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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1840, Page 3

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - June 3, 1840, Terre Haute, Indiana My the enquirer. "bc8urk Yod a Koht a the bal of Terre haute la. Wednesday. June 3, 1640. The or the monday last the silliest and most ridiculous farce which we Ever witnessed took place in this town. If the getters up of it were not heartily ashamed their looks did not do them Justice. It is it Roper however to say that two of the prominent characters on the occasion did a i tally seem to and no doubt did take pleasure for i although each no doubt considers himself a great personage the scene was suited to the calibres of their minds. But let us att Tnp to describe it to our return of the Quot Noble teas out Quot of sunday last. On Quot sunday Quot last the Harrison men of Vigo Quot i country readers. Early in the Day printed notices were stuck up about the town Callini upon the Harrison men to congregate at the River Side at 4 this returned Quot in strength Quot from Tippecanoe. Quot at an Early hour our fellow citizens Quot were aroused from their Elu Berb by the Roar of artillery and the beat o clock to lug a Long Quot dug out Quot up into town. Ing of Drums. Shortly after the Ete amere made a Rojice fell under our observation while undergoing their appearance having on Board the military and i Dixon s Deli it a Toul to sorial operations and delegates Quot accompanied in Many instances by was electrical. Had Webern on the verge their wives daughters and Little Quot of eternity our Cachin nation would not have been Babbitt s Fine infantry company was on lessened. It being then about the time appointed is working along slowly that important measure the Independent Treasury Bill has at length been reached notwithstanding the federalists have thrown every obstruction in the Way. Bell s gag Bill has also been summarily disposed of and in such a manner As should make author appear very ridiculous and supporters Small. The question was not the usual one a shall the Bill be read u second or a third time a but was a shall the Bill be rejected ? and in this ignominious Way was John Bell s Federal pet a Cag Bill sent after predecessors of Crittenden and John Adams memory and that by a vote which taken with the one on Crittenden a should for a Long time prevent the federalists from making another attempt to gag any portion of our fellow citizens. It stood 108 yeas to 53 nays. We observe that or. Rariden one of the two Federal members from this state voted to sustain the Bill. The other Federal member or. Proffit with More cunning dodged the question and it is Gratifying to state that every Democrat voted in favor of rejecting the odious thing. On the part of those who absconded the Globe justly re the Noble Terre haute band enlivened tie scene by j a a a a exr Uso to stroll in the direction of the martial having Digen barked they River and soon Leartus in sure enough that it was no were formed and moved through the principal Street Joan. There were Coti greated the gentle and the to the a Tiff when they were i in used. What a a a a pie the former dealing out the o be Joyful for seemed somewhat ominous was. That amidst All this i i Inch the latter appeared Labouring hard to mount a Quot a res Quot they did not choose to commit themselves Parade not a solitary Banner was to be seen Ric i re , dug out on one Side on wheels. This be of Quot record in voting to disfranchised any class of colors if we except the one carried by the Milit iry. A a Zjr , some were placed in the Canoe citizens having the remembrance of the Fate of the floated in the Breeze. No Quot shouting Quot rent the air us some behind it. Then came a big Cannon with j of Quot Adames in their Eye and cautioned and no prayers were offered for the Gallant old i matches and loaded for aught we know to by the fact that or. Adams himself would not Soldier Quot who is to help federalism into Power a it it or what purpose this latter was paraded we Are at j venture to Lead off As usual in favor of a measure hat. The masterly performances of the band while on the March proved the old adage that Quot prac a loss to imagine. The Parade then moved through i proceeded upon the Ultra which some laughter in others pity and or Ved fatal to his father. The Hartford convention Tice makes the military also appear to j a it a few absolute contempt. We would a at members and the rank est of the abolitionists de have improved their a discipline in a remarkable de i every Fanner in the state could have witnessed this credit for the tenacity with which they adhere Gree. So on the whole from the appearance of the . One thing of fret to be noticed even byte or. Bell As besides show my the boldness crowd on sunday last it was made Manifest that it dupes themselves that the getters up of these in a an Quot ill wind that blows nobody we have follies the aristocracy never show themselves in the no doubt that ipod the glorious movement been made processions marching through the streets but will on any other Day than the one Desigio