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Strawberry Point Mail Press Newspaper Archives Nov 13 1902, Page 1

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Strawberry Point Mail Press (Newspaper) - November 13, 1902, Strawberry Point, Iowa The Strawberry All the news of the past seven Days Home and foreign items news of the Industrial personal Aud political happenings at Homo and the news from All the world the Annapolis naval Academy course has been Cut from four to three year because of need for the amount estimated for Railroad transportation of mails in this coun try for the next fiscal year is an increase of Over five per from the current president Roosevelt reached Oyster Bay to vote and bonfires and fire welcomed United states treasurer Roberts in is annual report shows that the net revenues for the year were and net expenses Cash july the pub Lic debt was decreased to the extent of the naval Academy at Annapolis has reduced the course of midshipmen to three years instead of the october fire insurance losses for the United states were against for Sam an alleged negro Mur was shot to death by a mob at the University of Chicago conferred Ico doctorate degrees in four years Yale with Henry wife of the Arlington Heights committed suicide at the Graves of her son and assistant postmaster general Shal Lenberger in his annual report recommends Extension of the parcels posts to several european countries and the adoption of a Universal Post age the Coal strike arbitration com Mission visited the Lehigh Valley mines and miners Homes at upper the annual report of the commissioner of the general land office shows that the Public land disposed of during the year aggregated an increase of acres Over the previous a Flathead Indian named Latch Ell was robbed of in Cash at Home near costo the temporary work of the twelfth according to the director annual was by a premature explosion of file in new York City 14 persons were killed and a number an inexperienced girl aeronaut dropped feet from a balloon Anc was killed at robbers blew open the vault in the Bank at and secure the Admiral Sampson ran Down Anc Ennik a Schoner off Cape cod and four of the Crew were Hale a prohibition Leader National prominence and vice presidential candidate of that party in was shot and instantly killed by Wil Liam Harris at after n Harris when arrested committed president Mitchells statement of the mineworkers As filed with the Anthracite strike is Simi Lar to that made before the strike recognition of the ii Ion is insisted the Holland submarine boat Gram pus had her first surface trial trip in san and proved a senator Henna has been initiated at cleveland1 As a member of the Loyal ii Gion of City Mars Hal Tony Jones and Jeff Chen Nult were killed in a shooting Nytray at robbers wrecked the vault of the Bank at with dynamite and secured Ull that it con talked the business Section of Lias been destroyed1 by in a Drunken Row at Sii Runac John Mooney shot and killed a Bessette and fatally wounded his Gerhard a Farmer near was killed and his cremated by his three Young because they sold he had treated them pastor of the Ger Man Baptist Church in and ifiss1 Augusta were found dead in each others arms in the they were suffocated by the supreme court of appeals Lajb that failure to use copyright notice in publishing a copyright Story does ghz the right to other Porson to publish thu Story for their own a new direct steamship service Job to be established Between new York and and a Trowt with capital has been organized to control lilo Flower Stanley Buford and Don Neul were killed and Ernest Liou Soh of vitally injured by tin engine at the who had Juu away from wave is Len on the a special Appeal has been made by the Irish league of America for funds to aid1 the leaders at Home in their fire on the Rosebud Indian Reserva Tion in Nebraska burned 300 head1 o cattle ail several the Coal strike arbitration commis Sion the inspection of collieries by visiting Panther Creek the have entered a total of seven mine and will hearing testimony at Serant 011 november Edward formerly United states Consul general ant transferred to arrived in new York from president Roosevelt addressed in Philadelphia the grand Lodge o ancient free and accepted masons o praising the order am paying Honor to Washington and Lin the Minnesota Harvester company with a capital of Kisi been incorporated at its object is to right the big Harvester Ben of the rival Bowling team in lie american broke the record in rolling a score of Complete revised lists of the dead and injured victims of the explosion o fireworks in new York City show Tui 32 person were killed and about so in Leon Leaf tobacco dealer in has failed with Lin of and assets of Villiam of Bayonne is dead from a broken the result of a football robbers blew the Safe of the Tampa state Bank at took and Farrow and Marion gun Sho and1 each other in a Street due at George aged son anc1 private Secretary of senator o died suddenly in a Ashing George aged 7 one of the Best known pomelo gifts in the United died a the Delaware Hudson Railroad