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Terre Haute Daily Express Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1851, Page 2

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Terre Haute Daily Express (Newspaper) - September 1, 1851, Terre Haute, Indiana Daily express. T a ii u a i i a i t Monda morning a sit Jibber 1 is or. Webster. A Corr Chijun a Clit of tie Missouri Kuzub Licaisi Ilia will written Artioli from Boson i it nos in High spirit of the pros Pitts of tic whigs of Massachusetts. He is confide it Liat the to vember Floc Tiomi will set All Tiivi Iii i Glitz Itiat the Trixi Sipll Over Trio Abi Liti in and Dpi Moorat in Alliance will Bir Compito. In it Moli it Orva tons Ami Cou variations during a time spent in the omit posts and Interior towns of the state to Lias Buconic satisfied of the thorough operation of salutary views on All Tho important a i options of tie Day Pinoni the people at Large and believes Liat Tolje Len i ovary interruption of unanimity of views in Liat strop in whig state is soon to be follow d by a powerful . He that most of a Lio Liao censured Jar. Webster for tin eos Rise he has Viiu sued now see their error and tha in due time the amende honorable will be Madts a hat As regards the presiding key to use i own language Quot the people from Presont appearances will have mud Todo in desk Lornal in the candidate. I urian by this that Llie a Ead Iii and influential men in the who a party. It Beni to be unwilling to dictate in Ilio matter. Ii this continues to be the Case fora much Soulier e Rod i am inclined to tie Elief from u Liat 1 have Soen and observed that my Favoriti e Man will be the candidate. Among All Elar sos the toiling massed in tie workshop by the Side of the forge and Anvil with the worke of Wood or Iron or brass or the precious metals in tie cottage by the Wayside on the farm or Tho Ca Nal the River or the Lake in tie Vialls of , or the Temple of Justice Llie name and . I not Kiare before All and above All other civilians who at present have any per tensions to Tho Rii Sidene. He for years As you Are aware lie ii the Choice of tie Wii a a of Massachusetts but the unjust and \ Irvil it course trial has been pursued towards Iii. Since speech in the Seriale on tie 7th of March has so far committed Many him that there is a seeming coolness and in Ili Ference about Takin the in Brin an him before the country for the presidency. Quot in by Call Iii on the whiles to or in in Einuis favor adding Quot or. is Iiron Estlar confident among the masses of the whig party his friends have most to fear from the office seekers and Hack Nied leaders this opinion is formed not hastily or rashly but after much Intercourse and personal of Eri action in different parts of the Union. These views As you Are aware Are put f Irish by one who does not make politics his business who has no friends to Reward or enemies to punish Wio is devoted to his country is a citizen of a slave homing slate and has some interest in the Peculiar instil Uknuis to Neof and begs k Ivi to add that he for the Union Zwir amid nov Era one and in a of torah of Quot a and for Daniel Webster the Champion of the Union As the whig candidate for , l is and All the such apr deals perhaps Are rather , with reference to any of the dist Ingui hed statesmen who Are in the Way of , but it is Well to know the flip Lerein Erin. Ills that Are blowing. J astound aug invention. I \ most remarkable invention it Dysthe Albany bulletin has lately been noticed by the cite innate papers. Or. Solomons of that City is the inventor. It is whal to Calls a substitute for steam. Troia common Whiting sul a Puric acid and water he Carynn in the gaseous St Ite and Wilh the own Quot re Rte d by this Gas he asserts thai he drive i Wei it five horse engine and for one Fortieth Llic expense of steam lifts and lets fall \0oii pounds five times Ina minute. Liis a. Wit Liou any heat applied at All exerts a pressure of a i pounds to the Sipi Aro Inch Liilo water in the same unhealed state Bias no pressure but ilium of Gravity. Water Ligated to the boiling Point yields a Power of life ii pounds. Liis fluid with the same heat would Siebl a Power of nearly 12,000 and whal is More a handful of charcoal and Ali Oiler tie size of i Tea Kettle will produce at an of a Fow cents i he whole of this tremendous Energy i Fly Dol Lars expense in Carlton would i airy Nizic of tint Ollins steamers from new Yore to Lam tic Mudi Ion co Rii Quot a. Letter of Oen. of Silver change. At a mass meeting of the whig Citi ens of a i he Ohio state.