cited there Ery condescendingly stand in would live been 11,000 Uio Tead of Only Quot 1100&Quot in Corners and i Thev Merel Smi attendance. We have neither time nor space to de a Joe their vanity by making fools of themselves vote this week to the convention but it shall receive i occasionally try to get up a shout at the Corners attention in due time. A of the streets it seems to tickle their fancies Ama Reau and circulate. A Quot Mility the same men will spit upon Vou when Vou have an read and circulate the do cume the no i a., i swered their turn Tice of Quot uld let every county do likewise. We have circuit to an Edili Quot ii Oliree Elliou with which they stood out for the worst Federal doctrines it proves the gratitude they entertain for one who has abandoned at this session the ground tin in doors or on the 1 against them on former occasions and who Ile at those who min willing to be inconsistent to serve them and to serve them too at the exl Ense of the interests and feelings of his constituents. Actuated by this double motive we find or. Bell we regret to that a worthy Young Man named slip ill had an Arm broken during the scrape. Sand of Benton s speech and the re Piort of tie Secretary of the Treasury. J hese Are the dui line kit part from a letter dated j Tippecanoe Battle vol Rich refute the Calcii Iniego of tiie Fede All up. We ground May ill. Permit me to Irive you a Short Are now printing a Large edition of tiie above and tho outline of the famous meeting Here. This is the address of the democratic convention at huli inure got where fell Many a Brave and Gallant Kentuck to the people of the i lated St ites on a half elect a an and Liidi Anian and until this Day i had sup Only ten dollars a thousand. Send in your orders posed it held sacred to their memories. But Here i Oon. Get the truth and circulate. The feds Are am situated Iti the midst of a crowd of thousands moving leaven and Earth by Fale Ducu wagons horses banners Cabins flags cider and Mente and Faite Rej ports of our Lime to men Chang fool eries in Ahmid Aiice and what is doing do we no to Occum Pliski Itier ends. Then give tic people hear the murmur of the Mii Elitude speaking in Glori truth they will decide correctly. No time is now oils and patriotic terms of their countrymen who to be lost if we would not see our government under bled and died a Joni this spot defending their noun the of mammon i Hen circus Ite the due try and Homes from the merciless Savage would Zuments no slavery to Money no reduction of to a of that it were so but a far Diin Erent sound wages by the Money Nabob 1 no National Bank greets our ear it is the bacchanalian sound of Rev no abolition of slavery without the consent of the Elrye it is the shout of the wine cup a fiddling sing slave told my states slates rights forever 1 de ing danc Itig with All the necessary accompaniments. Another Federal whig outrage. As the Steamer Fox on her Way up to the Tippecanoe meeting was passing Pottsville the attention of the whig delegates was directed to a White garment elevated on a pole which they at first supposed Tobe a complimentary Flag and they accordingly touched off the Cannon took off their hats and gave Oliree cheers the Steamer had passed some distance when the idea was suggested by some one that the said Flag was a lady s unmentionable a garment for which the soft skinned supporters of or. Harrison entertain the most deadly hostility. It is supposed that the sight of a red one in dog Days would give the Universal whig party the hydrophobia. The boat rounded to and a party of from forty to one Hundred modern whig heroes armed with Slicks Bowie knives a a. Landed with the intention of taking signal vengeance on the offending Emblem. They found it defended by or. Win. P. Dexter a gentleman about sixty years of age and very much crippled from the effects of wounds received in defending his country in Many a hard fought Battle during the War. Or. Dexter informed Thein that As flags and devices of ail kinds were the order of the Duy he had raised one of his own on his own ground to suit himself and that it should not be taken Down while he was Able to defend it. The modern whig heroes then Drew their Bowie knives and rushed on or. Dexter who was soon disarmed his weapon thrown into the River himself precipitated Down a precipice and seriously injured. An aged citizen who entreated them not to murder or. Dexter received a severe blow on the head with a Handspike and was compelled to retire at tiie Perril of his life. The modern whig heroes then Cut Down them blend Tore it into fragments and retired to the boat amid the loud Huzzah of their silk stocking coadjutor. The age the infirmities and past services of or. Dexter with the brutal treatment he received Combine to Render this one of the most infamous outrages Ever perpetrated in Indiana. Or. Dexter was no Holiday Soldier he was one of the lion hearts that breasted a song. By Sikdar a tto Dern whig for taster. Revised for the of evasion by Quot the Man in the Claret coloured coat Quot and Sung with tremendous applause at the great Tippecanoe breakdown. Hurrah