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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1977, Page 3

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - December 5, 1977, Venice, Florida100 month by. Bra. Gift decanter Reg. 6.99 Sqq 67.95 Case 5th collector item three Rivers 4 or. Str. By. Bra. Heaven Hill 80 by. Bra. Abc Nas the lower everyday prices America s largest wine amp spirits dealer Mexicana tequila Imp. Mexico Gallo vermouth Sweet 1.39 old charter All week amp daily specials Bourbon binocular Bonie 8. Case 095 great gift Loea t St Saxony a Gin a rum some thing special a a for someone special Wuorio Shelst Orlf Piini in scotch bar non scotch diam tar 099 104 to o 5 Quot Casi ���lo�?T.? a k a w \ it costs a i k Little More. Fio o 1 but you Are i. Worth it 80 los. Made by Glenlivet anime except Cau brands 7 Day Sale mon., dec. 5 thru sun., dec. 11 Abc cocktail lounges All-drinks48 new Quot disco Quot cocktail lounges at starred locations live entertainment Quot disco in Venice and Bradenton Sarasota Haig a Haig Pinch 8.99 St Bacchus Imp. Spain Cream Sherry 4.99 in Canadian Premium 86�?o Canadian Quot the Premium is in the Bonie not the Price Quot 10yr.v.0. Barton 2283 ringing blvd. Bradenton visit our new disco lounge now open 6307 14th Street West one Block South of Bayshore gardens new revolving bar with color changing Fountain 813 . 301 blvd West across Fpo a Desoto mall 3500 Manatee West 905-9th Avenue Venice disco cocktail lounge 221 North Tamami Trail revolving bar with color changing Fountain Canadian club 6 or Canadian on to oat Anir Christmas Ano not at All stunt it the Cindi to octet a anti ten Gan it a Thela skis aae too Langi Inda tvs Art too ipi6ht to la to so Man of Otwe twin Slang a a i thet have too Many be nulls their tools ther have Reao of he to of a m to win. Sam Nhav in nth a now i have no Gripe Tor i make a Good living t on Prmt Ivan get in Gmo a Graf Tut in tou Are anxious Ano eager to i urn hot ii pm a b so Tow Gan won t Kwo Tor what it is Worth the suggestion is mine nobody brings Back their liquor or wine enjoy a Fine imported or Domestic wine from America s largest selection Bra 74.f5 Casi 6 49 it. Irridean twelve imported wines from France. Germany. Por to Gal. Spain amp Italy. A full Case of wines in hand made Wicker Basket trimmed in leather 49 95 a Bonies of imported wines in an imported Wicker picnic Basket trimmed in leather Beaujolais Rhine. Graves. Sherry amp Moselle with lambrusco. 34 95 Imp. Bacchus wine g cheese Gin boxes Jabo Ulet Verchere Beaujolais amp cheese or Zeller Schwarze Katz j amp cheese c in wines in a handsome wooden Box 8 Bohles of red 6 White italian 15 95 24 of. Nicolas French wine �76 cotes de to Vinci 2.69 3/7.50 q76 Rose do Anjou 2.99 3/b.50 76 Bordeau Blanc 2.99 3/s.so ,76 mus Cadet 3.69 3/10.50 76�?T Beaujolais ii 76�?T in Abies 76�?T Macon Blanc 73�?T Chat Dupape 76�?T Pouilly Fusse 3.99 3/11.50 6.19 3/17.50 3.99 3/11.50 5.99 3/16.50 6.69 3/19.50 Jabo Ulet Verchere Fine French wine 25 of Beaujolais Parelie �?~74 3 69 Beaujolais villages �?~76 4 69 Moulin a vent�?~76 6 69 chablis�?~74 5 19 pinot chardonnay 7s 3 69 Pouilly fulsse�?~75 7.99 Chateauneuf Dupape �?~74 5 69 cotes do rhone�?~74 3 19 puli6nv montrachet�?~74 7 19 echezeaux�?