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Sunday News Sentinel Newspaper Archives May 18 1892, Page 1

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Sunday News Sentinel (Newspaper) - May 18, 1892, Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne. Indiana May is 1893. Weekly supplement. A bomb explosion at Carras torrid Mph the zen a South Aine rican a lairs ill of micral. Caracas Venezuela May 12.�?a dynamite bomb was exploded tuesday evening alongside the residence of minister of finance Mattos which badly wrecked the building but injured no one. This is the third dynamite outrage in the City since the revolution broke out and it has struck terror to the hearts of Palacio s su2iporters and the citizens generally. The terror was increased yesterday by the discovery in a House near there the latest explosion occurred of a dozen bombs six flasks of Viteri and a Large number of rifles. No arrests were made. A report reached Caracas yesterday that the Young son of general Crespo who was recently captured by government troops had escaped from his captors while in route to the capital. Palcio is said to be greatly angered Over the escape As he had hoped to hold him As a valuable hostage. La Paz Bolivia May 12.�?the election of Baptist the presidential candidate for the clerical party now seems assured. The clergy s of torts to bring about these results have created much ill feeling. There Are grave fears that a revolution May result. Buenos Ayres May 12.�?a Large skating rink in course of construction Here collapsed yesterday. Thirty persons were killed. A turned was Rai Iglitz in Tju Licay Ortli editor in Avail Iii taif following Day. The other two must i ave by ii Over Oai d or out act i n ii. From exposure. A Cost i aeration Alorius the of a Jav Arylane town. Upper Marlboro md., May 12.�?this morning at 2 30 o clock the cry of fire aroused the town residents and soon it was apparent that the town was doomed again to destruction As it was six years ago. The Large grocery store occupied by de Levitch amp co., Corner of main and second streets was wrapped in flames and the people turned their attention to saving the office and press rooms of the Marlboro Gazette. The flames however soon gutted the entire building. The files of papers since 1836 were lost. Adjoining the Gazette stood a Frame dwelling which soon ignited and destroyed it. Opposite the flames caught the new truck House but the building was saved and prevented the further spread of the Are in this direction. The lawyers Block on main Street and the Marlboro hotel was in imminent danger but were saved from destruction although badly damaged. Several persons were More or less injured in fighting the flames. The damage to property will amount to some $60,000, partially covered by insurance. A state9ikkt. Bir. Co ii be denies the a Barg �9 uni talc by senator Teller. New York May 12.�?a Boston special to the times gives an interview with t. Jefferson Coolidge the nominee for minister to France in regard to the statement by senator Teller in which the latter said to Send a Man on record against free comage to a bimetallic country would be almost an insult to that or. Coolidge declared emphatically that that was a false statement. He said Quot i am a by medallist what 1 am not is a Mono medallist a Silver Metal list. A free Silver Man would not be a proper Man to Send to France. France is a by Metal country. It no longer coins Silver but As we do maintains its Silver currency at the Cost of Gold. I doubt if the senator will refuse to confirm the nomination of a Man just because he takes the same grounds on the Silver question that All the East Beye Ksieski and a ipad does Are la kilns it warm for settlers in their Vicinity. Gutherie 0. T., May 12.�?governor Seay yesterday received dispatches from the Cheyenne and Arapahoe reservation stating that about 400 indians were off their allotments and had driven a number of people out of county these indians claim that they never signed the treaty for the Sale of their lands and that the Whites must get out of the country inside of ten Days or be driven out. A Large number of indians refuse to come to the Agency and unless they Are controlled at once serious trouble will surely ensue. Flash eke Fate. Social re in. Lion. Ini Riek a a is Sis no Tillim Lor a Sauk Iii sum a , May 12.