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Terre Haute Daily Express (Newspaper) - September 1, 1851, Terre Haute, Indiana Mily express. Local Intelli Iene. The Corii Timon Council Avo ordered the creation of a City prison on the Market House lot for the punishment of old and Young . Liis �5 a Good Nii asure and we hoi get will prove sic i a terror to evil doers that it will always to empty. The Coli Neil have passed an ordinance for tie suppression of Hall alleys and another ordering tiie of houses of ill Fame. Tiik Lai Ilist Tomaio . In Iasi Quot of this place Invonne it i us Liat lie i Atli ered a Tomato from i Arden a few Quot Days Aio Liat Wei Irh Eil turn Poui ids find it half Down Weij of and it measured Emir teen inches in City insurance company if Cincinnati. Fire Ted Maiure. Insures property fall de Ltd a Iti it ins a ii Iii to loss or damage by Fisik Ano aija inst the perils of the or navigation. Directors am. 1i-Iim t. . .1. M. . 11. Kai i. K. H. Haiti a. H. . E. H. . I or Mienl. Secret and. This Coni Paziy from its Well known Olven eve and prompt Atli Ilion to the adjustment of claims Oil ers jul Souliar to Parsi desirous of Ell dec tiny insurance. T. I. Vax la like. Ait i. Turre Slaute Lizul. July 11 of . Mck. Scott a. A. Principal. I in it i a Penna Huntly r k. B. I ii.ii.1. C. Toni. Al. Kil1ri Tii x. . Or. P. Be b. Stick by Eurix to fully pliers his a Rofes Iona i services to the citizens of Terre Slaute and Vicinity. Of fir it his residence first Brick Honse from the Corner directly Ortli of the be. Or. Lewett Cli urch. . , It. Civic Immiti la Belv i . A. 1 Iii Ladelphia . ,<t,.ii.m.n. Ilo t. N. Mutter m it. A. C. 1. Mei. M. 1> doa. 1. I Allier. M. A. Cli Ica. Ulm.�-. W. F. Kruusi Haar. To arc la Auer let us a a. i v. Lohn Ellen. A Quot i its , lil def we foil Villi to i ii i Hest Market Price. Said Iii r it i. For 1. A in uni ill of Merchan Amr Liv Rcd at Niy Ware High use on canal. In tween so could and Quot third it Tivet it Terre Maute. Indi iia. H. B. Smith Julmis a it few a mss m Milllie of Flag Donaldson. Sole a Crown new an Superior Book and Job office. Vre prepared to execute Willi Elci Zance and dispatch. And <111 moderate terms la kl\1 s of of work cards. Keceip-., . . Lily my too. Catatofiu.-. A ill head.-, Lii ils . Circulars Hecks. Concert Hilu. I Loicie. Hand bilk i Ost a l right Riim in it deeds it Erk thinks and Blanks of ovary other description vol Iii shed in Lilack or fancy inks and with a pre.3s, which adds much total Weir Beauty and usefulness. Teitch Lauie a i ust Ait a lady one Nihl ill a part was Inucci , Ami i annoyed i a to int pertinent ,.arks of a la null coxcomb who sat. Near iter at Lei Igli be a in ii ,v. of the i coming tired and vexed site turned to wards Linin wit i an angry countenance and said Quot be pleased sir to cease your Unic cominis tiie be Liovvi was astonished at in sudden a Rebulio. And could Only reply Quot Lay. Miss do not eat Quot Bein no she replied am a a it All times for mrs. Kiihn Tyler Lias to Saratov a. I open and its rooms havin with Ali the Eleu Alicc a St Cincinnati Collie be now furnishes adv Aii a is equal to any in to tuition in the wis fora full and Thorou lilt in wifi dial a Nealion. Whilst the Cost is Little Over one Liaf of others. The studies of tiie full Coursi Are Trio necessary Fiu a Complete and mexican a Ilc Ivah a Tiomi a Iii compre hems Figuir distil it Cla it s of Sii Bieco a. To wit Isi cl.\s�>�?dorm. I a Tiv a ook Kif inf. A Liis end races the science of look i Spinu by double entry. And its application Ltd Hole Sale ind la it ii business try a Ole 1 trailers and mariners Bali Iii. Man fact Uridil ind Doines lot in Len cd notice is hereby Ven i in it Ini livid Itiat Tiik tile Black Pup out of the Back part of the Loi in tiie Noimi part of town on the Nielli of tie Mali jnst., to return la pm in no Diatel and save Lii self trouble. Aul. A it. La Duffor rent. Tvo Stoky Frame do idling and Siade nearly Opi Iolite the foundry. Possession Tiven immediately. Pm quire of a ,1. A. O hcs Vlk. To Warren Turner s Stoi i. A Erre han.