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Terre Haute Daily Express Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1851, Page 1

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Terre Haute Daily Express (Newspaper) - September 1, 1851, Terre Haute, Indiana The terse has daily express. David Donaldson. / John b. L. Soule a Pulli Sbars Isaac m. Brown it Daiil Wabasis express. S. Donaldson amp co., . Vekre Diaute in Diana. To Day Mokol a september 1, in. Vol. \0. 97, offic3 on Markot Street East the . The illustrated Domestic Bible. By ukr. I Guam co Bix. M. A. Tiu la ii i i now Iii Ipi ii or a i Iii the. Pii Bli lion i tales Al Tiivi it i Iii Hilt tbrm3 subscription tax por we a. P Iyabo to in lir or five in annul vane to to Arlo Imi Nisia a Scriber. A car ill and rates advertising .gt0 site nuni Quot a no to liar Iti a Ripe. Iril. one Square on in Trion. For each in i Ruu one Sonari. One work. Laily one i Piare two work a ii one Manili i Uno a Piare two la Virvia a a to for double column to Elliree per cent on the abov.,. Will Lio Liiro to be Eon Ider Trio Vear. Una Quot specified i Itlie Nia i or p Revio sly a Reed Ilion be Ween i i r amino in Iii l or optic a i Iii no Riber in not. I All adverli.-Enienl-, t Roni it to be paid in Advance. I j advert i lenient not Mari Ltd on the copy fora specified Iii Liber Quot in in it ii it. Will be a Coniti suied one Manili unless sooner ,.-in i pigment exacted Ai Cor Iii by. The Privily a i yearly Silver users will be Oon tined to their re ular Basin ind ail a a Thor advertise Zients not . To that agreed for. To e paid . In All advertise nuts l or Eli Amitabh inst i tut Loiis . Town Lii ii and other Public meet Iii a and such like to be Cliar Eil limit Viriee. Or Marria and deaths insert ii i ii ont it har o. Obituary notices ail Iii feral invite toils to be char4ed h i a i Iee. Seven Hundred Wood in Ravin. , Manv Mari Rinal finely executed steel Iiams. A i. Numerous i Miro Vii Leo Din a. Quot it. A c d o Iolo ical Dor. A a. The Icil Loo in the metrical form. 7. Les ions at the Mel cach chapter for Fai Liiv Khan ignation. Liello ions drawn from tiie sub acts the clip or. And in in in a Conden de form it Iriton import. It. A Osili chapter cont Iii be in bit Coninie tailors w it Natier let a the editor the Clia tors for each i cad in. Cut i Ipri Iii Liu tim cards. Thomas ii. Neslson. Attorney at Law notary Public. And ski . a. Ror Kex Rostky up Olind. 71 or by . Indi>1 1 1. In a t i1ice in a Quot Zarrini ton la lock upstairs. Dee. A. Lfr>0 a count log a dusk i .53 it 9 run till Vau sex. N. N. Co Vin. Tilor m. Vivki l . ..i.fii.m. In rth Tiuch 10. Dut Nie i Urina we de tilde in a . Arabe Duel it in in very Coatto in Turkev moroc tar la a la Auto la so Ness Callos. ii i Xiii. E. Le3eure amp Botker. A vhf a on to j. C my a Quot Quot Hun Knirr Sion Tuuk in Arti. Ind. Whol Sam dealers in in ii Eli .�irtiele.�?sm.-ii. Riders. L urses. It ,.shawl l Iii. In a fits l Earl tons. -stud. Perfume re a i Chi vets and Solimeni jewelry Ali Kii . Fancy articles pc. Terre haute Iune la Ilyf Terre haute Marble depot. 1ha1.i11 Vermont and it Alian Marby be fourtly., to i Aid Ohio 3 ,. Sor Filo Iii i or i i i. To a i to. In. Milis a in w ii a. Furni be o i Liport Iii ice and a Rei Amible prices. . M i , o Irli a. So in a in his line. .1 Vil work done in ,.ri Irvy Fune i w. P. , add i be Sibma Iii door tha Eagle , Ith St. 1 Ltd a be i airing Don Sciort notice Terre haute Lune i. A l do s�m.?s0>i a i lowest Sillo 01 i i a in i i ii in. To a Iii i a told. Co it. I old in tic talk l kiss. Let a in Ifa i Ion the Sci ii which will the e,r,,.s reference criticism. Com in Ulav. And illustration. We Hope the Domein Luibli will lie u eneral a ii Itro Lucid into Aue rican vie a Ndoc pc ii nit. Thi edition Oft lie Bible appears a come it ii a a i Reata r Afiouni i Fonna Iii a Udo Cious i Omni ent and help. H in any one we know Eil Lai size a Quot. V. Fun list. Ils n work which. L or the Bra Ity e.