has been bought by the Pennsyl Vania and new York Central Compa Nies for in its annual report the civil ser vice commission urges that Congress provide for the reclassification of the entire departmental president Roosevelt spent his firs Day at his desk in the new executive offices adjoining the White the annual report of general Miles praises work of the army and its personnel was never the Coal strike arbitration commis Sion members Sepri rated till nov 14 when hearing of testimony will begin at the Side to be heard eight men were three ves Elsi driven and practically every lighter on the Nome Beach in Alaska was wrecked in a Wing shot of died at of i typhoid the Georgia legislature has reelected United states senator Alexander s Maria Fox the lost Mem her of the family of Fox the originators of modern spiritualism died at at the age of 85 the latest news from the state elections shows that the republicans have elected1 207 members of Congress Ami the democrats new new new Hamp Shire and Ull the new England states except Lui Otle Island elect the Republican both the Wyom ing and California also go Kentucky and All the other Southern states went Daniel Secretary of state elect of has appointed Frank l editor of the Lafayette first assistant Secretary of Bernard Rodney is elected Delegate to Congress from new Mexico by residents of the isthmus of Panama Are indignant because the colombian government ordered suspension of canal treaty negotiations with the United Dou Hobor pilgrims in Manitoba in their mud search for the Messiah Are now on the verge of starvation and scores have already Fuji in on the the cuban which adjourned october president in his says order the Treasury hug a bal Ance of and prospects Are thousands of natives of ller Schel lamp and along the Arctic Cost Are from William the Irish was arrested at and sentenced to fix months imprison nent for making a speech quid to Belli ecu he revolution in Venezuela has finally been Irish nationalists predict that lords will be out within a year by a the colombian go Vermunt jibs Jiotti Lud its minister in Washington to re 1uimnm ennui american superintendent of schools in Wuh murdered by the new japanese budget estimates the Revenue at und the Lem Hure at in election in Porto Hoo resulted 0 Republican philippine natives arc suffering from famine because of the Rice crop destruction by locusts and death of Cora Baos by will spend for the British House of commons Otec o Grant of in Aid of trans Vaal and Orange River colonies during the present financial Manuel Coriell has been elected president of riotous dissensions Between roman and philippine catholics in n Manili Church were quelled by american exhibits won most of the prizes it the International photo graphic exhibition in a Bill has been introduced in the of vouch Senate making dueling n mis Demeanour punishable by line Aud in Henri Fourier drove an Antomo bile a mile Ini 47 15 at dour making a new worlds a dispatch announces he death o gemeral Manuel Liza do in Rill format president of Duns weekly review of Trade says that Trade and Industry Are making steady reports from All sections of the country containing Evi deuces of wholesome judge John of the United states District court of hns Robert Dean of the Michigan agricultural College and in Ventor of the kerosene safety test died at aged 79 the grand opera one of the leading playhouses at Nashville hns been destroyed by there were 118 business failures in the United states during the week ended on tie against 191 the Saint week in Sadie Jones died in Bing atthe age of 102 years cuban children imported Foi instruction in a school at Point Lonia have been ordered sent Back by the new York immigration burglars wrecked the Safe Anc robbed the Post office at of in returns show that the republicans made n clean sweep in Montana in the recent election for the first time in ten Annie Omahoney is the first woman in Ireland to be imprisoned under the crimes Colorado railroads will require a doctors certificate from sick persons after december 1 to avoid carrying contagious the Secretary of the Treasury has discontinued the acceptance of state and municipal Bonds As Security for Public Corbin in his annual re por favors a return to the old army saying it i conducive to so Briety among the French government arbitrators in the Coal strike decided not to raise miners1 superintendent of ithe Rural free mail delivery service tells of rap id and will be needed to carry out the work now in earthquake shocks Are said to have been Felt in Hancock and Houghton counties in the exchanges it the leading Clear ing houses in the United states during the seven Days ended on the 7th aggregated the compared with the corresponding week of lust was minor news the emperor of Corea has raised his favorite wife to the rank of Empress Berlin papers claim that Sarah Bernal Virdt is u born in Frunk an Indianapolis grand jury returned Lvii tibents against 85 persons implicated in u grave in an article i the con temporary insists on the Loy Alty of Joer loaders to great Henry a United states celebrated Liis