Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer in Terre-Haute, Indiana
5 Feb 1840

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer in Terre-Haute, Indiana
5 Feb 1840

Read an issue on 5 Feb 1840 in Terre-Haute, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer.

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - February 5, 1840, Terre Haute, Indiana Apps by Swirn Rny my the Wabash a Hwi iii r published a veiny wednesday a a Peakirk with the feb Edom of a k a six bbl Vrba to am or Rob Mem. By o. A. Amp j. P. Volume haute Vigo county ii Diama february 5, 1840� nut tuber it. He Wabash enquirer is published orrery Widne iday of pc of 4lh, Between Walatk and Ohio streets directly East of the court Huaute. Ter dollars per Ankum. Thu dollars and Fly cents will be Recci de if ibid wit Liui eight Usu Nina Lri in the tune of tubs cubing or Vij dollars if paid in Advance of Wilhm four Inonu of. Together a vast concourse of persons from different italian nobility representing him on horseback with it garters to Venice. It May be collected from Man a Lance in one hand and a Book in the other. The u11u� the time in which Crichton gave these Demon same author tells us that Crichton gained the esteem Clra Liob of his abilities was in the year 1580. I of Kings and princes by his magnanimity and know his residence at Venice lie fell into a bad Edge of noblemen by his Cour Liness Breeding and state of a Altai which continued fur the space of four i wit of the Rich by his affability and Good Cointa a no Ditlif. Bet re he was perfectly recovered he went by the advice of his Friend to Padua the wit by of the poor by his munificence and liberality of the old by Hia consistency and Wisdom of the uni of Winch waa a tune in great rep Jyoung by his mirth and gallantry of the Learned t upon i he Day after his arrival there was an As i by his Universal knowledge of the Soldie a by his no a per till All arrearage a repaid a a Inbi of All tue Learned men of the place at the undaunted valor and courage of the merchants and Uii Lejat the option or the i Rouru tur. A Fri lure m of Jacobus Aloysius , when Crichton dealers by his upright dealing and honesty and of notify a di6c it Lin Jance al the end of Lii year will be considered a new . A advertise intents in paper will not be ill Lowed la average More than four columns. Advil re inserted tii rec tunes at one Dollar a Square b line to be continued i rate of 25 cents per Stu ire weekly. Unless tie number of insertions be marked on Itie , when banded in ii will be continued till ordered out and charged accordingly. Adverl Sfez to published by the Qin ter or longer will be charged a. I Quad o $0 fur six month or $1u a . Merchants drug a gifts. And others and Verti it Gay the year will be Cliar de. For two a squares a ,5tt for three squares $ to fur ii inter of a column of 1000 Ems to \ half a column Tiree fourths of a column 1 for a column a year. Advertise inels authorised by statute must be paid for 111 Advance. co Nin to from abroad must be accompanied wit ii the c Stii unless ordered for publication by a brother publisher Fri Osta a must be paid. Ered extempore a which i was conducted wit i such ingenuity and elegance that ins hearer were astonished. This exhibit lion of Crichton s was on the 14th of March is a. He soon Afier api pointed a Day for another Despu Titi onto be held at the Palace of the Bishop of Padua. Not for Atford iii higher proofs of his abilities but in com Liance with the Earnest solicitations of some persons who were not present at the former Assembly. According to the account of Mantius various circuit lances occurred which prevented meeting from taking place but ii Perialis relates i that he was informed by his father who was present on tie occasion that inc Lilii was opposed by mercenaries a famous philosopher and Itiat he Ai quilted himself so Well As to obtain the approx James Crichton. Bation of a very Liono Rable company and even of go Millman w is a native of Scotland Wiio in his antagonist Hia Belf. Till. Caise if a Short life acquired an uncommon de amidst the High applause that were bestowed ree of celeb qty and on account it f ins Exira Niina upon the Genius and attain Neil of the Young scotch re both of mind and body. It bumped tie Nikii still there were some who endeavoured to de a i,.h ii upon Quot the la Rable inc Ilion Quot by Wir Cli Traci Isom ins Merit. For Ever therefore to has continue to. I let a Sling iii5hed to uie pre Jound triese invidious Ca Villers he caused a paper to i d by. Tie thie. F i. Birth is a d by the Gen to be fixed on the Gate of St. John and St Paul s Ern Liiv of writers t i line been in 15ijl but the Earl Church in which ii tiered to prove before the uni of Suomi my a Memoir a Hii to tie i society of anti varsity tint the errors of Aristotle and All his quires at . Assert to lit he was born in the diluted followers were almost inn Merble and Ino Lii of August his fat Iier w is lord adv Itiat like latter had failed both in explaining their Cate. R Sci Iulio in Queen y s Regii fio ii mister s meaning and in treating on Thelong to 1573 his iii Lher the Dali glitter of sir James subjects. Lie promised likewise to Loute