Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer in Terre-Haute, Indiana
16 Dec 1840

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer in Terre-Haute, Indiana
16 Dec 1840

Read an issue on 16 Dec 1840 in Terre-Haute, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer.

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - December 16, 1840, Terre Haute, Indiana a. A a Prim of the Wabash Iblis had every wednesday. R. A 8peakiko with try pub Boom of a Mam Ullin Aud bites of is George a. Conj a. Volt Tine haute yoga county Indiana december 16, 1840� St the Wabash enquirer 1$ published Cowery wedge Day Jogie on Alk Between Walatk and Ohio Street directly East of the court House. R. ,. A t. Exclaiming Quot mercy o More hastily retired. Two dollars per annul in and j Quot inform a trl aim. Vance. One Dollar will be received for six moot be and fifty cent for three months. Five dollars in Advance will pay for three years or for three papers for one year. A new club subscribing for this the stranger heaved another heavy sigh. Are you dumb sir asked Harry. The stranger Shook his head. A what ails you speak the stranger heaved another heavy Sih and retired. Poor unfortunate gentleman exclaimed Harry. A what a Vixen this mercy must be a fury incarnate prospering in Satin Petticoat. I Trish i was a thousand Miles off turning again he beheld one of the wildest one year. Paper when All Are sent to one address it will be prettiest most Good natured looking Little Flower girls he had Ever encountered who dropped a modest Courtesy and was passing Onward when Harry caught her apron and asked her what her name was ? Kathleen if you please sir repeated the girl. Kathleen the Flower girl if you please who gathers blossoms from Hill to Dale for the gratification of her customers. Will you buy Here arc the lillies but they Are for the gentle and the Good am i not Good asked Harry. Law no you re a Man. Here is a heart Furni Edas follows for 6 copies for 12 copies for 20 copies for 40 copies and in the Zaoie $10,00 20,00 30,00 60,00 proportion for a greater number. The Cash always to by paid in Advance. Advertisements inserted three times at one Dollar a Square 8 lines to be continued at the rate of25 cents per Square weekly. Unless the number of insertions be marked on the manuscript when banded in it will be continued till ordered out and charged accordingly Nolan a poor but beauteous peasant whom i adore sir Maurice expressed a wish to Teo the charmer and Perceval promised to bring bar the next night. But he added be sure and keep mercy out of the Way for she would laugh at me and the next evening the charmer was conducted into a Little private parlor at sir Maurice of More a and there the Lover the lady and the baronet spent a very pleasant half hour. Perceval had made sir Maurice acknowledge that Kathleen was More Beautiful than his Daugul ter mercy though sir Maurice qualifying the admission by declaring it to be his opinion that to had seen mercy when she used to dress her hair in a profusion of ringlets look quite As Beautiful As her rival. But Perceval insisted that it was quite impossible that mercy could look like Kathleen or talk so fascinatingly As Kathleen or be half so loveable As Kathleen. And then it occurred to the Lover that it was time to depart and he said As much but Kathleen did not stir from her seat. We come Kathleen at last he said we must advertisements pub Shelby the Quarter or Long Case for the forlorn Lover will you buy and go j her will be charged 3 a Square $6 for six months Here Are some pretty tulips do you love tulips o no not just yet she replied in a tone or $10 a year. Your two lips of All the world my pretty More fascinating than any thug Perceval had merchant druggists and others advertising by Kathleen Ever before heard even from her lips and run the year will be charged for two squares $15,50 a Lai cried the girl blushing and simpering Ning her fingers Over the strings of mercy s Harp for three squares $20 for Quarter of a column of Ishey May suit you for you Are As Bright As that stood near her she played one of the na-2000 eras $2r> half a column three Fourt Lif Butterfly i tonal melodies with such delightful expression of a column $63 for a column $<5 a year. A Butterfly exclaimed Harry i that Perceval seized her hand and kissed it a Percival. A Why no not quite As pretty was the reply. He my dear wench said Harry. I should like to be better acquainted with you should you indeed Well that s very kind for no body thinks of any pretty girl now but mercy o More. I was once a Beauty sir Are you not still still still most Beautiful a that s flattery said the girl. But the Young men All thought the same once. Before Dently cried aloud that he was the happiest i Man in the world and sir Maurice said that he j