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Terre Haute Daily Express Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1851, Page 1

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Terre Haute Daily Express (Newspaper) - October 31, 1851, Terre Haute, Indiana The Terre haute daily express. David s. Dak Aldson John b. L. Soule f fun Ushers. Isaac m. Bbown tenure haute Indiana. Full Lav Moi Xix october 31, 1851. Vol i a m9. A daily express. S. Dawal Doii amp co., pub Ahers. Of Floe on Market Street East of the court House. Terms of subscription ten cents por week payable to tilt it Carrier or five dollars por aim Usu in Advance to yearly and rail . Rates of advertising one for each additional iiwcrtioti25 one sic Juare one week daily.1 one Sii Nure two weeks daily,.------2 2. One a Square one in Only no alte Ratu it none Square two months Quot 4 00 of k a double column advertisements thir ,y-rj4ree per cent on the above will be hear of. Jct n o Areri Iceni ends to be by the rear Widess Spee tied on the inane Oripio or previously red upon Between the parties. In Quot Vino mucin candidates for Olyce .1,00 Oach name if sub.cribers�?$2,00 it not. Of Quot All advertisements from transient per a sons to be paid in Advance. In Quot advertisements not marked on the Coji for a specified Imber of in Erti oms. Will be Coti timed one month unless sooner Palm edit accordia my. It the Privit ii of yearly advertisers will be conf Neil to to Weir re Tilar Jusine a and All a tier advertisements not pertaining to Liat As a agreed for to be paid extra. O All advertisements for charitable institutions Ward township and other Public Inlet in a and such like to be charged Liaf Price. 0= marriages and deaths inserted without Cliare. Obituary notices and funeral i Vila Toni to Beliar de half Price. Fashionable hat and Cap store. Soult it first Cantero fourth nmn a Vii to i f Homi Sis. Sign of the Quot Brown Rilk Stii Scriln is Ivou lil i spi Clilly Iii drip tie Citi i a tin of l uni Havili Alibi the it in Quot Iii us Iii cd Ustiy. Liat Lii v Havi just Iii gird i Inni Sujie Iov Assort num of Flats Oia Cap. A Liili Alliry in. Pri ii Arcil log Al ii Al Tili Lowi so l ii innate Pricci. in Louii r. Titre Hauft. Ill a. . , m. D., physician and surgeon . In1 1.\n.\. 1 Odili Oli Marki t Wilri re lir own s Lutui a 10. la Usan ices c ads. Thomas h. Nelson att Raey at Law. Notary Public and , in r of i i is fou Ken Trcka anal Ohio. 7 clix Hilute. Ind Ute a a. I Lii be in Farrington Quot a in lock ii stairs. Dic. A �f.0 1-lf Jon Nam if ice. �1. 11. . Rico. M. No Kuks. K. A. i. S. A . Teille Leal to Diu a 8t0re, by John r. Cuningham. N i hash. Ati Cal Wirth of Chr . C. Wholesale and retail a on s Riv in Liana. Pirsli unies Anim in i to nos wan Ami a pain. L Risi Iii Liioi a Iii i it ii ail Coni div. Pirimi Atli no Iii Pani in Ali on ii it clip Nii coils. Lvi Sulliv Iii Niimi us l Iii nifty. Oils. L a Iii. Llasm.,. To Fri i1.u1u-. Imi. Sept. 10. Tower 311lls. H a inc Willese Beautiful steam l to hiring works Iii Lii full operation we Are now a cad to e Floira meal lorts. Kraii. A-c., t in wheat and t Orn or Foro with All who May give us their custom. sol , Corner if Chestnut and water sts., Terre haute ind., Feli. It 1 .11-Tfc Owin Dykers amp spal Ling it Sicri to it Martin ,. Of a Toi it. La m s Roll and forwarding Kcf Sij q3 9 to. U i. To Quot ii Uii Iti Jii As is rec . Kefor to it . it . d. it . I u w. Reynolds. Dec. 18, j. K. Crisher amp sons watchmakers and jewellers a Aii u Nal Ruad xl., North of the court House t err k a h it a in i a a. We All prepared at All times to repair c locks and a at cities and make them Correct Lime pieces. Work warranted. June 26. Is ,0->js-tf 1 e i j i. W. . 