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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer Newspaper Archives Apr 1 1840, Page 4

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - April 1, 1840, Terre Haute, Indiana I Wabasis Eft ulcer. From the advertiser. Wags of tic g Azcueta extreme / kit Init Oak to have it by in Vil. The it Sun to it a bulb a Oan and other prom Ine of in Ixia it it to i be Are Osing All their exertion to Rede a in a a fes of Trio Turkia Meo of the country a. A Poi Ion More Una Mideu could not be Ai Umcil a any editor. The Cal Bra of Tea a uni Lemon Are and Kave Kren to procure for the Tiger a it Ilynn a of Witt other thaa the tie trash m he the Tai eur Arenow paid. Tho Quot Torch Light Quot Iron which the Gist Etc quote i a paper of the a inc Kidi iry and ita statement a Are not to by relied hear the hafe mown mail a paper pub used any thing Bat Proa pretty. I think therefore it a Citi tussle Tum a re to All his if Muity. To Tumiati kit . To Fader a a Mokry truly pm Tommu capital and i it Itiat a a a a Onk ined a Saefa to me Eivy a of car Reward. In in glad what a the rate of Iii creat waa very cd entry waa not at All in a flour if Bing condition but a capital gradually accumulated and toe rate of interest consequently sunk Ahe became More and More pro Perow. Though Ahe did not reach her High oat Elevation until Money yielded couet durably Leathan five per sent. But to big Aub Jeci Iaal Tel relevant to the equation under a Hsc Isaiou that it Ian Marcely Necea aary to Parloa it. If it Wero it would be Ebay to choir that a High rate of i Turett Gen rally if not Iii verbally Entera into direct conflict with the wig a of labor which the a senator is so anxious to maintain. Suppose fur on. _. A. A a in the Savioe City on sir. Boc Banan a speech alluded example that to required a capital of $3u,000 to put to quota and preserve an Iron manufactory in successful Ope a a Itie portion of sir. Buchanan a sign each in ration. In one country the interest of this sum at to Day s paper eos braces his remarks on the Subj act ten percent would am mint to $2,0u0, whilst in an of Tbs of labor. An attentive Peru Al will j other it could be procured at four percent., or $800. Satiel y every mind Liis remarks Havel Trio difference Woald and unless this Bra err Emily misrepresented. Instead of taking ground him Only and tiie a vocally against the poor Runao As has to it Cen chs read one of the Strong get arguments to urges in Ivor of the Lud pendent i it a Ury Bill if Liat its aage will Benefit the Labouring Man. Now k t the Labouring Laan read that part of 3ir. Buchanan s speech which follows and he will there find that the geat Lewan to Rilely and Felt Cly Traduce by tie la so Quot the is the Friend not tie enemy of the lab Tang class of his fellow citizens. Let him read with attention that speech and he will per a Cave that it is the rag Manuja Courtn that have not Only reduced the Price of lat it or but have deprived the working Man of Empl it ment at any wages we Are also charged by the senator from Ken Tacky with a desire to reduce the wage of the poor Man s labor. We have been often termed agrarian in our Bitle of the House. It is something new in Crno unt can be saved either by a reduction in the wet Gea of in Home other manner the manufacturer who pays the highest rate of interest can to endure the Competition. A High rate of interest Alibi out always presses upon tho wages of labor. If the gentleman s theory be Correct. Wall Street must be a perfect Paradise of Prosperity. There the rate of interest for a Long time Lias been permanently High varying Between two and four percent a month or Between Twenty four and tarty night per cent per annul. I Ost notes of tie bunk of the United state its have been i counted freely at two per cent. Per month. With these facts before him Vir. Jeffrey would now declare As the senator in Furi is us he formerly did Quot that Liia country was the heaven of the poor Man and the hell of the he might probably reverse the position though it would be equally extravagant one Way As the other. \ country in which the Rich Man can Realise from Twenty four to forty eight per cent for his Money or the Sun to hear Tea senator and his friends Atwould certainly its any thin it i but a place of torment tribute to a a Deaire to elevate the wealthy Manu for him. But is the condition of the poor Man fact Orr at the expense of the Labouring Man and Ilia a a Audi a country a when capital commands such an Mechanic. From my soul i Reep ocl the Labouring j extravagant intercut to liquidate commercial debit will no longer be used in tie employment or Tabor it loan. Labor is the foundation of the wealth of every country and the free labourers of the Ortii deserve respect both for their probity and their Iii Tel Lif Aace. Heaven forbid that i should do them w Rong of All the countries on the Earth we ought to have the Moit consideration for the Labouring Man. From the very Natre off or institutions the wheel of Fortune is cont ally revolving and producing such mutations in properly that the wealthy Man of today May become the poor labourer of to Morross. Truly wealth often takes to itself wings and flies Novay. A Large Fortune rarely lasts beyond the third , even if it endure to 1 no. We must All know instances of individuals obliged to labor for daily bread whose grandfathers were men of Fortune. The re Tilar Prochet Sof society would Alino Fet seem to Cori it of the efforts of one class to dissipate the fortunes which they have inherited Wii Ilist another Clase by their and eco Tuny Are regularly r eing to wealth. We have All therefore a common As it is our common duly to protect the rights of the Labouring Man and if i believed for and i enc poor men Mut get necessarily be thrown out of employment Buch a condition is any thing but a heaven for Thein. Tie senator exclaims with a holy horror Quot the a stuarts Are still Ripon the throne and Charles the a second has succeeded Charles the he has Al hunk been very unfortunate in Titis historical Allu a Sion if he intended to compare our Andrew with tha 1 first Charles. The enemies of Charles off his a head whilst our Andrew politically speaking tie Heade off All of his enemies and Many of them were in Euch terror of him that they really dreaded he Nii Glit turn the metaphor into a reality and Uff till in Heads in earn act. Charles the so con did not succeed Charles the first. My lord protector intervened. Although he and the senator from Kentucky Are As different in other respects As two Able and Brave men can be yet whip the was Spicak ing it struck me that there was one striking Point of resemblance Between them. And what air do you think that was my lord protector always a moment that this Bill would prove injurious to aim began and ended Bis speech it a prayer. Then it should meet my opposition. Although this Bill will not have As Gre it an influence be i could desire yet As far As it goes it