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Strawberry Point Mail Press Newspaper Archives Nov 26 1903, Page 7

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Strawberry Point Mail Press (Newspaper) - November 26, 1903, Strawberry Point, Iowa Elka Dett of the paper Ami Hoag re Ami in company Iii his Sou continued the Publica now for a Long period of six years there was no and the press was builder up on a sure and solid it was growing up and passed by those Youthful Days so fraught with Dan Ger to tender at eleven years of age a child is most always past danger of Scarlet whooping and has a Chance to grow so with the it was a Hardy and an established institution of the in 1885 there was another change or half a change and True to the traditions of the office the older member of the firm and Frank Junior took entire charge j Frank of the Sheet and now the bus ii continued for Ness thought it was old enough to put on to the Washington hand press that had Boon the old standby in the Early Days was ban and in its place came a Power Cylinder press the shop put mayor so on an up Odate and the eight column Blanket Sheet was succeeded by a neat six column opposition sprung in 1883 a Stock company was and a new publication known As the it did not seem to be a very Hardy youngster and same until last summer when he retired with enough of a Bank account to take life easy for the remainder of his we Hope to interview some Gardner is publishing Tal City Democrat at right near the Legisla and we and what of Newberry he became an Mph thahue Gist was professor of that depart ment in the state University at Iowa City for some and is now practising his profession at los More successful a radiates in 188s there was another change this time Newberry guided the editorial ship on its Onward the company consisted of James Newberry and this partnership five when Frank Scofield retired and Lane entered into business with the new Berry appeared fit the head of the columns to a period of eight altogether James Newberry Lias had an editorial experience extending Over a period of fourteen it is due to his Iii a that the business has the stability that it enjoys to Day a third time opposition showed and there was de contemporary Down the Cooley and Clarence Marsh had gone into the news paper business at they did no stay Long but Board Man rented Marsh interest in the Plant and moved it to Strawberry Point and commenced to publish the the first Issue appeared August it was published for More than two when again there was a it was in 1896 that the new Deal was a Stock company was Frank Newberry being the principal Stock and the management of the outfit was turned Over to Cooley Marsh having decided to try editorial triumphs once the paper took the name of the mail and was first issued under the new title and business manage october Marsh did not remain Long with Kingsley alter a year of labor yet again the came August Shepard formerly of the Edgewood journal took an interest in lie paper with the firm being known As Bronson it this same that of August was a splendid one contain ing a full account of the first old settlers meeting at Newberry of which thousands of copies were after trotting in hair Ness 1o Gether for a Little Over two months i unit inevitable change this one was in keeping Willi Many of those in the Days gone by the older partner in the business with 1 just As they did Buck in the j 70s and be came editor and proprietor of the and the first Issue bearing his name was on october he conducted the destinies of the Mai press for fourteen months in a creditable working up the business in Good and getting out several Fine special Edi unfortunately his health was and he concluded to re tire from the arduous work connected with the what did this mean change solar and Rise in the the East and set in the it seems that there Are exceptions to All at the South pole the Sun rises in the North for six months of a Over from the North came to shed yet further Light on the and to Complete the history of this great family news paper up to the year How Long will they remain above lived Only two Anil on half i the but is now a resident of on the third Day of it was consolidated with the press by Frank who had purchased the and the Nainiu of the paper was changed to the a few months later the office smashed one of its records to atoms by a Complete change Tak ing the reason Why it was a Complete change was because Newberry was the sole and it could not Well be August Gardner took charge of the business and assisted by his was at the editorial Helm for about two Gardner thought the thriving City of to was succeeded by and i the firm was known As Cooley this was permanent Only until the summer of when j Carl Deyo took barkers i and then the name became Cooley i Carl remained in the persuit of journalism not quite a year and then soon afterwards Cooley sold out to Byron Bronson who took charge of of the Mai press in the summer of Cooley now travels in the interest of the Dubuque Bronson ran the paper along progressive and under his clerk the Horison we Are neither a j Prophet nor the son of a who knows on december the paper passed into the grip of Dodd who Are holding on to it today for dear the Hope to allow no More full or half changes during several revolutions of the Earth in its orbit at there is a suspicion abroad that Dodd is heavy enough to hold Down most any and the rest of the Force have grip enough to prevent any retrograde mid it is the Moon can make any number of changes before the business we have shown How Prosperity and Blessing have descended on the graduates of the Byron Bronson is a real estate dealer who enjoys Transfer of North and Shepard has found the editorial life too fascinating to keep away the name press Democrat alto1 management it flourish Cmike the Gether too he took the j proverbial Green Bay for editorial scissors and clipped off j years the Blunt had bean located heaps drug de the press in All its old time of these the the note the Reward two men purchased vis Eilia letter conducting now occupied by hoes photograph gallery but it was under his reign it was moved to its present quarters in the East Mission councilman from and is now the editor of the Edgewood to is Young yet and we expect much of him in the the Mai press has had nearly As editors As tour United states has had three times it 1ms had oppose twice it absorbed its and one died a natural that was in 1877 and when John Brown run Chain for Strawberry Edgewood and but the press has in Over increasing and in the years to come Hopes to reach Trio ammo of country Clayton the county of situated As it is in the northeastern part of the comprises Throe natural about on third is Prairie Limber and the remaining most of this surface is High and rolling Ami All is Well watered with Fine Springs and rippling the soil is a Rich Loam lying on a subsoil of yellow the Good Black Earth being four to