for the Triumph the who Are ail Here. Silk stockings and pumps hard cider and Beer much eating and drinking to Day will be done tia the Day of our Triumph Hurrah for the fun. Who not be a Fiig so vastly genteel the Locos Good lord How bad they do feel by mighty directors we Are led by the nose. For Tiiu Banks furnish Money to get up these shows. Bright visions of glory now burst on our View for if tip is elected our notes they la renew Sliu plasters being plenty Well no lure trudge on Shanks but ride in Fine carriages thanks to the Banks. The glorious whig Gies will then Rule the roast. Hurrah fellow whig Gies let us shout Bray and boast the Banks will be Liberal our pocket books flush allow w 11 Pigeon the credulous Iloo Siers. Of hush there is not in existence a in Vincnt so Sweet. As that when the whig Gies in Triumph can meet then strike up the music let us shout drink and dance and like True Jolly whig Gies raise h�?11 in Advance. Hurrah for great Humbug the Prince of the age. Hurrah for the Man in the big Iron Cage Hurrah for hard Eider and Coon skins too. Hurrah for the silk stocking w wiggles so Blue. Without Bray tiie Canon and shall u be said that a genuine whig with Long ears on his head when so great an occasion Cali Forth his Praise of shall it be said that he tinted his Brays most notable whig Gies who set round this Board. Try your lungs we beseech you with mighty Accord Blavo no fear of the ladies Lor they precious loves will listen with Joy to such soft sucking doves of Beautiful ladies who gaze on this feast we re retitle and simple As a whigs at the least not a sound in our Wassail shall startle your fears for our Gourd shells Are soft and Long arc our ears. Then Liu Rafi for tic Triumph we 11 drink till we re drunk tis the Way that we always have bolstered our spunk Well do it genteel ii cider i Lian Ipaige. And in fancy commence the whig Shin plaster reign. in Bis Darling measure it was origin ally or. Crittenden Only adopting the offspring to Svi,ia., five Days after receiving the news of the de give it a trial in the Senate by or. Saltonstall the mover of the Hartford convention in the legislature caration of War he volunteered and was on his Way i the lakes. He was with Van Renssalaer at the of Massachusetts a by messes. Slade Giddings 1 re. Unil. R i Battle it Queenstown with Brown in the Batte of Man Smith Fillmore and several others of the a a Axi Latt Burgh and with Pike at the taking of Lork. Volition connection by the following it appears that our worthy representative in Congress is still Labouring to secure an he assisted in capturing the Julia prowler and other Craft of the enemy and was in the thickest of the fights at forts George and Erie when the Brave most amp by eternally the people can and Wal Goveri themselves. No gagged candidates Iive Thi people Light a Cirrus Salt the Docu Mcgilt. I m in have expressed myself strongly but my feelings were outraged and while 1 breathe i shall never again support the whig party. Send your paper to me at amp a extract from a letter dated Belleville Hendricks county May 22 1, lfi40. Quot from All quarters How following Federal sent Menlo Are copied from an old Federal paper which has lately died cause Harrison declaim. We allude to the Boston Sentinel and we Challenge pro a Ftp the con a s Quot Success seems certain. I have just received tray that every editor of it from old Ben. Russel letters from and others of the seventh Down to , Are All federalists of the old cont Gressional District and they Sav Howard will slam Viand that every one of them now Suji ports fou we bigger in that District and that Hannegan can Gen. Harrison. The extra actin from that Sheet give at a a by whig there at least 2000 votes. So we go. In below show by whom Ien Harrison is supported a a county has always Given a Large whig and Lor what purpose. If Van Buren had offered to majority but if we do not beat them we will bring such Keiit Menle As these from the Harrison loaders Down Teir m Jority. To have a democratic meet in Massachusett a there would be some ground for a a Here tomorrow and shall have some speaking him with hostility to the War. Head them and form a Hickory club. If we elect our governor Quot you have continence in a Jowall. Can we not carry the Siat yes let the ban Jeff. Son and leaned on a broken so Tif too Long a her of democracy be spread to the winds let the let every Man stretch out hand and put this a ,. ,. u 11 breezes carry with them to tiie Lle Mitaiie to the cursed thing the Amba , Iru Iii him. He rest x i a c a t Lute act like the sons of Liberty of it gtd and your Capitol to the North the South the ?.ast, and the country nerve your arms with vengeance Agam to West the glad tidings of Victory Victory my the despot who would thu the tunable to Friend Ami All and every True germ of your Independence from you and you s Ali be conqueror Quot Quot give ear no longer to the surer. V.,ice demo a tract from a letter dated Indianapolis 2 j. Racy and jeffersonian Liberty. It is a cursed Delu re a be is is Good Quot from bion adopted by traitors and recommended by Syco quote i a i a every Quarter