0. K. Smith. Terre haute cards. C i n c 1 x a t1 store. Ludowici amp Hulman k.vi.k11s in Klins of groceries liquors Glass nails and leather Union Kow to Liiri floor Riim Wisl Conn a. A i Kukk , in1 1.\x.\. September ill Silty Filice Listo he. E. Be Setre amp brother next door in j. Cook in in if hardware store Terre haute in wholesale dealers in notions and fan cd French articles suspenders purses Combs shawl pins breast inns i Earl Siut toils , Ivr firmery watch Iveys. Rings and tassels Fine Assor Meul. Of jewelry of All kinds fancy articles it to. Terre haute. Lune 2 a. Isril def Terre haute Marble depot. Acid c i Liu in Vermont and italian Marble fourth St Between Wabash and Ohio sts., sol the of tin Cost Kofu Tekke Haulk id. It Quot at his Carlile Yard will be furnished on Short notice and at reasonable it rices Rai St Niles monuments och links Spirro. And every article in his line. Ii t All work done in suit error style. Imine 10, is old it two. Johnson idd i i Saldji Aillik one door South of the Eagle grocery on 4th St. It Quot repairing done on Short Noliti. Terre Haule Lutiel Mictil def Simpson amp co.,West site of Llie ii hic Simit Tell ohm the , Bailery Iii id Yiu iffy store nectarine Mead Ami Fli Ladelphia ale. ,1 Tine 2, Liol do Iii Charles Seeman bakery and iroc Eriks also i t is ii Good vim no to House. Nation no Road Al. Or Tureen us and , . Mav 31-im i Iii. Fiut Issum a a a a i Iii it i �/i.--. Of. He is in. \ Rajini. In Jilin i of Saivii Conni Paziy Arih i i l y inti Freil i. Thai at a in i Tiivi of Lair Quot i airs Lii ii Ilay in or i Tat. I hat the o lit Tissi s Lii. I a i Hijii in in Pii a Thi ii Dii. Ami ii liar Tialii Listii a Sims latin in Ion Iii Iii in Liv sail Sii Iii tin asses san ii of sep ii i Jim i ill. Is ii. Uniiiiiiiiiii2 in in Auirre Waii to taif Sii Iii of nine Len Insani Sivi a Iii Miril Anil six a Iii Liol Lars Anil ii ulv i Lvi ii its. Tin Lii a Iii ii on ii i Rin Ninni Ami i Ulvi ii to Ini Iii i Iii he Pali Liv Llie Nii Iii i a it Tinti of. To in Tii a Izirer in Refl Ore tin third Iliili of Nam i Psi Iii -. To wit on notes in Force. On All anti s i Alcil in or i l uni Octol Rrt. Is ill. Anil nut Ili Soliai ii in at this Ilah. i Iii to. 4 in. Bolli incl Iii. Nruh a Iii l Mir in Iii Rorr per anti. On All null s aft of Kiln t. . A my on or i i Iii la i i Nihi i l."il�. I Iii Fumi no. J i no. A Cit i. Holh Iii . In Insil a Irr cent. On All null s Ila ii in Alti r Ilici in Quot a l,-.-ill. And on or i Furi Laiu iary ii. l. Lii in train no. 417 it. To to -i41-. Ali ill Lirl Kivi. Tire civil t i err i in mfr Parrent. On All Noil s Ila i in auit Annary i. , Ami Oil or him Iiri Lanka in 11. Is i. I Iii in. Iii it air am us a list t per Mil. Oil All notes in Vitril All r Lami no 11. , and on or h. Fori of a diary a. Al. I Iio Fiona to l. To to. Ill ii. Hull gtd Iii Ulm Mir ii urn in a Irr Mit. On expired and discharged notes. Liali null s Ivy Pird or Disimi Iarud All a Oit Oln r 7,. And i n m in forc inti i 1, . Four us Une a her pro Priit. I on All Inilisi Iri d. I disc liar i d a , Ali c r 1, i , and nil or Hil Iiri Lannary i . Nine mid Muli Ulf per or Iii. / i on All null s i d m Ili i Harki d Alli r Lannary ii. I 1s,-,1, and nil or in Lui. Lannary a l,-.- l. Ini and three ,/iliirlrr.- per rent. On ail no s Viii i Ilni Disi Iii i d a ii r Lannay his in. Ami nil l i Hulorn fish nary to a Laruen per on All Nnoli s i Azpiri d no Disi liar i d alter i Quot i uni any i 1s,-,1. And on or in . Ocl Nhi r 7, a Quot a lire Fri Iii id one Quot of in a ,�?