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Strawberry Point Mail Press (Newspaper) - July 9, 1903, Strawberry Point, Iowa Experts Are making analyses hop ing to induce better heed of sanitation in simplest health Laws not observed movement a Arteil for More accurate la torn Vanl Init pythons on tic increase other Kotos mid special dub july Are Bow engaged in making analyses of tie water and food supplies of several Cit ies of the state with a View to inducing better heed of Laws of sanitation in those cities and perhaps Awakening a general sentiment in favor of better enforcement of Laws along this line throughout the the first report made by the who include state bacteriologist Eli Grimes and Charles Henry of pcs on it was found according to their that Tiu drink dog water in the High school building located in the attic was kept Opin and that ventilation pipes from Trio water closets in the basements opened into this Bacillus typhoid was found in the about 137 school children there had typhoid and there were about boo cases in the City altogether in three or four the water Supply of the City was found subject to contamination and the experts charge Gross carelessness in the Observance of the simplest health Laws Vitril Secretary of the state Board of has set on foot a movement to secure More accurate and Fuller re ports of vital the assessors of the state arc supposed to turn in re poits of this and since they go about but once a year the record of Vita statistics in Iowa is very meager and the state Board will ask the legislature to pass Laws which will Aid in preserving this most important a few Days ago a widow in one of the country towns of Iowa wrote to the state Board for a certificate As to the birth a being a matter of considerable importance in connection with a pension but the Board was unable to do anything for her for the reason that there was no official re port of the it is believed that the physicians of the state should be required to furnish this judge of the District court of Polk has decided a Case of state Wido the effect that do not Stop the of a judg ment for Tho support on an illegitimate secured a discharge in bankruptcy in the Federal he claimed that this relieved him of the liability under a judgment on account of the rendered in the state judge Mcvey decided that it was not a sufficient defense and an Effort will be made to collect the of course the question will go to the supreme Piini Talty there Are now insane persons at the Iowa state this is an increase in the past year of about the increase interests the state Board of control very for it indicates that the legislature will have to be asked for within the next two or four for the Exten Sion of Tho insane hospitals of the there Are four of them situated in the four Corners of the and it is unlikely that a new Hospital Ever will be two of the present institutions have been constructed pm what is known As the cottage so that they May be extended and the other two Are being remodeler on the same the capacity of Tho Hospi tals does not exceed each without the incarceration there of inebriated helps to crowd the ins Titu county of has been made president of the state association of county clerks of the organization was formed for the better Dis charge of the of the office and for 7 Trio adoption of uniform the question of marriage License issuing was discussed at the last much Djel Mculty was experienced by the clerks in issuing licenses to persons from other the difficulty lies in determining the status of Trio parties who seek the Luw along this line will to asked of the providing for Tho better and More rigid examination into the status of persons applying in one county for a License to marry when resident of Suilin Ltd of Aii Iowa artist has been commissioned to paint portraits of governors Sli Ernau and curator Charles of Tho state historical depart has been instrumental in inducing this commission to be Given in order to Complete Tolje very Fine collection of 8late portraits which Liao been collected out of the state House and else mid which Are now in the is Art gallery in All Proba they will be allowed to when Tho pictures were gathered from the Walls of the state House and taken to Trio historical Art gallery for Ailex Hibst All at those lit the building except the ones discarded und in the attic were carried across the Street into the White Jna we when Trio was flyer All of the state officers consented Liat the pictures from their various offices s remain u the More approx except he supreme who insisted on the return of the Pic Tures of the jurists who have served on the supreme Bench to the Walls of thai supreme court chamber in the Many divorce More than 300 divorce cases Are Pend ing in the District court of Polk county at this an Effort is being made by the judges to Clear the docket of a Large number of in Many of them the parties have become reconciled and have forgotten that they Ever began the in others parties have died or moved away and the cases have been allowed to drag along for years in some it is the purpose of Tho judges to Clear Tho dockets of them if possible during the during the