eight seventh birthday in his Home it Victor has been awarded damages by a new York court because a called Nin a the editor and proprietors of a Spanish newspaper in Manila have been sued by Taft for an article attacking Between and colonists have gone into fur North Western and southwestern states Dur no the months of september and of Charles Medicine advertising company tried to shoot an nipple from the head of John Columan at cold Springs and called Solomon writing at Fay declares that there is remarkable enthusiasm among the residents of to for annexation to the United president Loose Volt rewarded the Levolion of Dora Martin by granting Pardon for her to i life term in Ohio Penitentiary near y 14 years the dilatory tactics of the Laulom Jian minister to Washington brings about a crisis in Pun Aimi Pauul Ifju the United slates demanding hat the Bogota government declare to importation of chinese labourers in o thu Philippines under Bond for free in by from Ian War department they Aro needed for and private president of the uni of in an address it Mew York dec Larul the Church must up its be 61lid tul alienated itself from Rich und poor and is now alienating the a traders sporty the Hornc n Semer and work on fault an Avill an a shrewd Yankee after years of Success of a kind to make David 11 arum look pot badly cheated on a nag so feeble and spiritless that it squatted like a Jack Rabbit every time its ribs were the new owner Felt very but deter mined to do what he could to he invited a a Lucon o the Village Church for a and himself Rode the new says the Philadelphia seeing a Rabbit he jabbed the horse with his heels and the animal promptly when the Dea con inquired the the trader explained that the horse had the faculties of a seller and set whenever he saw a Rise of partridges brought Forth another Manifest through the traders and then the Deacon ins Iscil on trading his own horse and 50 for the sporting on the Way Home the Deacon Rode his new Pur fording a he raised hip feet to keep then dry and accidentally jabbed the horse in the whereupon the animal sat Down in the wetting the rider from feet to whats the Zeke called the he cant see no Birds nor rabbits now explained solemn that critters sport thru and thru cloth shy to two old friends meet after a separation of Many time after Yon Are not so Bald As i expected to find bake i should say look in Glass Ive More hair than v you More hair than i have that perfectly absurd lets count tit it san Csc a Man of literary aspirations who had his Way yet to make in the world wrote a which he submitted to his wife be fore sending it out for she said on looking it you have made Hundred rhyme with on that All he replied Tennyson did rejoined his Tennyson could do such a but you can Low Kales Tor on the first and third tuesdays of each and hound the great write for illustrated literature and James genl directions for Mak ing this Salve say take equal parts Man Drake is Mandrake is a useless itchiness of the horrible most everybody afflicted in one Way or an Only one never failing Doans at any drug Wise women is As Young As she but she aint always As Young is she thinks she free the Little folks Woods Norway Pine pleasant to take perfectly positive cure for you Trust him to what extent id Trust him to look out for his own interests that is i am sure piss cure for consumption saved my life three years an idea that Young men want to get out of their Heads is that another Job is a better because there is less work about cure your cough with Hales Honey of horehound and pikes Toothache drops cure in one if a Man carries mortgage it is usually because he cant lift daily on its own the second 1tpavnn one that would go to Vii Avi i out the makers a Young Man who pent his summer vacs lion on a Maine farm says that new in stances of the Thrift and shrewdness of his Landlady Are constantly thrusting them selves upon his relates youths one Day n dragon Load of unexpected rela Tives tie and the mis to cos is she Flen Nril frankly Wil put to it to provide enough food for Din she brought Forward among other in Apple which seemed to the Anim scr for inferior to the pies she usually but when she served it she spoke of her reputation As n they do say at the social ills that no body pies quite come up to she re with a beaming smile and Apple ivies arc what you might Call my pc often been Askell for the but i Tell emits Knack and judgment does not the pie disappeared and when her guests were not As hungry it they had she brought Forth a second Flaky of crust and luscious to the aunt the youngest of the a boy of i think this pies Ever so much better than the and Yon Haven said a word about it his aunt looked at him without to much As a twinkle in her this one will go Down without i she a sir Priscil a dying patient recovers through the interposition of a Humble some weeks ago very reputable and widely known living on was called to attend a very complicated Case of upon arriving at the House he found a Man about forty years of lying in a prostrated and serious with his whole Frame dangerously affected with the