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Strawberry Point Mail Press Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1902, Page 2

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Strawberry Point Mail Press (Newspaper) - January 16, 1902, Strawberry Point, Iowa Communicates to the Twenty ninth general Assembly the condition of also makes some that appropriation to be urged arc All state institutions clones say lib that Iowa in in flourishing condition people to the Senate and House of Kep re of Lovria the Coustie tuition of the requires the executive to communicate to the it nerd Assembly the condition of the together with such recommend Daviotis As he May deem in Leslie obedience to this mandate i have the Honor to submit the following the receipts of general Revenue during the fiscal to july Aggro to thu Treasury balance july 37 total 91 outstanding warrants at the beginning of the term drawn Dur ing the 86 warrants june balance in the Treasury june iat the close of business there was in the 75 appropriations following is a partial list of the appropriations that will be urged at your hands for institutions under the manage ment of the Board of control in exc ibb of Ordinary operating v the Boardo of the state asks including additional the trustees of the Iowa College of agriculture and Mechanic arts ask including additional annual the trustees of the state Normal school ask including additional annual the Capitol improvement commis Sion the Cost of the improvements it recommends the Vicksburg National Park com amount suggested As needful for a at the Louis Latva Purchase for the completion of the historical building 3for stale historical society in additional annual allowance for Arsenal floor state Board of health additional annual allowance of Tor flesh and Frame for Bureau of labor Tor state Library commission additional annual allowance of for new Normal Are a 1believethe amounts asked in the foregoing list Are All it be Gratifying indeed if they All be it is that this session of the Gen Assembly cannot Grant without incurring an unwarranted in they Are therefore submitted with but this that if any additional buildings Are to be provided they should be of the most for years the policy of cheap it was thought almost anything do so Long As the roof did Nob nor the Walls Cave Wise de parture in recent years has been Pew Hospital for the insane at the Liberal arts building at Iowa Ond the buildings at both Ames and Cedar Palis Are Excel heat in those competent judge have used this seemingly extravagant language in connection we Hospital for the insane at Chero rec the world May and probably time will Hove a better planned More completely exx ripped Tot it has better time for anything other than buildings of modern and of strictly fireproof let it be in this i state in this desire to endorse Tobt the recommendation of the Board of control Liat the slate be relieved from designing educational i am of the that designs for All Public be thrown to and the plans before be by men of recognized and of National five buildings hereafter to be to would be such As a Jujj sind the test As Well As Mochan Only of but of subset Quant the work of no one Man will these a Adail Rable in itself Hwy not with those already erect of great Fulier will in one in of film it gig a nil of Niuro in the architecture is even the writings con Tain the language and characteristic expressions of More than 00 each and their value and in Terest is largely enhanced educational our state educational institutions Are of great incl should be liberally dealt it takes Money to build a Iowa need not expect to compete with institutions that Are the recipient of donations aggregating with Bien Nial the College of agriculture and Mechanic arts at Ames tie Best of its class in the United the Union Stock Yards of Chicago sex polls to a fold at this institution in the department of animal be Lieving there is no place where so Good returns can be this fact is an endorsement that should commend the institution to the very favourable consideration of your honorable by during1 the past both the state University and the College of Agri culture and Mechanic arts lost though not temporary Relief was granted in each in stance from the emergency wisely provided by the last general Assem Oomen odious tic remanent buildings should be provi cd tit the Date consistent with the Avail Able resources of the our single state Normal school is the attendance in my is in excess can be cared for with Best re sults under one two years ago i recommended the Loca Tion of four additional schools to be equipped put in operation from time to times the state might i recommended the location of in View of the fact that every Effort to establish one had Andi hoped four might Bont one time without serious the attempt was again made to locate but rival inter ests Defeated in this i again Call Atten Tion to the inadequate educational advantages in Rural the aver age country schoolteacher receives less than per exclusive of we Are than in any other Northern and less than in several Southern it must be that the major part of the annually spent by the state for Public schools is in cities and it exceedingly unfortunate that the Rural schools Are of such a character that the average Farmer boy leaves at 14 of 15 years of this lament Able condition will be painfully apparent in ten Tif it a not Al no number of colleges or universities will meet the demand or cure the Village and City school is especially planned for those who begin at five years of age and continue until graduation without it is a poor for the child a Rural i have in previous this ques Tion at some it has also received consideration consider i think from the superintend ent 08 Public believe with him that Central township schools with provision for conveying the pupils to and fro at Public expense afford greater Relief than any other proposed if to this be added a provision for the employment of a county superintendent at an Ade quate to be chosen in the same manner As City and with analogous duties and respond it would revolutionize our eel Kyj system for the salary should be by Law or the position would be let to the lowest As our Rural schools largely Are at pres it is be Arete that some of the teachers have Little else to commend them than kinship to nepotism is generally condoned if the compensation is Low neither can Yery be expected of a county superintendency under a system that invites considerations of availability if these changes were some of you gentlemen might not be but you can afford to sacrifice your political lives if by so doing you shall serve and save the youth of they win Haven com Mittee on other interests will be i Appeal to much of the evil so Manifest is the resultant of a wave of sentiment that has indoor operatively recent years created the impression that Economy is the synonym of cult no improvement communion the general Assem Bly the creation of a com Mission to investigate am recommend such improvement of and other property of the state connected including decorations works of electric lighting and burglar As in the opinion the commission place the Capi Tol building in a Stato of perfect re and equip the Susae with modern in obedience to this provision Peter who we a member of the original Oapl Tol com and who bore a conspicuous part in erecting the present edifice Charles Orf artist of More than finite and a cry a Learned and