Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer in Terre-Haute, Indiana
12 Feb 1840

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer in Terre-Haute, Indiana
12 Feb 1840

Read an issue on 12 Feb 1840 in Terre-Haute, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer.

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - February 12, 1840, Terre Haute, Indiana A Luv m. W Mem up we the Wabash h published every wednesday a a Bekiro wits Tbs rub Dom of a Max Rabb to Alf avd Bros of Rob Ambli. It in a. Wjk a. Cha Max volume haute Tio canny Uldiana feb baby 12, 1840.the Wabash enquirer u Mukluk de ery a Fedney Day Oje on he be tween Tabash a my Ohio tree directly East of the Chart Hout. Hollars or annul. Two doll an and Jimiy menu will be received if paid within engr he monies from the time of Subac Bing or two dollars if paid in Advance or it bin four Mont a. No paper Dia continued till All arrearage Are paid on Lem at the option of the proprietors. A failure to do Tiff a discontinuance at the end of Tho year will be considered a new enrage rent. 0 5-Advertieement� in this paper will not be allowed to average More than four Columna. Advertisements inserted three times a one Dollar a Square 8 Linee to be continued at the rate of 25 cents per Square weekly. Unless the number of insertions be marked on the manuscript when banded in it will be continued till ordered out and charged accordingly. Advertisements published by the Quarter or longer will be charged $3 a Square $6 for six months or $10 a year. Merchants druggists and others advertising by the year will be charged for two squares $15,"m for three squares $20 for Quarter of a column of 1000 Ems $25 half a column $35 three fourths of a column $50 for a column $60 a year. by statute must be paid for in Advance. Advertisements coming from abroad must be accompanied with the Cash unless ordered for publication by a brother publisher. 0 i o8tage must be squatter. A talk or Illinois. Chapter i. In Yoo believe the world i i us Glit Fon knew it better own to Lake a new a for a . There is nothing More True than the saying of Horace that it is Sweet to rein Ember those things which it was hard to suffer. In youth we listen to the promises of Hope and look Forward to the future with Confidence for their fulfilment. Bui As years Roll by the Sangui Jeness four character becomes i Miniti hed disappointment has occurred to Cloud the Prospect and we turn More frequently and with More fondness to the contemplation of the past in proportion As the Field is lessened Whereon Foncy was wont to build her delusive fabrics. For my own part in Early years 1 possessed a wild and wayward spirit that thirsted for renown and by some path or other i was determined to ascend the height of Fame. It would be vain to recount the various exploits by which i successfully sought to accomplish my object suffice it to say that in All i was disappointed and that now at the age of nearly sixty years occupied As the teacher of some eighteen or Twenty boys in an obscure Village beyond which i am scarcely known i can look Back Over the toils and perils of an Active life with a degree of tranquil pie sore that the anticipation of my proudest schemes Merer afforded. Inde oftentimes of an afternoon a used by the drowsy murmurs of my Little school i become entirely unconscious of the realities around me and live Over some Long passed period amidst scenes and companions that the talismanic Power of memory can alone restore. Among the compan i ions of former Days thus brought before me i often think of one with whom 1 was acquainted in some trying scenes both of adversity and Prosperity and several curious incidents in the life of whom if the Reader can spare time to peruse the garrulous effusions of an old Man he Wilt find in the following Story. On the Edge of one of the finest and most Fertile Prairies in Illinois and in the midst of a Grove of stately Locust Trees the foliage of which in the summer season almost bid it from the sight there stood a few years ago and it stands there still no doubt unless the Prairie fires have reached it and consumed its perishable Walls a Little log Cabin so Bumble and lowly in its outward appearance that it scarcely won a momentary glance from the traveller who chanced to pass that Way. It was situated on a gentle acclivity just under the brow of the Forest the lofty and Leafy branches of which As soon As the Sun attained the Meridian cast on it a deep and i agreeable Shade. Behind the cottage at the Dis Tance about one Hundred Yards a Rivulet meandered in Many curious windings through the level Bot Tom land of the Woods denominated not a aptly from the glittering translucence of its current i ver Stream. Unlike most of the Brooks and Rivers of that Savanna country which Are usually stagnant during the warmest months of the year the Limpid tide of this one continued to gurgle on its course through every Avasou alike Thim giving to the Prospect in the noutary afternoons of summer a delightful a dam and Gratifying the ear with its