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Sunday News Sentinel Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1921, Page 1

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Sunday News Sentinel (Newspaper) - June 12, 1921, Fort Wayne, IndianaMother Relea fort Wayne ind., sunday morning june City edition full United press reports. Mrs. Lydia Decker Erly of own and returns to Home at May be re arrested charge Effort is being made to Obr Fred Decker s Slease on Bond Gal still says americans a Rewwa general word assures time has. Come when t hey have full Protection. I ind., june latest of us Why surprises was sprung murder Case Here this afternoon when judge 1. W. Royse filled sirs. Sydia Deeker into court released tie r on he r own recognizance. She and her three sons who has been sentenced to life imprisonment and Fred and Are charged with Coa Shirme to obtain j24.0do insurance Money by. Heavily insuring the Lite of Virgil causing the. Virgil s Lovett and then claiming the dead body As that of Virgil. The charge of first degree murder still rests against her but she is free to recognizance is to appear again Sheri the court she was furnished. With funds by the Tor. Her Home train. Manila . June Elf the. Time has arrived when americans abroad will have full Protection from their government general Leonard Wood assured 300 rotarians Here on his return to Manila from a the islands. The time has said when the Centurion s caution against mistreatment , have , he is a. Applies to general Wood declared it a pleasure to see americans overseas who up re Seive. Traditions of Yourin the future can1depend u Pori a Strong policy support he to. Have a share Oft the -.commerce, supported by a merchant Marine and., an world s traib the Colb planted the was past Viaster he Saidl no objection the of police said there was that Noyo aers for her arrest Joec an of brother Tull Arbili was. Trying tips obtain on night. s father Gobi is Bond. The other nov Effort made to obtain kit Vito Ilay you Rye court Here Friday and imprisonment. In the trial of for Ujj. S site sub Wanti ated to Mother and two Svi an Evv pred Becker is to for Mur least r As a. St reprise to and giver and the charge of. The. State lib behalf so that his myth e Ruid have Cha nce vhf a eau ittal.-. of legion borne to grave accompanied 1 followed regiment i Nudd pc ski Cincinnati 0. June in. Cincinnat Uever a funeral commander of Trio american legion in in automobile Accident in Indianapolis recently went to Hin today along a path of glory line Dewith hundreds of spectators and strew with Flowers nip world Down air plane. Coffin cd body a of his pwn Helm cd by his Side and his old horse be Hind it thle Man of his regiment the e 147th infantry whom who Lead through the St. Argonne and Elanders More. Marched behind tic or old commander in a procession of ton citizens. The National commander of the legion Lay in estate for four hours before the service in music Hall the cd Tyr largest auditorium among there was a nosegay of tix bled Field daisies grown from seeds brought from tribute of the mothers of soldiers for whom Coloner Galbralth had done kind indy sex Sims actions naval Secretary Felt Admiral in necessarily delayed reply ing to his inquiry. From Navy byline Durms to a Shiocton june at William s. Sima answering his. Original or Ders regarding the anti Irish speech in-7lo Naoh caused. Secretary of the Navy Denby to give summary orders that the Admiral return immediately to the unite d it was Learned officially tonight. Denby Felt that Sims had Unne a Isa Rily delayed in replying to original. Cable directing that officer of confirm or deny the London speech. Denby s action today was regarded As the first step in disciplinary action against Admiral Sims. He Curtly ordered the. to return tithe to United and report at once to the Secretary of the Navy the Cable revoked Sinis i leave which the admit plot Ioki Alkaher wealthy publisher we e amt Al Jonad and ordered Siras to the present instructions.1 a twit Lor the Flifle Ritj to few hot Tion that the e whole. Question will out bet Wen my arid Sims when the lat Ter reaches Relief cd inv Manu of. The United states naval Cpl leg i., his present step by tie Secretary c win As y s Emir of f in we Hopy Erand Uby United r .