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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer Newspaper Archives Apr 1 1840, Page 2

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Terre Haute Wabash Enquirer (Newspaper) - April 1, 1840, Terre Haute, Indiana Wabash enquirer democratic mgt my rat Lojis Rob pub Sidmot 9iartin Van Bure a. It to Tab Mamert Schabb m. Jozif soil. For a Miu Ufa Mai tre Towru and a tart it a Xii Mil bail ii in a Radical it formaran to Ltd a a if bomb my Stum. Worn. Oom Kos tiler Limati a. Howard. Torn cot want a Brook Benjamin s. Onley. For electors v m. Hendricks Jefferaon. Gfa re Vav. Ewing Miami. . Dirt. Robert Uale Owen . So. Ill. 5ih. Takh. 7lh. George Boon Sullivan. Thod. J. Henley Clark. J. L. R0bin�0n. Of Rush. A. Kennedy Delaware. W. J. Peaslee olt Shelby. J. M. Lapone. Rok 8tatb Akila Rolt John a neen. Moses Dawson to Gen. Harri 3un, in Costim Tatiom. Tic principles Laid Down by you at the Rule action for the pref ident the United states have tip Quier reference nor Rel atm to a written cuu Butu Tuti Itic whole a Choc in and practice the guv Rii Minrul a a Etui to be led to the and executive Braco be it without being guided directed by the provision a that Conati Tutun by which Tiey have been a feared and from which they derive their authority. Your principles would deprive the president the Powers granted to Bim by the constr Tat ii the exercise it which is demanded him for the Public beige tit and not granted that they May be i xer cited Nul at Hia discretion and they would Yinpo get duties Viiu which Are neither recognized demanded him by the in Tine Yoiiro a entirely a new Cream tie lao Del Wii c i can not be found in the �ig�8 that let urn Cut. U Ero your principles adopted and practice upon that part the Deliome tiie Pulvers and duties the president would Uesu a rec led and new Powers and new duties subset tut cd Iti their room even the veto Power which in Rny third number i too generally conceded to you further consideration i find you limit within bound i a Villi the provisions the Constitution by it he has the Power judging the exp it Edi ency As w Ell As Lite a and that the ii Tercsi requires Liat he should be Luve amp Ted a us Tull Power 1 win Hypothecate a Case to dem ouf crate the propriety and necessity the Power being vested in the president. By ipos that the no go citations with France re the Ibidem Uitich had been More tedious and Mure protracted than wis consistent with the National Honor in the opinion Congress and that they had passed a declaring War against Itiat Power Iii id trial t in offered to Ilie president fur Sig nature but he believing that indemnities could be had without a resort to an alternative to injurious to his country and therefore he would refuse his signature Totle Buji i Here would have been a Case Al Joc and no ii Letioa constitutionality . Nov Neuch a cd a. 1 presume general that you would neither question his Power to re Fuby a Keiit nor impugn his motive Lor declining to sign the . Tie provision tiie Constitution being in the a Lares and the prochut made what would be Dom with them when they were feel i Joa know thumb Well pm Mich to we that Oey a Oxild not work and that Jimj would be at Lett to Inelia a to Starte while there waa any a eat to hot forum taking. Picture to to Oreair the be coca murder rapine and plunder that would follow the setting Froe nearly three millions negroes with no Means subsistence but what would be derived from their own Industry and that from Igou rant illiterate creatures who never could by induced to Lay Down their hand to work but under the terror the lash. It appears that your acceptance this nomination has excited a considerable Jei Lousy among the Federal whigs throughout the Union. They com Plain that you did not accept the nomination conditionally and with reference to the great Federal a High bul Itron it anti masonic it conservative convention to be held in december next and subjecting yourself to that convention. Now As in other cases who never i have had it in toy Power to conscientiously take your part and defend you i must in Titis Esse say that you Havo acted with More consistency than is common with your party at the last canvass you deprecated conventions As destructive the h Edoin elections you conceded that in a great measure they went to deprive the people their franchise and yet you gave that As a very principal reason for your in ing a candidate. Now 1 say you have preserved your Quot consistency infinitely bet ter than same others your party who were As loud Ili their denunciations conventions is you were and yet they Are now the strenuous advocates them and they complain bitterly your nut professing yourself amenable to the decision this great projected convention. Sonte the most knowing our friends however have taken it into their Heads that the advocates for a convention have a sinister design in View and that the convention was not projected so much to concentrate the influence the party As to Rule you off the track in favor their own particular favorite Clay who i believe. You Are now convinced has bad no Friendly feelings towards you for eight ten years Back notwithstanding your exertions in his favor in 1824 and 2s. It was therefore under the impression that Clay was to be the favorite candidate that they resorted to the idea a convention and in Ohio they merely be de your name to be a cd to give Sanction to a convention confidently expecting that at its meeting nothing could be More easy than to put you off the track and bring him Forward in full Torce. This was clearly developed in the manoeuvres the old Clay party in Ohio last year and if further proof were wanting we hive it in the to speech made by Clay in