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Terre Haute Daily Express (Newspaper) - January 8, 1857, Terre Haute, Indiana A vol. 111. Terri halt. 1\uia-\a. January 1857 m. 312. Pub wished daily amp Tro. 2, m0de8itt 8 . Eisin6 Sun insurance oo., of rising . F he Luoie con woj to Iho six to of in dts a a. In Quot of re ported 1s �4. �.�tma�v��. A. C j. W l Albot ill leu it. J. . To. J. Kat Hiiva j. W 11. H\titw.ky,Iet to. I ,.proprimor. _ Quot Quot Quot term of a Uby crop lion. Author god capita.�100,000. I a a ii oms per Wiek payable to the cd Rel it it a. Our Tai Oit for a be libero. A Liili Lui Haulk lodges i f Eveir Iko Sib Temple of Honor. I to 50�?meets at their Temple w<i8t Side Public 3quiire, incr a a american or Pranas j Otrice. It Vorva monday even up. . Westfall w. C r t. M would a r. Fox Nimg Stab social Temple. No. 38�?meets in the Hall of ten Temple of i intr every wednesday . Miss and Stevens. S. P mks. I. M. Tofu. S. R. I. 0. 0. F. A a a a go foot Habbison Lodge no. 157, jute meet at Odd Fellows Hall in the Prairie pity unil Dini a every tues Liv iii Ghi. It Tranisi fit a routers Are a it spa i to guv in Neil to v i it air f ii it Lodi be. We. M. Jet eur x. U. Rim. L. Laws Sec. or Bikih tooth u. B. Lorino . We. R. Pit . Nitrile we h. Powell j. P. Zluky. Up knit a. Tary. S. Tiliti Lisiy Pawl Milt House furnishing store. Uka lers in Queen sware to glassware. Jim carries mud Ruvi Sioris. A s. Mechanic rite Terre haute Ludiana fire door East of. Cooper co tide Siart. Burson a duo s. Tebbe Faute Lodge no 51�? Meeh at Odd fat Llowd Hall in the Prairie pity Hiil Din a every of inlay evening. John h. O Froyle . L. I , Sec. Lilo see promptly a a Justell Aivil pm Jit to Eil to Ivi Ilious abatement. Fire and Murine risks Liik ii at equitable r�i�i.-u1 person of Sirius in Trunce will Call on g. S. . Olimire in Union How. Uver Boal a Slioch Sio a Covington l it neral Penl. -.m.-.e-dly. Yrtti k of Rehak Ftp two silk Xii i Keg ravings Kii i titled Boll ii in Llis 01 Jon times Quot a spleen Ilia Ithiel engraving from Trio cd painting by a an Woer and the Quot departure of Tiu israelite from Kirk of Quot 11 liar ii Nii by but Ifni onto Ruvins from it i pm iut ing by d. Job Ortts. Trio a it Tail Price of the above i Ltd Gravit Iff ii 53 per copy but will be sent Rit of eur arc b9 follows the subscriber have Eata Blishock a Book a Enott i i Hilad Clpola and will furnish any Book or publication at that it retail Price Froe of postage. Any persons by for Kiwitt offering it the Abdi Kim Uncial Vasor Tuiet of i a in i a Jud bonnets ribbons cloaks to Mars. Go a Lola Khasi i invites the Atli Ilion .1 her Nua courts and if Public can really to a Lurre and Well Jei cycled mock of fall and wit Khz a to Jet of Bonnet ribbons. Cloaks Valinus trimmings Einbrod cried laces it Iclal Flowers head Urt uses. Gloves hosiery veils. &o., Etc. Bolt i a i have endeavoured to Uii Ike a com plete selection so �9 to by Able to Ltd meet the demands tall who May to in need and now have on hand a much larger Stowit than usual which i us daily Inore Aslop. before have 1 Brouti Tilto this Market so Large a Stock Aad feel cont deut that i can satisfy All wants in this line i , and Stock is Larto and the patterns various. I venture to say that so Good n Chance for a selection cannot to found in the City. Prices rant e from to 830. T have a funeral assortment of la Reid and cloak and a a great variety it if fancy vol vet trimmings. Judge of the i. You Only have it qts Niware glassware grocer let provisions 1 mens of Art Ron sistine in part l Ull dining and Tel Sot Tiiu a cd Plain of different styles patterns n a be and Aad prices spoon knives and pork and Everest our else used upon a table. and yellow Ware of the j Best Quality pitchers. Vases Wash setts amp a. Glam eat with Plain and tilt frames a Large and Small a Vot of Willow a nov of Dieter int articles such As wagons bassinets a. Alto a line selection of fancy baskets of Theu a it styles and patterns. Rubn. Becketa churn. A. an i the most improved Patter is of Oliari. Bands. Flou icings cd gins und laser Tinnis i also have the Black lace collars and the Plain and Bule lace for Maziuk them. B d Ohe Sest the most Choice selection of Chenille and ribbon can be found at my store. 