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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer Newspaper Archives Apr 1 1840, Page 3

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - April 1, 1840, Terre Haute, Indiana A a Quot Lippi if in ill Hli a the enquirer. Is soil Tod re bios it tube of haute la. . April 1, le�40. We Are a it bonded to a Koounce Kowm gait kill a a a candidate for Cou Aubley election tire to monday in april. We Are authorized to announce Sam Cal k. Al lbs a a candidate for con it it Tabie to serve in the country under 1. Dawaon first monday in april. We Are authorized to a nuance a Aarbu Newman a candidate fur Uona Tabie fur Harnoon Lorna hip at the ensuing april election. We Are authorized to announce Iba Tichenor a candidate fur Cun table fur Harrison township at the ensuing april election. We Are authorized to announce step Hon h. Tat lob As candidate fur Constable for Harrison i own Ahtu at the ensuing april election. We Are authorize a to announce lbs bit b. Humble As a candidate for the office of unstable at next monday i election. The Cumberland Road. As it in. However the Whit gave the appropriation a majority of three votes while the Federal Van Burn i Meinberg gave a majority of lib Etty two against . We have looked Over the list of year and Naya and the following list will How which Emu by ave the la Iobst vote to favor of or. Casey s motion to instruct the of Way and Means to report a Bill granting an appropriation. We Hope the whigs will now do More charge the democrate As a party with being opposed to the continuation of Thia Road. The majority of democrats against the motion was but Niimi while the whig majority against it wan i weave the assertion of the courier and or. Profit s letter to the contrary notwithstanding. It stood 57 democrats to 52 whigs. We would insert their names this week had we room. Whigs for. Adams Allen j w Bond Calhoun Chinn Chittenden Cooper Jos Corwin Cranston Curtis democrats for Allen Judson Beatty firewater buyer w o Corr Carroll Casey Crow Dana Gavce Davis j w Dickerson Doan Doig Duncan liar Hammond hand Hanting j Hiller Hook l o Pkim Kiti. The subscriber will take a partner in hid object la do Iii third in thai hic it Burden of labor May by lightened. His establish Mienl is use of tiie Roost Complete and extensive in the Western country. And nearly new. The paper and he says it without j fear of successful contradiction Siut As a vain boat Ltd Emble has new the largest circulation of any in Testate and is rapidly increasing. Jub work respectable advertising enough at recent. It is a Necess Ary to a Peak of the locality of Terre haute As it is known to be one Oft lie most Beautiful and Althy situation i 111 the whole West. To a practical Printer of amp Esb de of a moderate each capital the terme will be made Adval Ageous. A Luco Foco Only dyed in the Wool need apply. Application a personal or by letter Post j be Violda paid will be immediately attended to and ail cum i trogers Edw Mutuc amp tins Contd Matial. Revere urea will be required. Gnu. A. Chapman. Will our exchanges please notice in Kille Lead better Leet Leonard Lowell Marc hand Medill Miller Montanya Newhard Parish a stand for new h Vic icky tins is the first 8 ate election since the nomination of the whig hero and it is sufficient to say that the democracy has completely swept Kede Rai ism from its Borders very Art and intrigue Niu Ivey pour cd out like water by the feds., 6ic. Have been used but to no purpose. The democracy have met and must signally Defeated them. J he Campaign has opened most gloriously and it will eventuate in a Cun Islele overthrow of federalism in Tina country. The increase of the democratic Maju Niy will be about 2�xk votes truth and democracy must Triumph Ryall Smith Albert Smith t sur weather Steenrod Swearingen Sweeney Taylor Vanderpoel Weiler Wick Cushing Davis is Edwards Evans Everett Garland r go it Ide Granger Hastings w s Henry James Lincoln Marvin Mason Mitchell Moniti Morris c Pope profit Randall Rariden Reed Ridgway Ruwell Sal to Natali Simonton Stuart Tillinghast Toland Williams j l 40 48 we understand that or. John no. Davis has written from Washington to a Friend in this place stating Attiat he intends resigning his seat a he promised in Case the contain plated Ruad appropriation does not pass. This letter is of a Date Anterior to the Idle defeat of the a pro in Matiun in the question of instruct cum to the committee. Vve How e the doctor will stay where he ii. And Duall he can fur the Ruad remembering that if he resigns it will be too late to but ply his puce at the pro tent session. His pledge i was a very silly one but he need not continue