i Esten Lav we had one times Here m plants., r i 1 Quot Jefferson the Man who with the Miger witnessing the Parade and nonsense of the feds on of popular Confidence first gave the Stab 11 your lib their Way t a their burial ground. The usual sup appropriation for the National Road. We take it Pike received his mortal wound by the treacherous from the proceedings of the Isth of May blowing up of the British magazines and called a or. Davis present a certain joint resolutions out Quot move on my Brave Fellows and revenge your from the legislature of Indiana on the subject of the Dexter was one of the Advance column Continua icon of the Cumberland Road and moved by routed the Eye of the Warrior their reference to the committee of w ays and Means a a a a. ,. I us i1 11 .1. I Brigl itched tor a moment As he heard the Toriumi i with instructions to report a Bill for the Coli Tina i aa., Tion of said Road through the states of Ohio Ludi victorious brigade. The British Ana and Illinois. Placed under his head and he expired in or. D. Moved the previous questions on the in the arms of Victory i Dexter was in the army Dur St auctions. Ing the whole of the War he paid the blood tax free or. Banks moved to Lay the subject on the ta-1 a a a trampled on motion the yeas and nays were asked and or endangered for daring to express dered and being taken were yeas 63, a cysts. Quot a disapprobation of the outrageous deceptions the so the motion to Lay on the table was rejected. Modern whigs Are striving to play off up a the peo and the question recurring on the demand for the pie of this it of Ritro. Previous questions for. Hubbiard moved a Call of the House and five will be paid to any person who on Globe Arrison should or. No Dij Ault move a can of Lue Riouse ainu r Ive will be paid to any Pei asked the yeas and nays which were ordered and produce a number of the washing beg taken were Veas 55 nays 8 2.a obtaining the threat Quot that if Gen. Harriso to the Call was not ordered.,. F a. ,. And the question again recurring on seconding to elected it would cause Rivers of blood to the demand for the previous quest Ion it was decided a have seen this silly lie in several Federal a opens in the ayes 77, noes 60. I and thought it unworthy notice. But we do this at so there was a second. The suggestion of a person who avers that if the up . A,.d Iho q.ie6ti<.n then being. Quot shall the main Cotui icing is not Brili coming lie will cast his Quot Quot a visit Boule. In. .11 i vote for Martin Van Burn. The hero of the thames or. It list asked the yeas and nays which were it is a melancholy fact that or. Harrison is in the hands of keepers who not Only refuse him permission to read and answer his own letters but actually keep his person in a state of surveillance for fear that if they permit him to go at Large he May not succeed in carrying out the whig policy which is that he make no further declaration of Liis principles for the Public Eye while occupying his present position the reason of this policy is evident. Or. Harrison has expressed himself Init in juror of and against abolition. His supporters in the South seize on what he has said in favor of the institution of slavery As evidence that he is sound on that subject sedum Ousby keeping out of View what he has said against it. His sup orters at the no rth use what he has said and written in favor of abolition in the same manner. If or. Nillies any further declaration in favor of abolition he cannot get the vote of any Southern state. If he says any thing More against abolition those fanatics will St a out of the a political contest and leave the presidential question to he decided by the whig party proper and the democrats in which Case or. Harrison would lose All Hope in the North. The abolitionists Aro formidable Only in a of of the Eastern states where they hold the bal Anre of Power. Hence the whig policy is that or. Harrison Quot make no further declaration of his principles for the Public Eye while occupying his present the whig National Convent ice issued no address to the people for this reason the discordant factions which Cem pose the party could unite on no common principles their Only Bond of Union is Mutual and rancorous a hostility to Martin Van Buren and the democratic party. Their Only Hope of sic Cess is in playing the stupendous game of fraud which was concocted at Lla Risburg in carrying out Vav hich it became necessary to place or. Harrison in the keeping of a committee of three whose duty it , to pc rent him from making any declaration of principles for the Public Eye occupying his present for the Wabash enquirer. Twenty reasons Why we will Mot Tot Job of brai. Harbison 1. Because he is so wreak in talents that he Mast have guardians appointed to keep bit Jaq a Biff Bounds. 2. Because he is an abolition list and an imbecile old my. 3. Because he fun Fercl the indians to select his camping ground at Tippecanoe and then let Beni Surprise him napping. 4. Because he is nothing Nio a than a tool fur the Federal party. 5. Because he claimed the Victory of the Thau Iea won by Shelby and Johnson. 