past week several very Peculiar cases of divorce have come to the at Tention of the District one was that involving the Law which prevents the marriage of uncles and there is a Law in Iowa against it and the persons who came Here from mis Souri did not know until when the wife sued for in an Iowa didst get they Are laughing in Washington Over a rebuke that sentry of one of the de sirt ment administered recently to the Ursitti the it wished to drive Bis masters Carriage along a Road Way that for some reason was the sentry refused to let the car Linge the Coachman remonstrated i he pc russian min i cant help returned the sen diet me persisted the coach my master is be count ambassador extraordinary and minis Ter plenipotentiary of to Czar of All be said the i let von thro Tigh even it your master was Freeborn american Boston he used the to kiss me every time we Montrose pastor of the first Church of Wil whose vehement denunciation of the White people who Hava participated in lynchings in the South has created intense enthusiasm among the coloured people All Over the is an Iowa he was born at mount pleasant and was educated at drak5 University in Des he graduated in he has advised the negroes of the South to a Law unto since the Justice Guaran teed by the Law is denied him by tha White who controls the courts of the he Lias been in the ministry Moat of the time since he left which was in he was president of Campbell College for coloured people at for a Only ten per the Law of Iowa requires that All insurance policies issued in this state shall be signed by agents residing in when outside insurance agencies have written risks in this state they have been compelled to make arrange ments with Iowa agents to sign the pol heretofore this has been done for these agencies for u nominal com a meeting of the Des Moines fire insurance agents club the past week a Resolution was adopted providing that hereafter in such the outside agencies shall be allowed but ten per of the the remainder being collected by the local agent for his services in signing the this will make a considerable difference in this line of As the move of the Des Moines club will be Fol Lowed everywhere in the think the the Dubuque City the Street car mens Union and the electric Way Compaq Tisl Tadiri a memory Rialto thanking him for his intercession in the recent Street car strike it was settled because of his intercession and recommendations and the interested people Are much pleased about both parties to the the memorial As Well As All other citizens of have cause to thank you for the prompt and Able manner in which you dealt with the unfortunate situation in our for your personal investigation of the and for your Wise counsel to both parties clearly indicating a just and honorable basis of kept no the executive Council has authorized auditor of state Carroll to Issue a state men showing in detail the amount o fees received by former auditor of state Merriam and his examiner of insurance Max of during the four year that they held the no record of these fees was kept in the office of the auditor of and the information which Tho Council has directed car Roll to publish has been secured from the voluntary statements of the insurance companies no authorized statement regarding the amounts which were collected by Tho two officers has been but it is known that the sum is very the statement will be issued within a few ii Iivo seen Bent Duck that tie Day of the Street carnival in Iowa is Over was demonstrated at Trio recent carnival in Des Moines Given by the business men for the Benefit of Tho elks and which came Jiwat about even instead of making the 000 or which had been expected Tho people would not go to the Carni which was entirely Freo from any features which could be said to be ques the Oriental dances were eliminated and the carnival was clean decent and Good the business men could reach no other conclusion than that the people Are tired o this form of entertainment and some thing now will have to be Miv ump the question of what was and Ilia was not swamp land in Webster and Monona counties will to decided in a Case pending before the United state land Register in Des and which will be tried out at the Federal Here july the Cage involves the rights of the purchasers of Tho Cedar rapids and Missouri Thi Grant in question was that of the Grant is said to have covered some o Tho swamp land in those counties which had been ceded in Ivy Willur Cane a Peculiar Cane of state wide import Tanco has been decided in the Disarlo court it is to the effect that a Saloon Man who omits the Observance of the smallest detail of the mulch Lav in conducting his place of business can not collect on notes Given for the Pur Ohazo of Trio matter will by appealed Many jaw Yaw do not believe that Tho Elj because it does not look Good common passed through a Tunnel before our mar said the Little Ritli sat and does he do so now asked the Bobbin he takes a Chicago daily f for Arcil july of this has written an open letter to the old men and women of tic advising them to use Odds kidney pills As a remedy for lose forms of Lindney trouble so com Ion among the Bohrer