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Strawberry Point Mail Press Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1902, Page 1

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Strawberry Point Mail Press (Newspaper) - October 30, 1902, Strawberry Point, Iowa And Papen a by the clogs in the state of Minnesota tire valued for the purposes of taxation at five dollars the South is fast becoming a big greenhouse to Supply the North with fresh vegetables during the Winter the Bushel Box in place of the bar Rel holding 2y2 bushels is coming much into favor for the packing of it is claimed less of the fruit in it is easier handled and is a More acceptable sized pack age for the retailer to dispose we noticed the other Day a Small boy not Over 12 years old driving four big Grade Percheron horses on a game plow and turning Over the soil at the rate of five acres a it gave the Little fellow about nil he could do to raise the plow by the lever when he came to the end of the Kansas has produced sunflowers 16 inches in diameter this it deserves the name of the Sunflower unusual Rains have damaged the Buffalo grass on the ranges and pre vented it from curing for Winter feed of the As a general Rule it May be said that any soil Whereon grows the Shell bark Hickory and the White Oak is Good for the Apple wherever the Winters Are long1 and cold it is always safer to Lay the raspberries and grapes Down in the fall and cover the with the cold summer matured the Apple crop in the Best shape pos sible made it hard for the Melon and Corn crops to pull at it takes a woman to have pity for a hungry Man who wont and because women do this is largely Why have this Breed of parasites with meats Are going to be cheaper be fore Long that the common such As the common people fancy Beeves will continue to bring fancy the West has a big fight on hand to keep Down the Prairie while the East has almost As much trouble to keep the dogs of civilization with in decent the prolific crops of the year Little affecting and it goes saying that the Farmers of the country have another very prosperous year before when Cornfield has to Brave a May it will have Little to fear from a september and itis always better for it to have the1 Spring Frost than the fall the Turkey and the crop and some of tis May have to celebrate thanksgivi Ingv and the lord with roast Chicago courts have ruled that where a Man buys a Steak at a restaurant and cannot eat the of it i he May carry the rest away with him if Thiis robbing the restaurant proprietor of his soup there is no Way in which to make Anoney faster the farm today than to grow the pigs Are free from disease and when fat prices will return 70 for All the Corn fed buyer of flue Stock gets but Little aside from the name by buying in for As finely red As there Are to be found anywhere can be secured in and of almost any the popular the Winter wheat Fields of okla homa make the Winter pastures for kept in that it is food for the which grows fat on such a and Good for the As it prevents too rank a growth of the water which it was once claimed had gone Down nearly a Hun dred f the dry is once business at the old Man who has had to have ins drained this sum Mer has there has been a loss of just about 33 on All Oats thrashed out of the Shock this year just in the matter of such Oats Selling for 10 or 13 cunts per Bushel less thaw they would have done had the crop been stacked As soon us we have never known such a prolific second crop of Clover and Timo thy As the and wet season of s 1883 has not Only the Plover had headed out As but Hie Timothy and in Many places the second crop is As Good As the one taken off in july last the a Oft of the or Home lib is locating on the heretofore monopolized Range lands o1 the Vest judging much to break us he Cuttle Barons if it were not to Japthe government stands Back of he would Wever be to acquire any land fights Al Njust always comes the f it crop of most Lucio ii present year in no Aro nearly All on just a Jii Avoy a trip Jug Vav Sheie climatic cold modified by it is now about time to think about protecting the Strawberry after the ground is Frozen put on a Cov ering inches thick of Slough May or clean the object such covering being not to prevent the plants from but to pre vent them from freezing and thaw ing during the we lire asked whether a Man can make a business of trading be straight and honest and still make we have never come across this pleasing the honest Man who goes into the its trading business soon has a lot of and the other Fel Low has the horses and new inventions always beget new men have for centuries hauled out from the Yard into the and we never heard of an Acci but Here comes this newfangled manure and in some Man Ner the teamster managed to get run through it and was punched full of holes in less than two As an explanation of How Eastern dairymen Are Able to keep cows on a High priced Dairy ration we note that the dairymen of new Jersey have lately contracted their milk to the condensing factory at an average Price per 100 or three and seven eighths cents per equivalent to 37 cents per Pound for what butter fat the milk the coming Farmer will know How to judge Stock and feed will understand All Abonit a balanced ration and the proper rotation of crops and know a Noigh of practical mechanics so that he can