ought to be. I you do love me a Little asked Kathleen Archie i love you cried Perceval to destruction to madness then said Kathleen suppose we ring the Bell and let sister Florence come in to witness our happiness what cried Perceval. What echoed sir Maurice. Kathleen removed the clustering curls from miss mercy came into the neighbourhood i was the loveliest happiest and the gayest of girls. _ every body envied me for i was universally be her Cheeks and brow and displacing some Marks loved. I had then Twenty lovers and a half which she had pencilled upon her countenance real ones too a was discovered to be no other than mercy o Twenty and a half cried Harry. Imore herself who had hit upon this method of yes. The half one was Cormac o Cassey winning the heart of the Man she loved. A very Good natured bit of a Man rather tender Here sir touching her forehead nature creating him had made a slight mistake and transferred the soft place from his heart to his head. He never told his love but Only used to squeeze my hand when he bought a Posy and sighed shockingly of dear and did that merciless mercy Rob you of All these ? a she did. From her it is very strange said Harry Perceval that for her capricious smiles they should have forsaken the pretty Kathleen in t it sir there must have been some witchery in it for they All of them on their need we add that the Bell was rung in compliance with Kathleen s request and that Florence came in to witness the happiness of her beloved sister and that mercy relinquished her right and title to the ancient and honorable name of o More within a month at the nuptial altar advertisements authorised by statute must be paid for in Advance. Advertisements coming from abroad must be accompanied with the Cash unless ordered for publication by a brother publisher. It postage must be paid. Mercy o More or love Rogu eries. A breathing creature was mercy o More. From the giant causeway to Cape Clear from Conn Emair to the Hill of Howth you would not meet with such another dear delightful Clever captivating Darling. All the boys of High estate and Low estate Rich and poor acknowledged the fascinations of miss mercy and no one was Ever known to be thrown into any other than an ecstatic state when miss mercy favored him with her smile of that dear delightful dimpled face of hers of it is quite enchanting to have such a smile beamed upon him. Talk of sin there never was a Ray trom that glorious luminary that fell so Jearm upon the heart of a created Man As a smile from the face of mercy o More. There was a Man who declared upon his heart that miss mercy had made no impression and people said in consequence that he had no heart at All but he had and a pretty Good one too As the sequel will show. It happened too that this very identical Young gentleman with a hard heart or with a heart with a Low covering was the Only one whom mercy herself had really fallen in love with. Well Florence Darling said Maurice o More one Day to mercy s ser and so you bended Knees swore they loved me dearly. A still pressing steadily Forward. Information on Benevet hat our Beauty .8 fast caught m love these were Happy times when the Day s Labo be in received at head quarters of this reinforce a a j unto veg englishman Harry per i selected one from my Many suit ment an express was immediately sent for them ors to accompany me in a Moonlight ramble to hurry along As their assistance was very much among Hills and valleys Glades and Glens by needed. The Captain thinking to hurry faster Wood and Lake each seemed a Paradise and i might disable his men for action replied Quot Don t the presiding spirit and when the Sun was think it Best to hurry we May All be killed when Shak Feare s courtship. Anns How Dost Thod i amp a our Anne s singing enquired John Hathaway when his daughter Kad left the chamber to a it the children to their Beds. Very exceedingly i do assure you replied the youth with a Noble sincerity. Humph exclaimed the father As tho he were a thinking of something he cared not to of Ive speech to. Indeed Sho the a Sweet Throat nothing More was said on that head at the moment and they again talked of country matters till his Host could not any longer contain his great wondering at his guest s marvellous insight into such things and inquired h9w he acquired it whereupon the other truly answered he got it by questioning of those whose business it was. In Good time the Yeoman s Blooming daughter returned and busied herself with preparations for supper taking care whenever she could to have her share in the discourse which she did with a pretty spright Liness exceedingly agreeable to her Young admirer. Seeing her attempting to move the great table higher the fire he must needs jump up and with a Graceful officious Ness seek to do it himself the which she