will _ bunt filhe Labouring men As much and probably More general who always pronounced has on i regard to the second Charles i hate a Little to b in. Or ail men the sen tor Oug it to be the last to our Martin. I have heard of a great than any Oiler class of society. What is it he ought Mott to desire constant employment regular wages uniform reasonable prices for the necessaries and comforts of life which hear quires. Now que crop to be a very Able and Brave Man because As the historian observes it would have lessened the merits of the vanquished to have been overcome by fool or a Coward. The senator in speaking of Tir whal has Ben his condition under our 8ytem of Martin ought rather to exclaim. and contractions he has suffered More by tii Iii than any other class of society. The rate of his w Ages i6 fixed and known and they Are the Latt to Rise with the increasing expansion and the first to full when the corresponding revulsion occurs. He still continue to receive his Dolker it or Day. Wii iut the a Rice of every article which he consumes is rapidly rating. He is at length made to feel that although to Noinin ally earns As much or even More than he did formerly from the increased Price of Al tho Nec Cesarie a of life he cannot support his family. Hence the Al not for higher wages and the Une Fry and excited feelings which have at different periods been led among the Labouring classes. But the so tension it length reached the exploding Point and what docs the Labouring Man now offer he is Lor a to Sou thrown out of employment Aito Gelhorn t urls i Rafac Turcic arc sue arc stopped our private in Terr kinds Are abandoned and whilst others Are Able to Gen. Harrison s to destroy the reputation of general Jackson. The Federal abolitionists Are attempting to Ufa pose opon the Frienda of general Jackson the belief that Tybera is great Quot Maui Ort a Quot Between general Jackson and neral Harrison and that Tea old friends of general Jackson ought to go for general h Orrison. And the further state Liat a Glt a it Many of the old Jackson men Are now going for general Harrison for the same reasons that they once went for general Jackson. In other words the federalist Are now trying to use the Well earned Phi clarity of general Jackson to bolster up the pretensions of general Harrison. If the old friends of Gen. Jackson will read the following extract from the journal of Congress they will see How much Gen. Jack Ion Ove Gen. H Orrison fur the lofty character which Niada the people rally to his Standard and place him in the presidential chair of tie Union. In 1817 and 18, Gen. Harrison was a member of Congress from Ohio. In prosecuting the War against the Seminole indians. Gen. Jackson found it necessary to pursue the Indiana into Florida and to put an end tithe Indian depredations he was compelled to take Possession of St. Murks and Pensacola to which places the indians fled for Protection. Florida then was a Spanish province and the town of St. Marks and Pensacola were Spanish towns. Gen. Jackson it ii sued the indians a took the Spanish towns up ipod their cannons and put an end to the War. The enemies of Gen. Jackson unmindful of his glorious services to his country seized hold of this to ruin his Rha Ractor and blast his reputation forever. With this View a Resolution was introduced into the House of representatives in the following words see journal 15th Congress 2d session Page 342. Quot be staved that the seizure of the Spanish posts of Pensacola and san Cirios de i trances in West Florida by the my of the United states under Gen. Jackson fats contrary to the Constitution of the. United Spates. Quot the question see Journ in Page 4 Vias then taken will tie House agree to the said Resolution a and d it ruined in the negative yeas 70, nays 100.&Quot Gen. Hal Tulson voted for the re solution censuring Gen. Jackson and charging him with violating the of the United states. Those who voted for the Resolution of censure Wero As follows messes. Abbott .\dam3, Allen Austin Ball Flay Ley a Escher. Burwell Cobb Colston Cook Crawford Culbreth Ushman Edwards Ellicott Gilbert we. H. Harrison Herbert Hopkinson Huntington Irving n. Y. Johnson a. Lewis Lincoln Lowndes w. Maclay w. P. Mac Lay Mason r. I. Mercer Mills Robert Moore Mosely Jer. Nelson t. M. Nelson Ogden Pawling Peg rain Pindall Pitkin Pleasants bleed. Rice Robertson muggles Schuyler Sherwood Sills Bee Simkins Slocumb. J. S. Smith Speed Spencer Stewart n. C., Storla Strong Stewart my. Terrell Terry Trimble Tucker va., Tyler Wester Loo Whitman Williams conn., Williams n. C., Wilson ma.-s., Wilson �?70 on the same Day see journal pages 241, and 24 Gen. Harrison voted for a Resolution censuring Gen. Jackson for hanging ambrister a White villain a British spy who had aided the indians in making War upon the women and children of Georgia and Alabama. This base attempt to destroy the High reputation of Gen. Jackson who had Peri led his life in defence of his country who had saved new Orleans from the British foe and triumphed Over the murderous Semins Les wv8 voted Down in Congress. But will the old friends of Gen. Jackson now vote for get in. Harrison who thus attempted to Bla a the renown of the hero of new Orleans ? the federalists May say to but we believe they lie and we think the poll books will show a old Uick Ury. Few a of but store. Tumm. Imperial inn powder and Black to a Havana and Eio Coffee loaf lamp Havana and Orleana pro for Spica co opera Alum Init Imond Mailer Alrina Figa prunes dates Brazil Nula and almonds a talk of Vina car sugar House and Ortiana biota Naej cheese Candiea and Fruita Rem Kain and Palm soap Carolina tar Powdar atut. Lead Capa and Pliny store on the Corner of Walmsl and Market sis., in Vinnal Bond. 98-tf a. A. Sangster. To Coopers. Smith ii. Button wish in contract fur one thousand Fluur barrels and five Hundred whiskey taxi rib Iii mediately. If is a card. am Aten fur Selling or. M. Lilly Brock a Al made Wentum. Sea add a nisanian in Olhs paper Oak Ltd Cuns Pra Fiatoa la. J. B. Kichta Vitoi York 111. A Cav Stubla Fluta Onville la h. Miegou Yunnan a Oil Elk la. 9�m. Is Esau Mema la. E. 8. Lotc Neivus Market la. Wiki it cu., Lockport la. Tuo Aii pc Taack via Cunnea la. Tene Hautz july is 1839. Davir Scott Vanball of. W. A. Capri pm Tiara la. J. K. Wroot Etc Nat if la. A to Tallermo. _ Joseph s. Cannon h a on Lato of new York Cin a a old in Quot Quot a ii thai am Trout a a tour h in a ascertained thai 7m Uve Wert Musid tit last Easom by the tut at or. M. To a eth Eolk a in a Alt Medlam Jetum a a a Tau distrust in pm a try. Hitchcock shed icam Tum Fer in ring Adl Peb. Komi Ukko. By Irenr head Aeby Luaa a ,n4iwnyea Hamutal am Quot it of. Ask in ave Liall receive in a Lew Days uie following Artilea All of of eth i we Imbiow fur Aali of to Phim Tualua Deal Man and bottles Spenn, Candiea. Madeira Macat Vlahn Aey Pale Bli Erry Brown ,6uliido. Champagne and Curant wines cof Nae Cham pamie 4tli proof French and american inn