-, Lulu ii. it Laizik Sale at the exp Cle of Aii proved of half dime each. Aukrust in Lull Cut a new Urti and Well Worth Cincinnati importers Ami wholesale dealers in i Domestic Staple and fancy dry goods i full Stock cloths. Ivi Sli linens and White i goods a it Rili Kast Corner tear and Walnut .stn-e., it fit Osite Pijie i in a Street House in. Cuil a 1>t.l-l i by i. A. 1 . 11, . .1. K. Fiti a l a , ii , , Combs la boons. Lace i _ rav is i umbrellas and l Ara sols tailors trimmings ind every variety of fancy due cords Quot. I of h vegt to Corner of main and i Earl streets Cluni Ixia to. Ohio. April 2. eve president Leni Ains at Home to look tic ship Paul. And eneral commission. Steam in 1 .1. Boat Muir. And fore irn Shippin Iii and i feral 1 a commission business Ine a Imi k. 1 of what the use of an eclipse was. A piled a Quot of i Don t know. It gives the suit Tini Quot for Quot remember. Jolin Quot said a Pennsylvania Sheri i to a Friend who Lead Slick ii Iii rather roughly. A a a a ii member. I Don t care in Copper about it personally but vol Soever Shavies me Eliakes tie Terre haute Market. Ii asks of Rihl Vlasios n la. �1 15 Glt 7 .10 i 1�. A a ill i beef be to i Yeal Mutton a a Wintter ydoxeii., onions p Bush cheese. Livais. Sho gilders. Honey y i a a Younci it Icken it Sweet potatoes. Irish it to ire ii Corn Quot it tomatoes Quot a jul i time of holding m.=, Loiku . Thurs saturday Nior Nikiti i. Opens to a Limuli Sun Rise l l l Iai , Kechi Silay. And Friday opens it a o clock in the even Iii. No. ,. Ii jul 1-a and before land warrants ready for delivery a Ion business including the meth the various . Iry books a in punch save. An Beino asked a is i look. Bill Book. Bank Book. Invoice Book. Sale look. Bain look. Outward invoice Book account current Boid a. Tie to embrace the Laws cd Toms and i ales of Tetide and , calculate i in interest discount lot a and gain. Commission and pro Keeaire qua tin of i Ayme uis direct Ami indirect ,., Ite Quot .tc., on the now Ami improved method of cancellation. A Ith class omm Kik Iai. Law embraces the Law in relative to s de traders partnerships. I a to Ralicki and i Rin Cipani and aident Bills of Kex Chauvie promissory note. A c., Marine fir it and life insurance contracts with ear Rit is. For Hirisi and Siu vice of sales and the nature of a i grantees and lastly those remedies which lie in a Mea sure in the hands of the in Erchant himself As the stoppage of oods in transit Lii i a. In tree of card of ,-\.dmission to a full course from g to 1 2 weeks or Oll pre said or Secund in. A partial course Emir Nuriu the Scien Tiric Jimart of the full course i in i tried i differ edit sets of books to Ether with lectures on mercantile arithmetic and Cono Vercial Law can lie taken at any time Leavis it o it tonal with tie Pupil after the completion of Trio partial Coli use to continue Thrisi h the full Cnair a. Price of cards of admission to partial course a Quot a a a Quot in re said or Secu Rihl. No Agni Itlane As Pupil in either course without first obtain Iii a card of admission from the principal. Lectures on Batik Iii. Political co Xiomy and Oulu r subjects valuable to the merchant. To be known will be delivered Tiroui Lieut the course. Dij Iloma Ira cited Only to those whom in pass a at the Commik Tion of a full . The Best time for comic icing either course will be the Tir to miday of each month Al Trio utile pupils Are admitted at any time. It Purt of till i Lii in of i join Iii in. Muir Rij. Be the unders Lilied by special re tue to in Init As the Hoard of of Theoni Mercial Institute of Indianapolis do certify that i have Altim ded the examination of the present Yard Ziatin class of said institution and find said it Dass As Well acquainted with the elementary