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Strawberry Point Press Newspaper Archives Dec 4 1884, Page 1

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Strawberry Point Press (Newspaper) - December 4, 1884, Strawberry Point, Iowa Thill a refs Imse this a fief Titt its in ii Psi i so i tit new of no jut 2ntli Hhd Trifi i6wft Naids fill 1 Lillef in Ball the attest lbs ii t will the stand did a Feti Slid Mycelia Fiebka i bolts Tive Ibea Abd the inc Willty to the butter add cheese it hate ally Hailds to join la the Enterprise to take in a Suc and lib thing else but v w Divite for the Noe plug is to Fyfo Rui iry 22dd that data wbuldbobntlilr3 lethal get to in prove j the cd Triplex Here Weare nation Tigre microfilmed k6 Una ii i i Crest information technologies esd p Atka a pfc and Peim my care will receive at retake j ftail1 1ahtiientij i i vow in Vav j w feel Hegi Atef obtained Postof Friio fee Partheni Aad Llaves a All tile offices Lief salaries and the dates last Tom Date Beas fou of Fetnia Tefs Comtoi Saittia i a Ovid few Itescu the with off thai of the Alid Tomt a thief he 6tf lie Kcf Rcpt fhe has been la Atlas Topmost tithe was Laid has Tho kindly Dobs this 4 Utah in fat does and Inq Lilling by that u does tiie pobtwnstfiib1 Cummis Stoufis run severs years yet is very to the itch Gay of and Tim Clit lob Fot 1ms a biliary of limit major tolls Ini Aalph does hot fib life till 1883 more1 then Thieo Loti years Abd it is the height of the Mobil by Cleveland Ahtl Matt Fri nods off Lett is 6bo tie highest Structure j tuft he Wenj Tlle a resent Stefl built by Washington was the to Fife their Esplee spirit of the feeble colonies which i How can the fam Ishing faithful Walt so Sutof coded Sifoa the new world a nation in which every Tala is a free that Nathim has grown til in Enterprise Nacsa of her it towers above Allua that Monument towering above All structures erected to remind us of the great deeds of men nut Only Points to the o u1t7i1 by of claw of the father of his but to the Stone flouring nil 11 of Benedict Plotti at the Mouth of Trout was destroyed by fire at about 0 Oclock tues Day the Mill had Boob tug All and the hands had mostly the Patlon which tie helped i 1 acre buy of the cock Coly Semoc Ruthc Central coi Nuil was arrested this 6ye Ning on of tary of which Lias Lindorth Konto unearth Tho frauds in the blot the legislative District of this Henry Leman and Rudolph Bland be Cau of dilutes tills is the Case we Clithe Federal Gradd jury has Boon Lii 1 complaint i upper and was first discovered by neighbors w i w Ere out doing their chores Lott of the wrists and Grain which wore lower floor w Al o got out the loss hot so t foiled up my curtain it that the Gobi Ift teas Cote fed wit show and t cd old see a As the Rafti rolled of 6t slow Mutton 1 saw som of the most scenery thai i Ever As tile moot Sheho Bright Alii tie Grotland was bore ref with could see Nuchi soon we were Gold Over a Long Aud came into the Cut of then went nil the Snow left Nind we wont on find we saw 111 the Capitol a then Cable in sight of that City is to Tab Alful with its paved Street is ail Swep the Street As clean As fitly eld Wai and Here Are strict Coli cities Llotd every thing to Tut makes a flue City of Wash went to the Capitoli to the to of the dome and the whole City b turning and h a a finely Ronti went Over to the White inspected that then to the treat and from there to the army Anc Navy bul Dongi which is almost completed and that is a line then to the Monument which is now almost com plot is 65c feet High from the i Otilit from there i went and saw Money am Revenue Stamps this building 1 Mackinny thailing per about 21j in substituting Over Zuo fraudulent ballots for a like number of genuine cast at precinct of tie at the election 61 november Jio Feln was taken states commissioner Houe and Lipold examination next Mcdon Ald Aud Chiuan lick Amboh buds this is to arrest in tills Case Culebro appeared before the state canvassing Board at Des Molnes last to take such action us might in the old Tipu of t la i Winneshiek county certain Weru returned for Wal a com Pauli de by a statement of the Liou Rrt of Stipe visors that Tho were cast for Ful Nind that Tho mistake was to count the or w e Theu filed to following protest with the x office t House and e by Creary bit by Creary Des to Hon Buren k lion Hong and Santo braid of the returns to oin the Hoard