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Strawberry Point Mail Press Newspaper Archives Mar 6 1902, Page 1

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Strawberry Point Mail Press (Newspaper) - March 6, 1902, Strawberry Point, Iowa M we offer this week several Good chances to buy real estate pc 10 vacant lots in new town Choice for b to Catt Lota on main with adj recent water Choice Good Small farm of 45 acres for or 16 acres of it for Good barn and Well on monthly payments for will rent it for per also a Large number of other houses in we sell at owners Call and look Over list before Strawd brr Point land j the Good citizen will Clear the Snow from ills sidewalk and from his neigh if she be a Call at Sam Ivi Osers restaurant for Maple and grape 100 bus Leiis of potato is Tor in the absence the living a Good photograph the Only Are your friends supplied with Good the first cheese factory was started in Canada in and in 1900 the exports of Canadian cheese were 000 make it As warm As possible for All the sparrows which seek a Home on your and will have More other sparrows Are there bids fab to be an unusual de Mand for Good seed Many sections of the Corn Belt bad no Corn last year fit for the Bushel Box for the marketing of apples is rapidly coming into the Box is easier to handle and in size much More nearly meets the wants of to average 5 Tew men will take any chances in holding Over an of theold Corn for the chances Are that it will be More than ten years old before will be As much As it will during the first half of there is lots of rag chewing River the sugar Tariff but the consumer ten Dakota Farmers last year a Little Experiment station of their was not a professor of scientist among the they lived where the seeding and planting season in Apt to be very each planted n Small Patch of Corn in it varying front one to ten inches the results were that the Corn planted ten inches deep made the beet though How it Ever Man rigid to get out and do business it All we cannot in while the shallow planted patches proved total Dakota renders can study this item there my be something in it for we asked about the probable Price of seed potatoes this will the seed scarce and the Price out of sight the High prices for Stock last fall operated Sunn in Tontle to Hoard much for the supp Ohad higher prices for seed in the and have it upon Pood authority that there Are very Large stocks of tubers being so and must he sold we in Cline to opinion that seed potatoes will be obtainable in abundance and at reasonable we not wish to More two Dollar seed potatoes than would be needed for our own use Buciu Ike Twentyfive tent Stock is easily in sight after in can depend upon the agitate of finally of f we invite your attention to our fall and Winter line of Robes and some very Fine Plush trunks Ancl telescopes Point slate Bank said up a general banking Bun transacted in Allun interest alled to time of resulting in him nearer the time when he will get pounds of sugar for a along the last of March we get a few fill them with Earth and new Rome to pansies and other desirable then in May we have Anice lot of Strong plants to set out in the Gar Den without having to buy or beg them from the Kitbing makes a prettier Lawn Deco ration than in circular Sav twelve feet in with n dozen cannas us would Iak co kit to introduce on record the hive now offers at is per Satiu Fotion Gua every this Flou r p it try it p j Slough the different varieties of the coleus i a fringe of Dwarf nasturtiums May be on the extreme outer Edge rot the bed with Good the potato crop of Colorado proved a regular Bonanza to the producers part the crop was As irrigation made the growers Independent of the Quality was very Supe Flor and the prices out of hundreds of men made fortunes out of potatoes this year in that the Coal deposits of North Dakota and Montana ure rapidly being developed and Are destined to prove n source of immense wealth it pm those the Only drawback to it More general introduction is that ifs Penis to require stoves and Furnas of Spe Cial construction in order to secure perfect if Olup is the poor mans the said poor Man should see to it that lie gets it at a Popr mans this be when lie buys it for just exactly what it la and not disguised under the name of buying it As but to pays just about twice As much for it As be would if sold under its own the poor Man has really More cause to kick than the Dairyman at the fraud us now carried we find that pens of All kinds do bet Ter sown Early than when sown at to an agricultural the writer of those notes is attend ing in conducting a Grout Many farm institutes this your and notch a Ltd much pleasure the to naked increase of interest arid attendance lit these meet snot too much to Sny that there is a great agricultural revival i Progress nil Over the n desire on the part of tie men who till the to be better to purmit1 better to improve All of seed and to improve the conditions of the farm to be Niobe in touch with the spirit of Progress which is dominating and shaping All lines of business in constantly increasing value of farm lands compels