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Terre Haute Daily Express Newspaper Archives Oct 3 1851, Page 2

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Terre Haute Daily Express (Newspaper) - October 3, 1851, Terre Haute, Indiana Daily Friday morning october 3,1851.�nxilxam , Maryland agent for the Wabash express. Quot Kiwi there is now and then a revelation. Through the papers and in other ways by which we have an occasional glimpse of that deep under cur rent of grief that pervades this world of ours a a subterranean tide of sorrow whose dark and bitter Waters arc kept concealed within their own silent channels. Quot a Beautiful and accomplished Young lady of Brooklyn n. Y., committed suicide one Dikiy last week. Cause unrequited such is a Quot news item Quot which has been seen perhaps in half the newspapers in the land within the last few ii a and such the terse business like language in which it is expressed. How Many eyes have met it and passed Over it without a second thought some perhaps whose hearts for the moment were of a passing emotion exclaimed Quot poor girl Quot and the next moment laughed loudly Over the jest in the paragraph below. But look at it again Quot cause unrequited love Quot a there is a whole tragedy in those three words and what changes in the scenes of that drama. There was free with All its novel joyous Hopes and timid Trust the vows the songs the sacred kiss which True affection alone can prompt fro True modesty and the unreserved the entire Devotion of heart which always characterises woman s love. A new world seemed suddenly created in the View of that Young Unfortu-1 Nae the Sun shone with a new brilliancy the Birds Sung in sweeter tones the Flowers All bloomed Over again and a thousand lovelier and More melodious strains seemed added to the music of the spheres. Love s Light and heat had fallen on her heart and it had Blos flowed like the Rose the magic Wand had i touched its mysterious Depths and like the i Waters from the Rock of Horeb its affections i gushed Forth in a Stream that could never dry \ of. But what has darkened that sunlight and hushed All the music of that heart dashed its a Weet Hopes to the ground and caused it to Wither and dissipate and die Quot cause unrequited Quot unrequited Quot a there Lay the cruel thought the warm breath of love on the chill december air us Devotion had been demanded the altar built and the sacrifice placed upon it but no sympathetic fire had fallen on the precious offering and there it Lay those tender shivering affections amid the wild beasts and Birds of prey in the cold wilderness of Vega act. Quot unrequited love Quot it is a very simple Story but of what deep and bitter wrong does it suggest. We will not dwell on it. That Quot item Quot of news is perhaps Best written As it is no eloquence could improve tenseness and no Laboured commentary could touch a heart which the text itself has not already touched. I is said that the Beaton Sud anti Benton parties in Missouri or about to unit a conc Stoa for the purpose of Meurig to themselves the spoils and i for fear that a portion of them should fall to j the whigs. The two wings of the democracy have become brimful of Charity for each oth i or s Short comings and Are about to come to Gether in a fraternal embrace. In View of this i speedy Union some of the papers in that state a Are publishing the following to show what the j eat head and front of Missouri democracy in. Times past of such a coalition col. Benton a addict in rec Ard to a mixed con i answer instantly and truly that i would sooner sit in Council with the Bix thou Sand dead who died of cholera in St. Louis i than go into convention with such a a gang of scamps and that is my sentiment to Day. The Point is to defeat them the Public Good re i quires it. We shall be stronger when they Are i gone and what is More we shall be clean Quot a extract of a letter from col. Benton to a. Blair e$q., of St. Louis March 1850. Cboski a by a of Lake Champlain Beacon Annous yes with quite a flourish of trumpets the crossing of the first train of cars Over the substitute for a Bridge at Rouse s Point. We quote Quot on monday for the first time in the history of the world. Lake Champlain was crossed by a train of cars the floating Bridge emerge in c de from its monster Quot sea rent of Quot new York Bept. 25. Crept Forth from pier to pier connecting Shore Jig haves first concert last night was with tie Wei Quot successful she was encoded in every without or it faculty or Accident and with As song and inspired an audience of