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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer Newspaper Archives Mar 29 1839, Page 3

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - March 29, 1839, Terre Haute, Indiana The a Law Viper. Is num too be Bicht a them of ahead Terre haute ind. Friday. March 29. 1830. A we Are a a Thorist a to Anjou de or. Tich Boob u b candid the for cons til it let elec Tim font Moab or in april. A we Are buteo fixed to Aon Oance Jeptha Oak mob a. Bit b candidate for election Aera ment Tive to the Sute legislature from Ite court or. We Are authorised to announce h. J. Bb4m.bt, he. A a candidate for election to the Sute legislature. From Parke county. Or. C. 8. Toletia a candidate for election to tie the legislature from Parke county the District convention. At the Orient solicitation of some of our Friend who had been appointed delegates but from various Cauer were prevented from performing that duty the Junior editor of Ihie paper attended As a my statute. The late District convention at Bloomfield held to Nora innate a democratic candidate for Congress. Although the roads were in extremely bad condition and the weat Lier Rainy and unpleasant Yeta go Ltd Day number of delegates were in attendance amounting in All we believe to a bout sixt a. Every county in the District Wai represented exec Ping Clay Martin and Daviess. Clay and we believe Martin had through misunderstanding previously sent delegates on the 22d of february and although no delegates appeared from Daviess yet we Are assured that our democratic Friend of that county were with us strongly in Hope and in sentiment. After the organic Ali a of the convention it was suggested a the Best method of obtaining the views of the members in relation to a candidate that one member from each county should be appointed a committee who. After consultation with their colleagues from the several counties As to the person they preferred should present the name of such per a on or persons for the further action of the convention. This method was adopted and it is a remarkable instance of the unanimity which distinguished this convention in All its proceedings that but a single member expressed a preference for any other Perpoli than the individual who ultimately became Ite nominee. Consequently the convention had Only to concur in the report of the committee recommending the Hon. John w. David. As the candidate of the democratic party to accomplish the most important part of ool. Daniel 81gler. This gentle by who be believe ooze Pic tended to be a a Jackson Man but who like a Large Quantity of Smilar Drift Wood from that a democratic party has been Cao Fht in the great Boom of Federal who fiery Pabl Ishea in the vis. Iter at Greencastle a tort of reply to a Call previously made that be would become a whig candidate for Congo cab from this District. His letter is certainly one of the Queerest specimens of political letter writing which has lately emanated from the party claiming Quot All the learning All the Talent Quot and proves to a dead certainty that Majur Jack Downing that great and face Tiona whig cannot Quot bold a Candle Quot to colonel Daniel Sigler we certainly would republish the colonels letter were we not already crowded to Over living with important matter. We Wii republish the document however upon the first favourable Opportunity merely to exhibit so remarkable a literary curiosity if fur no other purpose. In the mean time take an extract or two As a specimen of the whole thing Quot notwithstanding the Freedom of elections have been deluded by the interception of the poles. Whig member s seats rejected who were legally elected to Cong resin in despite of constitutional right this too. They have in the name and frequent Huzzah of Jackson left arson and can any person Tell which is the head or Tail of this sentence 1 Quot the Freedom of elections have been deluded by the of the Polet. Whig member s seats of Honor 1 rejected in to were legally elected to Congett in deep it of right is not this a Beautiful specimen of Quot All the learning Quot a verily we cannot help agreeing with a whig Friend at our Elbow that the colonel has decidedly written himself Down an ass Quot and to save his Bacon had better disclaim the authorship of the letter which