Strat was Allied to like i Amily which then tilled tie the dreams of certain professors to dispute in All the sciences and to answer whatever the fair sex by his Beauty in which respect he was a master piece of a Afore. The Rennie in a recent Lee ture at the King s College gave an elaborate account of the liar famed Phi Nix which ought to prove not a Little interesting to individuals trading under the name of Liis Bird in insurance offices Iron companies engine factories stage coaches steam pick a oration in Praise of ignorance ets race horses Coal wharf Coffee houses and in opened the meeting with an extempore Joem in Praise of the City the University and the company who had honoured Hin with their presence after Tiibi he disputed wit ii the Moet celebrated professors on Arious subjects of learning and he exposed in parties or the errors of Aristotle and his commentators wit ii so much solidity and acuteness and at the same tune with so much modesty that he excited Universal admiration. In conclusion he Deli Enumerable other heterogeneous things imaged it May be supposed to derive a mysterious influence from the name of Phoenix. The earliest account of the Phoenix is Given by Herodotus the father of history and has been copied with , a Story Seldom loses in its transmission by Pliny i Tacitus Pom Ponius Mela Orapollo Mariana and other writers. Among the rest our old English writer Bartholomew Grantville As translated by Treviso and printed in Black letter by Dynkin de we rde in 1496, says St. Ambrose in exam Ron say til of the Humour or ashes of Fenix Friseth a Newe Byrds and Weseth and in space of tyme he is clothed with feathers and Wingis and restored into the kind of a Byrde and is the most fairest Byrde that is most like to the Peacock in feathers and Loveth wilderness and Audreth his inmate of clean greenes and fruits. Quot Alanus speak eth of Byrde and Saith that when tiie highest by shop a nays had Buyl ded a Temple in the Citie of Hely poly in Egypt to the Lyke Ness of the Temple of Jerusalem and the Fyrster Daye of easter Whannel he Hadde gathered much Swetley sme Lynge Woode and Sette it on fyre upon the altar to offer sacrifice to All Means sight such a Byrde came soday Nely and fell into the Myddle of the fyre and Brente to ashes in the fyre of the sacrifice and the ashes abode there and was basely kept and saved by the commen Depuente of the Reeste and within three Days of these ashes was bred a Lytle worm that took the shape of a Byrde Atte the Laste and flew into the a Scoull a throne., n i. A James l Ricl Loq is in a d to have received his Gram. Sli Ould be proposed to Hin or objected against him. Count or. Rennie remarked of a worm being iii tical , at Perth and to have studied Jishi All he engaged to do Eitnier in the common log i generated out of the ashes of a sacrifice and after los Ophy at the l a Vertily of St. Andrew.-. His to ical Way or by numbers and Mathei Nalic figures or wards becoming a Bird is precisely of a piece with tor at that uni Verity Wasola Rutherford a m one Hundred sets of verses at the pleasure of his i the methods Given by Virgil and Columella for the pro a or at that t Ine famous for his learning and opponents. According to Mantius Crichton sus i generation of bees from dead carcasses which orig it in Gulf Allej win iii four Arista int d contest without fatigue for three Days j mated in an imperfect knowledge of the natural his Totle s logic and a coining iary on ins poetics during which time he sufi ported his credit and tory of insects As i have explained at length in according to a idus Mantius w i of Cali Clinion m i inia ined his position with such credit and ener i ii act transformations while the a Spearance of a first Cou iii to the King lie w instruct i a til by that he obtained from an unusual concourse of Bird alighting on the altar must have obviously Ilio in i Jerry by Ljusi Hawaii he i Beni and Kobertz on As w i Ris by Lull Erfurd and he had dec inc by a Rived at that Lenl Elk year of his age when he Iid gone through the whole Circle of tiie sciences and could speak and write to pert cd on in la n diff rent language. Nor had he neglected vue Orn line Nilal Lral Che of education for he Irio in no cd.inself, to the i Guiett i Gree in Riding Dan ii and sing eng and was a i error Iier on a a of in Bird alighting on the altar people unbounded praises and acclamations. I Arisen from some Eagle or vulture pouncing upon the from Padua Crichton set out to Mantua where j carcass of the animal a circumstance i there happened to be at that time a Gladiator who.id foiled in ins travels the most skilful fencers in Europe and had lately killed three who had entered the lists with Liun in that City. The Duke of Mantua was much grieved at having granted Man Hilt Protection As he found it to be attended with Jack Brown Jack Brown who was a Sailor once and sailed with Gallant Porter was sitting in a Porter House. Escaped from storms and Slaughter on water he had lived but now he lived on rum and Vaier. When Midnight struck it a Ruca the Host that Jack was Corn do he said a tis time. Jack Brown for honest folks you know to be a bed and rogues about their business so please to go a