to Quot All tub Mur gooks Quot Quot Quot a it will a bleach Hin next time not to make Cuch rash pledges has a communication in the a influence at which if a specimen of the calibre of ins mind will . Never set the Prairies on he berates our we i believe that or. Davis Ever wrote any correspondent fur calling him Quot and says in is let or. Be understand we believe on what attempting to ridicule religion by thrusting at it to a courier forms this paragraph but he Quot under professors modest Man truly so we Are la toed Quot very far from the truth if we Are right in suppose that Quot Seymour Gookins Quot la religion per i or surmise if he understood it As he says he Doea. Soni fied casts the most ridicule on . Far or. Davis making any pledge it is no such to see a Holder fort preacher or what not. Sty led thug. The courier s advice shows some sense. Tie editor Well knows that if he should resign the Quot rev.,&Quot or to see hint mixing and taking p it a very poor one at that in the political str Liis of tie Day Quot Seymour gift oking Quot is very careful to Tell the people that he is a Quot professor of so Are we. But that does not make us a pos.�e88or.�? would to god we were or. G. Says Quot Thi it it however is in perfect Kee Jing with the real Simon pure Loco Foco Rittu it the country kick scoff to at Relief Ion ridicules its professors and Iram Plet upon every thing like moral obligation if ,8 sentiment is the result of hit religion heaven keep it from us. If it is consistent with the word of god we have read it to very Little purpose. It is not Only uncharitable but Falee in fact. We presume there Are Many Quot Loco Fucks Quot As Good christians As Quot Seymour but this sentiment More than any thing else shows what sort of religion has pusses Siun of Osmind it shows it to be of the same Grade and calibre As his politics. And now Quot Seymour gook is Quot As that seems to be More pleasing to you let democrats would return him by such a majority As would make them feel Small. We have beat their to Trougott Man and can easily beat their Small ones and that without taking off our Coats. The key Stone this state is certain for Van Muren. The Quot key store Quot is a very cautious paper never giving an opinion without Good ground. Here is the estimate which May be relied upon Quot general Harkison s Prospect a in within a few weeks we have conversed with numerous intelligent citizens from various parts of the state and they All concur in the opinion Itiat the Federal hero of North Bend has made his Best run in i Pennsylvania a that ins popularity wanes As the knowledge of his competency spreads and that he come nearer obtaining the vote of this state by at least 10,00u in 1�36, than he will the ensuing fall. This diminution of strength is particularly observable in the Western counties where he ran Best before. A Federal Humbug cannot de us Pray that the Ali mighty will Grant us More Char a chive More than once. The Federal party will find Ity and brotherly pm Dreim and keep us from the to their sorrow that there is a wide Diu or enc be temptations of a sinful work and give us that True of Orleans and the hero of religion described by James i. 27. To visit the a the Lees and widows in their affliction and to keep ourselves Uii spotted Frum the world. Of dear what can the matter be a this Quot Tippecanoe club Quot business of the whigs Don t go Down us Well As they expected although they brag As Luud at Ever. Nut finding so Many attend their meetings As they wish Anu Tuer draft has been made on the whigs and old father Primrose set to work to paint a terrible Large Flag with lug Cabins cider jugs Virginia i deuces drugs cats Curns sheep skunks ice. 6c.c. Acc. Inc. On it. This is we suppose to be hoisted whenever they wish to Call tue people to be topped. Wonder Why they Don t get a Canoe Aud Parade it through the streets t it mtg a take what can the matter be Quot a vote of the Senate has at cued to my name a disgrace which i am convinced no time or no Effort of mine will be Ever Able to so said Gen. Harrison when Congress refused to Grant him Huu ors in company win honorable and Brave men. To be sure some two years after some of Gen. Harrisis s friends by dint of Quot log rolling Quot &c.,did smuggle a a re Oil tin 0 through con Greas to give the old Tiero a medal. Was Ever a meritorious officer refused such a Mark of esteem when proposed either before or since the old hero no never Abbt comb tube comb the Vicksburg Seui Ioel a very Able paper not Able to Swallow sent Al Carribon become out openly and decidedly in favor of Martin Van Buien. The Western Yuniter Public Bod at a Otabiana ky., has also avowed ita Determinatio