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Terre Haute Daily Express Newspaper Archives Jan 5 1857, Page 1

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Terre Haute Daily Express (Newspaper) - January 5, 1857, Terre Haute, Indiana 111.teiire-haute. L\d�a.\a. uary 5. 1.857 no. 309. Published daily amp to no. 2, Modesitt s buildings �6. Is. Hudson ,.proprietor, Triu Ltd of subscription von i cats per Wock. Payable to the Carrier. Quot of our terms for ire lodges. Evening Stab Temple of Honor. §n0 50�?meets a it their Temple West Side in Blini Square Over express office Quot a Virv londay Evenin Ltd. A s. Westfall a. C. T. T. M. Gould w. R. A morning Star social Temple no. 38�?meets in the Hall of the Temple of Honor every wednesday evening i. M and Steven s. S. 1. Miss. H. M. . E. I. 0. 0. F. Harrison Lodge no. 157, meets Odd Fellows Hall ii the City Ifni Lidiia every tuesday Ali Lilly. Rails int Ivd thers Are it Specif Billy invited to visit this Lodjic. We. M Laud Heth. N. U. Trios. L. a Sec. Ujj Terre Faute Lodge no 51�? a poll meets at Odd Hall in the i Rairie City nil Dinuis every Sal it Dav evening. Lohn h. O Loyle n. G. L. A by Urett Sec arrivals Nind of the mails. I he thru i Cuil departs Biily sundays excepted at 8 p. In arrives Quot Quot Quot at 1 a. In we Teru a it i ii by Terre haute and St. Louis rr., depart Quot daily sundays excepted at p. In arrives daily Quot Quot at 7id Solit Librn Lipil by Evans vile and Crawfordsville ru., i parts daily sundays excepted at p. In arrives daily Quot Quot at 7 p. In Ortii it Tii mall Dpi Iris daily sundays , at a. A arrives daily Quot Quot at 7 p. In Illo Roiti departs Iii i mesday thursday and it 7 a. In arrives on monday wednesday and Friday quota i p. In 5rii�ve<ir<isvilio Quot Iliili it a girls on monday and thursday at 7 a. Nin Ives on wednesday and saturday Al in a it a it a Iii Vii i departs on 7 a. In Vrr ivc. Ill their Day Atit j. In Ito i Ifju Gre ii Liluis Deparl son saturday. Arrives same Day. I Orti Aiice Tail Lff null depart soil l riday. Arrives on their iday. 1lhr�iiiull Hail ,� daily sundays excepted at i p. In arrives Jii i , their Niay s p. In a Iid wednesday Friday and sunday. Quot. At h i. In 1. A i Aeh mail is Orosi d one half hour lie lore the time of departure. H. H. Corn Welt at 1 p. In. At 1 2 m. At 7 a. In. At Quot it Jin. P. me i ii. To Kneil. Sam i. M Ken. Turner amp Mckean receiving forwarding and commission merchants a \ Ali Dea Iusi in Grain loud Salt. A. f Al >i.sk�?jiil. In i-., ii in. Mie haute Viii 1,11 .111.1 i a. Hit lit it. Torri Iriri i -jf.-Iii. John ii Ink we. Its. I Yak .6 r 0 s s. Forwarding and commission business a carers Al rain House nil Nies nut Street ail head of Umiat Lias i Koni Erly occupied by h. B. Snit i Teulil Hali rf., . Kcfcrl.-.1. Ii. , ill Man r Ivi co., is. Com quote . Wood s celebrated hair restorative. , and for Sale it ii Iii retail by t. 11, amp co., uru deists and Clio miss Cor. 4tu a main .St.-i. May 7, a Tojo a g. Wasson Huiling give through receipts to All of a a the Kra Terii cities Riuo to Cli Ciako and St. I0u�ob,0ii Mercoli Udise or i to Ducenor Trio Indianapolis let Cincinnati Railroad Indiana polio Pittsburgh St Cleveland or Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Illinois Central Railroad re Irant Eoln l in Patch and free of any charge for drayage storage or comment icon. 8op. A Tim a vie Lical . J. H. to inform his old friends and the Public that lie has Romu cd Lesof Alceto Early h , opposite the Stewart Louiie Oliero he May be i Ouail at All times unless i psf lit of Sirof Flani Mial Iii.