tie Senate a few Days ago when he came out in full rage Ugains the abolitionists and anti masons though he had previous to your Nomi nation treated them with extreme moderation and no trifling degree respect but now that they Havo declared to their attachment to you he loses Hopes them and gives them up in order to conciliate the Southern states but Here cunning As be thinks a from to Waitt Egton Otobe. Or. Van Buren and the War. Com Niubo during the Winow Moien 1813, . Via Baren was found a a Bromling the torrent a it Poel Tion and supporting with the Zeal a True Patriot every measure which had a tendency to strengthen the Arm the National ski verment to give Security to the extended frontiers his own state. Justice can Only be done to him in this respect by a reference to the journals the Senate to aet Forth the various acts in which he participated would swell this article to too great length. An at tempt the Federal House to convert the affairs the Navy into matter political agitation was Sig it Nally rebuked in the following report in 8bii4t>. March 17, 1813. Or. Van Buren from the committee to whom were referred certain resolutions with the recitals preceding the same adopted by the honorable the Assembly the second Day March 1813, relating to the creation and support a Navy to the High sense which the honorable the Assembly enter Taine the valor and heroism displayed by our seamen to the Justice and propriety rewarding that valor As particularly displayed in the capture the Uri Tieh Fri Tes the Guerriere and Java the the Sloop War frolic Een using the House rep re tentative con grf the United state fur re fun big to do to and requesting them and the senators this state in the Congress the u. States to Quot use their efforts to procure the necessary compensation to be made Quot respectfully reports As follows to wit that they have had the same under consideration and in pursuance the object the reference report. As Well the facts relating to the same As the opinion your committee As to the course proper to be pursued by the Senate in relation to them. Your committee fully coincide with the the honorable the Assembly in their just appreciation the distinguished Honor to which the officers and seamen our Navy have entitled themselves every occasion which has been furnished them during the present War to evince their Superior prowess and so natural and irresistible to the american heart do your committee feel this sentiment to be that they cannot indulge the belief that there is among us a single american whose heart is not cheered by the contemplation those deeds heroism which have distil inuit hed the conduct our Brave tars which have arrested the attention and fixed the admiration an astonished world. If therefore it was competent for the Senate to separate that part the said resolutions from other parts thereof with which your committee can never advise the Senate to concur it ought. In the opinion your committee to meet the United approbation the Senate but this their Rule and practice will not permit and the Senate Are bound to concur non concur with the resolutions the Assembly with the Power amendment. Your committe would the More regret that the resolutions and recitals the honorable the Assem himself to be he must fail for though he May have i Bly combined matter which will be seen is in the removed one obstacle from his path with the South opinion your committee highly objectionable Ernert another stumbling Block lies in the Way not with such As is in an eminent degree laudable had quite so easily removed his High Tariff system Hig not an Opportunity been afforded and embraced by Compromise and his internal improvements the concurrent Resolution the Senate and the Hon system which he will probably find More difficult to Oracle the Assembly the 27th Day february surmount than that his favor and moderation towards the abolitionists. Then general you have been involved to another difficulty by those Quot democratic patriotic Quot friends yours the Ritner the Steve uses the Burrowes and pen roses those Chiv inc democratic republicans who hold elections Only to be effectual when they terminate in their own favor and otherwise treat them Quot As if they had not they have associated you with Daniel Webster placing his name the same ticket with you As a candidate for vice president. Daniel Webster when you and your Brave followers in arms were wading to the Knees through the Black swamp and fighting indians the frontiers under the greatest privations without provisions to sustain nature without shoes to your feet clothes to your words ii lowing Chews clearly that the Power without tents to shield you from the severity the veto is Abbu Lule and unconditional As Well As Winter is even blankets in which to Roll to expediency As every yourselves when in bivouac he this same Webster that shall have passed the Houe represent i i ves j with ins Hartford convention friends and supporters and the Senate Hall bet re it become a Law be j were haranguing in Congress against the iniquity presented to tue Prce ident the United Statcy if Iii a War and opposing every appropriation loan he approve he shall big ii it but if not he sit Ali return it with his objections to that House in Vii Rich it for tie support it. Many your friends hive admired your magnanimity in the cordial manner in Thail i a a originated no shall enter the object Loiis which you received your ancient enemy at his last at Large Iii journal and proceed to reconsider it visit to this City but there were others who not if alter such reconsideration two thirds that a a Essed your playability disposition would As thai agree to pass the , it shall be sent �?z011 Piave come in Contact with a Rattlesnake As take