of to rapport Martin Van Buren and democracy. The co inf ton Globe Days Quot All the big Tib of the times indicate a glorious political revolution to Kentucky at the approaching up to or. Leonard Scott of Ohio bid in us a ohm a of a Mega tree nearly forty Lve Ibet from the Frond nearly embedded in the Wood a a Lar a tilt irm it. It in opposed by Home Quot old Coon Quot to Bave been carried there by Home and Imal who perished leaving the trap and that the Wood Hae a Inow Froton Over in the new yorker have got the trap and intend to set it to catch har son men As they want one for a show. An in nasal press of work keeps is so con Nia Atler Emp de that is have not time to devote tent atom Tioy to pm paper which we otherwise should Moke help a messes. Georoe f. A Bayer and John Hise have issued proposals for publishing in the town of Ottawa la Salle county Illinois a weekly paper to be called the Quot Illinois i free it will be on a Large in a Erial Sheet at $2 50 in Advance or at the end of the year it will be commenced about the let of May. What to belter than All it will be democratic. Messes. Weaver and Hise Are fully Able to perform Ali they Pru Inise and we Welcome them into our ranks. Ulolo the House of repro Aerita tics on monday John Uii icy Adams offered a Resolution calling on the Secretary of War to furnish to the Hoult a Quot a natural political and martial history of the bloodhound the circumstances of their importation from Cuba whether they Are designed Only for Florida or to meet any possible Difili cities about the North Eastern Boundary and whether they and posterity will come under the operation of the pension verily the old.6oy is getting facetious in his old age. Attempt at the account from the Greencastle via ter of an atrocious attempt to murder or. Shepherd than whom no better Man or Democrat exists. He published a communication in the enquirer not Long since. Perhaps hereby Quot hangs a tale 1 libbl.�?. W. Hutchen Esq. Editor of the new Albany Argus has aued the blackguard Prentice of the Louisville journal for an outrageous libel on his private character. We wonder that col. In Caen has Ever noticed that fellow at All. The Parago Muki to of the courier can receive no notice at our hands except Over their proper signature. We Are too Well acquainted with the style of the editor to fight Hedow. is sufficient to disprove the Eilish against or. Ridgely in the courier of last week ,10 name their author. It in Prentice of the Louisville township meeting. Agreeable to Public notice the democratic re publicans of Riley township convened together at Lockport on saturday the a in Day of March for the purpose of selecting candidate a to fill the township offices when in motion we. Muren was called to the chair and John a. Gordon appointed Secretary. Oil motion of John w. Mullen the chair appointed a committee of five to present the names of luit Able persons to preside As of fitter of the Conven Timi whereupon the following persons were appointed said committee Daniel Fisk Johnson Clark Isaac Pearce Thomas Sankey and William Ray. The committee reported the following persons to preside As officers for president we. Mullen for vice presidents William Ray and Thomas san by sen. And for secretaries j. B. Garden and Joseph Wilton. On motion of we. Ray the chair appointed a committee of eleven to present to this convention the names of suitable persons to fill the different offices of this township to be nominated Viva Voce. Said committee consisted of the following persons Daniel Fisk a. A Wilber j. Lewis j. W. Mullen p. Sankey j. Lee h. Donham b. Mewhinney j. Collister d. Wilson and j. Jewel. The committee reported the following names for justices of the peace Thomas Carter and Jos. Wilson for constables Isaac Pearce Edward Miles and John b. Gordon for inspector Isaac Pearce for supervisors 1st District j. Mewhinney 2d District we. Ray 3d District Jesse Wilson for overseers of the poor James Pickens and James s. Wilson for Fence viewers James Juel and David Wilbon. The above candidates were duly nominated. On motion of j. W. Mullen the chair appointed a committee of seven to draft a preamble and resolutions expressive of the sense of this meeting whereupon the following persons were appointed said committee j. Clark p. Sankey j. Lee j. W. Mullen j. Wilson j. H. Mullen and t. Staton. The said committee reported the following preamble and resolutions in whereas in a country like this where the popular will becomes the Law of the land it is a subject of the first importance to the Well being of Community that Public opinion should be enlightened by a free interchange of information and whereas it has been found upon