oysters half an Inch in length which Shine like the glow Worms. The sea Star to Eod Cle and the muscle Are the great enemies of the oysters. The first gets within the Shell when the gape and suck the oat. When the tide is flowing Oyt to is lie with the hollow Side downward hot when it ebbs they Tarn of tiie other Side be Rye How do Siose manage the amp to Are attached to rocks do they like the Cun Nii politician go with the tide what a met hat might he draws from tho Economy of the Oyster the Loose does it seems Are always a on the Maura of or Ruksa Moth Amo Fui Loving extraordinary Story is related by the Paris is Saager about 20 years ago a girl in one of the a Par menu aha Ash not 15 years of age was Miv Pei of a male Ehm. Which she placed a the ree Ritteg Hospital i the place after having first a me a i Adeliwe Merk of in Ana. 0he then name 10 Faris and Ellered Talo service. Haviar after my Semb Homo Malmad Kahoai 40�o0c, Ker to to Oahu we a Tan cd Towaf her him Huc a Hoehe Iraq Jimd few his he ha4 Lea the im�mu1 to tire Taat ovum ba�fcl�im4 of his. A hmm Gamim menu ii Proha us of bar Little i Afuan a in Atli p�i4 i Arfi Reesta a a a a Fotz of a in a married. Of Ratini to tha Mifty Al a a a a ter it pm a lae Farad of m of her Iamb a i Tea Park which she had tilt Kar a his a Twenty Yawara ago. R ja4 m a a a a Disu it Aeto a Voree a atom a Lar of mria a he Tarawa a other a a Totri Hatala. I thai a a Mim a Fivi a if4�lpt a Mem Ambuj. Substance of the speech of w. C. Foster delivered at a meeting of the Definio cratic republicans of Monroe county held at the court House in Blooming ton March 14, 1840. Concluded tude a have swollen quite As fast As these others with less rapidity and others still have been wholly created since 1797. Part of them apparently have become a permanent charge on the Treasury and part undoubtedly May be As others have been properly discontinued. But without time now to go into the consideration of details As to any except those four enumerated classes it May be added that these Are when United nearly quadruple All the other Ordinary expenditures and either of those four classes alone amounts yearly to a sum about equal to All the other Ordinary expenditures and More than the whole of every kind except the Public debt each year from 1789 to 1797. The precise periods when the greatest increases happened and the ratio of them have not kept a uniform Pace with the Progress of population and wealth. In Many respects the ratio has not been nearly so great during the last ten or Twenty years As in some previous terms. Thus the whole exp War Tom government in 1793, with the exception before mentioned were about three millions yearly and in 1818, after the lapse of a Quarter of a Century had increased though in a period of peace to fifteen millions of dollars or five fold while our population in that period had Only doubled. But during the next sixteen or seventeen years As in 1834 and 1835, the expenses had enlarged not Twenty five per cent., while our population had advanced at least sixty six per cent. During the present year though in intermediate periods chiefly from Indian wars and removals considerably higher they will not exceed the amount in 1818 More than sixty six per cent., while our population has since increased More than eighty four per cent. Again take the Progress in the Ordinary civil expenses which include those of the executive legislative and judicial departments miscellaneous and foreign Intercourse All of them United were but a Little Over half a million of dollars in 1793&Quot, while in 1818 they had increased to nearly four millions or eight Hundred per cent.,though our population had augmented Only one Hundred per cent. But since the last Date that class of expenditures has not enlarged forty per cent., having been not Over five millions and a half in either 1837 1838, or probably in 1839, while our population has advanced eighty four per cent., or More than double that ratio. All can thus perceive where when and in what the greatest increases have occurred Quot and we May add to this part of the report All can thus perceive How the administration has been grossly misrepresented by the opposition in relation to the expenditures for the support of the general government. This official statement of facts is so conclusive that we shall not add another word to it As we conceive it would be altogether a work of Pupe derogation. The sub Treasury Bill is a fruitful theme for vituperation among whig politicians and whig presses and while Many of them Are totally ignorant of the provisions contained in the Bill others we Are constrained to