we would hardly believe could have been written by an aspirant for a High office did it not Bear Bis signature. The colonel goes against the establishment of a Treasury Independent of Banks the totally. Rut the Only argument he presents against it is the appearance of the Eagle Cut which has occasionally graced our columns and which we put at the head of a Handbill containing an address to the voters of Putnam county adopted at Timeir Lite democratic county convention and which also appeared in the enquirer accompanying Oiler proceedings of that the valiant colonel observes that Quot in looking Ai the Kagle. As she it is a he one colonel is placed and from the position her head it turned one would think she was apprised of the unholy ground she was forced to its business. The unanimity and Harmony with which the convention agreed upon a candidate occupy and with contempt viewing the i scrip marked every other official act in which icy participated and tincture thir social Intercourse with the warmer feelings of Friend Iship and Good will and no one regretted the trouble or fatigue to which he had been subjected in attending the meeting though some had travelled sixty or seventy Miles to do so and if the same self sacrificing and zealous patriotism shall continue to actuate them and our friends i n general till the Day of election we have not the Shadow a doubt that the democratic candidate will be elected by an overwhelming majority. The Public accommodations at Loon Ifield tion beneath her feet refusing to cover the Dagger under her Wing thu it wanted to be thru ted by the sub Treasury plan into the vitals of the Punsti ution of her country Quot Quot by it of i and sons Quot what a shocking picture if the colonel be not elected to Congress after this there is no virtue in a sanguinary warfare upon Eagle cuts but seriously we Are very sorry that the Eagle has so greatly disturbed the equanimity of the worthy whig colonel though for the life of us we have not been Able to discover the Quot Dagger under her Wing Quot which an pears to a e frightened the colonel so horribly and As soon As we can procure one less liable to were so contracted that some of the members Shock the tender sensibilities of the colonel and would have fared rather poorly had not a few of his worthy coadjutor the editor of the visitor our whig friends among the most conspicuous of our natural Benevolence of Dis it position will Lead whom was h. L. Livingston. Esq., in the most us to keep him out of their sight from the same hospitable manner thrown open their doors for motives that would induce us to keep water from the accommodation of our friends. The Good the sight of persons afflicted with hydrophobia. Feeling which or failed among the democrats seemed to have itself to All the the colonel goes in for a convention to Settle i the differences if there be any. In the whig Par whigs and in Bloomfield they Are said to be to. In relation to candidates. This is commend Quot thick As Hope Quot with whom we came in con Abler and it is about the Only commendable Point tact and we were led. In the kindly feelings in i in his Long rigmarole letter. We copy an sex gendered by their liberality for a moment to j tract relating to this matter which refers also regret that we were opponents would that incidentally to John Ewing Viz political necessity did not impel us so to be i Quot if this b 5 done and i cheerfully recommend livid Foxton is As companionable a gentleman it Success will be certain but if a different and As Liberal As May be met with in a Sumis pursued and any one should see proper. ,. U run a i to Force himself on the District who has More Mer s Day Quot and the remembrance of Anec-1 ambition to gratify than principle to Dotal Quot reminiscences Quot will Long linger with the sustain one who has in anticipation of rivalry writer of this As among the most agreeable of Bis associations. Rumor is afloat that a negotiation is going on Between the president of texts and Gen. Urrea with a View of forming a coalition Between the mexican federalists and the Tex m de War on his political friends the tale is Quick told. Defeat must be the result but if a convention is gone into As seems to be Indis let on ably necessary lost the motives by Wlinich i am governed to hould be impugned my