with tie Obj Dious to tie other House by which it but the hand Daniel Webster who would have left likewise be reconsidered and if approved by thai j tii. Nis elves and their Little ones a prey to incursions House it shall become a Hyntish brigands and the merciless murderous Lav Here. General you will perceive that there is no Ges their Savage allies the painted indians. Qualification As to exp Eddiej by More than to Contti May forgive . Webster for the injuries he in to tonality Quot the rights the slates i Dividu capacity As u legislator has done you but not so it is Plain that the Constitution confers upon ii a who fought with you under the privations and the president the same right deliberation and j Dia cult ies produced by the Hartford convention lists the exec if judgement that it confers upon the Congress with Daniel Webster for their Leader co ordinate branches the govern neut a without j them in both this slate and Indiana would making the result that deliberation conclusive Lyte for you if they had not to Swallow Daniel web again any passed by both houses As it must j Jgr along with you but rely upon it he is too bit be returned for reconsideration end two thirds both houses concur Png it becomes Law a sufficient guard against capricious be a Dis Bonchay in the president and Hasty ill advised leg Ielati n in the a Gib native Bud 1�. I Hete is one exciting and very important subject ter a dose for Thoin to gulp Down. But Here another most egregious inconsistency is involved you pledge yourself in this letter to be your Quot utmost efforts 10 carry out the democratic Republican doctrines upon which the administration Jefferson and Madison were conducted Quot when you Are associated with a before the Public general which you Are silent in j who used All his efforts to we the doctrines your letter but in which i Ibok you gave your j,.fi-Erson. And would have had Madison impeach the canvass 1836, and if 1 correctly recollect you stated your Willm Joess to have a sum raised by taxation sufficient to Purchase the Freedom slaves from their owners the slave holding state Wilether not you still bold to that opinion is not for me to at it i your not having stated in Litis letter in which you discuss matters it Erba its minor consequence seems to imply that it you have not changed your mind. Now this As Well As the subject the nation <1 Bank you seem to have formed your opinion without reference to the Constitution its provisions for As in that instrument no authority can be found for the arc amp Tion a National Bank then As Litile for taxing the free states for the purpose purchasing slaves the slave holding states. The Constitution guarantees to the slaveholders their property in their slaves but recon bios no system general taxation for the Pur Tiase those slaves in order to set them free. I am exceedingly apprehensive that your friends in the Northern and Eastern states however enthusiastic they May be in favor the Goliti Southern slavery would be extremely Why St paying uzes fir the purpose raising Money to Purchase Freedom for the slaves. At the census in there were m the United Sites about two millions slaves. Suppose to increase in ten years to be equal to the ten years preceding which was Over 30 per cent would give us about 2.6u,- Joo rating them at $4u0 each it would require 1, >4i.o. X 0 for their Purchase then taking the whole population the Union Fez Olustee slaves at 14,,, it would require 7476from each individual free Persou in the Union Man woman and child to raise a sum us Brient Lor the Purchase. Suppose this to be raised by direct tax and tax gatherers to be sent into every Hoase to collect it what a Damper it would be to to philanthropy those disinterested humane i irritable haters Sis very to have demanded them nearly 75 dollars per Bead to carry their very pious purpose into effect. Some them can be acted upon a aet schem ing knaves to set their names to petitions to Congress praying fur the liberation the slaves and thas to deprive their own in Elmir property in them without remuneration but ammo zealots would hesitate to pay even an equal share this tax with the slaveholders to have their Moi wishes. 80 far m mining petitions subscribe a few cents to procure the printing and publishing incendiary jul drills Mir files and pictures go they have no Letioa but to touch their Pockino to the extent to your projected scheme wiil go you would a Waii find that they draw Back and cease their Eser Tiem yes. General a Call Moa tymm Abr a poll tax ofom 4�li�r a Romad worm a a a Down Kair fill a Rte it it rail pm Arvei Looe. The a had be collect a a gig Uffre Hora willing and Teady to sell their de for acting upon those very doctrines which you propose to Supi it Ort and carry out will real Deino sciatic republicans Trust you. General under such circus will they Trust the government in the Hinds such men As Dumiel Webster whose avowed is for Quot the government to take care the Rich and leave to the Rich the care the Pool Quot the Man no has denounced the class men from which he has himself derived his origin As being ignorant illiterate and incapable judging in matters govern Menlo the Man who has always been opposed to every principle democracy Bates those who profess democracy and would to Morrow if he saw a probability Success assist in rearing up a monarchy in the country is it such a Man who would be trusted by democratic republicans 1�? no no. General Daniel Webster never will never can be supported by any honest faithful democratic Republican. Your association with him would ruin your cause in the West if there was no other objection fur no Man intelligence who knows the history the country and parties since he has come into Public life can believe