principles of Dontile to Wilry Book keep Iii As could Well be Enji acted their age and o i for unities of actual practice considered. We by Lieve them to have received from their present instructor a Drilli Iii in this ill important bran Eli of commercial Dii Cati ii which if steadily observed and properly Dirac tired n Ion will Rem Quot Plum Able accountants and \ valuable Cit Izeris and we Wou lil recommend Liat the f Slowin a Nani ii members in draw Iii Quot and the present class receive diplomas to Wii Lames b. Weeks Lolini a Dorset Lle Teklah w. Roberts s Nigel .1, Morris r. A Lauifi Lohn to Feri us ii Iema e w. Dorsey Vicho Las Mccarty in Iames 1brow ii and tyra 3iontiomerv. And in conclusion we would Cirii Rati late the of Indiana in now a Viii it in their Power to patronize a Home institution of commercial education where As Niue in flu Tea Tiomi ill As Short a time Iii at far less expense and of mind on the part of parents and ii radians can and we believe will be Iii part is at any other similar la til Tiou in the . F. Morris David Williams we. Sulli Yax 1. Dayis . L. Lac. May 20, taxes. Vol per on Are Lier Eliy notified that All taxi s now Reikai Nijiu due to the to Quot m of True Laate. Nud unpaid lie tier tie same be assessed for the general full. Or for Street tirade mro Elt a in is big paid by the first atm Dav in be Pimber next or the unders Mied will a proceed Todi brain and Ell property sul Lucient to it the , with soul respect to , t Ioe ii Eri it led in tie Doli Mirent lists who have Noii Leceil or refused Aynie it of the taxes assessed Alai list them must now attend to the matter As the unde Sii Ned i under positive instructions from the common Council to distr in and sell Thi in proper a after the above Date. R. H. H collector Luly to Ifil def m i Lac a a e of it in. Nelson i i i Jii us chinese Ensti Iti Waski i re two. Is now manufactured in this City and . For Sale at the u1 door East Ottlie i Ost of lice. This Anide has Lieen used in x. York for one year and is Lii Fly recommended Liy ill who have tried it. It is us Teri in to All other mixtures for washing As it will not injure cloth intr and saves the hard labor of Rubb Iii i and saves soap suit Iii tit it i pay the expense of the fluid. One trial will said Wyllie i Nims that it is truly Valu Alile. I x. A to i event imposition be sure to air i Cha a of the subscribers or their authorized i Aiji uns. The Penni ii article will he labelled and is Ned a. A. Mikker w. haute. Vul. In la Al Linca Waimo. I to Ilio stove la i Yin Ruilt lilt Vve have been informed to our a Tonish 1 v t ment some Iii Radii Slove i have theirs eyes As belong nor to ourhouse. , we Gnu Ion the i Niblic against such Imi posters As we have no Watrons Runqiu from this Iio spat pre ent. And should we Eon a. J. Groves scat. K m an a fact Kali 1, of Luindia Stre let two doors m est of main. Ohio. Manufactures and keeps c i Stanlov on Handall kinds of platform and i Rater Scales i1 a is. Tracks and skids l .scal1s, made to order and a it ii it in any a Lart of the Cut Mintry. A repairing done it tie she test notice and on tie most reasonable terms. April to. Is in a Lye of isl a i a i a Alnuti sr., a a doors below i Earl Side . Pril a ls5l-lg-Lyfrench Bure Mill stones. I. Bradfordt co. A Mav at work Atno. 59 Quot Walnut Street 01 Kcal xxx at i. Ami Are prepared to Furni Sli French Burr Mill authority a it a meddle Ami warrant in our name Terro Diaute. Us Smith a sons. , of 1851-"52. Of pile Thor demonstrator of Onato to hummers x o. 1111 so Acri Chas Hunter. 2.v.i�i s l Nicholas Heidrick a 177 a id a William Reeds. A i it Nii Iii Quot we. La Bailey 1211. So Quot Milisey Poe. Oil s Sill Trio Hobbins n7r< Igi Quot Hannah Hunter w Idow Jas. Hunti a Quot ,�>271 Kio a a Robt Mckee a a .