-.v, june the Fao ners slates practically recon Nitich bloc mat Secretary. Secretary Wallace Tonigs t to arrange its problem a undoubtedly i Eslyn . For Sims retire Marit from under the Law Secretary Derby. Reiterated that Kos o n was i the president or to numb ers of up egress in the Caser a if according to Condon Admira l Sims Jig cadent was secretaries the bloc appear sen toned Shounia bark Flea using Enterprise in the or the they ser asked a tit toy Loab the financing to a privately portion a with exactly tit and the arises. Vav Between Adreq Irish tra Tiye end to f the e Asenct adv a nol flirt to in this. Iowa of get their ideas and they burs. Will rider St an d each Buier and i am sure closet agreement Ana up m or p. Good for the Farmers than under. there was a Wreath that wan the tribute of Tho people1, of Alsace and Lior Rantand a sym Bol of that the of the town of chateau Thierry spuches Wero and ii by Franklin d Oller former National commander of the legion Roosevelt. Secretary. Of Tho Navy and tie John a who was chaplain in his regiment. After the speeches. Chairman ode Lavarge of the French embassy in behalf of the French nation bestowed on Galbraith the order of commander of the legion of Honor of four Kotlus in the sky Blue service uniform of the French army stood at Salute while the Captain pinned the medal of the order to the. Flag drap ing of the b casket. Have the news and Sentinel follow you people leaving Tho City for their vacations should have the news and Sentinel follow them. It. Costs no More sent to any address in the United slates than it costs delivered in fort Wayne. But All must paid in Advance. If Parcoal Fields american miners desiring. To get All work drive out had Union cards untied Racli to psf. Eral Hundred orc Lei born miners driven out the o Coal Fields Gibson and talks counties by terrorism of origin izod bands it was Learned hero tonight native born miners form Cal in mobs and Vigllante Battle cry is Liao forced of foreign., Horn workmen to Fiona the mining District on Favri Cisco Oakla Iid City Petersburg find Kosmir by mobs aggregating night and continue until Early. Today. No Dat Riago was done the workers. Accord lip reports be a lived hero but they were threatened if they tarried. It is thought that the trouble grew up Acca Jfe of Tho minors most of whom ate austrians and hungarians originated Here recently when mining became Slack in Illinois. Since then several mines in this District have been working part time and it is thought the mobs were formed so the participants would get Al Tho work All the miners who were driven out cards those suspected of forcing them to flee. Of the mob to Oakland City was followed by the hurried de parture of. Over 100 austrians and hungarians who left their Beds and led without getting their personal belongings. Liter reports Here tonight stated that All was quiet in the mining districts and that ill the foreign born had taken Refuge in nearby towns. Immeasurable service. so e Lik in g the siriday lip Ress declared Amansio great sailors exp res a sinew won not of Leniord Apu t of tse same vastness Jesty of the elements such men i c did More ing thin Hundred Aiple gnats. From to America Honor cd we Are cer Tain that even tliosc1.members of the administration. Who do med. If advis to recall Reallo Jonas Brablc service to the cause of up Oaklene leaves wife Foro Veck yeast Salesman who mys Tori Ousby ago i Alto and children. So is not known whether it is a Case of 1 whether he1 met foul play. With both to and his Belle la. Woji tactic it War ilk night school there that to was last and his wife and children moved hero from Washington court Otise six most to in Rohed at the school. Cveck no Ltd yeast during the Day time they lived 1808 Koeh Street where the wife is still stay ing the wife1 and children wore left almost destitute so the students of the school gave j127 for their sup port. The wife is. Still attending gave j12t for their sup five years. One of children is years old and the other 20months old. Soldiers wearing Gas masks annual labor federation convention to be most momentous in history. Sessions open monday White Apro Ned Gentry de Veu the of the White Apro Ned gentle men who used to pass but the mixed ones and put. Out. The to bet huddled ones a increasing. The bartenders Union is actually gaining members Edward Glore Buffalo it. To. President who. Is Here attending the american fes sat fun said tonight. They cull1 us beverage Dipen aers now but we. Have the same old Union and Are going he. Said. Voiced