�.�?�/. No a i i trim sir r thai i on All ass,.sh,n,.nts Mil paid on m a l or Ili i. Quot a Mill s will 111 d a a Rols or in i in Winni Nii inuits Ari ip.rli-d in Mal Pink dipl Payne ally. Inter Rii will i liar i d in All Aisi slim in i l Naii Iii uni said on and Alln in lid Day id i i i Ini ii r. In we Lipil Tali a an Ravalli and lit tiny in Days frn Iii Elliis dal Lii i Nim los will Rosili incl Ali a Lille umm int of Lii in Pii Mininni in los. Ii i i Ahly in taif i ii a i Nelisi i Tion of Iii 1 . Anti s if in Stan Hank of i Divina. Or 111 till up Iii Luis him Hanks in Ken Iii Tkv and Ohio Ivill i Viii red fur Assi Sanii its. In Vasi s ii in in is Lifavi ii in Moli cies by Sah of in a snip d pm pitty or Arih Quot i in anti Lii d thai it is in in minty in Snorri in Chr Liliu it Ani it d Rhar i Ami in pay Thi Anin int dim no in ii Minim id Snorri Iii r. Ai Quot Aidy in Lini ii Miniri in its 111 till Filfli i Iii ii. Till it liar i a which Nisi in l ii Fiqiri i in he ii Vici is id in Chin Paziy. This is so Ini per land a in Diirr to Nii Nihi is thai an its Ari i spi rial Ivri Iii us d to rail Lii in All Ninn in in and to in ilm 1 a Viii v Infin Marion in Neard ii Recto. Holicki s Tonlis i i liar i Sli Oxild be Fiir Wardahl in Irani i the local avens i and address i d to tin Serr Elary. In in Crisc Leill a Poi i re by ii or ninth the Iii Insil or Monnis Dir on \ the Nule up to a the Dole of surrender he l paid. By Ned a of the Piri . A. , Tri Asdrig i. oct. 1.7, l. In. M in Quot. Smith amp co., forwarding and commission merchants Xai ional Road Street id. Marcia to of a. L. Hunt auction and commission merchant Jiust Side of the Square i i us a haute uni. By my Lon in the , Ami Seliina exclusively Consi cd ii oods i a share of the business. Furn Ilttre sales every saturday at 1 o clock p. M. _ for Sale at private Sale a first rate new two horse a i Ron cheap. N. By Cali advanced on . July Ai i8 0- 2-tf Shipley Howard amp co i wrist linux More it. Third door West of Libert it. Line timbre. My. Keeps constantly on hand of funeral assortment of ready made clothing wholesale and retail to which the respectfully invite the attention of country merchants and the Public generally. Marcilo i851vr. . Soule a Kowis Havit a new Anu Superior Book and Job office re prepared to e.\ecutc, with elegance and . And on moderate terms. All kids of Job work Hooks cards. , pamphlets labels Blank notes catalogues Hill Heads Hills lading circulars checks. Concert Hills policies hand Bills posters pro grannies deeds clerk s Blanks and Blanks of every other description All Iii shed in Black or fancy inks and with a standing press Wirich adds much to their Beauty and . Ter re Slaute Auy ust is in. Silty Lam Clam David s. Donaldson express office Terue Haite . 1am prepared with the printed forms for obtaining the Bounty lands for , soldiers itc., of the off a War with great Britain and Mexico. Or the Indian in 1790. Nine inon Thi Quot service,160 acres. Four months service. 80 Quot one month s service. 40 invalid runs Toni. All officers and privates whether of the army Navy militia or volunteers who have been at any time disable Ltd in the service by wounds received or disease contracted awhile in the line of duly arc entitled to the amount depending upon the rank of he in. Valid and the degree of ibid 27, 1851. List of letters remaining in the Post a of fit in ten Hautz in Diana in the i8t Day o october 1851, a Lei in not to Vic ii out within three Mouths it till b motto the Genera l a St Ofle be a s a Forf i Farr it. I ers duh calling