head said Jack since you Are coming to the pi�/1 guess i la go but 1 must have another Gill my spirits Are so Low a for every Jack must have his Gill the proverb says you know then Eaid the landlord or Brown tis Plain you re getting Blue and your account is running Large therefore if now i do give you the stuff next time look Sharp to bring the Blunt with you then Jack , and tumbled out and Down the Hill did run he never rep erf so much before. Though yarns he Oft had spun the sky Hung out false lights for he saw two tor every one. He Canie unto a Brook o or which was placed a log or rail thought Jack it is a dangerous Feu and if my feel should fail i la surely kick the bucket and he turned a Little Pale. He looked into the running Stream which set his brains agog for though a Sailor to alas he could not keep the log he reeled and tumbled in the Brook a Tumbler full of Oroo i Jack Brown was done he quickly took a stealing voyage where there was a mighty Waterfall. So High would make you stare and Jack went Down the rapids Quick o. What a fall was there next Fly a Crowner s quest was held. The evidence to hear and on the books in words like these. The verdict doth appear. That a water with a drop too Mich had brought him to his Bier Daniel s whig suit when Dan seas o or surveys the clothes. With which the whig gics have arrayed him a smile will Light his visage grim at thought of what a fit they be made him. Thus his Soliloquy will run Quot my person sure the whigs bewitched they be furnished me with suits before but not with such a pair of breeches Quot quack despise All sorts of nuisances and none Laore decided than the Fuu ome trash concerning Patent Medici yes which is numbering up tue columns of the Public prints. We Uke about thirty exch Ngen and out of the whole number we cannot pick Jive in which whole columns of stuff have not weekly appeared for years there is a it a. A vans s us Othiol syrup for Quot mewling puking babies Quot Brandreth s pills to cure All diseases from horse distemper to sore toes sterry a Howe s and Kittredge s tooth warm and hair Medicine a warranted to preserve keep clean and Whiten the Teeth and we suppose to give them an Edge to Mast Cate Worms and Chew quids of hair Palmer s Tuoth paste to plaster up cavities and give vigor to the growth of the Teeth increasing the Quantity and decreasing the value of Ivory and rendering Fine Combs so ctr Aap As to be within the Means of All who have no one to look their pates for a certain purpose Kingley spills to cure the gout East Rheum and stammering in pigs and puppies Bingham s pulmonary Balsam a cart Load of which is supposed to have snob client weight to kill a Beetle Bug or dislocate the joint of a Chicken an improvement upon the latter from our own Vicinity Gallons of which is calculated to weigh considerable and if applied Quot according to order Quot to be capable of preserving onions from Worms apples from pain and cucumbers from hydrophobia the Tomato pills Are the Brok cite tech. One Day in the in onto of june m poor san Burnt Sailor with but one leg As Biog along bet pfad. Who a his Coj Toelk broke in in lil a a of a iced to crawl on Bis hands and Knees to Tbs Side of to Road and sit Down to wait f Sirtom coach or cart Canneil whom Riverse to Fos amp Kymn up. The first that passed that Way was the stage coach but the Man who drove it was a poly femur and he would not help the Sailor n not be paid for it. Soon after the tired Sailor fell fast us cup up on the ground and though a thick Shower of Radii came on yet still to slept for sailors when on Board of their ships have to Bear All sorts of Wedll or. When the wind blows the Waves of the sett often dash Over Tho deck of the vessel and wet the poor men to the skin while they Ilfe pulling the ropes and shining the sails. I when the lame Sailor awoke he Fot hid a boy i coat and Waistcoat Laid on Bis Bead and keep him from being wet and the boy sit by in his shirt sleeves trying to fiend the broken Crutch with two pieces of Wood and some Strong twine. A a my Good lad a a said Tho Sailor Quot Why did you pull off Yoiiro clothes to keep me from being wet a a Quot Quot of said he Quot i do not mind the rain but i thought the Large drops that fell upon your face would awake you i and you must be sadly tired to sleep so sound also a grand specific i they have a vast concen upon the ground see i have almost mended four rating Power capable of drawing both fools and coppers around them and if they could be applied in a manner where their vast Force might be exerted at once Many suppose they would draw the old and new worlds together and play tote very Devil with the big steam ships a mrs. Gardner s Indian Balsam for coughs in ganders and colds in goblets deepening the Vermillion in the head of the latter and toot of the former and giving their feathers a direction towards the Tail a grand specific decidedly. Jewell s pills a German Medicine if Given to hens Are said to impart a Fine Cross in the Breed and Render the outer coating of their eggs very hard and capable of being converted by great heat into Quick Lime of a Fine Quality and giving to the Yolk a Beautiful yellow Hue and so on through a