me in Potts flow. In front of the cottage an immense Prairie extended itself As for As the Eye could reach its surface smooth and unbroken As the Bosun of some Inland sea. Not a tree or Shrub was seen to break the Green Monotony of in appearance but As the a eased varied an innumerable succession of Powers of every Bue and every combination of hues sprang up and bloomed and withered amid that tast and Beautiful Solitude As if nature had scattered them there in Wanton prodigality. To waste their Bee Trees of the desert air without having any salutary object in their creation. Piloa Oplis. However has with tardy step at last discovered the Correl Tenee of the Humble Christian s belief that nothing is made in vain and that these very Flowers a bib smile away their Brief existence �0 unconscious loveliness unseen by the Eye of Man Are wisely intended to diminish by their odorous breath the latent causes of the dreadful epidemics a bib sometimes spread disease and death through that luxuriant Region. The Cabin itself was rudely constructed of a Shewn logs the interstices Between which were filled with Small blocks of Wood and mortar. The roof was rough Oaken shingles and instead of being secured with nails ipg logs placed upon it at regular intervals and Leng Wise of the building served to keep them in their places. The Bouse bad but one door and window the latter finished an Buncom Moo thing id that wilderness country with panes of Glass. A Small enclosures in front of the Humble edifice was cultivated As a Flower Garden and the neatness with which it was kept and the taste displayed in the a movement of bods and to disposing the Best advantage the few varieties of Flowers and shrubs it co ruined evinced it was the work of to ibo a a delicate hand. There were no outhouses nor was there need for any for the Dweller in that secluded and lowly abode had neither horses nor oxen nor lands nor eur ably riches of any kind unless Breed is May class under that Bead a gift and two Fine and promising boys. If these be treasures he was indeed sch Abr never was a husband Biassed with a More Lorel or More Lorie wife Aad never did the of a hither ascend to heaven in be half of a Bors filial olb print. But besides these he had no clan a a Balutel r nothing. He wan what is Denotti naked in Tom Lan Nafe of the territory m a bib be Render a squatter or n Oiw words one who without Pem Tim raided in tin lands in Monciv to the in and flute. a a a a tall Weh Fand nmn a min my faint Tufts two or i Kim Jan to Ilia a Montana idiot indie Nti Mallams a id inti Fence and thou of a a Swile of �a4ne�s and care dwelt almost always upon it there were times when his dark Blue eyes became lighted up with uncommon vivacity. His conversation and manners were said by those who bad had an Opportunity of observing them to belong to a rank in society much Superior to that a bib be now occupied but the number a such As were qualified to come a it this conclusion was Bot snug As he studiously shunned society and was Seldom to be met with beyond the limit of the retired Plantation which be cultivated. His wife seemed six or seven years younger than himself and exhibited a combination charms that Are rarely fou Iid United in a single India Ual. In stature she was of middling sice and her form had been moulded with faultless symmetry. Her eyes were Black As the Sloe and were singularly adapted to the expression of every variety of feeling. Her complexion though slightly browned by exposure to the Sun was Clear and transparent and the Rich blood that mantled in her Cheek imparted to them a Hue that out vied the Rose that grew in her Garden. Beside this Lovely woman the expression of whose countenance indicated great sweetness of disposition As Well As intelligence there was another female member of this secluded family apparently about eighteen years of age whom a stranger would have at once recognized by her tall person dignified deportment Auburn locks dark Blue eyes and Tho general and Strong resemblance of her countenance As the sister of the squatter. Of the children the elder about seven years of age partook in a Large degree of his father s characteristics and the younger not quite five was the softened image of Bis Mother s Beauty. An aged negro Domestic named Mungo whom it would be difficult to describe made up the number of the Little family. He was Short Square built Man with a stoop in his shoulders arms of uncommon length and legs on the contrary of very disproportionate Brevity. His face of a deep Black which contrasted oddly enough with the grizzled and close curled covering that surmounted it. Blanched by time to almost Silvery whiteness. His features and indeed his whole appearance partook very largely of the african peculiarities. His forehead Low and full terminating at the Bottom in two Bushy projections which bore Little resemblance to Eye brows beneath rolled a pair of dilated orbs that might in relation to expansion if not brightness have entitled Mungo to Collins s epithet of Quot Moon eyed Quot and these were