of conv Issei s of tiie fourth dust incl in Lown i Lieret gho notice and protest against your lion Orab e braid returns of the Jour j bom d from Tho counties of and Allie being in the fourth Cong Iees Ionel debt flu in general Foi William then and there a Cid Lute for in the forty Miulli from and for said fourth congressional dist for the reason grave of the voting of tics dined for said As such Jandi Dute and because thereof the Sauie thing being in the Rii Ime of undersigned Theriano there a candidate for represent Alvo in ninth Congress United states from and for said fourth District mud also to Tho harm i inv do strict Therelee Diug do Furt Lier protest Pitt lust Board Nurding to the said William a proper Cortij late election As Berresen tithe in con states and for Lusti All n High i of a step Era Purde Stanios cout Ruhi Aro Tui dropped into a result in the do and millions of a Flord Token Manl Vitura 61 the Ocraman to session at resolutions declaring that they rejoice in the reality prohibitory this Ian has already produced Good re especially in districts that they endorse to eur Forcen Lento the especially in the interests of the rising generation and express sentiment of a Large portion of the Ger inns in a Dubuque dispatch dated the Teui Horary shed and buildings used As a round House by the Paul Railroad it West caught file sunday and web totally together with locomotive no 410 the loss to Tho company a variously estimated from an Eastern or dual when to took the two friends and myself for a Little thu evening was some Bat when be left the All Nas quiet in the so to chatted among our a slut Hialit nailed and soon Tuffe sound came change cats for so to up our grip and and As soon As the cars we rushed and the other train tit just coming in to the so to rushed on and Nas in Good time for a Good and As it was getting Mateju e made ourselves t As comfortable As Aud slept what could on the car till morning began to then e of course began to and nil that was to to u o and it n us not Long a Effie could see the Large City of mud of course when the train to went out and trying to mud Soma place to where we could Dud something to eat thought w e would walk As it was a Little and Aux ions to see All we went out Aud one of our party thinking he Nas some what with the of course took thu Lead Aud after walking some where about no concluded to would ask for Tho try lug to and waa kind told la take that Street car Aud go Back Aud on the other bide of Tho her and we would find so we went As directed and after finding the we w in t to n Restani aut and got us something to after which we thought take in the fat Stock show Aud did we Baw some Lino cattle and Hois Aud after looking an bile we saw an of that was a big they Jold us that he the of weighed Smi and i think Hohn was seven years but a then we saw them Slaughter some of the and they did it in a surprising Ando Redon and san line hogs Aud we thought for else and went Down to the Battle of Tel toys Liuio by Imil most Beautiful Palm mugs of soon a All still Ive pot Content Good dinner be went o saw in ims a Trout Trio time Uliey Woro Arjun we neut Bash and then one four party left and thai us want Leroy around and we and so we took hat or rather to were taken we san Trio Little lady Only 37 Luu hos High and weighs 07 awl to Law la the plotted Man the White Aud and the girl Al Toto new York Baa a debt hang tag Over and each succeeding Jea piles it a an Exchange Bays Tho honesty of Ita officials has not gently improved since Tho Days of the cause of the mysterious Epi Lemli which la killing so Many people in Eon Lucky has been it is the newly no itral and in Kentucky like habit o Ulang water As a Cleveland and free Trade and also the Day goods Mer chant i inn of new cell bites Cleveland election by cutting Don nth wages of Bis 2000 employees Froilo to 15 per How Many of our fair indies Aro mathematicians enough to add moral courage to Beauty subtract envy from Friendship multiply amiable accomplishments b sweetness of Divide Timo by so a lability and and reduce scan dal to lowest the Loiso thieves Aie about on Bun Day night Peter Farley had a gelding stolen from his Faim in Laid for which he offers a re Ward of on Tho same evening a hoi so was stolen f rum the farm of Robt and probably by the same Par ties who stole Tho Colt from Marlys place Tirb thief Rode to St John horse a great portion of the then