-,Man gives the experience of Quot Vestern Pennsylvania held at Pittsburgh on one of correspondents in Marir Iny in co a Quot to let on. Lieu. Lumbus with a doll to Bill of the Ohio state Hank. We have experienced no trouble in our . Augustl . Markets with Dollar Bills of the state Geml Tolx 1 Liao received your most com the rouble with us is to get them but there is pm Mentar invitation to meet you and other a 1 .-1. Tii ends at Pittsburg ii on the Jol inst. No telling whal May happen. Gold and Silver in Trade truth in politics is our motto. Tin writer in the statesman says first i Boi Iglitz a you pc of pounds of but the following simple song is one of those touching lays that arc sure to Tiuis a rest ions in so Matiy breasts whilst pics and Horatia ii lyrics of High toured poetical no Rit arc passed by unread. We venture to the it this Little scrap has Start Eli the tear in Many a mothers Eye and has been Quot Cul out Quot and treasured no As a Mentor of departed Joys by the hand of i Manya sorrowing Parent who sits beside the this is an invitation extremely Ditl cult Toad a resist and if it were possible or rather proper for me. Considering my position to i accept 1 a a in. Erta inv should be in the midst of Vou at this ter the Art Chavas scarce and i out with the you appoint for i truly believe there i Hank Promise to Pav one Dollar but it a America More remarkable a or it,, <1 in a to i i n it flt 11to t i was no go i he Milter Man had t the change and Afier trying to get it i left bucket and but ter ill pledge. Next i wanted some potatoes but the Oue Dollar Bill no in. It was Good count ramen native and adopted of that re but there was no cd Mir. I i ally. I wont to an a i exchanged in peace the warm grasp acquaintance with whom 1 was in the Hubit of a -.�-�ndship, and with thousands As brother leading and bought a peek of tomatoes tied the Battle Fields of Canada Strong arms and Arm hearts Ever ready in the cause of their to wintry and friends than Western Pennsylvania. With thousands of my and Mexico and received their shouts of vie tory. My heart Tolj Refore will be with the meeting of the both inst. I remain gentlemen Vojir Friend and fellow citizen a Vii Kilp Scott. Messes. T,.l. Bigham a g. Kay w. A. Charlton f. Kanis j. Young jr., r. Porter. S. Johns. A. Bayne. And k. Tones. Committee of invitation for a Dir and pulled out my Dollar to pay. Have you no change asked the tomatoes dealer. Not tiie first Copper i replied. He changed the note and after handing me the ninety cts., observed How Miu i do you suppose i get for those tomatoes ten cents no he replied i get but four cents for i was obliged to Liuva this change a it a discount of six per cent with Ohio Bank notes of the truth of this statement i had no doubt. _ a now. Or. Editor How comes ii that the notes. I of the Ohio Banks Are at a do count of my per -Troro,., to 1 rent ? can you Tell i i cannot. Quot lib Quot Lounial of can Nerce Tho Jiro Gress of in Oiler to give a currency to the to to crime in new York Lias be it ome better than Gold or Silver for so the who i there Are nine cases of murder and attempt stumpers Sav Bank notes Are Thev arc allowed ii a j to i it a sons of jul Ivi Leges denied to t m great mass i Quot Quot Quot of Quot of tie Jie Ople and yet we see How singular they executed and two More Are soon to share the fail Quot Quot j same Fate. Two policemen have lately been this reasoning does not go quite to the Bot j killed and several More dangerously wounded Tom of the trouble. Give us the right kind of 1 the knife is used frequently and a Tariff. And Stop the Drain of specie which is Rowdy is increasing All Over the now flowing like a flood from this country to a Quot Quot bling houses grog , and All the hot Europe and you will have plenty of dimes for Beds office Are multiplying. "theol world Quot the butter and tomatoes Market i miss the Little fellow. I m very sad and lonely. Departed every Joy 1 ill Ever thinking Only of my dear de Artud boy. 1 miss the Bird like prattle that met Nejat the doors with feeble Steps he d Tottle. In fear across the floor. A it the table too i miss him Between us is his chair of. How 1 loved to kiss hims he i sped Quot papa. See there. I miss the Little fellow upon my lowly bed in Side me on the Pillow Hilt Lilc Silken head. His velvet Cheek turned to me. His Swiet breath came so Oft. Like gentle zephyrs o or me. His t it get like cushions soft. Feeling Rich a is Cretin which by Kindred spirits can soon be worked into but ter and Sivad Over your Lite till you tire Happy As the Birds of Spring. Look at e m and feel Tho disgusting you occupy in the Garden of Liun vanity. What fire you holding Back for now just