idea. Old peach Brandy hound Gin american do. Orleans Eum be Leecil Ata Cavendish and common tobacco smoking do. Pipea a aborted Yacouba and Rappee snuff bed cords and Pichilli lines. In Terry haute in the Brick building on the Comer of Market and Walnut at Catt where Urey will be Haviv to Wau non Thule who May to quire theirer Viczai from Long experience in Timeir business Uliey Tel con Stdeni of fleeing Able to live Antis Lection to All who May Bur them Kwh Timeir custom which Uliey Rea tactfully aolicit._3�-tf to sportsmen. Henry Fairbanks on fourth a net do recur East of the court Ruusa in genre haute a prepared to manufacture rifles shot guns pistols ice., in the beat manner and which a will warrant first rata or no Aale and a cheap a can be purchased either East or West. Repairing done at Short Pouoa. Nearly every description of work in Iron or Braga neatly executed. May 10 tr-3l lifer complaint. Ured by the use of s compound Streng Dwning and go a Man Ai sent Pilhuj of tar. William Richard Pittsburgh pa., entirely cured of the above distressing disease. His symptom in were pain and Weiglin in the left Side Loaa of apr Petite a misting acrid exact Atins a distension of the stomach sick ii Adache furred Tongue countenance changed to a i Init in liar difficulty of breathing a intuited rest attended with a cough great debility Wiki other symptom is indicating great derangement of the fun Tio is of the liver. Or. Richard had tiie advice of several by Kiana but received no Relief until using or. Harlich s Medicine which terminated in Efie tint a permanent . Principal office 19 North eighth Street Philadelphia. Pittsburgh office 41 sit. Clair Street. Also for Sale in Terre Hante Stuie Philadelphia Book Guire Liy e. Flint who is aisle agent Vigo i Misity yl4 bread. Crackers. Bacon. So. F ight bread and crackers,con8tantly on hand. Abo Bacon Lianis a sides and shoulders. S3�?tf 8.m1th Button. White a Sil of a i Quot half fish. F bbl. White fish of a Good Quality just received and for Sale 1.u by a >3�?if__fl.vllth pc Button. Rags. Cash will he paid for Good clean White Linen and Cotton rags delivered Attis office scents per Pound. Gold Rij is avd breast pays. A first rate Nassor quient of Fine Gold rings Nind breast pins for ale by St 4w h. Starks. Be plus Ultra. A Faa Superior licit and dark Brown Spanish cigars. O v v v 600� Hal f Sivanish do. For smile by 10�?tf w. A. Sangster. Look Chiton aug 1,1839 Salt. Ken Hawa Salt received and for Sale 45-tf j. Mccullouh. Half spa Yish cigars. Ust received Amit Lier Lar Luto Fukase much admired half Spanish Quot great let Mccall Bim fur he conquered i Iii addition tie litle magician should be victorious Over the la Ero of Tippecanoe in the great Battle to be fought the a preaching autumn and 1 have full filth Liat such will be the Case then he will go Down to posterity with Quot his blushing honors thick upon thanking the Senate for their patient attention i shall new resume my seat. The Zioni ii wonder of Fth the to pkg emotion and Are Happy Malum of l it. A do. Col Johsua takes transcend to perceive that in pursuance of the Recco Misenda 1 Dant Delight in being Able Attilid important Junction of the president and Quot dec y. Of the Treasury Bills to Quot Quot a in the history of Medicine at a crisis when Piave been introduced into the Senate of the United j quacks Are a Rowling and preying Over the country Quot states to Grant pre emotions to actual settlers and administering the r deleterious nostrums to the cred to graduate the Price of Public Landa. Or. Walker s Ulous robbing tie ignorant and Humbug Gible by a a. B l w re receipts and killing off poor humanity More Pena your up Quot Nueil. To a to avoid the expense of Weiris Latiner rapidly than sword pestilence famine or in temper. A lit Quot Quot a nothing in of Quot Quot Quot a Quot kinds arc abandoned and whilst other a Able to / As weather the torm he can scarcely procure \ est to make l tiler lure it Means of sub Stence. J i 1 inv to Iii Iii. A a in i Uva Iii i again 6ir, who do you suppose Beld the Greate permanent instead of temporary Ari of the. Worthless paper of the one Hundred an bestowing his labor ave broken Bank to which i have referred ,. Panty five Quot certainly it want not the keen and wary Speculator who in ifs danger from afar. If you were to make tic search you would find More broken Bank notes in the cottages of the Boring i it Oor than any where else. And those miserable Shin planters where Are they after the revulsion of it i labourers were glad to obtain employment on any terms and they often received it upon the express condition that they should accept this worthless trash in payment. Sir an entire Eup prestion of All Bank note of a lower denomination than the value of one week a wages is absolutely necessary for his Protection. He ought always to receive ins wages in Gold and Silver All men on the Earth the labourer is most interested in having a sound and stable currency. All other circuit ounces being equal i agree with the senator from Kentucky that Liat country is most prosperous were labor commands the highest wage. 1 do not however mean by the terms Biff it wages Quot the greatest nominal amount. During the a evolutionary War one Day a work commanded a Hundred dollars of Continental paper but this Woald have scarcely purchased a breakfast. The More proper expression until be to say that that country is nost proper Goa where labor commands the greatest rewards where one Day s labor will produce not the greatest nominal amount of depreciated currency but met of the necessaries and comforts of life. If therefore you should in some Dree reduce the nominal Price paid for labor by reducing the amount of your Bank issues within reasonable and cafe limit and establishing a Metalic Baais for your Paer circulation would this injure the labourer certainly not i because the Price of All the necessaries and Chi forts of life Are reduced to the Maine pro portico add in will tie Able to Purchase More of them for one Dollar in a sound state of currency than is Conid have done in the Vajra of extravagant Ezpa naion for a Dollar and a Quarter. To far from injuring it will greatly Benefit tie Labouring Man. It will insure to Bim Eon Suat employment and regular prices paid in a sound currency which of All tiling he aught Inlet to desire and it will save him Frothi being involved in rum by a recurrence of those periodical expand sinus and Cou tract tons of the eur Moe which have hitherto con bad the loan try. This sound Eute of Conan cd will have another Wal hip pfc Koppjr �8acl Nipoa the Laborio Man. He will receive his wages in Gold and Silver and this will induce Bim to la up for future us such a Portuni of to Mhz As be can spare Slier satisfying his ii inst tests whats. This be will not do St present he knows not a Heuter the trash which he is to receive As Utonn will continue to Bush Ftp Vive s Wysk or a Oiom hereafter. A Kaowles of this Fket to sods to Hso ish Economy from his dwelling and i advers Liia to so Pond Sll his is pm Jim or m pm mme Jelsi the am honome Workins in is me. Sir the i shoring classes code stand this anti act Perio Eti. H hsrd4mad�d sad f pm had men of the Yaminy. Danger who Are the most Frendl to the fms Sage of this Bill. It is the who Are the Mart ardent a in favor of Tiafu Liiv into us rare Etc the cd Motr a very Larga . Tim Mem bae we to Mac pm a a a of it derail of a Tim Tud in indic Aure of improvements would and he Aud Money upon his new time he would be secure from the to dec Tillor. We Trust that the recommendation of tie i Rej ident and Secretary will be carried out by Ance he is most transcend Antly Happy at such crisis to announce to tie afflicted the wonderful Virtues of ins All powerful compound the 1osiatim or life. Jit Poma Tum of life or resurrection grease is a compound of equal parts of the double concentrated extract of Buzzard fat and the rectified q int essence of Skunk Oil intermingled with highly precipitated decoction of bed Bug s lard cigars. 