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Terre Haute Daily Express Newspaper Archives Oct 16 1851, Page 2

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Terre Haute Daily Express (Newspaper) - October 16, 1851, Terre Haute, Indiana Daily express. thursday morning october 16,1851. A a a Oon Heller. A Josf a b. Smith s warehouse recently to witness the operation of a ,l�tel7 brought to this place by or. Hedges St. Louis. It went by steam and the Corn is taken from the cob More rapidly than we have pm seen before. The machine has an apparatus which carries the cob away from the Corn and the Grain is generally taken off we presume it will Shell 1000 bushels per Day a or just a fast As it can be fed with Large scoops. A half Bushel of new Corn with the shucks on was thrown into the Hopper and was shelled reported for the daily Wabash express Ohio election Cincin sati oct. 14,1851. 3d Ward Wood s majority 126 4th Quot 6th Quot 9th Quot Clifton precinct Stoor s township is Ward Vinton b 375 4th Quot a a 134 Henry Hoyner run ahead of the ticket but 193 35 400 50 82 the supposition is that he has been Defeated As readily As the old shucked corny the cobs the supposition is that Wood will go out of and shucks going one Way and the shelled the county with a majority of 25,00 but what Corn another. We have never heard of a a his majority May be is Only surmised Chine that this before. It is a Valu Bleim 12 o Stock tuesday night. Pro vement. I the Iii was received. We also looked through or. Smili s Ware House which is arranged with every Concieta j ble convenience for de Patching drowning in Conse Raenee of trouble. An inquest was held at new Orleans some time since on the body of mrs. Viranda Banks aged about Twenty seven years formerly of Cincinnati. She followed Hor husband to new Orleans with an Inte Niou of going with him to California. Not having Money enough to to take both he agreed the go first and remit Money to her As soon As he made it. For three Long years she waited for the remittance but it came not. Then troubled in mind deprived of friends and without Money she determined to live no longer. She went to the levee near Mandeville Street 3d municipality and for sometime sat Down on an old log. Being requested to go Homo she walked to the River Side looked for a moment Back plunged in and i was seen no More till her body was found float ing on the surface two Days after. The simple verdict of Quot found drowned Quot was returned by the jury of inquest. Wheat is received at the front door weighed. Bud taken to any part of the establishment by machinery driven by steam. One hand in 2d weird Vinton about 340 majority. 14th. 300 Quot 4th Wood Quot 200 Toledo oct. 15. Wood s majority in this City is about 105, which is a Large democratic gain. In sat idus Buffalo and additional boats live been but upon the line Between Buffalo and Cleveland and As the Competition is very Sharp the fare has been reduced to a 50. From the Loudon i it append to Quot Yonkie Yankee Doodle sent to town his goods for exhibition everybody ran him Down. And laughed at his position they thought him All the world Beliinda agony Muff or Noodle laugh on Good people never mind says quiet Yankee Doodle. Chorus Yankee Doodle it Feo. Yankee Doodle had a Craft a rather tidy Clipper. And he challenged while they laughed. The britishers to whip her. Their whole yacht Squadron she outspend. And that on their own water of All the lot she went ahead and they came nowhere Arter. O or Panama there was a scheme Long talked of to pursue a new advertisements. J. A tsp i a m. D., and surgeon Terre haute i Duna. Once Oil Market Street ii Eurly opposite Brown s hotel. October la 1851-dly Joii s. Morgan Sci it lev Hall it a new h. But is jr., 5 e. A. Bruce bruces Hall amp Morgan i communion and forwarding kerch anti. I no. 27 Frost Street in York. John s. Moron Dudley Hall a Rah. Bruce jr., \ c be. M. Bruce Morgan Hall amp bruces j successors to lick to let hair commission forwarding merchants no. 26 front Street vis Cinatl Vycius for Beatty us Vijeu amp co., new Al Cali Java Biccs made on coi sife ii ments to Eitnier House by Morgan Hall a amp bruces Cin i. I particular alte Tiou paid to the Sale of All of Western produce forwarding goods and the Purchase of groceries liquors Dyc Stutts itc., in with. Short route which Manv thought a dream or City. I air to of messes. Ellis it Morton Cinci Ina i. Such a House can perform the labor of near by City. Wood s majority is about200. Huron a Fadorsen an with but Little hard county is reported to have elected the whig with such