4il>oves a cd hosiery i keep a Good of gloves and hosiery for Ladys. Mis ies and children. A Good selection of lace be re a and mourning vails can be found Amoni my goods al3u, of infant s Wool and Cashmere hoods lady a Wool so ves hoods and opera Caps. For a of articles not mentioned Call at to. 7, War Dinar the subscription Price of any of Tho s3 Zines such such As harpers Godey Quot hams Frank Leslie s fashions a to r a Godey 9, Putnam a Gravili receive them a a it in a a a a a i. Ali Quot Quot made to suit the . A i time. Tel re haute of i. 3, c5c-d3w-Wtf arrivals and Dep Artun s of the malls r a mtg in Hall depart daily sunday a except id t s p. In. Arrived Quot Quot 4 n. M. A mtg in Izall by Terre haute and St. Lotion rr., departs daily. Sunday exp pod. At 3 p. M. Arrives daily Quot Quot at p. In. A Luthern mall by Evau Viln and Crawfordsville rr., depart daily sundays once ipod at_3 p. W. Arrives daily. Quot . Urt learn mall departs daily sundays except cd. At i a. In. A River daily Quot Quot 3t7p.tn. It i Roni Nihil departs on tue i Day. Rinir slav and satyr stay it 7 a. M. Arrives on monday wednesday and Friday St r. P. M. C Rawford Mcville Lall depart on monday and Ali urday at i a. M. Arrives on wednesday Anil saturday at i2in. null departs on 7 a. In. Arrive on thursday at Quot i p. In. Kay Villi a Ireum Izaki depart a on saturday at 1 . Arrives same Dayan 12 m. Portland Mill null i i spurts on Friday at 7 a. In. I arrives on p n. Nark tall Hull departs iii la Sundus Quot excepted at i p arrived on to Silny thur Day and a p. To and wednesday Friday and slam Zines ror one year and a copy of either of the above Beautiful inc Ravitts Freo of chars to or if sub Oribin Stoa $2. And a $1 Magazine such As Peterson a and Challen Quot a ladies Christian annual they will receive both mafia Zines and copy of Cit Iier of the above i . Every description of engraving for on w Oxe Cutch with neatness and dispatch. Views of buildings. Newspapers head Ink. Views of machinery Book , lodore certificates business cards j All orders sent by mail promptly attended to. Per a sons wish lip views of their building engraved can t Send a Daguerreotype or sketch of Tho building by mail or express. Person set a distance having Saleable articles would and it to their adva Nuge to address the subscribers is j we would As agents for the Sale of the same. Byram amp Pierce .�0 South third Street. Philadelphia. A. Apri Iea def Tene hate amp Richmond Railroad. I change of time. Of take effect monday. At Iguel 4th. . H. 7.20 am arrive at ind Polis 10.53 . A a 7.40 Quot a a a 10wp.m. Ltd pc ind Polis 11.40 arrive at t. . N.4.�p. W. A a a a n.55p.m. 1 j. l j inc. I <50-iut t. A. Alton amp St. Louis Railroad. Change of time. I he l ars will Kiev the depot is to lows going . Drive Al St. Loin sunday kill a Luibil is closed one Milf hour in Tore the time of departure. H. H. Cohn will p. M. Rj.40 a. M. Arrive att. Lonix 10 . �?�j.1�op. M. Quot Ket Vking. . Louis �.40 a. A. Arrive Al t. H. 7 p. A. H . A a a a . L. . W. O. Hint ass Tnp. Only 30,1836-dtl. Tobacco and teas. Yak have a Large lot of sir Porio tobacco and teas which we will sell Al h p til. At the original wholesale costs. Grocers before stocks would do Well to pure slug Rall at f�b.a0-Dll Hanson to s.4 n. Erk nor. A a a l a ski a. Turner amp Mckean receiving forwarding and commission merchants. A balers in Oran flour Salt. A. the canal near Ftp if. k. I it. Kkt srput. Rorry it i a it i6. . Ross. Josih loss forwarding and commission Busine j i u open Tiki j dealer in Fiir Ain thu us lit Chestnut Street and Headon canal a iii formerly occupied by h. H. Smith -3kr---------- Keler to j in Bakly gras fist res i l 0 wer than the l 0 West a t stir slip on �11 1 sirt it. Three doers Orthof Scudder s ice Cream Saloon. Behave in received a Large of