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Terre Haute Daily Express Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1857, Page 1

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Terre Haute Daily Express (Newspaper) - January 6, 1857, Terre Haute, Indiana A l. In. Leclire Haulk. La Lal a. January 5. 18-77 no. 310. Published daily at no. 2, Modesitt s buildings n. Y. Hosom a proprietor Tori in of sub it script Ion ton cents per week ii in Ibl Ltd to the . Our terms for Aliverti i Are lodges. A evening Stab Temple of Honor no 50�?moets at their Serapie West Side Publio Square Over Quot Ami rican monday Evenin . Westfall. W. C. T. T. M. Gould. W. 11. Fat a morning Star social Temple no. J 38�?meets in the Hall of the Temide of a to dior every wednesday Eveni Nini. Miss and of eve is s. P. Mrs. H. M. Gort a s. Ii. I. 0. 0. F. Jar fort Harrison Lodge no. 157, a sap meets Al Odd f it Prairie City Hii Ildie ii every i us Day it. It Quot i Brothers arc respectfully invited to visit Thi i Lodicie. Pm m Seal tighter. A i. Trios. L. In is Sec Tebrew Kate Lodge no 51�? meets at Odd Fellows Hull in the Prairie City in Vildins. Every i inlay eve tip no a. A lox 11. 0 h0ylf., by re kit Sec. L arrivals find Diin Liiri s a i lilo Mii is. Dej arts Ilii ily sundays excepted at s p. In. Drives Quot Quot Quot at j a. Iii. Wexler by Terre haute and St. Louis ., departs Quot daily sundays excepted at it p. In arrives daily Quot Quot at 7j i. Iii. us ii a to Vaisvile and raw Fordsville llr., de Quot parts daily sundays excepted at it p. In. Arrives daily Quot Quot at7 j >.in. Nyrl Sirn Lussil departs daily Sui Days excepted a 7 a daily Quot Quot al7p.ni. Irr Hijii tuesday and 7 a. In. Arrives on monday wednesday Friday at 6 p. In. A Riihl of a res a Viljo i Luil Dej arts on monday and at 7 a. In. Arrives us wednesday and Quot turd a at Luni. mail Dep Iris Oti i 7 a. In. Arrives on p. In. Allow it it a let ii Lluisi departs on 1 . Arrives same Dayan 1�o T Orl Laufle a ills in a de it Art Friday at j a. M. Arrives i Gnu thursday at a Quot it j. M. Illi Arnhall Luil departs daily sundays excepted at . In. Arrives on i tuesday thur Day and Day at a p. In. And wednesday Frid in and sunday. At 8 p. A j j a it h mail is closed Inie half hour he lore the time of hip arture. I. Ii. Porn will p. M. Sim i. M amp Mckiben receiving forwarding and 001� Mission merchants a nil Dha Oclis �.4/, Flou Salt. Ivc. k .-iioli.sj. A on thu Quot i in. in Rin i halite a a i. ,1, 1 in i Quot. Ilii depots. A i err. -m.ixir. M in i 1. -j.-.v,i Yaj j i 0 s s. Forwarding and commission business a Umi a a enless ill House in Rise Stout Street ail Liemiul i Quiat liar Kuri Mierly occur Neil by h. H. Smillir Khue Hairn i might. Octer 1,1 a ii i a a co., . K , it prof. Wood s celebrated hair restorative. Just i of Oivino uni for Sulo at Olioli Sale retail i a. H. 15.\k amp co., drug a lists Ami clip insists Cor. Atli amp main . May 7, it of Jojay g. Was son Koss Buli Dong ill me through receipts to All of a a tie i Stern cities also to cd itch i of ail St. A ii Sjon i Loil Mcelor the Indianapolis it Cincinnati Railroad Indianapolis pict Bargh it Cleveland Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Illinois Central Railroad Ispa Tih rec of Lucy charge Tor Oriya Esti Rii a Colum in a . Hep if Edical a Lotice. Del. Ii. Long desires to inform his t lil Enila Ami 111� Pui Init Lio liar in old let to Kaily h Lodi opposite tiie Stewart where at All Titues i Iless Pitisi Ntim prof Ohni Inal him my. for past Nodi 5 he i spec Tully Koll a Continio Alico Ollie i a Ilic n a ii on Oast Lili iffy St., two and ii nil i Quot a Riith of tie court House. A ii ill Al def. I Sivok. P1.