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Sweetwater Daily Reporter Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 1

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Sweetwater Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Sweetwater, Texas Volume in. Sweetwater Texas sunday May 30, 1923. Number 93./ All West Texas extra trains. Special train on Orient will carry Sweetwater contingent monday morning 6 30�?Many via. Auto. Promising program arranged Sweetwater will stage Parade tuesday big pageant tuesday night a big banquet wednesday. M Liula of Swoot Wator will visit the convention at 9un Angolo lor a part at least of three Days of Trio convention which 01 0113 monday in the City on the Conchos. Special Sweetwater i Illian will to attached to the special train which leaves at 6 30 monday morning and there will be Many others on the same train who have not reserved jul Zmatis. Alien there will be a steady Stream of cars cars cars streaking it Down the Hijii Way to West Texas supreme attraction. The Sweetwater Booster hand under the capable supervision of m. C. Manroe. A truck Load of boy scouts will be there Sweetwater s Parade will be staged tuesday morning at 10 o clock. Everyone Man woman or child who attends from Sweetwater is expected to Register at the Sweetwater Headin orters at san an Gelo water Light amp Power company on Chadbourne the main Street of the town so Sweetwater will be credit for the attendance. Get badges a cards and novelties there. To opening item of the program v tor the convention is the meeting of ii the executive Board of the West Tex a As Cha inner of Commerce on monday. A morning monday afternoon the open a program will get underway with a baseball game Ana qualifying rounds Golf tournament trapshooting tournament swimming match Tennis Matoh Viand other contests. An in formal reception for the women at and a dance at night. The train movement through sunday will me heavy. Ail Ira Iii passing liar Mizii swi in water sind ii night Mihi i coniing will Liu to inc a mini with Moalc Tiki in to Wiuli Lalji to. I is using �1 Spur Iii Niin i Irli is Luis to Isk lir Hiigli at i0 him Alti noun. I will Ike co Iii in to Ali station. Iio i ver. Two sic civil Luh Hocini tars will to Ute Nulli d to o Mio regular Trioln. Going around l y Way of Colim iian Kaiui dialling in. Tho Dallas Dei Galion to tie Ron. Vini Tion will pass la rough swe Oiwan or monday Inonu Iii Truikis forming to the or ent i ort won i pfc Iii irn Iii in. Ing by Way of bailing or and will through Sweet Winter thursday morning staying Here until 9 n. In. There will to thousands of cars make Tho trip Plant More deaths in Are cleaning warm Days Sweetwater uses 12 tons ice daily during summer local Piant a 40 tons daily. All water used is filtered Chi Oldren s choir opens services Colorado Loraine Roscoe other towns supplied by Sweetwater ice and cold storage company. Sixth revival of Christian Church is opened by boys and girls chorus of thirty five voices. Large crowd at services of evangelist Wallace presents Strong Sermon subject Quot Why halt be Between two opinions. To step 1 a noon Niu Plant of Trio Sweetwater Leo amp cold storage company la now being prepared for its Long Sinmor grind Cooling leu in Tho torrid to come. The capacity of the local Plant is forty ions a Day and it for months right up to that capacity. About a Day wore consumed i Quot Sweetwater during last summer the balance being sold to Roscoe. Blackwell Loraine Colorado and other Points. Shipments to i lain View and other Points nearly As far North Are not Infra Aupiu. In addition. Refrigerator cars Laden with fruit from Callon a and other perishables Are re iced Here. The Santa Tichell Cyclone More Money is forwarded contributions at reporter office total $158�?Santa be men donate $48 a other Money sent too big trucks make Many trips Moi quote painting this Spring than Ever i Luler the Capri Biu direction of Buck Johnson the clean up of Tho streets and alleys and rubbish from private victims monday s Cyclone now totals a a so Denicea has progressed very Satis-26�?several still in serious Condi Factor Fly. Tiona situation is Well in hand. I i Hori Are two Iii trucks to which Bot ii Tho City and county Lay claim but Are temporarily being used by the City to haul rubbish out to the dump ground. With a Crew of negroes Thoy have Boon making five to six trips a Doy and there is surely a most noticeable improvement. It is probable that there is More cleaning up painting and attention