in the coalition Between democracy and the Ultra federalism Daniel Webster. The very principles you have you Laved Down in your letter Shew that All tho democracy in the Case is the Mere name those principles Are essentially Federal they in effect abjure the Constitution and they set up in its place the arbitrary acts an oligarchy at the head which would be a my who would substitute his own political dogmas for constitutional provisions to this the democrats the Union will never submit they look to principles not to names. Under All the disguises assumed names for which your party Are particularly distinguished they can still perceive the tory principles the revolution the Federal those the first Adams and lha whig 1834. Under All there and Many other deceptive Cognomen they can perceive those principles which Are antagonistic Al to democratic republicanism. To it a Oovi Rebd Rock moot Iii f .4x�?a species flax bad been found growing spontaneously in the country adjacent to the Rocky mountains similar in Many respects to the Ordinary flax but perennial in its growth. It May be mowed like grass and need not polled up every season. Or. Oakley who travelled through the country the Bead Waters the Platte last year Deec Robes a vast Prairie thirty Miles loaf and three Nilee Broad a Farad with a thick growth this flax. traae Reub Elbta. And is Arad by Tom Ladi aae to aka Flosia Aglaie. If Thia plam Lioam to by Imad Aquai to us flax Wei in Law East Fatai la Thiee outcry a Laa Peet to Fieata Laeead Pai Wiemal As Ture will give it a decided superiority and Reader the Guitare it far Nora easy and i a tiv. Last relating to the exploits our Brave seamen and officially promulgating the distinguished consideration in which they were and ought to be held. Your committee further report that although they Are fully impressed with a conviction the dangers which May arise to a free government from the maintenance Largo naval military establishments the Strong incentives which the Possession Means gives to the exercise them although they feel and admit the Wisdom and propriety the various attempts which have been made by our government to prevail the belligerents Europe to stay their aggressions and to subdue their hostilities by acts Justice our part by appeals to what was the Law nations and to their Justice and magnanimity still your committee Are bound to admit that the course which has been pursued by those belligerents since the years 180g and 7, since their decrees and orders in Council which have in effect prostrated that code which heretofore regulated and controlled the conduct civilized nations and substituted Power for right which in their effects destroyed our Commerce and to which although their rigor is at this moment somewhat mitigated we May again be subjected in its fullest extent at such a Lime and under such circumstances your committee would advise the Senate if the course and practice the Senate would admit it to concur with the honorable the Assembly in the expression the sense the propriety a reasonable increase our naval strength. With such parts the resolutions and recitals the honorable the Assembly As have for their object As in the judgment your committee they have to censure the House representatives the Congress the United states tor refusing to Mike the provisions therein stated and As containing a request instruction to the representatives and senators this state in the Congress the United slates to use their efforts to procure such provisions to be made your committee cannot advise the Senate to concur for reasons in their opinions the most obvious and conclusive. First. Because although the practice instructing their representatives to tho general government matters which Are to be acted upon has been heretofore followed by our state legislature their right to which your committee think it unnecessary to consider discuss upon this occasion Yel that practice has not to their knowledge been extended to the right censuring them for their conduct in matters which they hive acted and to Call them to vary that conduct and in the Best judg ment your Coin Mittee that Extension would not Only Lead to frequent and hostile collisions Between the general and state governments but would moreover be incompatible with the spirit and Genius our government. Secor Pilj. Because the Resolution in its terms Only embraces our representatives in the twelfth Congress whose Powers by the provisions our ceased the 3d March while the resolutions the honorable the Assembly were passed the 2d March leaving an inner vexing period such Short duration As that by no human possibility they could be made to reach them before their Power became extinct. And notwithstanding your committee Are bound to admit distinctly the purity the views which must have actuated the honorable the Assembly they could not advise the Senate to subject themselves to the inference which the illiberal and the censorious might draw from these facts Viz that they had so Early begun to prostitute that sacred spirit which has been produced by the prowess our sailors to to support the political divisions and dissensions which unfortunately distract and at this time highly Dishonour the american people. Thirdly. Because the Twenty third Day february last the House representatives the Congress the United Sutee passed and the son ate the United Sites have subsequently agreed to it. The same Law As for a refusal to pass which the honorable the Assembly the Yacond March inst. Censure them. That the not Only made tha provisions sought fur but to the utmost extent which any one reprise native thought it ought to to made. That if therefore As the honorable the Assembly appear justly to suppose a a Justice required and