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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer Newspaper Archives Apr 19 1839, Page 4

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - April 19, 1839, Terre Haute, Indiana Per by. Of Kahn so the Strolia mar venue the Laish that a giant is in the Citer i am reminded of my old acquaint Ancito Peter Francisco who was a citizen of Buckingham county Virginia. Peter. I venture to affirm was As great a curiosity in person a this giant yet with a dignified Man linear compatible with his vat personage and hugeness of Frame he deigned not to exhibit himself for bits of Money to Public gaze. He Conte cd himself to live on a farm and enjoy Llie comforts of the simple Husbandman. Peter Francisco was remarkable for strength a Large double jointed Man nearly seven feet in height without any surplus flesh yet so corpulent and so proportioned like other men that few would notice Bis uncommon height. His weight was from three Hundred and to dirty to three Hundred and fifty pounds still he was of such a a stature that you would he was Rawbone. A to Peter s strength he info lined me that in the army of the revolution while de on Blue beef at Eipl Iteen years of age a a it Etling with his Fellows in the Cap he his strength that he could then hold Down two of the strongest men. By placing a hand on each. He could afterwards As is Well known to his old neighbors set a Corr Mon sized nmn in the Palm of each band and lift org them up bump their Heads against the Job to or ceiling above lie could Lake Between hip Teeth a common Eglit ipg Gred dining table of Walnut or mahogany and with out the Aid of either hand or foot lift it up and set it on the opposite Side of the room. He never hit but two men in hit life for he was too magnanimous to be quarrelsome the first blow on the first Man broke his jaw Bone in two places the second received Only one blow and three ribs broken the third Man being a Friend of the two first insisted on fighting but Peter fearing further havoc Gei itly Laid hands upon him and lifting him aloft bore him through the gazing multitude by the Nape of his neck and the seat of his breeches and threw him Over the Fence Peter then told him if he would go Home and take car of his wife and clip Loren As he had and sed his two unfortunate friends he would throw his the far As the management of the hat a cob zeroed very Little but contradiction can to inferred respecting european i visit. The Frenchman oftentimes dines not Only at restaurant but at table a Hou and in the company of ladies too with his Bat on. Stopping As he travels by Public conveyance to Dine he never does As is always the Case with englishmen take off hat or Cap. At theatres both englishmen and French keep their hats on while the curtain is englishmen oftentimes while the Gurtain is up. On entering cafe i restaurants Reading rooms &c., the custom of slightly raising the hat in civility to general company is Universal in France and also in Italy. The englishman does no such thing. The French chapters legislate with their hats off. The English houses of parliament lords As Well As commons do business with hats on taking off the same on rising to speak. The germans whom i am Happy to note Down As the most civil and Olite people in Europe make a great Deal of the hat. When passing friends in the streets they take the hat entirely off sometimes letting it fall in extremes feeling of Courtesy to the very Arm s length. This act of civility is also frequently extended to solitary strangers and always if in company with a Friend who chances to know and who salutes those strangers. A German unlike an englishman would certainly make an Effort to save a drowning Man although he might perchance have never been introduced to him. The King of a Avaria thus Recognises every body and never leaves his Pina Kotchek without raising his hat to the seven foot High Porter there stationed at the door. The emperor of Austria the Quot Good Ferdinand the paternal despot when alone pro menacing in the Prater is continually taking off his hat to any and every one that does the same to him resolved not to be out rivalled in this form of politeness. At Munich no one is permitted to put on his hat in the theatre whether the curtain be up or Down. I was rather amused one evening at the growl of an englishman to whom As he put on his hat when rising at the close of the performance to leave the House. we a democratic Celebration of the eighth of Kaaua to at a. Among the Tisu Given waa the following Joseph Runer and sir Jack falstaff. Love Quot by in their lives alike in physical Rotun Dity and alike in their end. The one died of sack the other of list of letters remaining in the Post office at Clinton april 1st, 