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Strawberry Point Mail Press (Newspaper) - November 21, 1901, Strawberry Point, Iowa A lesson of Talmage would lift people out of some of the ii forc Joy which he the portion of every front by Louis in this discourse Talmage would lift people out of despondency bring something of future Joy into in Italy the text is hebrews which there is in Atlantic Ocean of depth fullness in the verse from which text is and i Only Wade into the wave at the Beach and take two ave All have favorite words expressive of Delight or a words that easily find their Way from brain to words that have in them mornings and mid laughter and Thunder bolts and in All the Lexi cons and vocabularies there Are few words that have for me the attractions of the last word of my text there have in the course of our life been Many Angels of god that have looked Over our met us Oil the or chanted the darkness or lifted the curtains the great or pulled us Back from the precipices or rolled Down upon us the rapturous music of the but is one of these Angels who has done so much for us that we wish throughout All time and All eternity to celebrate of Paul makes it the of a group of saying Arideth though he says that Charity is the greatest of the he does not take one plume from the or one Ray of Luster from the or one Aurora the or one Melody from the voice of the Angel my text which that was great night for our world a Bethlehem caravan sary the infant Boyal was and that will be a great night in the darkness of your soul when Christian Hope is there will be chanting in tire skies and a Star pointing to the i will not bother you with the Husk of a definition and Tell what Hope when we sit Down hungry at a we do not want an discourse As to what bread hand it on pass it round give us a slice of John Speaks of Hope As a pure Peter Calls it a Lively Paul styles it a Good a sure a re joicing1 All up and Down the Bible it is spoken of As an As a As a As a when we draw a Check on a we must have reference to the of Money we have taut Hope a draft on a Bank in which for her Benefit All heaven has been Hope it Light up every stand by every lend a helping hand to every loosen every Caress every forlorn soul and turn the a pictured room of the into the Vestibule of heaven How suggestive that mythology declares that when All other fled the Earth the goddess Hope it was Hope that revived John i when on shipboard near the coast of Scotland he was fearfully and he was requested to look shoreward and asked if he knew the Village near the and he an swered i know it for i see the Steeple of that place where god first opened my Mouth in Public to his and i am fully persuaded Tiow weak that Ever i now appear i not depart this life till my Tongue shall glorify his holy name f in the same his Hope was re and for 25 More years he that is the Hope which sustained of when departing this life at 24 years age he declared i should like to understand the secrets of eternity before tomorrow that was the kind of that the Cor poral had in the Battle after Standard bearers had seized the Flag and turned to a lieutenant colonel and said if i Tell my dear wife that i die with a Good Hope in Christ and that i am glad to give my life for my that was the Good Hope that Goodwin had his last hour when he said is this death How have i dreaded As an enemy this Friend Philippe Cle prime minister Henry when asked in his last hours whether he was certain of replied i am As 1 confident of it from the Inco Testa ability of the spirit of god us Ever i was of any mathematical truth from All the demonstrations of j5u that web the Hope that the converted native the Island of when he said in his lust moment the Canoe is on the sea sails Ore spread she is for the i have a Good Pilot to guide me and u1good Haven no better Medicine did a Man Over take than1 it is a u a a thou Sands of people Jong ago departed this life would have been living to but for the reason they Jet their i have known peo Plu to live on Hope after one lung was gone and disease Hud seemed to Lay hold of every nerve und muscle Ftp id artery and the starting for the wars in divided his among the he a Village to a port to Field to Uno thur All his estate to his then Perdic Cas asked what have you kept for yourself lie answered triumphant whatever else you and i give we must keep for ourselves All cheering in the heart of every woman and child that hears or reads this Sermon May god implant this principle is your health gone then that is a sign that you Are to enjoy a Celes tial health compared with which the most Jocund and hilarious vitality of Earth is Are your for tunes spent lie member you Are to be Kings and Queens unto god and How much More wealth you will have when you reign forever and i want to Sec you when you get your heavenly work dress this Little bit of a speck of a world we Call the Earth is Only the place where we get ready to we Are Only journeymen but will be master work heaven will have no loaf ers hanging the Book says of the inhabitants they rest not Day or Why rest when they work without fatigue Why seek a Pillow when there is no night there i want to see you after the Pedes arianism of Earth has been exchanged for Powers of flight and velocities infinite and enterprises i that the Telescope of that Observatory brings in sight constellations that May comprise ruined worlds which need looking after and need help saintly and there May be worlds