says 1 suffered myself for years with my a Incys and urinary 1 was Liged to get up As Many as1 seven or ight times during the i tried Many things with no 11 i saw one of Donas and cad of what Dodds kidney pills were oing for old i bought two boxes from one drug and began to use them at in very Short time i was this is ver a year my trouble has not so Liat 1 know my cure was a permanent 1 believe Dodds kidney pills Are a Jle did Medicine for old people or any be suffering with kidney and urinary for although 1 am 84 years of they have made me Uncle Reuben says none of us would eve things quite Dey Are if we could hey or Way about but do question is would Ley be any better fur do odder free 08ltlonm open in our Good openings in new York and other Large cities in the United Stales probably never before was there Uch a demand for in usurious and never such Opp Ortu for advancement in the Large cities b there is at business of every find is on a the Large Manu Fae using and mercantile houses Are constant v demanding men for All kinds of Posi such men and it is the duty f Hap goods to find should his reach the Eye of a capable who s or a Young Man who is villing to take hold and learn a who has fair ability and is willing to Vork for it will pay him to write for Hap goods Booklet and list if positions Hap goods is a in ional incorporated under the aws of new with offices in All the arge they handle Only men of who can furnish satisfactory Monadnock the Earth produces nothing More de Estable than an ungrateful let this Coupon be your messenger of deliver Ance from and urinary its Tho Alcor to doubt and become i trait while they doubt who or also Doana Nils the aching backs Are and loin Rains swelling of the limbs and dropsy signs they Correct urine with Brick dust High pain in Bod boons kidney pills remove Calculi and relieve heart i tried everything for a weak Back and got no relict until i used Doans Fop fro print null shh Coupon to poster Milburn 1c Bovo up Caln Wilto Cultera on into Tho reason you can get this trial free Lic Nuno they euro kidney ills and will prove it to West Donna kidney fills hit the which Irna in unusual live or Elx times of a nig Deallo to to get up Flo or Elx times of a i think a Lobetos was Well under Tho feet and Ankles Thero was in in tense Nln in the the Hoato which would feel Elko put tank ones hand up to a lamp i hts be used the free trial nil two full boxes of Deans pills with Tho satisfaction of fooling hint i no they Are Trio Rem Edy Par does Coop v liver Oil excellence from arc Csc prevents i 7 pneumonia Cuti Cura ointment purest of emollients and greatest of Ken tie most wonderful curative of anime for disfiguring skin Humours and purest and sweetest of toilet Cut Cura ointment la beyond question the most successful curative for torture of the skin and including Joss of Ever in proof of which a single anointing preceded by a hot Bath Cuti Cura and followed la the severer a dose of Cut Cura la often sufficient to afford immediate Relief in the most distressing forma of burning and scaly permit rest and and Point to a speedy cure when All other remedies it is especially to in the treatment of infants and Chil too thing and Healing the most distressing of infantile he and purifying and beautifying the Scalp and Cut Cura ointment at the same the Charm of satisfying the simple wants of the in caring for the hands and from infancy to far More effect agreeably and economically than the most expensive of toilet its instant Relief for Aki tortured or cleans or on night treatment of the hands or or single treatment of the or use after or any each in connection the use of Cut Cura la sufficient evidence of 30 Strawberry Iowa july 21 businessmen l play baby tile at cd met i 111 Trio Slivek olb Nule my Trio Viiar monday score was 11 and Nguc Liewen got Luicie but Iho 6 in tic a Liili and no Nikont tied Tho if a stranger had strolled near the til Diamond monday afternoon lie sight have Eliot a game was going on Between Chicago and new if stood and watched the game id been bewildered by the of wonderful Jint take he would have Eek amazed at the wonderful curves control of the it not a league game but a game tween the business men of Strawberry form of t 17 Chute Hiim Columbus for Tome time past this game had talked of but nothing transpired Lunell then accompanied by a crowd of 123 the teams ended their Way to the f Harry soot Leld pitched for i stringers and Elmer Golf captained the and did a to stunt behind the while Flenniken whirled them Over with awful the game began with stringers Kip Al Sorters at Bat and Grhff Lus each new ers in the Harry first Man made a Beautiful hit off the Flat Ball Stringer made a three Bagger and Sheldon hit the two Flenniken Griffin hit but rest result 1 after Stringer Imide one of i hits out toward raise course lie to Kusch he started out to Nike u but was in such n hurry that he went clean Over first without touch ing it and got away round to third be fore the ump lie could cull him Williams thought he Cotile Stop the Ball with his and he was sorry thut harboured such the Raffl Toto part raised up like Light bread dough and Wayne Koykendall took