separated by a nose the growth of which had been altogether lateral fur though it spread nearly half across his face it protruded scarcely beyond. The lips underneath however As if to compensate for the deficiency of Longitude in the nasal member expanded themselves for a Good Inch beyond the usual proportion till the lower one of its own weight curled Over on the Chin presenting to View a Row of substantial Teeth As White As driven Snow. The form of honest Mungo was in every Way deserving of such Quot human face his body from his breast to hips presented the shape of an inverted Cone and it was supported of legs which seemed to have been unequal to the Burden and to have Bent beneath it till the Knees were at least half a Yard asunder. I have been thus particular in describing the appearance of the Sable Domestic because Mungo is about to act a very conspicuous part in the following narrative and i could not forbear being minute in speaking of one who lives so vividly in Ray recollection and who under a skin of ethiopian blackness possessed a heart As warm and faithful As Ever beat in a human bosom. It was in the Spring season of the year that my Story commences. The Brief Winter of the delightful climate in that part of our country in which i place my scene had passed away and the first glance of the genial sunbeams had waked inanimate nature from its Chilly torpor. The Silvery Waters of the Little Stream a bib glided at a Short distance behind the log Cabin i have partially described had cast off their Chain of ice and once More went gurgling and singing on their Way through the Forest. The stately Trees the Oak the Sycamore the Cotton tree and All the thousand varieties which mingle their Many hued foliage in one immense mass of verdure in our Western Woods seemed swelling with conscious life As the South wind dallied around them and All nature began to assume an appearance of Bloom like the Cheek of a Young Maiden when the interval of anxious suspense is past and she hears the amatory declaration of her Lover. Before the cottage the Prairie still wore in wintry appearance for the tall grass that clothed it had escaped the fires which usually kindled either by Accident or design spread Over their surface during the autumn destroying whatever Thoy encounter in their Progress. The withered herbage rustled As the Breeze passed Over it and presented a vast sea of Wavy undulations not unlike those which agitated the bosom of the Ocean. The Forest which fringe the opposite Side was scarcely visible from its distance and seemed to a fanciful View like the dim Green outline which the weary Mariner rejoices to Descry upon the verge of the deep because it Speaks of a termination to his wanderings and is Rife with a thousand heart hoarded associations. In the Little enclosure that surrounded the cottage of our squatter the Forward Flowers and plants already began to Reward the assiduous and delicate hand that nurtured them and the opening buds As they expanded their leaves to Greet the morning Sun eff used a delightful odour on the Breeze As if in grateful return for the care they had received. Such was the state of things on the evening of the delightful Spring Day of which we commence our narrative. The Sun had set in cloudless majesty behind the extensive Forest on the Edge of which waa situated the Cabin of William Wilaon the name by which the squatter was designated and the lengthened shadows of the lofty Trees reached far above the Prairie like the though of age Quot refining towards the the family group was assembled round the door of their Humble dwelling conversing in a tone that seemed to partake somewhat of the Twilight softness of the hour. The mind of the squatter like the Shadow of his own person As a straggling gleam of the setting Sun fell on it stretched itself far Back towards the morning of life and his brow wore an expression which plainly told that the subject of his meditations was not altogether of a pleasurable kind. He sat on the Long step which led to the door of his rude habitation his face partly concealed by Bis band on a bib his Bead was resting. His wife was beside him her delicate army White in the Twilight As the Silvery bark of the lofty Poplar Trees a bib surrounded their Cabin gently wreathed around his neck and her Sweet voice conversing with him in a Low and soothing tone As if desirous to dispel the memoirs that were Throo fing though his mind. Tho sister of William was at a Little diet anon from him engaged in teaching the younger of the boys Buo the elder just beyond the enclosure was playing with a huge Mas tilt called Pompey which Rae to much a pm of the family that i should not altogether omit him in my enumeration. Quot look yonder look Rosdar aunt 8�san&Quot cried the Mer Urchin who was romping in the Prairie Gaea with Tho dog addressing Hon Golf to the sister of the squatter a a look yonder Cone al re blandly to Aee Tho Cheek of the one Edom atrial my it maddened at the annunciation and she turned a Artive glance in the direction pointed out by the