painful Dis he prescribed for the but the Man continued to grow and on sunday evening he was found to be in a very alarming the Knees and elbows and larger joints were greatly in and could not be it was Only with extreme difficulty that the patient could be turned in with the Aid of three or four the weight of the clothing was so painful that Means had to be adopted to keep it from the patients the doctor saw that his assistance would be of no and left the the Mem Bers of the family following him to the almost immediately the grief stricken ones were addressed by an Humble he had heard of the despair of the and now asked to try his and accordingly brought Forth a bottle Jacobs the poor wife applied this the first application eased the patient very much after a few hours they used it won Der of the pain vanished entirely every subsequent application improved the and in two Days he was Well and when the doctor called a few Days he was indeed our relatives that we Are proudest of never seem proud of Diana Polis i owe my whole life to Burdock blood so Romulous sores covered my i seemed has made me a perfectly Well the Grace to do email things May be greater than the gift of doing great a household Thomas electric heals wounds of any sort cures sore Ca asthma never Charity Seldom crawls out of a crowded Putnam Fadeless byes do not stain the hands or spot the except Green and its easier to make a tool of a Dull Man than of a Sharp daily to care cult in one Day take laxative Bromo quinine All druggists refund Money fit fails to the Best policy is a paid up go daily another club of tells How she was cured of irregularities and uterine terrible pains and backache by Lydia Pink hams vegetable a ago my health began to fail because of the doctor did not help i that my Mother had used lycia Pink lems vegetable on Many occasions for irregularities and and i Felt euro that it could not harm me at any rate to give it a i was certainly glad to find a week i Felt much terrible pains in my Back and Sido were beginning to and at the time of menstruation i did not have nearly As serious a time As hereto so i continued its use for two and at the end of that time was a new i really have never Felt bettor in my have had a sick headache and 20 pounds More than i Ever so i recommend vegetable mated president household economics forfeit if original of about letter proving genuineness cannot be women should remember there is one tried and True remedy for All female Lydia Pink hams vegetable be Fuso to buy any other you need the wyers Excelsior Brand Slicker i keep Tho rider perfectly no i water can leak in on the Cut wide and Long la extra Protection to Ghoul Der if dealer do int have them write for catalogue to i i sole urn emf piles an Kesis for free Sample Trilb new Yor Bobby has just finished a Long of terrible adventures with wild animals which he had met and vanquished while out on the common with nurse the surprised father after wait ing in consternation for the you there is not one word of truth1 in that whole dont you know it is very wrong to Tell untruths Bobby daddy surprised Why have you just told so Many Only wanted keep up the con v said the cynical it is mighty easy to Trade your reputation for Money but youre up against it when Outry to Trade the children enjoy life out of doors and out of the games which they play and the enjoy ment which they receive and the efforts which they comes the greater part of that healthful development which is so essential to their happiness when when a laxative is needed the remedy which is Given to them to cleanse and sweeten and strengthen the internal organs on Vrzich it be such As physicians would because its component parts Are known to be wholesome and the remedy itself free from every objectionable the one remedy which physicians and approve and recommend and which the Little ones because of its pleasant its gentle action and its beneficial syrup of for the same reason it is the Only laxative which should be used by fathers and syrup of figs the Only remedy which acts pleasantly and naturally without or nauseating and which cleanses the system without producing that constipated habit which results from Ali Elise of the old time cathartic and modern and against which the children should be so carefully if you would have them grow to manhood and healthy and do not give them when medicines Are not and when nature needs assistance in the Way of a give them Only the pleasant and of its Quality is due not Only to the excellence of the combination of the laxative principles of plants with pleasant aromatic syrups and but also to our original method of manufacture and As Yon value the health of the Little do not accept any of the substitutes which unscrupulous Deal ers sometimes offer to increase their the genuine article May be bought anywhere of All reliable druggists at fifty cents per please to the full name of the company California Fig Syl Tup printed on the front of every pack in order to get its beneficial effects it is Al ways necessary to buy the genuine
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