�>110 fico a a we. Naylor 10 a a we wish to see Geo. M Croc Din. b 11 a x at the or a a so i Khlok Artic Jiniv Iii Mill Fiir live i its ii , b 11 a x at the i Orr he ill to it. , . Music. Miss E. Warred is prepared to live lessons on Tui i i Ano Fiu Tel a i Ortii Itilia apply at her residence on Ith Street a id it Loor not Mali of Union Row. A i. Is a def pay the Printer. 1.\.m now ready to make settlements and a Juare up old books with accounts of five or six years . Those knowing Tliem-.se1vo.h indebted to , will Confer an is Jacial favor by ask Iii for their receipts for All balances. not forget this Call nor put Olf a settlement or payment Liiv longer. I. 8. aug. 218. Dot i Whf estate of Laura a Iamond. Letters of i Avo been glinted tie undersigned upon the estate , rights credits and infects of Laura Raymond deceased late of Honey Creek township Liidia Napoli x. B. It shall be the aim of the principal to furnish All the graduates of this institution who May desire it with immediate employ All persons Indeli Ted to said Stii twill Iii aide ment he therefore business men in prompt Nayi nent and those having claims any part of the stale who May be in want of against i to same will present them properly Gouid accountants to inform him of the same. Authenticated for settlement. The estate is supposed to to Side edit. Chris. A Aymond adm r. Aug.2.1851-38 3 w estate of. Payment la Sale. On thursday the a5th Day of september , i will offer at Public Sale at the Lato residence of Laura Ila Ynion deceased i Honey Creek township Trio personal property a of said deceased consisting of fur Nitro do. I under three dollars will be i for Cash on that amount and Over a credit of stating All particulars and he will try and Seoul him one Widl in every it articular. Or a Rabigi Ine its have been made wit i one of the largest and Best boarding houses in the City to Board and Lodge All the students from Abi Oad at $2,00 per week inking the entire expenses of boarding. Tuition and stationery about $ l l,00, the Price of tuition alone in the College. Aug. 11, in ild Hii White fish in half barrels. I St received direct from Hie Lake a Large lot of no. 1 White fish in half barrels in six months will pfc Jivon the purchaser giving Piini order warranted Good also Lak Salt without Benefit by the , in store and for Sale by s. , adm r. F car. Uriel for Ami St it Revlon. Aug. 2. A Hiji Quot in 1w2,. S0 aug. A Liol a to to. Notes with approved Security a of valuation Chris. Raymond 2. A Hiji Quot in 1w2,. S0 second annual so Tsiun of this institution will open on the of october next and close i the last of february under the i to Lowinia arrange Euiene h. W. Baxley. M. D of Anatomy Louii locale. D., professor of chemistry tied i Miasma cd. L. M. Laws ii D., professor of physio to try and Paiho lol v. Quot t. Cut. Edward a. D., of Materia Medica and therapeutics and medical Uris poulenc a. cd D., professor of Suri Irv Laudon Rives. M. D., of obstetrics and the a Isea is of women and children. Bin ill D., professor of Theta a and practice of Media Ine Louii Davis 111 v. La Quot Thi dissecting rooms will be opened i lasses on the 1st of october. Or clinical lectures on Medicine and surgery will be delivered at the commercial Hospital three times a week. Them dial College of Olio affords tie most ample opportunities prosecution of a Csc it am Ilumin and runic ii i instructions Iii Felt i ring Ami sir uni. Prel1mixary lectures. A Coli self lectures will be delivered by the faculty free of charge commencing on the 1st of october also. Clinical lecture i at the com Nii racial Llo Sintal i a full course of lectures $10. Marl i it Lati ii and Library ticket a Quot disc tint i ticket graduation fee hos Pital i in act sign payable in Advance. Board including tin expenses of room and Light can be obtained at from $2 to it per a Eek a a new Colleira edifice will lie erected Dii Iii lathe ensuing summer. Further info mation be obtained by Ai dressier the Etui. L. M. L.