1839, which if not taken out be r fire the let of july will be sent to the general Post office a dead letters. Horse Over also the Man agreed and Peter Actu a huge Black Mousta Clied Brazen named Ger ally threw his Hor cover thief enc Man Gen d armes first softly sent and not be Peter Francisco was taken prisoner by the ing regarded afterwards hoarsely hurled a Hor British during the revolution conveyed to a tavern and seven troopers placed Over Linin As a guard. He at an Early Day got Possession of their swords Cut Down Throe guards in succession took the Oti Meryi or prison text and marched them into the american Camp. This last affair was denied during the last car in a newspaper controversy which resulted in taking the depositions of Many then living witnesses i lowing the truth of the whole Story and Titus it has become a historical matter. Fearing that the above statement that Peter threw the horse Over the Fence May to considered too much for human credulity 1 will our tier state that Peter told me himself when i doubted his assertion that Quot the ii orse was not Large and stood near a Low Fence which reached about Midway his sides that he pressed him up to the Fence and reached under his belly seized his opposite legs and raising him a Little from the ground turned him a Many other feats of strength might be told of Peter Francisco. He died a few years past Hie acting As Serge Ait at arms in the Virginia House of Ohio still Asmaa. Block a Loirs to dentin in thee Iecuch urging the adoption of a scheme of military colonies in Florida related this remarkable incident at the breaking out of the Creek War in 191the inhabitants on the Mobil and Alabama Rivers collected into a station which soon acquired a frightful celebrity. It was called fort Mimms. A battalion of militia guarded the place and a great number of ii lilies Sou Glit shelter within its huts and stoc k ides. I was at the place a few Morichs afterwards and vended the facts of which i speak. Among other families under the shelter of this fort was that of two Brothers their names scarce natives of one of the new England slates. Tivey were considerate reflecting Clear sighted men cautious and Brave. In the Friday night preceding the monday on which the fort was surprised they were convinced by the fierce and Peculiar growling of the dogs that the indians were about that they were examining the place preparatory to an attempt upon it and they were convinced from the negligence which prevailed at tie fort that it might be Brothers had a saw Mill two Miles off and for its Protection a Block House near to it. They concluded that they would be safer in their own Blockhouse with four or five rifles than in a fort so negligently guarded. Titis was Friday night on saturday morning they acted on this belief they removed their household to the Blockhouse and at 12 o clock on monday fort Mimms was Surj prised and taken. Hearing tie firing one of Brothers mounted a horse Rode Down to the scene sat in a copse of Wood saw the Rifle the knife and the Hatchet despatching the children the women and the men As the flames of the burning fort drove them out of the stockade into the open ground about. When the massacre was Over the indians turned their Steps to the Blockhouse of the pearces. They examined it they walked around it at a respectful distance they went off and those two Brothers with a few men in their employ maintained their position durig the whole War without the loss of a life and with the Complete Protection of their own property. This is an example in Point to show the safety of a Blockhouse. Rid mass of native phraseology signifying Quot a with that hat the englishman deemed remaining uncovered exceeding Humbug saying it was not expected in England. Amp a. As to German Reading rooms to be found at Munich a Vienna Prague. Dresden and Berlin have them not. In these cities european periodicals can be found at the cafes and Public galleries of Art i am speaking of the heart of Germany every one takes off his hat on entering and puts it on till he departs. Go into a circulating Library you Are expected to doff your hat. Visit any shop you must discover nay. You should Dis Crown on entering each dirtiest Eil Wageli office to engage a seat for your next pausing place in travel you should do so for you perceive every German about you so doing. A Beitley t miscellany. Adams Samuel 2 Andrews James Allen we c Barnes Nathl beam Jos Bruce Jas Bright Geo Brown Gilbert Butler Melvin Caldwell Elizabeth 2 Canada Henry Coombs Thomas Croswell James Davis Jas Evans Jona French we Ferguson we b Hammon Abraham april 26-2w Huff Jacob Lambert David 3 Leach Esthella Lewis Seth Makadon Jas 2 Maddoz Theophilus Malory Peter Martin Robert Malone Nancy Martin Sarah Mitchel Hannah Mitchel Henry Moore John Nolan Jas w Palmer Mary Spangler Jesse Waller Bushrod Weisager Dani 2 j. Mcculloch p. M. Poor mob Terr haul april 1,1899. List of letters remaining in the Post office tem Hante april 1�?which if not taken out before the 1st july will be sent to the general Post office a dead letters. 