say wilfully misrepresent it. Not a few confound it with the Issue of Treasury notes and blend them both together. Now gentlemen the issuing of Treasury notes has been the practice of the government since its foundation and is altogether distinct from the sub Treasury Bill and the recent Issue of those notes has received the Sanction of both parties in Congress without distinction of party both Dutno crafts and whigs voting for it. Now what is the sub Treasury Bill ? simply a provision for the Safe keeping and disbursement of the Public Money without the intervention of Banks. Heretofore it has been the practice of receivers at the land offices and the collectors of the customs at the different ports of entry to Deposit in some Bank the funds of the government subject to the order of the United states treasurer. These Banks were in the habit of discounting largely on the deposits although they knew that it was always Uncertain How Long they would be permitted to retain them and instances have occurred where they have received thousands on Deposit As it were to Day and in a few Days afterwards All drawn out yet they have in the intermediate time issued two and three dollars to one of their own paper on the strength of the deposits without sufficient funds of their own to redeem their notes. Now the Suh Treasury Bill provides that the collectors and receivers shall retain the Money giving additional Security until called for and further that they shall a. Out the same kind of Money which they receive which after 1844 will be altogether in Gold and Silver. It further provides that if any receiver or collector shall make use of the Public Money directly or indirectly he shall be indicted for felony and on conviction take up his quarters in the Penitentiary. This fellow citizens is As it should be. If a poor Devil steals but ten or Twenty dollars he is sent to the Penitentiary but under the present Laws if a receiver of the Public Money should steal or swindle the United states out of thousands he is Only liable to a civil suit but under the proposed Law he will receive his deserts and be placed upon a Paf with other it Lons. Such fellow citizens is a Brief synopsis of the celebrated and so much talked of sub Treasury Bill. Now can any Man of common sense or common honesty object to this you All know that if a Bank fails the Stock holders Are not individually bound for its liabilities though it May owe the government or the Community thousands of dollars. Hence we see that the general government has lost much More by Banks than by individuals. If any of us owes a Hundred dollars and refuse or Are unable to pay it Why our property both personal and real is subject to be executed and sold to pay the debt. Not so with these soulless corporations where neither the directors nor Stock holders Are liable individually for the payment of their debts and May thus swindle the Community at pleasure and then laugh at the Folly of those who trusted in them. Away then with these monopolies except under proper restrictions and let us return to the Legal the constitutional currency established for us by the fathers of the country. But the opposition rely on general Harrison s i military Fame and style him the Quot hero of Tippecanoe Quot to induce a free people to support him for the highest office in their gift and they Laud him to the skies for his pre eminent civil qualifications. A there in his whole career do we find evidences of the skill or bravery which should entitle him to the distinguished appellation of hero is it in the want of decision and foresight by which he suffered himself to be duped surprised and Liis bravest troops slaughtered in their tents at Tippecanoe ? is it in the affair at the River Raisin where 500 Gallant were sacrificed to his jealousy of Winchester la it in his shameful Retreat which followed spreading consternation throughout Ohio is it at fort Stephenson Tijerna he ordered a cowardly Retreat when a handful of 130 Mea under Crog Hajj conquered and beat Back the foe is it in hta a expedition to the Wabash in his timid inaction we indulgence at Franklinton surrounded by his a tall to in his ill arranged action at the Tea Tea in Wick to Mipe tor bravery and Energy of those under Bim Alene secured the Victory Rte Eye Are his exp let Hea ankh own we would it detract one Iota from Tbs merits of the Amu of intr or but what Ara they ? exp inf of Emy oco Amon and under All to total Nad absolute income Petano of general har Taoa a a Saoi Mandog of Narala the a Floca of every ease atrial Galifi eation a to cd co states the tvs a hero. Yet this la he oms a ii a film who use