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Terre Haute Tribune Star (Newspaper) - June 17, 1962, Terre Haute, Indiana Palmer not anxious to meet Nicklaus putting May be deciding Factor cunning sips with Phillies Philadelphia scout by Frank Berkopec Bruce Connatser Oakmont pa., june 16 up a Arnold Palmer closes Deal. A a trembled saturday night the thought of meeting a that big Strong dude Jack Nicklaus for the u. S. Open Olf championship. Bruce Connatser Phila a a frankly i wish was someone else besides that Delphia Phillies scout an by Strong dude a the Pennsylvania Iron Man said in bounced yesterday he had mock dismay. Signed Indiana states All a i thought i was through with a conference Catcher him Gary cunning to a proves an How did Nicklaus feel clonal baseball contract. A a in a looking Forward to playing with him its a privilege a memorial Park softball the 22-year-old Backstop reports to Dothan ala., in the they had played the first two p Alabama Florida rounds together and Palmer was three up on Nicklaus Start ing saturdays play. A so now in be got to meet him league. A i have watched cunning during his prep and collegiate and believe him to be a the Start of the memorial Park summer softball program no be w my. A. Will begin the week with res. Again Quot Palmer observed. Quot in my Prospect Quot said Connatser. A ration monday 1 tuesday and on y hoping re a putt better t0. P Etc Ermine ,.s to play. Morrow they tied for the Champion wednesday from 2 to 5 . The deadline for team or individual boy or girl registration wednesday. The schedule will appear in ship saturday when the steel nerved Palmer shot a 71 the schedule we appear i Roma Yang the following sunday Tobun Jck aug carded a two under Star june 24. 1962. He determined likes to play possesses a Good and can hit the Long wants to play. Connatser was particularly a two under impressed with cunning a i sati ble desire to play. Cunning was a member of Connie Mack Loop to open with Spring tryouts finished which growing by leaps and Ris. Jerry Boyll and Dave lip this past week and the players Bounds All Over the United Tom selected for this years league states according to head Quad the Central Sid e play the Connie Mack baseball ters. The world series of this chants managed but Dick league opens on tuesday june1 organization played Spring Ballinger and coached i by Bob 19th promptly 5 45 . Field Illinois each year during Kebret. The Neleus of Thi team Spencer Field. The last week in August being Randy 1 rpm a a tart of 11.� Cirth boys selected for the teams Dan Conley Jack Sanders Jim a r n this Voith pro ram cannot be Over 18 years of age Mccallum. Randy Barton Jim year of this South Proe a a september 0f the year the Mccowen John Phillips league in operation. Charles Logan. Jini Aeger an in the past All games will Keith Sweatt be played Spencer Field the coca cola squad Man every tuesday and thursday aged by Jerry Ballinger and nights beginning this week. You coached by Guy Weddle he can see All four teams in a team roster comprised of Tion on these nights both Mike Ralston. Larry Russell Are being utilized. Ron Hoffman Tony Smodilla i Willard Kehrt oversees the a Ronnie Konazeski Bill Jones Wimbledon England june Tom Joe costello the adminis Les Boyle Tom Wilbur Robert 16 Pic the United states ten Tractive duties and the umpires Zambell Mike Russell. Bill Nis girls kept their hold on the Are Jerry pounds Maurice Over Thompson and Bill Carter. The w if in cd n saturday with ton Joe Thurston and Jerry Public can View these games Wightman cup saturday with Gratis there no admission u. S. Retains Wightman cup a 4-3 Victory Over a British team signs win Phillies Gary cunning Indiana state Catcher shown seated with his Mother before signing a contract to join the Philadelphia Phillies farm system. Standing Bruce Connatser Veteran Philadelphia scout. Little league plans meeting a Jun Enir cd plans Are for a boys and a Kiriss softball league. Last year both Lon Hll be Quot a the to Etterre haute world eight teams registered in each both can hit the Ball a Long Kuh baseball league and More Are expected Way off the tee. Chami included Terry to participate this summer in so Oul come Down to Bobby k or and both leagues eligibility will be putting. Palmer usually a a determined in previous master but in this open 1 Nan