0 per8on8 calling for Letura in this list will Lay they Are advertised or they will not receive them. Adams William a Els Thomas All Jesse Allen Allen Dominica Tel Allee Silas Alexander George Almes Tillinghast Ames Nathan Goodwin s Goodman jobs Goodman Thos Goff mrs Catherine Graham John Grimes Enos Griffith Edward l 2 Green Miasel Ann Green we h Ames Nathan or Jacob Grabill Jacob Globe extra. Prospectus for the extra Globe for 1839. We by be fore oar Repal Iliean Friend a a ascription paper for on cheap periodical publication the Quot extra during the month Wien Coo great a in Myton we Puhlich the Quot Cong regional Globe Quot which a Ives a condensed report of its proceeding weekly for one Dollar. In the interval Between tie ass Iona of Coo Grem we publish the Quot extra 6to a Quot for six months containing the Newi politic Public document and whatever else of interest appears in the daily Gloff for the same Price. These two put locations Are printed weekly in Book form to Render them convenient for preservation and reference. Each num Ier contains 16 Royal 4to Pasea. The important elections which wih Talie place during the approaching summer and fall will give Peculiar value to the information to hot derived from this Quarter during the canvass. To la new phases of parties in the North and the troubled aspect which foreign agitation gives to our National affairs there will also impart to the country for the six months preceding the meeting of the next Congress More than Ordinary interest. The publication of the extra Globe will coi Pence the first week in May and end the first week in november next. Terms. For 1 copy �1 00 for 25 copies so 00 for 6 copies 5 00 for 50 Quot 40 00 for 12 Quot 10 00 for 100 Quot 75 00 payments May be transmitted by mail postage paid at our risk. The note of any incorporated Bank in the United states current in the Section of country where a us crier resides will be received. But when subscribers can procure the notes of Banks in the Northern and Middle states they will please Send them. To insure All the robbers the Sulu or options should be Here by the 7th of May. Blair k. Rives. Itch of attention will be paid to any order unless the Money accompany it. Al su8criptionb received at this c. Hushea Arnold Enoch Anderson Jas p Anderson Isaac Armstrong Andrew artist Rebecca Artis Silva Arthur William Ashmore Sophronia h Brady Jos or Gabriel Baker Abraham Barker Ira Barton or Baxter Francis Baily Thos Guyer Jabez Guesto John Hart Henry h Harrison Benj 3 Harrison we 3 Harris Thos 2 Hargis Richard Hannon Pat. Harris Benj Hall Josiah and we Hassmann h h Haynes Thos c Haynes Hannah c Hannum Thomas Hatfield Henry Price site peer Hesekiah b Siu Imao Raad mrs Mary Randal Hathaway Ralph we Ray John w Rean in Redin Flekier or Reed Jaakim Ritter or jailor Richardson Isaiah right i Ringoc we ring Charlee Root Charles Robb John Robinsen John Roberta Willis g 2 Roll Edward Ballon havens Levi b Baker Washington Baird Jas Barber Lorenzo Barnes Phebe miss Barnett Samuel Hammond Saul Haddin Polly Hays Calvin Helton Joshua Heddy Lewis Bateman mrs Catherine Henan Patrick the British East India possessions extend with few interruptions and these Only of tributary or Allied states from Cape Cori Norin to the Himalaya mountains. This immense territory comprehends the richest part of the continent of asian contains a Hundred millions of inhabitants. And yields an annual Revenue ofj22, k>0, i00, or a Hundred millions of dollars. The land forces consist of 450,000 native and 35,000 British troops. The debt of the company in 18 32, was �49,210,000. The civil and military servants of the company do not exceed 4000, with whom All their business is transacted and their armies office red. The total number of Whites who exist among the Hundred millions of Indian inhabitants do not exceed 40,000. So enormous says a writer in Blackwood s Magazine is tie disproportion Between the British rulers and the native subjects thai it is literally True what the Hindoos say that if every one of the followers of Brama were to throw a handful of Earth of the europeans they would be buried alive in the midst of their conquests. Only sixteen years have elapsed since the Iviah Ratta confederacy was finally broken up and destroyed and the Indian government peaceably in Possession of these dominions. The Gross receipts and disbursements of the East India company since 114, have amounted to the enormous sum of �478,103,. 