hta a a a Tuia doubt m mall Aprias Cong of lie a a at prese of ate a Mcmond i the fat bar of. Kit Heiren have the memory of Foroi the do Ian adm a with tha Teba a i a Quot a Ltd of he of spa Topini of aural it Nom hmm Imam few Mai hmm had Hia Nidai Iwry dab i us Lump Jiter mime a tit Saadi unit no Rifaa Olaf the atm in a Lam and Araci int or Fekjar Tofic a Leral poc nothing at All. The general pockets the balance for doing m Paddy said it Juat through the wealth and influence of Hia relatives general Harrison was first appointed an Ensign in the army. Through the same influence he was appointed governor of the North West territory. Previous to this however he was a Delegate to Congress from the territory and although he had no vote yet he supported As John Randolph told him to Hilt Teeth in the Senate in 1822, the Black cockade administration of old John Adams together with the alien and sedition Laws and was rewarded tor so doing by the Appam Trent to a civil office in the territory. Nothing of moment afterwards occurred until the Battle of Tippecanoe where we have already shown his in Soldier Uke and imbecile conduct. He a rom in the Airey until 1814, and during the Hottie it time of the War he sent in Hia resignation it was accepted and general Jackson appointed in his place a the follow my announcement of the papera of that Day will show. Quot Andrew Jackson of Tenner apis Intel a a neral in the army to act of William Henry Harrison and a blessed and fortunate Circum stance it was for the country that be did resign and old Hickory become his successor. Afterwards though frequently Defeated in his attempts to obtain office from the people he was elected by the legislature of Ohio a member of the United states Senate and for his subservience was appointed minister to Bogota in South America by j. Q. Adams. For interfering m the internal of stairs of the columbian Republic he was recalled Home and since that period he has been Laid on the shelf. As a Dernier resort the whigs have nominated him for the presidency and if elected he will become the passive tool of Clay Webster amp co., who dared not enter the Field themselves though you know fellow citizens that in Point of Talent they Are infinitely Superior to Harrison. But feeling conscious that they will be Defeated next november the whigs have put Forward Harrison instead of a better Man and Hope to Gull the people by harping on his military exploits though it is Well known that or. Clay heretofore asserted that he would rather see Quot War pestilence and famine Quot afflict his country than be instrumental in raising to the presidency a Quot military but perhaps or. Clay thinks with the honest Quaker who on being asked Why he had opposed Jackson because he was a military chieftain and now supported general Harrison replied Quot that the latter was not military chieftain enough to Hurt in this opinion a Large number of the people and Many who served with Harrison in the army both officers and soldiers concur with the honest Quaker. We had almost forgotten gentlemen to Call your attention to a few facts in the political history of the Quot we allude to the efforts he made to introduce slavery into this state when a territory. This has never been disproved nor Eyen called following from a report written by him in november 1812, when he first took his seat As a member of the Senate of his native state. At that time it was customary for the governor of new York to make a speech to the legislature when convened instead of a message and it was also customary for each House to make a suitable answer. Or. Van Buren was appointed one of the committee on behalf of the Senate to make a reply and Here is that part of it which relates to the War. Quot to his excellency Daniel d. Tompkins governor of the state of new York sir the Senate fully concur with your excellency in the sentiment that at a period like the present on the other hand fellow citizen it we present to you for your sufi is and for re election the present incumbent Martin Van Buren a Man who has served his country faithfully in Many a trying scene. Although not belonging to the aristocracy and never possessing the advantage of wealthy Connexions being the son of a poor Man yet by his talents and integrity he has raised himself to the first office in the world. He was first elected a member of the Senate of new York in 1812, and was an ardent supporter of the late War and the author of one of the most energetic measures that was proposed in any legislative body for the support of our rights and for annoying the British. As or. Van Buren has been greatly mis represented in