\-Ecuion. And the Corid Enslid variety Tuscon recon mend in self to Ilio a i families . Y intr. No Enid it one the inst a Nielli. will one the Isles t iat has appeared a i in y. Cowin. Dykers amp so i Iiiii-.-�, Vii Eli set r to d stoc k . Faclor. Coitiitii.sioii find Fiir Wardiii to. 10i. Tilt Obj u Las Strett. Orleans. Refer to it \vili.i.\. A k.\i1.v. Ichii. d ."o.v, w. . Dee. L j. A Crasher c sons watchmakers and jewellers Roii St. Xinh court . I to. . A it .1 2 .1 i 7 it 10 11 i i i a a m 1.-. 17 1 a -21 til a a i7 a in 2 o 7 i �17 to Al Ili 1 i i Iti 2 tit i 5 a a a c a memory amp co.,Lead the Union in prize Selling. , sent Luly i Iii. To Grenada. >fi.�< 111 0, sent Luly Ullh to Quot a Basli. Into i a .>,.&Quot 00, ent. July.uh, to St. La Nis mo., All Sohl in Paka Anil Casl Iod in a Loma Iid for prizes von Onnist address Jim ii v a co. 1.- i j Roft a a it. Ila Limore Mim Zau a co., Call the attn Tiomi their i Riri. in Indiana to the Many Spleid uld schemes l or in Nisi Siu no this be i i., Ever dra in in the United states. Ticket sold by amp co., All boar the state stamp Maryland , the state i Piaf by liable wit ii the Jia nagers. To other tickets but Maryland tiek Are Legal or Auto ionized by the Stati. A a to Are Prev cared a a,11 Tinie to re air it v clock Sand Mak Ethein tents cannot t ail Iii a Meric a. Olie fully c. Clip jest Lainily a a Ala i i Correct tin Ivine a to. E pieces. Vork Warr aisted. In tit i he ii Ilion Bei Orens p.,.sscs Peculiar merits. Wed Ouli no it will Iain it de Erves an circular h ii. Chri. Ciri ii. The Many in lure i a ii features w hic i Are for the tirs tini Vun de in this Ved me will i on Mobil it to All. To matter How Many Tible a there May lie in the family Uliey Ivill find this edition and ii Ileri a i while the Low i ice Al v hic ii in old ered a huh it within the Rea h every oui. Vikrent . To who n Liberal terms will be allowed. Specimen Bersoff this a Ibie will be edit Smith co., Ami mar Chii Hailu Vicil in Ocil Sivco. to ii it. March till. Ln>0-u- a. L. Hunt Ait Loii Ami roiiimi.sinn Cit Lia Iii. it Side fills Quot be. 1 a . 1 a . Y my Loi Iii experience Intine Ami on apr lilo the l Ai wiil b four i Quot Iven t \ 11 a c Alens in Iii Ali her a lust a this silk Huldaa ii Dax Aldson Ixl Offick to i -h.mrii.vlu.in.i. 1a.m i with the i inti forms for the l v .a.\ for Ollieer, sol.li.i, , the /.i. A a crib Ith Orin Virili Iii and .1/c by or the Indian u l/r-since 17sh. Nine months acres. Four Monillis service. To one month service. 10 a i . Vol ricers ind Rivies whet Liin the army Gay militia volunteers who have Bee i at time in the Sei vice by wounds received or disi., font raced Wilile in the line i it Are entitled to Peti Sioris the amount Dep Emli upon a lie rank the invalid the Dei ree Dis ability. Iune �?�j7, in. Arrivals and departures mails. To my i, , . Siili Lidid Sclienie Lor Aii a Iise �85�. 292.892 . . 1, for Ai Vovsi 21sf. 1 prize so u2 �16,312 to Quot i 60,000 10 a a a too 15,000 10 Quot 7.->0 7,500 7.1 pries jloo�?100 60 in ticket a shares in i portion. Parka wholes Sitio halves $40 Sao. $59392� grand consolidated 21, for August �. Tin Luigi inst a kicks Are 10,000 15,000 $7,500 $5,75<3.  