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Terre Haute Daily Express (Newspaper) - January 7, 1857, Terre Haute, Indiana Vol. Al. Terre Hautly. Ixo Viaina. January 7, 1857 no. 311. Published daily &t1t0. A Modesitt s build Knob. It. It i. Iii Dmn �,.proprietor. Terui Nubuor Letlon. I l ii i Veitii per week Payn Hlf to tie cd mfr. Iii Tennih Tor do it Rte Hinig we lib fial. A i Rorre haute lodges. F eve Kiho Stab Temple Honor to 50�?meet� at their Templo. What to Ide Public Square Over Quot Meric Iii express fish Quot Ever Moi Ulav Everi Iii. P. S. Westfall Vav. C t t. A oui w. A Monino Stab social Temple. No. 38�?meets in the Hull the Temple Honor every wednesday . Miss Ann Stevens a p. Mus. H. M. Got us s. R. I. 0. 0. F. I foot Habbison Lodge to. 157, meet at Odd Fellows Hall in the porn trip City Uii ilium a every t ies in nil jul. 1 r a rail liars a re Resper Truilly in 1.1 Viii this loaf be. Pm m n. I. Iii is i. Tebbe have Lodge no 51�? meets at Odd fellow Hall in the Prairie City Nihil Diniz a. Every i ening. Lox h. Ohio Elk. N o., Slutt Nett see. In. In rising Sun insurance co., rising Sun Ini. Authorized capital. .�luo.ooo. It a Tot Host to Lui Lunt. Incorporated k0.4ud Nikk Tuic a Lithia la k. K. , j. Wklli., s. F. Cov Soto. J. \v.l�, we. T. Paty to inc Roll ski in. Jenci. Frai t. J. la. We h. . 1. .1. Haiti Vav j. 1. The inv j. W. .spit�?z.i�k. H. I. relay. , Hii ii. Lilo to pro Iii Tilv adj Imlej a in Siil in re a i n without . I ire Ami Murine i a Khinki ii at Seq nth Hll i 11 so ii Ecsi Rizir Roo will Call . . Tit ice in Union brr a s Siisi Elium it a. A. Covington . a 5-.ly. Kek ii.4k if i Paim i i titled Bollon Abbey in in. Olden a Splon j Dill i tip Al engraving from Trio Clebra tort Nln tinier by i and the Quot a Arturo the israelite a i Roui yet Quot ii Large and in Ravine from a paint a Ink by n. Job fran. That a let ii print Tho above in Kra Ink i.>is3 por copy Lull will be omit ref Rharer a is follow the sub ii Ribi irs hav established a Book gun Culini Philadelphia and will furnish any let ook publication at the retail Price fret postage. Any persons by for i Vardine the Ubico Ripton Price any the 53 Mara Rines such such As Harper Godoy a. Pulun s. Grahams prank Leslie s Kasl inns tc., will receive the Morazines ror one year and u ropy Ither the above Beautiful Enjo ravings free Charlie if sub Deribin Ottoa 82, and a 81 Magazine such As pc Larson and Challen a ladies Christian annual they will receive both magazines and copy either the above engr Rovini Quot every description King Ravine Wood executed with neatness and dispatch. Views build incs newspapers Headin ifs views machinery Book illustrations Lodge certificates ii siness cards �? a order sent by mail promptly attended to. Per House furnishing store. Uk.4leks in a Ueen sware glassware. Groceries Aud provisions. A mechanics rite Terre haute. India i l int door eat Tofu. Cooper a in co t sl�9t store. Bonnets ribbons cloaks mrs old Cica Klisit to full invites the atle Kiuon a Ros d Biars i1�ow Oll Vring at the a Hove St Mill i Itil arrivals and Pii Triin s the malls. To urn Lvii Lehil departs daily sunday excepted at p. I. Arrive a Quot a a it a ii. In. Mem Lvii a Mil by Terve haute timid St. Jimh iir., departs daily Iii Days excepted at 3 p. In. Arrived daily Quot Quot ht7 . Nik Loril null by a Vaisvile and Urato Idaville iir., lie parts daily. Sunday excepted al_3 p. In. I rips daily Quot Quot at 7j p. M. It Ilia in mail departs daily siiri Ivy i v. .