name May be therefore considered that now is quite understandable and if the Good colonel would always thus confine him ans. The plan is they say. To Marcia 2000 Tox a a a a subject of which he knows ans into Mexico who will join Urrea s army something he would do himself much More cred and by their United strength proceed to Over pleased to denominate the sub Treasury plan Quot about which he seems to know but very Little. Turn the present administration and upon its ruins establish a government and institutions of a Liberal Republican character. The intelligencer states that the indians on the frontiers have again commenced their depredations 0 the Federal whig press is still endear at hons Oring to injure the postmaster general in Public too prompt measures were taken to Check their Savage but Cheries. President Lamar issued his proclamation to the people and troops were to be immediately raised from the counties of har Risburg Brazoria Matagorda Colorado Liberty and Galveston. These troops Are expected to Volunteer for six months. The Telegraph states that there Are probably 800 men in Houston waiting for employment and advises them to turn their hands to agriculture. It says site Man in that Way May realize $4j000 a year in raising Cotton Corn and potatoes. Daring the last two years Cotton has been Worth Foroi 00 to 70 dollars a Bale potatoes 2 to s Lara a Bashel. And com 3 dollars a Bushel. Of a political paper to be called the Hoosier do Hoeret will be Pablo de at the Eagle office lbs Affue to be controlled and edited by the Deomi Erbie corresponding committee of Tippe for the dissemination of do Moc Ratie principle and for the support of the do Moc Ratie candidate for Coop no. The first non Ber will be Panui de on the be mid saturday of april and the paper will be continued for 17 wed b. Tamal 50 menu for one copy in for is Ropte or f 10 for 35 copies. In if ka4 by to gooey As Aonie folks we d feb n for i6 a bibs at least and girl a ibo a to a i t in i i emf a Honore to wigs will Pabli Idi a similar paper from the from Pas bom. To be eased the War club or Battit As or bom Ochor Baag Vinars Naan i aim of oftlmtoibpororiuro4fotberb. To Ospil of whig Friob he will Boha Tribb for . omit estimation on account of an insult which they pretend be offered to the Senate because he gave As a reason Why certain information was not Given As soon is wanted that Quot it was not the Senate was satisfied with an explanation subsequently made by the postmaster general but the electioneering capital of the Hoco Pockes is so very Small that they cannot forego any Opportunity of making a fuss and Are determined to stick to it that the Senate was insulted though the Senate voted to the contrary. They hate or. Kendall with a deadly hatred because of All the prominent men of the country no one is More radically democratic in principle and in practice than himself. Whig Bull dogs May attempt to worry him and whig puppies May annoy him by yelping at his heels but regiments of them will nut be Able to move him from his fixed and lofty purposes a except perhaps occasionally when be May turn upon and kick Over a Cord or two of the snarling Crew in order to care the rest. Cumberland Road. The in principled Aad Karidi courier of Lart work a tempt to Helodo its Rati Eib in rotation to the Lobb of the camb Oriand rob4 bul. By heading in Basa article with Wim kilo Hooek Robin 1 it Seema to be Deai Riib of Truting Ita defeat by a matter of Small consequence Bot though the Disbo neat courier May thu Endeavor to turn the subject into ridicule the Peck be who Are interested in the matter will not look upon it in that Light. By using the vote which was Given in the last night of the session sunday March 8, the Federal whig courier intentionally seeks to give a filse View of the Case. It Maya that vote was a test vote which is altogether false no Man can suppose that any local measure coded Paas at that late hour while the Bouse was deluged As it then was with unfinished business among which were ninety of ghz Bills which met a Fate similar to that of the Road Bill though in a National Point of View some of them might Well be thought of greater importance. The Federal Organ the National intelligencer of March 4, said Quot More even than usual the important Bubi Ness of Congress