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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1839, Page 3

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - April 5, 1839, Terre Haute, Indiana My the Eju it Turer. Be Momu Tod Kab Biot a Takh go ahead Teere haute ind. Friday. April 5, 1839. A books . Imbt bit. Do Mockatis a Btu Ali Civ womb Natiola pop Meub or Moira Sam. Hon. John w. Davis. Correspondence. , lad., a Larch 18, 1839. 8ir t we Uke Ples nire a perform info a duty i tatted a Ltd a in the following relation adopted by the democratic convention now in Beano Here Quot resolved that the secretaries of this convention be req rated to inform the Hon. Johw w. Davis of his nomination by this convention As a candidate for Congress in the second congressional District in the state of Indiana an Early reply As to the acceptance or non acceptance of said domination will oblige your fellow citizens James m. Grooms j. P. Chapman. Hon. Johh w. Davis Carlisle la. Cable Isle april 1, 1839. Or sirs i have the Honor to be in the receipt of your favor the 18th ult., dated at Bloom Field concerning a Resolution adopted by the democratic convention then in session at that place. The Resolution referred to bringing my name before the convention As a candidate for Congress having been unanimously adopted by �0 respectable a body of democratic friends and having received numerous letters from private individuals urging the Liberty to use my name in the approaching canvass for Congress i am compelled to forego private interest and a preference for retirement and respectfully submit my name As a candidate for the favor of the people. Very resp y. Your out. Serv t. Jno. W. Davis. J. M. Oao oms j. P. Chapman elsqrs., Sec euries inc. Hon. John w. Davis. It will be seen by correspondence which appears in this paper that the Hon. John w. Davis is now fairly before the people of tiie second congressional District As a candidate to represent them in the next Congress of the United states. In taking this position or. Davis we have reason to believe has not been influenced by overweening motives of self aggrandizement nor does he Thust himself before the people in a manner which would evince More Confidence in his own electioneering tact than in the principles he professes and in the Good sense and discernment a the people. But he comes before them As a candidate for their Suffrages at the publicly expressed wish of his political friends who believe him to be honest capable faithful to the Constitution of our country and Able and willing to make their wishes understood and their influence Felt in favor of Justice and Liberal principles in the Congress of the nation. The very fact of being nominated in this manner we conceive to be the Best evidence of Merit Short of positive election. It supersedes the necessity of further recommendation when is in this Case the wishes of a Large portion of the people have been expressed unbiased by any other desire than a Heartfelt and warm desire to accomplish measures for the general Good. Under these circumstances we cannot doubt that the democratic citizens of this District will give to the nominee their Hearty undivided and zealous support they will do this not Only because the nomination which he unanimously received is Strong evidence of the great personal Merit of or. Davis which even his political opponents Are constrained to acknowledge a but also because principles Are involved in his Success or defeat dear to every True Friend of his race a the great principle of equal and exact Justice to Aix men. But they have a previous duty the zealous performance of which they owe to themselves their country and the world at Large the Doty of pointing out to their fellow citizens who have been unwittingly led into political darkness the True path. This truly is a never ceasing duty but the present state of things demands from them rigorous attention to its Calls. Upon the alacrity displayed by them in attending to this duty will greatly depend their present Triumph and their future Progress. The coming contest we have no doubt will be a warm the a we already Bear the note of Busy preparation