45-lf for Sale at the grocery store of a. A. Sangster. Lumber. Ripe subs Crelier has a Quantity of lumber of various kinds at his Mills Al on Toney Creek which be offers very Low for Cash. 48-tf j. .mlvvhi.vnev. Votice. The heretofore existing Between Fairbanks and Cochran is by in ritual consent dissolved. H. F.\1ru.v.\ks, dec. Iti 1639. Of l. Cochran. Raisin is cordials. Etc. Of boxes fre h raisins 20 bags soft almonds 6 dozen Muscat wine for Sale by 10�?ti 5 dozen Assoc de cordials w. A. Sangster. Medical is Otice. The undersigned have formed a Ikuine Raship in the practice of Medicine. Office one door West of the Washington Hall on Eaton at. Carlisle sept. 4, 1839. 47-tr j. W. Davis m. D., h. N. Helmes. 500 10�?tf fruit. Caj Dies. Lbs assorted candies. Currant. For Sale by Etc. Alivio fresh dates prunes and w. A. Sang Stek. Lost on saturday evening , the Ivory rim of a Clarinette. The under will Confer a great Slavut on a member of the baud by leaving it at the office. If it i 1��sm houses to lease. The subscriber has several Himmes to let. For terms Sec apply at the general stage office. In of John Burton. Charles Gro Ermay of co., being desirous to close their present Stock of dry goods saved from Llumi late fire will sell Low Abr co in or to punctual customers quiere fore All who want Cli Eup Gyhl a cull. I a w. Stone Dej ral surge Joy a respect fully informs the citizens of Terre haul and Ite Vicinity time he main us a to perform Alt dental open tums such As in ing and taking out Teeth on an Iii moved soft Iii which a a tie pain j and w ill in it a it in Ltd my to a Complete set Givins when requisite. 1 lie ii Leech Nie worn a lib ease and being fir Nily inserted answer every purpose of mastication and Ukia Prei wre the Ummi for a second digestion. N. By he would inform his Patlen and All others who feel a disposition to make a trial of his Teeth and this manner of operation that he w ill be found fit Liis office Over j. F. Kini s drug store on the Natieal Road where tie will wait upon them from 8 a. In. Until Sundown tf-8 a Ackla Flyg Jayd play a d or mouse Plas Teria g. James Peggott amp co. W ate of Pennsylvania respectfully informs the Genll Nien of Terre jul haute and its Vicinity that they have established in Terre haute in the capacity of and plasterers and from their Toni experience in England new York and Philadelphia feel confident of giving Roll Satiri fiction to to Weir employers. Coal grates set in the London new York and Philadelphia plan. Steam engine boilers p Jtj it kettles and Urc wars co is set on the Moel App Roveil Plauski or to order and on acco Irinod in big terms Liy a Tiplic Niiori to James Legualt bricklayer and plasterer in fifth a a Treit of it Eite or. Be Wetyk cd mrchi and Northeast of or. John Burton s hotel will lie strictly Nti ended to by Leggott. N. and mortar constantly on hand. 3m-8 riches a o / he in the. A Quot Hose wow Enji Gay health must certainly feel we Seil alien Uliey com a pure Vliem selves to those suffer cars Llinat have Iwen afflicted for year with various diseases which the by Jinan Lainily Are All Subj it to be Trou bled Wiki. Diseases it resent themselves in Arimis forms Anil from Vari oils Circum stasices which in uie May All lie clicked by the use of or. O. P. Harlich s comi Hind and German ape Rient i Ilu a Surh As dyspepsia j liver it implant Puin ii the i Ide rheumatism general debility female , Anil All Dis a Les to a Liili human nature is Surjeet where Lii stomach is affected. Directions for using Uiese medicines always Ai company them. Toliese meet Cines can taken Willi perfect sii Fety Liy the most delicate female As they Are in lil in their 0 Erato Ltd and pleasant in to Weir effects. Print Ivial Olyce 19 North eighth St., Philadelphia. Pittsburgh office 41 St. I Lair St. So for Sale in Terre haute at uie Philadelphia Book store by e. Flint who is smile agent for Vigo county y 14 u a Steps i d is p e is a a More Prim it is of the Efficacy of or. Harlich s medicines. Or. har nmn of supine town pa., entirely cured of the above Dis ease which he was Apfl Iceil with for six years. His sync Toins were a sense of distension and oppression after eating pain in tie pit of the stomach nausea loss of no Etite Ami dimness of sight extreme de Bizily flatulence acrid enact a ions him etime8 Voin icing and pain in tie right Side of spirits disturbed rest Iii Ness and not aide to pursue his business wit lion causing immediate exhaustion and Meari Hess. Or. Hartinian is Happy to state to the Public and is willing to give any information to the afflicted respecting the wonderful Benefit he received from tie use of or. Harlich s comic Julid strengthen ing and German ape Rient pills. Prin civial office 19 North St., Philadelphia. Pills Mirali office 41 St. Clair St. Also for Sale in Terre haute at the Philadelphia Book store by e. Flint who is sole agent fur Vio roundly. .wi.vnp, a my i a it Mubi Nia , gnat and Itkind. A be hmm a erases win in req no Tow ase of tie to lace or any mar Laplana let Tlly he a ii Ulgart. It Mimm m4 i wive the animal ,avia0ratea tile Oysten Iii ova a nervous re nematic and anther we pains and Steven to Talieh i turn Cleanser the Stan mob of All which canal indigestion consumption Alki Stefl i Wessof spirits Curas All bilious disorders inspires Clieerful-ne�8, Comfort to the dip rival fakes a Way my citation Attlee Pieart gives i iwo a to Mothe u�i4t Reathea Bloom to the big Imp Chea and the meagre Babit purge with it pain and blow Modl cd a ice of fever of every kind. The Medica Mennin Acu on Tow Shin web. That or Miami of the Sumao a Psi Iii a Dimay d state of wbb stat a All Fla ease. from the numerous certificates which i have been Given to the prop Rabitor Are offered to the Public o. A sir i am plea mid to learn that it Sayour Intel Tow to Inu Duce into a Janell use a to Raihle your valuable Medicine Quot Medka at yours ugh he it autumn when Fauguet and debug Smeil Frt a Murion Ai