Over Little delay As could have been expected on the 4,0u0 people with Delight first trial of this novel and grand invention. Meetin of literary men will be held the whole Boston Niin engine and All passed j City Quot Hall to adopt measures in Over fron uhe Vermont to the new \ Ork Shore of Lake Champlain. The excitement and enthusiasm were indescribable. The monster depot 500 feet Long Fly Quot the spirit of the age Quot is beginning to be Felt in Indiana and works out of one of the b Hoys in the following style the Hoosier Bort to fut do grow. That stage now Are All too alow the team Are Good and abide like than. But they re much too alow for the rail Ritj to re. Then get out of the Way with Roura Nail Uke Altagra they re ouly fit for the Darker age. New advertisements. Charles Huttner Honor of the Mer Orv of j. Fennimore i National Road Street next door wet of n. Smith Cooper. 4 son s stove store. The steamers on the Nicaragua line for t am now m receipt of one of the largest by a Hundred broads the wharf the piers the Fri i Are to be the prometheus and stocks of foreign and Domestic liquors in hotel their utmost so Sei on to we find the following Para a. Webster s dependence Pacific and monumental cite a a u 0 r s. A Ali Sido. Soil info the 1st and 15th a on tie other Side sailing the 1st and 15th double rectified whiskey Domestic Brandy i do of each month fran Incisco. The old Bourbon do French do i lust week for the purpose of consulting with a Coiria goes on the inc Orleans route. Monongahela Irish a Good new York a Mirror j his physician it is Saul. The Lowell coi Britt and sails on Friday. The Cherokee is to american Gin do do suggests that the persons who have been in Alth May be improve the hid up. 1 a l j. Stated but adds that it is certain or. Web i by i Ninvi str mental with presses and false represent j friends in new arc of the Chi i tuna idiot tons in decoding Young men to Cuba should i very seriously alarmed at the present state of ers began at Lancaster to adj. 1 be probe sent to the Captain general in Exchange 1 it they look upon him As a very sick Many be coition took Strong grounds in favor of for those deluded persons who arc now old Quot complaint having recently at tricked indictments for trea.son., i Hin More severely than Ever before. We Are Holland Gin owners in his hands. It names several who live to at Iii Sud Jeu return to Boston was been guilty of this treachery towards Young Casio Ned by a to consult his physician men and the Mirror says in addition to them i a Quot there Are some Hundred Lazy cowardly Creole j citizen of Norfolk has distilled from tiie , fuck it. 3q. Attorney general Crittenden has been Apple do Cherry do new eng. Rum Jamaica do a xes. Claret wine Champagne wine port do Malaga do White do Lisbon do Cherry do Madeira do Cherry Bounce. Liquors of All kinds and of All qualities will liver Risinit wit i three feet one Inch in traitors there who have spent Money to pay Tomato a Quantity of of spirits said to resemble rowdies for getting Park meetings and Nigist j scotch whiskey. , and the Quot flags of free Cuba Quot j Don t for Temperance and mercy s Sake a Quot . Veather Cloudy. At Browns who ought to be sent along with this p t any More of the Good gifts of Providence Ujj thirteen inches and would be no More than Justice if such persons a and change Thorn into the elements of death. Risin Quot. Appointed acting Secretary of state during establishment by the barrel or the absence of or. Quot sardines cigars and groceries in Gen sept. 30, 12. M. I eral could be reached. But those who begin a Des i we Don t know what Good qualities that Quot Citi Perate Enterprise from motives of gain usual zen of Norfolk Quot May have but in this invention by take precious Good care to keep themselves to say the least he has done nothing to Bene out of harm s Way. They make use of the rash fit his race. May his life to Happy and cheer Aud unthinking expose them to All the Dan Ful and Long enough to enable him to counter canal in Kne order. Phila Delphiia. Sept. 30, 12 m. The Steamer Baltic from Liverpool with dates to the 27th inst., arrived at new say Quot advertised Armitage Scott York at half past seven o clock on sunday Adams s w a Gers but whatever profits arise from the enter i act some of the evil which this invention will she sailed from Liverpool at army or goo a prise they reap themselves. Likely create and his death be peaceful and half Pust two on the 17tli. And brings nine Oaks Fth Quot Quot. I remorseless. To seven passengers. Slie passed the a Burrow o h p so a on the 