6. Because he is the Federal tool to take the Power out of the hands of the Community and place it in the hands of aristocrats. 7. Because he resigned his commission in the midst of a raging War 8. Because fee deserted the North Western Frontier together with fort Stephenson and left it to be defended by Crug in and his spartan band. 0. , he was complimented with a quilted flannel Petticoat by the ladies of Cabihi Cote fur his bravery in the War. 10. 11. Because he has refused to give his sentiment on important questions of interest to the Community. 12. Because we have no need of a log Cabin and hard cider president. 13. Because he sanctioned a Law to disgrace his own sex to sell poor White women. 14. Because when a minister to South America he had not sense enough to keep in the bound of hi9 Mission. 15. A 16. A a 17. Because he is under the special control of three guardians to wit Spencer Gwinn and Wright. 18. Because if he cannot be a candidate a without guardians be certainly cannot he president without them. 19. Because we go against a National Bank to i for the sub Treasury. 20. And Las tiv be Casc be go for Van Buren Johnson and Howard. M in y voters. The writer of the above will see that we have left out a few of his Quot reasons Quot not because we do not believe that they Are True to the letter but because we Are so circumstanced that every thing is seized upon and converted into a weapon of attack to injure and break us up. The omitted Quot reasons Quot being so pointed and True a for in their truth consists their Point a we Are sure would be made a pretext for an attack. Besides we have proof of them and when we shall find room the whole shall be Given and in such a shape As to prevent the Coti Tangency above alluded to. Democratic meeting. The democratic citizens of Sullivan and the adjoining counties Are re8 dec fully invited to attend a meeting at new Lebanon on saturday the Goth instant he object of which is to adopt measures for procuring and disseminating to Uch documentary evidence As will refute the Many calumnies and misrepresentations now propagated and circulated against the present democratic administration. Old Sullivan. We Are Auto ionized to announce Robert , As a candidate for sheriff at the ensuing August election. Politics whig. We Are authorised to announce g. Hollo Way As a candidate for Sec cite judge at the next August election. Politics whig. Richard m. Johnson he always voted for. Ordered. Or. Thompson of Mississippi moved that the a Fri or House adjourn. 07= the Quot Luck of the great Tippecanoe a shag or. Weller asked the yeas and nays which. Voyage has proved so poor that it is seriously sup were refused. A posed no second cruise will be made. We under and the question having been taken and decl stand they had but one nibble and that is supposed to have been Only a Sculpin and then just think by ayes 74, noes 51, in the affirmative a the House adjourned./.,. 1. ,. R of the Cost of bait to Sav nothing of the it tag out or. Davie also presented the joint resolutions of a a a a ,. I. I., r i j 1. 70,000 people at is>20 cach amounts to Only $1,400, the legislature of Indiana relative to the repeal of. ,. In i i n a a 000 not quite a million and u Hall of dollars dear erties. Quot it non Intercourse is cowardly for it is a base attempt to bring on a War with Ireat Britain. It in French in every feature. It is intended As a measure of hostility against Ireat Quot there exists no c Ause of War with great duty on Salt. Also relative to the improvement of Wiite River. Also relative to the franking privilege for agricultural societies. The petition of sundry citizens of Knox and Daviess counties for a mail route from Washington to Carlisle. Tie petition of sundry citizens in favor of the claim of John Wilson of Owen county Indiana. Moses what hard times Kukral Akk federalists for effect Are circulating false reports of changes in their favor. We have several times been called on for information on the subject and again we state that a Large portion if not the whole of those reports so far As this by of flags banners canoes log Cabins Chicken Coo hand Coon skins gourds and tin cups in proportion was seen in our streets. The effect was Fine. Several whigs were converted from the error of their was. I Hope a Parade will be got up in Vicinity is concerned Are false. A gentleman has Britain. Great Britain the bulwark of Wiir holy your Federal town. It will Daymi Good. If the feds a Quot St called and informs us that a report is current Reg Ion struggling for her s in vation and fighting �11 Only haul a Canoe a log Cabin and a Chicken a Rke county that Ralph Wilson esq., and the Battles of Christendom against Antichrist and a a a 0 state i will engage Quot his Host Quot Quot the War was founded on falsehood without necessity to Aid the late tyrant of his views of philosopher to Humbug the people. Quot a or. Madison has declared War let or. Mad i Dies cannot do Ison carry it Quot government cannot be kicked into a War. We i extract of a letter dated Newport May 31. Quot the have no army deserving the name of one. Nei great tip show up the River has had a Good effect in the editor of the Harrison need not fret about Huw we got our information. It need not either accuse any person of Quot sneaking Quot into his office for the purpose he intimates. He dues not know How we got it and in All probability never will. We Only notice the fact that in May not accuse innocent a tolls. I i cannot carry one single county. These feds Europe in j Don t understand Ltd the Art of Humbug. It requires a brainless Dan ther men Are to be had nor Money,�8 Art of the country. It has made several More i Pav i him Quot a i j. L it j. Democrats to my Ertain knowledge. The Farmers Quot any federalist who lends Money 10 government u a �?