336, or nearly two thousand four Hundred millions of dollars. Cheap and Good. A he subscriber has received from the City of Al Philadelphia a very handsome assortment of a Chet jewelry., and Silver Ware which he intends Selling very Low fur Cash. All kinds of clocks and watches repaired at the shortest notice and warranted to keep time for one year if Well used. Spectacle glasses fitted into old frames to suit every Eye. Ail kinds of jewelry made or repaired to order at the shortest notice and in the Best manner. The subscriber feels thankful to the people of Turre haute and Vicinity for their very Liberal encouragement and Hopes by a strict attention to business to Merit a further share of custom. I. D. Custer. N. wooden clocks at $10, and eight Day brass clocks at $30, and warranted for one year. I. D. C. Dec 29. If-11 important to in Sou omit Iron. A the following information communicated by a correspondent May prove useful to mechanics and others employed in the use of wrought Iron. It is perhaps not g. Neurally known that wrought Iron made red hot and plunged into cold water renders it much softer than by Cooling gradually in the atmosphere co sequently rendering it More easy to be worked by the Mechanic in the lathe dec. The prevalent opinion among Smiths and mechanics that plunging red hot Iron into cold water makes it almost too hard to be worked is a mistaken idea for instance take a piece of Iron wire and having made it red hot plunge it into cold water till it is cold we Iii process will nearly Render it As soft and Tough As Copper wire and if that be not satisfactory let the Mechanic prepare a piece of Iron which he is going to turn in a lathe and when red hot plunge it into cold water until it is cold along with another made red hot from the same bar and let it be gradually cooled in the atmosphere when such a bar comes to be worked the Mechanic is sure to be convinced of the above met Cury. Jaiom or the Washington learn from or. Spark s new life of Washington that Heru Bura was the original name of the Washington family that the latter name waa probably assumed by William de Hertt bum Between the year 1261 and 1274, and that the Manor was held in the male line till about Tbs year 140u. Or one Hundred and thirty years. Doring this period the name seems to have been written we Yungton though it a Tom Timea food wet Angton. In its Subarea sent changes it waa prob Amy written variously at different Tinee ukr by different branches of the family. At the Herald s College in the Viii Taion Book Quot to or. Sparka called it of North and Tobii ire tat the year 1618, i fit und the Auto i mate of a Baa Watzki Tigon and Robert Wink in gym Tebee Pere one were uncles to Jami Aad Lawm Iee Washington who Emir atm to a Tiliaia. It m my thax to Leto Are a thousand or Mon Sebhat mum my Kotiw erected in Ohio. In. Tom foil work go of. The Bote school Home Tom Mort in venue. The scottish ancient Emblem of scottish Pugna City with its motto jew no my immune lace til is represented of various species in Royal bearings coins and Coats of Armour so that there is some difficulty in saying which is the genuine original Thistle. The origin of the National badge itself is thus handed Down by tradition a a when the Danes invaded Scotland it was deemed Unwar like to attack an enemy in the pitch darkness of night instead of a pitched Battle by Day but on one occasion the invaders resolved to Avail themselves of this stratagem and in order to prevent their tramp from being heard they marched Bare footed. They had thus neared the scottish Force unobserved when a Dane unluckily stepped with his naked foot upon a Sui Erb prickly Thistle and instinctively uttered a cry of pain which discovered the assault to the scots who ran to their arms and Defeated the foe with a terrible Slaughter. The Thistle was immediately adopted As the insignia of Scotland. An extraordinary celebrated de Earmatine on his return from a visit to the holy land in 1833, while approaching Servia the last town on the turkish Frontier says i saw a Large Tower rising in the midst of the Plain As White As parian Marble. I sat under its Shade to enjoy a few moments repose. No sooner was i seated than raising my eyes to the Monument i discovered that the Walls which i supposed to be built of Marble or White Stone were composed of regular rows of human skulls bleached by the rain and the Sun and cemented by a Little Sand and Lime formed entirely the triumphal Arch which sheltered me from the heat of the Sun. A number of turkish horseman who had come from Nesse to escort us into town informed me that the skulls were of those fifteen thousand serbians who had been put to death by the Pacha in the last insurrection of Servia. I paid my tribute of deepest to the