experience that in the selection of candidates to fill the various offices to be chosen by the Public suffrage no plan has been devised so Well calculated to elicit the True Public sentiment More particularly in the country where the people Seldom Confer together in very Large bodies owing to the remoteness of their dwellings from each Uther As that of primary assemblages of the people. Be it therefore resolved that no plan other than conventions has been devised whereby the intrigues of secret cabals and caucuses having for their end the aggrandizement of those in them could be Defeated. Resolved that we would encourage our democratic Brethren to Arm themselves with argument and not listen to the garbled statements of the opposition brawlers and presses in regard to the collecting and disbursing of the Public Revenue. Resolved that the measures proposed in the Independent Treasury Bill that thoroughly democratic document have our most decided approbation and Are deserving of the warm and Hearty support not Only of every member of the democratic party but of every honest Man in whose bosom beats the heart of a True american citizen. Resolved that with Martin Van Buren we believe that the government should be separated from All Banks whether state or National As a measure alike called for by the Genius and spirit of our Constitution and the voice of the people and the total inability and want of Good Faith on the part of those anti democratic institutions to keep their engagements either with the government or the people. Resolved that we have unshaken Confidence in the democracy and firmness of Murtin Van Buren our worthy chief magistrate and Richard m. Johnson our much esteemed vice president and we in concert with the balance of the True legitimate democratic family Are determined to re elect them to the offices they now hold in despite of federalism alias National republicanism alias 36 whig ism alias a9 democratic whig ism and the lord knows How Many other isms but it is still federalism. Resolved that this convention View with unqualified contempt the base and unmanly course pursued by the opposition to injure the re election of Martin Van Buren by falsely representing his conduct in the new York convention in 1821, in regard to the Extension of the right of suffrage. Resolved that we View the course of the opposition in calling themselves democrats in no other Way than to deceive some of the unsuspecting democrats to join their nefarious schemes. Resolved that the votes of our worthy representative in Congress the Hon. John no. Davis on the new Jersey contested q estion shows conclusively to every candid Man of whatever party that he has More regard for the majority of the people of new Jersey than he has for the usurper Pennington s great Seal and his privy Council and that Bis exertions in behalf of the National Road confirms our belief that we have a Man As True to the interests of his constituents As the Needle is to the pole. Resolved that we cordially approve of the nomination of Tilghman a. Howard for governor and Benjamin s. Tuley for lieutenant governor. They have made themselves worthy of All our exertions to secure their election by their Devotion to the Best interests and most elevated principles of democracy. Resolved that the nomination of col. John b. Quot Kees of Clay county for state senator from this District meets our decided approbation and that it behoves every Jackson Van Buren Democrat to rally to his support and we will elect him in the place of the Ahi plaster milk and water candidate. Resolved that the democrats of old Riley have too much Confidence in themselves to suffer an enemy to choose their camping ground. Resolved that the thanks of this convention be tendered or. Buckner fur the use of his House. Resolved that the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the offie Ere and a Keopf trans stud to the editor of the Wabash enquirer with a request for the publication of the same. Resolved that this meeting now adjourn sine die. Willuam Mullen president. William rat the courier says that Bangor in Maisy was Quot a hitherto Strong Van Buren will it Tell is where it derived its information 1 Etc Bation or Are pm i moly will ing to have Oer veracity med with time of the Junior editor of the courier. Pleasant run meeting. At a meeting held in pleasant run township Lawrence county the Bone and sinew of democracy came Forth All United in opinion All for Van Buren and Howard. Amer the meeting waa organised on motion of Russell Mitchell William Clark was appointed president j s. Y. Dunlavy vice president and Robert Mitchell Secretary. The proper officers being selected Lewis w. Templeton