>iiiie��. for past solicits a Otto Juli Lucski of lid St., two and ii Lall South of Ali court House. Juli 10-Dtf. I Aivor a. , Melodeon a and can to i.111111 Low for Cash or on Pood paper at . A Mikton a a. 1. Inv Nii Agoot. No. A Mec Haic i Sun insurance co., of rising Sun Ini. Ai Thorr de Cupit til. �100,000. I f Niimi Ziess i Osif Ikid of the St to of i my i ail a. Incorporated is in. A it mud of a la a town. S Matiu Vav u by i j. A 1 , Ctm i i i n. ,. A . I. ,1. , j. H. .1. H Ati Iau a. Store tar. I. 15. I Orino. A. A it Van it Iton. . Lack ,1nm. Akk k. 11. I ,. .1. I. Ursy Torre Haile k Iii Road change of time. To take elect monday. August 4th, Iiri Ive it cml Polis 10,5 t a a 7.-1 1i to p. A. Leave i Iii Quilis 11 a a a i if Al 1. f a. .-.-i., 1. M. A a 11,55 . K. L kick sup l. All ,. A i it ii it. In Alimi k is. A Joinis Railroad. Change of time 1&Quot wiil leave i Dej idl jul it i Wesr 1-j.-�zi . Arrivo Ilsi. Louis 10 a. A. M0 1 a -ja.-m. Levi Vest. a. A arrive it t. H. 1. A. A t m. A a Quot car. L. 1. San a a Sti str Hiilei Devil. U. J. Mint ass i Siisi t. Tidily i los a Del. Tobacco and teas. To walk a lot of 1 11 01.11 Al. Reinli s i Ili Eai. U Ali. Ii u e will sell Iron ii fore 1 , to Silil Lulli a Cilicia in a a Uko f�o2 Tures l 0 wer tha x the l o West a t Oit Slu a i �11 1 sir it. To a it e nor Tirol rudder s ice i Iii Sali ii. We Hayi Otist received a to. It a ii Ami wares and made Arraria Iii i a Ith or it i. Cerne Lilis Len c-., of Ali Ilidio a Plizia. To Supply us Reid try Villi All the Quot latest Paite Riis if Chaibi Lelei it lira urls i it ars Kimiji Lif lits i Iii Lavils. Faricy Sli Adeh ii jul Lolies. We Are also prepared in tit lip stores. I a it 1 s. Nindl it Iii Iii is of any it Sci i Ilioiu. A t l in i r Iii ices than any Oiler Estavi Tisl Iii it ill the Eil a persons to their interest to Jive us a Call Lic Toie i to Sigil Tell in l ii tracts Piir Anil i a 1 i is. I. , ill the a As works Are ill ,i.era1i Iii. Ill. La Del Cash Cash Cash a t tie Terre haute leather store on the West Side of the Public Square two doors from Oli Ostreet which we have opened in Coli Ziec lion with our Tannery ill the immediate enabling unto Jay the if fast Ranf / Lur Liia Cit. Sheep and Deer no Limo ill any Quantity. Houreas Torii thiss Primig also us to pay Lii Lior prices for Wool fall grades than any other House in the West. Give a a look before Gojii elsewhere. Elkin amp Marshall. April a def the undersigned having transferred his business Totsc above Linn takes pleasure in recommending them tools friends and customers for their patronage . Paris hotel Fokay Kelv known As Gheen tikk lot Al South Sidi court St., East aids Public Stuaro a ii is ii. Leinuis. His House has lately been much in a marked and otherwise improved Imil Cine it us Porior Inslfe and Comfort to tiny hotel in the Poueu. Tolj Shaw amp Earnest s Levory stable directly opposite. It Quot to and from the Deriot free. July a4, Duni if. Hatton proprietor cents by diff Caps. Fol a Nice silk Plush hiding Cap for gents go the new York hat Stork. Mrs. Abbots Vitillo open Oil thurs Liv tlio4th iiist.,� Vav Hole hid aet Ort me it if of Winter bonnets. Of the very latest styles just received fro Iii new York which she will sell Low. Prices unil styles to suit All tastes. Of All who Are in want of new Bonnet arc