handle the machinery he will be obliged to use in his farm and the average boy should be Given a Start along these lines As part of his in the August crop reports on Corn of the department of agriculture the state of Missouri made the Best showing of of closely followed by with As the crop matured in both of these states these figures Willnet be altered much in the final the crop was failure in both of Litif Tes last year owing to the v in order t keep the Corn of a Large area of the country this year it will be absolutely necessary tout the Grain in narrow Well ventilated the feet wide or eight be split length Wise by a four Inch partition and air another the soft ears should be separated As far As pos sible the sound ones at the time of husking the Hewon 111 Cei to was n retired and when we talked with him the other Day he was trying to solve of whether he had better accept an offer of per acre for his Kio acre farm keep he said the farm would bring him in a Cash rent of of which he Hod to pay and a re pair account of about a leaving him a net income of or Par per annul upon if he sold the place and put the Money at he would have in getting it into a Safe five per Security Assum ing that to was Able to do it would figure this Way his interest income would be As he lived in a country town where school and municipal taxes were the tax rate being six per on 6ne fourth of the actual valuation of property he Oxild have to pay As deducted from his interest would leave him while this show ing is in favor of Selling the there should not be overlooked the risk taken in investing the Money and the Chance that part of the time his capital might not be in he could easily increase the from the farm by getting the right Man to work it Oil shares and keeping Good from to nearly but oven if he could not do this we would still hang on to the for this sort of an investment is absolutely Felt and fur toques for Winter in there such a place we have always thought that if the Ideal location for a Home could be chosen in this it would be some Valley farm or ranch in Northern California or Southern Ore where the rainfall would be ample to mature where the Winter would be a Long drawn mild and Beautiful where fruits and Flowers the rare and tender sorts would find a hampered devel Heije nature would be kind and not Given to Cranky fits of lightning and Bliz Zard where the Choice foods of the sea would with Trout in the Valley pheasants in the clearings of the Foothills and a Deer to be had up on the mountains is place not too far from the mighty where one could sometimes gaze on the oceans Calm or its fury not fair from some Ever Snow crowned Mountain Tak ing from Mountain and Ocean those inspirations always denied to the Dweller on the level Plain coun but there May be no such after in matter of Corn there is a great Deal of importance in properly varieties to climate and we lately saw samples of White Dent Corn raised in Central Minnesota which was better matured than the same sort of Corn raised 400 Miles the Northern grown Corn was not so Large As that grown but plenty big enough to make it a very profitable crop to those handsomely labelled cans of potted Chicken which Are in favor for High toned society luncheons and picnic parties Are quite Likely to be the Only evidence of a farm tragedy where a Nice Little Day old calf was by the hand of aided by changed from a prospective the Herd int boiled managed just right it would be hard to detect the on the there is no Progress being made in any line which is More noticeable than that in the old hit and go Bock breaking Type of is rapidly giving the newer and Way of doing there is a demand f or scientific in forma Ibn on an Awakening to the value 6f the improved Breeds of Stock of All a remarkable interest in the farm Institute work and a grow ing appreciation of the fact that Agri culture offers As wide a Field and As Rich returns for a Man with brains and education As any of the so called invention has robbed the farm of most of its pitiful Drudgery and made it possible to do farm work with Economy and am la i Jenji the old plow deep while sluggard sleep and you shall have Corn both to sell and to is proved by careful Experiment to be Only half a so much depends upon the character of the the season of the year when the blowing is the crop to be planted and the previous working of the deep blowing in the Spring on most soils is a positive damage instead of a and Al most ruinous if the crop consists of any of the if we could Start the plow in the stubble Field Early in a we would set it Down us deep As three horses could pull it and Only there is More Chance for the exercise of Good judgment in this mat Ter than most men most men do not like to1 bother with fall but a Friend of ours had 40 such pigs last let Ting them wiggle through the win Ter As Best they he turned them on to Clover and rape Hist Spring and fattened them during july and making them weigh 245 each by Early and sold them at per he made Good Money on those it is impossible to keep gome men Down and equally impossible to lift some when a fellow once gets the Corner grocery and dry goods Box Fri but and his wife takes in washing to support the you Hupci got a hard it be a Good thing if All such men could be drafted into the for they arc of no use whatever to either their families or