in the enemy s Camp a and every Inch of ground will be hotly contested hand to hand and foot to foot. We have truth Justice right upon our Side and we can conquer if we Bat will it. Let us then resolve to do so. who Lap Bim a tie Washington correspondent of the Boston courier the Lead ii of Federal whig p4ikper in new England if not in tie United states holds the following language in re Lauon to the character of Wise Prentiss Menifee Nad a few other whig blackguard in Congress. It should also be a town that Daniel Webster has been the correspondent of that paper and very probably wrote the article from which we make the flowing extract. How degrading to the honest but misled portion of the whig party to have even their representatives in Congress so completely under these disgraceful blackguard that their Basi aels and their interests must be neglected to minister to the depraved appetites of such men and at their command to assist in throwing every obstacle in their Power in the Way of those who Are Labouring to keep the wheels of government in motion and for the perpetuity of our free institutions How degrading to be thus stigmatized by their own party whigs examine the following and then carefully examine the grounds on which you give your support to the whig arty. But fail not at the same time to examine candidly the democratic Side of the question. We have that Faith in your intelligence that extraneous influence apart after a candid examination you will be found shoulder to shoulder with your democratic Brethren urging on the cause of Justice and Reform. But to the extract Quot there Teere Len Imenit avowed on Ike floor Yeti erday by men who Are considered As Shin Itig Miglus in the ranks of the whig party. Wise Menifee Prentiss . Which Are disgraceful in the extreme and bomb of the Prim Ciplys pro Cost Forward would if carried out subvert our government and bring anarchy and ruin upon our institutions. One member. Wise stood out As the advocate of Lawless Jess. He declared that he would spurs and spit Upoff a it by Law which Coj Gress should pass interfering Wuh that higher Law the code of hoj or with which he has so often signalized himself he declared that he would abide by that Law and right until such a time Quot As Reli oink should take possess of of his soul which he hoped ote Day it would what May we not expect when men sent to make our Laws thus openly threaten Tose Ithem at Defiance ? the Gallows and the Penitentiary Are robbed of their due while such men Are at Large. Do. have placed on the preceding Page the letter of or. Duncan in reply to that of the committee appointed by the democracy of Philadelphia tendering him a Public dinner. Notwithstanding the sneers of some poor Little Federal whigs we doubt not but the democracy will appreciate the motives of this Plain and unflinching Democrat. The Cincinnati advertiser in noticing the letter in question says Quot doctor Duncan has very properly declined an invitation from the democracy of Philadelphia to a Public dinner As Well on the ground that an honest discharge of duty requires not such Marks of Public approbation As that it has been the custom of the tory Federal whigs to Quot eat the people out and themselves into we Are better pleased with this self denial of this honest Democrat that it stands in contrast with the attention paid to the traitor Tallmadge and the murderer Wise who have been both attempted to be whitewashed by the operation of Public dinners. Such attention to Euch men will put Public dinners to Public men out of repute with All honest patriots who serve their country with Talent and Fidelity. The faithful services of doctor Duncan in three sessions of Congress have gained for him More of the respect esteem and Confidence of the democracy of the Union than a Public dinner in every City in the United states could procure for new ilk lips irs. The late dem Orestia Rich cry into Fruita Strite is of a More racing character than had been anticipated. There has been Adea Moralie gain of about to to Twat votes Sinoto it year which will bring up the grand total against the whigs to about even thousand. The whigs of Indiana May Here read