to lawns and Yards oils season than Ever before in the history of the City. Sem Esmay to close revival i Quot to local Santa l u men chipped in $1s toward Tho Olluf of the Imitchell county Cycle Ohio victims. This made Tho total amount re Celoud at the to ported off co $1.58. Which sum forwarded to Secretary Cooper of the Colorado chamber of Commerce saturday. Adult Lydnal Cutri buttons at the report or Oil ice will to forwarded As received. A cashier s chock for $550 went to Colorado Friday night this representing the balance of Tho Money col. Lector direct 1 y the committees working the Early part of Tho week. This in Addi on to Tho $7 15 already reported and also several Hundred dollars which was sent direct by Tho j ii Kwa Iii Zolub supper will take place As Well As the band con and open air dance. Fri tues Ayi morning the formal con invention Quot win be Ope Neil at 10 o clock. A pc i Alst Angelo Wlllie Iye n dress iof Welcome with response by Clifford b. Jones of Spur. Johp president s annual address by a i a Risien mrs in follow. A a govern Quot team program for a address note noon As ave the louts j. Worthan. Fort ort i a of Armour amp co saw i i Crawford. Of Waco prep dont Texas Highway association. Fish Lemp meetings. Quot these de i be due la Ropen tub8d�y, attend Conj saturday evening s revival services at the first Christian Church opened with a song service by Tho girls and boys chorus composed of 35 Chi Idron. The group also gave a Bible Drill and displayed a knowledge that would make the average grownup envious. Tho scripture from which la Vange list Virgil Wai Iaco spoke was taken irom the Isth chapter of the first Book of icings. Quot in this the lord asks How go be living Between two sides ? or in other words Why halt be Botteon to o opinions you Are a Christian or you Are not a Christian and a Man cannot serve two Mast ers. Quot Many Good men and women who hang on the skirts of the Jhu Riih Are the Best Friend of _ Tho Devil. In annl was never in. Middle group. To Stond firmly for the living god. Quot the business Man who has Titus. Who cannot say yes or no will fail ultimately. To 8tay8 in the Middle ground until his opportunities Are exhausted. Quot Wiy limit be Between two opinions Quot Sunda i school will be held this morning at 9 45 o clock. R i Mey Wallace s Sorson this morning w a lube twelve and Quot live a list 3o Clde a this afternoon he will preach to the men and boys. The subject tor the evening Serl vices Wiiri Iov Quot Lan it i of Momory a a i a a a a a a a a a a it it Vuoti i r t today s radio weather. It by Sweetwater ii Vulcanizing co. A % or t a i a West 11 be Given Dur a al a i of Vaasa d ses Subh. A Alvon or a no of Tuffe a a Londt Allexan la some a do fess Tow convention As Kerr on"�proor>n3-. Pm Allas a Pri 3arpent�r, a Magglin Iron test Wlla a a l trip Sci Ca i Chi 5���n0 a to a do a Jeff Sli do a to a a no t i old a in a a Ops a a i Quot a ii my j .1,.,. A a a la iri sex j a crib is a n. Siitia a Lff la csmt�gl3g� a it t r str lib Jault file a a a Tricia to off in cd Fojt Raj Dsa a ii a Dot a f up a ptts a q>tati3 vote 0 f in a. The a a we a Ute Texas. Sunday partly Cloudy cooler in i general conditions the prime Low pressure area prevails Over.-, an d Plains states and the Missouri Valley Region causing widely scattered minor showers spec Law by. ,Nebraska, Missouri Dakotas j Quot Tho Cotton Region reports Parum of As a Long re lying platform for donors without going through the that Especial purpose. Those who Are inclined to Ollove that a filtration Plant lor Lake Tram Moll is not necessary should see Tho mud that comes out of the two 10.000 gallon settling tanks. Here it is treated with Lime. 16 pounds to the tank and allowed to Settle. From six to ten inches of mud Are removed from the Bottom of each tank every Day. From these Selling tanks the water then passes through pressure filters which Are cleaned out every two or three Days. Ammonia is used. Ammonia Gas is used in the manufacture of artificial ice. I. It is first compressor and Coole d. And then allowed to expand. When it expands Quot it takes heat from its surroundings. In making ice Tho expanding ammonia is housed in a temperature of from 15 to 18 degrees above Zero More or loss As local conditions Requiro Large Iron tanks Are immersed in this cold brine Zafiu filled wit i filtered water. It requires about 72 hours to freeze Tho water into ice. A Lien Frozen the cake will weigh about 320 pounds. It is then Cut up for use. The expanded ammonia