�.1. I a i a must go and shake hands with James Madison and i Are quite Wrath about it. 1 hey say the feds can t claim Fellowship with Felix Grundy. Let him no rub that plaster Over their eyes. Our Catis i is grow store Call himself a federalist and Friend to his coun ing stronger every Day. In fact the whig Gies Are try he Wili. Be called by others in killing themselves As Quot fast As time will let them. I famous i Quot Jujj by a More Strong in the belief than i Ever was Quot each Man who volunteers his services in such a War or Loans his Money for support or by his conversation his writings or any Mode of influence i ave a meeting shortly to nominate a candidate to encourages prosecution that Man is an a com run for representative for this plice in the wickedness loads his conscience with 1 a the blackest crimes and brings the guilt of Bax gtd up-1 we. B. , the Federal Teller who robbed on Bis own soul and is in the sight of god and i the Bank of Virginia of Over half a million of dollars his Law a murderer Quot i has returned and his aristocratic friends together Quot How will the i supporters of this anti Christian i Richmond whig and other Federal new spa warfare endure their sentence endure the Are that 11 a. 1 a 1 a. T. A a 1 j per Are a ready whitewashing Bis character. It 1� forever Burns the worm which never dies�?11"�"�� a a while the smoke of their i orment oot known what developments be will make but it Thomas c. Clayton have deserted our ranks and gone Over to the enemy. Nothing can be More unfounded. Either of those gentlemen would consider the report a slander upon his character and we contradict it unequivocally. Instead of such being the fact we can show two changes to our Side in this county to one against of. Since the above was written we have seen or. Clayton and he authorizes us to contradict unequivocally the assertion that he has turned to Harrison. He Enys that neither tottering merchants bloated land speculators or frightened stockholders will Ever induce him to turn from his old jeffersonian democratic principles. That had he been a supporter of the Federal party their late disgusting Mummery would have prevented him from continuing his support if the by Irving of the tent on lust week was not the work of some unthinking boys we Are now inclined to think from a circumstance which leads some others to the same conclusion that it was done to cast Opin orium on the democrats. Some people will hang themselves if rope is allowed them. Little Harrison paper a slept Quot palladium Quot printed we believe somewhere in Wayne county has placed a Well engraved likeness of candidate in a obscure Corner of fourth Page Quot straws Quot amp a. A8cends forever and Ever certainly singular that the Feder twists always canonize a Man who steals thousands while a poor Devil who might steal a horse would be punished with the utmost rigor of the Law. Or Perhai if a certain Law passed by a certain hero and his two associates was in Force the luckless Wight might receive Quot death q if any our readers should be dig Libed to believe the false assertions of the federalists that Van Buren opposed the War we can refer them to an old gentleman in this town who was Well acquainted with gov. Tompkins and or. Van Buren Hing j worked for the during the discussion of that question. He will Tell them that or. Stu Buren did More than an other Man in new York towards a staining or. Madison in that measure. The venerable gentleman to whom we allude is perfectly Well acquainted with the politics of that state from tet Darr to this having in his younger Days taken by Active part in �11 the exciting topics of the Darr. So if Jroud Dortht me cod talk with him. N. E. seems by the last news from Oglend that the Boundary question is Likely to be settled without disturbance provided the Bute of Maine is willing to relinquish her claim to a pan of the territory in dispute. It is proposed to sum Tiute the line run by the King of the Netherlands As the Tnie Boundary and England is to pay Maine Jsoo-600 Sterlion. Hew the Down eaters will like this Wec Mot say. The vice the first we were a Little inclined to regret that the convention which assembled at Baltimore did not nominate a candidate for the vice presidency. We began to think they had omitted to do that which they ought to have done. We Are now satisfied that they were right. And indeed the fault found by the Federal Preeser would convince us of the fact had we no