�?at tie of it rth to it on Don today the lion. Patrick Greville Nugent brother of ire Ville and Deputy lieutenant of the county of West Leala Lan it a Jil Eail de guilty to a common assault on miss i Iarion i lice Trio charge of felonious assault not being pressed. Quot i Iii plea was accepted by tie court and Nugent was sentenced to six months in Rison ment Nith Hartl labor. I Lien sult has created a great sensation and mrs. Nugent is said to be prostrated by the social ruin which hoi husband s action has Brou Glit upon Lipini. Nugent was advised to plead guilty by his counsel or. Gill the celebrated lawyer who had ascertained after careful inquiry that there was no Way a of impeachment of the testimony of miss Price. Tiie father of miss Price a respectable an Ltd Well to do v usin eks Man has been greatly excited by the Earl s attempt to establish i blackmail and was that Nugent should be Pun Shefl. In addition to imprisonment nug it was Orde Reil to May the costs of the Plain tits Quot. The assault referred to of oui red in a compartment of a i Ailway Carriage on the London and Brighton railway on evening of Bank Holiday. The complainant was miss Marion Price of Estien Load Clapham Junction the shot in Ose Ltd to have i ill Ltd two Deputy hrs Bali. By Kkapko wyo., May 1. A it is generally believed that Robert l. Gibson and l. Craig t United states Deputy marshals have been killed by thu rust ers. Both went out to serve injunctions upon the rustlers to prevent illegal round a and should have been Back in Buffalo before Tjimis. It was reported Here last night that the ranch of major Ijams six Miles from Blair s ranch on the powder River and fifty Miles from Here has been sacked by the rustlers and from this it is inferred that Blair s ranch with ten thousand cattle on it had also been sacked. Intelligence from Blair s ranch is anxiously awaited for it is feared that the several men left to defend it May have been killed. Ovlin rapid transit. ii in ,i�- on a ii Lri Quot a t Iii Iii a it i Ltd to a Kif. A a i it Riser in it Tki. Rev. Iton Biniok Sci Zinek to Ito i Iii i lied Lor Iii Aily i Iii the Vinila. Indianapolis Miry the indictments returned by the Federal Grantly Ury was one against the Kev. Father Dominick Schunck a roman Catholic Riest of Wanatah this state for a violation of the lottery Law. The Church Over hic i Tatlier Schunck presides was getting a fair and among other things to attract Money was a Rathe in which a number of things were to be disposed of such As a horse an Ltd buggy a chair and other desirable things. The Complete list was Given on a printed slip which father Schunck had prepared and sent through the mails. He asked the addressee to Wilease return $1, and closed by hoi ing that Lui Quot to Ullwin the Ca ii Tal the drawing came Oil on May 1. A a three men lose their laves in severe torni. I it the minn., May 12.-the tug Corrington came into port yester Lay towing a Small boat at the Bottom of which was a dead Fisherman. The boat left two harbours several Days ago with Bodie three fishermen on Board and it is pre strike i he Toivio of Arapahoe in Oklahoma territory. Or Rikkia it. T., May terrific wind storm swept Over the new counties in the Western part of the territory yesterday. The tents and Small buildings in the town of Ara Ahoe were All demolished. The temp Horary court House was Wren cd find the a ers and records scattered All Over the country. The tents in which the newspaper was published was carried entirely Nway Ami the outfit wicked. Near thu town of Frisco live houses Wei e totally destroyed. Several persons were badly injure to. Two xes roes Lalii Ideal. , ills., my 14.�?tom Lavis and Henry Dickerson n it Groe Suni by others in Law were i in god in the jail Yard Liere at i 1 j i o clock this morning for the a girder of Marcus Duestch a a meddler on december 27, is la. Davis was Jiro bounced dead in eleven minutes and Dickey son in fourteen. The Littlies were Cut Down Aiti r thu y had minutes. Davis Siut Dickerson his friends. I Quot he to Richview for Hung Twenty till be played i or i try. Is Iii it let it id Iai Ewell i were taken burial. At this time when i Ort any ii i about to i Kergo a revolution in spree railway travel by the abandonment o the horse car for electric in Piid transit a few facts touching upon the subject will in of general interest. San Pini re Jporter while standing in the Wayne hotel lobby last evening was inti diced into a party of gentlemen who were discus ing the question with much Eari a St enthusiasm. In the a party was w. R. Kiin Hall that a popular electrician of the fort Wayne electric coins any a Brilliant scent Iii student whose researches into the myst i ious Powers of electricity have brought him into Jurum Ineice among older men in the same Riu iks. Tie Suncee led in drawing out the Fol having interview a will you give Iii san Tiki. Some ideas on the electric Street railway Quot asked the re Jporter. Quot Well that is a Broad subject and one that is also lung an enormous amount of attention and Ca Wiital at the i resent time Quot answered or. Kimball. Quot the growth of the electric Street nil Way has been almost Airai Ulous. A if the people of the country had Lirtz Ltd their to him in in it plication for better Means of transportation and some powerful it Iii had waved i a Iii Wand Over the land and in thei Ourse of a few Short months tiny electric Street railway encircles our cities. Three years a a o there were Only about a dozen Elei tric railway. In tie i United states now there Are Overko a. It f the 1 a nil Miles of Street railway in this country today nearly one half Are operated let a electricity. Retire setting invested capital to the amount of .