invited to Call and examine her Stock. December 3-Dtfhouse furnishing store. I it Kar i is inane Niware. Ilai Swain. Gnu pries and i vision i. A it mechanics line. Terre Harte Ilii Tiivi first door East of to. Cooper is co x store Starr. S. , president. Ali losses prom fitly a Iii isted and paid in Cash Vii Thorit . Kile and Marine Grislis taken at Eijiu Lublin All person. Sir Iii j insurance will Call on c. . Oil ice Iii Iii ii ver beat s s. Col Xii . Trennial Ai it. A Only i. &Quot."iij-ny. C St a 3 a s i Quot t h in it it s a a r i v. Osi la a till Knosha v1.\g, Ltd in i titled a Tilley in Llie Aldeiri Iii a spin did Sipel Siisi Ravin. From Llie celeb Nithil . I Iii l Ilif a a Lle Iaru Iro of like a Sra Eliu s Ivnik a Lar e and i aut Ifill ii a Iii from a let Aii to Iii in. K Ili ersts. "7iii n mail Price of tic Alivo on Irr Aviivii n r copy. will lie sent ree of Char Ai As follows the Siil scribers i ivc a Bonzli Phi Laili up Iii and will firn Iii any look or Iyub ligation Al the retail ii Rice Imsande. Any by for Wanli Iii tin Siili Eric Ilion Price if any of tie .$3 a , such Sii ii As harpers Godey s. Pili Iii a Gra i in a Frank Leslie s , Etc. Will receive Llie Muir Zines ror one and a copy of either of the above by aut Ifill Knirr Viii a Frei of . Or if Siili Seril it in Rte a a Quot 1 a .?1 ii As Peterson a and Cli Allen a ladies Iii dial. Limey a ill i Zeive bold Mir in ivies Ini to Jim of either of the Ai Iove . Every description of on Wood Cree filed with neatness Ami Ilis Ratcli. Views of . Newspapers Lea Iii s. Views of . Book ii e c Rtiz Yeates. cards. All orders sent Liy mail Proiti fitly to. Per sons i Sivins views of to Weir mild info Iii craved can a end a Darner retype Orsko Teh of the by mail or express. Persons at a distil Ziec Irvin a ale Ille nil Isles would find it to their Ridvan Tare to address the Siili scribers As we would act Lis agents Tor the Sale of tie same. piece. Quot id South third Street. Philadelphia a. April 2, def Hudson d a Jurs 1 and i Tiow Olte Iii n. The a nov Quot a eneral assortment of Queens Ware Glass rare groceries amp provisions a Ioir j a talc a a Rol it pair lib in la is filled wit ii Iii l Lull St and must of not in a l i Lill Oji Rinir Hud to i of a of in a a a Ine Anil pain Ordelt Verein styles Ami Alili prices , knives a i i Irlis und eve i Ryli i de upon a Lahie. A Tum sind v Osiow Warry of the lies i ii Lity Pill ices. Vases. Wash Sells a a. Iii in Trail Les Lanc and Simah v i Ira a a a Willow Vuros in Iliili 1- a it Rlicles, such As Wasi uns a skews Ive. i. A of fancy baskets of the 1r-t-si and patterns. Tiehm Kuc Kois. Cd Trilk act pc a of All . Vein article of a in of to in a l Lili 1 All Triesc lamps Are of the Liest and latest style. Hiir Tiiu i Sci id ii us Rico a a lies of Best i Quality constantly o hand. I Olfier shot , Caps Iii a new article plastic Gill Wail Din. I a orint Kate in l a lib Olla for or a , Glass Chili Lineys Lor i Iii. Ami Gas bin Iris and Toul and Silver Ware. Prove Ninon and to Row a cries of All kinds and qualities i Rcpt on band. In no in is i"ei�s�?111 metallic packs or by Llie vilest Orp Uund. Warranted pure and Una Dimilti a Isi ii i rom Farrison if a loll Cincinnati and Beatty of llayton�?vvar-1 Neil pure and ill fact every article us ii Illy a a ill. Or Itiat is possible to it bold of. In in be f. Iii id at this House and at As Low prices As any quota i Oil can or will sell. A a Nti itry a and All Colliers will a Call and look oui Slock As our prices Aro based upon tie i Iii i ii of and lev �, it i Anil f rail kinds it country pro it ii a. .113 to a press w agony will be kept to carry Imir aliases Maine Al this to airy part of tie a a l71h.