19th. One teen hours West of Aci Kitti a Hon. Beni Aikin Rand Curtis of Cane Clear. The Baltic experienced Hea Beauchamp Zadoc Ai i Budd Daniel Lind in Oxe of Hek Jenny was at Niagara As we gather from the Tribune the servant maid of her room in the Boston appointed a Justice of the u. S. Us by winds during the whole passage. Tile Hurn amt Clifton House attracted her attention by her i piece court to succeed judge Woodbury has Canada arrived at Liverpool on the Evv accepted. Ning of tie 13th having made the trip in a ten Days and five hours a Quot the new York Herald says that individuals from foreign countries travelling in the neapolitan kingdom Are subjected to every species of indignity by the interference of the police and on the most absurd pretences Are ordered out of the country. As an instance of the style in which matters Are managed we May state that an american gentleman at Naples upon whose passport had been written major general in recognition of his services on Parade Days in the militia of the u. States a was ordered out of the country while under an examination before a military police tribunal he stated that he intended to leave the next morning when he was ordered instantly to proceed to the frontiers. His re ply through his interpreter was that he would not go but the interpreter took the responsibility of making a civil answer and stated that he would go with pleasure. Judge of the major general s Surprise when he was March cd off forthwith to the frontiers without even taking leave of his friends. Similar silly but annoying tyrannical acts Are perpetrated every Day. Letters by the Post Are opened by the police and the most simple statements Are construed by the spies of the government into All the extraordinary shapes to which fears and apprehensions can lend extravagance. Two or three american major generals with a few of the b Hoys along with them would soon set things to rights there. Poor used of los Angelos Star of August 2d, recommends that there be held a convention of the Southern people of the state for the purpose of politically severing the lower from the upper portion on the ground of the inequality of the Laws gov a ring the two sections and unjust partiality evinced by the last legislature in various enactments. Id Quot somebody says that Baumm Lias offered to by Yard Taylor now on his Way to Egypt one thousand dollars for the head of niger i Rovid cd he brings it Homo in Good condition Beauty affability and Fidelity. It so j de that this Young lady by name Margaret Atkinson was about to be married and the news reached the Good vocalist s ear. She immediately purchased for her a becoming and Beautiful Trousseau Brown John 2 tiie excitement about Gold in Australia Branic Jasper is rather on the increase. Brown m7 Farmer or. Gladstone s disclosures about the a Mph James Vav Baleman Alezander it is said Liat when a russian husband neglects to his wife for a month or two so begins to be alarmed at his indifference Eulor Ner a dec Omilig Ana i that s a Good Deal the Way with the whigs. Baleman Aiea 1�?ear rings loves Bonnet if the democrats Don t beat them at least two i atrocity of the Isea Politan a government begin Etirsa years out of three they Are pretty Apt to Freak j seems to be causing More and More Utica 4c and with her own hands attended to her . A of infer or Roxcia toilet on the morning of the ceremony. This Foo much truth in that. By the Way or. Barcus Benjamin a 1 1 Bradley Benjamin a Ian loan exercised a depress Beach is Ian us of your awful spelling of Terre haute. We in Luwi Rand was not finding buy is a a _.,. 1 Mil despotism done she took her in her own , having madisonian speaking of , reminds Austria first read to her and her future husband the a Beautiful and affecting passages applicable to passed it by a week or two and called it an or try easily. Ror but it seems to be something deeper than pm Harvest news throughout great Lulu a to Quot a a Britain is most encouraging weather very i it Saniei favourable for Inga Liering. nation Jordan in one of the neighbouring counties of new a negotiations Are going on Between Spain York says tie evening Post lives an Industry i Ince. And England with a View to an coie Sifrod the occasion and conveyed her to Lewiston entered the episcopal Church and there officiated As 3iargaret s bridesmaid. There is no Queen in Europe that would not be proud of such a maid of Honor on a occasion. Ous Irish Gardener who is remarkable for his ounce to the government that they Are i Gravity of manners and attention to his Garden. I bound to Stop