the Community at Millet is a crop which May by raised in the North country where Corn will not grow and it is almost a sure crop and produces an abundance of valuable thin seed has most of the fattening prop erties of and the stockmen of that country Are finding out that in they have a valuable food to finish Eft their cattle As firs class it is fed is a meal with Barley or we have not noted any recent sales of belgian hares of a Rich Rufous color and of regal lineage at neither do we note that Hare meat has come into any general use either among the epicurus or the common people in it would be very divil cult to get an order filled for roast Hare at any restaurant in tie the scheme to thus Supply the poor people with meat was a and this class will have to depend upon Salt soup Bones and liver As Here then we have an idea that even if Hare meat had been made plentiful and the like the israelite of would have soon gagged on their As did the hebrews on their Quail and to eat heartily and to sleep soundly Are important compensations for some of the disagree Yalile features it farm you go to your Homo at eventide after your Days work while your name maybe unknown outside of your own county and while you May have neither stocks nor Bonds to your credit in the and though you often fuel that you do not fill u very Large place in the Gruttz know that your lot is one of the most favored on Earth and that Ninny u millionaire would give nil his Gold Fps your Stom Ninny a statesman All his popular Ity for your peace of Many a great Man All his Fame for your quiet and approving Joe t Elt and fur Are combined in Many of the Early Winter hats that Are now being the combination is at All times a charming any number of at Tractive shapes my be found in the Felt models for Winter and among these is what May be called the Tam Shanter which Are made i quaintly pretty by the pres ence of a Bandeau which tilts them up in and gives full effect to the presence of a deft Draper of soft silk through which Are thrust two curving a soft Gray Green for will be contrasted with Pale Turquoise Blue and Tawny Brown quills another is a study in Scarlet with a relieving touch of White in the pattern of the soft silk while again a Nutbrown with trimmings of forge Menot Blue is quite one Model which is i to be specially rear cents one of the leading and most becoming shapes for the coming the outer folds of soft White Zibelin giving place towards the Center to vivid Emerald Green so arranged As to suggest a though it is not reused at All above the level of the while then the two effectively contrasted fabrics Are draped Low Down it the and finished off with Graceful Scarf like of course this Toque can be obtained in any other desired colourings that Are in Vogue this another that is especially notable is made in which of be arranged to match exactly any and every the 9oloring in one Case being a soft which makes effective Back Grovind for the Black velvet catching an the deftly folds about the and then threaded through the at the forms a curtain like drapery Over the for the rest two Broad Brown clasped by a paste Are so arranged As to sweep Forward from the left Side of the a decidedly piquant Little hat Dis plays the fashionable Union of Blue and the dark but Bright Blue of the Felt being flecked with a which is repeated in the velvet drawn round the and forming two ear shaped loops at the divided by a Long slide of shining while then the plumage of the Bird poised to jauntily it the left shades from Blue to one of the notable novelties has a Crown of Cream while the up turned brim is of Fawn inter plaited with this quaint and pretty fabric being caught together Over the White cloth at the Back by interlacing of Gold and and finally finishing off towards the left Side in a quaintly knotted quite a new effect while for a finishing touch there is a Bird of Many hued plumage poised on the its dominant Tawny tint merging into purple and and a Beaver Felt has the soft Fawn color ing of the Felt repeated by the prettily shaded Wing feathers curving out at the Side from the bondage of a great Cut steel which also catches in a drapery of Darker Brown one Model i have seen Isa smart Little hat of hairy White with two Long and beautifully marked quills curving right across the at either comes a Chou of Turquoise tinted with a striped bordering of this pretty ribbon being looped together at the so that it droops Over the hair in the Graceful demanded by Fash elaborate Winter models Coats for the Winter season Are shewing an elaborate Ness that has been and the new models Are destined to be unusually popular because of this elaborate Ness As they at a time when the american woman feels that she Cun afford to indulge in some of Madame modes Best but while the fashionable Coats Are elaborate they Are in no ways loud or for the most part they Are studies in soft shades of Tan and or delicate biscuit and tones which can be depended up onto harmonize with any and to do equally decorative and use Ful duty for Day or evening while it is wonderful to note what a variety of effects Are secured in these gjmiliu1 shades by the cleverly devised illustrations of two of Many at Tractive models Are shown the u Graceful three Quarter made of Satin soft cloth in the color ing of old the a pique shape just suggesting the lines of the figure