their Fate let them Quot pack up their the Mair editor of a v. Evening Post Speaks of an rid map of the unit states he has recently seen that was punish cd in London immediately after the treat of 1783, on which the Boundary line is Laid Down agreeably to the same As that now font added for by the United states. Such a map shows what was the understanding at the time of the treaty. A Canada paper speaking of the collision Between Maine and new Brunswick unwittingly exposes the whole secret on which rest the pretensions of great Britain to the disputed territory. Or ecu Britain has no claim whatever to ii its value to her is so great that a War would be perfectly justifiable to obtain it because if it were in the Possession of the United states it would completely isolate new Brunswick and Nova Scotia from the Canadas in which Case the latter would be valueless to Britain. With it a Long line of Frontier would be established directly in Contact with the French settlements South of the St. Lawrence by which Means the inhabitants of that portion of the country could always be kept in subjection by the loyalists Between lower Canada and the following is sir John Harvey s communication to gov. Fairfield. He is quite Flat after All his Quot War govern sent House Frederickton Jav. B. March 7, 1839. \ major general sir John Harvey presents his compliments to governor Fairfield and with reference to a communication which he has just received from her majesty s minister at Vwashington transmitting a Quot memorandum Quot under the joint signatures of or. Forsyth Secretary of state and her majesty s minister plenipotentiary to gov. Fairfield and himself respectively begs to say that he will be Happy to enter into such amicable communication with gov. Fairfield upon the subject As May Conduce to the attainment of the very desirable and important object thereby proposed to be effected. Sir John Harvey has answered or. Fox s communication by expressing his entire Readi Ness to give effect to the proposed agreement so far As May be dependent on him. His excellency gov. Fairfield. Of a spirited preamble and the following Resolution were recently introduced into the House of representatives in Michigan. Resolved by the Senate and House of representatives of the state of Michigan that this state will sustain the measures adopted by his excellency the governor of Maine to protect the Public Domain from invasion and the rights of the state Over which he presides As chief magistrate from usurpation and National insult. It is an old saying Quot that one renegade is worse than ten look for frequent illustrations of this fact to the political world. Find you a politician or an editor traitor to the principles or party he primarily professed or acted with and you will certainly find a Man ten times More violent and unprincipled than any of the party to which he deserts. Look at Wise for instance who was originally elected to Congress he a Jackson Man what a wretch he now is look at but no matter let them go. Q we believe it has become the settled determination of the whigs to have a District convention for the purpose of fixing upon some one of the rival aspirants who Are craving the Honor of running for Congress none of them will catch it by the Way if the democracy do their duty a notice for a county meeting has been published in the Greencastle visitor Putnam co. Aad one will probably shortly be held in Vigo. The flowing names will come before the con mention we suppose if no others col. Sigler e. H. Huntington John Ewing j. Farrington Aad col. T. H. Blakes and Richard Thompson of be Ferd perhaps. Well beat Emall that spot. Oct election in this town on monday it the following officers were elected pm Utah Iesu Hiram Westfall n. B. Markle Jasper blown i and Ira Tichenor. Superior of Sirsi Road District Meb Parkins. 9d John Davis. Many Abraham a Fackson. 4lh4oamhoby Morander. Ski to Wulliam Watkins. 6th a Oso Mes Clark. 