--,g. Hudson amp boo s. Ii feral and Marine. Tii. company , comi. Capital $50�,0l a. A a Onn insurance company now York. Capital $500,000. A ii ii company la air Lonj Conn. Capital $ >00,o00. incl iced Viro and Marine a Iii i atty Springfield of Spital $300,hi0. I i it Pic Iri it is Rooe Ivi a Nind l Olicia i is so d on favourable Lernis Al the Han Iii it acc i f Mckott ii let toi Isey by a a. H. A eur and i. Tour sky. Sept. 2�, 185�-dt5in Ajo i ii a. Wanted. Afi ool Miller will tend employment at fair , by soon to tile in Derisi Ned at his Mill six Miles North East of Terre a Lavite. Is it. -.�n, do Law k. Mai kill fancy millinery jars. Abbott a Vince just received a Large stuck of fall goods i would invite the attention of All who Wihib to Purchase any article ill inv line to Call and my hoi Iii to of every variety a style Caps and head . A Largo Stock of rib Lions and Flowers of every Quality and Price. A Large assortment of embroideries and , gloves and also a variety of fancy articles too Nui Tenuis to mention. Ladies Call und see for yourselves. Oct. 1�, 185fi-d3mosbonnets ribbons cloaks i it isl Kuti invites the Utt edition >1 her us to toners and like Public ene rally to a Tarjie and Weili Eleele a a lock of fall and Winter styles of , kill Bons a Oaks Talmas Triin mini a i Kniber Oderies laces Vrlin Ocial Flowers head hrs ses. Of loves. Hosiery vails ie., amp a. Isi it v it 1 Bave endeavoured to Mal a com Piile selection Soas to to meet a i demand. Of All who May tie in need Aii Ltd now have Laud a Iii Iii Lari or Stock than us ii Wii Icli i am daily new books Worth and wealth a collect of . Morals and miscellany ice Foi merchants and men of business by Frank Hunt editor of the Quot merchant my. Sponge s sporting tour a edited Frank wit i sly co Orcil steal eur savings. before Ila Markes Large a Stock. And Isaac Ball cell a of a a Aso Ivi it Ai i. I Ivan of Furi nature Corner of second and Cherry streets to Kukuk Hal to pm it. I All orders promptly cried. September 15, 18.56 Dlyn Otice i knowing. Tin is to the late firm of of Iii Call at the store of s. Wolfe in i those having demands of Ai isl like them for payment. Nov. 14-Dtfa incr Atli Luhti d to. Will and Stile i i l stance Tail l in Mot lie in i in Alili flu a. Mop i co. A cak1> tar i Tiik great j periodical ii a ii Ili in mediate removal of Nim /.dm-i.pro Lapsus Fieri Kali Init if lbs i i i. Ii orm a or Whites lie., pills have Levei in Inbe i prod intr the menses t of Aii Icli e their favor. No woman can t that parti Eilar part of her Peculiar of Iii Ati ii is i Rai Keil. at Sloin Aeb Ireada. I. Lae dior. D. tie Bead Side Kiel bad if App Clile , ice., Are some of in. Inis a Liili Al tend Irre Fular . Quot it Iii a. Lir.aie these i ills to remove one i All "1 ties. By Iii Iii a. Be Buri and rot the i in Imine a by b has Wiir is iia tire on each . Tin. Pills Rab iia i a a i his or. San Floy in Ai., and pm los ii sub. I in will be sent by return mail. N. Whoso lie Alth will Noi of an increase of family will timid lies. Pills a mice Estrid Ireve Nilvo. Ladies who Aro pre mint should not pills As they Are sure to Bridif on ii is ear Rake Oliou it i no Ini Virv to lie Altti would follow. , us san Floy in co., a ii<1, inv of Cincinnati hats and Wool hat. \ la kinds of fur lists at from 91 to is Wool it Llau from �0 cents to $1,. It ii a new Vokk hat Stoke. 