the ski bed of a Friend i used two Bowes with the Newt Happy re Aulii from in Murable elects upon Myad i employed it As a of Chilly Ticae and with Yentim my Ceason fever and tue Ami Reinval debility. J wive no question but Ito general use will be found exceeding la be Bufi Cial Liere lever Ami ague or general inaction of the system i retail consequent to. Similar Cannes. So Fiir As i have tested it i in heist iting recommend it As a a afeard valuable Medicine. Or. M. Hitchcock. M. Augustus jew Ett. From Salmen might e�q., a Omry and Clun Neumor at Lav ten e Paulc dear sir a some veal ago i waa to All appearance going it idly into consumption. I Lead severe pains in uie breast spa Briod could be no expo hire nor could i make any exec ten in business. My food was digested with difficulty Anil a a ded Verj Dale nourishment Niv strength declined and Flea a railed and my situation waa . In this state of things a Friend recommended Tome your . Having seen h used with Benefit in the Case of an whim instance whose Cyndi tits was he i Houglin similar to mine. I Prui ured a bottle and took it according to directions w Ith treat Benefit filing encouraged 1 Cintli Queil in use and was i a Sny time restored to the com Ian Tive Good health Whiteh 1 have enjoyed Ever since. I am pleased to Bear that you Are preparing to introduce it into general use in Llie country for i consider it a valuable Medicine. Salmon Wright Tsausa haute May i 18.18.-1 certify that the latter part Flaat Witni Mer i was attacked with the chills and fever or fever and ague and tor the cure of it 1 procured a bottle of or. M. Hitchcock s medicament Tum which 1 took according to the direct it is. And was entirely cured by it and have been in Good health Ever since. J a Mes Farrington. Tel by Hadox june 16,1838�?dr. Hitchcock dear sir last summer i was much afflicted with frequent att icks of ague and fever and with general debility. I was advised by my Friend or. Jewett to to aide a bottle of your medic Tinei Suim. I did so and find Relief after a few i from that be in i a is Ini feelings pm sequent to a disordered state of the stomach. I think Itan excellent family Medicine and would not willingly he without it. Respectfully yours Geo. Hagen. Persons subject to Tolje head Clie or sick head Clie should use this medicament us with omit , As it has never been known to fail of curing it immediately. For Sale at my office. M. Hitchcock. Terre haute june 1639. Tf_34 wheat Ajajj re a Jet eur. Pm he subs filters wish to Purchase a few thousand bushels of wheat Corn and Rye delivered at to Weir steam Mill in Terre haute for wbk Cash groceries and provisions will be Laid. Chase live i Undril Hij Shell and tiv imn Pretl curds of pm Atea Mwood. 52�?if k Button. It it its All persons indebted to the sol scribers and whose accounts Are now due Are lie Reby requested with soul further Solic Tatkin too Iii Forward and close the same Liy Cash or note. To furs and Deer skins wanted. Blythe in Babbitt. Ten Terre haute dec. 1639. Of let Joel e. Charles Groverman amp co. Request All those indebted to Vliem on Book account and note will ease a ill immediately and As they Are compelled to make speedy collect it ins. If not the same will be immediately placed in the bands of an officer for collection. Terre Slaute Jan. -29,1840. 16�?tf to . Or. O. P. Harlich s compound Toner and German a Rient pills. Those pills Rem Vul All Ili Iise Kilisl Essing diseases which females Are liable to be afflicted w ill. They remove Lii let morbid secretions which when ret Ineil soon in Luce a Numier of Ili seas Reitand oftentimes Render females unhappy Ami Mise Alile All their lives. Toliese pills used acc Ordog to directions Imlej mutely create a new and healthy Alciun the flu it be system by Fth la Ylo tie Liloon and Oil Iva s7 i Jovo i7/to the stomach Anil vels at tie a juice time relieving the pain in Liliu smile Lack and loins Givin it a i it Etite Ami in Vigo Ting the system again to its Pri it per functions Ami re it it Iii repose. List a or. Harl Icli s compound i oui and German ape Rient Illus. Tinc Mikil office la North eighth Street Philadelphia. of fico 41 St. Clair Street. Also Lor Sale in Terre Slaute at the Bookstore Bye Flint Wiki is sole agent for Vigo cd Unity. Yl4 prospectus for the Olock a gtd Al l . Re hese works have been published by us for seven years. There Are a. Now More subs Riviers Lor Tbs a probably than for any other Laper Piibe Lilied in the United states certainly More hum quiere Are Abr any i her paper Public slide in this District. This Large and increasing Suba Crip icon is a inclusive evidence of to Weir usefulness. I hey Are invaluable to All who feel an interest in the a proceedings of Congress. No other Pabli cation gives a diem so full nor half so cheap. It is indeed tie Cliea Pesi publication in the United states a per Liaw in the world. Our position at the seat enables us to print them at so Low a rate. We Are it it a Elled to publish the Pic endings of Congress in detail Lor our daily paper. This done it requires comm Raively hut a is Viall additional expense to change them to the forms of the Congro ssi Ozial Globe and appendix. If it were not for Toliese Cireus ulices we could not publish Tiem for four times tie sum cd urged. In some parts of the United states the Wilile paper upon which these works Are printed would sell fur As much As we charge for tie publications. Tiie approaching session of Congress will probably continue seven months and As it Limmea Calely precedes the presidential election All the irom Neilt political Muesli oils Lii re Divide the country will no doubt be fully discussed Toliese considerations induce us i believe that the congressional Gloslie will make Tive Hundred and the appendix Between six and seven Hundred Royal Quarto Paes. The congressional guile is made up of tie daily proceedings of the two houses of Congress am the a dec lies of the Inezi Litts Comlen sed. I he yeas and nays on All import Ait subjects Are Given. It is published weekly with Small Tojie on 16 Royal Quarto pates. The api Bendix contains the speeches of tie Meliers at full length written out by themselves and is primed to the sine form As tiie con sri ssi Oiin Gloslie. It is published a fast As the s leeches can lie prepared. Usually there Are More no inters printed for a session than there Are weeks in it. Each of these works is com dete in itself. But it is desirable for every to have Iki Iii because if there should be any ambiguity in the synopsis of a speech in the Congress Mal go it lie or any denial of its correctness it May be removed at once by referring to Itie sgt each in the apr Bendix. Indexes to i Edh Are sent to subscribers As soon As they can be prepared after the adjournment of Congress. Terms. For one ropy i of the congressional Globe $1 one copy of tic Al six copies of Evilier the above works will Ite sent for $0, twelve copies for $10, and a pro Orli Onate Millier of copies for a larger sum. Payments May Lio trails Mittell by mail Xis Tage paid at our risk. The notes of any Iii Cor kit rate Ltd Bank in the United Stales current in the rec Loii of Foutty where a sulis Crelier resides n ill lie received but a Hen can procure tie Iio trs of Banks in the Northern and Middle slates they will please Send item. To insure All the Nuu pliers the subscriptions should be Here by the 9tb of de Reslier next. No alter ton will be paid to any order unless the Money a com hindi s it. Bla r so raves. As Lington cily oct. 10, 1839. 