appeared to object to in some manner and there was a Little arguing of the matter betwixt them the father looking on with a glimmering smile As if he could see in it something exceeding pleasant. The end was that the two Young people carried the table together manifestly to their extreme satisfaction. In due time the rashers were done and with a store of other wholesome victuals were put on a fair White cloth that covered the table and William Shakespeare was pressed with Blunt Courtesy by the father and a More winning per soaking seeds. Or m. B. ask a Uil Mui Tion respecting to omit of in a 1 therefore Send thou a a Aee Ouita cd Mem expect ments made by of the Lasi Semon. I prepared half an acre of land for Mangel Wurtzel and obtained the seed from Yoiiro i Tot at Canandaigua. After soaking the seed one Day i commenced sowing Bat rain came on and the soil being rather Clayey it was a Hbl its week before i could sow the re Milinder. The seed was soaked All this time and supposing it was spoiled or injured i sowed it Kieker than usual and had not enough to finish the ground. Accordingly i sent to the Sinae place and got More seed and sowed the remainder without any soaking so that part of my ground was sown with seed soaked one Day another part with seed soaked a week and a third with a soaked seed. Now for the results the part soaked a week came up first and much too thick a the part soaked a Day came up slowly and very thinly a while the a soaked part did not come up at All. Thus showing conclusively the necessity of thoroughly soaking these seeds and the Little danger to be apprehended from soaking too Long. I am confident that inattention to this subject is the most frequent cause of the failure of the Mangel Wurtzel and sugar beet. Respectfully a. B. Rapalje. West Farmington september 1840. Gen. Farver. of following methods of preserving cabbages for Winter use Are the result of experience the cabbages should be gathered before injury Suas Veness by the daughter to partake of he j done them by the fall frosts the heavy out very Little to hesitate upon with a sort of pretty coyness time out of mind customary under similar circumstances but after the handsome youth had pressed her with an excellent show of rhetoric she Sui a Dainty ditty then give it to following anecdote of there s not a Lover to be kept the glorious Days of seventy six we do not re member to have met before. The Battle of Bunker s Hill had already begun and was raging with fury when a Little spare faced Captain Ofa company of six volunteers from Concord n.h., arrived As far As Winter Hill much fatigued by the Day s March and the heat of the Day but a Ceval. I do indeed was the reply. And what makes you think Sor lean interpret downcast eyes and gentle sighs 1 arrant sister said i to Day Sweet. Behi Fifthe hols its last glories Cereac we get there Quot on arriving at Charleston neck sister what think you of the Gay Young Bache a a a a a a a to �,�0 who companies by the music of my beloved i the request was repeated the lines being in Imah cried Harry a guitar eminent danger and the Captain still made the no a jew Sharp. He played so sweetly that same laconic reply. At length he came up to my spirit wept As the divine Melody fell upon my Young heart and when the great Moon arose our hearts were entranced with Bliss i see it cried the enraptured youth. I picture the romantic scene Earth heaven and a the scene of action and bringing his men up Square to the line he pulled off his Chapeau and swinging it in the air he exclaimed Quot now my boys give it to pm give it to pm give it to pm Quot Lor our visitor a goodly Man enough said she and then Quot Heigho Heigho Quot she sighed. Do you Mark that that goodly Man said i will make some pretty Maiden s heart ache i do not doubt he will she Straightway replied and then she turned the leaves of Many books but nothing pleased her there she tried her Pencil too but after Many crooked lines and no. I j j a 1. 1 it. Hing be be blamed l to Shufu her of a Vigi a Quot p a Quot a a a the Crayon and of appear to m a her Gay rain vis a Man who offered to become bail for a prisoner Pitar she said was out of Une and then her concerning his unencumbered property. As the h runaway now can there be a Man on Earth bail s reputation was none of the bests the Law strings but the Only music they made was the away from such a simple inno yer was very particular and among other things a a l a a infer Ihui Cut girl As Kathleen Kathleen that Man was asked him if there was not a Bill in his shop and from this a d Maurice you infer thata h Quot Quot a 1 1 re Kwas he indeed and that the shop would close on saturday.? Pom Ible that Harry Perceval May have Felt the Kathleen your charms your innocence i yes replied the fellow with great glee. I in to Quot or a