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Terre Haute Daily Express Newspaper Archives Aug 26 1851, Page 1

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Terre Haute Daily Express (Newspaper) - August 26, 1851, Terre Haute, Indiana The Terre has Ste daily express. Valid 8. Dait Acsbok John b. L. Solve fun Ushers. Isaac u. Blown Terre Diaute in Diana tuesday morning August 20, 1851. Vol. I. No. 92. Daily Wabash express. D. S. Donaldson k co. Fun Ushers. 0ffic3 on Market Street East of the court House. Tesm9 of subscription ten a kits per Vick. Payne la to the car Riff or five dollars per aim Titi in .nj-v.ance. To Vearly my Usail . Rates of advertising .50 one Square one insertion. Forcash additional insertion to one Square Cue week daily,1 Quot 0 one Square two weeks daily 2 on Square one month 110 Altora Tiomi s .50 one Square two Inonu his. Quot 4 00 o for double eol Naii and Recti Sei Zients thir Mutoli original r by the editor the illustrated Domestic Bible. By Rev. Connie m. A. Tai Beautiful 1 Amily Iii la. Is now Public slide in one Tolu no Cir in the in various styles of binding. The i Fiat ivs of Liis Bible Are 1. Seven Hundred Wood Kif cravings j. Maiv Ali Mishaud marginal relvrence.s.3. Thrno Kiik by executed steel maps.�?�. Xuy Neitous Len prove d Kead Nijs. I 5. A corrected pro Koloj ical order. 1 g. Tie i of tidal books in Quot the metrical form. I v. Questions at tiie end of each chapter Forfar nil examination. I 8. I elections. Drawn from the subjects of the Gli Apter. And i jiving. In a Cim denied form i its is Iriti Ial import,9. An exposition of each Chaiter contain the of the Best commentators with business cards j the Mash. Nelson i attorney at Law notate Public Atid i commission or of de i is amp a. J for Kim Lucky and Toiuo. Terre haute Indium. \ a i Quot of Iee in p Arrington a blocks up stairs. Dec. I its 1-tf count Long House a. Mrm. A a 9 for Tiik Yik isl. P. H. Cowin Quot. Trios. M. By skiis. K. A. . S. R. Sral Dixo. , per cent on the above will be charged Quot to Quot to advertisements to be by the year specified on the , or previously a Reed upon Between the announcing candidates for Otyce �1,00 each name if subscribers if All advertise neuts from transient Eicr sons to be paid in advertisements not. Marked on the cop for a specified number of insertions will lie continued one month unless sooner payment exacted the Privily pc of Vearly advertisers will a it be confined to their re ular business. And All a neater amount of needful information a Glicr not pertaining to that As. Agreed for to be paid All advertisements for charitable institutions Ward township and other Public meetings and such like to be charged half Price 10. Dates Atli cd to the chapters for each Moru Inu and even Iii s Reading the Vollje Uible in a year. Trice in very neat arabesque bin Iii ,. It 50 in Turkey moroc a extra Gilt $10 . Notices of the press Beaini Ifill edition of tie scriptures which will serve the purposes of reference criticism commentary and illustration. We ii Ope tie Domestic liable will be generally introduced into american in Dpi uni Lucitt. This edition of the Bible appears to Combine Reater amount of needful information Judi Imus comment and Hel than any one to know of equal . Y. Eca Yeust. It is a work Wlinich for tie Beauty of its . And the condensed variety id its contents eau not fait to recommend itself t j the at Cowin Dykers amp Spalding to Mattix it Stock wkly factors Torai Mission and forwarding Sis air cd in i is m a a to. 109. Street. New Orleans. A to .1 2 4 5 a 7 8 9 1�o 11 1 a 1.3 i t 1.5 in 17 is 19 20 21 22 2 i 5 22 6 ii 24 2.