$7-&Quot.,000,01 in. Since november Isio to november isl the number of horses Emiil oyed on Street i ail ways has fallen from inv Mimi to saudi Over 2s,000 in one year. The advantages of electric propulsion Are apparent As is evidenced by the avidity with which the Public make use of the View Quot do you anticipate that a of systems in this cite will the a patronage Quot in changing from Horst to electric traction Ami increasing the Speed of the cars it has been the of Streetcar com Iani it s that the Nim bar of passengers carried has by ii Eipur Mously increase in an it in Many Casi its More than doubled. i.,>. De for Liis increase of to attic larger cars Are necessary and in this City cars Are to be Seil which will be sixteen feet in length inside As against the present ones Wlinich Are twelve feet Only. I Oreily on Rode in Street cars when tii Ltd not to save time. How Many people Start to walk and arrive at their destination with the faithful old horse and car Bobbing along at to Weir heels. That Public in general is very critic a and often is exacting to an extreme in its Rei Viire merits of Jui Blic servants and Street car companies have to suffer with that it a it St. With increased Saieed it becomes Iii a act Cable to Sto a heavy electric car in front of every Man s floor and it is customary to Sto Only on Street Corners and on the far crossing to prevent obstructing the streets. these Points As stations passengers May be let Oil or on making it to walk More than half a Lillock for any stopping Wilace on that Street. It Mie of the Many anxieties Tif a Street car Driver is to know whether a Erson standing on the sidewalk a it ally wants him to Sto i or is waiting for the ear to ass by. In ease no signal is give i the would lie passenger will have the satisfaction of knowing it will be Only a few minutes before car will be in sight Quot is anything being done at present Towai ils changing Over the i Ort Wayne system Quot Quot this week the actual w re has Cini fenced of changing Over the present Street railway system in this City i rom horses to electricity. Three it in this have Lieen in the City several a lays a uan tily of wire etc., Inis been received and evidence of activity will soon be Selt Quot hat have you to say Abigt it your own car Quot the which has be i Nii ining several weeks past and o Serati a by lie j fort Wayne electric com it any on Vest j Leil Erson Strei t is an Ilist rat Ion of the etl Orts that Are being made i to Jiro Duce a system of Strete ear pro which shall do away with Oer Siead wires. maintain in position and working Cui Klitin Ali Nel Woik of i Vei Livau Vir Sivi a Ali Iii i it i Quot ral e a i t railways tem Rei Viires constant i Are of . In a system Esary to keep a team of Lior ses men tools and to Start out at moment s notice to keep the tightly Strung network in order under All the varying conditions of expansion and contraction from heat and cold heavy stems fling buildings and contingencies of various kinds. Never thele reports of the past Winter show the trolley system has it mailed Stre get cars to lie kept running through the . With the storage system the Money in Esteil in conductors is it it into the storage cells placed on the car to be driven. With a method of changing exhausted cells for fresh ones which shall take the same time usually taken to change horses or to Stop for passenger the number of Miles run with one charge is not so important Factor. In the storage system each car is a unit and there could be no general shut Down or stoppage of the cars As in the Case of Cable or trolley systems j Here Are so Many advantages for the storage system that in the face of con tinned disappointment and failure the problem is being Woi ked out vigorously to what appears will be a successful so Lution of the Dilli cuties. This Indus try established in fort Quot Wayne would mean employment for a Large number of Titt Lxi . i or the re Iii it Liean Coli veillion lobe la leu for. Meeting held in the government a building last week to organize committees for the pin pose or arranging for the entertainment of delegates to the state Republican convention to be held in this City june 2s. It is thought too will be required for the convention expenses. Committees were chosen As follows to interview Man Rainard Rorison s. Bumbard e. Stu ode Clark fair Bank r. Mcdonald and j. Peters. For hotels and Columbia Street a. Skelton e. Williams Theodore Fuik and w. S. Has ii. Main Harrison an Ltd i Earl streets Ehner Leonard Freiderick Eckart Ami Cash Miller. Clinton Barr and court . 1. Friend and Lohn Morrisjr. Calhoun Stre it to a. S. Robertson p. A. Randall or. A. P. Buchman and Otto and City it Flici also a. A. Moynihan w. H. Shambaugh and a. B. Liar tier. These committees arc expected to Complete their work and report at a meeting to be held in the Federal court room next Wedgie dry evening at 8 o clock. Postmaster Liggins of the committee says that every cent of $2,. 