was. Driven out into the last Days and indeed last hours of the session. A great Deal has been left undone of which a part at least ought to have been few in number Are the Bills of Public importance besides the annual Bills and some of them not until the latest hour last evening that have been passed at this can it then be supposed that the annual Bills the passage of which was necessarily required in order that the operations of the government might be carried on would be thrown aside for Bills of less importance assuredly not and the movers of the Resolution to go into committee of the whole on the Road Bill knew it could not pass and the movement was Only made that Western whig members might record their votes in its favor and thus Endeavor to hide from their constituents their previous disgraceful neglect. That this latter fact is True May be proved by the circumstance that among others Thompson Worthington and Mason of Ohio depart trom Washington before the vote was taken which is exhibited by the mendacious courier although Mason s name appears among those of the whigs said to have voted for taking up the Bill. It will be remarkable if this be the Only error in their list. The loss of the Road Bill and the loss of Many other Bills of the greatest importance which had at an Early Day passed the Senate can Only be justly attributed in the first instance to the neglect of Western whig members and in the second to the misconduct of the whig and conservative factions throughout the session. From the beginning to the end instead of attending to the business they were sent to perform they were almost exclusively engaged in assailing in Drunken frenzies the administration and in accordance with the instruction of Webster Quot struggling for the prevention rather than the attainment of any positive and in this struggle they were unfortunately for the country but too successful. The Indianapolis journal alluding to the a tide which to copy from the Democrat on the preceding Page says Quot the people who have to Bear the expenses of government have never complained and it shows an entire destitution of every principle that constitutes a Patriot to attempt to excite the prejudices and feelings of the Community because the expenditures of the state government have been necessarily increased. And now or. Journal what shall we think of the whig presses 1 have they not attempted to Quot excite the prejudices and feelings of the Community Quot because the expenses of the general government have been necessarily increased ? does it not show Quot an entire destitution of every Principio that constitutes a Patriot Quot thus to do ? they have not in fact so Good grounds to go up Ltd in this matter in relation to the general government As they have in this state. But Here it is a whig government and the general government is democratic. Quot it is your Bull hat has gored my Quot the people have never complained Quot says the journal. This is a precious reason Why the people should be excessively taxed to support the whig party never complained a Siotha we say that they it to complain and that justly. And we complain that the whig papers Are so unprincipled As to charge the cause of the complaints upon the general government when they know that is that portion of them who know any thing of the principles upon which government is founded which is but a Small part of their number that such charges Are false. The people have not Quot complained in relation to the taxation by the general government but these Quot innocent Abigail Quot do not make the role work both ways. O no while the people Are taxed to support the whig party it Quot shows an entire destitution of every principle that constitutes a Patriot Quot to Tell them of it verily consistency is a jewel. New Init by tha Hobo by trial be Tiaa is i Guf gratify if to to do Ometz of Tea constr a. Ohm Pago pm Doof Oratio eat diddle to do Tod by Jority Over Jobob Wilaon to moral Wiki Obi. Didato of whip and boor motor Iota. Tho Democrat a of the Granite state Boto Dono nobly and to Trust Toboso of to Hoosier Stato will follow a heir example in August not and give to whig a d. P. 1. democratic Stato convention of Connecticut has nominated the Hon. John m. Niles late senator in Congress for the Olko of governor and John Stewart for Lieut. Go Temor. We believe the democrats Wille oct them. Pb1iiisti.tabia.