improvements Grain can never spoil ticket. In Xenia District. Judge Rogers dem by being heated Orbe injured by Weevil As it Socrat is ahead about s . Whig majority can by readily shifted winnowed cooled and for governor will be greatly reduced As Corn placed in other positions. I pared with 1849. The entire whig ticket is or. S. Has a very Large Well arranged estab-1 elected but by greatly reduced Lish ment located in a Good place on the canal the democrats and frees oilers United on the and must do a Large business in the produce ticket. democrats of Missouri \ have put the repellent elements of their party into the Loco Crucible and arc engaged in getting up the heat. A tolerable fusion and combination of Bento ism my anti Ben Tomisin May soon be expected. In it is whispered that Hon. J. Bright would like the nomination for the vice presidency. He had better learn the Art of self government before he aspires to the Helm of state. Line this fall. In the same walk to visited for the first time the Quot Tower Mills Quot of messes. Miller a Colum bus oct. 14. Returns from five townships indicate the election of the entire democratic soul which is heard Puffin away from Mon-1 Wood s majority will probably be from 100 to Day morning until saturday night. Liis is a 200. Lucas county democratic. Franklin Fine Mill and the machinery works like clock county entire democratic ticket elected with fixings. All were to Busy to show us through i one or two exceptions. Greenleaf Hinds and As wheat wagons were standing at the door Crary elected by handsome majorities etch waiting its turn. We hear the flour from j Mansfield democratic ticket ahead beyond these Mills highly complimented and from the All expectations. To Quot prof. Larrabee of the Asbury University at Greencastle has been elected professor of i mathematics and natural philosophy at the state University. I piles of wheat on hand we presume our Bakers the Washington Republic of the Lith inst. And housewives will not Seon complain of bad publishes the following letter from col. Crit Ilour. There is also a flaxseed Mill with Hydraulic presses but we believe Uliey have not yet made any Oil. These Mills Are also on the canal and Well arranged for loading boats. The same Day in the morning we happened to be at the City Mills Quot of Abba Homes situated on the River which is also driven by steam. Tenden of the Lopez expedition written a few minutes before his death addressed to his Uncle. Attorney general Crittenden. It is probably the last letter he wrote dear in a few minutes some fifty of us will be Slot. We came Here with you will do me the Justice to believe that my Only a a tic common Council of the City of Washington have passed a Law fixing the License to sell liquors in quantities Zfass than a pint at sixty dollars. This prohibition we presume will hardly interfere with t in habits of a certain portion of the Winter population of that City. By Lake Nicaragua. John Bull discussed the plan on foot. With slow irresolution. While Yankee Doodle went and put it into execution. By Steamer of the Collins line. A Yankee Doodle s notion has also quickest Cut the brine across the Atlantic Ocean. And British agents now is slow her merits to discover. Have been and bought Here just to Tow the Cunard packets Over. Your Goldsmiths of their skill May crack. But that again Don t mention i guess that Colt s revolvers whack their very first invention. By Yankee Doodle too you re beat downright in agriculture. With i it is machine for reaping who it it chaw d up As by a vulture. You also fancied in your Pride. Which truly is tarnation. Them British locks of Yourn defied the rogues of All creation but Chubbs and Bramah s Hobbs d. And you must now be View d Alj As having been completely licked by glorious Yankee . H. 1. Williams a co., �1. G. Warren Esq., j. 1. A irly Esq. Bement amp to., Terre haul Ltd. September Hirji do mid i Jau. Beatty Jons Rodatt. I How Oriole i Cine Annali. A air Orleans Cincinnati. I Beatty Liggett amp co., forwarding and commission merchants. I of Magazine and Lafayette streets new Orleans. Advances made of c0.v8i0x.ment8 to us by Morgan. Hall a bruces no. 26 front Street Cave Xiv to 0. Refer to l. G. Warren Esq., 1 a j. Early Esq., Terre haute a h. Williams amp co. I s. P. Bishop Esq., cashier life and Trust company Bank messes. Wilinore a be Brotherton i Bankers and messes. Springer amp we Pitman Cincinnati Ohio. October 13, 1851-Dtini Phi partnership notice. Or. J. A. Wii,i, Lias d n Ith Liim ill the practice of Medicine &c., z. Hollings Worth m. A. Eitnier of whom stay lie Reafler