1 Bro i lit to ibis a i eos indent that i Lisov All wants in this line. , pm it tas.1t.\s�?.my Stock is Larce and Llie patterns various. I venture to say that so stood a Thunee for a selection cannot i get to find in Llie Eil. from i to .5.51. I to 1 sl.vhiiii�?1 have a Are izeral d and cloak and a treat variety of Laney Vel a t a Rizii mimics. a tsp to Judie of Obein you Only have u Call and . it toi �?1 have sons lastly on band the most patterns of collars fiands Al Iii Ciji s. Gtd Iii a Aii l s. 1 also Bave Ibe Black Lake collars the Plain Aii l i us be lace Lor Makim . A \ la Iii a the most i voice seb action of and , can a Lourid Atin Tore. i i a la 5sus3i-Ncv-l a Ood a Iron sent . S Ami hosiery . Misses and . selection of Lake Eri a. mourn Iii vails Ean be a Pinon my Olds. Iii elot of infant s Vav and Cash Mere hoods s Wool so pcs and opera Caps. For of articles not Ines Iliond Call at no. 7. Pho Iii How where prices will be made to Mill the times. Terre Hirnle Oil. 5, ri3-d3w-Wlft he wonder of Fth j is to. R. Y t or. V a y r v in v. Mro Iri Axt Aux of cheat consider Atlow to the suffering Thos. A. Hurley s a Tsa ii Pauli eat All Tilc i have been Dincov Credeur Ini lie present i of for Trio Quot Tho Sanil ills list Tlush is heir to Quot none equal this wonderful preparation. Of ill Oliree years Piave elapsed since the discoverer who spent decade in studying, Lal Ziny acid perfecting it first Ortro diced it to the Public and it is already Recto sized by Emi Zient physicians in All parts of the country to be the effective remedy for certain diseases of which they have Knowle Dyc. All other compounds or syrups of tiie Root live Hith Erio failed to Conin and the Sanction of the faculty ,,.on twins tested they have been Founis to contain noxious in Redie iils a Liili neutralise the Cood Etc cts of the Sarsaparilla. And olten inies in Jurettie health of tic patient. Itis Notson with liar s preparation. I Isis the pure and ennui lie of the Root a found to a elect a certain and a. I be Cureo uie following complaints and diseases Atte Lions of the hones. . I debility indices Ion i seas vivid Iveys liver complaint a is Persia piles i Sipelis. Pulmonary his cases. Female irregular Latiea scr Fula or Kinc s Kvil fistula syphilis. And All skin . In sides the alive. It i. Tiso known to he a l Kerful the blood and i Iii Olli tin syst Iii. is. Wit bout exception in i he cases in ii to nixed Ami sexier he it incl on the sys Teni the most As it is Tii most Desir Alil e Rei Oedy of the it is already extensively ii Seii Liro Ulio it the fast obtaining an european reputations. 1 lie instances of Curc it has Eft cited Are daily proprietor s knowledge and lie has no in it to on and All who de Siroto procure Relief from Sull Eri if. One Ottleben tried in selects will Beto apparent to admit fourth Eri doubt. V rim collect Hurley s Svirsa Barilla the of j Cemi Ine article in the Market. R Price St Littles for Quot. Forsake athe Corner seven Tii Ami Green streets Louis Viville ky., and by Allu j Llie United state sind Waller expedition to Nica in Agua a history of the Centre a Merit ii War and the Sonora and Kinney esp Dimons Kiich Icilinc ail tic recent Pipolo Nikotie Orrei Pon Dence together with anew and accurate map of Central America by we. V. Wells. It is never too late to mend a mater of fact Romance by