is again compressed and Vise there Are a lot of Little details in addition. Compressed air comes lip bubbling up from the Bottom of the tank All the time. This drives All the air in the water to the Center of the cake and if two Rinot done the cake would be Snow White instead of Crystal Clear. ,. Just before the Center freezes i a Long pipe is extended Down and the water in Tho Center drawn off and replaced by fresh filtered water. This a process removes any impurities that May have escaped the flute ration processes. There is a Large pneumatic Crane to hoist Tho tanks around which when full by ice weigh about 100 pounds. Hands of local commit Tea. A total of nearly $1,900 has already gone from this town and it is Khoii fit that by the time everyone has subscribed to this Noo Dod cause the total will Roach around $2,000 or More. George Graham did Friday night bringing the total number of victims up to 26, according to mrs. George Sparks who returned from Colorado saturday. Mrs Sparks has been aiding in Tho nursing. The Baptist Church in Colorado is still Boling used As a Hospital but it is thought that by monday there will by Only 10 or .12 remaining in it some of the victims Are improving enough to be removed to other places and residences a 11. M. Baker director of destruct on for the Rod Cross is in Colorado and monday two Field workers for the Rod Cross will take charge of the Relief work there. Citizens of Colorado City raised for the work among business men and residents generally and have donated services for rebuilding the devastated Region. Two More automobile loads of cloth ing went Over to Colorado the end of Tho week and everyone who goes Over remarks on Tho a Allty Colorado is showing in caring for the situation there. A it is repo Tod that nearly $25,000 has been subs Tbod Ford he sufferers but at least twice that much More is needed. Roscoe donated $500,v and nearly every other West Texas town Climax of great series of Baptist re Vivai meetings will come with services this evening. Church was crowded Friday or. Morony Speaks on the three greatest facts Many persons converted by him. Elect Smith Ashead of scouts mayor Snyder president first four county boy scout Council Ever organized in the Southwest. Organization is completed officers elected from different coun. Ties financial campaigns will be undertaken shortly. A is contributing Means. According to its Clara confesses woman. Held in Honduras Breaks Down with arrival of detectives and admits murder mrs Meadows i Aston Morony preached another Polo Raul Sermon Friday evening to a Large congregation at Tho Baptist Church. He said Quot the greatest fact of All history is that Jesus Christ was onco on the second greatest fact is to is now on the a right hand of god interceding for Manl Cind and the third greatest fact is he is coming to the Earth Quot that he is coming again to Earth la made sure by Jim by assurances and prophecies in Tho Bible Many More prop Hucles and assurances of his second coming than of his first com a Quot Isaich had every prophecy of his first coming was literally fulfilled before he Camo to Quot Many of the prophecies of his second coming have already Beenu us full Lodi and there Are those who under take to toll us just when that coming will be. I do not know f Quot Quot what 1 believe about his second coming is just Quot what the Bible says about Quot it. And 1 would not subtract Onovi thing from the Debloi says about it. Nor would 1 inject anything into what the Bible says on the subject. Revelation tells a that the Ione who subtracts from or adds anything to account a buld have his name blotted out of tile Book fillet and i do not want that and it Hiitt is Why i believe just what Tho Bible -. I at the services for this oven Long there will a about 20 baptize this Avill close the meeting at which Quot no al �10 have to far United with Thoyl Marci.  �zre3idence the Pardue has pure Liasos Ali the ice is stored in a Large cold storage room adjoining the. Freezing room in the Plant Quot Niewalis Are Cork line do Elk a a big refrigerator and the temperature is kept Down by the Colls of cold brine i Power. Power is supplied from the big diesel Type engines which Are housed in tie same Plant and which Supply Sweetwater Colorado Roscoe lor Algol with electricity. The Lossel Type engine does not require ignition like in Auto Mollp engine. They run on fuel Oil Quot Wotli a compression of # Cir be. Irrl Gasloli Quot a Mon Daj rel Ngab Truo 1.150 j Poi ads in Tho Cylinder which is. Enough to ignite the charge we thou Quot spar to Quot Quot Quot. There Are four of these. Onal 500 horse Power and the other Quot three a Btu boating �650. Mornings the boo Hirsi Power unit i Wui carry the bad a i until about 11 o clock when Liq teleo log ranges j. Get going a into to ton to prepare dinners and then Thoy Hayevy Outmon Quot a no ther. Quot the heaviest ovdl8 at it night from about 5 30 to 10 30 it current comes of the Genera by Tho United press. A Tegucigalpa Honduras May 1 a confession that she was none other than Clara f Phillips the Quot Hammer murder so who has been sough throughout the Western world since her escape from the to of Angeles jail was Mado Here today by the woman who tins been hold hero Quot on that suss Lolon. A a Tojo confession came when amoral. Can delo Olves arrived to identify the prisoner. The woman had previously main to nod j anyone wl\0 a Pught to learn Heris Oreti bad it re Ilowit a and a Jusho was Tho woman who beat mrs. Alberta organization of the first four county District boy scout Council was completed at a meeting of ropes eta Tives from Nolan. Mitchell. Flash i and Scurry counties at the hotel Wright Friday night. Tho meeting was pro Cee Iod by a most enjoyable luncheon. Officers elected included the following president. Fritz a. Smith. Snyder Vico pros dents Rev. A a Jameson Biack Weil Rev. Pm Elliot Colorado judge a s. Connell Fisher county cd Jameson Snyder scout commissioner Rev 15, a Doak Sweetwater chairman District court Quot of Honor or. P. C. Coleman Colorado National councilman. Pm Chitwood. Sweetwater treasurer Mose Newman Sweetwater chairman District Camp committee w. B. Crockett Colorado chairman District publicity com Mitton minor Shutt Sweetwater chairman District finance committee. Joe s moot. Colorado. Two other executive committeemen at Large Charley Copeland by Rickwell Jim Day Rotan. E. E. Voss Deputy regional executive outlined the plan of the four county scout Council which consists of 48members. 17 from Nolan county 11 from Scurry 10 each from Mitchell and fish or based on the boy population of Organ Zable and on the estimated financial Given from each county As elect in Tho county organization = meetings held r previously wore then read us follows Mitchell . W. Elliot it Corelan w. B. Crockett a Adams Joe Smoot w w. Porter a. A Edwards King Scurry Fritz Smith j. K. Blackard Porter King r. H. Carnutt c. I. Jameson. Snyder j. C. Beakley Dunn is. Leverett Herm Olgh. J. C. Uoss Illuv Anna c. U. Alexander . A Maples h. B. Palmer Dunn. Quot a e. Boynton Fluvanna and Elmer Low Dor Hermleigh. Fisher county. Judge Quot j. , j. Quot a. Hale b. A Conloy Roby w. A Mccombs. James Day a w. Price a quote. New pm ton Rotan Geprge Bond ,, Quot i i Islip Assa by letter and by profession. . Morning at Llu of Olock and this evening at 8 o clock it is expected that the largest congregation of to entire meeting will be present it the services this further believed that no Iny Lvove Owell announce their Faith in their lord and it Savior and join tonight Fri f a it a tickets Selling. Quota Quot report indicate i satisfactory Advance Sale Chauta Uquam i \ 11- i i i a k it partial reports from various Saran a tors Selling season Chautauqua st ots indicate a very satisfactory Vanee Salo ,. Fili i Rector Mccaulou lev Wheeler ve3ler.iwalter Bates _ Longworth a j. Can of Palava. Nolan Coli no Vij Ujj. Rov. C. A. Jameson. To a. Car and Louis i Ihorn Blackwod Quot Syl a if Islo Quot a ii worthy m. A i. Baze Koscoe we. Quot Hargrave Maryneal a Eorge Quot Stapy Quot ton. Dora Jolt Holt nosing Robinson Hylton Joe Boot pm Rev a a a the his a own a lain la Iivo will have take a a o1iv Audra Quot 8tiatod a a Mes saturday Meadow Sjo death it Ith a a minor Houry Boll. Or. Sat _ n Quot a. V3, Quot i it Tho Chautauqua will open he o Jay a it Serif Hepper Vij so tors Points i in 0�arlqu8 boxes my a i a a i Rosl donors and business Placos. Just out Sld Tho Plani is Onclo ii Are Kwh Are Liq bus t aka the vou8."and .8t�pflt up to Aon d u out on Tho trttnsnils8lbn, la Nebo silos of a and. Points West. Phlp la Quot Tho Lak to a a jul jump Aorl so a Gap of two Foi to Geli a , .,,. Interstate Commerce cd Mil Oslo a Sci fuses permit i amp a n. Or Loco a larger Washington May Tersten to commlroocoraral8si�r of authority it to the prs a a of syn acquire con t rel or lib amp Brett it Northern a lh"0pm orb Maxi Srejs. Eral?saddr0s80b�z��>vlth.sl Prado Lotut Lugt in a no

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