-pie.l. It 7 . Arrives daily. Quot it7 . Tit rout Ulii Dep Nikon tue Day. I Luis Day and satiirilay.7 a in. Arrives in monday wedge Ilay and to p. In. 4 Rit it Orilo vill it it unil departs monday find at 1 a. In. Arrives wednesday and 12 in. Prtini Kville null departs 7 a. In. Arrived thursday at 5 p. To. He Vuknic it Recu Cuil depart 1 p. In. Arrives same Dayan 1 a in. A a Ort Nikl Nizlik it Hll departs Friday at j a in. Arrived thursday at a it. La. Surf Liall Thil departs Iii la Send by except we at 4 . Trivis tuesday Aluir Day and to it p. In. And we one it iday Friday and sunday. At p. In. It Kach mail is closed one Hall hour be lord i tie Lime departure. I. H. . P. M. By mail sons wishing View their building Engra Send n sketch the building express. Persons at a distance in Vine Saleable articles would find it to their advantage to address the subscribers As we would net is aleuts for the Sale the same. Blk am amp Pirock. A a South third Street. Philadelphia. A. April2i. Rtt Eirc Hante k Kich Iliond Railroad. Change time. 10 i inti Eft act Mogul no. At Yunt 4 h. Ikic. T int pol Date ensnare glassware Oroee Iles it prov la ions to bold department is Fil if with tiie finest and most desirable specimens Art cons Stintin unit kill Oil Init and Tea Keith a Quot Ine and Plain Ditt Crent Btu let patterns Nia in und a mid prices spoons knives Aud Forks and every Tiisik else used upon a talc. Luek Nirham and yellow Ware i the Best Quality pitchers. I see Wash setts a. Olaski Mem with Plain and lit Fri lies a Large and Small 4 lot Willow warts it differ Imit nrticie., Cuch As Waco in Kiisk ets a to. Ai a1 fuse selection fancy baskets the la vat Quot Tyl ii and patterns Ruby bucket a Clinna a. Drc a All a a yes. A Ortr article barn int fluid i amp a for ail Riese lumps Are the Best and latest style. He Rainier Flold and phone the Hest Quality kept constantly A nil. Powder shot Lead Caps and a new article gun wadding. La nil Earle vol polio kor clean it in Glass plate win Ilotti Glass chimneys for lamp ind gag burners and Gold and Silver Ware. Prov Niena and Croe Erlest All kinds and qualities kept constantly hand Lenkon a team a in metallic packs by the client Pound warranted pure and Una ii Terii cd. Engraved can a i Nulud Aad a Pleet a Froin Harrison a Khz. Teli. Cincinnati and health. Of Dayton our rented pure and in last every article usually Kepi that is possible Lorei hold . Ii May he round at this House and at Low prices As Uii other can will sell. Country Hitler Chantay and Hii other Wii Ido a Cali and look Tiro ii h our Stock As burp Alcea Are based upon the Princi. Ile Ivahn Ltd Call paid f Rali kills Coli Irr pro Duce. An Kex Presa is Aifons will by Kepi to mrry Jiu chases Mude at this Huso part the City. . Hudson k Bro s. . I 1. Ii. 7.20 am arrive a a 7.40 Quot Siul polish to am k. . A. 10.,. . T. H. 3.1.. A a . t. Hut customers and the Public Kene Rully. To a Hino und Well selected Stock fall and a Tyler bonnets Kibbons. Cloaks Tolmas trimmings , laces. Artill civil Flowers Heidi dresses. Gloves hosiery ,&c., a. Koi kts�?1 have pm Levored to make n Complete selection so As to be Able to incl the demands All Wiio May be in need and now have hand a much larger Stock than usual which i am daily incr Easlick. Lib Bozif it in never before have i Broil Jill to this Market so Large a Stock and Foel cont Dent hint 1 can sat isl v All wants in this line. I Uakini and Taii Tiase my Stock is Larse and Thi patterns various. I venture to say that so food a Chance for a selection Cuisinot be found in the City. Prices Raj Froid $3 to >0. have a Jeneral assortment dress and cloak sind a Streat variety fancy \ Ell Trimani Iii jul dare 1 1 111, 111. Yuri Only a Lav a aniline i a boil it evil >1 Havicon Stalyon linux. The most Imp Roveil patterns collars. Hands. , King Infra Aud insert Intro. 1 also have the Black Luce collars and the Plain and Hugle lace for making them. most Choice selection Chenille and Kibbon head dresses can lie ii id at my store. Awn Mosi Ehy i keep a ipod gloves and hosiery for Lidys misses and children. A Good selection Luce be Rege und mourn Init vails can be found among my a tools. Also Ancelot infant s vol and Cashmere hoods. Linly s Wool so ves hoods and opera Caps. For a list articles not mentioned Call at to. 7, pc unix Row where prices will be Nide to suit the times. Terre halite oct. 8, iti50-d3w-Wtf the Wois Der Fth n t e t c c n t h k t i k