Hundred of others to the matchless Santive for the cure of knot holes in Hei Loek boards the cramp in Bumble bees and rheumatism in bedbugs a whig and a gis. . I. Lit Abro id up i a it visited l and. To Urnari ius he , and is Sudato hive of Ine Tonii fractions it that pice the full of ing account in Given a he a Iuie i a in Pla cards to be fixed in All tie Gill a of tiie Sci you Hiilis. And College of the University and Ltd Ili the ii irs and posts before tie Luses belonging to to if in isl Renov Ned literary characters in that qty ,t-11,g All tii Ose Wiio were Well versed in any Art or m Einice. To do a Ute a la him in the College Navarre Ihm Day weeks by n be o clock in the in orning. A Lippi he would attend item and be ready to answer to whatever thi did be promo Ted to him in any Art or science Aid in imy of these twelve i Tongu Ives he Luw syriac .\r.�ijc, Reck lit Asp inish French Lallian. Al , dutch Memi hand ii livonian and a Kihei in worse or prose at the Discore Linot the Disputant. During the intermediate time instead of cd sely applying to his studies As might have been expect cd. He att tided to nothing Bui Hunting to kiting. Tilting Iuit no rid iii tossing the a be hair it ii iii the , and ii r a military a cat or lie employed Liim Selt in dome Suc .es, such As biil.-, concerti of iii sic vocal and , cards Dice Betinis and the like of youth. cond jct so provoked the students of the u Sivc it Ity thai beneath the placard which was fixed at Uch consequences. Crichton being informed of his concern oif it Rcd his services to drive the murderer not Only from m ii Itna but Hmidi tor a i.tn Pistoles. T willing to expose such an accomplished person to so a vast Deal of great a Hazard yet relying on the report he had been expended in other views. This account be ii urd of ins in Delial teals lie agreed to the proposal strongly corroborated by an anecdote Given by Bruce and the time and place being appointed the Liole the traveller of an Eagle Gyp etus Barbarus Storr c Ort attended to behold the performance. At the i in the very country where the Phoenix was said to beginning of the com Brit Crichton stood Only upon appear d Irving Down while his party were dining his while the italian made his attack with m the open air and carrying off a part of their Din Sulci eagerness and fury that he began to be fatigued. Ner. It is Farl crr remarkable that Bruce says of Crittl Itomi seized the Opportunity of attacking genuine Phoenix As we May Call it that Quot the his a Fig Ini a in return Winch he did with so much feathers of the belly and breast were of a Gold color Quot dexterity and vigor the it he ran him through in three i which might almost pass a or a translation of Pliny s different places s it thai he immediately died of his of the ancient Phoenix. Or Rennie wounds. Let ii occasion the acclamations of the exhibited a specimen of Bird to a numerous a Specula is were loud and extraordinary and it Zience whom the curiosity of the subject had at Vas acknowledged by Alloi them that Illey had never traded to the lecture seen Art Grac or nature second the precepts of should imagine of occasional occurrence when altars were situated in the open air and which in Greece or Rome instead of the Bird s being considered a the English Langu be pc unix would have been hailed As an avatar if i it of aware of Ibe entire change May borrow Brahmi Nical term of Jupiter him it a English language in a few centuries. Inno self 1 hat such were the circumstances which in a a a amendments Are of Ontina Illy being la processor time were worked up into the fabulous a a a Many parts of it becoming obsolete. Art in so striking a manner As on that Day. To Crown Tho glory of the action Crichton bestowed the prize of his Victory on the widows of the three generally a Cage of Canary Birds at his window has persons who had lost their lives in fighting with his twice had it broken by Hawks darting at the Birds antagonist. In both cases the Hawks were taken. Another Hawk it is asserted tint in consequence of and his killed himself the other Day by striking at a pane of other wonderful Peri romances the Duke of Mantua Glass in the conservator of the Royal Lodge in made Choice of him As preceptor to his son Vincen i Windsor Grant Park while endeavouring to seize a Tio de Ion Ziga who is represented As being of a i j Robin which had accidentally flown into it. Now Rotous temper and a do Solute life. The api ointment these Hawks Are to a Bird whigs every one of them Arre Gate they in the the follow no words if you was highly pleasing to the court. We Are told that and great advocates for corporations of Burgess i with to Moe with .s Mon it tei of perfection the Crichton to testify his gratitude to his friends and a gone on which they make Many a profitable in readies Way to find him is to inquire for him at the to Conin Nule to their diversion com counter. There is a quary in Bolton eager to tavern or House of ill posed a comedy in which he exposed and ridiculed nevertheless when the Tun arrived cr. All the weak and faulty sides of the various employ ton apr eared at the College of , and Acque Ted Rne la in which men Are engaged. This was re himself beyond