\n is .mki,01k0ns Ormi Cooil paper no m.,s. A Piston a a. I. Liivand Gebiil. No ,.mechanic a Sun insurance co., of rising Sun 1x1. Iii Morizi d ? 0,000. Y Lii siness co Finoli to Trio state of i Liana. I Tcori rated. 1�o �o1. Leto acid s in a Ati Vav. H. K. La Ikima. , s. V. Cuvi sotos. .1. W l .ii.nni-. Pm. F. Hat. in Oil. Trai k. .1. . Pm h. T owki.i., 15. .1. , j. 1. To i key j. W. Spence a. H. .1. A , serve try. S. Hattia Vav Preiti legit. A Mil Osses pro Kintly Ailiin Teil a uni pail in Cash it without Ghatei Keiit Kiev i risks Talier it per Sdit in Sirini insure nor will cell on g. S. Lovs a Eul. Dill i a in uni in Kun Oyer Bimi s slide Stop s. V. Col Liron. . Ruly Lic Lily. Kurot a i Vuk i f lit ii in la it try in 111-om. I Al in up Teri Iliili irim l Duvini Troin to ii a Tel Risiti in Blini list All i Lio a a Ali Giarnini Chr Srai in ii Kirk it of Quot a Lari Hamil Diirr Avigil tvo a i it Aivil right a ii. . Tue Ruvil prior of thu alive in Irr Aviivii �1.� pit cop luit Viil l i is fit / str Forlin birr the have Estayo Lisheid n Boot Iju Van ii i Ali Laili a Plizia. Ami Quot l Iurii airy Lunik publication a 111&Quot Clail pried fryc of Pisla a airy per suits by l in Suli Crillion Price of airy of the at a i Iris. Olioli Kiich As Harpor i. Pm lev. L Itin airs Gra lain a. I rank will a Cocivi the my ror on it i a Ami a Cujic of hit of i a Ahova ii audit ii i ii rav s. T no of Char a. it Sib a a. Ais Mai Razim. Sudi As pct Tiomir i. Ii,.i Liall ii s . Christian i i. The will a ivc a a incs and copy of i Illus Olti a Ahova . a script of hair Ravin on Wool Lily Alness Ami i Patch. View a of la mini a. Pc Visia m is la Ciulini i \ ii is of machine re. Hook 11-Liiii-.-Iliois. Lode s. Cardi Vii orbit it Seni he mail in nip Fly attorn to. Por Floii. Wishing views of their Fiqiri Klivis Onira Voil Caius my a in alarm pro Typo sketch of Fth Hildin thy mail i Pri it is. Firs Usai ii Ilis Lance Salcldo articles Woi ild land Illo Linoir Adan Taircy to address Ilio Siili scribers. As it a i Woi Iid net is Al obits for the Sale of the Samo. a i kick. Quot a a South Tii ird Street . A. Aprile Ilyf Truro Onule in Pinchi Ismul Railroad change of time. To take Fiveco Mon div. August 4th. I . Of i Quot. arrive at Liu Polis .\.m. A a 7. 1 pm Quot a a Quot 1 1"id . Polis a Arrivi Al t. In. Elm. , . A a 1105pm. K. A. t. . Al amp St. Louis of time. A Pill uitus will Leuv the depot is Iol x lows West. A a. M. Arrive . a. A. .4iip. M. .�jam. Kkt King . s in. I a. A. Anime att. p. A. S p. A. It Quot Iam. L. I. . A. I. Ilin miss t sep t. . and teas. We have a lot of Sun Lici Iori Ohaco Saiid l . H we a ill sell at Llie of Liina i Ali Olessie Cust. M occurs before Wiiri , Lii u s Riim ,.-. Would do Eluo cull at in Luio s. Feh.-. To Dulgas fixtures to was 77/.it the lowest it our shop on a Street to lice doors North of snide i a Saloon. Schave St received a Lajic St of Gus and Arrari ii fonts with i Sis. Corrie it i Audi amp co., of a of Phi us Cir Irlvy wit i All Tuhcic i test patterns of la rackets. I Ilar i. It hop has. I . Pai icy shades and it Iobco. Wone also prepared to lit is res. Luv Luns. Clinin pics and Linus of any in , lower a t s than Aii Souier ill the it ,.v. I Erso is Willii Milit to their Tercel to Irivin us i Call . E to Lii their Toni r,.r n.