other data on which to found our opinion. Ach shows that the Fede quiets begin to feel the effect of their scandalous Proe Edinga against us in their efforts to break up the Prev if we judge from the false and premature trials now making by their accredited organs. Trio to Nonivee Are Well understood and will be duly by an intelligent Community. Give is the , give us the Quot of the times Quot in your vicinities. Let us hear of the Progress of the Good cause of redeeming the state and Tell us All about the thousand and one democrats who have changed to tho support of their old enemy federalism keep up communication with each other. Do it also through the enquirer occasionally. We shall be glad to hear from every county in the state. Let us have All the Cotta it information possible. It will be a Mutual Benefit so Don t forget. New Yolk of our exchanges Are engaged in puffing the new York alias. To can t do sofar it does not need it. Just hand a person a copy of the alias and if he does not sub scribe for it set him Down As one who has no Money to spare or a Nincompoop. The editor is an Independent fellow truly so and our readers know that they always make a a St Rato paper. Call and see the Atlas and bring your Money As it will save your going after it when Yon have seen the paper. Counte traits. A look out for $90 counterfeit note of the Shawneetown Bank. Also Toee everlasting counterfeit 3s of the Northern ban of Kentucky of which there Are plenty in circulation. We have also lately seen Many counterfeit mexican Dou Lars american half dim a. The latter Are difficult to do but it the Quai prs May be Der tested by Obaer Volg that Tbs Emblem of Lirty a a looking to the right instead of the left. O it seems that the Mammoth lottery Quot is Likely to turn out a grand hoax. If it does we should not like to be in the shoes of some people in new York and new Orleans. If we bad n t lost the Arcade by it we should n t care a snap. Tho celebrated we. M. Price has arrived in this country. From nil appear aces he will sustain federalism and the federalists will try and Clear up his character which to think May turn out to be rather a difficult matter. Communication or. Editor a the Iol Loving dialogue did actually take i it lace at least in substance in my House on a tilt in presence of a number of gentlemen there assembled on business. Yours p. P. The cider Gourd went mantling round the general s heart grew vain Quot and thrice he fought his Battles o or Quot and thrice he slew the slain Quot Jim s account of the of Tippecanoe. Jim. What s All this Hubli show about going to Tippecanoe with two Hundred wagons of . They Are going to celebrate the Battle of Tippecanoe Gen. Harrison will be there Jim. Going to kill the poor indians again Well that is darned foolish no Brave Man would trample on the ashes of the dead either Friend or foe. If it was like when i was there you see these ruffle shirt Fellows streaking it the Tother Way they would n t Stoj till they got clean Over the Ohio. Whig. Was you in the Battle of Tippecanoe Jim ? Jim. I was but i was not in much danger. I belonged to capt. Hargrove s company and the indians did n t get round us they had n t men enough whig. Did not the Gen. Manage the Battle Well ? Jim. I Don t know i was but a boy then and i did n t know much about that however i think that after the Battle was fairly begun the general did tolerable Well but i always Felt As How he led us into a kind of a trap. Of Ting. Will you not vote for him James ? Jim. Vote fair him who pays for All these two Hundred wagons and the expenses of All these gentlemen who Are going to kill the indians Over again ? fillip. Gen. Harrison and his friends will pay All expenses. Jim. Well they May any now but if they get the upper hand i la be darned if they won t make us that dig pay both the old and the new. A so rapid has been the increase of subscribers for the extra that we Are unable to furnish Back numbers As in Many cases requested. Those who do not therefore commence with the number issued on the 6th of May shall have an equal number As those who did As we will continue the paper to tii Ein As much longer in proportion. to West Ken different transportation lines in Philadelphia hold a meeting on wednesday last in that City and have agreed to the following Tariff prices for carrying goods Between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh a Coffee and code a groceries. Steel. Hardware. A Ueen sware in crates dry goods. Fish and Mackerel. Herring 95 cents per Luu lbs 110 do. Do. 140 do. Do. 140 do. Do. 140 do. Do. 151 do. Do. 175 do. Per barrel 150 do. Do. Elk give of stick. Your regular Monu ily Meeyung will be on Friday june 5th, at a clock p. In. A ja8. R. Tillot Dox go Retery. Buy a Broom buy a Broom , beat Talky Fiir a be at tho Cut he Comer by Thos. E. Lankster 3i-if Corner of Wal ii b and Viar Ket in to Rte to. Cool your. Thirst with Lemon Adt a a a a period Zomon syrup furl a at the cheap Corner Liy Jln th09. E. Saugster 34-lf Comer of it a a Loti Ltd and it Falcet Ireeta. Superior Cave Distl tobacco. Aiu a lot ors Iipp ruin Ca Vendah tul Iacco