Public policy demanded Quot the provisions to be made that Justice Baa bean sati aliud and that policy attended to. If As they truly aay the pro visions would afford the mro Agest proof a aia Here Datar Inatio the part the National Varna heat to Reward daring avatar pries to a exploit a and to Pouniu tha a Tab it Lia Hamot a Navy adequate to prone it oar Alai Laberee Quot that proof has been afforded Aad the Laxalt Waiohu tha Boa Orawa tha a sanely with a Sophaly Appi Teod Ai Ifft a a a a Baan Proda Aad by a spa atom Omar a trip waa Kaaiai Tea loaf Leaea Aav wait Ora Iatha Jaa Liaa Aad i banality oar Baa Baba Witaly Avo Mcd by the Laai Paaga Tom Law a Rafair to. For Thea Rea Obi your Lizald Shaf Alt Iata atias to drop aah Temam Titan whim Hava Aota a Tad the Iii Iory Bla the he my m4 a Nim to support sad Mai Nuin that Mutual respect Aad a Par Tesy Between tha two legislative Braa Bee Par gov Atamant Wamah a duo Aeneas propriety dieta6a. And Fiffi Amenai Osage Eaf broke. 4�ut equally and Iowa to preserve the dignity it the Soai Ite a Spaeti Tully advise the adoption the following Resolution me Botved the Senate cannot Choju intently Wuh Justice and found principles concur with the recitals and resolutions the honorable the Assembly the second March instant. Or. Van Buren in the same session voted for a Resolution authorising the cnmptre41er to subscribe half a million dollars to the sixteen million loan. This passed the Senate 15 to 11, but was rejected in the Assembly where the federalists had a Mojor Ity. 70 be con Mueco Federal whig frauds say the people to this 1 we ask our readers to read the following and note the Rasca Lity those who Are continually crying out against the democratic party for committing the same offences but which charges they cannot substantiate. Contributions from whig members Congress to the amount $20,000 have been levied to support that vile Sheet,.the madisonian because the intelligencer will not do a the base and dirty work the feds. And now the whig members Congress Are turning to effect the same object by abusing their franking privilege to Forward those vile papers As Public documents. Quot the paper will be forwarded under Frank. So says . Clark. We Here see the whole whig members Congress forming a fund and levying a tax their office Holder and adherents to support a party press while they circulate it in violation Law and to the detriment the government. Wonder if our Greef Castle Friend the colonel Quot has not received a lot this Quot Public document Quot under Frank 1 we see the visitor puffs it right lustily. How Long will the people tolerate these things not Long let them awake in their might and hurl these dishonest men from their seats. Teach them a lesson next november that they will not soon forget. To the editor the Globe. Zanesville Ohio March 21, 1840. Sib by inserting the following communication you will perform an act Justice to an insulted individual. Respectfully James Lewis. To t. W. Williams m. C. Sir the is february. 1840, 15th and 29th the same month i received under cover your Frank three madisonian papers the above dates Ond a valedictory the honorable h. L. White. These papers came to me under your franking privilege. Is it not a most shameful abuse your privilege to Frank such miserable false and ridiculous papers As the madisonian and the letter h. L. White As Public documents 1 you must labor under a very great mistake if you can for one moment suppose that any individual the Buckeye slate can will Swallow such miserable humbugs. No sir it May answer some depraved whig appetite who is accustomed to nothing in the shape truth. I cannot Force myself into a belief that a gentleman would Send an individual whom he never saw Fuch trash unless it was for the purpose insulting his understanding. I will not consume any More time the subject with you but will close by informing you that should i receive any More them from you i will Send them to the speaker the House with a request that that body May take action it. I would be thankful to you if you would give my compliments to the honorable Christopher Morgan for franking to to the a outlines the life and pubic service civil and military William Henry Harrison Ohio Quot and that if he should Send a norber i would sincerely wish he would Send me a copy containing tho truth the whole truth and no thing but the truth As the one he sent me does not contain any. Also that history affords to me sufficiency the civil and military services Gen. Harrison to justify me to vote for Martin Van Buren. A to the editor the Globe. Sterlino Post fico Muski Ngum co., o., March 14, 1840. Sir by inserting the following communication you will oblige a. We have no acquaintance with either you the person to whom our communication is addressed but the Mitter will explain itself. Respectfully Arnold Bonn i i eld Samuel drum. To j. Trumbull m. C. Sir some time since we received under cover your Frank a document entitled Quot letter the Hon. John c. Clark new York to his constituents the necessity efficient political action and this John c. Clark is i understand a turn coat Democrat what in fashionable parlance is termed a Comers Active. You we understand Are the representative the Hartford convention District in the state Connecticut. Ominous Union the Hartford convention lists and the conservatives 1839 it is not our purpose at present to lecture you the impropriety thus abusing your privilege As a member Congress by franking into a Distant state from your residence such miserable senseless false and slanderous articles As the letter John c. Clark nor to put the query to you How Yon can conscientiously construe such a concern into a Public document. A discussion these matters would we fear