expression in tiie Disimo Lazion. Which Garden As me of tie May i ing iii us satires that eve lasted from nine o Clork in the morning till in at or was made upon Mankind. But the most astonish night. At Ien Gih the , after Hin iii part of the Story is that Crichton sustained if Leighly for the Many rare and excels it which god and iia Tuie had bestowed a ii him Rose. A have no doubt the purpose of presenting in Otje View the from Italy and to Hight and it appears to me that is the Only plausible changes which the language has undergone we be Hough the Duke was in and rational explanation Winch can be Given though. The lord s As in example. The follow learn Itig and no Little ingenuity has in version is Joa Uia Sozo i of about the year 875, and is ascribed to King Alfred Fader ure thu the Earth on he Ornum is thin Nama Geha god to be come thin Rice Genu the thin Willa on Worthan Swa Swa on he Ornum Urne be Dagh Wallican Pluf style us to Dag and f Gryf us ure Glytas Swa Swa we Forg Faith drum Gyl Wendum and be Gladde thu us on cos Nung As Alyse us of Yale by Pope Adrian in rhyme about 1156, ure Fader in Heavenrich thy name be halted Ever Lich Thow bring us thy Michel Bliss als hit in heaven a do Evar in Yearth been it also that holy bread that last eth a thou sent it us like Day forgive us All that we have Don. As we Forg Iveth och other Mon be let us fall into no bundling a shield 0u8 fro the Foule thing amen. English of the \2th Century. Oure Fader that Art in Yevenes Hale id be thi name thy kingdom come to be thi Wille do As in Hevene and in Erthe Goff to us Day War Brode Over other substance Crutch which i found broken and if you can lean on me and Cross yonder Field to my Ancle s farmhouse i am sure he will get Doit a new Crit a. Pray do try to go there. 1 wish 1 was tall enough to carry you on my the Sailor looked at Hira with tears in his eyes and said when 1 went to sea five years ago i Lef a boy behind me and if i should find him. Sach a Good fellow a you seem to be i shall be Happy As the Day is Long though i have lost my leg and must go on crutches All the rest of my what is your son s name to Quot the boy asked. Tom White Quot Eaid the Sailor and my Nain is John when the boy heard these names he jumped up threw his arms around his neck and said Quot my dear dear father i am Tom White your own Little boy Quot How great waa the Sailor s Joy to meet his own child and to find him so Good to tii Ose Viii a i wanted help Tom had been taken care of thief Uncle while his father was at sea and the san Ramt lame Sailor found a Happy Home in the farm a fuse dictionary. As i eat ye.�? derivation is at once ominous and striking. There can be no Bonds of i of his brother and though he had now a new Crutch Union or Community of feeling without similarity of he kept the old one As Long a he lived and showed action and daily practice. That is if you wish to it to All strangers who came to the farm As a proof be social with me As i do so shall you. If you would cultivate my society so As 1 eat yes or in More words your habits of acting feeling and thinking must be like mine. Some take word from to at i at Tea. Of the kind heart of his dear son Tom. In our ago there is too Little of that i toral cd Drage which dares write out the thoughts of men As they exist. We want that spirit which will guard us you in at Tea is the derivation i against the smiles of flatter and the frowns of Cen of word k need scarcely be said that it originated at old women s Tea parties Aud its Force and Meining Are obvious. Sure and then dare to act and think As be cometh men let the world approve those thoughts and actions or not what could Martin Luther have a Neer a Bill owe never a Bill or complis hed had he not been possessed of that spirit never owe a Bill. That is Nevor contract one or which dared All opposition and which booked All p3y it As soon As reasonably due. The insults that were heaped upon him 1 what from farther end whence came could those patriots of the revolution jilt be acct Rii the great is the eagerness of these Birds in Pursuit of their prey that a person who has Bounce on the Pige onry some of them Are called overseer Hawks Secretary Hawks treasurer Hawks commissioner Hawks amp a. The commissioner Hawk has taken his flight to other game professing his conscience won t allow of his stay where to Little is to be done. The others remain. The overseer has teen characters in tie representation of his own play been stunned by darting at some yellow Birds Call among the rest he act a the divine the lawyer the de sovereigns in an Iron Cage. He has it is thought so damaged his Bill that he can never take another English chronicle the rare widow a in the churchyard of Edington in county May be seen a Humble Tombstone erected a Tew years ago to the memory of or Morgan of Tinh cad by his aged and affectionate widow and upon which she caused some lines from his chair and accompanied by four of Itie pm Soldier and the physician with such inimitable intent professors of the iii verily gave him a Dia Grace that every time he appeared upon the theatre Inonu Reg and a purse full of Gold As a testimony of he appeared to be a Dit Erent person their respect