a More intelligent and economic big idling of them to secure paying Regis Larred every Man Regis of Fine Stock of any them succeed in producing Tain per cent of Are asked Why this improved types of Cuttle removed by the process from i the types version is very Strong and to and these Bruhs arc Iii of that by the nature seeks to to the no matter How Gaultier agree of such an it skier used As a breeder if it i to keep up the excellencies Al proved some breeders i dishonest along line a frees and nothing income from Brown we give this Story is it was a lady at a recent Iowa she said that she Bud Dren to look after and devoted time which she could spare i housework to the 5tgi leghorn hens which she Mon farm Runny that these Bens Broj an average income of by from their egg product were free from tha everywhere and because attempt was made to raise Small fruits or incubator was the fed with the generally accept Tel that More than 100 or 200 be kept on the farm Ning at making the Noti in now time to be rank i bed if one is much trouble to Well Reward your tired Nook a foot tort tit lore within eight incl alar intervals during the pending the difference of the Sterni tort of crop the past year nil we tue nn1 Northwest tu9 crop of freight cars in which gulp to no rect the products of the productive Unpi Fulty of the to bus develop much faster than have the trims Pouble tracks 00 Way of the of Road will be Alt Lute before Many year it note Tomt one Road the Peno system placed or for new freight cars Iota value of end Graves of Oil be very by an in Tell Lieut Ana judicious mop lab out train Rale Trees others and till Gad flexor Meta pfc Lineira re a Gerlous nearly Artl Iclal Groves in too of to is not noticed Luu tie but Wiy Repult in tie Ryan of Sreve it Tetor Sumii Klit and not vigor on a few palls Obj a cover with five or six in Roll and put of your ing it a Elight inclination when bed gots win nut will Pei or four k Early cd and the saah should de and the Well Day when the outside temperate us As there is More danger being too hot under the glues Ali to guard against a of cold spoil in March there old carpet to throw on the a wrong which Ivre Dii High the work of the no the country bits called attention than Ever before to the system ble taxation which in in j Tion where a Niqui real estai a Small or partial Puri not Uzwij ing the note of the buyer Peciu on the property the Reul estate is then the Are to on the theory that Man North perhaps buys ten though find Dollar fun has by virtue of the simple net o Elk real and i in payment Glicr for beef create tangible of of Tooa not a Dollar Wilsted of fwd if then should Nunn ability to create such Fly thous what Lior be it or e rail wrong ii righted the moral m tto will never he the Point nuking e Ulm farming a knots a Young Mph wants to know if he dots not stand a better show to make his Way in the world by taking i rail Way work that he does to keep plug Ging along on the do not think that lie if he is Only just an commonplace if to he one of the rare sort which when trained and developed would Imti the ability to Boss employees and increase the dividends of the stockholders of n he then should skip off the old farm just As Quick As possible and got u place As Section hand and commence to climb for the but for just tie everyday Young Man who in the railway service could never climb to anything higher than freight conductor or local agent at some Little station the farm is by All Odds the better place it is a safer a Man is free from the nervous Strain incident to the railway and fewer temptations beset Niobe than he is inde pendent and is not bossed by some chump a notch above the roads Are being consolidated so fast that the number of Choice positions is becoming less and acid promotion comes Blower and then the Rood is no place for any Man past just when a Man is at his Best roads wont have summing the Case it May be sold most truthfully that today no occupation of any profession Al or offers better induce ments to average Young Man than the farm and its varied the Happy go Lucky Type of where a Man does Busi Ness with one gulls and Moon but practical sensible working of the soil and Stock its the Best business in America today when run cheese curing in cold no recent improvement in Dairying methods bids fair to be of greater importance and value than that of curing cheese in cold the cheese hurriedly cured in a temperature of 70 de Grees or More and put on the Market forty Days old has Long been the repro of Volka Otovea All kinds of buildings at Bottom 0ly have the list of takes now due and will remit for those career and character of Abraham an address by Joseph ambassador to great on the Cater and character of Abraham his Early Early struggles with the character As developed in the later years of his life and his which placed his name so High on the worlds Roll of Honor and has been published by the Chi Milwaukee Paul railway and May be had by sending six 0 cents n postage to general passenger f the the 31 Strawberry March the pre business Opp Riml is for locations id Minnesota and Missouri on the Chicago great