1840. Big Groce almanacs for Sale by the Groce if in or single. A discount of 50 per cent by the dozen. Doz Congress and the honest occupant protected against to give it an agreeable Perunia of purely vegetable the Slite Register. Certificate a of Good moral it is a bad sign for any one to prop up hid character to be compelled on All occasions to read certificate in his favor. Patent medicines Only Cau be made to go by a system of puffing. The feds Are busily engaged in circulating certificates of Gen. Harrison a great y a a military exploits. Did the people the democracy of the country Ever hear of or see certificates certifying to the great military exploits of Andrew Jackson i did col. Johnson Ever procure certificates certifying to his bravery 1 no. They needed none. Dut or. Harrison must have certificates upon certificates to prop up ins military character. A that is the inference 1 the people know and will answer at the ballot Democrat. Lustre. Its a an unfailing remedy for every Disette under the 6un or Moon and for 15,i347 diseases that do not exist to that allowing Only one disease to appear ainu Tlly it will meet All Cou Litigen Cie for 15, i47 years. to or. Colossus your resurrection grease or life Poma Tum i tried this morning on a Skeleton in my office i gave the Frame a thorough saturation of the Poma Tum wrapped it up in warm blankets and Laid it out in the Moonshine Aud i was waked up Early in the morning by the fellow bawling for soap and water to Wash the grease off his hands face and body and for a clean shirt. Respectfully Thomas Boa lib. Also a Small Lotof Gunny bags. For Sale by Llma w. A. Sangster. Cha or actor y. Gildersleve amp p. Good respectfully inform the Public a that Uliey have commenced the alive business on Market Street opposite or. Rankin s Cabinet shop where they will keep constancy on band a general assortment of fancy and Windsor chairs. Al Pancy gilding and ornamental painting neatly executed by j. G. At us above ment med place. 19 Charles of co. Have removed the balance of their Stock of dry Good saved from the Lata fire to no. 2, Linton Row East of tie court House and next door to Meana. Bhikhi k. Balls Liere they Wili be pleased to see their old customers. To Weir present Stock of dry goods on Liand will be old Low much less than former Park to close the same therefore All who want cheap goods will please Call Aud All Tbone indebted to Vliem will please Call and Settle their accounts. Tf�?16 liver complain a ten years standing cured by tie use of or. Harlich s compound strengthening and German Ai it Orient pills. Mrs. Tarah Hoyer wife of William Boyer Iirth fit Irth St. At Iove Callowhill Philadelphia entirely cured of the above distressing disease. Her sync Fitos were habitual Cost Veness of the Imi Wels total loss of appetite excruciating pain in tie Side stomach and Back depression of spirits extreme Delilli Tyr ild not lie on Lier left Side with out an a Jontion of pain with other symptoms ii Licatina great derangement in the functions of the liver. Mrs. Boyer was attended by several of tie first physicians but received but Little Relief from their Medicine at inst a Friend of hers procured a package of or. Harlich s strengthening Ami German ape Rient pills which by the use of one Lackage induced her to cont indie with the Medicine which resulted in effecting a Perni Arient cure beyond tie expectations of Lier friends. Principal office 19 North Evelith St., Philadelphia. Pittsburgh office 41 St. Clair St. Also for Sale in Terre Hauie at the Philadelphia Book store by e. Flint who is the sole agent for Vigo county. Y 14 Capa r to t is h up Vij Tice w. Smith. I Loyac to Button. A a a Quot he subscribers having recently formed a Copartnership and Pur a. Chased the Stellm Jyh Lour info Miu. Formerly owned by m. U. Amp j. S. Wallace design carrying on the. Milia Jyi b ulyess in is various branches. Having had considerable experience in the above business they Dalter themselves that they will Sikin be prepared to do As Good work As any other in the ave Stern country. They have also purchased the Stock of Giehls formerly owned by h. Brasher amp co. On Wabash St., opposite Mcgregor in Iron store where Uliey intend to carry on the it Mucery Jayd provision by , wholesale and retail. In Adili Tion to the Slock of goods purchased of h. Brasher amp co., Uliey Are now receiving a general assortment of g to be juice Gatcu As and Rio Cooee in it of and n. O. Sugar sugar House and Orleans molasses Gunpowder Imperial and Young by do mag by Chicago hotel in this City was struck by lightning on saturday morning and the Chimney scattered across the the electric fluid passed Down the funnel into the stove and then into the flair tearing up several boards. A servant girl a the room adjoining was severely injured by the Shock knocked Down and rendered up to this time deaf in one ear Aud unable to leave her bed though it is supposed no fluid touched her. At the same Totne three men sitting near the door of the United states hotel close by were sensibly affected by the fluid in to licit legs one of them being unable to stand for some dem. Typographical . Pierce advertised in a Boston paper some lectures on grammar demand in his notice requested parents to attend to witness their children s proficiency. By an unlucky mistake Bis paragraph was printed As follows Quot parents procuring tickets for their children Are requested to attend free of charge to Witheas their Punj legacy Batteaux on the James River va., brought Down to Ric Binondo on thursday besides quantities of tobacco no less than soon barrels of flour. On wed Nesdall 123 sleds were a wanted a Williamsport my. They brought in during the week previous 5000 bushels of wheat which sold at 11 per Bushel and 3000 barrels of flour. Rocky Mountain species of flax has been found growing spontaneously in the country adjacent to the Rocky mountains similar in Many re spurts to the Ordinary flax but perennial in its growth. It May be mowed like grass and need not be pulled up every season. Or. Oakley who travelled through the country on the hot Jad Waters of the Platte last year describes a vast Prairie thirty Miles Long and three Miles Broad covered with a thick growth of this flax. It is said to be of a Strong tenacious Fibre and it is used by the indians to make fishing nets. If this Plant should be found to be equal to the which is now cultivated in this country in respect to fineness and strength its perennial nature will give it a decided superiority and Render the culture of it far More easy and productive. 