\tiiivs. Lii in Kahi. P. S. A inti Rev i h i die is Woilus Are ,. I.vu.likt.icash Cash Cash a i the Terre ii Auie leather store on the West Side of the Public Square two doors from Ohio Street which we have opened in connection with our Tannery in the immediate Hood thereby enabling us to pay the High cat a Winfor his ice a lid Mckitr in any Quantity. Our Eastern thiss Prini also Analite i to pity higher prices for Wool fall grades Tii Aii any other House in the West. Give us a look before Gojii elsewhere. Klix amp jiarsh.4li,. April if if having trails Funcil Liis business tothe above firm takes plea fiure in recommend them to his Irie Mulsand customers for their patronage hotel Fokmkki known As go Ken tikk Slotki South Side court St., East Side Public Stuaro p .4 it i Ai 1.1.1 is u . Puis House has lately been Niueli in1 Lari cd and otherwise proved Ina King it Sii Poi in size and , to any Kotol in the plaice. Shine Earnest s id Voi y stable directly opposite Trp omnibus to Ami from Mie Lei my in i o. Only ill in h Patton proprietor gents biding Caps. 1701 a Nice silk Plush Laid Muir Cap for inels i of the new Yoke Flat . Abbott w Quot ill Nepf Mon Ali Virsil in tic Ith inst., ii Sii Lioums no Sortir it no of Wexter n 0 xxx is. Of till very Luti St styles Joist roce d from new York which i Slie will sell Low. Prices Aiu styles to Tiit All tastes Irr All in Wner of new sonnets Are invited to Call and examine her Stock. December in uhf is House furnishing store. I it i Alyks in Qihua , glassware groceries and provisions no 2. Mechanics kit Terre haute i Niriana first door Eastoft. Cooperiv co s stove store. Huj sox d jj7ws i k now ofter Idu at the above stand Al Ric and Sencial assortment of Queens Ware glassware groceries it provisions f Lilor Tubac Werc let epic Rani it Nln is filled with the finest and most desirable Speci-01011 of an Coli sistine in Pait s Liu Wiliins a life Tea and Plain Fodi Terent styles patterns Vinarie Ami and irites , knives and Forks and -.�vvliii-else used upon a table a Hinl a it Aio a ware�?01 the Best Quality Pitcher. Vases Wash setts a. it Ilus Cut Kewith Plain and it Fiji lies a Lar a and Small i �1 u Ilioiu a a re ii la re a it Alicles such As wagons Hasu cts i a .\so,a Ine selection of fancy baskets of the latest steles and latter is. T by Sekott a Iurii a a.�-, a pc a of All .1 i it a Irlich col ii Riniti Lenni pwn for All Tim be lamps Are of the Best Mil Lilem sigh. Tiitu i la Stikl lie Best Raulito kept constantly of hand. I a a vile to Shol Bead. Caps and a new Artir cof Kunstic gain Wai Dinu. Fidel let a Ihsle i Ripoli for Means ii Glass Piates windows Glass clip Ineys Tor i amps and Gas Kiir ners and Jolil and Silver Ware. I main Iosim Niort it it a inc Ricsy of All and qualities licit constantly on hand. I i Klu s i cd in in metallic packs by the rest warranted pure and in Agullera us. Sims Laird and spic so from Harrison in Fra Lori Cincinnati and i Aliy of Day Tony warranted , Ami in fac every article usually it it that is possible to i it hold of. Maybe of Riund at tills House and at As Low prices As any of dior one can will sell. I Stu Iarj All others will do will to give is a Call and look through our Stock As oui prices Are based upon the principle Lykty Casti l air f rail kinds o country i to iliac a. Ii Wagon will be kept to carry per aliases made at this House to any part of the City. Ili t.7.1hii. Hudson amp. Lilios i neral insurance a enc. Fire and Marine. Quot Tim insurance company Hartford Conn. Capital $500,000. Cifonie insurance company Xci York. Capital $500,000. Imio enix insurance company Hartford Conn. Capital .