v. Import ant and great consideration to the suffering. Thos. A. Hurley s a up a info a ii Esi a Luhe remedies that have been discovered Dur Iii the present age for the Quot thousand Illi that flesh is heir to Quot non equal Telb wonderful prepare Tion. Only three years have elapsed since the discoverer who spent a decade in tallying. And perfect us it first introduced it to the Public and it is already Rico ruined by the most Emi Neil physicians in All the country to Bethe for certain Dis eases which they have knowledge. A my other compounds syrups therrol Havenith Erio failed to command the Sanction the faculty because a n being tested they have been found to contain in Redie nth which neutralise the Good effects the Sarsaparilla and oftentimes in Urethe health the patient. Itin Notson with Hurley s preparation. This is the pure and in inc will trial he found to effect a certain and Pere cure the following complaints Aud diseases affections the Bones habitualcobtiveiii.,�, new books Worth and wealth a Collet Tiou us maxims morals and Muc Elusim few merchants and men busue89by Frank unit. Editor the Quot merchants i Amine Quot . Sponge s sporting tour a edited Frank forester with lir coloured Tyml . Waller s expedition to Nica Kaguma a history the Central amerte War and the Sonora and Kinney expedit Iowa including All tic recent. Diplomatic Corret pop Dence together with a new and accurate big Poi Centoni America. By win. V. Well. I is never too late to mend a mat fact Romance a Chat. Kettle Ai Thor be Woffington Quot amp a. The Kansas War . The cob quota chivalry in the a crusade a the 19th Century a heroic Poe i. Oct. To def at w. H. Buck Ligham to a i. Lib in ill if. Alton in St. Lioi is Railroad. Indices Lon Pilen pulmonary Liaise ass so Dorhla Ork la Kvil a syp Liilie. R he lows change time. Irs will Ive till it a jut going Wisl drive at is. 1-.40 a. M 3.10 p. A. . St. L.<ilii�9.40 a. Arrive h p. To l. w. I. Hour ass Insp t. . 10 . I a. A. It t. H 7 h. M. Cam. P Giulei Ighut. A its ii. To intr. Khz i. M Kwh. Turner amp Mckeen receiving forwarding and Commissi ii merchants dealers in . Floor. Salt. A tic. Quot Akk Iii ski the canal. , i he i err i unite a i Wiiri Ovid Iii id k. C. Us , l Erre my. Aurrli t . Lulls ii t a Ltd. . Forward inst and commission business i i n operation Nealei n in 4iriaiu, Louee chef nut Street and head anal uasi ii formerly occupied by h. H. Smith to Krak Hal to a in. Herr t,.�? 1 1>. , a co. I a Khz Hauth. 1 a. K s. Wolf s tobacco and teas. A have a Large lot us Perio tobacco a Tes which we will sell at the. Iurii Iqual wholesale Cost to grocers before stocks would do Clito re Flat in i Bro s. fixtures l m a a a the l West \ r Dur Shou a ii l in to. Twin c doors nor Abotsi Mulder a Szonn. Behave just received a Stock Gas and . A and made arrangements with messes. Corne Lium. Baker u co., , to Supply ii Rej uni by with a ii ii in test pattern a chandeliers brackets. Pil ars shop lights Pond Ute. Fancy Shi Dermuid globes. We Are also prepared to fit up stores Wiwel Liugi churches and buildings any ii Sci option. It lower Price than any other Estah like int ii Iii the City. Persolio will India to to Ileri it i Toivi us Coll be Torr Al it Iii Torii Coli try its 1 11 Fiji a my . Roll leu in Kauley. And Imine asked Lor till the Guy works Arthuu Del. Jeneral Insu Iancy Agency. Fire and Marine. company , . Capital $500,000. Home insurance company new Vork. Capital $500,000. I inn Virance company Hartford i Oiin capital $200,000. S i Ini held fire and Marine com Pany Springfield m.i-,s Jii Pital $ 2n0,000. A it App Licata us received i us keys use., throughout the. Lied favourable Krins. At the Bank Iii Ofhie country Andis fast obtaining in european repute Vicke ii let Tousey by. j. B. Has Eek and r. Tousey. Is Jet. 28, 185c-d6m . Waterf. A Good will find employment it fair wages by applying soon to the undersigned at i his Mill Nix Miles North East Terre Auto. I sept. 29, do Law f. A Kulk. Fancy millinery mrs. Abbott having just received a Large Stork fall goods. 