1 prize5< Are �10,000 1 do a Loire 10,000 1 do Aro 5,000 am prizes so too to., a. Tic in proportion. Cert Lucatos Pii cages 2ti wholes a i �0 26 quarters,40 tit halves �0 26 eighths ,$��0 Odds 1 e Nim Riis Tox was Iusi Rei Wii Ord r re for All i i it ,Rev Vork. Ali tilt excl Ivey Comisi died a a i ire i lie ie.. Vitulle sales every saturd.a\. At 1 . M. Fie. Sib. P i Sah i rate leu m Ive a on cheap. X a i a i advanced on Collisi Ems. Pm on by a by a . I la i in. 11,e 11. Dil. bakery Ami a be Clarino Mead and i Imine 2, or a dam situs Charles see iian hakka a and ill old ill l it also. Keeps r-.,.ir.rno . Nuli ii in la Niru Oil Bill Ulm tim him to. A pm i.\.s.\. May a tim mrs. A a Wilsqn Milliner a , mgt i in banners Ribona gloves Lacca collars and fancy go Ali Kinis or Rio nil Iliin not i l a Irr. Vicc 1x1. Luivie 2, Quot in Tinio a .ol la inc. Co Sti i Hall. It �.,-. Pryll i Uii a Cintli r Marthd sir . I nil. Lar a i and 1 to Likay Viado . Ever in Inore. Dress. Fuck an Ltd sack Coats ailed ors. Liu Lilii and i . To a a and ipwa.. . I to . Rid. In . He Abr i a a a Suli sol Fai Coli an plaid r .\si.ml-, vests ,.f every a.- vat Cie primers. So a Lar a Meul i ions ital in. A import Ili in a o in c lot i i rect from Llu , to i Xianu fact Iii on the most e Lle e i h Nso Olivcr Iii dui i ments to our i .-h.-.- Noi be r a be i by any clothing Kia ii inn Quot Iii in the a nixed ales. Tie a to re Detri i Ineil to Mak. The ,.sue be Point Reat at rare in. And live e up More than Quot ibo l l a l a line leu div to Cne Jiricek. C i Nuu i to i in Merit will always be Eli a . I vhf tinos Liidi will made a Noi ice and in t he , ays liar . I tie one it Rice to icily adhered to. It member tin lace Corner Pritt St. And Centre Market space Lune h. 11. Cold it a co. Shul by Howar tamp co. To. , a it it. I mire i Hirr l Ilner ii i a a Hill Tinort. My. into on i Enki in -.or a Nen e ready made clothing wholesale and retail to in Lieh i i risp a a a v in ii the latent Iii co Inird a or clients and tote a Nindie ene rally. March it lil a or. W. A. Early co. a amp mar dials. A a Quot \ 1 1 ,. I l a a. Maven 12, i-5i-i- it i an ? pm 12 g Pill a i m ii p i Pir 8 pm St. Louis tidily. Indi Napolis daily. Spring yield. Illinois . N Vincennes. Ii ily sundays excepted ,. , Ved., . Tiiu sunday. Foods Ille. Tuesday and saturday Ohio Sidni ton a it Edt Oil a sat Nadav. Carlish wednesday. Antilles. St. Louis daily. I Indiana Violis. Daily. Spring fold daily. Viu Rennes. Daily. Sundays exempted . Tie. Tues., Quot heirs. And satyr Driy Crawfordville. Monday timid it Lay. Bloomi Nurto. Quot Ford ,. Carlisle. Thursday. 5 am x. a mails Are closed at precisely Sim ii. J Motrico hours from 7 in to r pm. Or san Davs from 8 to in tiie Mornini. And from to ? in like Over in. J. T. .moff.itt, p. M. Juno 27, lil. Patapsco 330, for August �7th. S c 11 e a e. 1 pjs Lee ,<5�,2m $9,214 5 do 1,800 Are 9,000 10 i each $600 $500 Sion .te., a to Ticu Eis �<2.�u�?shares in proportion wholes a a Hayes a quarters $8,75. A Kay re a i Orti be for a trifle 1 Patapsco 231, for August a St la 5 3, 2 5 3 1 i Kize $1,700 $-1,700 -1 a 111 am it am 5 am 8 am 5 am i 1 i a i .206 do it to do do do 6,000 2,000 129 400 4,1201,500 Are 500 Are 129 100 Are 20 Are tickets ,41,00.in this scheme we sell packages Only which 5 am Cost 20 Olio los forsl6�?lliilves,$e�?quartir� 1 am 5 amor12r. We will Send a package wholes halves and . Porn or. A Uoo 11 from the in the found the my has up Al the. And a fit 1 Ever York importers and jobbers. It % 83�5 in Vic a. A i it l in ii i Sirof i i Ursoi Dii it Nova a Xii /.-s/i-Rcl. Near the i Ltd or i. A by Quot i Ceinor by arriv.