merry boy sue Assied by a Dee a Ting Eri Meon on her Kim As she perceived that there wan indeed a travel pm of the prams who had left the red to the settlement beaded Oil my cantering along the path thai m to their be ended abode. William sorted to his feet As the born a nmn it approached for viewing him with a steadier Gase than the timid Eye Koslove dared venture to give he recognized in him not the Welcome visitor whom his Rosy son bad announced but a prying and Pett fogging lawyer who resided in the same Village and who with a degree of impertinent curiosity Peculiar to the lowest members of Bis profession had several times endeavoured to penetrate the mystery a bib shrouded the circumstances of the squatter. Quot curse on the quibbling wre leh Quot be muttered Quot he comes to rack Ray heart again with his Idle questions and make me tremble for the safety of my dreadful secret. Eleanor Quot addressing himself to the gentle being beside him whose countenance had also assumed a saddened expression Quot Eleanor i cannot wait Here to meet Bis inquisitive Eye and answer to Bis wily interrogations. My heart 5f late seems to have lost its firmness and my nerves Are shocked by the most trivial occurrences. I fear that even the deep Solitude of this wilderness country will not Long continue to afford me Quot look not so wildly William Quot replied his wife Quot nor attach so much importance to the Aii Oless curiosity of yonder lawyer. His visit will doubtless be Brief and whatever be his object it cannot be possible that any suspicion Quot Quot do not name that dread a that hateful occurrence Quot said he interrupting or Quot do not name it lest the winds should reveal the secret and i should meet the Fate so narrowly avoided. It is not for myself not on my own account my Best beloved that my heart has grown so feverish and faint. But when i think of you these dear pledges of our love the indelible Ignominy which would fall upon their names and pursue them with a hissing mockery through life i experience a degree of trepidation which is not in the Power of reason to Calm. But no i will not avoid the face of this talking fool i will not hide myself from Bis sight but will rather confront him Eye to Eye and frown the inquisitive Ness of his Petty soul into the object of the squatter s biting remarks bad by this time drawn near to the enclosure. He was a Short thin Man of rather a cadaverous complexion with Blue eyes which turned aside with a Quick and restless expression. His face was lean and wrinkled his nose Long and Sharp and his hair of a Reddish cast closely shaven and combed Down with the utmost precision. In form he was muscular Bis shoulders were Broad and Square and Bis legs which were Clad in pantaloons that fitted tightly to the flesh were Long Bony and disproportion used. On his head he wore a hat which had evidently seen much service for it had been in constant use until not a Fibre of the Nap was Lef and bad acquired from Long exposure to wind and weather a Hue almost As red As the hair which it covered. He was dressed in a suit of coarse apparel which seemed scarcely More modern than the Beaver exhibiting As it did in every seam and indeed in every part of the threadbare surface the ravages of the Brush. As soon As be succeeded in checking the Speed of his horse and breaking him into a gait that allowed him the use of his lungs he cried out in a tone meant to be conciliatory Quot How d do How d do or. Wilson. Glad to see you. Stopped this Way to have a Little pleasant Chat and Bear what news Are stirring. Hope your family is All Quot my family is Well Quot replied Willam Wilson Quot and As for news i have none to communicate that will make it Worth your while to Quot must alight must alight Quot a a Aid the talkative lawyer at the same time getting Down from his Saddle and throwing the bridle Over one of the stakes of the enclosure. Quot have Rode my animal hard and must rest awhile. Can t stay Long going to the upper country to court. Full of business always Busy. Any thing to do in my line Happy to attend to it. Charges i have no occasion for your advice at the present time Quot responded the squatter As be led the Way into the House evidently displeased at being forced to act the part of Host whether he would or the lawyer followed him with a Short Quick step casting a furtive glance around on every article in the apartment he was entering actuated by that intense and restless curiosity which waa one of his strongest characteristics. Quot snug Cabin you have got Here or. Wilson Quot Quot very snug Cabin for a a Blush mounted to the forehead of William Wilson at being thus a courteously addressed by the appellation which he knew was generally applied in the language of the country to persons who like himself had settled on the Public lands but he endeavoured to suppress the emotion As he answered Quot yes or. Facial seven years of incessant toil have collected some few comforts around Mej and enabled me to give some Little appearance of snug Ness to the Interior of my hut. Still