regard to the course he pursued in relation to this matter Many asserting he was opposed to the late War we will read the on the subject and the support the almost Universal support which he receives from the abolitionists throughout the Union. But the general was not Only in favor of negro slavery at one time but the journals of the Ohio legislature show that he wished and voted to make free White men slaves or which is the same thing to sell poor White men for costs and fines. According to his views there expressed a High minded and honorable Man for repelling a Gross insult might be sold on the Market Block to the very scoundrel who insulted him. And yet we repeat it this is the Man whom the whigs wish to elevate to the presidency not that they esteem or respect him but because they say he is the most available candidate in question As far As we know and the Early records of the territory will prove it should it be. We know in opposition to this it has been said that Harrison in Early life was a member of an abolition society and that More recently he was in favor of emancipating the negroes and even wished Quot to have the whole surf us Revenue appropriated to the cause of this Only proves the inconsistency of the Man at one time in favor of slavery at another a rank abolitionist and he still holds to the last opinion if we May judge from his silence when our county is engaged in War with one the most powerful nations of Europe difference of opinion on a act Points should not be suffered to impede or prevent a United and vigorous support of the constituted authority of the nation and duly impressed with a conviction that in the breast of a real Patriot All individual considerations and feelings should be absorbed in a Paramount regard for his country s welfare the Senate win cheerfully and firmly unite their exertions with the other departments of the government to apply the energies of the state to a rigorous prosecution of the War until the Nemea sity of its further continuance shul be superseded by an honorable peace the Only legitimate object of a substitute for the above was of bred by judge Piatt a Federal member find rejected by a vote of 20 to 7, and or. Van Buren s adopted. Throughout the whole War from beginning to end or. Van to a of a a Buren was Ever among the Foremost in aaa Erting his country a rights and using eve exertion to maintain unsullied Quot the Star spangled Martin Van Buren has always had the confide Aee of his native state from his youth until the present time. He waa first elected a state senator then appointed attorney a Mineral afterwards elected by the Legia Zatara a senator in Congre and next Savera or of new Appo failed him Secretary of state and shortly wards amb Aamador to Jedi glad. Hia nomination not confirmed by a whig Senate lie retorted Braae waa vice president and eventual la prepaid eat of the Itai Ted state which office you All know in at Parient Fella with Honor co himself and advantage to Ilia Hia Ala Vattiato Tea Fem Jim Haa i id a by # of but we tha feat Tapa of Hia Gan. I whoa Ferta Wall Atwa Topi Zaito the of Taal. Hasea Holt the Imam of a am Azaleam Tiff Gilbat abolition if fax of amp the Boston Csihar. Or. Weber a a to a a tits a Gan Sod the Boston Liberator the great abolition paper of new England Are Renoud Ciao the abolition convention which utely met in Albany and nominated Candida tax Abr president and vice Freal Dent of the United St Tes As a Coary Era Okaoa. The object of this debt Clation is to Preveat the idea from to Atnif among the people that the Abdi Tionesta have a candidate of their own and thus prevent votes Beni Given to or. Blimey which should be g Ven to Gen. Harrison. The Liberator wishes it distinctly understood that Birney is not and will not be the candidate of the and the courier and Liberator join together in the Effort to Iodice the abolitionist of Massachusetts Vermont and Duno Cicat to believe that general Harrison is the Only candidate the abolitionist will run in those states. The abolition Liberator a noted and Praise god for the nomination of Harrison i and it now says that the abolitionists will have no other candidate and that or. Bim s nomination is All a career a piece of rebut motion Quot and Imatt Zatina. Vote confess we Are somewhat surprised to see the abolitionists thrust aside a maa who has Long been openly an abolition it and Votke Gen. Harrison in pre Brence. We have now the Assurance of the abolitionists that Gen. Harrison in Tbs i first Choice. We Call upon our readers to carefully read the following and reflect upon it deliberately. Gen. Harrison is now admitted to be the