rats delightful simplicity entitle yol to a suitor of always Selling off. And shops Gine Ralty dose on to Bece a Benedict he re wed upon fit my a saturday not Don t they or. Cute ? roars from the Erous neighbourhood of mercy o of Vns or a to a of laughter the chagrined solicitor backed out by saying that he referred to Selling at reduced prices. Yes again said the proposed surety and if i had you i would be glad to sell you at half Price with All your abilities in answer to a farther question he said that when the Bill in his window got dirty he should put up a clean one and so on. Erous neighbourhood of mercy o if a More. Certain it is that he called to him his _ a a ji_____1___ a 1 am attractions. She is precious ugly not precious ugly am i asked the Flower girl. You you a cried Harry no you Are All perfection you Are you Are zounds i feel i feel do you feel ill Iii yes no not ill my dear but i have the heartburn sadly shall i fetch you some Chalk and water of no the Only Medicine that can affect my cure lies deep in those Lovely eyes let me gaze on them until my own Dull ones shall Dray it Forth of sir cried Kathleen blushing deeply. Let me gaze and gaze again exclaimed Harry. Tis thus that i would fortify myself against the witchcraft of mercy o More would you indeed replied Kathleen with a a we. A a a a a expression that Harry half suspected �?�h77fea�mcy"no tilling Tai of school something More than she seemed say Fie to yourself master. In t yourself subsequent replies removed his sushi that s Labelling the red Cheeks and Bright eyes congratulated himself blessings on pm of miss mercy a Mas discovered one of the purest a ther Enever i catch a twinkle of those eyes Ansoph imitated girl m the world. I feel a Greatcoat warmer All the Day after. He was already half m love with her and before Man Barney a Johnl Eman who Folli cited in various capacities Valet included and ordered him to pick up All his traps for said he Barney a sure i will responded Harry Perceval. They want to persuade me that i am in love with mercy o More and you could do worse than be in love with Ber said Barny. Could i said his master but i Don t happen to be in the mind just at present to do any thing so desperate. I m not to be caught with her Beautiful bit of the Blarney Don t you be talking of the Blarney in Asther replied the faithful Domestic. Mayhap you hav it been rubbed upon the Blarney Stone yourself by my conscience. I be heard you whispering such things into the ears of the English girl that St. Patrick himself could it beat with the Blarney Stone at the Back of him fare set before him. This he essayed to do with Side leaves should remain on the stalk. Fix a a notable Good will. After this the Blooming string or Cord round near the roots suspended Anne bowed a goodly posset and whilst they sleepers with their Heads downwards in were enjoying it her father called on her to a Cool cellar and they Are ready and fit for use sing him a song the which she seemed a Little at All times. Cabbages kept in this manner retain All their Peculiar flavor and sweetness the whole virtue of the stump and leaves is concentrated in the part which is used Are Bandy of Access occupy but Little room whih would be occupied by other purposes and Seldom if eve popular concerning of Quot Quot fhe pretty Little night the out Side leaves Wilt and Contact inhale Quot and at least one of the listeners thought f Quot a a become quite dry which form a sort it most exquisite Sweet singing. Then John hath of coating that serves to exclude the air from the away would needs have a song of his guest to inside of the head. Which his daughter added her entreaties so i another method Practised by some and High prettily tho Youthful Shakespeare found it imly recommended is to Cut the head from the possible to resist whereupon he commenced the stump pack close in a sack taking care to fill singing Ofa favorite love song of the time he Quot it a vacancies with dry chaff thereby excl ginning Quot if i had Wytt to the words Ding the air and keep in a dry were of a pleasant conceit which gained consid cuu Vator. Era by in admirable Ness by the manner of his j a singing and tune by Means of his Rich Clear to is no part of voice came upon the air a very River of Melody. I Eye a the Farmer should be _ Idle. Whether the Yeoman liked the song could Only improvements about a farm might be endless be told by the pleasure lurking in the Corners of of them important. Fences should his Mouth and shining quaintly in his half Clos he righted and new ones made where needed de eyelids which might be interpreted he saw Corners of All Well cleaned out. It is More in it than the Singer imagined however Quot pop favourable season for a roofing that his daughter relished it there could be no Quot of Quot a a a and putting