<i-200,il00. Ski Ingfield l fire and Marine insurance company Springfield Ma�i capital ,$200,000, Ali received and policies issued on favourable terms at the linking Tolice of Mckeen amp Tousey he .1. Hague and k. Touchy sept. 28, Isug Doii agents wanted. \ goodmll.l.kk will Timi employment at fairs. Watres by applying soon to the . Lit his Mill six Miles North East of Terre haute. Sept. 2�, dry Law f. millinery mrs Al Bott a i1vg received a Large Stock of fall goods i would invite the attention of All Wiio wish to Purchase any article in my line to Call and examine my Fincy of every variety i and style Caps Quot and head die uses. A Large Stock of ribbons and Flowers of every Quality and Irice. A Large assortment of , laces and edgings loves and also a variety of fancy articles too numerous to mention. Ladies Call and see for yourselves. Oct. 10,185 Dimos Isaac Ball ideas let i a u y Al so Dilal Iku kits of Furi i Lilii Corner of second and Clerry streets Tirbak. Haulk >. I i All orders prot try . September 15, Iff Day notice 1"h0se kno Wilio Tell Melsi a ves . To the late firm of ,1. Mimpei in co. W in 1 l. Ase Call at the store of s. Wolfe a co and Settle am those having demands again to the same will i is Mit them for payment. Nov. A def .1. Ooi a co. A card Fok the i Ami a. Rilli Groat turkish i periodical i., in i. Mediator Reni Viil of , , pro lapses Teri Fallier of to Boit i a. Whites etc., ivc. These i ills Liao novo in a sin Rio Lanee a in Proi Lucent the mens s. Too inn ii cannot a said in their favor. To Poinan can i Kilili n Loi that titular part of Bor liar Irani Aii of i .raiikcil. Siek Noa at so Uicab Lllan dior. A Ilii ily pain the head Sib. Bai i., . Of ppr to aliveness &c., Arestino of a Mph i . B ill tend Irve Izular . As Coria in Lime Aro those i ills to Rozinov to Allf Dios mini he sure Ami tet 111&Quot u l i nine. W hic i Lias oni Box. i Ilu n. Olin a div ,.l.li.�?�-Inir . Smitly amp and on. ii.i is ibo i in will be sent by return mail. X. tidal Ali a ill put Rimml of an Ine Roase of family will Timi Thos Imu a preventive. who lire pro Rimnal Shoobl not is i ills As Thov Are a Uro to Brill. On mis Carria of Ihoko a no in Liiv would follow. Address in co., up inv of civic Immiti hats and Wool hats. 4 . Kind Offir hat at Cro ,51 to Wool a Mala from Lio cent to it a a stir Yolk hat ribbons cloaks Vlra. Oisin Kusiki tfim.i invites the Atto Gaioi .1 her Eiis-Lonrs and lilo Public Rone rally to i Lar o a inti Well .��olcte.i Slock of fall. Ami Wietku St of Hon idiots . Cloaks Salinas. Trin Imine a , , Artill Cial flow cars. Hour Giossos. , hosiery vails a. . Is<�.\. It a i have to Iziak a Oom plot. Selection sous to to Able to lilo Doimi of All who May to in need Ami now Liae on a much larger Slock than usual Bieh 1 am daily increasing. Ici before have i brought to this so Large a Stock Ami feel confident that 1 Erin satisfy All wants in this Lino. Am Stock is Large and the i it Utle rns various. I venture Loray that so a Ood a Chance for a selection cannot be foil my in the Eirv. Prices ran Gro from s t to l. i�?1 have a Vei Oral assortment of dress Ami cloak Ami a great variety of fancy velvet . Flip la i la tsp to Judi ii of Mihoin you Only have t Call and examine. A on hand the most patterns of Billars hands Flou Weinss Eil lairs Ami . 