7th do Omithia Rodgon. In fear �lecti0m$ i. Wines. Pm Engen the . Pm free Fleim fcb Ulm Oro Vorman Chartan one of Wise s late harangues in Congress May be found the following which clearly manifests the atrocious Malignity of a disappointed wretch lost to every common feeling of humanity Quot sir if general Jackson had been elected fur the third time one great Good would have come of the evil Amos Kendall would have been worked to death. Poor wretch As he Rode his Rosenante Down Pennsylvania Avenue he looked like death of the Pale Quot what a lamentable instance remarks the Hartford times is Here of lorded of the bitterness of the whig spirit gloating with Savage Joy on the spectacle of a faithful and capable Public servant working himself to death delighting in the knowledge that a talented cer of the government has so devoted himself to his duties that As he rides out for exercise his countenance and general appearance shows that his Fidelity to his Trust has weakened and emaciated his Frame Quot it must however be a consoling reflection to the postmaster general that he is the subject of whig bitterness and Bate not because he has been derelict in Bis duty but because that duty has been done too Well to be pleasing to his enemies. Difficulties of on a Long controversy with a pair of ill natured editors Knock them into a three cocked hat Spike their cannons silence their Battery and then be advertised by their Kinsfolk and screeched at by their grandmothers. Of dear a courier. Worse have your dishonesty and meanness exposed by Quot piggies Quot a to be publicly branded and advertised As a liar and apprentice stealer to be afraid to repel these charges for fear of having them incontrovertibly substantiated to read in the Quot cursed enquired Quot a certain advertisement containing a House Quot Cut Quot a and to have the Quot boiled egg Lay so hard in your paunch that you feel worse politics is t game of Sam a it is a Mere struggle Between the ins arid the of a a office office is the grand of Lect. Give us Tho fleece and let the flock go to Bell is the watchword of every p 4itician. What a pity we Ara All so a whig paper. We candidly believe that the above is As Good an exposition As could be made in so few lines it would appear that paddlers have been sent out by the new York whigs to the West for the purpose of distributing caricatures in relation to their friends Swartwout and Price a a sort of coffin Handbill movement. This is dog eat dog says the new Albany Argus the feds pay the fiddler. The Ohio Patriot has an article of ours credited to the Wabash courier. We Only speak of it to guard the Patriot against charging the courier with any thing democratic As it goes against their Grain and when the Quot giants Quot of that paper get mad they Are terrible Fellows in their own estimation. Wemm. _ nmn 1� in a prom Ithan Cipf 0� or. Oan Caay Nimoh a Fenili appeared in the a Wal Midi cow Iari the Richmond Safrit Miniati sumo other remarks has the of blow a Jet no particular reference is Ltd Tito i Gnu How com has it been since these Raik Luttan Gava Cire Latina to the slanders of Henry a. Wish against the administration i adding him in no measured terms for his fearlessness in exposing the a or Miniet and corruptions of the and Minietta Tjonn How Long has it been sin Eathey landed in the same manner the Hon. Bailie Foft of tha coadjutor of Wise 1 How Long by it Baan since this same Peyton Whan a ear Tain Reuben m. Whitney was before a committal of which he was a Mezaber Stoio most terribly that if. The said Whitney looked at 4tm 1w would kill him How Ping has it been since this Wise also swore most terribly during the sitting of the same committee that if Whitney so much As moved his hand he would blow out his brains and declared in his place in the House of representatives that he was prepared a had gone into that committee room prepared to take Whitney s Lite 1 before these gentlemen or any others of their party attempt to cast censure upon or. Duncan they Nius show that they Are themselves free from censure in having sustained Henry a. Wise Bailie Peyton and such creatures As they Are Iii their murderous course. We Are no advocates for mob Rule or for be splat Ion with pistols and daggers. But we Are ree to say that the course pursued by such impotent wretches As those we have named and which is secretly commended by some others whom we might