for any of the follow lib Lettko Neil Latta John Lyou Peter Loftin Eliod Uve Lasuen a Linley or Mill can b a a Mundil Blly nor Myers Michael Moorhead John Misner Iaac b Malone Samuel Miller Eli Tabeau. Moore Joseph Malbena behalf id arrivals and departures of fails. To and from terse Haite Inu a. A. Early amp co., j Fortai Dino amp merchants Tali ask hath Indiana. March 12, 1851-i i of Payst mrs. S. A. Wilson Milliner and Mantua maker in in bonnets ribbons gloves laces collars and fancy goods of All kinds Seco Iii door nor i of expire i office tenure Diaute ind. Juie 2, Ilumin attorney and cohn.9ellor at Law. Ojo Scein for ring Fon n of a Iii inf no. 1, upstairs. Lune 7, it in Ltd. O l. Uren. Painter Glacier. And paper Hanger the West Side of fourth Street first Briihl in North of main Street. Terre haute May 21, 18.1 def a Al a. ,111. Id. Respectfully tenders his a ofes signal services to the citizens of t place and Vicinity. Tolice at the Indian. House. Terre haute Lune i 51-Dtf j. Eva m. D., to lilith Liis Pori Soimi in services to the citizens of Quot Leri �., file Aivil Vicinity. I Portice on St., Lisl door so Atli Ott in town Hall. April 9,1p51 y til cola Lily s i jilt Iweis Nalipi Iii Road Sorci t. door of n. Smith is 1.\m now ill Rici lit of line of tie Lar Cost stocks of Korei Iii and Rinmo Lic lip ions in \ this Market Coli i Lily of tiie following Varie Liq Lojis. Nii Tihle Kec tidied whiskey Domestic Brandy j old boil lion do Quot French it to Moi Iii vhf a do Apple do i i i i do Cherry do j american Uli vew Eilif. Kiim Hollandt in Jamaica do Wicks. \ Claret wine la Ham Pagnac wine port do .m.-tl. I a it to White do do Cherry do Madeira do Cherry ounce. Lii Siors of All kinds and of All Piki lilies will of found Al this Liy the barrel or a Allioli. sardines a i jars and groceries in general. He Ogunti y produce taken in for i life ours. Terre haute. 1 nd., october 2, 18."i-Dtf ring on your Wool pm again ready to card Wool at my Mill on Bank of the River Ive Maniber tie Wilace is Quot Holmes Mill Quot where Vou can get Vojir i work done Well arb a Holmes i p.s.i have also received a fresh sup ily of cloths which i 1 will exch Viire for Wool on fair terms 1 will also pay Keasli i or Wool. Terre haute april Iio 51 2u of a. H. The Printer. I pm now ready to make settlements and Square up old books wit ii accounts of five or six years standing. Those knowing themselves indebted to this office will Confer an Especial favor by asking for their receipts for All balances. not forget this Call nor unit Ofta settlement or payment and longer . Donaldson. Aug. 2118. 1-Diwif american express co. Now York Albany Buffalo Cincinnati Chicago and St. Louis express. So runs in connection with Livingston. Well s of s foreign express to Loudon i Aris and All parts to California via chagres. Mark packages and leave at office foot of 2d Street on canal 11. B. Smith agent. Terre haute june 2.def St. Louis daily. 9 pm , daily. 4 am Springfield Illinois daily. 8 pm Vincennes daily sundays excepted Quot ,. 12 sgt Lafayette , Fri. And sunday. 6 pm Craw Fordsville tuesday and , pm Bloomington Quot Quot i pin Bedford saturday. 9 Pai Carlisle wednesday. 8 pin Deral tukes. St. Louis daily.4 am Indianapolis Laily. 3 am Springfield daily. 3 am Vincennes daily sunday excepted. 5 am Lafayette. Tues., the is and saturday. 8 him Crawfordsville monday and Friday am Bloomington Quot Quot s am Bedford wednesday. 6 am Carlisle thursday. 5 am n. B All mails Are closed at precisely 8 pm. 0-i&Quot office hours from 7 am to 0 pm. On sundays from 8 to in the morning and from 7 to 8 in the evening. J. T. Moffatt p. M. June 27, 18.