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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Dec 12 1977, Page 4

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - December 12, 1977, Venice, FloridaTravelling with the newmans we be been gone Over a week now every Day has had its adventure except perhaps the first two which were driving driving More driving with lots of conversation on the third Day out past Shreveport we started talking to a newly wed couple on the c.b., the Nail Driver the Happy Honker before very Long we picked up a travelling Salesman the Blue Gill. Apparently the Blue Gill really knew the Road All the Way to Amarillo where every county Mounty lurked where the local yokels set their Speed traps so the other two cars looked us Over put us in the rocking chair took us at speeds of up to 80 Miles an hour All the Way. Fun but scary the next morning we were on our own just poking along when the Happy Honker spotted us again. This time we sent them on their Way with our Best wishes continued to poke even so the Day held its adventure. We crossed the Continental Divide just before Gallup headed North to Shiprock began to see dust devils. Next thing we knew we were in a Blanket of swirling dust visibility Down to 25-50 yes. Luckily we drove out of it in about five Miles reached Cortez without mishap. The next Day was the one i had been looking Forward to our trip to Mesa verde. The Day was a Jiffy a but even the weather added interest. Snow flurries Large Sticky flakes floated Down on us two or three times once we had Snow pellets once rain in Between the Sun came out in All its glory. Our time clocks Are still set for Venice so we were up at the crack of Dawn the Sun coast gondolier welcomes Back Suzie Newman a local resident who frequently has shared with our readers highlights of her exciting worldwide trips. This time. Suzie her husband travelled to the sea of Cortez also known As Baja Gulf. Their trip was made by car from Venice to los Angeles then by plane to Acapulco. Mexico where they boarded the Lindblad explorer cruise ship. Suzie s letters will Tell us about visits to such places As Lake Powell Rainbow natural Bridge. Joshua tree National Park other interesting stops along their itinerary. Enjoy the voyage. Were one of the first cars to enter the Park. Our Reward five mule Deer crossing the Road 25 feet ahead of us next Little pocket gophers running for their lives. Our first important Stop was Cliff Palace. Here we descended a path Steep stairs a Crevice finally a ladder about 400 it. To a ledge in an overhang of a huge Cliff. There Between 1200 1300 . The indians built a Village of 217 rooms 32 kivas a Kiva is a circular ceremonial room used mostly by the men entered by a Hole in the roof. We explored leisurely with the help of a Ranger a guide Book finally got up our courage to climb out a different More precipitous route up three almost vertical ladders in a tiny Crevice the rest of the Day we spent driving around the Canyon rims getting out of the car every few minutes to see a Pueblo ruin or an incredible View. The reason for the Cliff dwellings is really still a mystery reaching them carrying water to them tilling Fields on the Mesa above or in the Canyon below must have been a simply dreadful hardship. When we woke up on thursday morning after our Day in Mesa verde we had ice on our Windshield we had expected City manager s Corner by Dale e. Rieth incident at Goldie a selfish. Over the years As i think of myself this is the one adjective that keeps cropping up. As with some of you perhaps t often wonder in the j of a charitable deed or in offering assistance to someone less fortunate whether or not i am performing these acts More for my own satisfaction than doing what merely has to be done. All my life it seems i have focused on a goal then set about obtaining it often times to the detriment of others but that a another Story. When i was in the sixth Grade my father Felt called to assist in resolving the second world War. This left my Mother faced with the task of raising myself my younger sister. Without going into the details suffice to say that the difficulties both financial personal proved to be an extreme Burden for All of us Over the next several years. So much for background. My mom had a thing about easter. She Felt that everyone particularly her children should always have a a new easter outfit each year. One saturday a couple of weeks prior to the easter Celebration my mom bundled me into the car off we went to Goldie a department store in Maplewood Missouri. What excitement this was during the height of the War. Everything was in Short Supply at least in our Case particularly Money. It had been about two years since my Mother had had a new dress so first we went to the ladies Wear department in what seemed to be an endless Extension of time she was eventually outfitted in what we All agreed was a most becoming new frock. Next my Sisters needs were quickly dispatched. Then the moment for which i had been waiting. Into the Young menus department where in Short order i found myself in a new pair of hounds tooth Slacks a magnificent camels hair jacket. Already i could anticipate All eyes being focused on me As i strutted in front of the mirrors. My Mother asked the Price hesitated a moment then opened her purse. From. The purse she withdrew the familiar Wallet. After what again seemed to be an eternity her face dropped she turned to me said she did no to believe she could afford my fancy new duds. She asked if i might please select something less expensive. Belligerently being an inconsiderate brat i replied a absolutely no a in fact i am sure i thought to myself if there is to be something less expensive selected you make the change. Still today the memory of that moment is almost too painful for me to Bear. Two weeks later on easter sunday afternoon our family less my father went As we had for As Long As i could remember no matter the hard times to a restaurant for sunday lunch. Then on to our weekly sunday afternoon movie. As i sauntered up Down the aisles of the picture show i imagined All admiring my new camels hair jacket hounds tooth Slacks. As i passed my mothers seat there was a smile on her face her eyes were Bright with Pride. On top of it i