name has led to the state of things which our friends of Tho courier so warmly condemn. The party to which they Are attached almost unanimously sustained Wise and Peyton in their course. There were a few honorable exceptions. There Are even yet a few among their party who Loath and detest the vile creatures for their unmanly and base conduct but unfortunately the number is so exceedingly Small that when we say they Are sustained by their party we say no More than the truth. Unparalleled meanness. A those Chaste guardians of the people s Money who went on the Quot exploring expedition Quot from Washington to Tho new York custom House and for which they pocketed $19,33 each daily had another economical Quot conniption fit Quot just at the close of the session under the influence of which they forced through the House a Law compelling the executive departments to advertise for proposals for furnishing whatever printing binding and stationery they require and accept the lowest bids. Their object however was not so much Economy As to Tutu the executive officers by representing them before the country As unworthy to be trusted with such important matters As the purchasing a Bunch of quills a stick of sealing Wax a Penknife or a piece of India rubber. In conformity therefore with the requirements of the disreputable Law the Secre rotary of the Treasury has advertised for proposals to Supply his department with the articles necessary for its use the enumeration of which occupies three columns and a half of the Globe. We select a few of the articles for which proposals Are invited Viz a 6 Ink stands 6 Sand boxes 6 pieces of India rubber 12 dozen of tape 13 penknives 20 pounds of twine 3 pounds of wafers. Such a Law is a disgrace to the statute Book and especially to the Congress that enacted it. The time of members of the Cabinet which ought to be wholly devoted to important matters of state is to the taken up in comparing and deciding on the bids for supplying such articles As we have enumerated. We contend for rigid Economy in All depart agents of the government but not much can be saved by forcing the executive officers to hold in the tap while members of Congress Are drinking freely at the Bung Hole. A Lar ii or a to Tho m did let lunar a lag Iai Hiff Litt Wiir by Tomsy air Myers my in hey Stu Imi rtt a then Adama wham Acabi theism All Ian a Allen m d Auasi Dominic of Allee Silas Ai Kanier atme Tiutin Liast Ames Joathan goad Mit Jenft of Ekdawi Thop Oraham John Grimes eme orifltliw�rdi9 6re�i by Teasel Ann Greto we h Ames Nathan or Jacob on Hill Jacob 3 c. Hug Arnold Enoch Anderson Jaa p Anderson Isaac Armstrong Andrew artist Rebecca Artis Silva Arthur William Ash More Sophronia h Brady Jos or Gabriel Baker Abraham Barker Ira Barton or Baxter Francis Dyer Jabes Questo John Hart Henry h Harrison Benj 8 Harrison we 3 Harris Thos 2 Hargis Richard Hannon Pat. Harris Benj Hall Josiah and we Hassmann h h Haynes Thos c Haynes Hannah c Hannum Thomas Hatfield Henry Baily Thos Ballou havens Levi b Baker was Langton Hammond Saul Baird Jas Haddin Polly Barber Lorenzo Hays Calvin Barnes Phebe miss Elton Joshua Barnett Samuel Haddy Lewis Batman mrs Catherine Henan Patrick Ampawn Rae Wiwie a to my or Riehard Eon Mif right i it Nae we ring Charlas Root Charles Rob Jahn Rohin Sehy Ottha Robarts Willis q Roll Edward cat. M 3 to team dust talk Wiwi. Tih or Traer Muf Tittle of a of Quot Maew Whf Twer via a Ketr nomm 3 Ross we Orecki Derua a by a a he k Robert Emir Rolen wat him Imam 3 Robb Jacob Avnaim Saha Ott Ruffner Mirhad a Wall said Joel he Ruble George Waller we Rino or care n Prim Waiker Cha or. Ewing s electioneering circulars Are already afloat and Are highly praised by some we can t say All because we know to the contrary of his never tiring advocates. But he will have a heavy weight to carry Between this time and the August election such As a Small Man cannot easily shake Washington la. Chronicle. A 4ailf Jim of Parakat Hoats is a ont to a a in �1 the Wahah Aad Erta a Taal. Tha Hoats Ara to in Bat aaa fort Way Taal Logaa pert Fer the a what. Thath to ii la w9tt�mm Westward aft Stathe a awful explosion. A in the Black Heath Coal pits