Gas and Malo arrangements with messes. Corne Liuz Hakert co., of us Reg ii holy with All their latest pattern of Clia Dellers brackets poll ars Khop lights pendants. Fancy shades and globes. Vve Are also prepared to fit up stores dwellings. Churches and buildings of any a a a i Lipil >1, to lower Price than any other Etab i Lisl Mentio the City. Person a a i interest to give us cull belch crafts lot pipe and fixtures Roll lakh a Harl. It i 1 Jiey Iski in for till the Gas works arc ing fluid i amps for ail these lamps Are of Tho Best and latest style. Born link pined and option Sene or the Best Quality kept constantly of Tiai i. Powder shot Lead a new article of Kustic gun wadding to tonne ear la Tripoli for cleans int Glass plates or windows Glass chimneys for lamps and Gas burners and Gold and Silver Ware. Prot Alons and grocer Lead of All kinds and qualities kept constantly on hand. Jonkin a team in metallic packs or by the Chest or Pound warranted pure Aud in adultery eur. Nir turd and Allee a from Harrison a . On. Cincinnati and Beatty. Of payt on War ranted pure and in fact every article usually kept or that is possible to get hold of May be found at this House and at is Low prices As any other one can or will sell. It on try and �1 other will do Well to give us a Call and look through our Stock As our prices Are based upon the Princi it pie of link and let i no it paid fat Rall kinds or country pro Duce. 1 an exp Reaa Wagon win be kept to carry purchases made at this House to any part of the City. Oct. 7,183�. Hudson it Bro insurance Agency. Fire and Marine. Tana insurance company Hartford Conn. Capital $500,000. Home insurance company new York. Capital $500,000. I listen in insurance company Hartford Conn. 1 capital $aoo.. Sprint yield fire and Marine Ini Urence company Springfield mass capital $200,000. Jet applications received and policies is cd on favourable terms at the banking office of Mckoen a Tousey by j. B. Eager and k to Insp a sept.28, ie56-d6m a ends. Wanted. A Good will find employment at fair wages by applying soon to Tho undersigned at i Bis Mill six Miles North East of Terre haute. Sept. 29. Do Law Markle. Fancy of millinery my. Abbott having just received a Lar Geistodt of fall goods 1 would invite Tho attention of All who wish to Purchase any Art icle in my line to and examine my fancy bonnets of every variety style Caps and head dresses. A Large Stock of ribbons und Flowers of every Quality and Price. A Largo assortment of embroideries laces and edgings gloves and also a variety of fancy articles too numerous to mention. Ladies Call and see for yourselves. Oct. 10.1856d3mos the Wois Der of Fth nineteenth Centi it. Import ant and of great consider at to the suffering Thos. A. Hurley s a is 3airs� Aap Piaf a Amin a of All the remedies that have ing the present age for the Quot thousand ills that flesh is heir to Quot none equal this wonderful preparation. Only three years have elapsed since the discoverer who spent decade in studying Experiment Tai izing and perfecting if first introduced it to the Public and it is already recognized by the most Emi Nen physicians in All parts of the country Tobe the effective remedy Forcer Aiu Dis eases of which they have knowledge. La other compounds or syrups of the Root have hit h crts failed to command the Sanction of the faculty because on being tested they Bave been found to contain noxious ingredients which neutralise the Good effects of the Sarsaparilla and oftentimes in Urethe . Itis Notson with Hurley s preparation. This is the Purland Enuine extract Oft Bruot a will on trial be found to effect a certain and Porfe cure of the following complaints and diseases affections of the Bones , debility in discs disease of the kidney live complaint new books i Worth and wealth a ooze a Tiou of i Lair to morals and mice Lulea it merchants and men of bus less by Frank Baat editor of the Quot merchants r. Sponge s sporting tour a edited Frank forester with six coloured ital Kudrav Kucij. Willer s expedition to Nicaragua a history of