his Heyer ran Over second and sup posed As Long As he touched the base he was lie was sorry he didst Stop sooner when he found he was the teams Are planning another for Tho near no one go to Manchester to a circus when they can see one at what some of them they cant do it i Tell where this thing the keep my thumb out of the to smart at if1 could Only Hilt just once 1 touched the 1 hit the Ball once r How Many did i strike 1mgoing opt in the Back Yard practice and they wont get Ahil Nix summer Here is a combined treatment to what one Medicine can no cd Complete obliteration of sumption tuberculosis is my through the use of the Slocum Bina Tion system of positively cure this dread disease it is the most modern and est method of alimentation every to sufferers from this i and cures consumption of five spleen and 1 ail catarrhal conditions of Theise disappear promptly and Perm Ahei Der the Healing influence of Kerful method of treatment of four specific remedies As Hij floods and thursday and Friday of were bad ones throughout i of perhaps South of us suffered the Jugh the great Western track Frein to a num tie bet Ween carefully after you get it tells All about the pleasant places on the Michigan Cen Well As the new York and new land Send two red address an honest Man nearly always thinks dont get Foo Taomei get a wonderful powder that cures aching feet and Mokes new or tight shoes ask today for Allens accept no trial package address be Wise Benevolence is always Good Busi to genre a cold in one fake laxative Bromo quinine All druggists refund Money if it fails to seeds of discontent will Lake Root any daily piss cure cannot be Loo highly spoken o As a cough 322 thirty no Man who needs a Monument even ought to have i never whats the my dear Cook says people who live in that Insign Ficai House opposite came Over were and were ing on our hpu81 11 us new wheat in South what would you think if a irrigated sections of Western Eastern Colorado and Panhandle can be counted on to nroducel6 bushels of wheat annually in Haft a government official reference to a new variety imported from kno Jias Roni recent Eneri Meigs ported to the Industrial dept intr the Santa show that ashes Best where the rainfall Jimj it 15 in efts a the yield Joper equal to that of Ordinary Al in Price received is about the Iowa newspaper project state historical society of Iowa nine they look to me like Kansas City Tho four to Aisic news for sold by five some Fellows marry poor and others marry Rieli tie be damaged or i mothers that a theres soothing opium and such drug f missing text Illinois Central Louester had some big Wash be Maquoketa River was quite filled full Between i on both the great Western hols Central had to go around veined to get the Brunt of the at Sand Creek the bad a very bad in Road Lee mod to sustain its Page Between Manchester and some trouble was sex but prompt rented anything serious from the Milwaukee Road Felt i of the storm on the Inch some washouts i were promptly repaired and not seriously train Friday was Purs late and did not return the freight service was Borall Zed and out merchants Ted to wait for goods until f and sunday morning Phe track was in a very bad and the delays were Una b fall was spread Over a Perl j commencing Early thurs continuing until Fri storm followed Odds in some cases were wild the rainfall about 7 evening was r Wall of White that shut few in All directions for a few i Rains Friday were not Delaware county the storms to be so but do Delaware and poles West and North of Here he full Benefit of the Stormy a Pioneer woman july is no often in the history of Iowa that the death of any person living in it recall real Early history of the far West but such is Tho cts with whose funeral was hr1 today at the unitarian til and the w of Wolph an Active member assisted in the she was Ove ninety years old nud was born in Mas March Thor to years of her life were spent in new where she taught a Par of the log Rama in 1839 he first real strenuous ing with her husband an a party of they started on the dangerous ride to Oregon representing a journey of some 250 All of which was by horseback and pack their object in was As the principal Worl being among the while in Littlejohn Learned the Indian Tongue and became Well acquainted with their Littlejohn was one of those win gladly gave All her Energy to the up building of the now she passed through All manner of toil hardship and but always with the same Brave spirit which has marked her family blood for generations during the latter year of her life so held away from when most peo pie would have this i another of the traits of her family soveral living to the 100 year Mark 6 while in Oregon she Becam acquainted with Marcus Whitman and Many other notable character and was closely in their in fact when Whitman made his famous ride to Washington the ride which saved 1 was Littlejohn who kept for him and looked after things Andri was she who knit the Cap to her reminiscences of this Man and others and the life in the Vest has been o id Thorpe was in she and her husband this film was produced from the Best and most Complete file of original issues available