Chas. Kendo author of Pes of Tilston Quot a. The Kansas War or. The conquests of chivalry in the Iadfs of the loth Century .1 heroic poem. at. ii mormon wives a narrative of Tracie or Tii Aii fiction by Mcetta Victoria Fuller. The Rifle axe and Saddle hags and other lectures by win in a Henry Mali Uris. The natural history of the , their Uwi in relation to -marriage,ivc., by w. Byng Power. Marrying too late a tale by George Wood. The Liu mors of Falconbridge a collection of humorous and very let ays cents of Jon Ailian f. Kelly. The history and records of the elephant Knight Russ . 1 Ami u. K. Philander . B. The Hills of Shat muck by the author of the Quot wide wide for Sale at by Icklingham s books Tiik. J dec. A def Mcdonald s treatise / a the Law Rei Atin of to the Powers Artl duties of justices of the Peice a Oil constables in the slate of Indiana with practical forms and essays on various titles of the common Law by David Mcdonald. For Sale by . W. H. Buckingham. The court of Napoleon Quot Quot or. Society under the first Empire with sixteen portraits of it beauties with and heroines by Frank b. Goodrich. One vol. Royal Octavo Turkey antique Price 818. U. L at Buckingham a. C. Wiiiam. Helm amp Chism commission merchants for the Sale of provisions flour amp a Radii nog. 41 of a 4 a pow Ira Street ,1&tc-Ciuosl View Onzle Aive. Sercl Paiit Tai list. Rpike undersigned it the old stand of Flinn amp x i Oll of thu West Side of the Public Square Bav Ejust received the nicest richest a a g00 l s lie Kastern Market affords on Ltd will keep his ship by renewed us us to Anit Bis old an4 View us joiners. La order will be Pron aptly a Idsal Factor ill lied in a neat and in Horlor style Low for a Asci. Quot the Bundura irined is pc ii Elul to his of a my or friends and Desir. S to vein to continue their patronage. May 4 def Ito but a. Flint a. In of Quot Here by a i la ii diet Way i. C and. A pow . A. Amp j ii. Crib Iheke Deal is Inloes watches jewelry and fancy , Ortli Side of the Public Square had Street Terre haute Indiana. Ii n. attention to Lio pairing. Sept. I a t8. To Hyrb ook agents wanted fat the largest look establishing hits in the y United states which is devoted to snap lying agents and and Assemis. The wish to Call the attention of look agents and All who Are interested in the Saloon Hooks Way to Ihei list of publication comprising the most valuable and Best works now in the Market. Our whole Salu prices ave so Low that a successful no fit can realize Small of thine. The real i St ii Ein ii with a Luj elation and wealth ii Iii is but ill supplied with books of a Stan Dir l character. A rare Opportunity is tiie Reform Ellered to make Nione and do Ood it the i in. Please Ope ii correspond Levi to Willi and we shall take a ensure in i or Iirilli. Ill i air Lull Russ our ii micral Mircu Lar of ill ilk terms full Rel Kuiv ctr . Win Woli l h it pc co., i l Washin Itomi St., 1usoii. Oct. 27 Liliu two. to Itig a great pi1y.si0l0gicai. Work the pocket yes ill Pllis of eve key one own doctor. Being a private Wiist Wietor for married , and Liose about to marry both Malo Ami female. In everything Eoin Irani big thu physiology and relations of tie .Mial a Ajili i and the proud Etious or prevention of of Spridik 1 Lel Udink All thu now discoveries never before Jive. In this enc Lisi by we. V01ing,Ai. Ii. This is really a valuable and interesting work. It is written in Plain lans ago for tie Reneri retailer Siml is