00 will be needed for the convention. He says that the biggest part of the exit lenses will go to remodel the Princess rink put decorations and hire . The rink nudist undergo alterations in order to accommodate the crowd. He says that the state Central committee is drumming i every Ody they can from the ninety two counties of the state to attend the convention and the people of Indianapolis Are taking s it Ecial pains to get a crowd Here that fort Wayne cannot take care of so that it will result in sending conventions to Indianapolis in the future. There Are 1,4. 0 delegates to the convention and 1,-i. J0 alternates but this represents a Small proportion probably one third of the crowd that will be Here. A is ice i r4�.notio�. A i Ori Iier fort m Ayne Totine Man re pm Iven Reeoh Iii Ion. Herbert t. Slartman a son of h c. H Artman of this City and who was born and raised Here Lias for the past few years been engaged with the Fri son electric Light company working himself from a modest position to a place of responsibility and Trust. Of lat it he has been electrical engine it it a for the company at Montreal. He has just let Een Aji prised of his promotion to the office of general Sui Erin pendent of the Edison company for the Dominion of Canada Avith instructions to enter at once Union Liis new duties. 11 is api ointment is a big Surprise to i him and he is to be congratulated for j the handsome tribute to his ability. A . A Fanner Falls Ilis Mead or with a team it to Lions it its. Montiikai., play a wealthy Farmer named Provost committed Sui i Ide in the most Terribile manner at St. Lean de Rii Ristom. He tied himself to a tree by the Waist Ault a attached one end Faro to it to the while Gletree of a Teim. With to my other end he made a noose a Liili he Drew tightly a rotund his Ireci it. I lie ii using a Bull whole eau in to Ain a fear Cul slash. I hey Oli at a Tri Iii Iii Lous Pace and Tore Provost s head completely fro two expl4� Iell in t Racah. Al in six Iii receive said i Limuli a i Anelory apolo Vry new Yoke May special from Caracas n , says two More at tempts were malt be yesterday to blow i government buildings with dynamite . The Federal Palace was one it the buildings which the revolutionist so tight to wreck and although the bomb was exploded alongside the build ing no damage was done. The news the attempt spread rapidly and aided to the intense excitement. While tin whole City was in a state of Tenor of the discovery of the bomb the Otic was fired i he scene was the military head quarters Ami it was a most glaring attempt. La the Vianes of Glass in the building were shattered and Ali Large number of soldiers we were in the building at the time were very much fright Ned. No one however was killed or seriously Man was arrested on suspicion of knowing something of the explosions. The commissions sent out by the government to the insurgent chief has return etl to Caracas. It report that it has utterly failed in its . Eneral Crespo bluntly and Ami emphatically Ile lined to treat for Jiecai unless Palaico released tiie jiul Ges whom he has Imir ironed Recal Leil Congress and ordered the elections to Taki place Zimmei lately. Rospo s forces according to the latest accounts Are daily growing stronger Ami it is Stafeil that the rebels Are drawing nearer Caracas. Palacio has made an abject apology to the Spanish government on the Jia sport prestion but it is not satisfactory to the Spanish minister. A Spanish warship is at Lagua Yara and her Cosmu ruler is in route to the capital to formally demand in person reparation for the alleged insult to his government. Sex president Rojas Paul has at length come out of it Eidy in favor of the Relod lion. Paul has just announced that he gaining adherents in the Western states and that the revolution is practically at an end in that part of the Republic. Lie also says that Coffee is now being gradually moved from the Interior and business is being gradually resigned. Catholics of their it Levotion to the holy see and firmly that they will follow his advice in adhering to constitutional methods in their efforts in of the Cai Holic rcx.4way Teli Riim Home Lor a Visil Al ter Many i a a Are Alt Neilee. Or. Pail minn., May p ,.�?edward p. Grif Liu who at the age of fifteen ran Iway from his Home in Winona minn., into went to sea has Rem Ned for a visit. A passenger on t he same Steamer the Belgium by which or. Grilii came from Hong Kong to san Fram Isco was mrs. Hetherington Luise husband n gently shot and Kille Ltd Izower Robin son in Yokohama. Mrs. Hetherington was booked under an ass Meil name that of mrs. Whiteman. In. Grilling says Robinson left her All his Proi erty about .