be lost upon you for we cannot conceive that a Man a Nice sense Honor would Send to individuals lie never saw whom he knows nothing papers so false in every particular and so contemptible in their matter and manner. Why there is not a wooden clock pedlar in the West Wiio hails from Yankee land but can beat this poor and puerile Effort the two champions Hartford convention federalism and tall Midge conservatism but sir we do not intend to spend much time upon you. Our Only object in writing is to request you to keep your miserable Slang for your own Region. A from the Albany argue. The a a Central Quot corruption fund federalism. That the Federal members Congress Are exceedingly industrious in flooding the country with the madisonian and other political publications has been Long known. How they have performed this service in past years is also Well known and How they propose to perform it now and to replenish the Central fund Quot will be Learned from the following letter from the Hon. John c. Clark member Congress from the Chenango District this state a conservative adjunct the Federal party who finding that tho democrats Wero destitute that Impo runt stimulant to patriotism and Fidelity a a a Central fund Quot either at Washington Philadelphia deserted the political friends by whom he had been elated and has since performed service where doubt Aee through these Centre fun Quot aids he Haa realized the truth . Blood so gtd s Natl ovation that in certain quarters partisans including Apos Tea course and particularly were Kielur paid thaa in others. So Long As the Bank was in the Fjald seeking the Raa Ewal in charter through Dubai dial the press Aad Lar gasses to members Qon Greas these a peas a and the rapport newspaper a air info Alaam Mcnary Aid a Ara included among the Iasi Dattal Asp areas that virtuous and Hoa aet in at Uuetoa. A Yapi Takiya to. Or a general boat non Una Levy Apo the Federal Tau cum Ihnut the Paioa. Waa aet a awaited Ila a the Barada top pm Flag the Quot Central Fuad for the Alee Dale heat a Bisma and theol Calatia party Iau i Elm waa throw Apo the the Baaki we Meh the failed sea waa Oit to a torn Emmot. Printing an to Roant swollen to a sum by the a flirts the commend Facuna to Jimh Tain presses and Reward fret Hanawe pure. These sources however have tag been measurably dried up the Madi Boniab and the int Ligen cer by a joint compact such As that by which the Federal member from the Niagara District this state sought to revive through general Green and the National intelligencer being no longed in pos session the printing for. The House and the la being literally Horn do combat the patriotic commissioners keepers the Central corruption fund Appeal to their partisans far and near through such missiles As we quote below. But tho specific object this movement is to a us Tain the madisonian. This rickety offspring conservative federalism its Rcd in deception professing Quot in clanged Quot i it democracy and yet league body and soul at the moment with the enemies the democracy can no longer sustain itself. It demands the contributions the Federal friends the Bank. Its godfather boldly avows that it must be sustained from the corruption fund. Surely that fund could be put to More appropriate uses. But we shall see How far the contributors will allow . John c. Clark and the conductor the eleemosynary Madi ionian to dispose their party offerings As they May conceive will Best Subserve their interests even though they Promise to Reward them with copies the madisonian under Frank but there is a moral in All this corrupt As the design is which we Trust will not be lost upon the republicans the Union. And the remark is applicable particularly to democratic members Congress. They cannot be ignorant the great efforts the Federal members and the activity with which they Are put Forth. They Mast not shut their eyes to the fact that these require counteracting efforts not through the Agency a Central corruption fund nor by appeals to sustain those through whose instrumentality it has been drawn from its party contributors and by whom if not upon whom it will be expended but by a vigilant discharge their duty As representatives by the free circulation the Public a documents and the speeches democratic members by the Active and untiring dissemination truth As the True corrective falsehood and error Washington feb. 18, 1840. Dear sir i enclose prospectus for madisonian circular and Sample paper. The members Congress feeling the deep importance a general diffusion political information have contributed to the ii most their ability to a Quot Cen trial Quot fund. We Hope to it to an amount required by the wants the whole Community. We wish to devote it exclusively to the publication political tracts pamphlets lives Harrison amp a. For gratuitous distribution. For the Pur fam Ike a few York evening Post hard cider. Tia drinking hard cider Poe seed by one the candidates for the Prea Deacy the United Sites is still insisted upon a certain quarters with great eaten Siam. At oae a the recent processions the friends Harrison the words Halo Cibor were conspicuously displayed one the banners tie image a cider barrel Aad Pitcher has become a favorite device with a certain set politicians and we Are told a certain knot them who meet every evening at a tavern which bears that sign. The Baltimore Patriot yesterday morning has a woodcut representing the dwelling Harrison with a barrel hard cider before the door and a hug Pitcher in the window. It is intended no do Tibt by this expedient to obtain popularity for . Old Hickory Quot was in Appelm which Many the admirers general Jackson were fond giving him. The whigs Are imitative and ready to take any method catching popularity