six fool seemingly inexhaustible for All tillable it has Oft i n been stated that no soil in the world known to scientists is bolter for All kinds of vegetation the of Clayton i m the yield has always proved in its Pioneer wheat largely grown the timbered prov ing nutritive for wheat of later the have been Anil Are and Hay although Rye and Buck wheat also yield Corn easily yields forty bushels to the Ami void often our Farmer councilman friends report As High As eighty bushels As an average yield on their gals go from 20 to this wide Range of yield being in differ ent years according to the proportion of rain and while Garden Are of exquisite flavor and goodly this is also an exceptional fruit taking into consideration thai Clayton county is but one removed from the most Northern tier Iowa several Fine Orchards Are to be found in this and the apples therefrom have often been adjudged Par excellence in county and state fair the county in the matter of politics Hak always been honors about equal Between the two big councilman thus the county has nearly always had officials from both the Republican and the demo cratic ranks serving it at the same time As a political corruption to Rampart the counties radically one Way or the is a thing practically unknown Lociy at the present there Are eight republicans and four democrats acting officially for the at the recent election on the 3rd of three of this number were again elected for a term of two while three new men were placed in office by the voters of the the county seat of Clayton county has had several it having been the fashion for a num Ber of years to make the site of us location n matter for vote and much it was originally located at Prairie la Porte but this did not seem to be the mind of the of the county and in 1840 Iho governor appointed commission of three men to relocate the county they chose a site on the Northeast Quarter of Section town ship ninety Kange and they named it by order of the Iho voters were Given a Chance to accept of this but their voice was against allot at and for Prairie la in 1843 discontent again prevailed and the governor again appointed three commissioners to choose a boiler site and one More convenient to All the citizens of Iho two of the three drove out and Sot stakes on the one eighth Section South of Tho one of naming it upon vote neither of the Izreo silos already chosen or were but instead gum Avillo was decided upon As the most Feas Ible Point for such from this on things went smoothly enough until 1854 when the question be Gan agitation again Anil finally at the election it was submitted to the voters for another this time Elkader was Given the Gutenberg and Garnavillo put their Heads together and induced the voters that the former should take its turn at the Mill and the court House and fixtures were no More than settled Here than Garna Villo concluded that that place should have it and with the help of the Elkader voters who were naturally sore at gut Leisberg Over the last move they had it moved to Garnavillo Here it remained until when Elkader was Given the privilege Obei Ngoun by by tins Lime it had be come quite jest that like the chickens that had been moved so often from place to place Tunit whenever they saw a movers Van coming they Laid Down and crossed their legs for so with the court whenever ail lion was they packed their books and paraphernalia preparatory to another in me Gregor decided that never having had the court House they should a iry for they were keep ing four years later Garnavillo Pui in another bid for it but again Elkader was the Choice of the Vot ers of the and Here it has remained Ever the county has a substantial Brick court finely erected or at least a part of it i in in an addition to the first building was contracted for the addition is now the main the first court House being but about a third of the pres ent the Cost of the new building was about and a half of this amount was raised by the people of the build ing is a two Story in the Cut of the court which we Are presenting in this is1 can also be seen the Bridge across the Turkey River at this Bridge is the particular Pride of the being built of native Rock in three great Arches at a Cost of it has been Esti mated that there were nearly 127 tons of Rock used in its con a county Hospital for die insane is an institution of this county that receives much care and is de serving of praiseworthy it was built in 1880 on the poor farm and had at first but ten All later they allowed female patients to be j for at this place during thei past year five Twentyfive females and have been under the care of the county jail is about a Ter mile from the court House on the same Side of Tho the first county jail was a log affair but in 1869 a plot of land containing 17 acres was purchased by a com Mittee at a Cost of per and a new jail costing including the ground erected the land Purchase Prev Edan excellent thing As the ground was found to be Rich in Stone and no Stone had to be hauled for Iho building of the thus saving the county More than the Cost of the land in this one instance jail itself is a splendid struck the keepers Home of eight rooms occupying the front portion the county i or farm is located in Encl the place being selected for it in the first Steward was August a Mielenhausen and in his first year lie Only had seventeen in his poor farm there Are 100 acres in the present Steward is Brown who has the superintend ence Over thirty five men and these Are the officers of the county who Are serving with Dis Cree Tim the Best interests of those whose property they have been chosen to clerk Daniel was born in Clayton at nearly thirty four years he received his elementary education in he school his Home later in 1894 graduating fr0m upper Jowa University at he first entered school after his taking the principalship of the Elkport after a Vear there he was v i treasurer offered Rind accepted the position As principal of the Colesburg where he was when the voters this Totive enmity foil Nadhim Oul As the one clearly filled to take charge of the important office of when we state that this is Costigan fourth Lorin in the capacity of the Reader will know with what care and intelligence he Lias Pei donned the duties of the he is a Man who is deservedly Popehn All Over the and his Success is a of Pride to a Large Circle of Costigan married in 1897 to miss Agnes and to this Union Izreo children have been Alary and Rico dish James is also a Clayton county being born in the same year with cos Tarril hails from Giard township previous to his election As county he held the position of township As Sessor for four he also engaged in the implement business at Monona for one disposing of same to take up his present duties on Tho 1st of january of this Carroll is exceedingly pleasant Man to meet and has added Many friends to his Circle West Mission

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