1 a Ilao have the Black collars Ami Tho i la Ami f. making them. Ill a but i it ii Eho Ico selection of Chenille and ribbon Lucail Drossos can to found at store. <il, i a >iir,uv�?1 Kep a Good assortment of gloves and Llos Orv for . Misses Ami children. A g Ood Solcic Floii of i Ace. Lio Rog Kiel mourning vails can to Fondl Mong my . Also a ii cell of infant s Wool Cash Quot Mere Loo is. s Wool so to hoods Obiora Calis. For a list of articles not mention�., Call at of. To polio Nix a where prices w ill to Mode suit the Tim.-. Ditorro Slaute oct. 9, lsjl>-d3w-w of t Eif an of Der of till \ i \ to t a a s is yrs it. F i Point a x t a d of i e a t Cossi d e h a Atio to the suffer Ali trios. A. I Lirley s <32. I a ssi in a. ¿1il of All the denied Lestrat have been the present a Elor Tho us that flesh is heir to Quot none equal this a Onder Fui ire Para ton. Only three years have elapsed Sirice thedlus cover Willi spent a decade in studying exp Rinien Tal izing Aioli Recti Iier it introduced it to the Public and it is already recoil sized by the nost Emi is in All Partnof the country to Bethe effective remedy forfeit Dis. Eases of whih they have knowledge. My other com Pou mis syrups of Thero thave hit h Ergo f filled to Conin and the of the faculty ,.on being tested they have been found to contain noxious Wiirre diets which neutralise the Sooil effects of the Sarsaparilla. And in. Jure the health of the patient. Ills not so with Hurley s preparation. This is the Pii Reaidi genuine tract of the Root a Wil 1,011 trial be Foni Ulto it acct a certain and Perte cure of the following complaints and diseases a affections of the Bones habitual Cost s. Debility Indi Geb disease of the kidneys i,.ivcrcoinpl.iint, , piles Erysipelas pulmonary diseases female Irre similarities. Scrofula. Kizie s Kvil fistula syphilis. diseases. Besides cur the above it is also known to be a creat Mil powerful theh Lood and Silivi syst Chi. 111 Short it 1�, Init hoist .vceptioii. tiie Tase mentioned and Geneil effect ii the system the most Etli carious As it is the most desirable remedy of the it already used throughout the country Avidis fast obtaining an Kun Roireau reputations. The instances of cure it has effected arc daily Profiri Etory knowledge and he no hesitation in recommending it to ii Eaul All who de sir to procure . Ii Shottle be tried effects will be to apparent to admit Oxfurth doubt. Recollect Hurley s Sarsaparilla is the ii j genuine article in the Market. perbottle.orsi Bott is for.?.&Quot. For Sale the manufactory Erncr seve Ritli and Green streets , by. And Hyall wholesale houses throughout Ilie ignited stat Saiid a n n a d a. J sold hereby .1. K. I in Miriam and p. A. Don . April-2 t,. . J amps Eri silk. Quot i ramp j i a. Ski Hier ill clocks watches jewelry and fancy goods Ortii Hilo of the Pulitic sip Iare. Hoail Street Torre Auto Indiana to p n. By particular attention to k repairing. Sept. I it a Law in Lybrook agents wanted by the Larj est h ook Estal in the United states which is exclusively devoted to and a Vasses. The undersigned wish to Call the attention of Hook a , Atid All who Are interested in the Sale of Way to