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Syracuse Herald Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1990, Page 5

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Syracuse Herald Journal (Newspaper) - March 17, 1990, Syracuse, New YorkSyracuse Herald journal ignoring potty politics Ana pursuing an Inep Enaena Hail net Hes tote to discuss Obtiz end to support men and measures of seem Best calculated to Advance the Best interests of the Arthur in fast Jon. Published by the Herald company i Stephen Rogers. President Post of Box 4915 Clinton Syracuse . 13221 Raasch 1990 Stephen a. Rcx3ers. Fob i j Timothy d. Fee cure p Atseff. Fucai or Donald p. A Orff writer James f. Advertising director Thomas j circus ton i Factor in our opinion unclaimed Nickels if the state gets it s a tax gov. Mario Cuomo is still chasing those elusive Nickels. Every year he goes Afier unclaimed bottle and every year so far the legislature has rebuffed him. Cuomo claims that since the state s beverage Container Deposit Law was implemented in Beer and soft drink distributors have enjoyed a Windfall of More than million by keeping the five cent deposits paid on unredeemed bottles and cans. The of course disagree. They say the bottle Law has represented a net loss for them. They claim the Cost of hauling the empties away from the stores has exceeded the income from those unclaimed Nickels. No matter whose numbers you there is no question who ultimately would pay if the state confiscates the unclaimed deposits Beer and soda drinkers. The distributors loss would be added to the Price of the product. In other what Cuomo is propos ing is a tax. Whether you Call it a Revenue enhancement or a fee or a toll or a sur charge or a Partridge in a Pear any Money that goes from the people s hands the great head count to government coffers is a tax. Cuomo Coli 1 the u tors the heavy in this Little drama if he but they re miscast in that role. After Are the ones who set up this system on their own with no help at All from the state. Probably is just As Well. If state bureaucrats had done it would have Cost twice As putting aside the question of heroes and we have a philosophical problem with the state collecting the unclaimed Nickels. It would place state interests at Odds with each other allow ing the government to turn a Buck from the failure of a program that originally was designed As a safeguard for the environment. By encouraging the state would be inhibiting its own reve Nues. Paradox and hypocrisy Are Noth ing new in government. It May Given the state s fiscal that the Best place for those Nickels is the state Treasury. But let s be honest about the real source of the Money. A tax by any other name is still Money out of new yorkers pockets. If Only we had More politicians with the courage to admit it. I us in at gop loom president Why the census is so important in a week or the 1990 . Census forms will be arriving in the mail. It is critical that All of us take the time to fill them out completely and truthfully and return them by the april 1 deadline. Our responses will have a direct Impact on the Quality of life in our Community. The framers of the Constitution directed that americans be counted every 10 years for the purposes of determining each state s allocation of members in the House of representatives. That s still the most important function of the but countless other vital government and private sector decisions Are predicated on the official head count. When the first census was taken 200 years the word was t even a gleam in some Jargo Neer s Eye. Since the decennial Survey has evolved into a master reference for the nation that helps determine Federal allo cations for such things As poverty programs and health care. Local and state government use the information in deciding where to build or initiate programs for the or improve Parks. A manufacturer will use census data in choosing a site for a factory. A retailer re lies on the census in locating a new store. Airlines and bus companies use it in formulating schedules. The census Bureau has enlisted workers to ring canvass House holders and tally the homeless on the Street. Many people will be missed. Some Don t Trust the despite guarantees of they re afraid the information will be used against them in some Way. Others just Don t want to be bothered with filling out still another form. The uncounted ones and their neigh Bors will be the losers. They will for Feit political Power. Economic benefits to which they Are entitled will go else where. There is an politically charged debate Over what measures should be taken to make the count More to include those who Are being missed by the Means now in use. Officials of several cities Are planning to reopen a lawsuit against the Commerce department Over its counting methods. The most important thing the average citizen can do is comply with the Law. People who Don t answer the census will be hurting Only themselves and their communities. What other papers Are saying editorials around America Here Are excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers around the statesman on