in Chesterfield va., an awful explosion took place a few Days since by which it is supposed Between thirty and forty lives were lost. The explosion was what is known As a Quot fire Damp explosion Quot proceeding from a want of due caution. Roasted . Rest eras pork House in Rochford la. Has been burned together with a Large amount of pork Bacon dec. Also the smoke House of messes. Paine in Madison has been consumed together with three or four thousand dollars Worth of Bacon. First steam navigation on Neuse River North have had a great time of rejoicing at Waynesboro on this River by the successful trip just made upon it of the Steamboat Mcnair from Newbern owned by general Whitfield. Of the Reti Prin Eipl by watch the Federal whig edit weians Are a Tastad. And Baliag a Princi plod Mael Vos perhaps it is quite actual that thay Haoold Oon Sidar Ali of mrs Aqa Auy so. Otha London san expresses tha opinion that if tha Mazic Sas Rasera not to a Haiti to Jha Danalda of Franca it jul la lib Wall in he a United but a and bag fad to pm Itri a or trial it. Bawana a Wakamo a Northc Aiala Ute by Ilia har hash no the Gogh a Rte in in Hii if tvs a pm a la \ a met a ref Hub my Hir mini Igia Quot 0 we did t know till we saw Tho courier of last week who it was that Quot spiked the Cannon Quot though we supposed it had been done by some mischievous boys about town. Eating Quot eggs Quot with Youthful loafers is bad enough but prowling about like a Quot roaring lion Quot spiking inoffensive Cannon is a touch below the vulgar. Judge Barkman of hot Springs Arkansas while making an excavation for the setting of a Furnace a Ake Salt found at the depth of four feet a Well set Brick Furnace and pieces of broken kettles made of Earth of the probable capacity of 15 or 20 Gallons. That great Humbug the Pennsylvania canal is again open for the purpose of imposing upon and cheating the travelling Public. Let our Eastern friends bound for the Beautiful wast shun it As they would a pestilence. 0 if any one wishes to know what it is that makes Quot boiled eggs Quot Lay so hard on the stomach of the editor of the courier they can learn by Reading or. Fairbanks s advertisement on the fourth Page of this paper. The remarks of judge wat Besiak at the late Dano Crapo District convention it Bloom Tau Ara in Type and Wim Spaar next weak . Airai adtbatai4ietarthmaryiaqd Aorta fam Dawa Gaa Fco ii Rita aaa Ibad her Mia. Sana stall amp tha a Juji if % Alae Halati the great Church Case at Philadelphia is still going on and without any Prospect of a speedy termination. But the Way they testify against each other is melancholy in the extreme the legislature of Mississippi has passed a Bill which relieves All revolutionary soldiers from taxation and allows each of them $100 per annul from the Treasury. Two of the passenger cars on the Columbia Railroad were destroyed on wednesday by the rope breaking while ascending the inclined plane. The passengers escaped serious injury. Thirty acts of divorce from the marriage contract have passed the legislature of Alabama during its recent sitting. be for that Are Potash Kettle said to another in our presence. You would have thought he was Askins for a snuff Box. Did t know i had it said a fellow who was caught running away from a fire with a Grindstone on his Back such a fellow would have used a Ine Pounder for a whistle a pitched quoits with anvils and crushed Cannon balls with a grip so that they would squirt through his fingers like Rotten potatoes. 0 postmasters Are reverted to inform the publishers of this paper immediately As they Are required to do by Law whenever any div dual to whom it is directed refuses to take it from the office. Bateman John i 2 Batman John Bates David m 2 Baily Isaac heard James Beard Jane Belt Carlton c 2 Beard b i Bellville Saml Elton Philip Beedle Johnson 2 Beaty Lemuel Bennett Jos Bigham David s Bim Darfer Henry Black or Black miss Catherine Black we Blackburn a w Bosworth Job a 2 Bozarth John 2 Boatright a Bond John 2 Brooks Jas or Henry Messer Bell Field Saml Burnham Orren Buchanan Mary a d Burson col Jno 2 Budd Daniel Burton j Bratt Geo 2 Brodny Joseph Brotherton Abel Bryant Jacob Brannan