like have sinned and need to be per haps saved by our Christ or by some plan that god has sought out for other worlds As As As As the atonement is for our the laziness which has cursed us in this world will not gain the land of eternal much tonic in the so much inspiration in the so much achievement after we get the shackles of the flesh for Ever do not dwell so much on opportunities but put your emphasis on opportunities to do not count the Battles but scour your Musket for victories to am i not right in saying that Eter nity can do More for us than can time what will we not be Able to do when our Powers of Loco motion shall be quickened into the immortal spirits Speed Why should a Bird have a witness of Wing when it is of no importance How Long it shall take to make its Aerial Way from Forest to and who have so much More important errands in the get on so slowly the Roebuck outruns the hounds Are quicker in the but wait until god lets us Loose from All limitations and then we will fairly the starting Post will be the leaving the world will be graduation Day before the chief work of our mental and spirit Ual the doors open the victors foot in Stirrup for the the Day flush of the the Mission of Hope will be an everlasting As much of it in the heavenly Here after Asin the earthly shall we have gained All As soon As we enter realms More to no other Heights to no new anthems to a Monotony of the same thing Over and Over again for endless years no More Progress in that world than vie Ever made in Hope will stand on the Hills of heaven and look for Ever brightening other transfiguration of new glories rolling Over the new celebrations of victories in other heaven grander seas of Glass mingled with be coming a More Brilliant Glass Ming Ling with a More flaming which do not have anything to do with the gloom that Harriet Martineau expressed in her dying words i have no reason to believe in another i have had enough of life in one and Cap see no Good reason Harriet Martineau should be Perpet would rather the Christian enthusiasm of Hobert when some one said i will to satisfied if i manage somehow to get into pointing to a sunken vessel that was being dragged up the Kiver would you like be pulled into heaven with two tugs like that vessel Yon Der i Tell i would like to go in with All my sails set and colors let me introduce the element of Hope to those Good people who lire in despair about the worlds moral they have gathered up appalling they Tell of the number of but do not take into consideration that there Are a thousand Happy Homes where there is one of marital they Tell you of the Largo number in our land who Are living profligate but forget to mention that there Are Mil Lions of men und women who Are do ing the Best they they Tell you thu number of drunk eries in this but fail to mention the thousands of glorious churches with two one door open for All who will enter for Pardon and convolution and the other door opening into thu heavens for the ascent of souls pre pared for those pessimists do not that two inventions of our times uru going to make it possible under god to bring this whole world into Solva ble and condition within u few weeks after those two inventions shall be turned into the service of god and us they will i refer to the Telegraph und the if you think Ahat god Al Lowed those two inventions to to made merely to get information concerning the Price of Railroad stocks or to cull up a Friend and make with him business you have wry idea of what can be done and will be done with those two the intelligence of the world is to be and civilization will overcome and illiteracy will be and the Promise will be literally fulfilled a nation born in a let Hope say to the foreboding do All you can with lib la and spell ing Book and philosophic toil with the sunlight ill your faces or your efforts will be n fail the pallor in fhe sky is not another phase of the but the first sign of approaching which is sure to come is tonight will be followed with things Are Gonglo the lords hosts Are not going to be drowned in the item sen of Miriam Timbrel will play on the High Banks Israel High Hope for the Home High Hope for the Church High Hope for the world i introduce the Angel of Hope to those who have through decease lost Christian How could i find says a bereft up there in the land of the multitudinous you May find them by by heavenly escort and by unfailing memory of the guard it the and he carried me Nway in the Spir it to a great and High and showed me that great Tho holy descending out of heaven from having the glory of and her Light was like unto a Stone most even like a Jas Clear As and had a Wall great and and bad Gates and at the Gates 12 you there will be an Angel guarding each As you go in ask the armed he saw your loved one pass and will know the direction to take and by what Fountain or in what Street of Gold is the mansion the blessed Christ knows where your departed loved one and he will Tell you if no one else fifty ways of finding out the whereabouts of your ascended but will i surely know him when i get for he will be so changed for you will be just As much and the old Affinity will As Sert the soul will be As easily distinguished by soul there As on Earth the body is distinguished by the open that closed instrument of music in your parlor that has not been played on since the hand of the de parted player forgot its put up before you on the music Board the notes of the hymn of Isaac