�?we Sarn from the Harris Burgh reporter that the Blouse of re Robenta Tives has appointed a committee to investigate the causes which led to the late disturbances at the heat of government. The committee is composed of gentlemen of Talent and High character and we doubt not but that a fair and impartial history of those occurrences which Shook the Commonwealth to its Centre will be the result. If we Are not misinformed says the reporter some important facts of a most astounding character will be developed. Of the sub. Who is doing the dirty work of the Lafayette free press in the Abs ence of the editor in his Wrath at our Mere statement that the free press was trying to prove it is not ashamed of the nominee of the late Federal whig convention in imitation of his file Leader in this town comes Down upon us with a few shreds and patches of Billingsgate copied from his Quot illustrious we have not his article before us but believe the hardest thing said of us by this redoubtable i cog is that we were Quot imported Quot out Here to print a democratic paper. Well it is some Consolation to be supposed of sufficient importance to be worthy of Quot importation Quot even by such an ass As the temporary Federal whig Drudge of the free Pressie has no need to fear that his virtue will Ever be tried in that Way. I our Chilom Friend of the Greencastle visitor whom we have supposed to be a right Clever fellow albeit sadly tincture with whigs my is getting to be somewhat crabbed and spleen in relation to us. This we believe arises from the trifling circumstance that some of our democratic friends in Putnam recently sent us a Little Job of printing which the visitor thought should have been Given to himself this certainly May have been sufficient to create a commotion in his bowels to some extent but should not Lead him to feel so very Rabid towards us personally. It Calm your transports Quot or. Visitor your dish is not big enough though your stomach May be to hold All the democratic As Well As Federal to my to to in a Mil Liso of Tirio of Wittel �0� in Teina or by Post Dpi is ii. Aliou wind a aug of Fuimo of i Rosmo a of Ibao Bigit Arnum Itah Toad to to Law Rivao Fos Plo to Labiti Wiluth Foik mag a Boob Wao and i tilth Gibbs Ana Ataii cd it a. Is. Trio society Sitan to Kallod Coon Cosmi Sadioa society taxi Libby �0 0� Indiano Stata colonisation sodomy. 9d. To it a aet to Whick Hsiau to Osda obo by Bota Aid Tim Primc Laott Tatios at a Abington in to Corob mme i of to from bulb air. that 00 Gaia Tulsa to bad probity a lbs Stal aa4 it my of oat Otbo Wanai Dommon a Guiti of Bab Bon Bofo to pay to boil ams. For to loot Olotoa Yob ii to Bavo Bosa Poao Metod a Rita to or sub of Ohio during a Boob Titan to Boro Stew of against adversity kaon go to Bavo broken in Jeven co Ramon Consitt Otious in Munian brio to to Aro to Only democratic editor a to Stata of most Mosbs Dawson of Cin Ciavati that Baa during that time kept Bis Bead Boiro a tar. To Hare spent Sloop no Nighta of Ftnat Ciering Onagh to Bavo make a Rob Sebilda or Biddle of us bad to been a banker. Ofton Bave we been placed in tight quo sees that one Mol i a of color of the 0nitod Salto m woo Mont of discouragement would Bavo mown All of a but we Rose As to occasion re Nimrod Bod to my own astonishment As by a providential Miracle Relief some sort was at hand. And As a hint to others a Haa been ii unconquered Piru it Yuh Tuong keep morning Quot that has alone borne us up thus for to the astonishment of every one who really knew what we had to encounter. Sad experience has taught one of the editors of this paper at least How to fully appreciate the above observations of the Ohio statesman but although he has Many a time resolved to retire from a business productive of a multitude of ills to a single Good still has some fatality seemed to Force him to continue in it. A. John s. Baby Lett of Marblehead has petitioned the Massachusetts legislature to annul the charter of the Massachusetts medical society for reasons set Forth in his petition. His 10th reason is that an official declaration was made by Abel l. Salem a censor and counsellor of the society at a certain annual meeting in thu words to substance following to wit Quot that the Laws