Saml 2 Brown Jos 2 Brown Heziah Brunot Chas Brown John l Brown John Briest Jacob Bush Neil Benj. Butler g w by get Jno s Burks Arthur l Bugg Jos Bod Jos Burks John Burns g w Bulkley John Buckner Felix c Byrne John Carter Dominicus Ca Grafft Jacob cake Clarence m Cain Andrew j Calder Henry Calvert we 2 Chavers James Chesnut we Chambers John Clark Philo Clark we Clements Fergus Clark John a 2 Cleante Jas Clain John Connor Abraham Cook John Coppage Freeborn Cooper Jas 2 Collins Peter Collinane Joseph cooler a t. Cornwell Nancy co trim John Coplin Jesse con aver Edmond Henry Woodford Hittell Perry 2 Harkness Philo Henley John Hoyt Harvey 2 Hooker or Edw t Hogan Lewis i Howry John Howard Timothy Hockings Garrett Holmes Matthew 2 Holmes j s Holden mrs Mary Huffman Samuel Huffman David or Ames Hunter John Hussey Edw t Hughes Joseph Huzzy Joseph Humphreys John Huff Jacob Hudson Susan Hulbert John Jackson Henry Jaques Gershom r Jackman Joseph Jewett Thaddens Johnson Matthew 2 Johnson Andrew Johnson g w Johnson Kilby h Johnson Martha e Jones John 2 Kearney Michael kill offer George Kinnard Andrew keel David keys Adam r Knox j a Kruzan Isaac Kuykendall Mary Ann Kuyken g w Larkins Sandford look Ford Aquilla Langton Charles Lawson we Leavitt win i eur e y Leonard Joshua Lee Harrison Lee we d lisey Charles 3 Littell Millen b Little Samuel s Lindsey or in Agopian Lockhart e p Logan we 2 Long Alexander Loper Gideon c Lowe John Lovland Winthrop Maginer John f Marsh Robert Marsh Alonzo Mars we 3 Matox Samuel 2 Mattox Church Mattingly Edward Mcgaugh Henry Malin we Martin miss Sarah Martin miss Mahala Maloney Benj f Mewhinney Benj Leigber win Milledge Zury s Miller Joseph Mitchell Robert Middleton Joseph Rose Sanders John Saler Julia servant Horace 2 Serra a Sarah d Serry John m Searns James Schlichte John Seymour Calvin scoot David 2 Scott w t Scott Zedekiah 2 Scott Anderson Simmons Nathaniel Simmons Chri Pher Simmons Jesse d is a Vea Saml Shipley j r Spencer a gds 6 w Sparks we Roe Sis be Daniel Spangler Cuthbert a care i Bolton Sarben Jacob Spencer Spier Speers David Stewart j e Stag Elijah Stewart Margaret Stewart Thos Statan James Summers Michael or. April 5-3w-25 Watkins Eliza j Wallace Warfield George Wardwell Anthony Walden Western Warren Hen Watkias Dafid Watkins l t after Rebecca Weusi Idad Weaver John weeks William Weatherwax David Welsh in Sally Welsh John d Wheeler the Mason we besides we Wilson Nelson j Williams Wilson mrs Catherine Wise an Mary b Wilson Elijah 2 wig Gingter Aquilla withe Martha Wilson or Witt Samuel m Woollen Sevin Wonner John Wright John Wright Samuel m Wyeth Joshua Young William Geo. , . List of letters remaining in the Post office at Rock Ville la., on the Slot of March 1839, and if not taken out within three months will be sent to the general Post office As dead letters. R Adams Samuel Adai Dmn it Robinsn Armstrong Titomas Alezander John Alexander Rovert p Armstrong Stephen Ashley Holt Allen win acres Henry Bare Geo w Buckhannon Geo Burford we Bellinger we amp Casper Burks Alexander Barnes James Brown we Banks Dani p Bryant John Burks Floyd Brown we d Codding we Carver Sterling Catlin Wesley Cox Lawrence Coddington Daniel Cli Fajos Collison Elisha Clark Lucius p Croaa Beterca Conover t m Connelly David 3 Creekpawm Jacob Coulston Geo Cannon Thos Tiew Reuben Curry Solomon a enter Albert corothers we c Cole John Campbell Josiah Doggett Alfred Dicks we 3 Downey Robt Davis Samuel Dudney we j Doggett priestly 2 Draper Jesse Davis Nathan Davis Ben amp Jolin Driscoll a y a Fullinwider Eleazar Farrar Coonrod Finney Jos of Miley John or Broses Davis Fleming Stephen Fraxier John Fisher Joshua Garr Jesse Grant miss Lucretia Garden miss Frances Howard t a Haxo ird Georje Harper Elijah Hay John heat i Elisha Ilice Solomon 3 Huson Abram Haney Isaac 3 Huson Levi t head Heric miss Jane Hern Thomas or Vestal Hufstutler Martin Hobson Rebecca 8 Husford Chas w april 5-3w-25 Cotter Catherine White Minoe Paul Cox Azariah Mills James Cox Ezra Montgomery Hart Cole Israel Montgomery Joseph Cole Alfred Mundell Andrew Coles Joseph Musgrave we Coy Jas Susk Johnson Mussett we Hedges Morris p Hice Andrew Hary Saml Hayes Joshua Hatton