Watts and sing there is a land of pure Delight or James Montgomery who Are these in Bright array or Fil More Bennetts Sweet Bye and be or Jerusalem the take some tune in the major or mount while you play and sing the Angel of Hope will stand by and turn the leaves and join in the rapturous reunion with the loved and lost everlasting reunion no Farewell at the door of any mansion no Goodby at any of the 12 Gates no More dark apparel of but White Robe of exal tation hop now is on its with face but Hope there will be on tiptoe or beckoning you to saying come and Hearthe choirs sing come and see the procession March come and see the River of life Roll come with Over the Hills that Rise into everlasting Celes tial Alps and Himalayas hoisted into other Alps and Himalayas from this hour cultivate do so by Reading All the scriptural promises of the worlds coming and doubt if you dare the veracity of the almighty when he says he will make the desert and the Leop Ard and the kid will lie Down in the same pasture and the Ceas ing to be will become eating Straw like an and reptilian venom shall change that the weaned child shall put his hand on the Cocka prices and there shall be nothing to Hurt or destroy in All gods holy for the Earth shall be full of the knowledge of the As the Waters cover the so much for the world at Large then cultivate Hope in regard to your own your own financial your own by seeing How in other people god Merci fully reverses things und brings to puss the remembering that Washington lost More Bailies Thun he but triumphed at the by making sure of your eternal safety through Christ understand that you Are on the Way to palaces and this life a Span ending in durations of Bliss that neither human nor urch unit lie faculties can measure or of u springtime that never ends and fountains tossing in the Light of a Sun that never Wilny god thrill us with anticipation of this immortal glee which i said in the opening of this subject that my text was Only the wave on the while the whole verse from which it is taken is an but the Ocean tides Are coming und sea is getting so deep i must fall Wulling out us i waded for what mortal can stand before the mighty surges of the full tide of eternal glad Ness Kye Huth not seen nor car heard neither hath entered into the heart of Man the things which god Huth prepared for them thut love or Currier Hull Tuuu of whose wife Hud Bihui Blind for ten brought her to specialist in Kokomo our he left her there for u few but on his re turn his wife was lie went to i unction of lots in the in which one lot was Given or inti cock won the free when he went Buck to the doctors Home he Joy fully Learned thut his wife sight been completely i wants better Navy Secretary Long urges increase in ships and keynote of ills annual of Ivow vessels whose cons Ruc Tion lie Hee o in in in tint ions Mil keynote of the annual report of Sec relay icons for is increase in Bolh the number of ships and the number offi cers and sailors for the the Navy he is a far greater Factor in our relations with the world than it was before the recent National which now includes Porto the hawaiian is the vast area of land and sea in the Philippines and our obligations to if we Are to have a Navy it All it must be commensurate with these great in International even than in territorial new vessels the Secretary recommendation for new based on the report of the general headed by Admiral and that of the Board of construction is As follows three firs class two firs class armoured three each of about tons trial three each of about 200 tons trial for insular three picket each of trial three steel sailing training each of about tons trial one of about tons trial Dis four All the vessels recommended in these two says Secretary Are Desira ble in the respective and harmonious development of our naval and a larger increase this year than usual is desirable because none were made last found that some of the vessels recommended could better be omitted from his list than others and i wait appropriation More Olla Crew and the Secretary places emphasis on the necessity for More line officers and More enlisted he recommends that the number of lieutenants be increased from 300 to 350 and that the limit of the number of Junior lieutenants and ensigns be placed at As to the enlisted he recommends that that Force be increased by tables Are submitted showing that in the number of commissioned officers of the executive Branch and in the total strength of All ranks and the United states Navy is in the rear of that of Japan and and that the proportionate increase in our navys personnel has for six years been away behind the Pace set by the nations Secretary Long directs attention to Germany which increases her personnel along with her and by an average annual increase of officers and men give the German Navy in 1920 a total personnel of in vol another pressing need set out in the Secretary report is that for a National naval which was so strongly advocated by president Roosevelt when he was assistant Secretary of the the lesson taught by the Spanish american he was that Steps should be taken at once to meet this one certain and positive requirement which will face the nation upon an outbreak of personnel of the in connection with the subject of naval Secretary Long makes a num Ber of important recommendations As Fol lows the revival of the Grade of vice Admiral an increase of 60 per in the Nunter of cadets at the