except the True one that acknowledging popular rights. They have doubtless considered that both Hickory and hard cider begin with the letter a and that both Are hard and hence by an ingenious analogy conclude that if Gen. Jackson under the appellation Quot old Hickory Quot became president the United slates Harrison will infallibly succeed by being called tho Quot hard cider there is doubtless much virtue in hard cider but it is worthy inquiry whether it will impart the proper qualifications for presidency even to him who drinks it most diligently. Coffee Quot says Pope Quot Coffee makes the politician Wise and see through ail things with his hath hard cider not Only a similar but far Superior Potency j can you make a i statesman out a Barber s Block by putting it in a Pickle hard cider 1 we Are told by Ovid that medea restored Meson her husband when in the last stage decay and decrepitude to youth strength and Beauty by Diling his body with the pungent juice herbs. Fessen Den has thus verified his account the process Quot medes Cut the withered Peasand superannuated a son then filled them up with acrid juices nettle tops and Flower de Luces. When from the Del duct carcass to started a dashing Bond Street could she have performed the same feat with hard cider can we take a foolish fond old Man More sinned against than sinning a such As we believe Harrison to be an i by soaking Himli in hard cider transform him into a Nestor sub tilsit men the Wisest As Well As the oldest Warrior in the faculties have Only been made Keener by age 1 has hard cider the property pose placing the Juadis Nian the most respectable i tribute by Fallstaff to Sherris sack and Quot ascending footing we Are compelled for the present to use a into the brain Quot to use a More familiar phrase. Portion it. We Hope that the patriotic liberality our friends in the country by subscriptions to that paper and to the fund generally will enable us to reimburse it. If so we shall employ some Able writer political gelling into the head the whig candidate for tho presidency has it Quot dried there All the foolish and Dull and Curdy visors which Environ it 1&Quot these Are important questions and not be pret permitted by the whig Pirty if they intend to found tho pretend tracts amp a. Tho tax each whig member con Sions their candidate upon the fact his drinking Gress in supplying his own District is not Light. It hard cider. Is cheerfully borne but it must be remembered but even allowing the habit drinking hard cider that one half the districts Are represented by Loco i to be thus beneficial to the intellect we have our Foco members. These should be supplied. Every doubts whether something More is not required in a Friend his degraded country will give something president. Is that accomplishment sufficient against even should it demand a curl ailment the Lif Cessa. Ries life to expel from Power the men who so shamelessly abuse it. The madisonian is the cheapest paper in the country. Ten dollars subscribed by a Quot club Quot give six weekly papers and six copies All pamphlets published by the committee. What a trifle it is to be hoped that every town will form these clubs. These six papers with Little trouble could pass through Many hands. This i the last Chance Reform. Think not the hardness the times. Vve shall be amply repaid for our Light sacrifices in the greatly increased Prosperity consequent upon the expulsion the Quot Tarquiny Quot from the Capitol. We Are buoyant with Hope and Rich in expectation glorious results. But we must be vigilant and relax no Effort. We Are contending with an enemy abounding in the Means corruption and disposed to use them to perpetuate its Power. The Republic expects every Man to do his duly. Let it be done and Victory will Perch upon the Banner the Constitution. Please return the prospectus As soon As convenient and the paper will be forwarded Fra St. Please also give names in the different towns to whom pamphlets a acc. May be usefully directed. Your obedient servant j. C. Clark. A set principles dangerous to the Public Liberty and peace 1 is it not possible that Harrison with his mind cultivated and strengthened by the drinking hard cider May yet propose assent to bad measures and follow a pernicious system policy 1 is it Worth while for the Sake promoting to the presidency a Man who drinks hard cider to allow . Clay and his party to govern the country according to their plans a is it Worth while to go Back to the burdens a High Tariff and a costly system intern in improvements to restore the pernicious Union Bank and stale receive depreciated Bank notes for Public dues and tax the people to make up the deficiency to pay out the Federal Treasury the enormous debts which the states when their Legislatures were under the control the speculators contracted with the London Stock jobbers to place in Power a set men whose policy it is to a emulate Power and patronage in the Central government and thus decompose our democratic system is it Worth while to do All this for the Sake a hard cider candidate we acknowledge our respect for hard cider but we Are not quite ready to sacrifice to that respect the welfare and happiness the country. The printers in new South Wales advertise for sober journeymen. Champaigne bottles Are now being marked Quot har out a one the noisy Federal whigs who attended the convention last wednesday in a Quot Quot quoth Over the country. U waa tar privilege a Toee Patoy to flies Ite min keep the Kaaua red it daily late Siam. In addition Eom maae the Fml Bat Aea to lib a la Ata Eliab i a Oai Piaf it in Lily in the Nati Omu Bitsui Flamer m be and aah in sued the Hank. Illiff us Large Means the Puiq stated with much emphasis in the Street that be was ready to