$100,000. Mrs. Hetherington he says made herself is Vecial a disagreeable to the european Colony at Yokohama after the tragedy by insisting upon appearing in Public and upon entering Good for t the senator also exp Elk to Keit Reheno the l Niter a states abroad Ltd. Topeka kas., May b a the Rei Hubli cans of Kansas will press sex senator Ingalls for chairman of the National convention. There Are rumours current that the senator expects to retire sent the United states in one of the foreign countries if the Republic an party wins november that his Jiro Josed trip to Europe in june is for the purpose of getting More familiar with foreign affairs that his statements recently made that he is not now a candidate for any office in the gift of the party in Kansas but that he exp sects to wait and contest with senator Peter for the St ii ate when his term love Teit. Trayor x. Operating thirty or More cars it is Nec his i Point Hii Yisell Quot. Bust u., tenn., May b a a the dead body of t. Bradley of Point Rock n. C., was i oui i lying on the Mountain Side near that City this morning. Bullet Hole in the right Temple did a revolver clasped in his right hand toll the Story of Suic id. The deceased had been rejected Ltd by a Young woman to whom he halt a i Cen a inattention for sometime and this is believed to have been tilt it cause of self destruction. Willi Sii Listii it li4�ii. Pahis. May 1 f he a Ope has telegraphed t it the Catholic Congress now in session that he has received with satisfaction the protestations of the French the color line liar Friy la Ian by a student at Yale school Quot son Hern san Denly Quot Quot manifesto. Onku Havko Onn. May a by the of Luebbes i. Wifely of Mexico mo., the highest Man in his class at Yale Law school to debate for the Quot Vevay land prize against James r. Spurgeon of Richmond va., on the ground of color is condemned by the majority of Yale men. Wifely s friends have issued a manifesto signed Quot Southern students Quot in which they say Quot it does not it eem to occur to new England people that there is a marked distinction in the South Between a coloured Man and while one that the races move in entirely separate social spheres and Are i Lunate Ltd in Sej Arate schools. The Zoial status of the Whites is not con lined to the drawing room. It extends to the Church and the school. The social line is drawn no More severely than ill the Home it is Only drawn in Mother place. In the Case of the Young Man from Missouri the circumstances Are no Dif Lerent from those of any other Young Man who was born and Bre Ltd in the Iii Ali. He is a Man of j principle and moral courage. He is not willing to Iii tiny himself by engaging in a con est that he would not engage in in his own Home and in the presence of his mily and friends. Any other course it uld show Lack of moral Spurgeon said yesterday Quot i have Cen in the Law school for two years. Wifely has been Here Only one. I have ways Brien Jire sent at the meetings of the cos and have taken part in the do Tes Anil have been Well receive i with one ext coition. That was last year Hen i was appointed to debate against. Miller of the class of 01. 1 cannot see any reas it a Why i should not be allowed to debate for the prize. I shall Prev Are my speech and deliver the arrives. The Mizii i Ial authorities Welcome her at Rio . St. i May Conemaugh bearing flour Grain and provisions from America destined for the famine sufferers in Russia arrived in b Iga b odsted at Midnight last night. At 5 o clock this morning the work of discharging the vessel began and is being pushed As Rai idly As possible. This afternoon the municipal authorities and the chief resilient a of Riga proceeded steamers to the t roasted where most Hearty greetings were extended to those on Board the Conin Augh. indictments freely for against i Lambrook and bribery. Milks n. Y., May f5, Hambrook and Greely were arraigned in the court of it yer and ter Miner yesterday afternoon before Justice de wants the grand jury presented Nineteen in it i cements against them for bribery. The men were admitted to bail in the sum of 1.5,000 each. Walker the thir Ltd assessor was too ill to appear in court. He dying of consumption. �?�1� Sfa it Eek a . .1. So omit Fassell Lor a Hairian of the National committee. Kik wis., May 12.�?henry c. Payne a member of the Republican National committee said yesterday that .1. Quot Loat Fassett of new York would succeed .1. A. Clarkson As chairman of the Republican National committee not Siiling or. Fassett would accept the office. A new Briu Tje. Ones it a in incur the missis i it i opened with appropriate Cerenil a Nies. My mimics tenn., May 12.�?the new Bridge Over the Mississippi River Here was opened today with elaborate ceremonies. Senator Voorhees of Indiana delivered the oration. There were parades of various societies during the Day and an illuminate Ltd trades display will be Ziven this evening. Ltd Kiel it . Three men their in a it Are in of a Trinnel. . Cai., May b Powers or. And .1 it. And ii. P. Hall were buried in a in the old Tunnel mine at it Cherokee twelve Miles from Here i it Ste Day and instantly killed. I he Halls Are natives of Montana. Tiu authorities at Anderson ind., Are looking for a thief who Rol bed the two leading dental of that City of several sets of artificial Teeth and Over $100 Worth of Gold Leaf
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