memory of those heroic men whose decapitated Heads Are the Boundary of the Independence of their the following anecdote is contained in the closing paragraph of the great work of Madison giving the debates of the convention which framed the Constitution of the United states whilst the last members were signing or. Franklin looked towards the president s chair at the Back of which a rising Sun happened to be painted observed to a few members near him that the painters had found it difficult to distinguish in their Art a rising Sun from a setting Sun. A a i have said he a a often my often in the course of the session and Viniss lodes of my Hopes and fears a to Ita Issue looked at that behind the president without being Able to Tell whether it was rising or setting. But now at Len fifth i have the happen eat to know that it is a ring and not a setting let those who Are alow in speech try to say the f4rfk>wing rapidly a there was a Man whose name was Dob and he had a wifi whose n4me waa mob and he bad Deg Boet name was cob and see had. A eat we Clitu bobs Cokeane Dob. Kitty Bob says Mok a we cok a and by Bok a mlle a co books books Philadelphia Book store Terre haute. To he proprietor of this Well known establish Al ment has just received from the Eastern cities the largest and most valuable assortment of books stationery acc., Ever offered for Sale in this Market embracing a Choice selection of classical College and academical studies mathematical sciences medical and surgical works Law books. Histories theology and biography London and american annuals to Gether with a Rich treat of miscellaneous books embracing every department of literature and useful and entertaining knowledge. Blank books of the finest Quality in which will be found Day books ledgers and records from $1 to $15 a piece. Letter. Post and Cap paper with a general assortment of Fine stationery amp a. All of which will be sold on the most reasonable terms and Liberal credit. Jan 19. 14-3m e. Flint. Pickets school books. Cincinnati january 34, 1839. I his is to certify that a pickets primer pickets spelling Book class Book no. 1 pickets juvenile Reader class Book no. 2 pickets Reader and definer class Book no. 3 i tickets expositor class Book no. 4 pickets grammar class Book no. 5 have by a Resolution of Quot the Board of i trustees and visitors Quot been adopted As regular class books for the common schools of Cincinnati. Charles Satterly City clerk. We can hardly ask for a higher recommendation of the class books prepared by messes. Picket than is presented in the above Resolution of the Board of trustees in adopting them for the use of the common schools in the City of Cincinnati. Pickets school books Are published and kept constantly on hand by u. P. James no. 26 Pearl Street Cincinnati. Also for Sale a full assortment of school and miscellaneous books stationery &c._3w-24 March 29. Pure liquors. Champagne and Cognac brandies also Holland Gin for Sale wholesale and retail by w. A. Sangster amp brother. Dec 1. 7-tf Bateman John i 2 Batman John Bates David m 2 Baily Isaac heard James Beard Jane Belt Carlton c 2 Beard b i Bellville Saml Belton Philip Beedle Johnson 2 Beaty Lemuel Bennett Jos Bigham David s Bim Darfer Henry Black or Black miss Catherine Black we Blackburn a w Bosworth Job a 2 Bozarth John 2 Boatright a Bond John 2 Brooks Jas or Henry Messer Bellfield Saml Burnham Orren Buchanan Mary a d Burson col Jno 2 Budd Daniel Burton j Bratt Geo 2 Brodny Joseph Brotherton Abel Bryant Jacob Brannan Saml 2 Brown Jos 2 Brown Heziah Brunot Chas Brown John l Brown John Briest Jacob Bush Neil Benj. Butler g w by get Jno s Burks Arthur l Bugg Jos Budd Jos Burks John Burns g w Bulkley John Buckner Felix c by me John Carter Dominicus Ca Grafft Jacob cake Clarence m Cain Andrew j Calder Henry Calvert we 2 Chavers James Chesnut we Chambers John Clark Philo Clark we Clements Fergus Clark John a 2 Clements Jas Clake John Connor Abraham Cook John Coppage Freeborn Cooper Jas 2 Collins Peter Collinane Joseph cooler a t. Cornwell Nancy Courim John Coplin Jesse con aver Edmond t the off Rader Markr Pard is. Pro Lajia to loaf. He subscriber once More informs the Citi zen of the town of Terre haute and the adjoining country that he is still carrying on the business of Boot and shoe manufacturing at his old stand on Ohio Street a few doors West of c. Do h. Rose s store Liere he will always be found ready and willing to accommodate All who will please favor him with their custom. Though he has Laboured under Many disadvantages on account of not having so Many of the Vihinen in his pocket As some others who have been in the same business yet through All the hardness of the times he has still been Able to keep his business going i and through the kind hand of