turned it Loose times William of has ills opinion of what Audi mistrust Ive policy will but he wont one i1 that would be against 11 r eng Leslis principles dont noisy about John Logan i is Hono Niblo it la but the Ruu who imagines for a moment that he won w in his w a makes one of Tho Grenfal errors on buckles Arnica Salve the a kit sail in tie world for cuts chapped chilblains and All skin and positively comes or no Punj ills guaranteed to give perfect 01 Money refunded Price 25 per Box for Sale Williams these Are solid ii Best blood purifier and s Stem Reg Latoi Ever placed w it Biu the reach of suf Fering truly is electric Buttera inactivity of the Jaun weak or any disease of the urinary or whoever requires an tonic or mild Atim will ind ele Tilc bitters the Best and Only certain cure act surely and every bottle anted to give entire satisfaction or Money refunded bold at hefty cents a bottle by John bulls or chills and Uno Murariu the proprietor of this celebrated Aidi Pine justly a Lulaa for a superiority Over Oil remedial Ever offered to the Nobuo for the speedy Jud Maxent ouro of ague or Chilli and whether of snort or Ion he Jeberg Ftp tin i 3f the mrw at wow certain maj result in a a few go Brandy lost trip Amo Iloan a Jamp the City of one of eyed lie Federal touted entertained a concert for a then of but admin elected e United lighted last wont o to Gogou in to n or tit 8994 should r Laving taken three or four Hariw Offeh wis hew it this fatal if a a fuss of it might Iva tie ii moved lib to input Lise Ftp arts b6 in am Buttiri on ref Cly Foi Fisli Iii v a i Mary of was afflicted for Sis years with of fid during which thib the Best physicians could give to met life was despot and in Hist of Bobof she procured a Dottie of Knss new when Atohi Odioso Zellef we and by continuing its for a Short t6 Tulit frill Mai Chi Atlonie o free bottles of Lila cute of All Throat Rand Lizur do spasms it 1 big Large Buttles no obese non by tent i Del Tui us Catas Wirra Erib Mun Iii Ivich is ask your drug6i4t to Atli White Oto Crewe a Najfi a clerk in Ohe of our huge Day goods store made a mistake last Thura while Selling a pair of overalls to a the fat Mer came the the store and naked to see some As Tho clerk turned to a shelf to pick out a Tho Farmer went to another part of Tho and a Young lady stepped up to where the clerk was getting a Llo turned around and without looking tip Tho Farmer was still Taid How do Jpn think those will fit to o Oung lady blushed a Little and said i dont think those will lit the clerk n us looking for n Hole in Trio floor to fall and finding departed from that Tho Libya Are now smoking at his expense for keeping quiet ilog Thierl teachers Palace car excursion to i i new As the Holiday vacation a the Only time when school teachers can conveniently last the i eat worlds Tho Illinoia Cental Railroad has Ait aged for a special teachers Palace car sex to Chicago at it december airing at new Orleans Christmas dec Faie from Chicago to Ken Orleans and Only and pro Poi Tiona Toly All stations on this and connecting lines for rates and for tick Eta apply to Jour nearest Coupon ticket who will name and sell you tickets for the Illinois Central teachers excursion bleeping car per double from Chicago to new and same returning applications Foi Beith going must to made to the undersigned at not inter than dec and in All cases must be accompanied by Price of diagram of slope is will to opened nov and to secure Center loner up ply at applications for berths re turning can be made on train or it non Orleans to have for this or Cursio via enable vouchers to enjoy every possible while at new Orle n trip Hlll he Onclo to pass and u Boit Ildo to the famous mexican gulp Wii to Ato Uco for tour ors Palaco pm sex Carslon for a Maloit and Bear in mind no teacher ran afford to miss this excursion my head Imi tors n ill be at Ion until dec after that at pallor Palmer until dec embed 2srd 1884 j f West pass Ami contains to Muerel or poisonous and is a in Clr mtg Blablo either Low of to Tull Jet 111 t pwn Lar to their no in Ronot or Marrira jul old readily to an dwt of tale Fob Bale by Ali Jjck Cigoi f time trial and Flie by six Standard hair turn i Surano in Nev com Anim Sor make Safe Trio accumulation of you Ivy of labor by insuring in manuf Cuvir custom Grad gof flour always on i West Hiss cap3 a full
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