candidate of the Reg. From the Boston courier. Abolition politics an abolition convention recently assembled at Albany and nominated candidates for president and vice president of the United states. The affair which was a Complete farce is noticed As follows in the Boston Liberator As we prophesied in Point of numbers it was really contemptible. Of 121 persons who enrolled their names on the occasion 48 belonged to Albany and 104 to the state of new York there was 1 from Maine 0 from new Hampshire 2 from Vermont 11 from Massachusetts from Rhode Island 1 from Connecticut 2 from new Jersey 0 from Pennsylvania 0 from Ohio Indiana Illinois Michigan i a National convention Forsooth Why it was not As Large As a common Village meeting will it be credited by the abolitionists of the United states that the handful of individuals thus brought together had the Folly the presumption the almost unequalled infatuation to put candidates in nomination in their behalf for the presidency and vice presidency of the United states namely Jarog. Birney of Kentucky and Thomas Earle of Pennsylvania this nomination was sustained�?yeaij4l nays 43 majority 11 but we Are compelled to omit All comment upon this political farce in our present number. We can Only say that the reasons which induced or. Birney to decline a similar nomination made a Short time since still exist in full Force. We have too High an opinion of the Good sense and sound discretion of himself and or. Earle to Bel Ive that they will consent to stand nominated As they have been in fact by a majority of Only eleven Perront Gojii Illint or. Van Bubs s a Long time we were surprised at the audacity of sundry Southern aristocratic papers in publishing the greatest calumnies upon the character of or. Van Byren and then referring the Public to his life As published to substantiate then leaving the inference that they were to be Frandin prof. Holland a life As they knew not one Man in a thousand had the work. The mystery is fully explained and we find these editors though wilfully lying when arrayed before the Public therefor can practice what is called Quot whipping the Devil round the they have in their Possession a work recently and clandestinely published which is about the size of prof. Hollands purporting to be the life of or. Van Buren which is full of the foulest libels upon his character both moral and political. It was Pul dish of in now York City and was unquestionably paid for by the whig congressional committee this should rank among the vilest of the vile tricks of that party which can never sustain itself by honest Means. We have no doubt that every whig editor in the Union has one of them from which be can privately read to the Ign cent and unsuspecting or publish to the world a May Best suit his Zeal in promotion of the whig cause. Will not the people arouse to a proper indignation at such outrageous frauds such malignant and incendiary attacks upon an honest reputation 1�?chicago Democrat. Ipoh gun. Haeai80m.->all the whig presses from the Wabash courier Down to the free press Are harping continually upon the democratic party and press about standering Gen. Harrison. Those filthy sewers of falsehood and deception know Well when they make such a charge that it is false. They know that the democratic party and arms have nothing to gain by such a course that to Tell the truth about Gen. Harrison is More than enough to answer All their purposes Tiore than sufi Semient to prostrate the Motley Crew who sail under the whig Banner throughout the Union. Bat it is the truth the Plain unvarnished truth the it in party and press Quot Are denouncing As a Guider upon Gen. Harrison. Who Ever heard of stt6h a preposterous Absurdity before to have a party and press forever complaining that truths told upon their candidate truths which they cannot dare not attempt to Controvert Are Slan Oaas upon the Pabst this is truly something new under the an. Who Ever before heard that telling the troth upon a Man was a Landeria Bim whig ingenuity can do almost any thing but this we think Tuskas the Raff off the any thing snub Bush and . Bagh. The Coovaa roof Nevar was the re a More Trae illustration or Feda Moian or was my say to rim. Than waa Ataw bit in this poll tia a few Day Siisea by a stranger an Garrison party from Campf a a Nonty Homada Asa of the following expire Salon it wooo Aava Aaan in Bap Naar tiv a that of Oulu Bava bavat4jhi a qovba8ata�� of Tbs uni Tab staubb a a we Jao Saevii Ataii a a. A a urm at m in arts ii Lff air Oak Umby Kmim on Miaway two by rata Quot we aft Tim a Wadw a a mar Shtanj a Nepal Teav his Unis aaa Athenee a tila Aio