at the and f listening Down the front with bordering scroll design applique in Darker Brown which a wakes background for a Silken braid lug in two paler shades of Fawn and tills design giving place about the Knees to a bolder and More decora1 Tye device of Vine and of clustering which Are wrought Job lace and with Clever touches of Black Here and then the Bel shaped sleeves and the deep Collar also Bear the Brol dered ands in an edging of fur which introduces the dark est Brown of the lining of White Satin brocaded with scattered roses and leaves being the last Dainty detail of a charming the second is of soft biscuit coloured cloth lined with Ivory Satin brocaded with a design in delicate Turquoise for its outer bands of Cut cloth bring the career of the gracefully hanging garment to a decorative career at the and Are also a distinctive feature of the Bell shaped and the deeply pointed Cape which is Laid about the and so cleverly combined with n Yoke and bordering flounce of Ivory then the fastening in front is effected in quite a new Way by Means of three sets of rosettes soft Satin entered with Blue enamel and Gold Ellen the of Lite the wings of a Fly Are used wit Groat and probably Coo strokes ave made per this would worry the Fly about 85 but a sevenfold velocity can uti Sily be making its feet per second to thut under certain it can caught by lilting a car comr tved in i ill a Little captured and after having been tracked by blood hounds from the scene of one of this most dastardly crimes Ever commit Ted in the Vicinity of Albia to a room in the Murray hotel in de 26 years of son of Daniel a Farmer residing about two Miles Southwest of Mel was placed under charged with raping Gertie 13 years of in a Slough 1 Miles Southeast of that Egbert is in jail sheriff Doner filed information against him charging him with the crime which has shocked the Egbert has Little to say in his own he charged with a similar crime some four years Gertie Killion is 13 years of she resides with her and de Farmers who live about three Miles Southwest of the girl sent to Melrose on an while returning she reached a Point about 1 Miles from Melrose when she Wai accosted by a Young Man whom she did not he sat under a tree by the Roadside and asked her to come Over to where he Gertie started to run but was seized by her assailant and told to keep still or he would kill she Wai dragged into a nearby Slough and As about four years ago Egbert arrested charged with at tempting to assault a miss a schoolteacher near for this he was convicted and was sentenced to three months in which he Rains damage it will take weeks to dry it ont that Farmers can go into Fields and hunk the recent cold Rains have undone All the Good that was accomplished by the Bright weather of a few Days said of the weather it will take five weeks to dry the Corn out so that Farmers can go into the Fields and Husk just now the excessive moisture has thoroughly saturate the husks and with the Cool weather the evaporation is so slow that there in danger that a great Deal of Corn that escaped f May be busted and it is foxy for Farmers to think of going into their Fields to Husk Corn if it is stored away indoors in its present condition it will sprout and Mold and be rendered worthless for Market purposes and1 deteriorate As soft Corn will fare bet Ter if they permit the Corn to remain r in the Fieldi dried Peculiar surn reon it Waukon sned for dam Ages for alleged negligence in performing an a Peculiar Case will come before judge Shiras at Dubuque in do a physician at Thron will answer to the charge of negligence in performing on operation upon p of la the latter was injured in the leg in and his advised accordingly the leg was taken off just above the the petition Al Leges that the wound has not causing the victim much pain and mental and that the cause of this condition of the leg is due to negligence in performing of que Rod asks the of for the suffering he has under gone and the injury done to his Ner Vous and physical came to kill miss Nellie the the merchants hotel in Sioux City who was attacked with a knife by an unknown has made the Start Ling statement that the Man was her John of who had come to kill that instead of should inherit a Fortune of a million she Bays he has be fore this time attempted her her father died and left her with an aunt in Sioux and she was told of the Fortune repeatedly by on aunt in two i leprosy of the state1boerd of received reports show ing there Are two cases of leprosy in the a Young norwegian Wom an near Humboldt has the the other patient is at Gilmore Kennedy has asked1 what to do with the he has recommended their Homes or of there is no sort of to which they can be sent in this Kennedy has written for a detailed report on each new Hull Adams a newly erected ass been the address being delivered by sex president William Mie completion of the building apr Ofifi the close of building operations ing three years at a Cost the occasion was also fiftieth anniversary of the ment of a congregational Church town of Fred Evans died it hot he Wii reported at one time to be Worth but at the time of res death was Evans f town of built the Flint in a Lux City and opened up he a Laeb he later built up the Evans hotel fat hot Springs awol Wede that twas in he it i
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