Reform put on your Best loks and your other coat visit the girls ice Cream Vliem talk to them prettily drive them walk them please them then j . Get accepted marry and the country will rely on you a faithful and Well disposed citizen. A practical joke. A Geist Leinati of Talent an orator Becane a in Enber of tiie legislative one Olathe Karstert slate ii Quot certain tier sums in certain quarters for certain purposes Are insinuating that there is some Iii certainty As to the soundness of Gen it adds Quot is vomiting tens of thou ands up in speaking he was addicted loan old on Lis every year and too Many of them come habit of handling his Pla surcharged with infidelity or superstition and Cino them on a is nost a then Puii his not a few arc adepts in crime. At the rate forehead and tingly folding Thoni up and Oon be As a a i thu in befall Lii Iii on the desk. One destitute of the Sabbath and As reeking with Day i Verv Init 0rtant pies Tiomi came us vice As some of the cities of the old to r i Isidera Tiomi. And he Contini ii cod a Scott s \ news and sentiments on Tho Compro Mise Laws that the whig state conventions of of see in another paper some statistics on and Ohio have by naming him , by Lii he it appears that within thro As their Choice for the presidency Quot placed a a months there were Over a a be to ionian him in an equivocal whether this for crimes and misdemeanours is a legit Imatz conclusion or not we leave to j _ Liose who have the Scott lag to decide. is ii a it. a late meeting of the. One thing is certain he has been in More equiv i British for the Adan Clinent of a Quot goal positions than this before and by the help science held at Ipswich England the App i of that potent instrument with which Alexander untied the gordian knot never found any difficulty in cutting his Way out of them and i Bridge. A we presume should the whig army after Wise deliberation appoint him commander in Clinef he would easily do what Tho mexicans "fassoci.ation, said the principle of the Tus for making astronomical observations by Means of electro magnetism in use in Cain was exhibited and speech in Oij position. A Friend to tie proposed Iii Asili a who was a most Init Fri Gible wag withal d Termini d to spoil the Eli acts of the Hon. Member s remarks and accor Klingly. Ii lure lie it ii Tevid Llie Lio Iise provided himself Wilh a dozen pair Ofsa dec tie his Peicich with usual ability. Lout a few minutes elapsed before he was at work i h his spectacles and finally got Vliem upon his forehead. At this Jim it tire our Ivan. Who stood g. A air esq., an appropriate name. ,. I i i a by the was for an astronomer the president a Byi Quot Quot Quot do h Tore wanted Tom Corwin to do Quot March Down to Quot Quot Quot Bod entirely the discovery of the an or Washington and take the capital Quot a can Aud would prove of the utmost Ini por. Ill a Lance in the practice of astronomy. Oregon Sof stator Eon firms Tho report heretofore received of Tho death j of Ca t. , in an action Wilh the indians. It look place on the a Ali of june at to Lile lock on rogue Kiver twelve or fifteen these were taken up i radiations pitied a place a late papers bring accounts of design chive fires in Cincinnati Chicago Concord and Severa other places. Liere is barn him and Bis Little Sioke Box if Ali Lovies about that Niiles from the tia eled Roa. The indians j wonder he True the Lime is near. When the by of inc Iii Iri. Were lying in ambush and Vireil on the riflemen As they . A conflict ensued in which j engines May be turned into Dray about to Emily indians were killed and Many were wounded. Capt. Stewart was wounded with Ai Arrow and survived till the next Day. He is reported to have said before he expired. Quot it is too bad after fighting six Battles in mex till Sih Aker by gradual his forehead ii. By tin Side of the Oiler. To Liiri. Fourth. And i Fly pair were Di-pos.- of in the same mini Izier. A smile sen led upon lie of the lion. Iceni Bers. Which gradually into a Grin and at last Wincn the speaker had warmed into Jive my his most patriotic and Eloi Pientl Seil helices. He deposited a sixth pair with the others Ami there was 1 pay and for a pc Hier All of the room presidents clerks members joined in Llu chorus. I bespeak Louisville Conner looked round in at this Indian com. J Homas Richmond of Chicago an experienced Grain dealer writes to the Tribune of that City that Corn May be kept from heating As Well As other grains if Well cleaned. He Silys Indian Corn Well cured on Tho cob. Shelled without breaking the Kernel and perfectly cleaned of All chaff and foreign suits dances will keep As solely and surely