a Spring Handicap tourney mrs. William Stone Drew a Bye. First flight. Vij a Entinne Anri a Thor events mrs Charles Mahoney Drew a Bye. A 4 a we c j a canons Anci of flt. I c. V Iii frs Thomas Kelly . Mrs. Wil years. Players Are eligible if he has had 138. Cunning signed tor a in ouch av<5 shortened the Field in the him Keity. They have not graduated from there anybody Here who Bonus. A i Hope a wl11 annual Spring Handicap tour High school or if they Grade h the time to give me a the next outstanding lament play of distaff golfers mrs William Bindley . Mrs Rob a ted in january or june 1962. Put Tang Esson he asked Plain from this area to make Good of country club of Torre Wleh rules and regulations will be River a the crowded press said Connatser. Haute which opens 1 tuesday. Mrs Thomas Conway . Mrs distributed to the players and a cunning will be playing for in addition to the players Thomas Hogan. Teams when they Register. U manager Wilbur Johnson a meeting in their first matches a program for the younger he a of a i o Han. Paul Wolf coached their will be a tournament for boys and girls will Start in the done in h j cunning Indiana state. The 18 Hole golfers of the near afternoons from 2 to 5 . If Nicklaus had Only one. A _ est to the oin on nos 10 and 16 enough come team events will Palmer said he could not re be scheduled if not then Indi member a major tournament i a 1/11riit visual games and events will a when i putted so badly and Milf i still finished a he o had 35 putts the first round 31 a the second 38 on saturday Meadows Center mixed league a mornings round and 34 during Meadows pharmacy the afternoon. Independents. i a Houston Hollis Nicklaus said he was pleased four nobodies with his game saturday and Beauty shop that a i Only had one three putt High game woman j,.kalen, 1�7 that a on the gig Wysk a mrs so Tbs a or director Paul d. Tony Hinkle. A four 455-Yard no. 1 when h go series Man my twi Viama a in Lee 1 Tai a a Niche by one thine the Shelburn american be took three blows to get Down High team game Houston . Mrs a in or Gion team beat Crawfordsville. From 45 feet. High team series 9-5 and 12-6. In a doubleheader ,.t h the Ball Verv we Macy 1753 take place. Butler to play Buckeye cagers Shelburn beats Crawfordsville w 11 8 8 7 6 5 18 Hole championship flight. Lev a or j mrs j y. Russ ii . Mrs. Graham Indianapolis june 16 eng a the Side of the court and a a Lle Ireland Var Julian Urcla and Ohio state. Mcaa filled with red and White car Isi Verstein tournament finalists this year nations has now been won by Warre Frank Doenges a mrs Joel Are on a 26-game 1962-63 Butler the americans 28 times. Britain mrs. Delbert Talley . Mrs. Victor University basketball schedule Bas won Only six times. The Miller released saturday by athletic International series began in a rvs the teams consist of Sunray charges no collections and no that made its big Effort too late. Do Oil company managed by fee charges of any kind. Darlene hard of Montebello Bill Taylor and coached by Cliff Calif clinched the Triumph Maitlen. Making up the team quicker than most people sex Are Clem Edwards Bill Sweatt petted. In 35 minutes of drive Kenny Harlan Pete Kessel. Ing and volleying she crushed j0hn Cummins Delbert Payne. Christine Truman 6-2, 6-2 in Bob Little Marcus Greenleaf. The first match of the Day. Greg Samuels John Thomson that gave the americans a Mike Ute Nick and Theosie winning 4-0 Lead. Tuey had Nunn. Friday11,6 a Are Quot a a a hts be managed Quot Larry the evening Optimist lit Britain a girls then won the Wolfe and coached by Fred tie Lea a Meeng next three matches and the Brokow and Larry Motz. The hold an invt the Sara-6,000 fans in Wimbledon a Sun players consist of Mike Phillips. 