the Central Amer Lisa War and the Sonora and Kinney fix editions incl Iulg All the recent diplomatic Corr spot Dence together with a new and accurate asap a Central America by we. V. Wells. It i never too late to mend a mater of fact Romance by Chas. Read Thorulf Quot Peg Worlington Quot 4c. The Kansas War or. Ibe Conquy us of chivalry in the crusades of the 19th Centory. A heroic poem. at w. i mormon wives a narrative of facts stranger than fiction by Metta vector a Fuller. The Rifle axe and Saddle bags and other lectures by William of feat Melburn. The natural history of the human , their Laws in relation to marriage,&c., by w. Byrd Powell. Marrying too late a tale by George Wood. The Humours of Falconbridge a collection of humorous and very oaf scenes by Jonathan Kelly. The history and records of the elephant club by Knight Russ of Kalis. 1 and a. K. Phi hinder Doe Sticks p. B. The Hills of Shat muck by the author of the Quot wide wide forsake at Buckingham s Bookstore. Dec. 6-Dtf Mcdonald s treatise / a the Law relating to the Powers a and duties of justices of the Peaco Andora stables in the state of Indiana with practical forms and essays on various titles of the common Law. By David Mcdonald. For Sale by . W. H. Buc Kikham. Piles pulmonary diseases scr Fula or King s kill syphilis. Will find it to their i i sink the Isaac Ball Cash Cash Cash Terkel a Tel cd. He mint ili co k s. To lab thru ,."�.prof. Woods celebrated hair restorative. Just received and for Sale at wholesale and retail by t. A Barb amp co., druggists Aud chomlst9,c a. 4th so mud at. May 7. It Joff or. Wasson Ross building a ill give through receipts to Al of a v the Bra Tern cities also to Chicago and St. Louts on ship mention merchandise the Indianapol gift Cinel nne a balls old a dlr Napols Pittsburgh it Cle Sund by balt More and Ohio bal Road Ila ii sent Rel Bill Road guaranteeing Ali path and Froe of any charge for drayage storage Porcoro Ais Slon. Sep. I4 dem a medical Votice. J. to inform uld friends Aud the Public that he has removed Kail s clock opposite the Stewart Blouse where he May be found at All times in Levi absent on professional business. Thankful or Pai avos he respectfully solicit a continuance oath lie a to Lin Inck on Eastside of and St., two and iii Are it South of the ourt House. Kuiv in it. Pia1�o�o09. Jianos Mil Okonn and can by i in Diu Ait Low for Cash or on Good paper at a i. , agent. No. show. At the Terre haute leather store a a the West Side of the Public Square two doors from Ohl Ostreet which we Bave opened in connection with our Tannery in the immediate neighbourhood thereby enabling Stopay the Aifa tac Casa Usfo Reldea i help and Over Mil no a in any Quantity. this Spring also Gunbie a to pay higher prices for Wool of Al grades than any other House in the West. Give us a look before going elsewhere. Blk in a mabs Hali. A Riise def the undersigned having transferred his business tithe above firm takes pleasure in recommending . Paris hotel formerly known As Green tree hotel South Side court St., East Side Public Square Paris Ollil Inoia. This House has lately been much enl urged and otherwise improved making it Superior in size and Comfort to any hotel in the place. Jim Quot Shaw it Earnest s livery stable directly opposite. Tit omnibus to and from the depot free. July 34,Dom r. Patton proprietor Otenti biding cups. For a Bice silk Plush Riding Cap fur gems go the new York hat store. Mrs. Abbon open on thursday the 4th ii it. A lend id assortment of win tier bonnets. Of the very latest styles just received from new York which she will sell Low. Price and styles to auit All tastes. Of All who Aro in want of no Bonnet Are in Itati to Call and Azania no bar Stock december 3-Dtf a a a a a in no pm of Ali it 1� All Kirkuk or Furj a Btij re a Corner of second and Cherry a Street Tobbi Hai to . I All orders prompt executed. September 15.1856-dly notice those knowing i. De to the late firm of j. It Noperi co., Wil ply Ime Call at the store of s. Wolle a co. Ami Settle and those having