however i am Only a squatter without the Means of rendering any suitable to a person of your situation in life and you will excuse me therefore if i do not press you to prolong your Quot certainly certainly Quot said the lawyer who had quietly seated himself in a chair beside the opening that served for the purpose of a window and was already engaged in looking Over a bundle of newspapers that he had drawn from his pocket. It me see what news we have from the eastward Quot continued he and be kept on humming Over the contents of the papers until Bis attention became suddenly More deeply riveted by an article which seemed to possess particular interest. Quot bless my eyes Quot exclaimed be Quot what have we Here a a person taken up on suspicion of being the murderer of Thornton about eight years ago a Aye i recollect the circumstance. I passed through the Village a few Days Afler Woodville made Bis escape it was the talk of the whole country. I am glad they have got the villain. But let me finish the paragraph. He then turned his eyes again upon the passage and continued to Road along in a bumbling and half articulating manner As follows proved on examination not to be the person. By certain circumstances which have recently transpired it is believed that the real murderer is now living in one of the Western states under an assumed name. Measures have been taken to ascertain the truth of this supposition and the governor has issued a proclamation doubling the Reward formerly offered for Bis apprehension. It is thought that be cannot much longer elude the vigilance of the dented the lawyer was Here interrupted by a shriek a Eleanor who trembling in every limb and Pale As a state bad i tinted in the arms of the squatter. From the time that be commenced Reading her attention bad been fastened on Hini with increasing agitation until Ber overwrought mind could no loiter Endore the struggle of her emotions and she had sunk insensible on the bosom of her Hosband. Proa some cause or other probably Enzi Ety occasioned by the Aitu Attoh of his partner William seem also Labouring under deep emotion. The blood ha4<br-Saken his lips and drops of perspiration stood non Hia forehead. His sister Carea com a fitted m rushed into the apartment when the Flint Stream of Eleanor reached her Eari and a she cast a rapid glance around on the Dif Weot or Ariton of Tom fat Milf an Eye skilled in the Lamange of the Cost amp Ance might have detected the so in of Terf to Mali at de and contrary feelings. Ithe whole of amp ranked a scene of conf Ston and i Stream whip worn uhf not adequate correctly to Toana Quot Fitima me 1&Quot Orion Tbs after iii Tow str Kwh Iliof about and Gat Boeuf a it Kia in mme a a his a Ibi t what he to i Dona re . A a it f Atu joint to a Eazor Bow a pm iii wildly around Mutt end afew Noe Law purport of which the lawyer s Quick ears were not Able to glean. Her Senjea however seemed suddenly to Retno to her and rising from the recumbent poet re into which she had sunk and assuming a languid smile she excused herself in a faint voice to or. Facial on the plea of sudden and retired from the apartment. The Law re Quot and Rose to depart Bat not before be bad again unfolded the newspaper and cast another glance Over the Paa Sage which had created such a general sensation. His eyes wandered once or twice from the paper to the person of the squatter and their Little Blue and Ever moving orbs gleamed with something like a sinister expression As if he were satisfied with the result of his scrutiny. Or. Wilson Quot said he m the former followed him to the door it you have been in this country i believe about seven Quot yes sir responded the other in a tone of voice meant to suppress Fri other inquiry. You have a negro Man name Mungo who came to the country with you t Quot or. Facial said the squatter drawing up his tall and handsome person to its full height Quot i do not choose to be interrogated in relation to my private circumstances. From the sudden indisposition of my wife which you have witnessed you must be aware that i have no time to devote to the gratification of Idle curiosity and if you have any thing of importance besides your inquiries you must pursue them into a different Channel. I bid you Good evening the baffled lawyer mounted his horse and turned his Bead towards the Road by which he had lately arrived at the Cabin. I thought you were on your Way to the upper settlement Quot said William in a manner that betrayed considerable anxiety. Quot it i have changed my mind Quot was the Brief reply. It and do you mean to return to Edgarton to night 1&Quot Quot or. Wilson has become the interrogator now Quot responded facial with a Quot but 1 am More communicative than he and answer that i Quot do you expect to ride this Way again soon 1&Quot inquired Wilson with great perturbation. Quot sooner perhaps than you will wish to see me if i May judge by the Courtesy of my present and with these words he clapped spurs to his horse and was soon lost in the Twilight haziness of the distance. As Long