- from europ. O a l Ali Ami Winter .sl>0,575.consolidated 43, for August fi9th. 1 prize self too $15,000 a a 5,000 Ore 15,000 5 500 20 200 and 100, ac., i jackets package for so i. We answer All order Proina Iolj a Send drawings Ofiu Larlyn keep the strictest conf Missoni. Diu ice and have Sild More prizes Tolian any Tefr the above Hou a rebuilt thoroughly lottery office in the a Odd. In ordering Ai. Renovated refitted and with write Vona name Plain also Vona address. .�?-.�?��?�.emoke co., american hotel Stul it mail .\nil2u., St. 1.0l attorney and coun Ellor at Law. Farrish inn Esnil Dirini a Muiir june 7, a i Lilly. W l. A Vii nil in. Painter Glazier Ani paper Hanger x the est Side l ourth so real lies build i North main Street. Terre haute Mav 21, Dlf respect Fly by tenders his a ofes signal services to the this Ilace and Vicinity. Lico at Thi Indiana House. Terro halite Hine b 51 Dlf Mccormack Patent Virginia reapers j l St Reee veil on a lot these celebrated reaper so for Sale by h. 1?. Smith foot Street Oil canal. Terre a site inne 2. It. Def w so tember next. Those who wih to men a ladies Ami he Illren shoes a splendid article put up for Fanti la Sendhei children Are tomake Early for any Orali the above go,.d, All kinds j a a see each put no in neat boxes to Iliin from to the misses Atso Nof country produce will be taken in Exchange. 5 ,0 a lbs in store and in Sale at Clark Cor a l to r Iii u t e i n n111 u a a ill be re opened on in May the French store. K. it not Init line Calir and mii . .<rrjiiid.-Itrcii. i Lic Sij Iare Nix 1� i jars. J. Conk co Llardi stir thru to. i.\.\.l. Jav announce that we have opened and our a a Sto Reau Assiut Merit fancy Rich articles Nib Racimo silk and Linen Lustre worsted Iiara tre Plain and fancy lawns poplin mousse Iii h Laines silk Linen and iring Hain rivals Pockel Haid Kerchis Edwin and lace. Kid. Frendin and a it it ilk i doves and Milts silk umbrellas perfumery a a. Lobi and Silver Jewelv and notions Bronze and Marble jilt pendulum and Silver plated Cali lest icks Ink-lnid.-, ast Brit cells air and Lii Iyer rings shawl joins thin Isles watch ices watch Cli Aniis rings Tinnil tassels steel beads purses in Penders Porte Nonais fans dress buttons while fringes and trimmings for window and bed curtains. Good Silver Nia Ilchert and l a Clarles. We warrant the Iii Lily the la ses. To Plain and fancy silk Bonnet ribbons thread Cotoli and silk Hose a great assortment children Finey hos Enil Iroide de Swiss i Plain , Brown and bleached shoe Iii and shining bed Licking embroidered and lain Thiebel shawls a Lini assortment Cali Coes i rings Coll Mades Sali net and cloths. L renew Hiya Liverpool and common Ware a incl Ceries Wall a looking glasses. Men a ladies and children shoes a a Vav Mia sky goods. To re univ invite All Cali purchaser thorough ill ti5 our Suick Ami a ices and a a interest governs we feel Coul deut Iti Atour goods and prices w ill Indice to Lien to select i Omi our a Lis ii it. alien lion i devoted to he m m fwd Llie a Icli a Are Nui Iril actor to our order and a Auriol be i up in , style and Cliea Pue a. Cau Laiful Paris lib Boris fori it. Cap a Eek Ami Bells. and taffeta Gibbuns All widths and cob . Silks.-Ilins, \ Levels and uncut w lets Fortais. _ _ feathers an Eric in and French artificial Flowers. _ i Pii Flim and t Rinn icings. Dres trimmings Large -.ortinent. , capes collars under sleeves and cull. I red and Kevier and Bandke reliefs cripes live. Carlel Titis illusion and Cap laces. \ a nine , thread silk am Lisle Ishri and l. skid Sill silk thread Meri no Ilove and Milts. Fit Neil and Plain Swiss look. Bishop Lawn 1 Mulins. English French Ine rican and italian Straw a oods. In Gist i . Dlf a a bargain offered. Vhf Knell Loi in Torre Pllante embracing a Small Brick House olt cred for Sale i i ii Cash. Ent Viire Israel Long agent. May 21, .