demands it i iii l the ��.im-, w ii t n w it them for payment. Nov. A def i. A old i pc i dyspepsia Erysipelas female irregularities fistula. Andal skin do hisses. Besides curing the above twin also known to be a great and powerful Ying the blood and invigorating by system. ,iii Theca semen toned Aud its general offs con the system the most Elt tracious As it is the most desirable remedy of the age. U is already extensively tied throughout the country Andis fast obtaining an european reputations. has effected Are daily a knowledge and he has no hesitation in recommending to on and All who desire to procure Relief from suffering. One bottle being tried its effects will he to apparent to admit of Furth redoubt. Or recollect Hurley s sars Parilu is the out genuine Artic Leiu the Market. A Quot to Price 11 per bottle or six bottles for $5. A Quot for Sale at the manufactory Corner seventh and Green streets. Loui Kviz Vilie by. And by All wholesale houses throughout the United states Aud Canada. Sold hereby j. K. I Ninkham and p. M. Do n . April93,185ri-d&wlr. Valentine amp co s fast freight line a air ad., oboe. We have established a fast freight line Between new York and Boston and Tho West All the Way by hallway. Messengers accompany each train ensuring dispatch in Tran port nation. Having our own ears at All times under our control we can with certainty deliver go oils in Terre Auto it from seven to nine Days time from new York thereby saving to the shipper the vexatious delays incident to frequent re shipments by the flow freight line. My damages to freight promptly adjusted by the company s agent at this Point. All goods Lould be marked Quot by Valentine amp co s fast freight new Corfe freight will a delivered in Terre haute at the rate of $�,25 per Hundred Poji ids. Less than a Hundred pounds Chur god two prices. Valentine amp co., 175 Broadway new York. J. G. It ssh. Agent Terre Hante ind. July 3�,185�-dw Jamks . The court of Napoleon society under the first Empire by Ith sixteen portraits of it beauties Winand heroines by Frank b. Goodrich. One vol. Royal Octavo Turkey antique Price 913,50. Dec.6-Dtf at Buckoham a. Helm it Chish commission merchants for tie Sale of provisions float amp Grain a of. Hand 43 Pou dra Street oc.t.9,l j56-6mo8 new Obi bal a. Inert Haiti tailor. The undersigned at the old stand of Flynn it Roll on the West Side of tie Public Square have ust received the nicest Eichect and finest goods the Eastern Market birr do and. Will keep his Supply renewed so As to suit Bis old new customers. All orders will be promptly and satisfactorily tilled in a neat and Superior style Low for . The undersigned is g at enl to his former friends and desires them to continue their patronage May 4 def Kobert a. Fli Jiw. Young s great physiological work the pocket Escull Piitz out every one his own doctor. Being a private instructor for married Persona and those about to marry both male and female. In the physiology and Reta Loaa of the sexual a Ysac a and the production or prevention of offspring including All the now i Soterias never before give. In the English language by eth. Young m. D. This is really a valuable interesting work. It is written in Plain language for tie general Reader and is illustrated with upwards of on Hundred engravings. Ahyoung married people or those contemplating marriage and having the least impediment to married life should read thu it discloses secrete that every one should be acquainted with. Still it is a Book that must be kept locked up a d not lie about the House. It will be sent to any one of he receipt of 25 cents. Address or. We. Youko no. 15i Spruce Street above 4th, Philadelphia. Oct. 8, is to Way Bigelow life of col. Fremont. Humorous poetry of the English a mss Guage by Parton. Never too late to do Good by read. Confidential letters of Napoleon and of Phene by j. S. C. Abbott at sept. 20, def child s Book Storb. Two houses and lots for Sale. J Wil sell on reasonable terms _ business House adjoining Bui Tiu a hotel the Corner of Market and Walnut