As any other Grain and i to Hiick better the Grain by ing so coarse there is More room for a Fri c circulation of air. The Tine Chart and meal left in the Corn tills up the crevices obstructs the one passage of air absorbs the moisture from the atmosphere holds it in the midst and the heating or sweating process begins where there is most chaff or Tine substances. J Here a wonderful germinating element or principle in Corn. When moisture is applied to it. It is very rapid in acting on this principle. J he cause therefore of Corn heating is the chaff and broken Corn by bad shelling dust and foreign substances a the remedy is. Save it on tie cob Jed thoroughly clean of deep blowing exemplified. In the Patent Ollice report for li>49-"� 0. We Tipul the following Parag Rajah illustrative of Llie value of deep blowing As a general thing the soil must be ice Iii d Hui he it can by perfectly improved. One acre of soil 12 inches deep is Worth More to make m it Ney from by til Tiva ting it. Than four Acri s six inches in de Riih. Thus in limit that a soil six inches it Leej will Ironce bushels of Wirat Ami that twelve big spiels will pay All Siul give two for profit. Four acres of this land will yield a net income of Only Linshes. A inv do Ribhi the depth of the soil and the crop making the latter Uvea ii eight bushels instead of fourteen or acre and the tii Rmer twelve inches deep ill the Wilace of six. Life ii bushels. Liisu and if Ivy he e. Will now pay Allau ii i exist a and leave a net prolix not of to o. I Iii it it Llort it bushels per acre. Plow . A in or plow wet land in wet weather. Imreh less Harrow Stieh nor when it i we in itself. Low deep by degrees and Maiu Ife As i ii deepen. And instead of the Lorse. I m the profitable of. Toi. ,.n-.�?th ays. That the col. Crittenden who was one of curious interruption but raising his hand it grasped the spectacles and the Liol the americans exec cited at hav Iii was double less we. Crittenden formerly of thu City land brother of John Crittenden late marshal Ico to be killed hero by an Indian Quot Lieut pick also Evort in wounded and one Pri Feery court there i a Riek Dillon slight or. Fisher and Man Ille Quot to Ere als it is said that there Are about one thousand Quot i i i vice warriors assembled in the Vicinity. Governor 1 and Gen. had proceeded to the Force of the joke rushed upon his he dashed the glasses u on the floor took his hat Anil left the Hall. The Bill passed by a triumphant majority probably in con Kei uen of the Gettleman s silly and useless habit. A a Een of tie Diu cuties where they would organize a Volunteer Force sufficient to Cope with the indians nates were from Indiana. The i Yitoi of the a to Strnal went to another slate Ani took by himself i wife. On his return Hume and on Reonni a a Quot the Madison Banner of Friday says a Rumor was Cir Reid in the City last nig Jit of a serious Dith culty bet Ceu senator Brighi and j , editorial Clair. He Thiis Discoid use .,.Hon.j. G. Marshall which had been or is i nil in a the fast of our r Ujj there was a tremendous gathering of ,.a i Ana in Anilou Ivicin to la i of oui i ,,.,. V.,. a. .�.f,.i about to we Leo Niile uni Home wih a rib. We Cai Inot refrain Chaplin. W. Ii. Chaplin who was arrested some time ago 111 Maryland for abducting negroes and tier Liose appearance his abolition Fri kids Weill Bill in the us of Sto 01 0. And had to p in in Bas at last turned up Aga Iii. In seems that he Lias been marrying la my if with omit Benet it of clergy Ilene is the Oil Cial announcement. &Quot.married, to the afternoon of the 12th inst. At Gleri have ii water , William. Cha Jilin to miss Theo Doe a ctr Ibert of that Stii Nuiloa a it cal. Give an expression of feeling cuban affairs. The Herald estimates the at a . The Flag of cuban ind Epen ii enc was us spoiled Over the stand and flags and placards were scattered through the immense Crow d. Bands of music were present. The immediate annexation of Cuba was the Burden of most of the speeches. Resolutions expressive of the sen Timeus of the meeting wore adopted and after keeping up the a a orc of. We. Torrance of Milwaukee mint fur two hours the meeting adjourned with i ked a i of Soberri at Astoria which Meas nine cheers for Cuba to meet again the next j a Ord six inches in circumference a veiling at the same place. Mam .s. A i a the Cincu inti commercial reports it seem Liat lie .Odo it Pindle Mill at Cannelton. Is now in full operation and that ignuts messes. Newcomb a Brothers advertise that they will sell goods As Low As an Peipu Valint article can be procured from the , indeed a e determined to Quot take the to Nabriet Quot and Are now Selling Ai a Leas Fig Etc than the same Quality of goods ran be imported at. . They of a of big rats on the line of flee Ohi it i anal and one of them is Aid to have Lowed boat using his Tail for a Tow line. That great , jlr.