naval Academy an increase of the Marine corps by 750 men increase in the corps of naval constructors and of civil and no further appointments to the office of professor of tie retired one of the most important tons in this respect is that officers of the Navy be retired with the rank and three fourths of the sea pay of the at the time of instead of the next higher As at the Secretary Points out that much needed officers Are now offered a to go or the retired he also strongly advocates that the Law providing for the advancement of officers for service rendered during the War with Spain be Given a general application so As Ito include service in the Philippines and he says that some provision should be made by which retired when ordered into Active shall have such service reckoned in their favor As to rank and pay they Are put Back on the retired recommendation is also made that All honorable service in the the Marine corps and the army be embraced in the Law authorizing the retirement of Petty officers and enlisted men who have served 30 years in the naval station in Porto the Secretary announces that the naval Board appointed to examine the coast of Porto with a view1 to selecting a Sull Able file for a naval recommends that it be located on the shores of san Juan and that us recommendation also includes the construction of a dry naval the Secretary Devoles considerable at Tention to the naval Observatory and earn Estly recommends that there be no limitation upon the Field from which its superintendent is to be its he should of the Best astronomer with Tho proper tons that can be found in the it is especially he that the superintendent should have continuity of As the Observatory has suffered from Tho frequent changes at its civil on the subject of civil Secretary Long says the Navy department bears witness to the Utility of Tho present sys tem of the civil it prevents favor it ism and makes Merit the test of Entrance into place and of standing and Advance in and the result has been u decided in crease in jail for atm Chimner Ila Necy tuesday morning Guve his decision in the Chicago american contempt fixes thu punishment of Andrew managing it 40 Days in the county and that of it 30 John assistant City and financial were in Ulric doff 1unt ill collected from official sources show thut Prui Riu dogs occupy and Render or nearly agricultural purposes acres of land in All efforts to exterminate the dogs have even with the cooperation of the department of Agni kill Iuit fro ii la was tilling Frost Over Northern and Texas thursday the Are that it precludes Furtow growth of the top crop i Cotton the canal lord pounce into instructed to sign of its important lord Paunce Fote Lias received authority from his government to sign the new treaty drawn up by Secretary Hay Ami him self in relation to the Isthmian this brings the matter to a satisfactory on what is deemed excellent author the fill i owing Are the provisions which give the United slates exclusive military us Well As civil control the United states is invested the sole right u protect the canal from damage by an the United states has the right to in enemy ships from Hij use of the the United Stales alone of Allna tons has the right to defend itself in the Waters adjacent to the the principles above noted Are important because they were forced from great Britain and neutralize the so called neutralization of the in time of War it is from the text of the that the United states will have privileges not to be enjoyed by other More important than the above agreement Between the United states and great Britain is the following extract from the treaty the canal shall be free and open to vessels of Commerce and of All nations observing race be on terms of entire so that there shall be no discrimination against any such there was More discussion on the Verbage of this proposition than any other Between lord ambassador Choate and lord lord Lansdowne insisted that the phraseology should be that the nations should agree to observe the the american How insisted that if the nations where in the treaty to agree to certain things word would imply a con tract with foreign and the object of the new treaty was to give exclusive american lord Lansdowne and lord Paunce Fote v an extremely important provision of the new treaty is article the Point of which is that no change of sovereignty or of International relations of the country or countries traversed by said ship shall affect the general principle of neutralization hereby or the obligations of the parties under this by this article no changes in the governments of Nicaragua or Costa or their relations to any other nations than the United states shall impair the rights of the United states in the if Costa Rica or Nicaragua should Ever become a part of the United or by the fortunes of War dependencies on any other the right of the United states would still be the preamble of the new treaty has been changed the change consists of the insertion of the words by whatever route May be considered expedient after the words a ship canal to connect the Atlantic and the Pacific the other Points in the new treaty which have heretofore been conjecture Are that great Britain agrees to omit the clause prohibiting the fortification of the that the United states has the by this very to close a canal against a and to defend it by whatever Means Are deemed Nec this gives the United states the right to heretofore the fact that