34 of red Fox will stand thu season one half of Bis time at my state in Terre haute Vigo co Unity ind., and the other part of his time at the stable of or. Ili in Darwin commencing at Terre haute on Vedi mesday the is Day of april. For particular see Hills. M. M. Hickcox. An editor Iii need esq., the editor of the Southern reporter Grenada miss., has been appointed Quot Tate treasurer by gov. Mcnatt. Vve suppose that when the governor was Asaadi Date for the gubernatorial chair be found a Frimood to a eed and he in Retarn he acted a Friend in Picayune. Loss by firs in nov the ust year at a Hundred and thirty nine Jiru property to the Ai Bosoi of ova Mii Aichs two Pitt Riib tho a arb Era Iii Imti was do Royad. And since the moot a Jao aary of amended two met links Niort Liao been eos undo the edit of a a ii Wyck paper says that Irilian w Fau mud a tfx m a a a a Tam Iota a a Hall Aal Waar the to Ratett Palm aads tax aft a a vomit a Ucb i few Tom Mno of Fiat not Ftp no Bow Tea can by it. Ivor cd 1e Brieby Niveo that i will expose to Aale at Public auction on monday the late Day of april next at uie late Rwm ame of Joe Rii Rhuamy Doe died All the Pera Unal property of a id dec wad comi Aung of Burae build limit fire Beda bedding and at the lanyard of old Doe aged a ii Bis mock of finial red i easier Ripper Amie Barreas and bridle Leuber Aill Bone by Miu qua Auy of new Baa a my or our kilns la. Bark and Sumner a Loots Ite. A credit of in Anuw we be Given on All aunt of Ibiene Douala Aad upwards the Mich mar girl by a Imle Wii approved a Carity. Osa Hussey b4 3wt admin Mator. Us Cle fray a and Joy will bomb stand at the table of Thoa. Dow Ling adjoining the town of Terre haute the for me Ratel . Theae i hire hooded stallions will be under my charge ind i particular to invite those who Ziab to Brem it take a Kwh at tie Sona of Collier and simpler. Edwin Warwick. A Leuma . Entirely i red by the use for. O. P. Liar Lickli s compound strengthening and German ape Rient pills. Or. Solomon Wilson of Chester �>., pa., afflicted for two years with the above distressing disease of which lie had to use his crib lilies Fiir 18 months his symptoms were excruciating pain in All his joints especially in his hip shoulder and angles Iain increasing always towards evening attended with Lieut. Or. Wilson was at one time not Able to move his limbs on account of the pain being so great. He timing advised by a or. Harlich s pills he sent Louie agent in West Chester and procured some. On using the Medicine the third Day the pain disappeared and his strength increasing fast in three weeks lie was Able to attend to business which lie bad not done for 18 months for the Benefit of of tigers afflicted he wishes Toliese lines published that they May be relieved and again enjoy the pleasures Ofa healthy life. Principal office 10 North eighth Street Phila Delphiia. Piu Burgh office 41 St. Clair sire to. Also for Sale in Terre Hanie at the Philadelphia Book store by e. Flint who is 8�>le agent for Vigo county. Y 14 d is Pepsi and h . Cured by or. Harlich s celeb noted Medici lies. Or. We. Morrison of chs Alkul sixth Street Pillai Luphia afflicted several Yeara with the above distressing disease Skunes at the stomach head Clie palpitation of the hut impaired appetite acrid erect actions coldness and weak near of the extremities emacs atom and eneral debility disturbed rest a Prea Aure and weight at the stomach after eating severe flying pains in the cheat Back and rides Coet Venesa a dislike for society or conversation. Languor and Kina etude upon the least occasion. Or. Morrison had a Imd to the meet eminent physicians who considered it beyond the Power of human skill to Readom him to health however As Iii Fallic Madeira and Malaga wines French Prach, and american bran tvs rum Liin rectified Anil unit Clifred whiskey. My of. Writing and whipping i Aper powder Cape and inn flints. Also Spanish Havana t Elon and Melee cigars Tretbar with Omny Ouier articles too tedious to mention All of which Uliey Are not offering cheap for prompt . Having purchased their Gas for Cash they Are determined to Tell for a Small Advance from Cost thinking that a Quick Iii Spence is letter than a slow so Siiling both to the buyer and seller. Those who wish to Purchase foods in our line Are re it dec fully solicited to Call at the old and Well known stand of h. Brasher co., Liere the subscribers will be Happy to show their goods and a Ell them Filey can. A of Smith it Bun on. Tayt discover y. Ria he Public Aralie Reby a uie Cifald by the medical advertisements of or. I Harlich s celebs Alt a Tow it of Jav it to Vic 1u\ioermjln a a Pebler pills eth Tab Are medicines of great Vahie to uie a0icted, discovered by o. P. H Arlich a celebrated physician at Andorf Gen any which has been used Wiki unparalleled Success throughout Ferniany. This Medicine consists of two kinds Viz the Alperi Herr and compound Stre Voth Mac pills they Are each put up in Small kicks and silo old both be used to effect a Persia not cure Iti oae who Are afflicted would do Well to make atrial of this invaluable Fredicine As they never produce St Kneas or nausea while using. A Safe and effectual remedy 6 dyspepsia is or in and All stomach complaints pain in Side liver comp hints loss of appetite hat Kincy a at it a of uie heart generl Debuty nerves is Irris ability sick head Clie female do i Spain Oak Alec Kioa rheumatism a a Luna consume Tom us. The German ape Rient pills Are to cleanse the Sui Mach and purify the blood. Tiie tonic or strengthening pills ate mss Farrier. The Aube Riber Oflyn Bia services to the Public a Farrier. He flatters bin self Liat from his sex Prience in the different Diee Asee in wbk Tea and having been taught by Rome of Lite Moat eminent veterinary aur Geuna in eur ii ipe Toga Ber with Long experience nod a Toro Iiga the use of them the Dis Eviae Entz a by disappeared he is now let incr office i9 North eighth St., Philadelphia. Pius urge office in St. Claw St. Also for Sale in Terre haute at the Philadelphia Book store by e. Flint w to is sole agent for Vigo county. Y 14 Enk Vongall the a easing of perfect health Cipal office. 