on new ones. Stables barns questioning for her sues were full As evident houses should be put in order As her praises. Reared when needed. He who Quot now Friend jul thee must be going Quot sex Quot a fleets having houses and shelters for his Hor claimed John Hathaway at last in his usual sheep and even hogs for Winter Plain countryman sort of manner. Quot tis my Quot Quot Yvo a Quot Tain loss from poverty and Dis custom to go to bed with the Lamb and Rise with ease through the Winter and Spring. It is an the Lark an excellent Good custom i la warrant a a Tahl shed Point that Stock will keep fat on a so i la e in bid thee a fair Good night never much less food hous than if left exposed to the less i will add to it i shall be Happy to see1 have said thee at All times and if i be not at Home perchance Anne will be As Happy to see thee As myself to said this with a look of humor that shone through All the steadiness of his och such eyes ? such diamonds Irby diamonds by ? said his master. No air the genuine then such Cheeks red and White Laid on by the hand of a lady nature herself round about like the Cherry Hijii at Church. Ten her lips that s moderation you Are romantic Barney said his master. You May say that was the reply i am just the boy or that same Well Well ejaculated Perceval suppressing a smile by this those to Morrow Arney Joa and i will be on the High Road a to Matrimony sir no Sirrah to England you d better be merciful and Lead mercy to the Char Ai tie myself up in a baiter afterwards. No do i am not bound for the Gulf of Matri yet liw saying Harry turned Rouvim and per Oei de a to acid lao throw Tsai a Youmg gun Alwaan whom he heard breathe a heavy sigh Imaghi Down his hefty. A Hall cried Harry who Are you they parted he had made Kathleen Promise to meet him again. Presently afterwards Bamer arrived with intelligence that All his master moveable were packed and ready for departure. A Vwg. Unpack them again said Harry Perceval and Ochi ter lips wondering at his master s fickleness retired to obey the new orders. A fortnight passed and Perceval had grown More reserved in he behaviour to mercy o More and he stole out every evening after dinner to meet the pretty Kathleen with whom he was so much enamoured that he at length resolved to marry her. I am Goi to get married said he one Day to sir Mauriee o More. Is it possible said the baronet. I knew i should Surprise 70u. You will be More surprised when i Aram mrs. Harry Perceval elect. I am resold to do Justice to modest Merit sir for what is Fortune Given to us for but that we May bestow in rewarding virtue and goodness sir Maurice admitted the Justice of the enthusiast s Opi Flemmi. And therefore i intend to marry Kathleen a frightful other Day when biting a tee total Friend of ours rather Early in the morning we remarked that his eyes looked heavy his countenance dejected and that his face wore an impression of much recent suffer to. As we really have a regard for him we 1 asked him what was tho matter with him to which he answered Quot my dear fellow i have suffered horribly for just before your arrival. I awoke from a frightful dream in which i thought that voluntarily without the least compulsion indeed without any solicitation i had taken a stiff Glass of Brandy and water warm with courier. The Cincinnati Ledger tells a Story which May very safely we think be held As Quot something it is that a Farmer who had but recently but in promoted to the High rank of colonel was one Day drilling a company of horsemen the principal part of whom were mounted on mares whose sucking Colts had been left at Home. The colonel seeing the milk streaming Down from the poor animals was struck with compassion and suddenly cried Quot halt dismount milk mares Quot and each Gallant Soldier obeyed the word of their commander. A Clergyman in this town having recently United a couple in the holy Bonds of Wedlock called at their residence shortly afterwards to pay his respects to the Bride. A a it rightly conversation ensued of course and among other pleasantries our clerical Friend enquired of Bis fair entertainer what she thought m Tbs Zemui Bial state ? Quot of Quot said a with Sharae touristic readiness of reply Quot i think it win go for he aspect and shaking his visitor heartily by the hand he opened the door for his exit. His daughter denied not a word of what her father had said. Indeed her glances As she bade the youth Good night As plainly said Quot come As Ever was expressed by a pair of Bright eyes since the world began. Yankee trick. During the revolutionary War two Brothers from one of the Eastern ports were commanders of privateers they cruised together and wore eminently Success fill doing great damage to the enemy and making Money for themselves. One evening being in the latitude of the