- 26 27 28 29 ,5 30 g 30 u is. Rei or it . t . Lacon d. Saki a it son. w. I iyn0l.l a lr50-2-12m j. A Kisher amp sons watchmakers and jewellers a National Road at. North of the court House Tenzie have Indiana Quot tit e Are prepared at All times to repair Vav clocks and watches and Correct time Neces. Work warranted. Inno 26, a <0-2t-Tfcf Quot Marria quotes and deaths inserted without tent Ion of Anie Ricau . Y. Tribune charge. Obit diary and funeral . To to Cli arged Price. Terre Haiti cards. French store. E. Leseure amp brother a Sext a tar to j. Conk in x harder Arr . Terue haute ind., wholesale dealers in notions and i an cd French , i ur.se.-, Combs shawl i ins breast pins Pearl buttons reach of stands perfumery w atch keys Liin it is and tassels Fine assortment of jewelry Ltd Al , fancy articles Ite. Terre haute june 2 i Wirtl def Terre haute Marble depot. To ibo Leal Lill in Vermont and italian Marble of Atli St., lie tween Wabash and Ohio sts., South of the i Ost Kokh i Terre-1iaute. Ind. This Marble Yard will be furnished on Short notice and at reasonable prices had Stone Meriu Iii Kiln obelisk of Spina and every a Lilc in his line. In a work done in Sujie rior style Hine to i8,&Quot>l w. D. Johnson ibid j Misli Sill Mainii one door Stith of the Eagle grocery on 4 the St. In r rom ii ring done on Short no . Terre it Quot the Lune i a f Simpson amp co., West Side of i lie Public is Zuaro. Terre haute a a it i filly count end it As one of the most Complete and Ciui vecient. As Well As one of the cheapest family Libles that has i jail i. Ciri Ilian edition before is possesses i Culiar Niev its. We Doul t Leit it will ii Tain. Is it deserves an Exten Iive Hil i. Vhri.-. Many interesting features which i Are the first Liziie United in this volume will commend it Quot Ali. No in drier How Miny Bible there maybe in the family they will find this edition Ltd f in at and Iii Terest while the Low Jiricek at Kiich it is offered within the by wanted to whom Liberal terms will be numbers of this Lucile will by sent Gratis on application to the publisher . Quot to a Coji of this Ivich will lie n Iveli to All cd Ruymen who will order four copies and Send the Inonu a for All the same. S. Hues ton p nil flier. A no. 1 �9 a Bissau sire. New Volk. Sidd in Bostonbyiofmid-lixioi.>-,.wwasli Ini Iton Street Juniie 11, if Al. I. W. Smith. O. F. Smith Smith amp co., forwarding and merchants National Road Street Tehuke Hapek ind. March 20, ifs la of a. L. Hunt auction and c merchant a int Side of the a guard Terrie iia Ite in. 1 v Iny i big Xii Prience in the business and a Ellinor i Clu sively consigned goods i expect a share of the business. Furniture sales every saturday at o clock p. M. For Sale iat rival Sale a first rate new two re Wagon cheap. N. 13�?advanced on consignments Lulu 21, 18.50-32-tf David 8. Danal sox express office to line Hal the Indiana. Tam prep Areil with the printed forms for obtaining the Bounty lands for folic res. Soldiers itc., of Theadie War with great Britain and Ivou co Orthe Indian Ivory since 1790. Nine months . Four months service. Pc o Quot one month s service. -10 Quot i invalid tensions. All of fliers and privates whether of the army Navy militia or volunteers who have been at any time disabled in the service by wounds received or contracted while in the Lino of duty Are entitled to pensions the amount depending upon the rank of the invalid and the degree of Disi Bilitz. Lune 27, 1851. A Rivais and departures of mails j to and from Teulil Malte ind Emory amp cd a a Lead tiie unit in size selo. S5,000, sent july 16th, to Oren add Miat $22,000, sent july let i to a Basic ind si2,500, sent july 9th, Sci St. Loin All sold in puck Ige s and cashed on demand for prizes you Hirist address i Emory pc i lat Prus St., Baltimore Maryli Aid Emory it co., Call the at a Tion of their i friends in Indian to the Many Ajile did i Schenitz for August cornprit>in9 some of the Best lotteries Ever drawn in Tho United states. Tickets sold by Emory amp co., All a Testate stamp of Maryland and for Vrljich the state is equally liable with the managers. No other inf Maryland tickets Are Legal or i authorized by the Sta to. Splendid Schenick Lor Aii Gist 1851. »292,892 . Co. Lottery 31, for Auto it i int. 1 prize of $1 ,.s12 is $l6,3l2. 