passage of new peace peso a Lution without Amend edit by House is sure now. Heavy vote to Aydla change lower body of take final ballot on tire May cause deadlock. By United press june. By the House of the Porter peace re solution without amendment As a Lub statute for the Knox Resolution approved by the Senate six weeks ago t was virtually assured tonight. Denver col., by a vote of 2q8 House sized labor stood tonight at its Arma cml rated its approval of the Porter present form by adopting a. Rule battling to " forces that movement a ii Cicin Al the not to accept Here to outline the text As their defensive and offence Cani a Png two it opens on monday will be faced by. Ten ration "presid.intshardms. V. V Ken Flea the annual convention1 of the american federation of labor which the most difficult questions importance to Imin labor t be loue most important lems to up Are Kabur left Ani Clarion Mcardle right array Tiea in new York court Ami below mrs Mary Brickel Lakewood of Marion is Kaber s step Kasef was stabbed Terri suspected of feeding the arsenic to Kaber arid uie be the Man with the named by Kabur before he died Are also i eld. was the first to confess that Kaber was deliberately planned. Now Marion have admitted that assassins hired. --.j--. R time Iii peas. In Nis " examination revealed that he her daughter in fed arse Ilc. While Rill. Bri Tiol was arrested in Cleve acc cities j Homo of. Illi _ 7- if.ijie3.w.ere recalled he could not states tonight made it Plain Contention of the do Tali Vov-1 America n interests a re the american plan Campaign Der signed to Force pen shop on very Industry in the country. Of approximately s 000 too Maii in the United. States. The wage cutting movement. The. Fourth arises fro the ranks of the unionists., exr pose business agents is Gupta i allowed Italy aptly Yas the Irold May try in Chicago and. New Fork. Two Republic Ai leaders of federation Belt of labor Torii gift claimed that they Lia victorious in. The e fight. Against " open shop Maine t they pointed to ther membership a figures conclusive proof of the claim that the open shop movement had failed to coupled with uie open shop flight labor lately Cuttin g their off orders to Aid cutting of a ssh reached its. The. Sian ing Thel pay of Railroad workers effective july 1, .according., to be get iof Leo no immigration reported cmdr Gen Pye admit the immigrants. .this., be a 1 a or Nisson of the italians followed negotiations Between italian. Ambas Sador Ricci and Tho s Tate department which tip turn -.took1 up Atin mexican rebel Leader a san lunch Uku in try jvj.1 a la Lulu two Small general Francisco Murguia Rcv Blu in Fiuren. Tonary Leader who at him Tiea rebellion in the state and fold of Nis it of. Several months is1 not known whether t t is in Iron in age has taken Refuge in the. United on a autos. On a ranch. Noar narc cording to a report from ii Iredo. Murquia apply a to. Stills to the hire a c United redo. H declared left immediately May ment sent to Holland play 27 which made Public tonight by department the tinted states legation at the Hague to state Htit. The United Sta tis gov egmont finds it impossible to regard the applications of american companies or in tha mat jiul Cluj. Jollu Llull u i those of Tho sanie1 820 of apparent. In All lines Ionikh w step in the Lonk to Premier Lloyd George and to dating Buck More Ile Ved to on import Between the United ant declared that we have .btat05 ant1 the Over the a Moro scripts Leafy to recover than of we have had Senci the crests Sineo Ai Mistico and under condition fur less i in. Trades Council of Ork City was of Thi National organization.1 Tho Resolution provides that if the new Yor branches refuse to the National regulations their charter shall be revoked and a new building organization started. 