\wsox, in. A. Dean of the faculty South Side of till St. Bet. Walnut and Vine Luly i it.m-. In Tuffour hit co Siiner a just received a Superior lot Western Reserve cheese also River Shad. A. A Aylor agent aug. It is a Dlf. Wai Sanii Fol i deny. The c Menec iou heretofore existing Between 1 or. Will. Sleeper of this Foi Imler and or. Lames a Rover is his agent was this Day terminated by Mutual consent or. Sle Piu Quot will Atti Iid to his business Htu Seafler himself and no piers ii is authorized to act for him. He Imit always be seen at the of Guidery. Orders Are Sidicia de for castings of every which will be furnished a promptly As Good and cheap As can be obtained elsewhere. William Sleeper. Terre Slaute aug. 20, la a Diw. I of inc tins Rii iss of Ilio Coli Inmei Cine Lii Titi it. Rilk examination of the a radiating class i. Of the above institution will take Wilace on Friday vening the 2 la inst., at the institution Riisom at 7 o clock. Those interested arc respectfully invited to attend. New class for a full course will Comuni Ericc on the following monday sept. 1st. Those desiring to enter the 1 list it Ute at this time had better commence with the class. W. M la. Scott. . Indianapolis aug. 2li-dlt.for Sale dwelling in a pleasant part d the town three from tie . Kii quire of Barbour a Harrison. Terry haute ,1nlv in Kim two letting of valuable water Power at the Newberry dam Quot the erection of this dam 11 feet in height across the West Fork of White River will create an extensive water Power Well worthy the attention of and capitalists. At the lowest stage of in White River there is Silicic it to propel a very Large amount of machinery. The durability Quot and certainty of the Power viewed in connection with the Well destitution of permanent water throughout that Section of Tho stale clearly i silicates this As an important manufacturing joint. The adjoining counties Are capable of producing a Large surplus of a Lieut and with the stimulus Athu ded by Good Mer Cliant Mills and the advantages of canal iia Vigallon would undoubtedly furnish an abundant Supply of this Grain. Quot there is now a by canal with Lake Erie and by the fail of in of a Ano the genuine dutch bolting ?, Vnker brands Mill ii and screws Damsel Irons screen wire plaster of Paris �?also, frenc i Burr portable com and flouring Mills to r All work warranted of the Best Quality. April 2, Lisl Lily m c c a b Eira 0miir r��3r 1 Eil i a g Vii us a. A Ujj. A i j., q and dealer Iii hides Oil and leather. Keeps coif tacitly on hand a Large Stock of upper. Calf retd Kip . Sole and Jour Ness skirt. And died sole leather. Which will be sold i Iraq fou c ,at no 352 main Street Between eighth and ninth Ciuci Neati. Or the Best Premium sole leather in the Western country always on hands. In Cash paid for Green hides and upper in Lanai Willij Sivc Jmie ainu Oliie Ulli Ltd .1., a of the same Channel will be opened to the Ohio at Evansville. April 2, lbs it la y a portion of this water Power Sulci edit to propel not less Htiu three run of u feet millstones and also the Power necessary for either one or two saws for lumbering is now offered for lease to the a highest bidder for the term of thirty years with ground sufficient for the use there flying immedi suely below the East abutment of the dam. The i minimum annual rent for each run of stones has been at Loo if a breast wheel be used and with a reaction wheel Ami for each saw driven by a reaction wheel Sijo below which rates it cannot be leased. Proposals scaled and directed to tie under signed at Terre haute will to received until seed store &a0rict7ltural warehouse los. 10 and -12 lower Market Street Cincinnati Ohio. For the Sale of grass Garden and Field Send it a or cultural imply meets. Fruit and ornamental Trees evergreens , shrubs bulbous roots greenhouse plants a rape roots cuttings to. X. Ii a c Distant Supply of subsoil and other plows. Lox f. Dair a co., proprietors. Cyiril 2, lfi51-l i Timon spanned tin Ware. The 1st of september