arose and in a very elaborate speech of so outdone hours length Laid Down the precise principles and doctrines of the democratic whig Gies. On motion of r. Mitchell a committee of five were appointed to nominate delegates to a county convention in Bedford on the 23d of May. After a few minutes the committee reported the following As delegates William Clark Jacob Woolery Russell Mitchell s. Y. Dunlavy James Erwin James h. Henderson Robert Mitchell and Jacob Shields. Afler which the following Resolution Wae offered and unanimously adopted resolved that inasmuch a the democratic Higgins Are making the last struggle that we will unanimously support m. Van Buren t. A. Howard and b. S. Sulev and Rox Populis Vox Dei. Resolved that the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the president and vice president and countersigned by the Secretary. Resolved that the proceedings of this meeting to published in Chapman s enquirer. On motion of 8. W. Templeton the meeting adjourned. William Clark president. J. Y. I a lava vice president. Robert jts Itchell Secretary. Quot no estimates have been furnished by the department at Vwashington and no appropriation asked . This charge made by the courier and other whig presses that no appropriation was recommended by the proper authorities is frequently made. This lie might As Well be stopped. If the whig editors who make this assertion will look at House Doc. No. 2. P. 625, they will find that in the estimate of the funds required to Complete the various civil works under charge of the Engineer department together with an estimate of the funds required for operations during the year 1840, that the 2d, 3d and 4th items Are is follow Quot 2 Cumberland Road in Ohio $100,000 00 Quot 3 Cumberland Road in Indiana 150,000 00 Quot 4 Cumberland Road in Illi Toig 150,000 00 we suppose however that these cunning Fellows will try and crawl out because the president did not Send a special message recommending the measure or because it was not reported by some particular department. It comes before Congress in its proper place As any one can see and the Effort of the whigs to make political capital of this Small affair will signally fail. What they will Start next in regard to this Road for political capital remains to be seen. A copy of the document referred to May be seen by calling at this office. Baltimore Sun states that a Young lady who from her dress and Demeanour was evidently of respectability jumped from the wharf into the River on saturday last but was rescued from drowning by a couple of gentlemen who witnessed the attempt. When brought on Shore she expressed her determination to destroy herself and a subsequent search discovered that she had under her garments a Girdle with heavy stones sewed in it no doubt with intention of sinking her body. While the attendants were endeavouring to ascertain from her the cause of her conduct her residence and name two gentlemen arrived in great haste and expressed much Joy at finding her Safe. They declined giving any information respecting her and after taking the names and residences of the gentlemen who had rescued her placed her in a Carriage and drove Xor tombs remaining m the Khi Folke a it the a Manie Panl 1, of fit i whih if net tsp Chi of temm to teen Taomay a mkt View presidents. Johm b. Chr Doht to Eph Wilton secretaries. Of a Ito courier Teu a a if be pm Etc a paper Paiua Quot Beeton Abolitz Miriel Loeb a in Tanda to quote Jiromi we Abiu Lite to liar a on what of Ite editor ise Sadk a Pam a Jurf Star How Omie it a be. The to elite. We mfr riot from pretended Ftp re Whiteb luvs no Esi Taace. Win the ski Letton. Ice persons fall my Chr these is ten will Fiese say they Are Advey Tisnad or thay May not m ii hip. Stop . B. King Esq., of Baltimore wishes us to notice Sabine or Sabine Curtis Quot an itinerant tailor about 35 years of age Quot who stole a Skiff and cleared. When he left he Wae dressed in Blue clothes. Said Curtis stole the Skiff from the Landing at Baltimore la. It belonged to judge King p. M., who will pay a Reward of ten dollars for his apprehension. Will the editors Friendly to honesty notice this fellow 1 Tippecanoe Hope the officers of the different Tippecanoe clubs will Forward us an account of the proceedings attending their organization. Nothing is More gratify ing to whig loafers than to hear that the people Are moving Greencastle vis. What does this mean 1 the other Day we Beard a whig say that he Quot considered the editor of the visitor just fool enough to sell out Ond turn Van Buren you Don t mean him do you colonel tub mail men answering the description of the mail robbers for whom a Reward of three Hundred dollars is offered were arrested near this town on saturday last and carried before his Honor the mayor by whom they were rigidly examined. Nothing however appeared against them except the description and they were accordingly discharged. New . Henry Mcgill is appointed agent for the enquirer at Cloverdale Putnam co. Indiana also William t. May Esq. At mount Meridian same county. 