of the Massachusetts medical society do not recognize the sentiment that a regard fur morality and the general Good of Mankind is. In any Wise incumbent on its members and that its members Are bound to obey the bylaws of the society without though the sacrifice of human life be the really we think this was carrying the joke a Little too far. The Public thieves Swartwout and Price were at Paris on the 15th of january at Maurice s hotel. They room together and Are on the Register under the head of englishmen having procured English passports in consequence probably of being ashamed to apply to the american minister in ism Dan for passports As american citizens. They keep them saves almost continually in their room and never Dine at the Public table. We omitted to mention that not Long since. Price wrote a letter to the Man with a bloody hand Wiso in which he denied that he had robbed the government funds. We believe him to be a thief and a liar and he will find it a poor capital to Trade upon. . Webster after having made a Quot War speech Quot in Congress to catch votes probably in which he said in substance that if the British government did not agree to Settle the Boundary question by the 4th of july this government should take Possession and maintain it by Force if necessary has been Catech ised on the subject by that Pink of patriotism David b. Ogden. Of new York who. During the last War. In his seat in the legislature expressed the Hope that the american arms Defeated and vanquished by the British. Daniel has entirely backed out and says that he referred to no 4th of july in particular this is another specimen of whig Gery. Beautiful whig Gery How. A. worthy servant of the Public has been tendered a Public dinner by Tho democrats of the City of Philadelphia As a testimonial of his Independent course in Congress which he has respectfully declined. The speech of or. Roan of Virginia in the u. 8. Senate during the late session is one of the most splendid things of the kind we Ever read. We shall Endeavor to republish it if possible or at least a Large part of it. Arother Steamboat understand that the Steamboat Othello from Louisville freighted with goods for the Wabash was run into by the Peru on the Ohio River above Evansville. And sunk immediately. Two men were killed and the remainder escaped on a keel boat which the Othello had in Tow. Or. St. John of this town had a Large Quantity of goods on Board the Othello but it is said Lafayette dealers will be the heaviest losers. The Boston courier the Federal whig Mouth piece of Daniel Webster thus lashes the Federal whigs of new York Quot Benedict Arnold was a gentleman and an honest Man in comparison with the renegades who bring measureless disgrace upon the whigs of new York by advocating the re election of n. P. Quot the result of medical experience is that acute diseases cure . A. Why then does chronic disease exist at All 1 we take it fur granted As a general Rule that disease is always acute before it becomes chronic we have not yet fairly digested the lengthy report of the investigating Gan port Herald. You must possess Tho stomach of a Boa Constrictor to attempt it. An article from the Vincennes Sun on the late District convention May be found upon the preceding Page. It evinces the right spirit. The Vincennes blues have accepted the invitation of the Terre haute cavalry to assemble at the Tippecanoe Battle ground on the 7th of june provided that eight companies accept the invitation. Of Aunoa and to do this not Only by the of Ali Butita of Money but by to Mortiza of Ita Teia ence to Pronto the formation of Othor Soei Ottob. 8d an annual Sunseri Piroa of too Dollar cons Itata an individual a Monger of Trio Boscio to and the payment of Twenty Duars at aay Oao time a member for life. 4th the officers of Thia society shall to a pres it ident five vice Prasi Donto Secretary tronsor or and Nina managers who shall to elected annually by the society. 5th the president vice president soc rata by and treasurer shall been Ojo Cir member of the Board of managers. 6th the Board of managers shall meet to transact the business of the society. 7th the treasurer shall keep the account of the society As Well As take change of its funds and hold them subject to an of Sor of the Board of managers. 