~72 10 95 Savi on Wiki it tin of Tuohi All wine Boneo in calf. At winery full Attiani grenache Rose m a a Burgundy Gal 0�77 chills 27 15 Case magnums i Billa cold Seal Marusco Catania ish shaped bottle Antinori White wine Imp Italy 99 a by. Blend a a by. Gin a by. Vodka p. Refund $100 Nom i import in $100 now i import in with Purchase of 2 quarts any taunrn7ne difference in reds is the water great Kentucky Limestone Mil any clan Macgregor Vitot Wirtl scotch 12 qts. 53.50 4 9.99 a i Sebastiani s vineyards in a Gold gift Box. Americas favorite Burgundy amp Chenin Blanc from 6�?T w. C it. 3 Bohles of red amp White wine from Veronello in a sturdy wooden gift Box. A perfect gift 8 95 Pink in Abies Burgundy Chianti sauternes Claret a8c Rose 4.99 is 15 Case Guasti Vin Rose a uterine Burgundy a Chianti Cal Claret a Rhine mini Cane Canadian club 4 Bott. Asst. 2.99 As Piper Heidsieck sex dry Moet amp Chandon Mummy la dry Leduc Blanc of Blanc in Duc Blanc de Blanc commery Greno sex dry Royal de Neuville White Imp. France . Brandy Phillipe 5.79 it. 4.69 5111 hides Butler 5.29 20 65 Case Bella go Umi Rusco Ca 3bo red mag White Capo i Pink Chablis b red Rose 3�?T�?T i Almaden Burgundy Chablis j09 t wrap Mit end or i diam try is i ii a 67.95 Case 53.88 Case la ported Champagne 5th 9.95 6th 9.49 St 9.49 5th 5.99 magnum 11.95 5th 8.99 5th 4.99 glasses Champagne 4 of. 10/1.19 wine 5</i of. 10/1.19 i Ball 10 of. 2s/.99 on the rocks 9 of. 2s/.99 Crystal Clear plastic some with Holiday designs save on Libbey or. Pro Gus Swari 1 of cordial 7 of on the rocks 3 of Martini 8 of wine 4 0z Monhahan 12 of Brandy 5 of whiskey sour 12-oz Goblet 6 of Champagne a of Beer others ask 4 25 79 22 of Brandy Box of 3�?� m gift Box of 4 8 0z Irish Coffee 3 a i give something a Linie bit Beher Wiser s oldest .15 or. Bono Cream of Scotland 12 or scotch 7.99 5th 87�?� Case collector item 14 or 100% by Bra 13.50 5th 149 a a Case rare olo 15 or by Bourbon 9.39 5th 112� a Case rare old 12 . Bourbon 8.39 5th 94 a a Case Waterfill amp Frazier 18 or m 10.35 5th Izo a Case collector item 14.yr 94 6� by Bra 12.95 St 1 Aoa a Case collector item 20 or 100� by Bra 15.95 St 159�?� Case collector item 20 or 94 6� by Bra 14.95 St 149�?� Case Quail Creek 101 proof Bra 7.39 St 83�?� Case grand award 15 or can Bond 15.95 St 185 a a Case Queen Anne Imp scotch distilled amp bottled in Scotland Quail Creek 90 proof by Bourbon 7895 Cau 688 n Tangerine bowl sat. Dec. 23rd Nus non Knirs a do French g German 24 of. Lambrusco 2.89 75 3.19 75 Graves 3.69 74 Beaujolais 3.69 73 St. Muon 3.99 73 sauternes 4.89 76 Mosel Baumchen 3.19 74 pies str michelsbr6 3.49 75 j0hannisbr6 Tsung 3.69 76 Zeller Schwarze Katz 3.69 r-3 festive gift wines 72 Chat Cadillac tin Boro Iii 73 Chat Timber Lay rid Bordui 7? Chat Bench Fville is Juliu 72 Chat Lacombes mar Gay a 73 Chat Palmer War Briix 72 Chat Lafite Rothschild or Imus 72 Chat Calon Segur is is Iphi 72 Chat Figeac is Imiri fax 72 Chat la Mission Haut Brion chateau Rausen Segia Marg Iii 72 Chat Mouton Rothchild 70 Chat Zimmaro 1.99 Sale imported wines Ulm Brusco sangria. Wicker Chianti Claret merlot Liebra Umtuch Etc. France. Germany Italy Spain 1.99 any St 12 22.95 Santa mini stocking Beefeater 4-Bott. Asst 2.99 Holland Houf i mix is of amino my to Luau Meta Nucum Tonc Oum _ _ a a Muumuu a Sims Suomi a us auth Wasut som 89 Best buys on imported Beer Lowenbraun Quot Imp. Germany .6 Furstenburg a Imp. Germany. 6 Superior a Imp. Mexico .6 Foster s Quot Imp. Australia .6 Molson Beer Quot Imp. Canada. 