illustrated Vilh upwards of Ono Hundred Engrav Yiirs. All Young married people or thou mar Riippe and having the Jui isl impediment to married life should read this discloses Soerens that a jury one a onid be acquainted with. Still it a Book tint inuit to kept locket Nyji Lulli 1 not lie about the to Iivo. A it Wlsh be sent to any one i i he receipt of 85 cents. A Drew or. We Young. No. Spruce Street Bovo 4th, Phil Aldolphia. Oct. 8, bad Way Bigelow s life of col. Fre Nunt. Iii Iii oils poetry of the English Law Gunge by Parton. Never too late to do Good by Meade. Gondi Dentai letter of a Poitou and jmj Phene by j. S. 0. Abbott at sept. 90. Def Guild s Book store. Two houses and lots per Sale. Zwil sell on reasonable terms of a Lousy adjoining Bunlin s Ilu Tel m the Corner of Market and Quot Walnut utre Eti in Tufe City. Viso a House and on a Market Street. Dlf. _ Henky Jamison. I have i .Sociiituil wit i nil in the hardware or. Samuel Harvey and the ii siness will ii Reuf Erba conducted under the name Harvey pot in amp Thurnam Man warring and blur Natii and Juel Man warring will learn to Call Lyall. Settle up the Racco Siuth As t Asb Al Liis to Iii is much needed. Line to Joei Man . I Quot can Dir lid \,-ros4 tie x. V l,.ctlis his in Quot i Quot is of Bis i i a filed Seal. Ally. Of 11-�- a ii i in a s in a Couitt of Iii k Viil orations Llis Cov Lui ires 011 b Ive since Essie l Pedi Loiis Rili c Zutl Neil lilt Privat and in i l martial an. Fiill rein 11,e if Lile a pal up Lohn a. Fur Al Hui Vlic in it a m Quot of s Kiili i a Cir ii life a. I. I.\e. a East Kreif lit i Elween .1 1.1 Lio Slon Iid the Vit the \ i Iilma. Mess Iii is and each trail., Iii a i dial. In in i ans Portalios. A fax Istir oui own 1 All Lini Inder our control we can Willic a Lii Iii Ilc Liv i i i l Erre Lii site it from seven to nine lays Liim from a w ii thereby saving to the hipper Lii vexatious Lehi s incident to Freiji ent re hip Meixiu like slow Fiji lit line. A i by the Corii Viany s a enl Al this Point. Iii marked Quot Lay Valentino a co s Kynsl a Reijo it new York freight will let a deliver cd in Terre haute at the rate of per Iii indred a sounds. than a Hundred d two i irises. Valent1.ne amp co., it i Broadway new York in gtd it t Nore Hnuter and. .1. G. W resp a Only �o9,1wicii�w of of ranges. Clell sin \ Foj fish re ii kits uni sins. Figs and of Talon Loi Evolur with All kinds of groceries and provisions Sik ii inline is Bialiy be t in a Louse furnish int . A Ludois amp Riiho l a .ir. i ls.5g- Tif Pesll Youe wheat Mikit v my a a savr 1 t is an us melted fact am oink Farmers who h. la Rita i Lylial there a Sai in of Idor a per cent ill Luxor and from Ino i., Elliree peeks of sni Lii per acne while till is for Mil 1.� to cd percent More than Tho Broad East be Dilli. When you into Eire a kit Quot of Drill it deposits i i. Nik a desired depth there being no Bias let and i Aiea Ridard of Earth Elhiu ii tie rows of seed to i Loteck it from the severity of Winter. Ueli ave Ivi Itin s d trill whle i in Luton Jie rior to any Othor in use on account of uie , a Hieb prevents it from Eho Kanir and distributed Tho seed evenly ill any soil. Como und tee. Auk ii Dlf j. Co Opku amp. Co. We have a Lar be Supply of the Lalit key Len and patterns of Glass and Queens Waue to Ether with a most splendid Mussor Tinnent of baskets of All Sicca forma and Fabiona at Hudson a dec. If def House furnishing Storo
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