8 30 . Tue. 3 splashed no. 1 court had some Mike Sturm. Tom Bennett. Mel Toga cafe thing to cheer about after All. Vin Brashear Jim Cook Ronald important tha a u left handed Plaver Smith Larry Grizzel Lonnie representation be obtained left handed p. John Grimes Bill mor. This meeting. Ann Haydon the fighting Lethander downed mrs. Karen Lantze Susman of Chula Vista Calif., 10-8, 7-5. Deirdre cattle playing in her first Wightman cup singles beat Nancy Richey of san Angelo tex., 6-1, 7-5. Finally miss Truman and miss Haydon scored a 6-4, 6-3 doubles win Over miss hard and Billie Jean Moffitt of Long Beach Calif. The big shining cup. Stand loaded for a trip no motor freight mixed Leagie new acorns a i zephyrs Novis wizards 4 3 2 i drove the Ball very saturday the North. Antral my pitching w Good. High Diamond. Nicklaus said. A i got Steve Powers and h Vej b wed a a Coupe of week age daisies Brown got doubles for the Only a done yer Well for sjss5 extra base hits for Crawford fax nested Ville in the first game. For Shel easier than Lupe. Burn de Loach got a single and Nicklaus also said the course n a Home run knocking in two played easier than he had sex spares Maehling other runs. Norm Santus came petted. He said that was be n. Fuson. 168 in in Relief in the fourth in cause a of the rain we had. High woman i., a a Ning and allowed Only one a the greens especially were High menus series b Mae him. 56� in the second game Craw much easier a Nicklaus said High team 17 Fordsville got four singles while Palmer said on several holes for Shelburn Jarrett got a sine permitted Bob Rosburg who Bowling babes league Gle and triple Deloach got a made up his twosome in the bowl. Rette single and double and nation a Jna two rounds to putt first a arps passers single and triple for extra base a order to keep the gallery in make High team game Houston Richard pfennig. Mrs. Walter _., Aba. A Bledsoe or. And miss Sarah Bence Purdue Star Johnny Wood cell j Leno lie Meadow Eack Drw but win play Herf . Ohio a Jura Xoumy league �?o1,1,1 a state will be entertained by the championship flight mrs John Templeton . Mrs Russell Stelle. J Chison Init los Angeles Lith were Gwitt to tourneys Riey a Midland a Clay City Utah state another member Coal City of last seasons Mcaa tourney Salme in bulldogs dec. Among the Mcaa final four teams this Spring. W 5 4 1 1 a a bottoming on bumps without Monroe super Loa ave of a car hits Bottom with frightening noise and possible damage. Car feel on tight curves. No Side 8way. You 11 also like the easier steering and longer tire life you get with super Load leveler stabilizing units. Hava Monroe super Load leveler in talked today in be than 30 minutes. Field will open butlers 14-game Home slate dec. 3. Hits. Shelburne a Pitcher Bart Der control. Lett struck out 12 in the second same. Neil Uris. Wyatt Donham and Coons ones Santus and Cooper. W 10 h 8 7 7 7 6 5 up Bakers imps h. Mutual savings Assn. A helicopter had flown Low twi 5 Over the course several times 4 rights amp a left. 4 Crawfordsville. J j this afternoon and Palmer was Shelburn asked if that had bothered him.,5 a Jpn cats. A if i would have had a by Hish individual game Dor. Baker Emch hit tries. A o Oiin i would have shot Down a High individual series Theresa the loser was Ryne Duren. Sir"1 do j Fusmer said and grinned. A Guss ,.m. T-kdor., a a a a Orth los Angeles hurler West and Coons Bartlett and a affy Mann round u Khz team series make los 2100 while the Vito re a Tell to the a fourth sox Pitcher Eddie fish Metcalf a Eddy engineers i ague if a golfer drops a Ball out of a ground under repair a and the Ball Rolls into a Bunker he May Chicago june 16 if a re drop the Ball without penalty i Pinch hitter Bob Farley a 11th a inning single scored the winning run from third for a 43 Chicago White sox Triumph Over the los Angeles Angels today. Charley Smith opened the last week scores. Riley 6 Clay City 0. Midland. 3 Saline City 0 Switz City 1 Coal City 0. Today games. Clay City Coal City. Switz City Midland. Saline cite Riley. Your car will ride its level Best with super Load leveler stabilizing units that give you a Safe level comfortable ride under All Road Condit ions. Your rear bumper and exhaust pipe will safely Clear rough bumps and Steep driveways even if heavily loaded without that frightening a scrunch Quot. You la get that sure footed a sports Carney 16th and Wabash factory authorized installer 6 71 a 11th with a two Bagger moved a to third on a sacrifice and to 2 scored on Farley a first hit in Santus. Real slump on the afternoon round. Palmer bogeyed the 5, and he Philadelphia up 48ft Vard ninth Hole when. A a a a a. Knt into Federal aviation a no knocked his second not into to a ,0 the a by rough on the right Side of snip arms Kravits of Philadelphia Phillies hold the the Green. He took a Sand wedge Ewart x Fol Niu major league record of most an j missed the shot which a a e Eskimo consecutive de cats with 23 set popped up into the air Columbia records in 1961. About seven Yards and we thu meaning in the rough. Uke Central he was asked what happened Al a Nan Quot co in the wedge shot and he said.u. Ute Nick a yeah. I flushed .