their list of most Valtia Lii and Best works now in the Market. Our wholesale prices Are so Low Itiat i successful air it can realize i Small Fortune. Tie Gre in West is it in no with Iopu Littion and wealth and is Init ill supplied with books of a Standar 1 character. A rare Opportunity is therefore offered to make Money and Doi Ood at the Sanio time f lease open a err Epson Devico Willi Lis and i shall take pleasure in Forward to your addres. Our Ien Cral Cir ii Lar of Hii us terms ind full Linlor Matioli relative to the . Us it a it Litell let co., Sliwa Shilton St., Huston. Oct. 27 Law us. L 1 Ltd it Ltd it u 1.11 it y i t in l an aces int of his , ventures on five successive Tho North Morii Conlin ont \ Oln Ninons from his private and Public correspond onco his i Olivic b,.foro the court Malriat. full i Rorls of i principal spoon Eliosin Trio Sonal. If the Len ipod s Ilos in Rolow Lor Sab at aug., Milf i. Lil Cmmill. s. Vii i Ilia in l of of to ii. \ r. Liaw a a a ail from it Bow men in in id ii w0i. All 111. A by Kailua. A a a i. B Irain of Zimiri ii. I palc i ill i . Jinai i of 11 tarsal All Lii ii s under our . To Chi Willic Laii it .1livero.l in t.--llaut&Quot at from Sov ii 1,1 i . A s Liin .im not vol la Woroby savings to i Shipp Ilic in Idni to Fri Yonl to ship Mann by the. Slow i Voight Lino. All Lama of to i Oli it .Iinplly i 11,.� company s air ont at this Point. My to Niar Koil Quot he Van Plinea co a fal Fri ii Rel line new York for Wirht will to in Torre haute it the rate of Quot it per Hii Mureil pounds. than a Hundred pounds a harmed two prices. Valenti no amp co., 175 Load wily now York new books Worth and wealth a collect011 ofma.viins, morals and Mitcell Atiim for merchants and men of Lih Siuea by Frank huat.iiitor of the Quot merchants mafia Zine . Sponge is rating tour a edited Fri forester with coloured a let i aug Ravinis. A ller s expedition to Nica Kagl a his of the Central Ami Ricus War and the Sonora and Kinney exp editions incur icing All the recent Dillon ionic Correi Poi Denic together with a new and accurate Ems a 01 it a mitral America by win. A Wells it is never too late to mend a meter of fact Romance by chs. Kcf l Ltd a Thor of Quot Peg Wol Vuitton Quot it. The Kansas War . The conquests of chivalry in the crusades of the Width Century a heroic poem. Oct. 10-Dtf at w. H. Buckingham s mormon wives a narrative of stranger than fiction by Metta Victoria Fuller. The Rifle axe and Saddle other lectures by Williim Henry Mel urn. The natural history of the , their Lavry in relation to by w. Byrd Powell. Marrying too late a to be by genre Wood. The Humours of Falconbridge a collection of Honni Orius and every Day scenes �1� Lonai hair f. Kelly. The history and recon ii of the club by Knight Kups . J and <1. K. Philander do Sticks a b. The Hills of Shat muck by the author of the Quot wide. Wide world Foi Sale at s . Dec a it Mcdonald s treatise i a tie Law remitting to the Powers ,111,1 j cities of justices of the Pence and constables in the state of Indiana with practical forms and essays on various tit leg of the Conomou Tiv Mcdonald. For Sale by . W. H. Biick1%gham. The court of Napoleon car society under the first Empire a with sixteen portraits of it beauties wits and heroines by Frank a Goodrich. One vol. Royal Octavo i Turkey antique Price 812. Al. Dec a Ilyf at Lili Kingham so a a a g. \vv8sun, but Terry Nuti ind july j9, Maonio