20 a a of a,000 5� 60,000 10 Quot of 1,500 is 15,, 10 Quot of 750 is. 7,500 79 prizes of $100�?loo of 60 in. Tickets �5�?shares in proportion. A a wholes $80 halves $40 Exir a i i St. Louis daily. Indianapolis daily Springfield Illinois daily. Pin �1 am 8 pin Vincennes daily sundays except ,. 12 not Lafayette wed., Fri. And sunday. I pin Crawfordsville tuesday and saturday 9 pm i confectionery Quot bakery and vhf girly store. Nectar Iii Mead and Philadelphia ale. June 2,1851-dcm Charles Seeman bakery and groceries also eps a Good boarding House. National kind St., beit Cen ilk and a the Terre a Ute. Indiana. May 31-6ni lbs. S. A Wil Solf Willinell and Mantua maker and in Boa neti Roll Trona loves laces collars and fancy goods of All kinds second door North of exp Rean office Ali lie he Yte ind june a 51-6ino attorney and counsellor at Law. Office in Farrin Lon a building no. A ups aim. June 1851-Dtf, l. In Arlin. Fainter Ola tier and paper Hanger n the Echt Side of fourth Street first build Ine North of main Street. , May 21. 18.>1 d f i spa log and summer Imti inc. V 0 s t i m a 11 a l l. Cur. I Salt lit. Mid Contri Market space i Ultimore.  11e be to and Best Stock of ready made Clu Tivix Gever Olvena in Baltimore. Dress frock and sack i s. All colors i qualities and izes from in of i ,"i,50 and upwards pantaloons at ill to &Quot>0, and upwards embrace Iii All steles of fancy plan and plaid Casim Kres. V kits of every variety at prices. So a Larl e As Sorl men of boys . Importing our own cloths direct from Europe and ii the most extensive ate enables us to Olfer Liidi cements to Pur shit Ley. Howard amp co. went Baltimore St. Third door West of Liberty St. I Attimore my. constantly on hand general assortment of ready made clothing wholesale and retail to which they re pet Fiille invite the it Tenti m o inn try the Public generally. March let it�51-l-yr. Liloon Kington Riedford saturday. Carlisle wednesday. 9 pm 9pn-8 pin Etta lillies. A a w. Early amp amp Romini Sion Mercia its a i. It Fri at in India Larch 13, Lac 5mi-Tfne-w York importers and jobbers. Ii him i it $ amp not to be surpassed by any Cothin i 68 other tip Street a Between Broadway and in the United Stales the proprietor. Are deter ii d to Niak j the who Lesah rooms the Point of i eat and hav St. Louis daily.1 am Indianapolis daily. 3 am Springfield daily. 3 am i Vincennes daily sundays excepted Lafayette tue.s., the is and saturday Crawfordsville monday and Friday. Loon Kington Quot Quot Bedford wednesday. Carlisle thursday. A am a ii All mails Are closed at precisely ? pm. Ill office hours from 7 am to pm. On sundays from 8 to in the inor int. And froni.7 to 8 in the evening. J. T. Moffatt p. M. June 27, 1851. 5 am j 8 a you 5 am 5 am 6 am $593,392 Orand consolidated 21, for Anft the highest prizes Are $10,000 $15,000 $7,500 $5,756/ 4 prizes of $4,000 Are $16,000 4 do of 2,500 Are 10,000 4 do of 1,500 Are 6,000 800 of $200 ic., <tc., a. Tickets $10�?shares in proportion. / certificates of packages Cost 26 wholes $160 26 quarters $40 26 halves $80 26 eighths $20 $1287 Patapsco 230, for angst 27tli. Scheme. I prize of $9,214 is $9,ai4 5 do of 1,800 Are 3,000 10 prizes each $600 $500 $300, ac., a tickets $2,.50�?�shares in proportion n. Packages of wholes $3&j halves $17� Quot quarters $8,75. A Fortune for a trifle i Patapsco 231, for to gift 28tli. $53,253 1 prize of $4,700 �8 $4,700 4 do of 1,500 arc 6,000 500 Are 129 is 100 arc 20 arc 2,000 129 400 4,12a 4 do of 1 do of 4 do of 206 do of tickets $1,00. In this be hemp we sell packages Only a Kiev c.