and admiration. The whole ended from being the Clor in a comedy a nil the repealed acclamation a and Huzzah of the ton soon became the sul inject of a dreadful tragedy spectators and henceforward our Young i Plant one night during the carnival a he was walking was called Quot the admirable Crichton Quot it is added through the streets of Mantua and playing upon his that Fco Little was he fatigued with his exertions on guitar he was attacked by half a dozen people in occasion that he went the very next Doy to the masks. Tjie Assai lungs found that they had no or to be inscribed to perpetuate the remembrance of louvre where he had a match of liking an exercise diary person to Deal with for they were not Able to j his Worth. Having lived together for nearly half a then in great Vogue and in presence of a great num maintain their ground against him. Having at j Century in the enjoyment of uninterrupted happiness Ber of ladies and of Tome of the princes of the Lenglin disarmed the Leader of the company the Latte their separation was of course so much the More French court carried away the ring fifteen times pulled Oft Quot his mask and begged his life telling him painful. To alleviate the sorrows of her disconsolate Frucce Srully. That he was the Prince his Pupil. Crich on immedi-1 Liepart she not Only inscribed the name of her de we find him about two years after display of utely Tell upon his Knees and expressed his concern i parted husband upon the Tomb Stone but added Lis Ulene at Rome where he affixed a placard for Liis mistake ail edged that what he had done &Quot.\l80 Grace his wife who died Quot a leaving Blank in All tie conspicuous Piacek of the City m tie Fol was Only m ins own defence and that if Gonzago had the Date of her own death the wags and boys of the lowing Termi Quot we. James Crichton of Scotland Sny Des in upon his life he might always he master place frequently annoyed her by filling up the Blank will ii user extempore any that May to of it. Then making his sword by the Point he pre i by adding Quot still alive Quot As soon As she hears that in a Niy Vicli abounded , seated it to the Prince who was irritated at being tiie bunk has been filled she marches off rain or bold Challenge could not escape the ridicule of a Pas will All he attendants that he instantly ran Shine to Edington a distance of two Miles and Guinade. It is said however that being Nowise Crichlon through the heart with a wet flannel which she carries with her care Dicou rigged he appeared al the tune and place a various have been the conjectures concerning the fully effaced the offending letters and then returns Point Etc and that in presence of the to in Many motives which could induce Vincentio de Gonzago with fresh and endearing recollections whose cardinals Bishops doctors of divinity and professors to be guilty of to brutal and ungenerous an action in ail the sciences he exhibited such wonderful a Onie Bave a scrip a it to jealousy asserting that be proofs of his Universal knowledge that he excited no suspected Crichton to be More in favor than himself Lem Surprise Thau he had done at pans Boc Almi with a lady whom he passionately loved while oth however who was a litre at Rome give a somewhat a a ers with greater probability represent uie whole different account of the matter. According to that transaction As the result of a Drunken frolic and it is writer the Pasqui Nade made such an impression up Uncertain according to imperialism whether the meet on him that he left the place where he had been so ing of the Prince and Crichton was by Accident or Gros y afro cited As to be put upon a level with Jug j by design. It is however agreed by a that Glens and Muyot Beauks a ton lost his life in rencontre. The time of his de l rom Rome Crichton proceeded to Venice where cease is said by the generality of Bis biographers to be contracted an lot Waie Friendship with Aldus i have been in the beginning of july 158o, but lord Mantius. Laure Titius Massa Speron s it Eronia Jo-1 Buchan fixes it in the same month of the proceeding Hannes Donatus and various usher Learned Peri tons year. The common accounts declare that he was killed in the t2d year of his age but imperialism asserts that he was Only in his 22d year at the period far end Friend. From an ancient custom of a Rich Man s arranging his guests at Bistable first his relations then his companions and at , end of the table All those who visited him out of Mere respect love of admiration of Hin and his Good living. Hence called by the waiters far ends and finally by another contraction Rio Miil. cheer at the table not As some will have it chair cd the table As if the cruel and heartless used to compel the poor to eat on the floor while the kind and benevolent gave them a chair at polished had they not been possessed of that nor a courage and righteous Independence which pfc claimed themselves no longer the slaves of others but ready to act for them settee and in the a it tit Freedom men Are too sensible to the Siitia Alhi of to ref world to act independently and we see most men before they perform any great action ask themselves not Only is it rights it just Bat How will the world receive