the Bush transportation plan when candidate George Bush my lips no new we did t know exactly what he meant. As president George he has spelled it hell pass Federal duties on to local governments and let them pay the Bill and raise the taxes. That s what he and j Congress already have done with education i and health and it s what he proposes in his new America into the 21st plan for our transportation sys tem. The Federal government would continue paying the costs for interstate and Many major but it would give states and local governments the Bill for building and maintaining millions of Miles of other highways. And it would impose extensive user fees for truck air travellers and mass transit customers. This is a tax increase by another name. It s a tax increase that local governments cannot pay and probably should not have to pay for a transportation system that is National in the news and on the soviet Union Gorbachev never has been unwilling to take the plunge to a Market Economy principally because of his desire to seek marxist Leninist answers to the country s ills. But the recent explosions of ethnic and regional animosities in Armenia and and the growing separatist movements in the Baltic republics of Latvia and have served Only to make Gorbachev even More reluctant to bite the Bullet and embrace Market solutions. As a shortages of every conceivable item from food to fuel have become More severe. There too Many rubles chasing too few goods at fixed artificial and the result is a populace that is angry and increasingly alienated by Gorbachev s Promise to Cleave to the Leninist path. The Sun on better food Labelling we agree wholeheartedly with Louis w. Sullivan s description of the american supermarket As a of As far As food Labelling is concerned and we sup port his announced intention of reforming Labelling regulations. While americans have become More conscious of nutritional requirements and the importance of healthy eating food labels have become increasingly confusing and deceptive. What s to one food producer is something else to a competitor. What Means on one Cereal Box in t the same As it is on the Box next to it food and drug administration officials estimate it will be two years before reforms Are in place and con Sumers will Benefit from them. As Secre tary of health and human Sulli Van ought to use his position to shorten that period. In search of a peacetime vision one of his aides had to awaken Richard Cheney the other Day to inform the Secretary of defense the cold War was Over. Our Side won. Nary a missile was fired. Cheney had been saying he disagreed with Cia director William web Ster s assess ment that the Robert c. Warsaw pact is in Tiann dead. So is any mat Nanu credible soviet global threat for the foreseeable future. Nonsense and railed Cheney. If Gorbachev As he Well the next Leader could be Joseph . Lenin and Leonid Brezhnev All rolled into one. Then where would we for that argued we had bet Ter keep All our pre Gorbachev pow Der dry. Just As Cheney was building up a fresh head of steam for the Devil after Gorbachev bogeyman along came Phillip a. Peterson and his study. A Pentagon specialist on Europe and the soviet Peter son is on the policy planning staff. The orthodox soviet goal of Eastern european Peterson s study is dead. The new Frontier for the soviet his study is not military. A Secretary of defense so easily disputed by academics deep in his own ranks is not a defense Secretary to be taken seriously by our allies or even Capitol Hill. That last is the unkind dest Cut of All since Cheney represented Wyoming in the House of representatives before going to defense. Until Cheney has been playing the Gunch who stole the peace dividend. Cheney s idea of an imaginative response to the disintegration of the soviet Empire is a plea for an increase in military expenditures. Driving with his eyes fixed firmly on the rear View Cheney collided with his Boss the other Day. It was an Odd scene. One Ito Nickit Cheney was insisting not a dime could be pared from defense. The next president Bush announced his desire to be generous to Nicaragua and Poland. And where was this new billion in Aid to come More Bond sales at 8.5 percent to the says the Ever so Well take a billion or so out of Cheney s budget. Just like George Bush launched his own instant peace dividend. The cheering on Capitol Hill was not entirely for the Good Fortune of Poland or Panama. It was the realization that the commander in chief had opened up Hunting season on the Pentagon budget. Bush might like to keep the figure to a and he might intend it Only for the fledgling democracies. Once those sorts of ideas begin working their Way East along Penn Sylvania they Don t necessarily Stop quite where the fellow Back at 1600 might have wished. When they reach Capitol those ideas take on a life of their own. The triple deficits will surely enter the debate with renewed vigor. Our Federal deficit must be Cut if interest rates Are Ever to fall solidly Back into single digits. Right now we have no Choice but to keep them High enough to entice the japanese Bond buyers. We must reduce our yen