19 North i 41 St. Claw St. Liver this disease a Dia covered by a fixed obtuse pain and Weiglin in the right fide under the abort Riba attended web Bent uneasiness ,. A a i about uie pit of the at Macb there a beat in tie right aide Alao a Dia knowledge of Proeto a to Enrico be patient mss ills appetite and becom sick and troubled web a Umilia the Tongue heroines rough and Lilac pc countenance Cobai a to a pee Union color or Yelk it a like to lion afflicted with Jau dim Dif of. A. Saj Ester webs cow tangy on wind kind of Memic j terminates in a notifier of a More Jenoua nature Wincn in an pm Touhy a liquor cordiale wine Aai syrups which they i beyond uie Power Oniu Iurii Akilur. Harik i com paid Streng . Ening and Quot Quot also a Superior article of double rectified a big est Root flies. This is tie a rakes that be is competent and worthy of support. Solvi Ai of John p. Dufficy. Jhk Bettky Febre ausing Diati bad rest attended Wiki a dry cough dil Mculty of lying on the left sme the body be copies weak and anally tie disease terminates in a notifier Ofa More serious nature a Hub in All pm ability is i German ape Rient Fui if taken at tie commencement of iia disere win Check it Miu suing us Umi of uie med 94 if House to let. The Boum and kit on second meet Between of stand a Abms Mun bad in the town 147, with of toe in the smoke Bouee tut. Aua bed by Lolet. Immy Diatz lion a Rill be flt i. a. Mullen. Look out i a la Beatty notified to sctt Bomi wow of nil Casebi a. My Ami. Out Nullon a. A a a the Timm Lanas and Nelleye a numb Comer of Market Street. It a a -------7 1 Quot a a a us wow v. My a Quot Aik it a plea ten and even Rucle reeks a perfect cure Wui be performed Trio Uganda can teat to Ukia in Sally found in an est naive a Conety. Of fact. Cent Icalea of Many Persus May daily be seen of the Efficacy of tr-45 letting of court House a therom. The Bawd of county comm Numera of Sullivan county indians flu twelve a awl proof gals liar the Buldini of n court House to Merak to nid county Natif uie 16ui Day of april next at a bib time be let to the lowest Reapon Aible bolder a Tun i Conraid ered. To be commenced Liia Spring and Coro peeled Annaa practicable. Enn beaten in the clerk s ogee in Merom by Tea one who Wisla to be unde Takera. on the Aid act must be add Raymd to Ben. Wolfe and. Byo Caderot Ute bund this invaluable medic Iii iqra applying at the medal office no. 19 nor i . Pittsburgh office 41 St. Clair at. It is for Aale in to a haute at the Rhoade Irbia Book store by e. Flint who la the Only agent in Vigo county. Yl4 attest. B. Wolfe clerk. No maicb4, 1840. Menoni % we Dummy a. Knapp pres. B. Com. 99 4w Itier we Nul Mume Rab Tab or Ort fuestion Hinny of tip skins Lii in ass or Joeys . Layaw Steen pm Ellwe we Hie Novilee. The Tsinis in this eos mme Nari fms win is trietly a ubit . Z. Of awl wnhnnte.mniill.l84a. 3w a of maw Hal. Herbs d. R. Ecklie a aft Infix a to of , to. La attend in the Kihss or is i Moa in the co Misa of Fri and Paron Lulon Sun amt Ami vips h. Starks Wax Mem oppo Eue the a a Tot Tim Blu. A a Brara Fioz 1 a of valuable property for Sale. The sub matter is Destrola of Tselag As soon As Rible by Bis nil out a Zourie Oagot one Brit the a Ernst of Maine tend want Streete Cen piss or j. 8. Wry twi. Lar aunt Twenty feet on we term time Aad running Aellene Ain it Iatha River. Liisi the White Yonae item one and a half Moss Flowa Vincennes �64 agree More or Lea and Nonh Nedwid awes under free Praia Flat jul Exee nent a a. In Snyer Tai Nib atone. Bonss is eve Woitt Hoiass which is is Simayi for conv Enines and in met. Lmh Nims a. _ a ruths above and theaty Ness set a Kwh. A a is in a a Quot cd bad fish a vteesnhnvont.4.18�. Vin. Of of causes of dyspepsia. I Oast origin Ness from n habit or Over finding or dim end ing the stomach by Esce Aein a Ealing or drinking this ing the stomach by Esce Aein a Yaong or drinking of Pru traded period of a uting an indolent or Eden tail life in a bib no exec cow is afforded to tie Mac near it Bike or Tenial ten lies Ibar a if and deep an distr. Taking Loo frequency Itliong pm gig Medl Cinea dysentery Skcar. A Tam. and apm Modie Alib Clomis of the Aton Meb Aad be Weint the too Esq wat use Ofair Itutti Eromm. By Merisia my be Deec feed him a and a scions Tausan Wii Etless a a a my a a of end Den and ten a acid Lions water a new Nedna in the Toiba a Tom Nib cml veneer Pali Minhie Siam Almash a weight do Nabed Reet a. Deney Al Feney. San saw. A new Orrun Billy Shiu. Remedy to effect a cure. They Are not Only be commanded and pre Crit de by tie Moat experienced pm sklans in their daily a Raetke but also taken by those gentlemen them elves we never they feel the of those diseases in which they know Vliem to be Effic Akaia care in ail Tarae cities in which they have an Exi Eneree Aale. It the not in lie understood Liat these medicines will cure All diseases merely by purifying the blood this titty Wilt not do but they certainly wih and and ancient Auto Jority of daily proofs asserting that those medicines taken a recommended by the directions which accompany them wih cure a great majority of tie disease a of the atom Ike lungs and liver by which in purities of the mond Are occasioned. 5c3r ask few or. Harakh a compound Tomic and German ape Rient pills. Or Incipit office 1� North eighth Street Phil Ladelphia. Pius Law office 41 so Cibir Street. Als it i for Sak in Terre haute at the Philadelphia am store by b. Flint who is sole agent for Vigo co Tinty. Yi4 a Sale Jadid Assort Mejt of is new books stationery. A so. Erastus punt reaper Tilly inform the a Niue tent lie a now Revei Vinn film the Eastern Chiee most ratable Hivo ices of London and Amer Tenn Bonks com and pm 8mlk>aery, in All he variety and mass Wien h Ness Mary ror Sonve Nwinee non is Mir also 746aerssorflr�lags land Jeantat ipod it it i it Aalt la six Awin it it Una in dam Ara Andar Baos and theaty Ness selia Frue. O be Ifa Lori or tie Virth 11 h. Must alive pm a Amaal say May i Oppte Beeton after Zaung Ceremi font for this a ones we a very Abs Pwns Soleh Bend she m Pic and by us esp dabs or Tom who a no and of in. I the a to mtg or. Tow be Tan be has a Vinar Sas is to Fine us a Wash Aad incest cute from of binding Nim stills. 9d, in Bop rave the mrs of the dim Silva or put and engr or of is sysum in Laai Gansl Fonsa Titsa Hinch and of at Wall Laski x Sherid is avoided and Shote Aprl sols Shonika a p. Blu Tuckwa mama it Hilb gym of Wmk a Dichie in Sam Ibisi Jiavis an Mfd a Dahl Monha ssi no vinnrt<m�h5 a in Quot ,1ihva get i iffy to their Xci Maent. Or a thaa or. F9 Beauty. To attempt and give a a Quiogue of his extensive As a Ort sent Ennid swed in Edvart Slement to in unreal name extent. Ail therefore who love a Good Book and would learn the rape Myrem that knowledge and science Are making in the land will can a examine for to Emelvee. In the department of school books Noj be has been a Grad to Imiah a Complete Ami unsent of every Bolt Ngor in use i our a Coola and Celieres Flom the Snell eat juvenile to Ibe big beat inn cues of Educ atom Ember inn All the greek Ami min Etu Dlee now in us. Medical Boc an extensive Nee Anent Nib Man a mme than a a diff irent authors of High rant atom and a Pei a swed a tin the swab Saa . V i whole hns been Sele eled by Hin Seir with Grent care and h new of his Ane Nae ing terme. Pm an Book some Lemon build legs to ,. Wanted Arist Nav Levy Asunma watchmaker inure mistely. Nolan to a Rase Dai by. M-4w a. Gwi bkg. Cott oif tar a. Osouna Yea a is neb r Smith Button. 6hhm, Diane uni _ Quot Jujj Juji to Hui. Haum Povla Jln Allahl Klov get mss i. A a Lam five min in in ii a t dial ii for of t a so mar of Cessn t a is it 8 1
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