it Vav eat i Halbe a a a asian a Imby amp Ltd a Yahui Matava him bad a Offet Bettati Oak to Tea follow info . Fit to i Tea Best Ait ice Eatha Aal a a he a a it a i Imp Atilomo i in Italton Golb Earni Mantikas. In oae i the wet Imi Kluwe Otu ii amt a Uch is tto Case,4bajiwa�tieaola Are the of Rabata. By a a Demy in a Are a yet Clumsy Imi Utica of the Waidley a of As to be perpetually a a sat the ass m the lion ask a. To bad my by a Iii it and raving at every do at it Era tie practice Aad i Cipley and when sex pariah Eada ammo Imirea thelml. Jatice or poli Ltd. In the Triu Sph of Short about and adopt tha name they Den Aneed con rent did Ataa for the two big be they deprecated Beai As an rights of the Dii As fire Alaj Over awing and Imp min their Liee ing of the mais candidates individually Dii Able. It was attacking the grit right of a a packed Ledr privilege ing for the people. Yet. No a Oael Tell and and Irivin that the candidates of the her were Trottm Bantly a tested in Sef the Ous opposition Aad their Ceay they Dei Tain Quot a Quot interests nomination Al than they at once adopted tha practice. To boo Noni Inaten Gemm Maun by a , with a stupid if beyond All example anticipate aaa Cess through the itry Means they have Dane ahead with such i Tupi. Election of \ it Fly most imminent try existence of neral Jao Noii was posed by them on this ground i and a a _ Ting shed of their headers openly declared that Aven pestilence and famine were alterative a pm fiame to the Choice of a military Chi Eftaxia As chief Mia trate of the Union. When however they have a sea that military chieftain elected Aad re elected Iritz a Force and enthusiasm with but a parallel Tea they havea Een him sailing pro i tromly and triumphantly through eight years of their embittered of position every Day gaining new Confidence Aad a Quiring new Powers from the people behold the turn Short about retrace their Steps retract their denunciations abandon their ground and in hum bib imitation of the democracy select for their candidate a Man who however Leader nay be his Kiat to that distinction is recommended to Thapa rect solely on the score of being Quot a military Chi uhf another pretext for oppose Itira to that Aleliea it the successor general Jackson was that be Fri non Commil tap a Imit his opinions on the leading questions of not renal Dicy had _ piously withheld and that nobody could Tell they Actu by were. Well a certain of a bbl ii of Vefik of ams was deput Ett to ask his sentiment of to great questions and the Ani Fem were Given in s9m Plain English that the federalists have never Ai affected to doubt the opinions of or. Van Buaas. They Weie so satisfactory to the people that elected by a great majority and if there is Pendency to to placed in Premont Cory so will be re elected by increased Suffrages. A pact of Quot this session and the Best part of it too As is fre fat by the Case with imitators has been lost on the six bungles. They remember Tim old by of a on committal Quot but have forgotten the Frank avowal and believing that As or. Vam Bobbs was sue Earp Fittl in spite of the charge the very imputation Ara the foundation of Bis Success they have adapted non committal policy for their Quot military chief they have decided that be shall answer no nest him lest he should Criminate himself that he Shal Ife no opinions for fear he should offend one portion it his Piebald party coloured supporters in attempt i to please another and under the thorough Clivia Tion that by no of twisting turning Aiyu to Fri nor or prevarication can he possibly satisfy to Pat All. They have accordingly with teat obit ale propensity to imitation by which the party item a act Erined adopted the Quot non committal Cratem which they formerly denounced with such vigor and voc iteration. Every body recollects their wry faces and taut Inga and clamors about the Euth Siam the per a and the honors paid to the old military Cue Auila wherever be went and How they stigmatized jumbo honest roots of Public admiration and gratitude by every epithet of scorn and contempt. They Wei nothing but Atit servility degrading the homage of ignorance at the shrine of deep Ojiem Man worship was the word and no language eau exp the Abhorrence of the federalists of tie Servile degradation of the people. Yet we do we see them doing now pursuing the a Amstone towards an idol which they Deno Jacod Aba afar Suad by other towards a hero. Lime Tali if i at boast Unai belted the hearted Nylk it in i a Mph the character and Are views of Geber Luesada inspired and justified for the coarse of Bia a Iweeta. 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