>8t, 26 for $16�?halves, Quarter 1, i or $25, up will Send a package of whole halves and quarters. Now made up More than a augments from the finest Quality to the in Price. In the Cuk Toui will always be found selection of cloths. Casi Meres and \ Estius which will be made a assay Street near the Post office. Quot it t e Are Reching by daily from eur Vav rope it in fall and Winter of Rich fashionable fancy silk and millinery goods. Ave respectfully invite All Cash the shortest notice and in the latest Stylo Quot. Caa and a lit always guarantied. Thoroughly to our Stock and prices1. A the one Pike . I strictly adhered to. Kvernes be feel con Dent that Liera Ember the place Caner a Ratt and of Quot to Quot led from our establishment. Particular Atten Centre Market space june 2.1, la re a def in ii Colett co i of a millinery goods anti Many of a 1�irticles Are manufactured expressly to our order and cannot be surpassed in Beauty style and cheapness. Beautiful Paris ribbons for hat Cap neck and Lieut a. Lie. Square next to messrs.,. Cook a a co s hardware Sture Terre haute Indiana. We announce that we have Ojie cd at our new Storiali assortment of fancy French i French . Leseure ii brother importers and dealers seam treet of pith a a in and Tail via ribbons of All widths i i. , sat ins \ elves and l Cut a elves for , american and French artificial and Cali trimmings. ,.a. Dress Trimm Nijs Larce assortment ,embr.-, silk and Imen Lustre worst k,,. Capes collars under sleeves de Barage pain and Tancy lawns poplin a a a i pious Selise Delaine silk Linen and Gingham i in be no Oid Rcd and reviere and Hemstitch cravats Poplai Hau ,e a edgings la. Handkerchiefs. Ces twist Glove Sand Liitt it Parl tons illusion and Cap silk umbrella a perfumery a a. G., and Silver jewelry and notions Brono a thread silk and and Marble Gilt pendulum and Silver plated j candlesticks inks ands bracelets j. Ujj a Jujj. Ear and anger rings saw vol pm is ,. Watch keys watch chains rings and tassels a steel beads purses sup coders and Taconet italian Straw american Hom on Vise Street Between Maine ani>2d.,6t. Locis Missouri. The above hotel rebuilt thoroughly renovated refitted and a with entire new furniture with Large and convenient additions was opened by the subscriber for the accommodation of transient and per Raana it boarders. On i , the 16tli of september. The location is desirable being situated in the Centre of the most extensive mercantile portion of the City and equally convenient to the levee. Thell Onse with its new additions contains Large and airy rooms sufficient for the accommodation of two Hundred guests with dining room of Safti Cint size to scat comfortably the above number. It is the determination of the proprietor to make it in every respect to any House in the City and he hop is Quot by the strictest attention to the Quot Best interests of his guests to Merit a Eliare of Patron Ige. Geo. Wood. Oct. 16,1850-44-Lyrfspecfully tenders Liis professional a i Quot i. A Luuri ithe citizens of i place and Siati jul i Lulf iof american 8 Kri of Silver Nia Ilchert and i , Junit. O us i Bronze spectacles to e a arrant the Quality of a a i the 8 Patent Virginia reapers. Also Plain and fancy Siik Bonnet ribbons. American express co. New York Albany Buffalo. Cincinnati Chicago and St. Louis express. Also runs in connection with Livingston Well s co s foreign express to London. Paris and All Europe also to California via chagres. Mark and leave at office. Foot of 9 1 Street on canal h. B. Smith agent Terry haute tune 25, def just Recey Vej on consignment a it of these celebrate reapers for Sale by. H. B. Smith foot of 2d Street on canal. Terre haute june 25, def to arc in Etc Institute Yuill be re thread