&Quot �?T9 8 Mea to make up announcing end 0 season 2-pants suit Sale extra trousers Only. $7.50 with suit regular Price save to $37.50 strictly a limited time offer for 30 Days Early selection urged custom tailored of course attractive savings on single suits and outer Oats men or ladies. Harold schl0ss tailor re weaving alterations 9 n. 6th . C-7689 Staunton a to meet in Wabash Valley Looper. Jim Landis 13th Homer of the season enabled the sox to tie the score 3-3 in the seventh. Take the Lead. The Angels went ahead 10 in the fourth on a walk. Lee Thomas single and Bob Rodgers second successive double. .�?z�7� to �?z.�.�.�7 up 3 o 5 starter Don Lee had Chicago High individual game or Konop handcuffed until the fifth when Vahigh series for individual ted Nellie foxes third straight 563 1 Gle and Landis triple tied High team series sore arms 2661 Vav 11 10 h 7 7 6 6 6 6 5 4 3 2 l 1 2 4 5 6 6 6 6 7 8 9 10 wednesday night mixed league Staunton plays the athletics bal1 the commercial solvents Dia Fotter mond today in the Wabash Vai the Boros tev papi in Viking four in league. The Cherry pickers in other activity the mighty Bush duster mites meet Fairview the j cd to Clinton Diamond and Blanford \ individual game and series Joe Cunningham Sladoff sin takes on the u. S. Prison there women Cebu a a a a jul a walk and Camilo car 239 Reonas single which brought l High individual series men Lathie a Fowler 0 Jones 6041 High team name and series hot los Angeles a l 1 1 2 2 2 4 4 4 5 5 los Angeles scored twice in the sixth Leon Wagner Sladoff single a pair of walks and Felix Torres bases loaded double chased starter Ray Herbert. The sox got a run off Lee in the Bottom of the sixth on Wabash Valley league. A Fairview u. S. Prison Staunton mighty mites Blanford Terre haute athletics w i 96 new York a Puli Voiselle pitched for the new York get ants during the War years he wore no. 96�?in Honor of his Home town. Ninety six. C. 2 1 shots. 714 Viking four 2020. A Pearson of 1 2 a Moran. 2b 1 2 Meadows Center mixed league Wagner of 0 3 w. L Thomas la Meadows pharmacy 9 3 j Rodgers c independents 7 5 Averill if Houston Hollis 6 6 Wedhorn. If four nobodies 6 6 Torres 3b 4 8 Koppe. a 8 a Lee p High game woman v Trezise 200.Fowler, p High series woman v Trezise. 487.1 a Burgess High game Man j. Dodson. 208. Bousfield p High series Man l Raines. 526 a Biko High team game independents. 660 Duren p High team series independents. 1 817. Totals a 39 Chicago Tuat a pin Beauty shop when Bui Iii Many a h rib Homat 15-yr. Guaranteed 3 my Al. 1 water Heater 3 Days $ me Donald 7th and Poplar its. 3 10 3 a r h rib Aparico 2b Landis of Robin Sun. Of Cunningham la a. Smith if 4 12 c Smith. 3b4 Carreon c4 Herbert p 2 i Zanni p of a Sadowski 1 Lown. P 0 a Lollar 1 Fisher p 0 a Farley 1 totals 42 a hit into Force play for Zanni in 6th a grounded out Lor Fowler in 9th a grounded out tor Lown in 9th a called out on strikes for bows eld in 11th a singled for Fisher in 11th. Los Angeles 000 102 000 00�?3 Chicago 00u Oil 100 01-4 a a Aparicio. Torres Carreon Rodgers. To a los Angeles 31-11 one out when winning run scored Chicago 33-16. Lob los Angeles 9 Chicago 10. 2b�? Rodgers 2, Cunningham Torres i Pearson c Smith. 3b�?Landis. Hrs Landis. A by Rodgers Thomas. So Rodgers Carreon. In h r Erbb so Lee 512 8 2 2 1 5 Fowler 2% 1 1 1 0 1 Bowsfield 2 1 0 0 0 1 Duren Ltd. 2-7 a 2 1 1 0 o Herbert 52a 7 3 3 4 2 Zanni 1 a 0 0 0 0 1 Lown 3 1 0 0 1 3 Fisher a 2-31 2 2 0 0 0 1 a bpm but Bowsfield Cunningham. Wpm Lee. Honochick Smith a Schwartz Berry. T�?3 25. A�?7,135. No Money Down on Sears easy payment plan special laundry set control boosts water to 165returns to Normal setting automatically. Lasts longer than Gale. Tank super life Glass lined tank outlasts 3 Ordinary Gale. Tanks. Heats faster speeds recovery heats 10% to 33% More hot water per hour than most other Heaters. Saves Gas Low operating Cost wrap around flue hugs tank. Doublethink insulation. Convenient concealed controls set Eye level. Stooping eliminated. Out of reach of children. Safety Pilot. 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