-. Quot they Quot i Oxild be compelled to in i a the truth of la i stir Ruf Fer the Public contempt. People in the Park new York on the evening i a e a Juster with r nes on. We to Mike Home win a rib. We cannot refrain of the a to give an expression of feeling on Quot h v r Quot Quot Quot Quot but Hope it has been or will be settled Ija Cheloris and bachelors and we expect without . To be disgusted Wilh both several weeks a a i we Are Well a wire that in i us gone by. Urr the editor of the Oregon we occasionally tide ourselves Lii ii Ulous been with some stalks of wheal seven in the eyes of sensible men. By upholding feet in length stalks of Oats measuring eight the Bachelor state the Only Lili of Hap feet and one and a Fourtly inclines in Piru is. Independence and Eai they the Heads of some of them were eighteen in but we were Young find Green Tsien stud of Ches in length. Berries grow to an enormous course knew but one Side of the now stand up Here 3-011 cons arwied ugly pictures of humanity rejoicing in the name of bachelors and answer us a few us Lions. What Are you ill for in this world a what Good Are Yuu doing your country a j what Are you doing for posterity what interest Lia c you in Tho generation yet unborn you read of where will you be when old Meu if your Viu habits Ever permit you to arrive at a Good old age ? von t you be like lonely scared and swathed Trees Stoiu dinging a big Clearing without a companion find your life unprotected from the frosts by to Tibig ship Singh and shrubs Jit your feet f or won t you be like jump Kins in a Corn Field Moie prominent because of your Prodigo is ugliness and loneliness than the stalks at your Side Laden with Golden Grain f hold your leads up and talk like men whether you can act so or not. Now Don t you feel ashamed of yourself look at the girls about you All smiles and suit Ira hearts overflowing Wilh love ready to be so filled on the first Good j fellow Iha Quot to can touch their sympathies a con in of a physicians in this City live a sign of the front of their Olyce describing themselves As w should think them he very men to bring a poor fellow safely through a Quot bad Scwll a did toil Caz. I a i Henry a Longfellow the american Jio tii ctr a exr Iii of in. . J to enjoys u High reputation in the old As Well the new Orleans Bee of the i3th ull., in a do stands that orders h ivc been received by ,.,.lished in great Liri Tain by no the Federal Aiila Oritis there from washing less than eight rival , and at the rail Road ton. To enforce strictly the neutrality Laws against the Cuba expedition lists. The Cutter Duane it is said has been ordered from the Mouth of the South Avest pass up to fort Jack Sou a tier she will command every going out and in instructed not to let any that i ave not clearance papers. Depot ii boys Are crying his writings in neat volumes at a shilling each. A late London paper says he is the poet most read in England at the present time. Tennyson not excepted. Young woman m prov idol inc i. I., named Mary Rhodes has been arrested and fined Twenty dollars and costs for appearing ii male attire. A subject Friend handed us a one Dollar Bill of the Middle town Bank from the Back of which we copied the. Following. It tells own sad tale june 29th, 1851.�?"the last of 5000 spout in foolishness and drink. A. S. A. Jotun us. In Hon. Walter Forward now u. S. Minister to Denmark has accepted the nomination of Ludge of the District court tendered him h Ihu whig of i itt Bui go Pennsylvania Iron and Glass manufactories Are about to be established at can cuon in this state. A Des a cd from Washington says Quot it is reported that the Steamer Saranac which sailed from Philadelphia on tuesday with sealed orders took out a protest of the . Over Ink it against the abrogation of the Nicaragua treaty. An Ohio editor by the name of bean Calls upon his subscribers to hell out hotel arrivals. Brow s hotel a. B. , proprietor. , aug. 30�?1 it m. S Archer and lady Marshall 111 am t Kelley Lodi la s ii Stuard Fountain to u w Craig Springfield d ,Tazewell co 111 c Presti York 111 i Hettrick Woodford 111 j Docherty go Sciort la a die Moll do 1 Barnes St Louis a Sackrider Darwin 111 a Bowers Numa Cunningham Louisville boy Konie la.1 cd key found Ami left at this of Ficen a Large brass for front it Loor. Jep tember 1, 1651 Dif
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