divine Providence to whom he renders devout aspirations and the Good will of the citizens of Terre haute and the Region round about who feel Friendly to the Medianik interest he he not been suffered to fall in the hour of danger. As mechanics and Farmers Are the Bone and sinew of the Eoo atry and without them the country is nothing and As mechanics Are the making of All towns Aad cities they deserve to be liberally supported and to be honorable remunerated Abr the a car Iflora which they Are always ready to make for the Puuing. Aad As i Call myself a Mechanic and one Sot inferior to any of my profession West of the Alleghany Mon Ntakas i Reepes Faily claim a aware of Ike Public patronage. The Anbe Cliber feel Kiam Olf justifiable is his work to the Public and All who need go Ank Stantial work should not forget to Call on Kim As he will to ready at All Toms retake Imai Areo Aad Despa Tok orders at the abort St to Aaimo notion and most skilful aii4 Otti halted Al to. Lit Nim Kis sincere to kooks to Kie old onto Omar amp a to kor pm a Ovidii a Weelti Roenee of the imm. Int Nowoc Kevii. Lobb. Kors aah me hmm in voip kor feb 98. To Sim Henry Woodford Hittell Perry 2 Harkness Philo Henley John Hoyt Harvey 2 Hooker or Edw t Hogan Lewis i Howry John Howard Timothy Hockings Garrett Holmes Matthew 2 Holmes j s Holden mrs Mary Huffman Samuel Huffman David or Ames Hunter John Hussey Edw t Hughes Joseph Huzzy Joseph Humphreys John Huff Jacob Hudson Susan Hulbert John Jackson Henry Jaques Gershom r Jackman Joseph Jewett Thaddens Johnson Matthew 2 Johnson Andrew Johnson g w Johnson Kilby h Johnson Martha e Jones John 2 Kearney Michael kill offer George Kinnard Andrew keel David keys Adam r Knox j a Kruzan Isaac Kuykendall Mary Ann Kuyken g w Lark ins Sandford look Ford Aquilla Langton cd fill a Lawson we Leavitt we Lee or e y Leonard Joshua Lee Harrison Lee we d lisey Charles 3 Littell Millen b Little Samuel s Lindsey or in Agopian Lockhart e p Logan we 2 Long Alexander Loper Gideon c Lowe John Lovland Winthrop Maginer John f Marsh Robert Marsh Alonzo Mars we 3 Matox Samuel 2 Mattox Church Mattingly Edward Mcgaugh Henry Malin we Martin miss Sarah Martin miss Mahala Maloney Benj f Mewhinney Benj Meigher we Milledge Zury s Miller Joseph Mitchell Robert Middleton Joseph Colter Catherine White Minoe Paul Cox Azariah Mills James Cox Ezra Montgomery Hart Cole Israel Montgomery Joseph Cole Alfred Mundell Andrew Coles Joseph Musgrave we Coy Jas Susk Johnson Mussett we Crabbe Thos j Crews John crumwell Susanna Crooks John Curry mrs m Dalton Walter dance we c Myers Frederick Mccalley Thos Mccolley John Mcbride John my Reynolds James Mcdevitt Jacob Mccolister h Dean j n or Elizabeth Mcbath Russell Taylor Venchie Linus b d�3 Ven port Mary Dille John s Dille Libbeus l Dicks John Dixon we dikes Elizabeth Dickinson Geo dowdy Franky Doran j m Dye Dani w Edmonds Joseph Edington Chas Edson jus a Edson Alden j Eddy Eleanor Egbert Benj. Elison g Engles Benj England Isaac Enchner John Fai Ley Riehard fagg Jaa b fagg Joel fail John fitting John Ferril Jam Pisk Jehiel Fidler Jam Foster John c front w fitter an Furgerson at Bol Garrett mrs Jane Maag pm Wikson Dorii Glia jobs 8 Snider oavi4 show jacks of w Slayer Nieboga Sevaard j u 3 Siddo Fao j a Taylor o o Tate Wilson p Taylor Joseph Taylor Bertet s Tompkins Haiti Al or we Sterol 2 Thomas Alverty care John Kickson 3 Tol Bertum Tilley Emily Tracy Henry Tuttle Perry e Tucker we h h tumor James Victory Saint 2 Ross we or Cinderella Vest John h Robertson Rolen Watkins Libbeus 2 Robb Jacob Warner Salmon Ruffner Michael Wakefield Jonathan Ruble George Walker we Rino or care n Prim Walker chs rom Petofi i Dir milk Malmi n Ami Foradi pm Rob of Mac do. A in. A Eal 40. Do. A Bossum Voa Issa Kam pair Battor chem urd Bwy a fowl Hosea try Sjo a Rose Sanders John Saler Julia servant Horace 2 Serrin Sarah d Serry John m seams James Schlichte John Seymour Calvin scoot David 2 Scott w t Scott Zedekiah 2 Scott Anderson Simmons Nathaniel Simmons Christopher Simmons Jesse d Slaven Saml Shipley j r Spencer we amp go Sparks we Roe Sis be Daniel Spangler Cuthbert a care i Bolton Sarben Jacob Spencer Spier Speers David Stewart j e Stag Elijah Stewart Margaret Stewart Thos Statan James Summers Michael or. April 5-3w-2.5 Watkins Eliza j Wallach e Warfield germ Wardwell Anthony Walden Western Warren Henry Watkins David Watkins l t Walker Rebecca Wells Mildred Weaver John eek8 William Weatherwax David Welsh mrs Sally Welsh John d Wheeler the Mason Whitesides we Wilson Nelson j Williams Wilson mrs Catherine Wiseman maty b Wilson Elijah 2 wig Gingter Aquilla withe Martha Wilson or Witt Samuel m Woollen Sevin Wonner John Wright John Wright Samuel m Wyeth Joshua Young William Geo. , . Room is Otsdawa latin Ems 1j� a -37 to