As the tramp of the receding hoofs was audible William Wilson continued standing in the door Way of his Humble Cabin in a state of feeling which it would be difficult to describe. Silence had for some time settled again Over the wide and a it Litany Prairie when starting from his reverie he turned with a sigh into the Little apartment where notwithstanding the Peculiar circumstances of his situation he had enjoyed Many Happy hours but where he could scarcely expect to enjoy Many More. Knowledge of Law for families. Lobai. A elation of Man and wife. The effects produced by marriage on the Legal rights of the parties Are important to be known in every family. Inlaw husband and wife Are considered one person and on this principle All their civil duties rights and disabilities rest. The win cannot sue in Ber own name. If she suffers injury or wrong in her person or property she can with her husbands Aid and concurrence prosecute for redress but the husband must always be the defendant. In criminal cases however their relations assumes a new form the wife May in criminal cases be prosecuted and punished. The wife can make no contract with the husband nor the husband with Tho wife this disability is involved in Tho first principle which makes them legally one. But they May contract through the Agency of trustees the wife being under the Protection of the husband. All contracts made Between them before marriage Are dissolved upon that event. The husband cannot convey lands or rent estates to his wife directly but he May Settle them upon Ber through a trusteeship. The wife May release her Dower to his grantee. As it respects the right of bequest the husband can always devise real estate to his wife. Upon marriage the husband becomes possessed of All right and title to her property whether personal or real and at the same time he becomes liable for All debts and must fulfil All contracts made prior to their Union. If the wife die before the husband and there be no Issue his heirs succeed to her real estate. But in Case of Issue the husband remains in Possession of her lands during his life time Only and at Bis demise they go to the heirs of his wife. All debts due to the wife become Afler marriage the property of the husband who becomes invested with the Power to Sua on Bond note or any other obligation to his own and exclusive use. The Powers of discharge and assignment and change of securities Are involved in the leading principle. If he Dies before the recovery of the Money or change of securities the wife becomes entitled to the debts in her own right. All personal property of the wife such As Money goods moveable and stocks become absolutely the property of the husband upon marriage and on his death go to his heirs. Property May be secured to the wife after Ber marriage by the husband provided be be solvent at the time and not made with a View to defraud creditors. The wife cannot demise lands j but any personal or real estate settled upon Ber in Trust she May bequeath or any savings from the property Given to her separate use. The husband is bound to provide Bis wife with All necessaries suited to Ber condition in Hoo and becomes liable for debts contracted by Ber for such necessaries but not for superfluity is or extravagances. The husband and wife cannot be witnesses against each other in civil or criminal cases where the testimony has the least tendency to favor or Jerimi Nate each other. One exception to this role exists where the Law respecting personal safety and life of the wife permits Ber to give testimony again her husband for Ber own Protection. Onto or an Maii have frequently originated in endeavours of the inventors to hide some deformity. Hoope for Inata Aoe to conceal an ill shaped hip rtt flee a Tearon the seek Pei be Large Reeve history does not a Eit Ioir and conjecture might not be dec Eftalie. Patriae Ware invented in the reign of Edward al iqra it who in this manner covered a Wen on or Nadi. Charles Vii. Of France introduced Long a Ohta to hide a pair of crooked legs. Peaked Shoof no two feet Long were invented by the a Titis of Ai to co total a deformed foot. Fun cafe 1. Ina a in fad. From a Roond in Bis head to Wear Aho Whir add Hwier the in Ilion. La Abelia of Bavaria wad of mid of her Beauty and into rinsed the the Nock and should Era a a covered. Shah Wizir. By Amre Adieu Bani Ahod to be Odin Shtald Mulla rom or Elizabeth a Iohp Miniar Nhi Zeaim. The beam Tomt Tey at dim to thai Witk rim i Daihai. Wal a nth in Tai the Tiik Lii in he Oetta. Mem to wit amp film ii ii emf a map Amati. It two Loulli m it m wet hindi a a t0m a Moh fax we a the Peiu it father. Or Aan St in amp Rob. Come hither Elm and Imel in prayer above thy Fether a life leae form a he loved tree Well in an Shine and a Alom. Through Daye of woe Atka weal. His blessings on thy head no More Are Given As Onee they came like gentle Dewa of heaven. Look on that pallid face in wonted smiles Are Camly resting there unbroken by the deep drawn lines of care sorrow Bath left no Trace of furrowed Bil Urness upon