bet $100 Harrison s election next fall. A Democrat hearing his brags and challenges offered to take the bet. Quot step into this store and we will have it All arranged Quot said the whig Ling. The Democrat followed him in and Laid a Hundred dollars upon the counter. The poor whig by was cornered. I have not got Money enough to cover it Quot said he. Get a responsible endorser and cover it with your note Quot replied the Democrat. Quot i Don t like that Quot said the whirling Quot but / will pay for something to drink the Democrat immediately Letl the Quot hard cider Quot character the laughingstock the Timet. A dreadful Hurricane occurred at Madras the 16th november last by which upwards of20,000 people perished. A Moilen writer likens debt to a mouse trap much easier to get in than writes this with Quot tears in his Quot but touch the Fame Harrison and it rings throughout the Atlas. Quot innit inane est a the romans used to say it rings for it it Democrat. The belgian giant is coming out in the British Queen. T is said to three berths in the Afler Cabin have been nimm into one to permit his length stature to be unfilled when he retires at night. The horse we purposely use t be probably4he longest Man in the world. Definite a Ticle in this Case for we verily believe i would rather fight the Devil under the Gallows that the quadruped whose strange eventful history 1 for a Gibb eted thief thin get involved in a personal we Are about to narrate is the ouly Tongue less horse controversy with an unprincipled the world. A highly respectable gentleman York truth Teller. This City one our personal friends informs us that Mug go a in Springfield mass. In endeavouring about three weeks since one his servants got Job get into a school room through lha window the foolishly angry with his horse and brutally Tore out Oier Day the window fell upon her neck end killed the animal s Tongue by the roots to the very Bone so As to remove every vestige that important appendage to both Man and beast. The poor creature languished for awhile but soon thoroughly recovered and now eats and drinks freely and is fat Hearty and Frisky and May be seen by any one who wishes to indulge his curiosity in that Way whose scepticism demands Iho ocular Charleston courier. Hard commend to our whig friends who Are so fond charging the democrats with producing the hard times the following paragraph from the Philadelphia Ledger. If the fathers husbands the ladies mentioned should Ever break whose fault will it be but Gen. Jackson a and . Van Buren s and the Loco Foco s course course. Hard a fancy which is to be Givon shortly in new York a Young Jady is to Wear a dress which will Cost $2.500, trimmings inclusive. If that Young lady s papa does not pay off some his expenses with the big b. Let us be set Down As false prophets. At the same one lady is to represent Queen Victoria another appears in the character a Sultana and so . Very Well ladies make much your opportunities while they last fur sad reverses May happen. Your Queen ships and Suitan ships May have to Ruddle the mop Aad scrubbing Brush hereafter. Pim Lod obd to the last number the medical and surgical journal contains an account a recent event in England where a Yaag woman nearly lest her life by allowing a pin with which she was picking her ear to fall into it. The Day when the Accident occurred is not Omat Ioard but she entered the to spill the 3stlt May allowing four Long Moa that during which she suffered the most tor Matt. 4wo drachmas Laudano Par Day affording a a mlle it a do diag aware eur a moment a a leap Tippo a p4a waa discovered and extracted. A Sara tit in Odiose ays Tea for 4ebi, Siueli a a a in Odea Paa Ishad for Siefo Cwm in fatty reef aimed in Balita Ere my. By a Repart Reea atly a me by tie Tintera the jail u a aide Tomt Foar him did Aad Eif Tity Aida Pera oae a Rita it the last year wait to aimed a Arieva As Tel a Aram Aal Manoog Timma Twa Baad iad Aad turf a boat a mkt Aoi a Meed Lett dalt efe Aad i by that did a a met to pm Dohr i her instantly. Evert Doo will have his , at Attica Genesee county . Samuel Terriere to Eliz daughter John a. Day . T. De Patch. A Democrat must have a soul Adamant who will not bestir himself amid the present unparalleled unholy exertions the say Quot woe to him who is now at ease in his possessions Quot a cd Cago Democrat. Fright the Michigan statesman says a Little girl aged 8 years daughter a widow woman residing about 8 Miles from Lapeer was frightened in such a manner we understand wednesday last week that she died in about two hours after her fright. Her brother a Small lad dressed himself in a dried Bear skin and chased her a she waa going to a neighbouring House. Sportino a gentleman circuit narrating to lord Norbury some extravagant feats in the sporting Way mentioned among other achievements that be had lately shot thirty three hares before break fast. Thirty three hares to Quot cd claimed his lordship zounds sir then you must have been firing at a wig Marei cd a gentleman was late clip Hing for a Young lady Hie acquaintance. I Mem very gravely replied the person to Widl a addressed Hie enquiries. Good god i Hevar Beard it what was Hor Diana be a Quot retorted the other a she Barm Bere Elf alive a the ame an old follow a Evatte with a Fortune a order to have the Satlof Kotiza Iliff a filed Tomb Oak. La adwoa a quote the follow if whig Saadi Date for the free Dency. It May Etc Well Apo the our Many friends bore. A mme rid Vir Gimm mtg Ltd pm item i Murat meat in Aba area Las few Fuff Lori brass the lbs it reels y cd Lelsa pm for a maa mkt itt we desert that Tea Bat Lii Toad at am few hims waa Wusi Tai Tea it amp tie am Ftp a Quot Jhm. A i
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