Al be by Tel Tsas Haon i Majia. The subscriber would ii i to Public that he 4im Pori and a Loam for a Terni of years of the Noaim Fri Imp Al known As the a a Lionel on to Comer of Martlet and chef streets it bodily of Terre haute which he intend Kim pig m a House of Public entertainment for Dation of travellers Aad those who Eay Firor him with a Call. The House he bin Vepa ii and pot in Good order and will be Kep too. His table will be furnished at All times with thebom the country will afford. His stable which Large and commodious and connected a a Good Carriage House and Wagon Yard will to attended at All times by a careful Hostler. Wim rules and regulations Are suck m win Mem peace and Harmony to the establish hmm and by Hopes by a knowledge of the above Buai Ziess and constant attention to Merit a share of i lie patronage. John Mcken half. Terre haute March 2, 1839. Tell a. List of letters t1j Mainis a in the Post office at Rock Xiv Ville la., on the Slot of March 1839, and if not taken out within three months will be sent to the general Post office As dead letters. Adams Samuel Adamson amp Robinion Armstrong Tuomari Alexander John Alexander Rohrt p Armstrong Stephen at Ihler Holt Allen we Acrea Henry Bare Geo w Geo Burford we Bellinger we so. Casper Burks Alexander Barnes James Brown we Banks Dani p Bryant John Burks Floyd Brown Wui d of dding we Carver Sterling Catlin Wesley Cox Lawrence coi Wharton Daniel Clift Jos Collison Elisha Clark Lucius p 2 Crose Rei Ecca Conover t m Connelly David 2 Creekpaum Jacob Coulston Geo Cannon Thos Chew Reuben Curry Solomon Cei Ter Albert corothers we c Cole John crop it Ell Josiah Dorgett Alfred Dicks we s Downey Robt Davis Samuel Dudney win j Doggett priestly 2 Draper Jesse Davis Nathan Davis Benj in John drier Ollma y a Fullinwider Eleazar Farrar Coonrod Finney Jos Fuquey John or Moses Davis Fleming Stephen for flier John Fisher Joshua Garr Jesse Grant miss Lucretia Garden miss Frances Howard t a hazzard George Harper Elijah Hay John Heath Elisha Hice Solomon 2 Huson Abram Harvey Isaac 3 Huson Levi t head Basom Heric miss Jann Horn Thomas or Vestal Hufstutler Martin Hobson Rebecca 2 Huxford Chas w april 5-3w-25 House and lot for Sale. The House and lot on Seewood at. Between Ohio and Walnut sure tsp the lot being numbered in the Towie plat 147�?late the residence of Ham is offered for Sale. The hoem Iea two Story House with an office Aua ebed to the same formerly occupied for the Post Elko i stable smoke House amp cd. Attached. It is Smothe most eligible lots in town. If not sold. It will be rented immediately. For further particulars apply to William Mullen. Mar. 1839. 24�?tf freight for wheel info a. A Quantity of Light freight for Wheeling ya., can be had on application at the enquirer office. March 15 22-tf Hedges Morris f hire Andrew Zilavy so my Hayes Joshua Hutton Edward 2 Johnson Henry Kelley Moses Lester lifeless Lions e Moulder miss Lucinda More and Aaron or Clung or Mcbride Margaret Mcmullin Danim it Cowan Andrew a reel Thos Mccure Alex enter Dani Montgomery Ivy Mcewen or Mcmillan Margaret Mcdonald Alex or my Ter and a a Virtu Hugh Moon Stephen Norman we nay Lor James b 2 Parmer Joel prathers we Patten Rebecca 2 Patten Richard Puntney Aquila Parsons Ernst us Payne we Ralston John Reuss John Ramey in r Rul Riton Messor Roberts Rees we Rish Teel Catharine 2 Ruder Daniel rate i t we Reed s r Shawley it 2 Singleton s n Smock John Smith Joseph Stark we 2 Simmons Solomon stallion Zachariah Snow fusion Stanfer Isabella Smili Jehiel Sherit of Parke Sidwell Levi Todd John True Ler Elizabeth Savior e Eanor White Thodor Henry Anderson Wade Mary Weatherford Martha Winter Geo it Watson Stephen White Johnson Ware we s Williams Mark White John a Watson Stephen Warson John White Johnson Woods Thos wedding John h White jes m. Nox p. M. Kept by he Phelion dam by Sumpter will make his first season at the stable of the subscriber in Terre haute and will be let to mares on the following conditions $25 the season a insurance $35. This Well bred and Well proven race horse bought at a High Price is now offered to breeders on the Wabash on terms As moderate As the Public could expect. In a few Days a full and extended Pedigree will be publish with an account of his races and from sources at once authentic and satisfactory. Tit the season has already commenced. Much 15�?22-tf we. Herring ton. T. O. Thursto to of co. Receiving forwarding and com Mission merchants Evansville la t. O. Th�r8ton. Ubry c. Wat met. Dec 22. 