8th the Secretary of the society shall conduct the correspondence under the direction of the Board of managers both with the Parent institution and other societies. After the adoption of the Constitution severe Al gentlemen and ladies subscribed their Naoia Sas member when the meeting adjourned Over to the next evening. Saturday. March 23.�?a Large number of citizens Friendly to the colonisation cause again assembled in the court House put Brant to adjournment. On motion. Col. T. H. Blake was called to the chair when to Bleb Clat Esq. Again addressed to meeting and. After he had concluded several citizens end cried their names after which the members proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year which resulted As follows president col. Thomas h. Blake. Vice presidents Chauncey Rose James far ringtone Lucius h. Scott maj. C. A. Ogden and e. A. Huntington. Board of managers James Farrington . Scott or. 8. Patrick or j. W. Hitchcock or. Chas. Wood. A. Babbitt and Geo. H. Roa. Secretary John Dowling. Treasurer a. B. Fontaine. The following names were enrolled As members c. A. Ogden c. Rose l. H. Scott m. A. Jewett Patrick . Hitchcock Chas. Wood j. F. Kings. Merrill t. H. Blake Jno. Dowling g. H. Rea a. A. Babbitt b. P. Noland d. S. Donaldson r. F. Ober l. G. Warren j. Farrington r. Miner a s. Casto n. Preston n. Kemball r. . Noland c w. Barbour w. Mcmurran Thos. Dowling d. C. Wallace j. T. Russell we. Denny Jno. Britton Martin wines Jos. Cooper Jos. Wallace wait bobbins Jno. Jackson Abr. Jackson Sam. Jackson Jas. Jackson cd. Twyford mrs. Mary Jackson mrs. Nancy a. Jackson mrs. M. Twyford mrs. Eliza Scott mrs. Matilda a. Rea miss Nancy b. Warren mrs. Wasson mrs. C. West Dowling we. Rea and Fenelon d. Dowling. On motion. Resolved. That the thanks of this meeting be presented to or. Clay for the Able and eloquent manner in which he has explained and enforced the objects of his Mission. Resolved that tie proceedings of this meeting be published in the papers of this place. The society then adjourned. The. H. Blake chairman. Persons wishing to pay their subscriptions or enrol their names As members can do so at the counting room of Blake so Bau. To reply to several enquiries on the subject we would inform our agents that they May remit to us by mail at our risk taking the certificate of Tho postmaster for Money when deposited unless where the p. M. Is agent. Remittances will be particularly acceptable at this time and we suggest the propriety of agent remitting quarterly As it will be for our Benefit Pecunia Rily As Well As tend to prevent confusion in our accounts. a. Ai to m Wittor alter Ita of within seven years in a Fodora whig administration the Stata open Ditoro of Indiana Bava Aero ass few Lisez by see in Tau Zamd to ninety seven thousand do lists a Yaar this is to moist we to a Voi Anco read an article of to preceding Pago of void Tho Indiana do Rooprai of this sub Joet sad also ago Tor from to Eagle. Hmm Aro Tbs aaa Bof to Triton who voted against to Bill for Tho a afoot of to Oai Tod stator against a Obion Maano. Oraa Staa of Bodo Isomi Oban of Pommy Huia a Midi of Ohio Masi Rou a Al lib it Olaf mar a Mir. Aad Tow Alai. Bla it Mair i Roif by or tha Navy fiame i. Aim. Tat Dib Pirro tags Stoat comprehends near 7,000,000 acres the joint property of Maino and Massachusett a. It contains 10,705 Square Miles or 1,850,900 area Mora than the Bolo territory of Massachusetts. One portion of this territory called Tho Allagash country is Adai Ilton to be the Best Timber tract a to Stata of malay if not in the world. These lends is boy Aro Ara Worth 50 Conta a Aera. Taa Taoa task a Joba Ewing Tho Tropio sent Ativo in co Gross from this District was one who helped Man Post to a Jority of wigs in the lower Braa Eli of bal body. Thia Tabt Ity of wigs has Dof Atod Tho poo Bogo of to combo land Road we or at loot Tkv Zjr imm not it. Mow lot Tho woo tora a Noel ipad Oal cup Globe Aad Tiff Wui whoa team who hut Iiah Umit us q we have received a copy of John Ewing s add Rem to his constituents and As soon time permit we will strip from it the veil under which he has attempted to impose upon the people of this District the basest misrepresentations and hold it up in All its naked deformity. The Brookville american says Quot Henry Clay is now tha Aaron s Rod of whig Gsry Bas