1 would invite tin attention All who wish to Purchase any Urlile ill my line to Call and examine my fancy Bonnet every variety i and style Opan and head Dresse. A Large Stock ribbon and Flowers every Quality and Price. A Large assortment lace and edgings gloves and also a variety fancy articles too Mii Nerous to mention. Ladies Call and see for yourselves. Oct. 10,1856-d mos Isaac bail prof. Vood s celebrated hair restorative. J list received and for a ale at wholesale and Rotali by t. A bark amp co., oru Kilili and Cheni uts Cor. 4th amp main at. May 7. Def Jom g. Wassow Koss building a ill give through receipts to All a a the Kostern cities Alio to Chicago and St , shipments merch undue Oruro Ducenor the int Anapolle oin Alnuti Railroad Indianapolis Patti Burgh it Cleveland a a Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Illinois Central Railroad any charge Tor a drayage it Brake comm Hsion. Hep. U dam i medical Motice. J. H. Long desires to inform his old Friend and the Public that Herbai removed Latuf Alceto Carljr a Idock opposite the Stewart Blouse where to May be found at All time Inlet Ibsen it proven signal Bual Nea. Thankful for pad a continuance the Lisl Lik Tkv onus Atilde Piid at., Twu and a a i Rire it South the Uirt. House. Lulu us let. Pia Ivos. My Lodkins and Fiolic Ank can be in Good Paner at Brinton a a but. r i Iii jul lows Orriah avow. Cash Cash Cash at the Terre haute leather store the West Side the Public Square two doors i from Ohio treet which we have opened Incon Nec Tion with our Tannery in the immediate neighbourhood thereby enabling Auto pay the Righett rank pried a Forli Leif a Bop and Deer ski Ike id Anyu Aulty our Eastern arrange cuts thl Spring also enable a to pay higher Prucca for Wool All Grade than any other Boule in to sweat. Give a a look before . Klein amp Marshall. Aprll9�-dtl having transferred Hie bum Looma tithe above firm Takei pleasure in recommending them to his for Thel patronage i. Griffith. Aids la a Oil cult a amt Kazier to am. Of Furj iture Corner second and Cherry streets to wbk Hal l.si�. All orders promptly executed. September 15, i ski dlr debility Hitense Oft lie k Iii Meyi dyspepsia Erysipelas female Fisli Ilii and alls Iii besides curium tie above itis Ilso know n Thibea powerful tonic purifying the Bloomil and i n i Norfi Iii the Hysi Iii 111 it Iii it is 11 the cases mentioned and its general Al Linclon the system t he most Ellica Cious As it is the most Deh Brablc remedy the age. Itis already extensively used throughout the tons. euro it has effected Are daily coming to the proprietor s knowledge and he has no hesitation in it to and All who do Giretto procure Relief from suffering. On bottle being tried its erects admit fourth redoubt. Jtj recollect Hurley s Sarsaparilla a a the j genuine Artici Ein the Market. A Quot to Quot Price �1 per bottle six bottle sports. A try for Sale at the manufactory Corner seventh und Green streets. Louis Sivilie ky., Aud by All throughout the United states and Canada. G soul hereby 1. and p. A. Lion . Aprili3,lh.5r,-d� Way. Valentine if co s fast freight line noisy and oboe. / e have established a fast freight Lino Between Vav new Torii Aud Koston and the West All the Way by railway. Messengers acco Ninny each train ensuring dispatch in transportation a Lavinia our own curs at All limes under our control we can with certainty deliver goods in Terre haute at from hot it Veu to nine Days Lime from new York then by saving to tie shipper the vexatious delays incident to frequent Rushi Ime uts by the slow Felt it damages 10 freight a promptly adjust Ltd by Trio company a agent amp to this Point. La Eood should be marked Quot by Valentine a co s fast freight grew York Frei tit will l e delivered in Terre Auto it the rate per Hundred . Lesa than a Hundred pounds charged two prices. Ltd a co it5 Broadway new York. J. G. A Tibok