10-6m to the ladies of Terre haute. Mrs. N. Wharry has again resumed the millinery business and respectfully solicits the patronage of the ladies of Terre haute and Vicinity. Her present residence is on let Street in the House formerly occupied by f. M. Irish._21�?3m miss m. Vij Ore Bailor Ess Milliner and Man Tua maker offers her services in any t of the above branches to the citizens of Terre haute Ond Vicinity. Her residence is at mrs. Jobs on third Between Ohio and Walnut its. Where she will be Happy to wait on those who May favor her with their custom. 26-tf Mcdermott Patrick Mccorkey Eunice Mccravy Nancy Nabors e l Nelson James h Neal John 2 North r Orr Daniel 2 0hare Thos Oldridge Ananis Osborn Levi l Palmer s Palmer mrs Mary Pennington John Peterman we h Perry Alfred Perry we m persons Isaac j 2 team Warren 3 Pegg Alfred b Pearson Wiet Peters John to care j Holland Peary Henry Partee g w Parsons Eli Pierson Jammy Pierson Robin Pierce Isaac Pink atom Rev Daniel Pitman Samuel pow id David or Joba Hei Petty David in tsp in am in views Baili Vij new store. Josiah bos Worth Lias taken Tho old and Well known stand of c. H. Bailey do co., and has just received an assortment of seasonable goods consisting of French and american Cali Coes Pilot Blue Brown Olive and mix cloths Merines circassian Merino and fancy shawls blankets lace and aging silk and Linen Cambric pocket handkerchief ii with an assortment of other articles too numerous to mention. Also a general assortment of watches cutlery tin and a teens Ware. Apothecary and botanic medicines hats boots shoes shoe findings and Garden seeds from All of which a Large deduction will be made for Cash. N. produce of almost every description will be taken in payment for goods. Those wishing to Purchase will do Well to cell and examine ror tier selves. Torre haute april a 18�9. Of is medical. To he subscribers Havivi associated them a selves in Copartnership for the practice of Medicine in its various branches respectfully tender their services to the citizens of Terre haute and Vicinity. 0 call8 received at the office of or. Daniels where one or the other May be found at All times. E. Daniels . Feb 15-3m-18 a. Holmes. . Medical a notice. . F. F Alley having located in York 111. Tenders his professional services to the citizens of that place and its Vicinity. Or. Falley is a graduate of the Willow University and medical College of Lake Wie and will devote his undivided attention to the pursuits of his profession. He has a general assortment of Medicine for Sale. York Clark co. 111. Mar. 5. 21�?3w d 126 great Barga Jsn acres of first rate land within three Miles of Springfield 111. To permanent a eat of government after july the whole is under Fence and mostly in my for cultivation it is All Prairie and and ref adapted for an extensive Meadow and land which is exceedingly lucrative. Price $18 per acre i Down the balance in 12 and 18 months with six per cent interest. Apply at this office. Feb. 21, 1839. 3m-19 furs a Jed Deer Sims. We wish to Purchase a Large Quanti i of the above articles. The furs my of Caen Honable and Well handle d. For Deer ask Otter Mink Fox and wild cat skins we pay the highest Market Price in Cash on delivery at our hat and shoe store Terre haute. We purpose keeping always on hand an assortment of hat trimming and finding. Feb 8-n-tf Blythe amp Babbitt. I fes. Golden Sherry Pale do. Brown do. Muscat. Madeira and Walmsey wines for Sale wholesale and retail by w. A. Sangster amp brother dec 1._7-tf_ strayed. My horse Toby loft my premises about ten Days since it to it by is a dark Bay about 15 hands High a a in his forehead with a White 8tripe1riykiirface to his Noee which is All White Faite Hind foot a the right foot i think a Asl Pilut shod All Roand. Auy person returning sad mrse to me will receive my thanks and a Liberal recompense. April 9-3w-s5 a. B. Fontaine. Tobacco am cigars. A boxes Malar cigars 40 Gross smoking tobacco for Sale by w. A. S Angster amp brother. Dec Musk rat skiffs on prime Kankakee Musk rat now on hand and Abr Sale Vimy i by Blyumb do a amt 81-.tf Brejwa Verj Zajf Laj forages Rilke subscriber lately arrived from to rape. X respect ally informed the Pumie of Terre haute and the Timity that he is Willhof the teach in private non so the French and Oer May language. % in mis Fally Coo front of Long year8 experienc Ltd that Hia Scoott a. Traction will meet with general approx at the More As he to itches far the Puril Rof Ktal cd a it of Wmk to Koa idioms a Well a the Renuk Vaefua Taiwan Witk to kor Cla Raics. Ii Tkebi Afiwa flatter i Isaaf be patronize do As to a Libet India Pema led Foo of Thosa polite Lanett Agmata is Dot to be ooatradii0d. Tkv Bega Imp Nora Over a peels �ru4 Bovi Kica Kim a i Kig to hmm my my Mem a Mimi aia. I a terms 2 town lots la the Vicinity omit a a a we Otho Wiback Erio Cyrial. Fertle in -5�,� tei Mitt imral of Zailn Mitkova Waad Aai i to and i Luns Tsira wow Mitoi m Onmi Lili ill hurl a no Ikiri Iii
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