thought she looked pretty Good wearing her second selection. Well that is the end of the Story or at least that part of it. Today i Seldom think of that time but when i do i have this strange sickening sensation in my stomach. I am sure my Mother has forgotten the incident completely. Somehow though if she knows that i still remember perhaps it will make me feel just a Little better. I guess that selfish too. Library column by b. Lorz Newton editor friends of the Library or. Secretary according to one historian that is How Samuel Pepys 1633-1703 would have liked to be remembered. He attained the lofty rank of Secretary of the British admiralty. But that did not insure him immortal Fame. It was his diary. It is As a critic observed a naive. He gives us As we say the Here Are lines from that classic a a Good honest painful Sermon. A to the Trinity House where a very Good dinner among the old soakers. A so to bed. There is a copy of the Pepys diary in the Venice area Public Library. Use your Library to be warm All along the Way had Only our Florida clothes with us. Our warm up suits would have been just the thing. Luckily the Sun shone brightly by the time we reached the Monument at 4 Corners we were warm again. Four Corners is the spot where Utah Colorado Arizona new Mexico meet not really much to see but it was on our Way to natural Bridges Monument Park. Here again we had Vista upon time he called his jeep trip the shake bake. Somewhere along the line we met a couple who had just come from seeing the Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell. We were running Well ahead of schedule decided this sounded like a perfect spot to a whole up for a couple of Days catch our breath. And its just like a dream come True we settled in the Wahweah Lodge amp Marina at the lower end of Lake Powell just across the Glen Canyon dam. The dam is monstrous�?583 it. Above the Vista of canyons High Buttes . Finally a curved our Way Down a twisty single Lane or so it seemed precipitous Road to mexican hat a Little town named for a Rock formation. Our Road then took us through Monument Valley the Valley of the gods areas of weird Rock formations massive in size provoking the imagination on into the Canyon de Chelly. We had a Beautiful sunny Day in the Canyon but were told we were Lucky not to be there in the summer. A a Johnny said at that Legal notices notice of intention to Register fictitious name the undersigned does hereby certify that he is conducting a Lawn Mower sales service business at 210 South Trail Nokomis Fla. Under the fictitious name of . Mowers that said firm is composed of the following persons whose names places of residence Are As follows James 216 Palmetto Street Nokomis Fla. Ownership of . Mowers Quot is As follows James h. Drum 100% Quot a it is my intention to apply to the clerk of the circuit court in for Sarasota county Florida to Register the said name . Mowers Quot under the provisions of chapter 865.09, Laws of Florida acts of 1971. Witness my hand this 7th Day of december 1977. James publish . 12, 19, 26, 1977 Jan. 2,1978. Original River bed of the Colorado. We spent a whole morning prowling in around it while Louis took pictures of its massive turbines generators the spectacular views. And then yesterday we took an All Day boat trip of Over 120 Miles up Lake Powell some of the canyons. We had lunch at Rainbow Bridge tied up walked v4 mile to picnic under it. Its greater in size than any other known natural Bridge has a 278 it. Span is As High As the Capitol in Washington , its a Salmon Pink in color with variegated streaks of dark red Brown Blacks an und Escrib ably Beautiful sight. After lunch we went up two Small canyons you could almost touch the High Canyon Walls yet the water in them was often 450 it. Deep cold too. In the 50s now though it reaches 80 degrees in the summer. Altogether it was a wonderful Day. Next we head for the grand Canyon then on to Phoenix the a a visiting part of our trip. This part of the trip was for my Benefit but i think Louis enjoyed it As much As i have. Sun coast gondolier Sam Dillon editor published by Sun coast gondolier inc. Covering the entire South Sarasota county area Telephone 813 484-2611 Derek Dunn Rankin president Ond publisher Michael w. Corradino general manager v of soles Courtney Willis advertising manager Sheri Bridges news editor Jim Dorothy Lippstreuer women s editor Craig Sandy the Sun coast gondolier is published every monday Ond thursday by Sun coast gondolier inc., 320 Venice bypass Venice Florida. Second class postage paid at the Post office at Venice Florida 33595. Subscription rates in county $8.50 per year $5 per six months $3.50 per three months. Out of county $ 10.00peryear$6.00per six months $4.00 per three months advertising representatives Florida press service Tallahassee Fla american newspaper representatives new York n.y., Atlanta go., Detroit Mich. You Are invited to share an a old fashioned Christmas with us at fri., 16 mon., . 19 tues., . 20 wed., Dee. 21 thurs., . 22 fri., . 23 Venic Nokomis Mhz a Trust compel no 304 West Venice Avenue we Are pleased to present the following choirs appearing in our lobby at 12 00 noon Venice elementary school singers Bel Canto singers Strong singers Emmanuel lutheran Church senior choir first Baptist Church youth choir St. Marks episcopal Parish Day school choir Church of the Epiphany choir Santa Klaus his Helper will be Here every Day from Ripon to 2 00 freshment will be served. Member Odic amp first Florida Banks inc. An equal Opportunity employer an equal credit Opportunity Lender Christmas gifts i that Are sure to please we Send gifts of Good taste wet handle All the details even enclose a personal greeting. All cheese Ivion. Belle Fleur. A Vii. Butler Keme 1 of. Plain Gouda 7 of. Cara Way Gouda 8 olt Edam stick 5 of. Smoky cheese bar two 2 of. Cheer spreads plus tasty Strawberry Bonbons. 13 98 plus Fiaiai Itoch on livery tia Iii in Silipi Rrt see these Many other gift Paks on display at 4 8 01. Safari summer sausage 8 of. Hot Pepper cheese. S of. Smoky chats bar. 2 01. Chiaia spread. 6 of. Jar of Ousia Dorl Mustard Strawberry Bonbons. 9.50 plus quaran ted Dali try charge in shipped traveler Square of Ohio 922944 the super Chee Market

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