Joist a Cevic and for Gale at tie Cliea Corner by thus. K. Kkt 3-1-tr Corner of Valia Jii until Market meets. List of letters remaining in the Post office a Yore Ila 1st, l?40. O l persons calling for these be please Bay Uliey Are advertised. Ivy Hillary Ute Juno letters will take up by Arr hib ill Birgel in Clay county Posey , ind.,one Bay Mare Siree a Aram Uii a Pring Leah ind Foni Wilita up to the Postern joint n Large alar to Lier tur Ehod an a Tine Wiliie Down i the end of Lier no be Aii Pralad la Twenty Aeve ii dollars and fifty cents by George Mccall ouch and ste4ien Crabb. Posed in fire me hit 13tli Day of my 184 j. Ice Tiff Tow above in a Ira copy front my emay Bouk. 54-3wir Joil s. Yocom j. P. Goods Are now conveyed from City to City in eight Days. The Natches free trader of the 14bh inst gives some further particulars from the reports . Physician Damp. But the additional information furnished it not important. The names of Twenty three individuals injured and under medical care in the hospitals Are Given. They Are mostly residents of Natches the number of Flat boats lot is ascertained As nearly As practicable at 60 though it is suggested that the a probability is Thore were Many More of which no a can be obtained. The Flat Oatmeal to own to have been drowned Ere a. W. Young of Iana and five men on Bis boat Moses lend rip of pts county Indian or. Sullivan of Pri Peio. I9., and three of Bis men or. W�tkin8, of 1%., and two of Bis a Louit Iule it adv. Fresh g roce Ries. Just Ray Ivel 10 Kep Arloie pm Toreky Tab co 4 Libis new Rte and molar we 4 Blu Sofu Mol Ammi 8 bbb la eur Ariemia a tour Nruh a Larga and extensive a Horti Zient of tic let Iii Molly found in am Ceil Alato. Wui a Lold amp Ibre Ataii. Ilg in get i cheap 1,000.� frigg pm a Kllc Sale of Lajud Jav Ola y Couff to. Will be old at Public Miquon in of or Nivea of Sai Niay the t Lui Day of july Neit by order of to probate of it it Law Tui Day of july Neit he order of to i of unto the Derr Ibad tall Vuk i Mui of of a get Nash what Psi Imray a to Mui of of Jim Graf a Calm Imit or. To Nebin tax in in a Ama we Thim tax la la pm hmm Ojo Tim of �1�, Irmi Mozum Evdil Wiki approx a of few Tim 8ouui Imir or Tim mom a omit Sac Lloa Wui in of fair a via of Tim Asiaa Dur. To Moab no Bulky adm t. State of to diam a Orrne com Naif to. Greene count of circa Ctm five a 1840. My All Uit Altann tier is a _ a Whir do we m a Iii Kywi in tia iwo of in a Quot the by of n. W. Or. A a. 3�, t 8, a. 1-� so Jolt pm my in a in to pm Nnoli Rel Flishie of Quot Quot to it Erwi mtg Imp a Vali wet inn. 34-3wf Artie Silva Annis Jun Brott miss Esther Briley Isamli Briggs nuts no c Barnes Vii h Brian Briggs Jolin beam Joseph Burnett j Bennett Vav u Birgett John of Barrow Franklin Barnes win w Burnett mrs Bowen Thos Baker Thos Barnes James beam cos Bartley Peter Bamon f Bonds Armstead beam James m beam Joseph Bradford win Bradley Benjamin Clem John Chapman h a Ciarle Patrick Joseph h Cunrod amp Davis Chandler John Conathy Patrick Cable mrs Martha h Chunn John t Cox Jab a on cob mrs Rebecca Carlton c a Crawford miss Corina Cunningham Sand Condict mrs Charlott Corry we Chandler Isaac Clark James Carter we Campbell Mark Cutter g w Davia Lewis h dicta Mia Elizabeth Dean Algo Davidson Joseph Denny David Davis Starritt Eoff Thomas Fohrenck Matthius free Noiin Solomon Rusli mrs Frances Jimbson by in Graham Nancy 4 Goldsbury b Hurter mrs George c Harvey thou a Hood Lukl hash Jno c Hill or Peter Hill jo8c k Hughea mrs Mary e 8 Huw Kim l Holmes j s Hay John Holloway go Din Quasey Joseph or Hillur Abr Iii 3ays thong a Ovey z c Hinckley Wilaon Huff Jacob Hall Joel Bolenb a a c Kara aur i Harrow Sanil Hussey Joseph Jefe Jasw i kvell Jonathan a a a bar my Ann Johnson h i Kummin r i hitter a a wefa Kim Moll John Knesly John h Keith Frisco Chi Kiriy Kendall Corgo listen Joseph Logan win Little Sand s Lewis John Lynch win Linck Cusper Lasley Olivir Linn John Lawson win Martin mrs Joseph Moore Sand Mitchell miss Caroline Montgomery Everline 2 Morris win a Mattocks Daniel Moffitt j t Montgomery Joseph Merrit Vellier n 4 Montgomery Benj m Maynard Joseph Markle Frederick made Morris Morrison mrs Nancv Mcgaughey Edward of Mcclure a Zachariah Newton James s Nolannd Richard Norris Chaa c Niel Jesse Osburne l l Picl pm Miranda Frint Erville mrs Jane 3 Puckett Thos Pettijohn Dani s town is Benjamin Kager Andrew rms Dell George Ruah Corgo Ransdell mrs Mary Kay Charlott Reed John Kisbey Saml re a read or e Riley Reuben Roll Edward rus Fly a Joseph j Rush John f Pagan Thos Sillary a w w Starke we Stevenj Atwood Stewart miss Mary j Salters Gilt it Ert Shipley j e Stark i imn Stevenson Vii Surrell Alex Salten Biry Misa Agnes Strickler Emanuel pin Merville sail o0jaers m Smith miss Mary e 3 Smith Juhn b Mith Hiram Nith fran if Frimith i a to it a Bains kor Thomas Briant Tom Mon min Mary j Tompson Saml tar jul mrs Sarah Titus emf Taylor miss Elizabeth Taw John Tieh Gior gets Liam Wilt Bajas i Wax Wem Asmo a Walch we a Ufa tows m Ardow Joseph whim elem pm we Tom pm Irit . def la a of a i ily As Here i. O. My a my
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