=>1. John s. Mouzan ,1 y h. In car. Ju., i k. M. Bocce Bruges Hall amp Morgan commission and forwarding merchants no. 27 i Slont sri est. New York. Dudley Hall e. A bite York. And provision store. Sign of the wheat sheaf to Iii w. I forms his Freemis and patrons that he a has bought out his former partner and now carries on his at the old stand on Market Street North of National Proad Street Terre haute Indiana and is Prev cared to accommodate All Wiio May favor him with a Call. Fresoli bread crackers Ginger bread and the most delicate cakes always on hand. In connection with the bakery he has a a lion Slon store containing every de Crillion of , provisions ac., and wishes to Purchase at All times country produce of every description. In the term s of dissolution the undersigned is authorized to collect All debts and he will pay All demands against the firm oct m j. W. Dodson a. Lolly a .moro.i.v,> 11. Bocce jn., Morgan Hall amp bruces Scocks sous to Liggett a . Commission forwarding Mer chunks no. To Kubont kit meet list Yati. Agents for Beatty life kit a co., new or Leinius. I Iilva ires Niile on i to cite it Lions by >iors.in. Hull amp bruces c to i. Partick Iligir ii Teuton Piid to Tiu Sale of All in Escrib Lions of Western i Rosiu e. Ponds Nui Llie Purchase of Iro Ceria liquors Jujj esiuffs.&c., in either City. Referio messes. Kills amp Morton Cincinnati. In. U. co., l. G. Warre 11, Esq., j. U. Early Esq. A Emiil pc co., to re a Auto ind. Seize inner i Tissl Dom Iid Annit inc Cott Adams s a 3 aliens Elii Heui Armstrong goo w a teams franc is f bodies John Burrows o h p Blair John m Blain j k Beauchanp Zedoc u Budd l Init a Burn Uraj Busty neg a Bolton s Dir Nett Edward 2 Brown Daniel Lioyd John i Jasper Bogard Levi Brown or Farmer Burch Jarnac s w Bateman a i Lezander Beimel mrs a bums civil Haring Brianc Marfaret Burrows Rob coca Benjamin Bradley Benjamin Brach Silas Iii tet Jurii bit Rickman b c Baker Martin Burke e t bolter he Reich Bovard Daniel Cordilia Boone Clayton Jordan Cowley David Clark Thomas s Cole Alfred coulis Sarah Church Martin Crawford Susa ii William 1, Ashvell Amos Cornell Jesse Cunningham j m 2 Crenshaw Henry Casto Timothy Carpenter James Cullon c b Chambers a b Corkins miss Aura Dougherty Mian Mary Dunn John p 2 do Liam d a Avee Mary l Dodd mrs Susan j do flier mrs Margaret Damali Sarah Dixon Joseph 2 i John Dii son James Douglas miss k a Ewsii Ahenry 2 Edward miss Emily Everett Aeastman e Eby Georgea wisc Alexander i Earls a ency Enidis Thomm i Kim Kitain j h be Winimore win poot amp Case Fuslier Joseph k i Frush Maria j Finkiel Benjamin i Glenn Daniel m 3 g1.1ss j c i Greenlee Robert i gusset Josiah gear 0 f Geimer Nicholas i Gillie Abel Green Jackson Gildroy Thomas Gul Lilier Isaac i Hearn Dennis High Tilman Clavenor Charles Hicks Caroline Hutchinson j a Quot fakers Catharine Iligir Jacob Hunter Richard 1 Hinshaw j p Hall Elizabeth i Hill William How David h 4 i hoops Harnes Sarah Hughs Morris Herrington pc Harrison John Hudson Joseph Hopewell John Hanna Sarah Hall Etc alien r Hawley Stephen b Hays James Hiskey i Eler his Gibson jame.1 Jones Robert Joinson David Jones Geo k Monet Wilu Uil Malone Bux Abs to Milner John mock Samuiel mud ii Joba or silk .9 Miller c b Morrii min 9lnr Mattox mint Juie Moore Nancy mock Poitr John Martin Eli Muon Alt a Mckentie Joaeph Mckentie Hea Mcmath Tmea Uccell Likac a Mcadams Jokn Mcculoch Thoa Mcphern Hugh Mccoy Alexander s Mccambridge. Mikinzie Tsoa Mcmullen Samuel a Mccar Mary Naimann Jobanna Norman so Moi nay Lor hot it Urr c a Naylor Geotge