0 5r"cbarlea shall appear next week. We will also try and publish the communication of our Friend at Washiington ind. Want of space is the Only reason it has not appeared Ero this. Land would Call attention to the land Salea advertised in this paper. Here is a Fine Chance to invest Money profitably in Banks that never fail. Wah Ted Iutmui ably to apprentice it die printing business. One who Haa had Aoma no Porto enee will have the preference. Finn.�?4t i re a a red at there he been a very extensive a on rvs tob Lott Lethle. We have received no parti Eulan. The investigation of the dts Teri election of Mesera. Naylor and Ingersoll in ill going on at the commie Mooers Hall of the Northern Libertis a. A of a atm prepared for Thia week s papa a he in mat i of it ppm rom out. Was nor Euch a mall Fri m. Us in a Una Jumi. Pm it my Bot. Hiil ice Ivy attention Asaoka a Poesy to Biffer pm reel Ned. Acres Olly athe Jet Ian abbe mrs Arbi Jacob Annis Lewis Archer Bolo Aion Armstrong David Adonea Isabe Atwood a p Strong David a Datu Buckner f g Boiton Philip Brake Jeffeson Brown mrs m Bright m g been Absalom Bennington Rachel Beale Walii Ottoa Black mrs Dorcas Briley same Becket Taos h burs Bay Granville Kochamp Lucinda b Black Isaac Barnes Hiram Barson Darius Bogard Levi Bannon Benj Bogg Thos Bard j k Brown David Bood we Baldwin my Anna Beauchamp Chas Bilderback Dani 2 Brooks Jas Brown iss Bingham d s Barttolomew Harly 2 Borton John Bryan Susan Barnes Enos Bartlett Benj by get John Brown Jos t 2 Briley Jas Beard John Briley Sami Boudinot John barn us mrs Mary l Case Jarvis 2 Craycroft Chas Crocket Jos Carpnter Noah h Copna Jacob Curry mrs Catharine Casey Taos Crandal John s Cunningham Sami Coz Solomon conduit d d Clark Green Cox John Carpenter Noah Cotton mrs Sala Ann Chandler Nathan Carpenter Solomon 2 Canfield miss Sophia Citty Christopher Caughey John a Carpenter j h Canada Dani Corey Geo c Cole Chas Chandler Chas Clark Rebecca Crumpton John Cole Horace Cramer Francis Cox Hardy Crandal Lewis 3 Colman Sami Cutter mrs a 3 Combes we Coons James Christy Nathl Calvert Wenj Crawford mrs Ann Cory Simeon Carson Jas Cooper Jos. Collet Jos Dille David h Duckworth mrs Elizabeth doubly Thos Davenport p Henry Doan Ithemore Dix John Dossy Geo Durham Dani juror mrs Mary Ann 2 Devo Gideon 2 Dunham i Davis Mariman j Duffecy Peter Donham Henry Dubach John Danes Isaac 2 Davis Henry Dunn Gin mrs Sarah a Dawson i m Yansee Geo Evert Oliver Edwards Absalom elder John Edmonds James Ealy a id d Eastridge Franklin Ferguson Geo c Freer Solomon Fidler Jas 2 Funkhouser John 2 Franklin John French Frederick fears Jos Fields Radley fury John Fouts Washington fail John g Frank a Frears Joseph Ford we j Ducatt Jas Fahrnbach Mathias Fouts Dugan Fuller Abner Graves or Goalda ticker Abr grass Robt Gibbs Chas f Grose Jos Gorman Geo Guyger Chas h Geesy Ulrik Gardner mrs Elisa Grogan Tilford 3 Gorman Willis a Garret Luther Genung Jos Gilleres we Gaung amp eve Elam Griffith we Grover Joseph Gerasev John Gordon John Hill Milf Hanl John Hall Bryant Harrison Rev John h 9 Hamilton we Hamer and Hartwell Abby Herbert Jacob Hie Uin Josiah Harkness John Hall Issue Sale Jona h arding John Harpold Nicholas Harris hmm to whoop male Jrolf Hein John Hose pc Hsiunan to 8 Howard d 8 Harris Jas bin it Lla Jab los Iliia a t Hance had asap in join Mon Carnelina s Jones thoams Jas son Henry Jach a Johnson corp lib Wjk Isaae Jones mrs Sicha Jenck alb Jose Egeo Jones Oliver Johnson Richard Jones Martin Johnson John 2 King Anstin Keever Henry Kennedy Robert Kanady we Kenny Jesse Kahle Samuel keel a Edward a Peter Keams Nicholas 2 Linton Perry Lin Ltd we 3 Lewis Joho Lyon s r Lune Rick ass t Lyon Geo t Lew Henry by 2 Leeper we Little we 3 Liddle Isaac Lott John Leedy David Lee h d 2 Lodi Sami Lott we Lewis Aaron c Liston Joseph lisey c Lyon David May Hen a a sullican Reynall my ule Maurice Morrison Chester Marron Thos w mounts mrs Margaret Mendenhall Gardner Mummy Frederick Mitchell Robt s More we Miner we Ming Geo 3 mounts miss Cynthia Montgomery Geo Moore Henry Meek David Mapes Martin Maynard Jos Mudge c e Maddock Jas Hartstedt Herman 2 Murphy we l Morgan we Morrison or men Daw Thos Makley Abraham Murphy mrs Maria Marrs Nathan Wui iams i n West John Webb Jaan Wieth Nib by. 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