further invasions of Cuba. Quot Quot a a a a Quot plead have been repeated he is descended from tiie ancient line of Irish by instituted against the president for being Kings. The other Day an Irish woman with absent from his Post at a time when the lives of fifty americans demanded his interposition. But or. Fillmore makes a full disclosure of Trio circumstances under which he attended the Boston Railroad Jollif cation. In his opening remarks he says Quot i have stolen from the hours that were perhaps due to the nation a Brief space to meet my fellow citizens in the City of Boston Quot the value of that Quot Brief space Quot not being determined the president stands convicted but is recommended to the mercy of the court who will doubtless sentence him to banishment for life from the augean Lafayette courier. That is pretty Well said. The Locos been a Long time searching in vain for something in the deportment of the president to hang an accusation upon but a Peg at last has been found. has cleansed the augean stable it is True with an herculean might and skill and if he leaves it soon it will be because he is frightened out by the Quot three thousand Quot democratic asses which Are baying at every Crevice to get Back to their old stalls. Little girl sought Liim out Aud waited an hour or two in the House of his employer till he should come in that he might touch her for the King s evil or scr Fula. The Man administered the touch of the Royal Finger with Groat solemnity. Or the Louisville journal in noticing the death of a Young , from the Vicinity of Terre haute misunderstood the name. It proves to he James h. Carter son a i Esq. Car Tor of Riley township. A Havana paper publishes an official statement of the strength of the party under Gen. Lopez at the time he made his descent upon Cuba copied from the original documents found upon the person of one of the prisoners of which the following is the aggregate. The officers Are included in the abstract six companies of infantry three Quot artillery one Quot cubans one Quot hungarians one Quot germans 219 114 �19 9 9 a too fire broke out in Lawrence Burgh on last saturday Naglit and destroyed three or four sul Stantial Brick buildings. There was a Large fire also at Cleveland a few ago. Cali vell Imo Corveu Tinglian j a 2 eral complaint of the Scarcity of Silver change Cion slow Henry throughout the West. Every Market goer Here a a Quot a a ii tme., feels the pressure and tie cry of Quot any change Quot Coupon c b Chambers a b is heard on Clinge from morning till corking mi.-,-. Anna the following May throw some Lilit on the Dunham 1 s Davee Mary l Dodd my Susan Wecker mrs Margarel Damali Sarah Joseph 2 Dinkledine John Day son James l miss k a Kwing Henry b i Edwards miss Emily Everett a Scaini cite of . is a Gen subject is . Wells a co s express has taken to new York within a few Days past about six tons of Silver specie received from some Point West of Buffalo. So says the Albany daily Register. In country produce taken in Exchange for liquors. Re re haute ind., october 2,1851-Dtf list of Letteri in the Post once in Terre hate in Diana on the 1st Day of october 1851, which if not taken out within three months will be sent to the general As dead utter. Persons calling for any of the following letter will v Atta John Lyon Peter Loftin Nelson Lively Ellen Linley or Millican b c Mundell Ellenor Myers Michael Moorhead John Misnor Isaac b Malone Samuel Miller Elizabeth Moore Joseph 3 Mathena Benjamin Musset William Malone Elizabeth Milner John mock Samuel Mundell John or Silas Miller c b Morris miss Mary Mary Jane a Moore Nancy mocks Hon John Martin Eli Mason Asa Mckenizie Joseph Mckinzie Henry James Mcrillis e c John act Vuoch Thos my Shierry Hugh a Mccoy Alexander it my Caimbridge p Mckinzie Thos Samuel i Mccart Mary n Aumann Johannes Norman Simon Taylor Henr Naylor George Newton mrs Meyer Franklin Ogden Franklin Oester John aulsion Samuel Peck Kansler Pointer we k Perry miss e j 5 Patton James Pitts Albert 8 Pennington Maria Parsons Alexander id from five to six Hundred female physicians Are now licensed in , and several Hundred Are licensed annually for the provinces. File is Lawrence Burgh Cincin commercial of the Soth says that a gentle i Eastman e Man who came upon a Louisville packet i fend or morning informs us that when the boat passed Lawrence Burgh a Large fire was raging it fun Tail j h and that Serenil buildings including one hotel were destroyed. To could get no further particulars. I gov. Wright arrived at Home on monday Gigli la gratified with his to the fairs