Newton Ira Neyer Franklin Ogden Franklin. Heater John. Mouton Samael Peck Ramler. Pointer we k Perryma Naej 5 Patton James Pitta Albert 9. Maria Parana Alexander Phillipa Aquilla Larice Vui Iam Price Stephen Pearson Wyitt Ping Eliaha Payne to Oflida Puett col Jankila Phelp Aelita Pound James Tio Mdavid Stephen Rigler Fidelia Robertaon Mary k Redfield Sylve Terr. Rector John Reeve Ajane. Reed John Raof club Naney p Roberta John a Reed Sii aau Raymond cd 4 Roberta Mary ran Olith Nancy Richie Charlea Reynold John l Rouge David revels Abasolo Sebastian Job ii school Yew Sott Ocasa f swindler Samuel Shell Phillip s Spencer Geow s Stewart Hugh 8 Stallardo Evem. Sims Catharine Sanders Catharine Shurley Daniel Shook John Strader Jamea Sumpster James 4 Soules Rachel Standeford we solely Clarinda sheets William Sallaway Arthur Shell William Slaven Samuel Schultz Abbot Shaw j p Smith mrs Lucy 1� Smith we a Smith John d Tryon Jacob Taylor Stephen Titsworth Peter Troxel William Tum beak Veit Tiche Norge Vreden Bors w j Ward Jane we Manleyl Kearney Sarah Elizabeth s White William in Kelly James Whitaker wic of i King Hugh White Zeneth. Kile Margaret 2 Wilkinson am Kean i a Walker Rachel Kelly John Wilson William King a Wood terms 9 Hausknecht Carl Wildredge a a Lane Jennies Wood Allen a Livingston Michael Williams Eue Landau in John Wright Jesse Liles Burrel Wood Henry. I Lucas Aaron Walker James j Leek George Young miss Luey miss a m Voung Allison a. Of a. J. T. Moffatt it. Terre haute october 2, �51. . Beitt John Liu Oatt a. Trow Briore Cincinnati. Xci Orleanis Cincinnati. Beatty Liggett amp co., forwarding and commission merchants of Magazine am i,.\fayktte , new Orleans. on fo.n.slli.n-me to us by Morgan. Hall Ife bruces no. 26 front Street 0. Real estate in the Market. Tox wishes to dispose of the Ohl Wah Asli courier hit situate in on Market North of Waltash Street in ten a Lavite. In is an Iasi Ziess situation. Also a h l in l ii Taisie a addition on which is a Small i Raisie , it. L or terms Ai icily to Alex inc Tregor Esq., or Al this Otu e. In Quot in the courier lot is not sold in will lie in i cd. Sop Fencher h Sitf refer to l. G. Warren Esq., j. I. Early Esq., \ Terre haute la h. I. Williams 8. I. Mishop Esq., cashier life and Trust company Kanji messes. Gilmore it Brotherton hankers and messes. Springer it Whitman Cive Annati Ohio. October i a in in Jthn pm House and lot for Sale. 1&Quot w ill a Eli the House and lot Wheeli now Ocie Iii Olith Street North of the Semi iary. L he Loean Ion is Ajolet Isaili one the House new and he Preini ses in Eood order. Lames p. Collins. Terre Hante sept. 19, 18, in Dir Jarvis to Babul co. North Side main St., Between 3rf and 4tk ii�., Loris Villa by. We Bei leave to inform the generally that we Are now j n Elf very and desirable Stock of Fau Akin. Thu Day goods. We i Tito a i merchants visiting our Market to e3cr�the Stock before buying elsewhere. Ort will be sold at the lowest possible or Mai one of our remaining in the Ern markets enables us to be in daily new supplies. Jarvis Trabue a Coc i Louisville. Ky., aug.27.1851-37.tfi4 j not broke. Since the destruction of my shop by Ilia 1 hive made arrangements for re in clip a immediately and i am now in tace Market we by to pay Cash for any Quantity of lion a pm in i . Michael Byees. Sept. 5th, 1851. Cheap stationery. Just received direct from the manufacturers and i m porters the Lurf est a d finest Tesort i tint of Plain and fancy stationery yet Osun in Terry haute. Child s Book Slob. October �0, 1851.-Dlw, a

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