be found a tie residence of or. Vav. Thankful for former Jui Troik e. A he ii to fir it Hojo by it reel attention to Lill Merit a full share of tie Imi Blic patronage. amp . Oct. 15. A of 1 Iliew b4keklf after the close of the revolutionary and provision store War the British King ordered a than Shiv j sign of the wheat �13eaf, Johlin w. Its puff is also constant and Superior flour is a a Tentoa was Good. I was deceived by to turned out rapidly also Corn meal which makes pm and Al Pool i to those who have Ous revolution. I am commanded to finish been reared on it of which we Are one count j writing at ouch. I will die like a Man. Ing <100 at the dinner table Wool carding i the president has issued orders to the Mili Fulling dyeing and cloth dressing is connect-1 tary commanders on the Frontier to prevent the cd with this establishment most of which we invasion of any foreign territory by a Force of Law in operation. All of the milling or Manu j american citizens. The intelligencer says that fact Hng establishments of Terre haute seem late advices show that but few americans Are to be Busy and have amps Nuch work they can a in the Enterprise do and we presume it would to the same if j a. Kinkel the German Patriot has arrived their number were doubled. J a Washington and has had an interview with our visit to the Quot City Mills Quot was rather the the president most profitable As w6 converted a Load of cheat the president has Given orders to the naval 11j- punch asserts that after All Quot Britannia rules the Waves Quot fur in the recent yacht races the american Clipper ran away from the Bri a a a of be a minister of the gospel inquired a Quot a for what Are we to give thanks your has lost thirteen of your Best j Earrie a in provinces Quot the King answered Quot no a minister of the gospel inquired of my. For arms his re i it i that a 1 a. Fleet w. .v,.,treat i i has Ichiji Iii Oast big Fonner partner and now Luj the result of the Maryland election shows four whigs elected out of Congress nrov.w-. Men. Is it Hen that your majesty has lost of i of Quot Quot Market North. Of a ,111 j i 1 1. Tonal Llovid Street 1 Orre Hutu to. Iliili Iliia Ranii ,. Hundred thousand lives of your Best sub-1 prepared to accommodate All who not a Niwor revolution on the Uio to Randy ?�� ,&Quot said the King. Quot is him with a Call. Fresh i read Cut cheers. I Jinx was at a stand on the 1st inst. Gen. Carv Rijal a then that we have expended and lost or bread and the nost delicate c i pcs Alai i still remained at Camargo. The people of that pm a a a a a Jared of Money and for the ,., t i i ii a 1 1., j. 1 1 -1 a. 1 in Ciummu a tiffs with the Foj Kiny. In Iris it place had hem a meeting Anu Sesoi Talo sus Jie Jeat and tarnish of your majesty s provision Stoke criitsin.? every die Tain the revolutionary pronoun Cimmento. The arms Quot no such thing Quot said the King j script Ron of Orny grips i twisty ass a jul mexican troops there were allow to to March pleasantly. Quot what then is the object of j wishes to Pirc a i see i All a Witry in out with the honors of War. The revolution the thanks Fivian i Quot Quot of give thanks that i a a. Quot a in the to this of Zisso Wutich tic is fit theorized to collect Ali to debts anc5 Ibe Wili pay a i emails a Aii iss she Lorn it. A Tell j. W. Isms is. Into tour upon advantageous terms and the Claver proprietor ordered a copy of our paper to be sent to a Friend in Illinois in addition to the a Jaity he requires for his own consumption. We will keep him advised of what is going on in the world. Quot from the Centre All round to the sea Quot and beyond the seas if he will see that we do not go to bed hungry. Stations to tire salutes and extend All military honors to Kossuth at new York and other places on his arrival. A grand dinner will be Given at the president s House. The rumoured recall of Consul Owen at Havana is confirmed. A letter from the president informs him that his defence is wholly unsatisfactory. Bets Are offering largely on the election of by incr the whig candidate for governor of Virginia. Secretary Stewart says his election is More than certain. The president has sent instructions to artists were determined to defend the place. A it is no report having reached Matamoras that the Iti vaders were preparing to March on them the inhabitants including All the women and Chil the stump a the Hon. Andrew Ste Dren had fled leaving Only 250 men behind Venson is in training Abr the presidency. He has taken the Host step in being an . Quot of cd for the delivery of an agricultural re Hamburg on the 20th not. Cei Ved the