it ? and they to no a if their words and actions to the world Aud not to their own feelings and judgments. This is wrong Elan is the slave of slaves. The table fun were thence called charitable. We Ashly degrading by wrong and he who acts upon it think its derivation is rather cheer at the table from the fact that the truly benevolent arc never satisfied till they have Given the indigent and starving the Means of obtaining All the comforts of life. A Man buried in a Coal Coal mine of or. Neff near Frostburg fell in yesterday. A Miner who was at work at Tho time was enclosed by the falling of the Earth. He immediately commenced digging out and persons on the outside also began to dig in towards him. The Earth to be removed was j a Cia ally to Quot impress the fused to Otto of Quot the Diamond Quot thirty or forty feet in extent but the caving As it of with powerful apparatus i also melted two a a the flame compound Gas blow pipe we perceive a Power almost Irreg Ieti in. The late or. Clarke informed me that he had no less than an ounce weight of Platinum in d state of perfect fusion in it. With it i enc ended in fusing the Diamond which seemed to be As completely liquid As a globule of Oil when acted on by a minute Stream of air and the Jet of flame seemed to whom to presented several poems in commendation of the City and University. At length he was introduced of doge and Senate in whose pre of that tragical event and is confirmed by the Oble Feuce be Nakade a speech which was accompanied i Man just mentioned. With soc eloquence and such Grace of person and of Muir. That he received the thanks of that Illust i Oua body Sod oot Biag but pro diff of nature was talked of through the whole City. He likewise held disputations on the a Lii a of theology philosophy us Natchev Ratics Man the Omic a nine Pra a a Vimini urge Nwihim i of pm Oplt. His re Puutio was so Grett that v�9ire of so Biog him brought Crichton s tragical end excited a very great and general lamentation. If sir Thomas Urquhart is to be credited the whole court of Mantua went into mourning for him three 4iuarters of f year the epitaphs and elegies composed upon hot death would a exceed if collected Ibe Bulko Homer f works and for a Jong Tom Aller wards hot Pietura was to by Iwaya in most of lbs bed Bamben and fun Riet of the body lies Low in the cold and silent Independent. A Sailor s England lately w. Gibson aged seventy eight died at Gainsborough Union work House he had fought under Nelson in most of the Battles As Captain of the on his de the bed he afforded a striking proof of that fear naught spirit which tenanted the breasts of the heroes of the Nile Trafalgar amp a. Being is extreme pain he observed to the master of the work House that it was Quot hard times after being in so Many engagements to have to die in to lingering Uia Saer be was dying. Or. John so Obj a rvs a that be thought it much better to die a natural Date than a Battle As it afforded a Man time to repent. Quot repeat of claimed the old tar Quot Quot when a Man dim in Battle he goes so Quick that he gets to hat a before the Devil knows he is dead Quot a a on Luil Linar who unit clued % Bill of goods in new York and wished to a div a the bout of their ate arrival direct of a fat twp a to Tho Lollor Andros my John o a r i f 0 Smith. Traci la to Tarigo Noam Good a in Omi mfr. Good for a Yaoko ii Uimer. And forgive to us our Dettis As forgiven to Oura detours and lede us not into temptation but do love us to Yvel. Amen that is so beit. English of 1.378�?from Wick ifs translation. Our Fader that Art in heavens hollowed be thy name thy kingdom come to be thy will done in Erthe As in Hevene Geve to us Day our bread Over other substance and forgive to us our Dettis As we forgiven to our letters and Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil amen. English of 1430. Our fair that Art in Yevenes Hal wide be thi name thy kingdom come to thee be thy will Don in Erthe As in Hevene give to us Day Oure bread Over other substance and forgive to us our Dettis As we forgiven Oure detours but deliver us from Ivel. Amen. English of 1528�?f Row tin Davs to amid Ion our father which Art in heaven hallowed be thy name let thy kingdom come thy will to fulfilled As Well in Earth As it is in even Geve to us Daye our Dayly bred and forgive us the Dettis As we forgiven Oure letters and Lead us nor into temptation rut deliver of from Evylln for Thyne is the kingdom and the Power and Tho glory for Ever the value of National education is duly appreciated in Iceland where p servant is Perini Ted to marry who cannot Reed or write. Tho inhabitants in these Northern Region Are almost id dark Escor confined to their habitations the f Raptor Mirt of the Winter by ans and find much Solace or am wat in Mioff for their own Radii look Ion Fri r the Modt of the a re Oiher if Thiol it iii Williw to Foft a Vokt inf com i in ski ter wards a it geared did not extend so tar As to prevent the free working of the Miner. Of course the utmost anxiety was Felt for his Fate which was much increased by the Earth again falling in at the very moment to had been reached by those on the outside the Earth now fell All around him leaving him hardly room to move fortunately however but Little More than a foot of Earth time shut him in from Day Light and was soon removed. The Accident occurred at about one o clock in the Day and it was ten o clock before the Man was got tit. The desperate Energy with which he worked to Rescue himself May be inferred from the fact that of thirty or forty feet of Earth to be removed he though working at great disadvantage dug through nearly one half of it. I am glad to say that he suffered no injury from the Patriot. Quot god save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."