agent Terre Flat to ind. July 9e,i85fl-Ilw i Hales Cri Riller. A m. Risk Ltd. V. Pc j. A. Ivel Shafir in clocks Wai Ehos jewelry and fancy goods n Orth Side the Public a Nauru re a Pabis hotel formerly known As Green tree hotel South Side court t., Earl Side Public Square Parin ill Infin. Phis House has lately been much enlarged and Othor lie improved oink Ink it Superior in size and comport to any hotel in the place. Up it Shaw amp Earnest a livery stable directly oppo byte. Top omnibus to and from the depot free. July 94,d6m r. Patton proper Lett cents Riding Ftp. For a Nice silk plumb hiding Cap for gent i the new York hat store. A St. Abbon will open thursday tie Titi inst., a bul Enfrid aae orment it it Winthie bonnets the very latest styles just race veil from new York which she will sell Low. Price and styles to suit All tastes. Of All who Are in want nut it Benn Tii Are invited to Call and Ltd re took dece Inbe 3-Dtf notice those knowing Llsms. null to the it Efini j. Doprr Vav o., Call at the store s. Wolfe a co. Mul Settle those having demands again it these Iii. W ill pies it them for payment. Street Terre Haut Iron arli .Ly Indiana. Ii Lar Luk pairing. Nov. L4-Dlf Ooi Iii i Quot co. X for tier r. . li.-11111> Trio immediate Ren Oval Obsi Riu Liui a irn Iii Larilis. Pro issus Uteri fall Ilia gift lib Viii 1, la Herrli a whiles &c., a these pills have never Ina Siule Iii Linci Faili d in. Producing the menses. Too Mueh Eai Imit be Suid in their favor. No Woi imn Cuil a nov goal la Ullh Lii ii that Lurtie ular part lie Peculiar urge Iii Liun is la ranked. Sickness Al Stoni Aeh a Iulah languor debility Puin the head Side and Back log a appetite Costi a Eiress acc Areson 01 the Yijin Plionis a Linh it tend irregular menstrual Ion. As certain Lime Are these Pilli to remove it okie and Ali Lii use sym Toins be Suro and get the Genuino r Hli h bus Mir Sla nature each Box. The so pills in it by hid sing Salloy amp o., and it Iii to it Iii to in pills will to Seni by return Niril. N. By Wales Liose he huh i1.>1 11,1 i Creato Fanelly �111 land i desc pills u him Cross jul preventive. Ladies who Aro Imi Imi pills. Motbey Are sure to bring mls marriage Thoi Igli 110 injury to h nth a Ranuld follow. Address Ith. San Kloy a co. S&Quot.-.i.-.i�, Dwolf Cincinnati Ohi. Fir Hata and Wool Batt. A 1.1. Kinds fur Hata at from Titu amp Wui Huta Kuusi m Tenta to �1,110, a Mhz Ohk hat Stu i. Book agent wanted b v the Hook Stabli Suhmei if in the United suites which is exd naively devoted to Suppi Viii agents i Anas skis. The undersigned wish to Call the attn Tiomi Ikek Entik and All who Are i invt rested 111 the sail look it i airy Way to their list Pii Bli fal Ion t he most Enli Satile und Bent ivors i inv 111 the Market. Lur we Iii it it ale in Cen a Are so i that a Ati a ii ran Realise a Small turn ii. The Rem West k teem Tii with population and wealth und is he ill supplied with books a stain car l character. A ran i it port Siuty is Ihen forc filtered to make Money and Doi Good at the same Limie. I lease open a correspondence with 11-, and i shall take pleasure in Fiir Wardnie to Vojir address our general i Mircu Lar Elf a Dicks. Terms and full information Rel it vhf to lie in Iii Ess. Want wok Ril Achi Washinton St. ,.� i ofi7 Lidit w Law. Rry Ito it it in. Shul Iii 11 in i int his disco i ties and and Ventur Quot you i Ive successive Ken editions i Cross the North american Coli finont voluminous a election from big private and Public correspondence a his Kef Enco before the court martial un4 Lull to mormon wives a narrative facts stronger than fiction by Metta Victoria Fuller. The Rifle axe and Saddle bags and other lectures by William Henry Milburn. The natural history the human temperaments their Laws in relation to marriage,&c., by w. Byr Powell. Marrying too late a tale by George Wood. The Humours Falconbridge a collection humorous and every Day scenes by Jonathan f. Kelly. The history and records the elephant