the Meek and still expression of that blanched Cheek. Thou scarce canst feel thy Loes. Or know the chilling cares that have begun to Shadow thy Bright pathway gentle one Many a withering Cross May in thy guileless bosom Plant a sting. And to thy Hopes a poisoned chalice bring. How sad the fireside Hearth his Manly form shall never never More Darken the threshold of our cottage door nor the full sound of mirth go up in gladness to the waited Wall for death has entered with his funeral pall. A chair is vacant now a cd Eiful Eye and a contented face have left for Aye their wonted dwelling place and we must Bow a Blessing s gone a Noble form is riven. To Darken this cold Earth and Gladden heaven. The wife s prayer. Hear me of hear me now by the red flush upon thy wasted Cheek. By the deep tracery o or thy marbled brow hear me a Bear with me husband while i speak i be marked thee Day by Day thine hours Are All of anxious vague unrest thine Eye hath caught a Stem unwonted Ray thy lip Bath lost All memory of in jest. This Wakeful ear Bath Beard thoughts nursed by tree in Solitude apart which like the Young of the devoted Bird. Feed on the burning life blood of thy heart. Thy wife Siu Pale besides braces thy child shrinks Back Ai alled from thine pm thy denials Quail before thy Mien of Pride thy very avoids thy altered face of for poor glory s Wreath casting from tree All tenderness and gladness thou track est a phantom on whose fiery a Reata Drieth the Way found Tili thou thirst to madness my prayer is All for tide a my life is thine by our remembered Bliss. By All thy watchful hours of misery. What Meed hath Fame to Render thee for this 1 if thou yet Lovist me hear now while thy feet press Onward to the goal. Turn thee o Tom thee in thy Stem career. And Throat Ibie mad ambition from thy tool woman s love. Nay jest not woman loves not twice her scenes of infancy Are naught when yet a thrown Ber a a a Bright Dice Are trembling a and Ber heart untaught with waywardness and change is fraught believe me woman while a child. Thinks but of love As something new a fleeting Rainbow on the wild the Bud Ahe u that Beld no Dew until a Blossom cup it grew. In girlhood Days she loves All things that live or Bloom on Heath or Sward. In womanhood her being clings to Only one with rapt regard. Her Light of life and great Reward of woman s love when woman grown. Is fix d As is the Polar Star and childish fancies Ever flown a Crystal Well in Cave of spar. Her feelings pure and Loveless Are. Squeezing. How diffident the beaux have grown. In fact they re perfect curls such shameful coldness now is shown. They never squeeze the girls. But females have devised a plan in lieu of these cold elves they now of shame upon you Man wit i Corset squeeze themselves pain tabs , in a picture which represents the israelite gathering manna in the desert has armed the hebrews with guns and a modern neapolitan artist has represented the Joiy family during their journey in Egypt As passing the Nile in a Barge As richly ornamented As that of Cleopatra. Breng helia a dutch Painter in a picture of the a Asur magi has drawn the Indian King in a Large White surplice with boots and spurs a do bearing in his band As a present of the holy child them al of a dutch seventy four. La France has thrown churchmen in their Robes at the feet of on Saviour when an infant and Paul Veronese introduced several among the guest at the feast of Cana. A Painer to the a represented a confessor holding out a pm Cilz to the Good thief who was crucified with our Saviour. Cologiro May not be generally known particularly in this country that Blue vitriol when mixed with Lime forma a very be a to fib As Well As exceedingly cheap colouring matter for Walb. Take Good Lime and Slack it As Nepal one and a half pounds of Blue of Enol Disson the cry tale with boiling water when dissolved mix with the White Wash one Pound a Glne Well dissolved. This should be prepared a a glue pot if mossime to re vent in being wed or Aco nihed. 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Hethel dragged the body to some logs struck by Vielta on the Bead with a club and concealed the Corpse under leaves and rubbish All the time them Genii the other bus that he won id shoot then a mensa dead if they informed what he bad done. He directed the Boya to say that their companion had i Len into the River and Sach was the terror his Kreate sex crud that the boys who were quite Yeatts per Fiat de in the Story that Zap be bad told them for a Antral Days. All the boys were incl agent and Balon a to resp Cuble German families. The trial eau Tod great interest and waa Alt other a Strang Flurr a Cleve. Herald. 8ibovi.mi Baa often been Bearr de that a nah win fit a Tiaa Gei Aad a death the a a a form Aad yet be afraid of it a Impf Cerf my my remark waa Atri kingly oxen Plim in a Moi Ini of Bonaparte a in tia who a a item Hina Elf of Hia Isoo Hilaa Wim it it a Strtt Thiim hew a Fri item a awl ii of a Matew Imit a Wpm hmm Quot Milt ass tine. 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