great Britain has agreed to the treaty As prepared Here has already been the Isthmian canal which rear Admiral Walker is has completed its the commission is unanimous in its it favors the adoption of the nicaraguan route As the most feasible and most practicable for in Isthmian canal to be under the management and ownership of the United the commission estimates the Cost of the proposed canal at about this is for a canal with a depth of 35 feet a Width at the Bottom of 150 increasing at turns to 200 and with eight four on each Side of Lake Iii ii 11 ill the Empress Dow Ager has issued another eulogize ing the late i Hung cling and order ing i lie erection of a memorial Arch near his the edict also i that the rank of conferred upon the eldest son of Chelate chinese statesman in his own shall descend through 23 it confers High rank upon the other sons of Karl upon whom the posthumous rank of Marquis Lias been be and confers dignities upon his together with lucrative of Van Ltd san among the passengers on the Steamer which arrived from the Orient Satur was former Queen Liliuokalani of who is on her Way East for a protracted hurled under Alo Tuii one Man dead and two seriously burned is the result of n party of workmen being buried under a mass of molten slug it the Howard Axel works Tho dead Man is John aged so of Homestead leaves a wife and four fire Satur Day damaged the prints Block and the Stock of the occupants to the extent of Edward the col ored who slept in the was state Twenty Seronil lie port for and Given some the Twenty second biennial report of the state University has been tiled with appropriations Are suggested As follows additional on tenth Mill building medical building to replace burned Struc kit Ulrica nil physical per Law per medical per Ler additional a Lepner and Coo per Tho regents Sny they assume that no More if Nosy lire traps arc expected to be erected at the til College of has no lecture room there is 110 armory tid no Ade quate Assembly Hall there is no gymnasium the museum of natural his Worth Are scattered through a dozen buildings on account of the Lack of arc subject to loss by fire because of inadequate a commode these unfortunate conditions urge the Board to ask for an additional tenth Mill building the total attendance at the univer sity has increased 20 per in two and 30 per in the College of Liberal the present support income is a 20 per in crease would add the courses require 30 per More time for study to fit for and for a proportionate increase in work by the an to the annual support of a president Mac leans report shows an increase of 440 to students attending the they come from 30 states the ten countries in Europe and one in seventy seven per were born in Nebraska and Kansas have a Large num Ber ninety two per Are residents of coming from every the average age is 24 the 142 accredited schools have Pur wished 885 of the thirty three have been added to the staff of there Are now seven col Leges in the there Are 15 fellowships Worth scholar ships Worth twelve new departments and two schools have been there Are now 57 departments and the schools of Polit ical and social science and the summer school of Library More census gives Perqua of school of acc and Liose of Vot Iii age in the latest bulletins of the census Bureau deals with statistics to the persons of school males of military and males of voting in iowa1 and All other the Union and those figures relating to Iowa Are the most the bulletin shows has no less than persons who Are of school age in other Are Between the Ages of 5 and 20 3f this number the native born num Ber and of the Bora Are the boys of school age number and of these the Large number of Aye native there Are foreign Bora White boys in the schools and that the state might in an in Regency be Able to raise a great army of her own is shown by the fact that there Are males who Are of military and of this number Are native the Whites of military age number and there Are enough negroes n the state to form three regiments of their there being Cit Zens that color who would be sub sect to military there Are men of voting 477j273 be no native and being1 born of negroes entitled to vote Iowa has new Garden City Mill in John Muir Start off Vittli tie about Iii Chi the new town of Garden Johnson has sprung into sex Stence and starts off with a goodly Uno unt of business enterprises and a considerable upwards of Worth of lots were sold at the opening of the new town and but a hunted number were placed on the Burket and All were business the Sale is regarded us an except Lam Illy Good lost of the principal Lues of business will Start with the Lew town us soon us suitable build us can be including two umber two drug store and the usual ii Nellor lines that go to make up a new Garden As Well As the next South on the uus Iowa fulls ire located in a Rich agricultural Dis Well populated with norwegian and american so together with the inv own of Are regarded As for Unateny located Hurt endowed with food prospects for the own of Sherman will be placed to Market in a 1ewi throw a strange woman who Elgus Hep lame As Julia Moorehouse throw vitriol in the 1aco of be Oise a respectable lady in fort the Cavise for such net Ion is Wii Daloy keeps tie lace of where the Milt was the not culmination of persecution to Shieh Wadsley has been it intervals since a shop has also been Tho recipient of indecent letters
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