Knight run a Ock Sld a. 1 and q. K. Philander doe8tickb,p. B. The Hills Shat muck by the author the Quot wide. Wide for Sale at Buckingham s Bookstore. Dec. 6-Dtf Mcdonald s treatise tile Law relating i to the Powers Anil untied justices the peace and constables in the state Indiana with practical form and essays various title the comm ii Law. By David Mcdonald. For Sale by dec.6-Dtf. W. H. Buckingham. I the court Napoleon so Cit by under the first Empire with sixteen portrait it beaut Lea with Ault heroines by Frank b. Goodrich. One vol. Royal Octavo Turkey Motique Price to a so. at 8. Helm amp Chism commission merchants for the Sale provisions flour amp grail a . 41 and 43 Coudrai Street oct.lk in Orosi new Uris Kane. Tier Chaisit Sailor. Thi. Undersigned it the old stand Liun 4c doll the West Side the Public Square have just received the nicest and finest goods the Eastern Market ,8nd__ will keep ills Supply renewed so a to suit hit old an4 new customers. My order will be promptly Andaas Factor ill tilled in a neat and a i Perior style Low car c.\sh. The is grateful to his form a friends and desires them to continue their Iii Tronn a. May to def Kobux a. It limn. Young s a Kat physiological work the pocket soul Pius every one his own doctor. Being a private instructor for married Penona und those about to marry both male and Fem Al. In physiology and relay Oak the sexual Suste m. Und the production prevention offs Primig i a eluding Ull the new die Overaa never before to Civet. In the English language by we. Young m. D. This is really a valuable and interesting work. It is written in Plain language for the general Reader and is illustrated with upward Hundred in cravings. All Young married people those contemplating marriage and having the least impediment to married life should read Ihil it discloses secrets that every one should be a a quaint de with. Still it is a Book that must be kept iocka4 up a a not lie about the Bouse. It will Begeot Tanar one 0 1 he receipt 25 cents. Address . We you no so. Spruce a Lre let above 4lh, Puad Elmbla. Oct. He i a. By Bigelow life col. Fremont. Humorous poetry the Englek Ijaz Guage by Parton. Never too late to do Good by read. Confidential letters Napoli Eory and Jeee Phene by j. S. C. Abbott at sept. To def child s Book Stork. Two houses and lots for Sale. 1wil sell reasonable terms. Business House adjoining Buntin s hotel the Corner Market and Walnut streets la i City. Also a House and Market Street. . Henrt Jami Bob new firm. 1have associated with Roe in the hardware business,.mr. Samuuel Harvey and in business will Hereof to Taenaka manwarring Harvey , and Kurn Iii and Joel Man warring will please to Call immediately an 1 Settle up time is Mudi needed. Unell Joel Mas warring. Al Lush Supply changes. Cur sin a rants hats is figs and Citron Tofi her with All kinds groceries and provisions a a Ucli As Are usually kept in a House Furini Ishizu More. Hudson a Bros. Dave Ember i Drill to Whiat make Moriet and save labor it is an Aii Uitti fact among Farmers who use drills unit there is a a a Ling Lilor is per cent. In labor 1111 1 from to to three pecks Grain per Scort while the Yii dil is from to Iii per cent. Mor j than the Broad list is i Ilu it u Hui you procure u Good Drill it a posit s a la till Omin at a desired ilex he there Beine 111 Wasut and i uves a Ridge Earth bet non in rows seed to protect it from the severity Winter. To have Kuhn a celebrated Drill which 1� Hereu Perlor to buy other in use account the feeder. A Iii ii Prev obits it from choking and distributed the it Tim Evi Iilva 111 an soil t Oliie und see. Aug. To. La j. Cooper co. Port his Princi tial speeches la the Senate tie 5�, by Jett Bigelow for Aale at. U. Ave. Quot yet k have a Large Supply the psf a it style v v and patterns it and Queens Wark. Together with a most splendid assortment baskets All Sixes forms and fashion at Hudson s
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