- 1-Tilf i English Dairy cheese. 1 a i airy cheese list. .1. this mii Stear Vioal Oliv e. Entire new furniture with Large and convenient additions was opened by the subscriber for the eco Niroda Ion transient and permanent boarders. Oil Wadih Day. Ilic Gilli sopi Melior. The location desirable being Sini Atoil in the Centre Ilie most Exten Ive mercantile por Loii the Virv and equally Eon lenient to the levee the hone with new Addil Imis. I in Lains Larl e and airy rooms Sui cont t in the a Conini Nilal Ion two him Reil ghosts with i Iii i Riim ionic sent size to seat comfortably the above number. It the the proper Iota it a to Mike it Eiji Ial in i very respect to and House in the City and he Hopes Bulhe strict t attention to the Best interest his one 10 Merit a Liberal shared Quot ski Kronage Geo Wood. Oct. I. In-.o--Lv Pratt Street Salt snore Maryland. Inv 2r the ie5i.Terre-haute and Evansville i it the line Steamer Olive capt. A h Quot lt0x, master will i by a a fifes a a regular jacket Between and Terre-h.-for the balance the Vasou. The Olive a Fine Liht Steamer with Fine accommodations. Business Iuteri Isard to her will be a aptly attended to. Il-. for freight or passage apply on Board or to . S. Clark agent. . So nid the lost sister. Quot Lle ister .Joseiih Greggs this county the grand daughter Coonrod spoon acid daughter spoon has not been a Lizard for Manv years. She married w in american express co. Quot Quot Quot Nian and perhaps moved or. In with her Hus Baisil irom Jess Annne county Tkv. New York Albany Buffalo. Ciuci Nduati Chicago i a a a a a a a try a some other state and St. Louis express so runs in connect Ion wit i i Ivingston Well co l Quot Orein in express to , Paris and All a larts Europe also to California via Chare. Mark packages and leave at office foot Street on a n in h. La. Smith agent. J Erre a Lavite Luna 2, it Folie undersigned would he glad to i Emir Sally Smillir. Joseph Griogs. Terre haute aug. 0. a def a Ile wholesale and retail aug. 10, ie51 it pm applied Atiqi. Ang. 15, ie51-Dtf at the Timi Sonrier Cev in Aweeky i i sol at the lowest arc hair ,iune2l, i vhf. Dpi Ner Corner Island Ldridge sts., by aug. A in i Dlf .1 Clark,$50,00 Reward Wiieiik. a lease Perry Davis vegetable pm killer. Has made appearance in Market a Reward it twi Btij Jive dollars will be paid for the Prodi Ilion Legal evidence that any person or Piersons Are engaged in the manufacture. re in i Quot Tori. 1 1 Nof a counterfeit article within the limits oath i Kalfs he i i x i has received another by i., i m i a Ltd 1olivered i person either it this i ice or at the Western office no 7, College i buildings Walnut Street Cincinnati or to or. 1.1. X. Harris Nev i Ondon ct., or Perry Davis son at their Ollice Providence r. and dealers in the genuine Are re a Quested to advise the vending a spurious article by unprincipled Dialerd .1. N. U Orris amp co.,per. A. I i it fiend Faient for Indiana. Indianapoli, tuly 2.1, l651-32-3wditw Madison courier Quot Evaris Villa journal Vin Cennes ii Uette and Lyl Mayotte courier will a log . M Hite fish flour Salt ind i rive the above three insertions in their to spec Bacon ill store an. For Sili it at 1 live daily and wih Klov paper it an charge. A. No. L i. it Clark Kelli old. Est ii Cei Ved per Steamer Oliver 2 Caks French Brandv. I do Pale do 1 do Itoh and , do Irish whisker. It barrels Maluga wine. 1 do it Permint. Cordial 10 boxes Lemon syrup no. I. A find. A Chas. Huft Neu
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