�? pious ejaculation which terminates the executive proclamations for fast and thanksgivings had its origin in the spirit of loyalty to Tho King which existed during our colonial history. The Boston transcript publishes a copy of the proclamation for thanksgiving issued in 1752, by gov. Phipps then commander in chief in and Over his majesty s province Massachusetts Bay in new after recommending to join supplications and praises to god and urging them to abstain from labor the proclamation terminates with a god save the King Afler allegiance to great Britain was thrown off and a governor elected by the people officiated the King was dropped and the expressive petition of god save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was substituted. It always thrills through the heart of every True child of the a old Bay state Quot Quot gentility is neither in birth manner nor fashion but in mind. A High sense of Honor amp determination never to take a mean advantage of another and an adherence to truth delicacy and politeness towards those with whom you May have dealings Are the essential and distinguished characteristics of a gentleman. A singing master while teaching his pupils a i felted by a brother of the tuneful Art. Tha visitor observing Tuia chorister pitched Bis take Voe Auy a id Quot sir do you not use a pipe 1&Quot no sir Quot with Sut Ohrablo Gravity replied some prove whew Quot heralds into a Limpid mass. The flame in instrument is probably solid from the close Contact of the inflammable matter and the supporter of the combustion. The principle has been made Sot 8erv-ient to a most valuable purpose namely Tho measurement of the base of the Triangle in the grand trigonometric al Survey of the British Isles. Lieut. Drummond first suggested application of intense Light obtained from chemical a Eaffy. A Wiit his Experiment made in the Tower of London a Ball of calcined Lime surrounded on All sides with minute jets of flame was propelled on the Centre to Ball of quicklime by As so Many Radii converging towards a Centre. An of Lacer of the Royal engineers says Light was seen from one of the mountains of Morne in Ireland a distance of 6u Miles. For the Light House and night Telegraph signals seems pre eminently calculated the intelligence might have reference to its periodic duration and on Flange and safely lamp. The abuse of following Beautiful extract is from a lecture delivered before the new York mercantile Library association in March 18.39, by Rev. George w. a recent visit to the u. S. Mint. I observed in the Gold room that a rack was placed Over the floor for us to tread upon and on inquiring its purpose was answered that it was to prevent the visitor from car it Ryin away with the dust of his feet the Init test particles of the preciou3 Metal which Sci Ite of the utmost care would fall upon the floor alien the rougher edges of the a was filed and that the sweepings of the budding saved thousands of dollars in a year. How Nauch Niobe precious the Moat minute fragments of time and yet How often Ara the trodden upon like Duat by thoughtless Noss and Lbw Lyl Quot we notice by an old paper Pumie hed 40 years ago that by Tho then Gotti tuition of new Jersey Quot in Marr Tod women and widow a Oft at state who were of full age and Wei Wurtlin dollars Clear eat Ator had a right Lovoto in All Noil a a than Twe itly a printers Loti their Uvea at Fannin s Maas Oil via print Fra al ways among Tho Firat to dip Ioto any affair where Lim la he i too of therm Ion �0a>�r m old a it Tho Yosco of Gap Wizot jew Idaho he i >1 i iii in in iii i i Ria his Erk Limo pm tour my mme in Imam a a when rally Thom try thi time to it a my Aole a Good \ True a of Eirien can never indulge resentment against aft Stivale fictive feelings or proof Iaggi toward the Walter sex Are unworthy or unpardonable. The utmost that is allowable Weott wrong i it i Oil them is the Samplo exposition of truth aeon it Nied by regret and entire resignation or gems nos forbearance As far to to Saint Leonsis Montiy iter strict self def oae. Sare Amii Oblo Qiyi Niort a tto Yanco or Rove vgo of any kind Are Apugo aut a a Manly character or a a Fhi Alvrous and High a Nin Dutt spirit. Co Monument proud sea in Jenme measure those Elf feet which he a Ich Mitt usually Naori Hee to what Ito a but tip it Ittoop Herne 9tvt�\ aim if it Pooh 4iot Ortof Rivolta Altinea my Amo Thrig of i at a Pihir Thod Tsitri of Thoai w a a Thot Rem Matin Dis out to Todd a Ort of Franr a intal in a by or a a Tuno it Makaa him Oas quador then. A if f . Tif Imi a a a Tami

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