next. R Phe undersigned manufactures and keep. In behalf the i trustees of i Quot a a a a Hami a Large ind general assortment of Japan Ned a uni rental bronzed and pressed tin Ware Wlinich he offers to sell to country merchants stove and tin dealers pedlar Anil others at such prices As will yield a very handsome profit to the buyer. Every article he offers for Sale is Nisi if pictured in his own establishment and under his personal superintend Deik i it from the raw material and in this particular he claims to have it in Liis Power to offer a pipe partnership heretofore existing Beth Een inducements Superior of any Otlet dealer in the a the undersigned Imler inc name and style West of a g. Warren in co., was dissolved by Ruu Kinnear s at edited oxygen lard lamp i a also Tual consent on tin 2. Ali inst. All those in manufactured and for Vale at Low prices. A Iii Enid incr. A Luis it is5i-. I to w i a Quot the Vincenne swazi the Lovan Syville journal Indiana statesman Indianapolis will Biblish five week and Semi Bills Recei sued in duplicate to trustees Ollice Terre haute. Dissolution. In. Isted will find their notes and accounts at the old stand in the hands of l. G. those having claims will pre Seiil them to him for . Leyl g. Warred James h. Turner. Terre haute july 2 l51. Re the undersigned having Purchas also the celebrate d in lard lamp which needs no recommend Ilion. Call and examine my prices and Stock before purchasing George a Winchell Cor. A Alnut and Pear its of sposite Pearl Street Honse Cincinnati Ohio. April 2, up log by French Burr Mill stones. Jas. Bradford amp co., importers and of French Burr Mill genuine dutch an-., n. 1 1 1 1 band bolting cloths of All numbers eral and Complete and All articles sold at the castings Mill screws tempering lowest rates. The Stock will soon be rep Len screws Damsel Irmis plaster of Paris Cretu shed by new from the Best Eastern Vires and All articles in the milling line at the markets. Intending to sell cheap keep Good prices and we think a better article than , and attend closely to business a fair Ujj j., a div other East or d of l. G. Warr Reik his interest in the Stock of the late firm of l. G. Warren a co., will continue the business at the old stand. Thank fid for past favors lie would be plea Ltd to see his old friends and , and the trading Community generally As his Stock will always be Gen share of patronage is respectfully solicited. Turner. Terre haute july to lis51-ii-Wtf removal. Iha be removed my leather store and cur Ryin shop from Niy old stand thu spin Ning a sheol Quot Corner to the Quot Green front Quot ninth of the ski Are where i shall be Happy As usual to see my friends and All in search of Good bargains in leather. John 7, 18.51-21 of i will rent the dwelling 1 now occupy a Frame with rooms cellar Cistern and every convenience attached. It is situated on us Street North of Chesnut. Posses Simi May be had on the 1st of oct Dier. For terms Spidy at the dwelling. To Quot 1 will also lease it everal lots on Market and Ith streets for a term of years at fair rates. Mrs. H. Blix. Terre haute aug. I t West. Reing Jira tical workmen ourselves and devoting All our time and attention to the uni Ness we think our Fri kids and the Public will have no reason to retract that a Latr Nuge and the Confidence they have so liberally bestowed upon us for the last ten years Al orders and Communia Ito is will be thankfully received and promptly attended to and All work got from us will be warranted of Quality or the Money re funded. A Jas Bradford it pc co to. Fit Walnut Street Between second and Pearl streets Cincinnati Ohio. April 2, s Oil. of a first rate Quality just re a a a a Cei Ved. And for Sale by Ludo Welcl Thulman Union Row to door from Wost Corner. Jan. I Iril a of n store a i tons bar Iron 20 tons sizes. Bement a co. Terre unite lini., March 1 t.m-12-tf
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