for the yen. We Are living on credit to Japan. The Trade deficit is primarily a function of productivity declines in the american marketplace. The europeans and the asians Are producing better goods at lower prices. That Speaks to the need to improve the Quality of education and training of american workers. That is the third the education deficit those Are the priorities Many on Capitol Hill Are Likely to prefer to new and generous outlays to the fledgling democracies. There Are some who believe the first fledgling democracy we should assist is the one at Home. In addition to our education we have a deteriorating infrastructure of roads and Bridges that threatens to cripple our Economy by the turn of the Century. A growing and respectable senti ment holds that if we address our triple one Day we will be Able to give real foreign Aid again. What we give today we borrow from Japan at 8.5 percent interest. Now the president s Challenge is to guide an orderly process of conversion by offering a real National vision of life after the cold War. Universal press Syndicate e. Germany s first and last free election while events in Europe get As Alice would say curio user and get set for one of history s most curious elections on sunday. It s curious since it s the first free elec Tion in East and the last. It s the Only free elec Tion Ever in East Germany. Item it s curious in Ciungu since the Only ally Lilian task the newly elected state officials face is How and when to abolish the state. It s curious after 60 years of no Choice under nazi and communist the East germans can now choose among 40 parties. Should Ger Man reunification stay on the fast they will be voting twice in one year. And it s curious with the whole world watching sunday s it really does t matter who wins. The new East German leaders will jockey to become the new All German and that s about it. Left behind will be communism s Best shot it was As Good As it gets in East Germany. For sundry Western liberals wrong Karl you never intended for marxism to land in that land of Oriental despotism not ready to Lead history s March toward communist Utopia. It was Germany Marx had in mind. It was Germany Marx got East mind you and it did t work either. Though tops in the one time soviet East Germany s per capita income was still Only one third that of West Ger Many. Even that was partly due to billions of dollars Worth of West Ger Man Aid sent eastward yearly. The Shock of a shabby Germany so vividly revealed since the Wall fell is testimony to the Power of communism. It takes one potent Ide ology to make germans or chinese or for that matter unproductive. No Ordinary ideology can accomplish such a feat. The Pace of change since the Wall fell leaves us no time even to be astonished. East German Leader Erich Early last predicted that the Wall would last another 100 years. Honecker was off by precisely 99.7 years. Soon after Gorbachev kissed him on that state s 40th anniversary last Honecker was history. Soon the Wall was his tory. Soon East Germany will be history. For the remaining citizens of East Germany want to be in West Ger Many. Those who Haven t moved to West Germany and nearly a half million of the 17 million have Over the past year now want West Ger Many to move to them. Hence the hurly Burly Pace of Ger Man reunification. When German Sta Tesmen talk about reuniting their most europeans would ascribe to something Akin to that old time religious prayer which let me be but not just to the decline of rus Sia is the major Issue of our times. To it s the Rise of Germany. The heart says that s Given the destruction caused by a United Germany twice this Century. But the head tells Ger Many was poor. Now Germany s Rich. In the last Quarter of last West Germany s Trade surplus was larger even than that of which has twice the population. Germany was dictatorial. Now Germany s democratic. Germany was a pariah. Now Germany is grounded in the eco nomic Community and god will ing in nato. Despite the prevailing talk of the reunified German it will still have Only one fourth our Gnu and one third our population. The drive for German reunification turns things Topsy Turvy. The much heralded conventional arms talks in Vienna become since the new German state must determine the disposition of the soviet troops. God they la leave on the same Type trains As Are now transporting soviet troops from Hungary and Czechoslovakia. And the abominable Way Chancel Lor Helmut Kohl handled the Issue of Germany s Border with Poland raised up the latent fears of German Revan Chism. This prompted the polish government against the advice of Lech Walesa and contrary to Hungary and Czechoslovakia to favor the retention of soviet troops at least until the German drama plays out further. Hence today s final which started the Roll to de soviet ize Eastern is now the one country where soviet troops Are most As for tomorrow s who like the red Queen in we re asked to believe three impossible things before breakfast each morning. Tribune Media services Pogo aint1ms of Togo an Posky Gravity Jit s a by 9fhp

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