Cotton and silk a great assortment of children fancy embroidered Swiss Plain Iaconeta Brown and bleached sheeting and shirting bed ticking embroidered and Plain Tibet shawls a line assortment of Cali Coes prints cot Donades Cass inlets sati Nettland cloths. French China and common Ware Aper mid looking glasses. Opened on monday the of e above go Neal Lair september Send their children Are requested to make Early application to the missed Watson aug. 15, 1851-Dtf at the Institute courier copy two weeks kinds of country produce will be taken a i . We Grill sell at the lowest Ericex. \ Terre Haup tune 21. 151. Def a bargain offered. Cohner lot in Terre Hante embracing a Small Brick House is loitered for Sale Iii a fou Cash enquire of Israel Lono agent. May 24, 1851-Dtf English Dairy cheese. 1 in Dairy cheese just a Lllan ded this Day from Strain boat Olive. A splendid article put up expressly for family use each put no in Nunt boxes weighing from 5 to 40 lbs., in store and for Sale at Clark s Corner Corner of is and i Ridge sts., by aug. 18, >�5 Dif Jas. S. Clark clinic a a i ?ar8 Charles Huttner has received lot of those Choice imported cig Aib for Sale wholesale and retail. Aug. 16, l&51-d.1t-pd. J ust received per Steamer Oliver 2 casks French Brandy 1 do l ale do 1 do Holland oin do Irish whiskey. U barrels of Malaga wine. 1 do Peppermint cordial 40 boxes Lemon syrup. Aug. Ir.,-d.1t-pd. Quot a has. Huttner. Also Mackerel White , flour Salt and Bacon in store and for Sale at is def Clark s. $203,575. Consolidated 48, for Agnit Mth. I prize of $15,000 is $15,000 3 Quot of 5,000 Are 15, a of 5 of 500 20 of 200 and 100, ac., a. Tickets $4�?packap for $13. Of Quot we answer All orders promptly and drawings regularly keep the strictest Honfi Dence and have sold More prizes than by lottery office in the world. In Ord Eric tick ets write your name Phon also your a a co. 154 Pratt Street Baltimore. 25th, 1851. Teree Hamitte and Evansville Tackit. The Fine Steamer Olive capt. Is we t. A Holton master will july a it Falsis lbs a a regular packet Between Evam. Ville and Terre haute for the balance of to season. The Olive is a Fine Light drag a. Steamer with Fine accommodations. Bitay my entrusted to her will be promptly attended of for freight or pass Ige apply i Boarder to Jas. S. Clark. Agent. Aug. 18,1851-Dtf the log to tip Tek Quot Quot Quot Al he ister of Joseph Gregg of oif this county i the grand daughter of Oue Rod spoon and daughter of Catharine Sposit Bas not been heard of for Many years. She married William Smith a deaf Man and Ltd perhaps moved with her husband from Jessamin a county , to the Green River country of so Riib other state the undersigned would be glad to lib or of silk by Smith. Joseph Okeon a. Terre haute aug. 9, ie5i def �30,00 Kiwi it i Kirkas a a ask cd kit of Perry Davis Vega Tabie pain i flu has made its appearance in Marlym m it Ward of Twenty Jive Dmary will to paid far the production of Legal evidence that my or son or persons Are engaged in the Pitnu Fatui of a counterfeit article within the limits Oft Kia state. Said testimony May be Forit Ardeil in letter or delivered in person either it Thia office. It it a at the Western office no. 7, Colwy buildings i Ilont Street Cincinnati or to or. J. N. Harris new London ct., or Perty Davia son at their office Providence k. Isl hid. Agents and dealers in the Gennivie Ai re i tested of advise us of the vending of a spurious article by unprincipled dealers. , Harris a to. Per d. A. Sori Eitz air ont for in Divina. Indianapolis july 23, ,-l-32-3wdivr courier Evansville a Birnal tip Cennes Razetto. And Lanny Ottto courier will a Ive Tho above Throe insertions in their respect have daily and weekly papers and Quot Norgo d. A. Heitield
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