Shoals of Nantucket but Many Miles to the eastward of them they espied a Large British vessel having the appearance of a merchantman and made towards her but to their astonishment found her to be a frigate in disguise. A very High Breese prevailing they hauled off in different directions. One Only could be pursued and the frigate gained rapidly upon him. Finding he could not run away the commanding officer had recourse to stratagem. On a sudden he hauled Down every sail and All hands were employed with setting , if shoving Quot his vessel off a Bank i he Popie on boar the frigate amazed at the supposed danger they had run and to save themselves from being grounded immediately clawed off and left tho More knowing Yankee Quot to make himself scarce Quot As soon As night rendered it prudent for him to hoist sail in a sea two Hundred fathoms deep. Ice Quot Don to you want for to employ me Quot asked a Chimney sweep of a Well dressed gentleman verday in Royal Street. Employ the Devil Quot said the Man Quot i m a stranger no matter for that Quot replied the sweep Quot i think May be you need my Quot what do you follow Quot inquired ther fijian. Quot sweeping Quot but i be neither House nor Chimney said the Man. Quot Well Quot said the boy Quot i thought May be you d like to have your Throat swept i see your Mottoh is Quot get out you Rascal Quot replied the Man As he Flung away a Ripe Havana. Accidental death. Pat where s your brother och then he s dead Quot but How did he die Quot Quot who sir you see he fell off of a scaffold once while the priest was talking to Wau we otly Fevo Almu us x of Uulu in cat of Ivko it is impossible to keep Stock in Fine health Ana condition without Protection from the weather. Much less food too is required when animals Are regularly fed watered and Farmer. Non be Ord Ferm. A Gendeman in Alabama Gru his boots blacked read fit a every sup a by in Iii lit negro we at them every saturday. Sambo in to Black that the Sunc slices through ? i wonder How Thev make Lucia in matches said a Yoang Narrido my to her i Kigami a Tab whom she was always Quarry Ling. Quot Quot let re a Eli a Dmn my the one add he. Quot How Duygou Torii age h ? simply by lending you to Church. The new York Gardner recommends the Ltd it go gang of parsnips in the fall and says Quot from time immemorial our fathers have raised the Parsnip Only As a rarity to be sought for a few Days in the Spring. And a few Farmers think it possible to deviate from this ancient Rule and by digging that vegetable in the fall provide their tables with a very pleasant and useful Winter variety. By taking it up in uie fall we not Only gain a Long use of the Plant but we Liao it in greater perfection for rarely can it be taken up in the Spring before it has sprouted and become igneous. Indeed All roots should be dug in the fall and if packed in a Box with Earth from the Beds from which they Are taken that the same moisture May be preserved they Oan be kept until quite the beginning of summer possessing All their Richness of Jince and nutritious qualities cure por oxen s . Editors six weeks ago. An of of mine received a Hurt in one of his eyes and in two Days a White Filfli grew Over the Eye so that he could not s0e out i of it. I took no w milk an4 Psi list the Eye rub using it gently for some time then put a Tea spoonful of Goose Oil into the opposite ear of the ati Imal repeating the operation for three sue Jessive Days. In one week the Eye was restored perfectly Clear As the other. Thu remedy will be found equally Elf fictive on horses eyes and appears to me far preferable to the torturing method of blowing Jcurd and harsh substances into this delicate Organ or of a Plorin acrid and caustic washes mid if you think it Worth of a Small Comer in your valuable paper you Are at Liberty to publish it. I Hope hereafter to offer something More worthy of Yoder notice. Respectfully w. In. U. Canada aug. 1840 cd Mussel Farmer. Good husbandry or a foie Maine Chiv Vobr till Bot six Foo acre of land Wrt this he does in such a Mamie to Obi ofom if an. Aston him a Momita rpm a a a a a i one third of an acre he devotes annually to come the Long eared Large Kem fled eight new Ltd yellow Corn t6t is not very Ealy and not very late. With Biro u has ripened every year for the last Tbs a a a is Cucui rated it. The soil to makes Rich. He applies to k before ploughing at the rate of eighteen or Twenty cords of Long manure to the acre or six to the third of an acre and turns it under by the plough. He plants the Hills three feet and a half apart one Way and three feet the other exactly by measurement with a line. In each Hill he deposits a shovel full of old he Rotten manure or As much Light manure As will not Over Sti tit a late the crop. From this third of an acre he Baa realized. On the average