of new York and Ohio. J in the Rev. Levi r. Reese of Baltimore for Many 3 ears chaplain to Congress and president of tie Maryland annual and general conference of the methodist Church died in Philadelphia on the Isth ult. It ave Shelby news says at tie last term of the Heury circuit court a jury rendered a verdict of $10,000 against Mas trom Roberts for slandering a Young lady of this county. Total this was but a Small Force with which to attempt the Conquest of an Island defended by by 150,000 regular soldiers. Bank telegraphic despatches says the St. Louis reveille announce the failure of the people s Bank of Patterson new Jersey commercial Bank of Perth Amboy new Jersey and Salisbury Bank of Maryland. The notes of the commercial Bank at Brunswick new Jersey and the Union Bank of Dover n. H., Are refused by the new York Banks and brokers. O Tho expenses of the fireman s Parade in Cincinnati on the 9th ult., were Over $ 15,000. The Quot Parade Quot probably had its Good uses but Tinl in a Quot Liap Quot of Money to Lay out in slow. A Quot fast Quot year the town of Dunkirk at the Western terminus of the new York and Erie Railroad had Only 500 inhabitants. Now it has 3,000, and next year will have 6,000. So says the n. Express. . David Wilmot has Boon unanimously nominated As the democratic candidate for president judge of the thirteenth judicial District. O sex president Tyler has been named As a candidate for governor to be supported by the democrats of Virginia. Id the Hartford Conn times says there was a severe Frost in Connecticut Valley on last sunday night week which did much dam a Quot a to the tobacco that had not been gathered. 33&Quot the Lafayette courier gives a catalogue of dist Inguid had men ancient and modern As gentlemen Amateur Farmers and places Adam at the head of the list. The truth is Adam had no Choice in the matter. Labourers wore so scarce at Liat time that the old gentleman had to Cut his own crops or go without. It the methodist annual conference of Michigan has been in session at Monroe. The number of members in the conference is 17,-7-12�?726 being converted indians�?633 new members during the year. Of Quot the democrats of Wisconsin have elected their delegates to the democratic National convention. All of the delegates except per haps one Are in favor of Cass for the presi Dency id Quot the severe drought has seriously injured and in Many places destroyed the pasturage for farm Stock and rendered necessary a resort to Hay for their sustenance. In the Blind Asylum at Louisville was burned on the night of the 29th ult. Ky., Kenni Raore we foot life Case Fisher Joseph it Frush Maria j Finnel Benjamin Glenn Daniel a 2 Glass j c Greenlee Robert gusset Josiah Gearo f Geimer nitrous Gittle Abel Green Jackson Guidroy Trionia i Galliher Isaac d Hearn Devin in High Tilman Havener Charles Hicks Caroline Hutchinson j n makers Catharine Huff Jacob Hunter Richard Hinshaw j p Hall Elizabeth Hill William How David h 4 hoops Lewis Harnes Sarah Hughs Morris Herrington w c Harrison John Hudson Joseph Hopewell John Hanna Sarah Hall Stephen b Hawley Stephen b Hays James Hiskey Peter Higgiston James Jones Robert Johnson David Jones goo r Phillips Aquilla Price William Price Stephen Pearson Wyett Ping Elisha Payne Thomas Puett col James Phelps Eliza Pound James s Ross David Ruckman Stephen Rigler Fidelia Robertson Mary e Redfield Sylvester Rector John Reeves Jane Reed John Randolph Nancy y Roberts John a Reed Susan Raymond c c 4 Roberts Mary Randolph Nancy Richie Charles Reynolds John l Rougen David revels Absolom Sebastian Juha schooly j w Sott Cassa f swindler Samuel Shell Philip 3 Spencer Geo Vav g Stewart Hugh 8 Stallard Rev j m Sims Catharine Sanders Catharine a Hurley Daniel Shook John Strader James Sumpster James 4 Soules Rachel Standeford we Seely Clarinda sheets William Sallaway Arthur Shell William Slavon Samuel Schultt Abbot Shaw j p Smith mrs Lucy m Smith we a Smith John d Tryon Jacob Taylor Stephen Titsworth Peter Troxel William a Tum Beik veil Tichenor g w Vredenburg w j Ward Jane Wellman Levi Kearney Sarah Elizabeth 3 White William Kelly James King Hugh Kite Margaret 2 Kean f a Kelly John King a Hausknecht Carl Lane James Livingston Michael Landigan John Liles Burrel Lucas Aaron Leek George Linnington miss m m Terre haute october a Whitaker we White Zenetta Wilkinson Ann Walker Rachel Wilson Williim woo Sterrs s Wildredge a a Wood Allen a William eur e t. Wright Jexie Wood Henry Walker James j Young my a Lucy Voung Allison j. T. Moffatt p.
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