streets a City. Also a House and on Market Street. Oct.7-Dtf. Henrt Jah isor is of in i a card for lir . I the great turkish Peru Lical a f.,r Tho Inix Nii it Diate removal of of Streu . , pro Lapsus Uteri falling of built. U ,iit.,i a. In , or Whiteh ac., in. These Pilu have never in a single Liiste Niico Faizi d in producing the menses. Too Mudi Cai Inot 1h> so in in their favor. No Wom in can enjoy goal he ii that particular Puri of Ber Peculiar is do ranged. So canes a at stomach he Idich Laii guru la Biliy paid the head a a do and blk Loi it of Unic tits ,&c., Are Somi of the Hysni Stumf Sliu h at tend irregular menstruation. Car Nln a it Timo a ire these pills to remove on Arul Ninf sgt nip Otiis. Be Suro and get the genuine a Holch hat or a Hitmi Turo on once Box. The Pilu m i v l. A Hal it idd i so ing or. San Floy amp io., Ami ii closing i l Quot will 1 0 sent by return Nuil. N. whose it Himath a ili my p. Rii it of in increase of family a ili Len it a these l Ilia s flu a preventive. Ladies who Are pregnant thou id Noi use Lii w l ill Esthey Are sure bring on , thou him injury Tolio Alth would Folus. Address do. San Floy a co., do to Cincinnati Ohio. Sui. Amp j. N. Kris her in clocks watches jewelry and fancy goods North Side of the Public Square read Street Terre Hutc Indiana. T 7=&Quot n. 1.�?i Artl Culner attention to repairing. Sept.22. Book agent wanted i by the Lari rest Hook establishment in the Uris Ted states which in exclusively devoted to Quot Tupp Lyyii it is am \nv\.sskks. The under is Ned wish to Call the if i together with �11 kinds of Kook a All who Irv ,u d in Groce Tiet and plot Ilion the Hooks Ziy , it tji Ehrlist of Piini Mic i As a re kept in a Houise furnish tit Pri i i tie Val Nabu undo pm i Nore. Hudson in Bros a works now in the . Dei Eluber 10, la >0-Dlf our i holes Ile Are no Low thai a Kyo us fill agent fur tiie. The i Tiem if with population i and wealth. Aid is ill supplied with of n Sui Iid. R i Ehara Cler. A rare oppor Ivinity is make Money and do to ill Ian ii tune please open a with 1-, and we shall take pleasure in fur hats and Wool hats 1,1. A ends of fur hats at from to to is Wool lists Tiroui w cents to �1,50, a Kew York hat Stori Iwlew firm. 1have Visio cited with me to Tbs hardware business or. Samuel Harvey and the business will hereafter he the name of manwarring Ujj 1/arvey Potwin de Burnam Manwai ring Aud Burnam and Joel manwarring Willie aet an Settle up much needed. Jokl Man Warbin. Ai mesh Supply of Oll Anges cur. Ii kits ra18in.s, figs and Citron Drill Whiat Loney and save labor i t is Uli fact among Farmers who use Drill i hit Iacre is a saving of 10 or is per cent in labor and from two to three pecks of Grain Pur acre while the yield it from i to a a per cent More than the Broad Illing. Who you procure a Good Drill u de rut 0k41n at u desired depth there being no loaves a Ridge of Earth Between the i rows a if seed to protect it from the severity of Winter. To have Kuhn a celebrated Drill which u ter Superior to any other in use on account of the feeders which prevents it from choking and Destt Butas the seed evenly in any toil. Time and Sec. Aug. 0, it j. Cooper cd. Forward Lii to Vojir address our Ceneria circa posit s Vii. Nit ok41n at u desired depth Thero being Lar of i inks terms and full iii fornication Rel aide to Ilie business. Went woke Ali co., few Vashii Itomi .St., Lioi in. ? .lulaw.-�tv. Firt of free Hout in Clud Iliff in account of Lils explorations disco Trees Ami adventures on five sue Jessive expeditions across the North american continent voluminous. A elections from his private and Public correspondence a his defence before the court martial and a ill reports of his Pron civial a Pochoe in the Senate of Ilie United states by Joba Bigelow for Sale at w. H. Blocking Ham . A Dir we Large Utip ply of the latest at Las and Patter Nauf and Queens Ware together with t inst splendid baskets of All Siisea forma and Hiona. At Hudson Sdeo. 16 def House furnishing store
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