degree of d.d., from the state Unis m the footsteps o . Cass and senator Douglass. As for Gren. Varsity at the late meeting of the. Trustees. Movement in of Rich Mnina it to ii. File in it Tarasi c6 of i Indiana Roliso the. Quot it Ihk \ the members of a Aid company Are hereby notified that at a meeting of directors held to Lii Ilay it wan ordered that for the payment of losses by lire estimated interest thereon and other liabilities set stained and incurred Liy Sai l company since the asset a Nisi a to of september a in Lalu amounting in the aggregate to the sum of nine thousand seven Hundred and sixty one Dol c we learn from the Perrysville Eagle that Quot the Williamsport folks had a great bar Becue on saturday last to celebrate the com i Cletion of their Side Cut. While the Cerebra a. Tio Wasin Progress a telegraphic pm engaged a the Syracuse not was received from Crawfordsville stating that committal for trial on the judge Naylor had just decided the Side Cut i treason. Suit in favor of . This suit was i washi.nuto, oct. 13. Brought in the name of the state against the the Secretary of the Navy has issued or canal trustees to compel them to construct cars for appropriate funeral horrors to be paid the Williamsport Side Cut. If the present de several Yards and stations to the Mcmo vision of judge Naylor is confirmed the trus by of Commodore Warrington. Finneral takes tees will be compelled to pay the Cost of the place to Morrow morning Side Cut already built by the citizens Oswil ii Alikas oct. 11. Liam sport and also to build Side cuts at inde by letters and telegraphic dispatches from Pendency and at Clinton. We presume the Picton i arc enabled to give the following Case will be carried to a higher court. Additional particulars relative to the fearful i ii storm in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Along the Wak in Central Are a Quot a a of Prince Edward s Island the whole going on Between Salvador and a a a Ore is strewn with the wrecks of and it appears that Gen. Carrera at the head of 1, the dead bodies of the Crews. 500 men invaded Salvador and encountered have gone from Charlestown Prince the salvadorian army 4,500 Strong under Edward s Island to the Village of Cavin Alish president a Vasconcelos at a place called san to enquire into the deaths of twelve persons jos6. An engagement took place in which a whose bodies had been washed ashore at that cording to the guatemalan accounts Carrera place. A body of a Man with a boy lashed to was completely successful routing the Allied his Back came ashore. There is Good Rea army. Which lost 228 killed 150 or 200 prison Bon to believe that Over 100 bodies have been Era 1,000 muskets and a Large amount of am floated to the Beach since the storm. From munition a. Carrera s loss according to the three to four Hundred sail succeeded in getting reports was about fifty. Safely into the Harbor. arriving five most dismal accounts of the storm which it is Amebica musical Prodigy said has never been equated. J named Jenny Busk is making some a in Washington by her Good singing. She is id the n. Y. Express avers that in an a Aid to have remarkable Compass and volume a War to an advertisement for a wife published of Toice. The president and Cabinet were in that paper More than one Hundred Applina. Among her auditors lately and the papers say tons were received from ladies anxious to in j went away charmed bbl is very Young. Ter Inlo matrimonial contract. It or. Everett says the Boston journal in Jjo Jujj by Gug. The course of his remarks at the festival on the Sifman is the republication by his Pennsyl common recently alluding to railroads said friends of his fourth of july oration with emphasis Quot it is unnecessary to pursue a it Rains the War delivered in 1816.�?wos/t-the sigh acct railroads speak for than selves Quot at Jie Niblic. This moment the stentorian steam whistle of j the Providence cars which were then just end tearing the depot blew a blast so Long and loud Quot daddy i want to you a question and shrill a Quot Weil my Quot Why is Neighb if the fiends from heaven that fell Smith s liquor shop like a counterfeit Dol had raised the Banner cry of hell Quot Lar Quot Quot i cant the Quot Quot startled the vast assemblage and fur Temperance addresses while the Only thing i my Given to the company be paid by tie members thereof to the treasurer on or before the third Day of december next ensuing to wit 0� notes in Force. On All notes dated of or Lief re october Ltd stand not disc barged at Liis Date being from no.3iim,to no. 4 194, both inclusive twelve Nril Otic i Quarter per ecu. On All notes dated after october 7, Hijo and on or before be Weinber i 1h.