swallowed Gen. Harrison sad or. Webstar bad will finally choke in 1840, and politically expire with Higgy Piggy tingling in Bis Sar. Go it. He has Boon politically killed too Ofton to Foar it at this Lata Day. 0 to to Bora Bank of Georgia has Sas bonded pay rant. A addition to Bieh to Loain from to Phi Aldolphia Ledger of Tho Isth iast., that Tea thwart Bank Aad tha Para Sylvania a Virga Baak Bavo both Raspo add Spozio a Yanata. They woo not Oha Tatad Aad Doab loss bad to basis Bat Tho a a polio of Donty to sustain Thorn. I Kolo Faatoa Baak and a Tihor a Stoa they a Mambo to a Rama a Tho Ladnai pabs of chit Moo a a How Days. We car Momti of Tho bit a a a iieaajaol1gtii#la> his Miff Arr the to re m w Aoa. La to hmm is Temh Thaie to Sam Mem tar. Pm Mai thiem 0 or. John Cox. Sen., residing six Miles North of new Harmony in Posey county says that David Brewer son of Benjamin Brewer supposed to be living in the upper part of this state died at his House in july 1838. Or. C. Wishes information on the subject. The Chicago Democrat says that John gris Wold lately a whig been arrested on a charge of fraud in his connection with the Bank of Ypsilanti and has Given bail in the sum of $5000. A Goon Lamoille River express has the following Quot my ancestors fought in the revolution Quot said a Quot democratic on Valuch tide did they fight Quot asked a bystander. The Higgy Cut dirt for Home. The Virginia legislature have increased the banking capital of that state fl.4s5,000. Naw of lean 7 cts. Molasses 82 flour 7,37 to 7,50 com 68 to 70 Oata 56 to 60 whiskey 43 to 45 urd 10ft no change in pork and but a limited Supply. Dip a. Daily Papor is published at Ann Arbor Michigan. Eight Yean ago Ita in Abitanta wore wolves now they Ara Wool Vermons. A new Post office has Boon established at Tramont Washington co., to. And James m. Yanco by Points postmaster. Of the River has fall a Little Sinco our last but As considerable rain fell Yos Torday it will probably Raiss to River again. Tybera is now Wator Saoi for Laige Boata. Naw following Goa Tolomea will co for a favor upon As by acting As Gonta for Tho in Quirar f. Slinkard. E�.�. A it master at Slinkard s Myllo Post oboe. H. A. Wibowo Potro Bitar Ai Kom. Piti Kaslor or Jonas my opt att a Iago Hau Kcf . Cd Indiana the Iper Anoe convention. The state total abstinence Tehpeh Anco society will hold its annual meeting at Indianapolis on wednesday the 15tli Day of May next. It is earnestly desired that auxiliary societies should be represented by As Large a number of delegates As can conveniently attend and friends of the cause generally Ara invited to be present to business of vital importance will be transacted. Ample prov Siim will be made by the citizens of this place to accommodate delegates from a distance. J. M. Ray. Cor. Sec y. Meteorological journal. Date. Buta Oatham Ioime Wlada. Is turks. March it Rankin. Noon. A Anat. To 33 s3 58 0 for s3 3� so 53 Kwh re in 84 33 m 44 sir rur to 30 58 58 so far m 30 64 is s Rak 87 54 78 �4 8 fair 88 uses �0 1 1 b rain new advertisements. 8t84i�mt pm we air Oom Iamaio new advertisements. T Llu House and lot for Sale the House and lot on second at. Between Ohio and Walnut St roots lot being numbered in the town lat 147�?lato the Reid Snow of , is offered for Sale. The House is a Good two Story House with an be attached to the same formerly occupied for the Post Olbo a stable smoke House dec. Attached. It is Oao of the most eligible Lota in town. If not sold it will be rent immediately. For farther particulars apply to William Mulle mar. 1830. 24�?tf est rat. Paken up by Abel Bell of rack Goa Umbra a ship Pyrke a Monty Indiana of ibo St of March. 1830, a Bay Man Golt. To Ler Biad Bot Whito foor Toen hands High supposed to Bourm Yomara old Tia Spring appraised to thirty Dohra by Jeptha Garrigus and John Davis of Tho i8lh Dav of March 1830. I Booby fortify to above to a that copy fins my Ostry Beok. 2t�?8wt sol b. Gar Rios fac apr Mjmie Mimmo wanted at this Ofiero a a a Tim to to print log Busi Tabb i a to a year Ofago. _ pickets Bubo of my ohm Cim Jimmh Jim mrs i Idow Aphis to to soft by that x piano to fat a liar. Pekota Spollin Imri Ohita a a Masl Tiai a �,iaa�mii.9 piohataroa4oraadmmf Eula mlis a Hii lift. A a a Maason a yid a it
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