Western Bull Way the very Host agricultural Section of the United states where Farmers Are prosperous and business men we have a demand for competent men with the necessary for All branches of some special opportunities for Creamery Nieh Good locations for general Banks and correspondence write for maps and Maple Industrial 604 Endicott bldg March nuts we have the choicest line of fruits and nuts k Ever brought to the candies from is to 7b cents per Pound easter try one of our famous Keota cigars All kinds of tobacco always on lunch at any we aim to and invite you to Call on us for anything a Ftp Moser the Anima a tired of registered shorthorn cattle 000600000000000060 oooo Opp Acme tread Power Iowa newspaper project state historical society of Iowa damaged missing text Halk Euey Iowa 0000000ft nation some e for it will be to age a our Ritke it so Good Ork is not but Lac South in t Misson Street Good farm at it bit try makes All this not Only but a great wrap tical pent for to cps plug per 5i per or write will of Straw Biry pall pit Noe Henry must be dead easy Hen even poor old Harvard can Palm it on hit one of her stale Little for the real the Nowers Thatte Down lollies have considered the projected a Stence of another Normal school in in state As absolutely it i v this great steel Trust in y the appearance in Chicago fan gent of the Union steel of Ranee who is offering contracts at rates far below those of american claiming the discovery f a process in France by Stalil an be made at half the Cost la Arlington news d it West Tii Ilon As u gentleman it for congressional honors West Union Gazette admits Taftt the suggestion will be warmly greeted of Mayotte and there Are gentlemen Timber who think they Are eminently it for congressional honors Jud if they hould be brought out they be warmly greeted in All parts of Turkey hereafter the Kemire etly meetings of the presidents will and he alone will to he press and Public such statements Aste deems advisable regarding mat ers there will be Butone outfit airhead of Ion that will be tills Gjosko of the Abinet what was origin bit of extra Grav with the president can do without exposure intended the bloods of the East going to Europe Are each other to get the apartments occupied by Prince Henry on the Kron Pribaz Wilhelm on ills trip Over if i poor de vols t a i your Raster in 1 have you Given it a thought its about time now for you to prepare for weve made preparations for easter Aud now have ready for you a handsome display of cloth ing and gents furnishings appropriate for w w w w easter a handsome display of the colourings in leading the new shield bows for the High band collars Are Here in the new the new All right in easter face appear for the new pan american arid Pantouris shapes take the Lead this season with Nobby it dont oust any More to get n new shape than to be wearing old Sty weve got them from to the new is neat and from one in Ftp to three easter footwear for men and were showing a handsome assortment of Gudd values in Hoys shoes at and mens dross shoes from 50 we buy our from Good such As the the an the Virtu we have suited anal know we can suit give us a trial on your next easter shirts for men and All styles and colors w with two Dep rate or any collars at fort five mens shirts with two separate collars or for fifty better grades at seventy five cants and Quality Loujis hljsgl4 clots Irig arts sift we title spill Ienir a quite Aid leave them their there been a number of stories As to who imported the English Sparrow to this country the follow ing is said to be during the time that we f Smith represented the Twenty second Ward in the of he presented an ordinance appropriating Frith which to Purchase English to destroy the measuring Worms that Kiad become a nuisance in the Public John Bradsley an but for Manv years a resident Germantown was delegated to go to England to secure the be in familiar with the English Birds he in catching them in nets Hess cured Between 300 on his Way or from England one half the Ipar roves but enough existed to increase tie Little which have become troublesome than the its a close your easter Snoe from our Superb where you have unlimited Range of shapes and a desire to and hold your Trade induces us to guar an tee satisfaction with Stock and we Are still Selling shoes at the same Low prices As of you want to be up to the Here and Well fit you band Snag proof rubbers per pair rold Crown flour i groceries Parade h our the Oriel state ob1 Iowa to Abel Alvon Woolley tip bolder Ujj Viown soes and Trunte q be 14 of a 14 it m in hereby threw Hobo on Trio oleic of the Pluto let spurt a a old you Iowa petition of Thi tie a Winto owner fee Blumle of t Tow prior to but we deed to Safe was Iio Vor Root Dpi is that owner o sow nine to Abel on o saw lie web rain Jed at Thutt Al Twute or to Tut Abe urea to Huia prompts tie of Agency for y you a pkwy the super tue Luang in Ovd we study Oil Anci Why the Modlik of you ii int Vly not enjoy one Nice buying is a no always Appleby cant get nor Liat elegance of fit cloth Oul cloth As look known a
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