at the time of please Contact the state historical society of Iowa if location of missing materials is Frt ariment Friday and Glen will give an enter Jat the congregational olm Roh july under the 1 of the Adrouis pleasant to acting As a Gei keeps babies ii Alibi Montti old baby was troll i had tried quran 0by lost much Flash and i caldweh8 syrup Tore gave the Oon Tonj which there was a him syrup pepsin in he and his former weight changed the Teof to Etc y to Liis Jtj Jandow will be held is up Treut Western Stana Fahira apply to any pep8in 8yrup comp any in remained in Oregon for seven leaving on account of the health of the soon after and Whit Man and others were murdered by after returning to the East they settled in where husband diet Many years before her he a member of the famous Greybeard regiment in the civil Littlejohn was also Busy at that time be ing a nurse in the army at Memphis other she cams to Humboldt about fifteen years ago with her dark and has been a resident Here up to her her daughter was born in Oregon and came All the Way to Iowa when a on a one son was born to and Little who served in but he is not monks after her return from settled at in this and was Well known by the ear her residents in this she was an uncommonly Fine nurse and her ser were in demand by the people of this her Clark mentioned in the was a Resi Dent of Strawberry Point at one time and Clark was principal of our schools for several years Back Tho while Whitman saved Ore gon for the Littlejohn did As much in Hon Way to bring it about As he for she it Possi ble for him to and she delve the credit due her for what she did Tor this nation and the great West in her own quiet although she received but Little recognition of she was a woman who wat held in the highest esteem by All who knew dairymen thee Stom and Dairy mens association will hold their first picnic on the fair grounds at Man Olios july 19q3i a vips ply transportation comm la Elon und Are All requested to he a jail of ban transports lion men and the Butte Makeva hits been arranged the following pro rum Lias been to p the bulk let hide of e Iowa fue benefits derived from pre of tie Sute Pes the of the Garft Wherry it has been yes hot the past week and its Likely to get warmer from now and if you haunt As yet supplied your with the necessary Cool apparel you better do so now and get the full Benefit of weve sold quite a few of the new Stylos in Straw we a it of Teloir heavy Folb when the Small sum of v 75c of just the kind of Veather now for you to buy one of those Outing flannel coat and Only o left at Inq out we pc Grot a food Supply of underwear for the hot Good values at and 76 cents Trio elastic o seam drawers men is a Winner 9 3i the largest assortment of a Phlegie soft shirts right we eau a Banner Ialo on these shirts the past month and this hot spell is going to make a heavy demand 7 a 1 for come Here for your i of n i it collars of All you can find most styles at Bur Tyvold willbe a Winner from 1 in three i do the the Best boys the Black cat per pair 15c and 25c Louis gents furnishings i 1 raise the a Street a graph phone was Doug business on he Corner next henrys Druwit store saturday afternoon and he sold cheap goods that were probably dear half the he managed to tech quite a crowd around him most of the and we should judge he reaped quite a this is it should merchants of Thia City Are paying taxes to keep the town up and ire entitled Ever bit of tie and1 it no just thut some who pays no taxes Dees nothing for the be allowed on he streets forthe Sake of a paltry i and allow him an Opportunity to compete with our business any one of whom can furnish Good goods As cheap or cheaper than these Fellows they Are not in the business for health or giving away something or the remedy for this is to the License to at least or 919 a i it has been done in other tie License placed so High that is no profit in tie business for these wandering the coun Ull should see to it that something of the kind is done it is Only right hat the business men should Haye this safeguard Tho notwithstanding All Htit is clone by cards of health and charitably in uned the death rate among children is very High during the of tie summer months id he Large there is not prob ably one Case of Bowel complaint in a mad that could not be ured by the timely use of Oli omber Ohol Vii and diarrhoea for Sale by Gibbs for 1 work weighs 1800 or for sule cheap if taken of c m it 8t Paul by Low prices and reliable r increasing Trade shows our policy been see us for any thing in the line of a specially of watches of which we can show you a Complete jewelry Strawberry wonted a second hand a Oslo Fri ars enquire at the for single buggy and in vanes nearly a passenger w time Ftp lout 8155 vi5g us f Bains a Pink no Ftp 5 Uuie vol Yut for Sale one hand double Ono one Lurge feed enquire of Jim King win n business Wilder in were working not talking and All to do la Well lityum1 in lures t by those Wuo Youv Miiko cipro or your in such if tuner us to be auro of Iota r goo4 yours for a Goa Bav Imga shop Puzo site we Velitta f v 1 of ctr j a l
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