�0, being from no. 4� i5, to no. 4375, both inclusive ten and three in Carlers of tar cent. On All notes dated after Lle Coniber , and on or before january 0, lti.5i, being from no. 4370, to no. Is neighbor of inclusive Fine and three a ii arters per cent. 11 on All notes dated after january a lt51, and Oner before january 14, . Being no. 4413, four and one half per cent. On All note dated after january 14, 18.>1, and on or before february Iril being from no 4414, to no. Because which startled the vast assemblage and fur m boy. Wished a convincing and stunning proof of the St Girrat to bed Vou Rascal or i la j truth of the orator s remark i you said the father. Sex wed and much affied Otei hotel arrivals. first a Tarter under the new postal rates ended on the 30lh of the receipts at the Cincinnati Post of Lico were a a i it o o .$10,178. Under the old Law the Quarter which blown s hoi Elp. B. Blown proprietor. Quot j k Rii of 1 .s_11 m ended on the Joth of Juno 1s51, the receipt were $1,14 a. Although the amount of mail j matter Lias been greatly increased As Well As j the labor necessary to its regular transmission the receipts have fallen of almost one half. Of Quot a detachment of one Hundred riflemen left Newport Barracks a few Days since for Jefferson Barracks in route for the i exas Louii Dary line. Another detachment of the same number left on the previous Day having the j same destination. Massacre in Syria we have accounts of the massacre of a number of christians in Armenia. It appears that a number of Musselmen attempted to pillage the government Bank. The banker resisted the assailants who returned in great numbers and it is reported murdered every they met. The government space Decd in seizing the culprits and dealt with them in tie Mim Narv manner. , oct. 15�?12 m. M Hughes Montezuma h ii Claypool Attica h Scoville new Orleans h Wille Cincinnati f f everyman do c Shoemaker and lady do s Moein Knightstown j Fowler and lady Butler co o f Fowler do e Shoenberger Licking co 0 w Hutchens Centre vile a Englc Annapolis w b Morris Montezuma j e Morris do w Larrabee Newark 0 miss l Travioli do j w Hildebrand Loudonville o j Hawkins Davis co la mrs s Hawkins do John Tuller Princeton j 0 Law Burlington Iowa f Good new Orleans r c Taylor. Greenup 111 j m Smith Richmond 111 j Cunningham Louisville h d Coons do w r Barrick Coles co my j , do on expired and discharged notes on All notes expired or discharged after october 7, , and of or before december 1, 1h5four and ant half Pel cent. On All notes or discharged after december 1, is3u, and on or before january tilt 51, nine anti one half per cent. On All notes expired or discharged after january 6, jb51, and on or before january 14, Ihil ii and three quarters percent. On All notes exp tired or discharged after january 14, 1851, and on or before february 2-j, Iril eleven percent. On All notch expired or discharged after february i 1851, and on or before october 7, ltl51, tic Clde and inc i Quarter per tent. Ordered that the treasurer charge interest on All Abs Csc Menti not paid on or before december 3, 1h51. Receipts far As cts Menta will be forwarded to a Genth or authorized persons to whom members Are expected to make prompt payment. In Treut will be charged of All assessments remaining unpaid on and after the 3d Day of december on which they arc payable and at the 30 Days from Thi it Date delinquent will be liable to buit for the Ion of Amarant of their Premium notes agreeably to the eleventh a action of the charter. Notes of the state Bank of Indian or of the specie paying Bank in Kentucky lad Ohio will he required for assessment. In a Mea where member have alienated their poli Cie by a ale of the a a ured properly or otherwise they a re hereby notified that it in their duty to a surrender the a a note Tor charge and to pay the amount due up to the time of surrender agreeably to the a of Theolu Teeth a Recti of of the charter Wlinich aunt be a a forced by Foll Cert of the Toni Phiny. This is no important a matter to member that agents Are Cnpecial-1y requested to Cut their attention to it and to give the proper information in regard thereto. Policies for discharge a hound big forwarded through tic local agent and Addre Ned to the Secretary. In no Cane will a policy the discharged until the amount or amount it due on the. Note up la the i the of surrender be first paid. By order of the directory. . W. Al it Ca surer. Indi snap Lii. Oct. , last. 11 of
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