1 build info trades split the meeting of the building trades department was marked by n Seri Ous split in the organization. The it tute never and Louse leaders Ermine to insist upon their re Presentati Martin and Fayert of a sinners to negotiate i peace inn v. I vember will have been. Obtained less Steps to establish nation the building trades Branch meeting presented a George hed Rich providing that Don Lin go to now York and. Investigate conditions building Trade branches there especially with re the foreign claims tha the provide tha e no one but a Bush Ess agent can be father of Gluseppe Varotta Flye year n Liv Diu cd id 111 ill full Anta the All of to lice Scro said to be Wpc Iii . In me . The icon of the Djamil it colds following delegates of. Tho brotherhood of car punters and joiners headed by their president l. _ Beautiful woman found in Lake probably suicide Llor new. Orleans. La., Juno Appner cantly i suicide Tho body of a Beautiful and fashionably dressed woman was found in Tho Audubon Park Lake Here today. A note discovered by police led to i the belief that the woman drowned herself. Tho note signed. Marguer Ite stated the writer could never been guilty of Tho infamy heaped non me and that she was not the woman s shoes us not want to together with a pocket Book contain on icon As boycotting tier goods ing 44 cents were found in incr a made in Canada where the out of the meeting. They represent approximately 00 men. The caused by the adoption of a Resolution pro Viding that tie carpenters and join ers must comply with the rulings of the National Board of jurisdiction. Hoard sets Forth decisions where one Union s work ends and another begins. Hutchinson said his organization Hud been denied All consideration it Tho hands of the Board and that they could not consent to abide by its directions. The building trades meeting voted woo for relict of Pueblo Hood sufferers. If Tor a hot fight on wheel ice the Money should be turned Over to urn , committee or the local Union organization. It was finally agreed to give the funds to Tho. Local building trades Council to be used in it sees fit. Pro Irish Resolution. A Irish Resolution providing of All British made us untied so that it urged Union men Bers to Purchase Only american made the organization did not want to Tho father was unable to Vlehr the body but he was his identification of the Muki trousers Tan shoes White arid red l garters. News of. Ing carefully kept from the child s Mother who is expected to become a Mother soon again since five suspects been detained on suspicion of implication in the kidnapping were arrested threats have been made Chim would be thrown in the Hudson. Police Belluc that the child was drowned in order to do away with the Only witness who could identify Tho kidnappers internal Solister company cuts its prices United Pacso Chicago june tonal Harvester company tonight announced a Cut in All its one to five ton trucks. Reductions Range from five ton truck to on the one ton capacity. The weather Palm tree near the. Lake. Efforts to identify the woman had failed today. Students deny reports thatch Eyre Fly Una e.1 Trew Dan Ville. Ind. June dents at Tho Central Normal College Here who recently demanded the resignation of or. Jonathan Rigdon As president of that institution today denied reports circulated by or. Rig Don that Many of those who signed Tho. Petition for his resignation were now asking that their names be the a. Placed a Premium of son the or them to abandon the stand Tion has Adl plated unions. The annual fight on Samuel gom pcs leadership in the labor organization seem crystallizing tonight a Chad John l. Lewis Indianapolis president of the United mine work a o e of each of the missing bandits have taken in the matter. Cal organizations representatives coupled with some pro Irish senti ment. Gompers supporters claimed that he had sufficient backing to win the election if he wants it. United states department of Aurl Cul. Ture weather Bureau fort Wayne. Ill. June 11, 1021. Local weather data for the 21 hours ending at 7 p. M. This Date. Dry bulb temperature 7 a. 12 noon. .80 7 p. Wet bulb temperature 7 a. Noon .73.-7 p. A. 74 relative humidity 7 a. M----82. In noon .75, 7 p. M___85 barometer to Ali iced s p. A. 0 p. A. 10 p. A. N p. M Man Erht 1 a. M 2 a. M 3 a. M 4 a. M 5 a m i a. M a. M i Ftp 7 temperatures .7.1 8 a. A. .72 9. ,1. In. .7.1 111 a. A. .72 11 a. In. .7.1 noon .73 1 p. A. 2 p. A. 3 p. A. 4 p. A. 5 p. A. .75 .7fi .78 .79 .72 .74 .78 i p. A. P. A. Arrest Allej rpt officer Kirkpatrick arrested James Shuey. 20 years old saturday after extremes of temperature highest during the 24. Hours 8ft. Highest on this state last year 92. Lowest during the 24 hours 69. I West on this Dat last year is highest since the Firat of the month so on the 2nd. Since the first of the month 4s on the oth. Of Tell la till no old. Noon on a Petit larceny charge the precipitation Young Man is accused of stealing total for the 24

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