6 the perfect gift a Bacchus wine society membership <10 or Singu i syr family on monthly selections travel bar compit with aluminium classes ban spoon Jigger Strainer a opener reg34ss 16 a Beautiful gift 3b0 title wrought Iron wine rack with wine 3 bots Imp. Wine 24 of. From Germany France i Italy 10�?� gift wrap with ribbon or. Boston egg nog Quot the liquor is in nothing to add 2�89 5th Vodka Gin rum Canadian lit love mexican Coffee liqueur is filandia Vodka Sec Jack Daniels Lack inc Boggs Cranie Rrt it Cheri suisse my makers Mark Fri tic Wickers Chianti Italy tax Galliano liqueur 71 Hiram Walker thirst Aid kit 4 Dot. 2.71 souvenir gift Box asst. Seagram . Jim beam by. Bra. Black amp White scotch Vodka Gin rum 099 exact replica of the St size m up h a must for Lohle co sectors Job i Wipt liqueur Peter heering Cherry 5th 699 Cointreau liqueur 3/4 it 1.19 sop Cognac Mikh 5th 139 Sambuca 6ar0ne 5th 7 99 amaretto . 3/4 it 539 neapolitan 5th 7.39 Campari aperitif St 5.49 Loch a Moor Mew 5th 139 Amareno Menthe Cacao banana Aniseh Luck Berry 39 Pepp schnapps Sloe Gin triple Sec. Domaine a a 3/4 it the finest japanese Sake Taisho drinking set 24 02 bottle of japanese Sake with porcelain warmer \ 4 cups Complete set pm 3.39 13.56 is. Pm 3.39 12.95 a. Pm 2.99 11.96 is. Pm 3.69 13.95 is. Pm 3.19 11.95 is. Creme de cafe Coffee pot decanter Quot another Abc exclusive h8.49-5.19 Meriu s Kidist Comal surf r Creme Ementhe Green or White Creme of Cacao Light or dark Aniseh Sloe Gin Pepp schnapps Case 53.88 or. Boston bar guide Over 1,000 recipes 49 a. A stocking stuffer give the gift they wont return give an Abc gift certificate Low Low Case specials for Christmas giving most Are in Beautiful individual gift boxes Ronrico rum it 59 88 . Barton 8 my it. 62.95 Martins v.. Kotch 5th 59.11 ten High Lour on of. 57.95 Seagram Gin St 52.95 Wil Turkey 101�brb. St 95.88 Gordons Vodka of. 56.95 Canadian club blend it 94.50 Gordons Gin St 53.11 Martins v.. Scotch it. 73.95 vat Gold scotch it 67.95 Imperial blend it -58.95 old Florida rum it 48 95 Calvert Gin it. 58.95 Grants 8 or. Scotch St 74.95 . Dant100 Bond it. 70.95 Canadian . Blend it 58.95 Stanley by. Vodka St 44.95 Bacardi rum Ord pm it 69.95 cushy Sark scotch 5th 79.95 Almaden Brandy Ith 57.50 a amp a Bourbon it. 57.95 Calvert extra blend it. 64.95 Abc 100 Vodka it 63.50 94� London Tower Gin it 63 50 Taaka Vodka it 52.95 Bells 12 or. Scotch 6th 79.50 inv House scotch it. 67.95 a amp a scotch St 82.45 Abc 100 Vodka St 50.95 Bacardi rum of Home St 57.95 a amp a scotch it 102.00 heaven Hill 80 Kymm 5th 49.95 hai66haig 5wsc0tchstk 75.95 House of Loros scotch it. 92.50 Harvey Bristol Cream St 68.95 chivas regal scotch 5th 125.00 old Crow by. Bra. It 63.95 Ballantine scotch l�?m73.�5 ten High Bourbon St 49.95 Black amp White scotch it. 87.95 Jacquins 5 a Brandy St 59.88 null vow Renore Champagne White 5th 28.95 j. Walker red scotch it 97.95 four roses blend it. 11.95 Tanqueray Gin Ith 69.95 Bells 1 it. 78.95 Christian Bros i Moy St 63.95 Canadian lord Calvert it. 65.88 Beefeater Gin 5th 71.88 Seagram . Blend it 94.95 Southern Comfort of. 13.95 Martins 12 or. Scotch St 83.88 Leroux Brandy it. 62.95 Bulloch amp Lade scotch it. 64.95 Blacks White scotch 5th 73.95 Ushers scotch Ith 54.95 Kessler blend it. 57.95 Stanley Canadian Ith 49.95 certified Brandy it. 67.95

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