e4war4 Johnson Henry Kelley Moses Lester Luteresa lipase Moulder miss Lucinda Moreland Aaron Mcclung or Mcbride Margaret Mcmullin Dani Mccowan Andrew Meve i Thos Mccure a exr mater Dani Montgomery we Mcewen or Mcmilan Margret Mcdomic Alex my match and Mcbride Hugh Moon Stephen Norman fam nay Tor James b Parmer Joel Pratters we Patten Rebecca Patten Richard Puntney Aquila Parsons Erastiw Payne we a ral a Jolt reuse Jolt Ramey it Ramon Mer Saor Roberts Hees we Rightsel Catturini Ruder Daniel Ratcliff fwd Reeds r Shafiey we t Singleton h n Smock Jolgui Smith Joseph Stark we s Simmons Solomon Stallings Zachariah Snow fusion Sun air Isabella Smith Jehiel Skeria of Parke Sidwell Levi Todd John Omsler Elizabeth Taylor Eleaaor White Thos or Benry Ander a Wade Mary Weatherford Martka Winter Geo w Watson Ste a White Johnson Ware we s Wui iams Mark whom Yohb a Watami Stephen Watson John i a re Wake Johnson Woods Thos wedding John h White James m. Noel p. M. Clip Wadi nov thay a a Fht a Gia via haib a a Tny Tammi Kuum w. A mid to Lett Lala of Isis we Are authorized to announce Jeptha a avaious Esq., As a candidate for election As reprise native to the state a Slature from Parke county. We Are authorized to Anri ounce h. J. Baa let Esq. As a candidate for election to the state legislature from Parke county. Or. C. 8. Tui it by is a candidate for election to the Sute legislature Froni Parke conty Steamboat arrivals and Dap Aaraas. Arrivals. March 39. To awoke fion ctn Cinatl a 31, Niagara inn a sub Apiu 1, to Tom cd Artw to a 9, ifs Host firm Loews a Quot a a mate Fri a Mim sri is by a Iasi Psira a we. Dufa Butos. Mali a Lotar Tisi Ihram Arm Crabbe Thos j Crews John Cromwell Susanna Crooks John Curry ram Dalton Walter dance we c Myers Frederick Mccalley Thos Mccolly John Mcbride John me Reynolds James Mcdevitt Jacob Mccolister h Dean j n or Elizabeth Mcbath Russell Taylor Venchie i mis b Davenport Mary Dille John s Dille Libbeus l Dicks John Dixon we dikes Elisabeth Dickinson Geo dowdy Franky Doran j m Dyo Daal w Edmomds Joseph Edington Chas eds Josa Edsaa am a j Eddy Eleanor Egbert beat. Eisong Engles Benj England Isaac Wachner John Falley Richard Fig Jub fagg Joal fax John fit Tiff John Al Jamaa Fidi Ithial Fidlar jams it mrja Hac Mcdermott Patrick Mccorkey Cunice Mccravy Nancy Nabors e l Nelson James h Neal John 2 North r Orr Daniel 2 o har Athos Oldridge Ananis Osborn Levi l palmers Palmar mrs Mary Pennington John Peterman we r Parry Al Tad Perry we m Persona Isaac j 2 Paasa Warren 3 Pegg Alum b plan Miniat Peters Jolt care j Haurand Parry Hanry Parta Aow Fyk Romeli Piar aaa Jamas t Kay Fabronia Piarelli strayed. My horse Toby left my premises about Tatt Days since. Toby is a dark Bay Abom 15 hails High has a Star in his forehead with a White Stripe Down his face to his nose which is All White has one White Hind foot he right Folt a i think a and he is shod All round. Any person returning said horse to me will receive my thanks and a Liberal recompense. April 8-3w-25 a. B. Fontaine. Few store. Josiah bos Worth has taken Tho old and Well known stand of c. H. Ailey in co., and Bas just received an Aorta eat of Honable goods consisting of French and Yanyar lean Cali Coes Pilot Blue Irown Olive and Mitt cloths Merines circassian a Merino and fancy shawls blankets Laca an4 edgings silk and Linen Kwim brio pocket with an assortment of other articles too a Amaru Ous to mention. Also a general assortment of watches cutlery tin and clue ens Ware Apo Theca and botanic medicines Hati boats Boas of find ifs and Garden sea a from allot which alar a dad motion will be Mada for cab. N. produce of almost Crary description will be taken a Pap neat fair goads. Tho a wishing to Pai Ahaya win do Frau a Alt Aad a Anita for thanaa Alvasa Terca hate Kfir Lei 18�. Top Frej Scaur German jul maj a reihe Ottys Fihar land arrival 11%� a i i Raspet fully it mom Jia it Tneia Haavie end the it Plait that to to cute to Mich in Petra la lamp a if few Ian w Lang tags his Long year s a pm it Gaea air Ion. Win a amp Al Mth. Anat of in Imp. In the or a ii amp Tauoa a to a i tip inti Rii it a a Tik ii Titi a a a if
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