Helm amp Chish commission merchants for the Sale of provisions flour amp Grain nos. 41 and 4. Pom Drai Stretti oct. 9, Law Timos new . Ilei Olia it tailor. The finder signed. At the old stand of Flinn amp doll on the West Side of the Public Komi re liar just received the , and finkst goods the Market ufford8, will keep his sup ily renowned so As to suit his old and new Eris Ioinous. La a order will be promptly end �8�sfaclorilv lulled in a neat and Superior style Low for Cash. The undersigned is fateful to his Fanner friends and desires them to continue their patrons go. May Idof to tact a. Flint. 3vi a try Law o a xxx Lex Young s a Kat , work Taij pocket Kucul Pius of i of by one his own doctor. A King a private for married Porporis and those about to marry both male and Koi nalu. In Evi Rythia t the physiology und eclat Iowa if the Sislen and Tho Prodi petion of offs 1 be Hullit All Tho new discoveries never before Ives in the Kii Illiah Lingua go by we. You a pm. I. This really a valuable Una inter Estinos work. It is written in Plain language Lor the general Reader Ami illustrated with upwards of Ono Hundred Eipur Aviks. My Young married people those Montem Platinia a marriage and having the least to married life should rend this it discloses see rots that every one should be acquaint Oil with. Still it u a Book that must be kept locked a a not lie about the House. U will to sent to any Olio on he roce of Quot it cents. Address us. We Young to. Spruce Street above 4th, Philadelphia. Oct. His ulv Bigelow life of col. Fremont. Hanii porous poetry of the English Law Grafje by i Arton. Never too late to do Good by Reade. You Edentia litters of Napoleoni and Job a Phene by j. S. C. Abbott at sept. To child s .two houses and lots for Sale. I Wil sell on reasonable terms of Liu Sineski House adjoining Buntin s hotel am Tho Corner of Market and Walnut Street ii in Wmk cite. Also a House and of on Market Street. It ct.Dtf. _ a Kory Jamison. Ilive a i in j with me in the hardware business Samuel Harvey and the no siness will hereafter to conducted under the Naino Harvey la to pot Init Burnam Man warring unit liar Siam and Joel Manavar Rizig will please to Call a an. Sittle up , a a wish a 1 his time is much needed. Uno la .&Quot.ii,iu\ re f. . R of hash Supply of oranges cur a 1nts, raisins pigs and Citron Torii to liar with Hii of groceries and provisions Suomi ii i Aro us null be t in a hour Etc furnishing Simo. A ii Udsogn amp Bros. Dici in lb5g-Dtfdrill your wheat Milke Hii icy built i air labor i is an 11.imiti.�?�. Fact Oil la mors who Uso Drilli a Lakil Ali i. I �1 Savinc of 10 per com. In Laboi Ivo two to Throo picks of rain per Aero a Hll 111. It a is from to in per Coni Moro than the Broa Cisi Lini. We ii >011 Procuro 11 Ood Drill. It i s vii.ik imia Isnit a a. ,,th�?thro Bein ii.1 \vi-.i�?11ml Lavosa rid o of oar Lii Tio tween throws of seed to. Piot Clit from Ilio Svorllv of Wiite w Olavo Kunii s , Hill Ohio h 1� Lars Iori. 111 any other in Uso on count of the Toeder which prevents it from cd Okier and distributes the a ipod Oil Illy in tiny soil. Come Noe. An a Dif .1. Cool Kun amp co. Y l k lilt a it it Tift a i ii ply of the Lii test style it and of Niass and que Kos Walie. Together with a Tost Hgt a i did Ksor Tinnent it baskets of Ului aes forms and Hudson 8. Dec. In def Huiyue Furni Aluni store
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