for years Over thy bushels of sound Corn for grinding besides a Little gig Corn for hogs in the fall of the year. This is As much Corn As he needs in his family besides a sufficient surplus to fatten one Largo or two Small hogs. From the same land he ordinarily obtain some two or three Hundred Pun Kins which serve important purposes in the family besides being an excellent article for boiling with the bogs potatoes giving a cow amp a. From the Sand land too he has generally obtained All the dry White Beans he has needed in is family to go with his pork which he has raised by the avails of his land without purchasing of others. The Corn fodder is carefully Cut and cured and helps As a subsistence for the cow so much for one third of an acre. A Small portion of land is it apart for tho culture of onions. Ordinarily he raises from fifty to seventy bushels on a bed say a half a dozen rods Square. These he Sells on the average at one Dollar per bushels say for sixty dollars a year. This purchases his flour and Rye at common prices. So that from the first third of an acre an onion bed. He raises All his bread Brown and White. On two other Large Beds he grows general about fifty bushels of Mangel Wurtzell and carrots. These Are for the cows Winter proven Der. They More than pay for themselves in the milk and bitter. To say nothing of the saving of Hay and other provender. With a very Little Hay together with the Corn fodder and roots a Good cow and he find. It Economy always to keep the Best May be kept through the Winter. Potatoes for summer and autumn use Are planted on the margins and wherever there is a Vacut Chance for a Hill and a department is expressly devoted to them Large enough to raise All that Are wanted for the table and enough to spare for the hogs amp a. So far relates to bread butter pork Tod we add poultry. Then the rest of the latin is devoted to too Many things to mention Here beets parsnips cabbages turnips Green Beans peas Green Corn cucumbers melons squashes summer and Winter , amp a. Besides fruits and Flowers of various kinds grapes. Antwerp raspberries Black do. Currants White red Black and yellow English and common gooseberries and a few Choice Apple Pear Plum Cherry peach and quince Trees. All this from a single acre which he cultivates mostly with his own telegraphs foot rate it a foot race of a novel description took place at Carlton near Grantham of tuesday the 5th inst. Or. Cleaver a commercial gentleman happening to be at the coach and horses inn offered to run with any Man in the place or within ten Miles from Carlton to Barkston and Back a a stance of seven Miles for any sum of Honey. A Man named James pick totally Blind was backed against him Fop one Sovereign. The competitors started fair but after two Miles and a half had been accomplished the gentleman who had his eyesight gave up. His opponent executed the task easily Riaia three quarters of an hour. Or. Pul bad a of tend of the loser of the race not feeling satisfied Wuh the result offered to run Trio Winner to his own Home a distance of three quarters of a mile for half a Sovereign which bet was instantly accepted. The Blind Man was again the Victor accomplishing his task in four minutes and beating his opponent by several Hundred Yards. Pick in his first race was allowed to carry a stick but after he had started in his Seo Oad his opponent objected to. It whereupon he threw it away declaring that he wished to take no advantage. It is said he has offered to run with any Man within 20 Miles foe dbl to mtr evry paint tour Farmer should be provided with a Small a Raan Tity of tip coarser kind of paints a few pail it pots and in ashes and Oil. It is very easy to mix of Chin and by keep it ing a Small Supply be keep Bis implements always in a Geod site of a reservation. Tfaye sex Tenae would lie Trifid in Ina the trouble next to la Liing and beside sit is wis Rdain-e4 thai we a to neither sow not reap wit out tron la. The greatest of a a Trott Blea 1� to have nothing to . Farmr. 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The Lancaster a Gazette states thai a lad who was fid ii on horseback through that Day a few Days me was suddenly thrown Dver the head of the horse but fortunately received no ii a from ibb kill. Two or three cities is Perdl ring her Shu Tiou in to to her assistant a but before they read cd her she Wos upon a feet and with vat allowing them time to in a to whether she had Ben Hurt she Coda nihed a was t that a Ioina Quot but evening in coaxial Gardes Ibe Bott a Ems to thin that the by no Bis a tho were visible in �11 a Lekow person in elate peeped Vot the boxy i tit id Xci Uit dub Iyih can a sufi Milf cuke Vaters an a Cuti Tali Abs Oil leapt hmm Firoz Rwy bit Fly if Ian a it a Liti

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