prac tical were their report in on is commended to your careful perusal und favourable tills commission recommends the expenditure in the aggregate of i think it should nil be provided for at one but it need not jul Bonado available in i to link it would be ii else to mutilate the commission went very into the subject and the authorities in the and it is doubtful if its conclusions can Belbusti by improved the whole has been Caret ally 9141 to judge believe the result will be most the Copi of is considered the third beat in the and its architecture makes possible a More artistic Interior than my it will be remembered that he original commission was suddenly and unceremoniously discharged be fore the contemplated work was As a for nearly the fifth of a visitors have stood on the outside of the building in great but have entered it Only o be shocked at Bare Walls and unfinished the recommendation of this commission with reference to an electric lighting Plant is Especial y endorsed is n Mattero a system of burglar alarms is also very in the same i suggest that an Artesian Well be bored at the the expense of which can be if not saved in one the members of this commission have performed their duties so Thor and have so patriotically Given their time to the that i recommend that they be reimbursed for the incurred in excess of the amount allowed by the act creating the Roulx latin parc Liquie the cent Neal of the Purchase and cession to the United states in 1803 of the larger portion of our National Domain West of the Missouri River is to be commemorated by what Groin ses to be the most extensive Exposi Tion the world has yet with your honorable body rests the responsibility of determining the part Iowa shall take in this this state contributed Little to the trans Mississippi exposition in nothing to the pan american exposition in ind nothing to the South Caro and West Indian exposition which s now in but i am of opinion that the people of this Commonwealth will approve such provision for the Louisiana Purchase Centen Jimial exposition Aswill leave no doubt in the minds of visitors that Iowa constitutes an important part of that priceless a something worthy of the or should be our certainly there ought not to be Cre ated a commission with such limited Means As to belie our Prosperity and libel our National pork the government has recently established a National Park at the Twenty eighth general Assem Bly authorized a commission to locate the position of the 32 Iowa regiments and other organizations which took int in that memorable and to recommend such legislation As shall suitably and permanently Mark the positions thus ascertained and Worthi y commemorate the valor and services Iowa soldiers in tie Campaign and siege of this commission was appointed and has filed its which is submitted to your honorable body with the recommendation that it be published in suitable form for the commission recommends the appropriation of for the erection of suitable Monu i am of the opinion this amount is not a larger pro portion of Iowa troops took part in this siege than in any other Battle or and numerically More soldiers from Iowa were there engaged than from any other state save visitors ought never to leave this Park doubting either the patriotism of Iowa soldiers or the appreciation of Iowa the Light brigade in the famous charge at Balaklava lost 03 per and Tennyson has immortalized their the Twenty second Iowa in a single charge at Vicksburg lost 82 per several other regiments during the siege lost from 50 to Over 70 per and it will now be the privilege of the Twenty ninth general Assembly to permanently commemorate both their valor their awful i am still of the opinion that the salary of the chief executive of this state ought to be a Bill fixing the salary at Tarj lower House of the Twenty eighth Gen eral but for want of time failed to pass the salaries of All state Oili Ceis Are very they were fixed at a time when Livi Gex lenses were lighter than at Lott Clyl in former years Tho Bond of the treasurer of state was through the discretion lodged with the chief has been recently in creased to for More than six months the balance in the Treasury of the state has exceeded and i am of the opinion that the treasurers Bond ought to be approximately i am also of the opinion that this Bond should be furnished at the expense of Tho Tho Market value of Tho Bond now furnished by the state treasurer is per the present treasurer actually paid in Cash for his Bond of the proposition on final analysis re solves itself thus Tho Stuto if his Bond shall remain at must pay per annul i Cess of Hie or to must secure by subscription among his f rends that which is purchasable in Tho i think similar provisions should be made with respect to All Bonds required of Public intercut on Cittato in View of the Largo Treasury bal Ance much of the i recommend that provision be made whereby the Stuto May receive interest on at least the greater and i us gratified that the treasurer joins in opinion and of the executive Bitting u Board of equalization in july of last passed the following Resolution the Council recommends to the general Assembly Yuyu a o uie statues of Tuo to state will allow the to ruled o review to adjust the nent of All property at the same and t suggests the following ways which this tray be done either the railroads might to assessed primarily by the Roll Road in Al few of their duties should be Tho better prepared than any one else to judge of the relative value f the several and then the exec Lve Council adjust All assessments at the uly meeting or the time of assessing if left with the executive coun might be changed to that the whole subject should be before the Council for adjustment at Tho this action was not taken for the purpose of escaping but n View of the fact that the present Law requires the executive Council to Ris sess railroads annually in the month of March and equalize the assessment of nil other property in july follow it docs not contemplate a Revi Sion of Tho Railroad assessment Al ready the following illustrations i justify the recon in Tho rail roads were assessed at o slight in crease Over the figures of any but in july following it was found that real estate howl been assessed less than two years in while the rail roads were assessed higher than in in july it was found that real estate had been assessed 000 higher than in the parole the Twenty eighth general Assembly provided for the employment of a parole clerk in of the chief sex this action i interpreted As legislative approval of the tool ice which has grown up in the Tate of granting conditional Par dons and by reason of this addition Al assistance i have been Able to in a castigate twosome extent the work Ings of during the ten years prior to the commencement of my n addition to full pardons and com mutations of 134 convicts Mel been released most of them in the very recent of this number eight had been returned under and i have re turned one the remainder have their their conduct and their standing have been very carefully inquired very favourable and satisfactory reports have been received from and to these 1 have granted full and unconditional pardons and restoration to the for which six others were commit Ted has not yet eleven arc dead or Only meager not sufficient to justify were received from i have been unable to locate or get any reports from t does not that All of these Are leading vicious the reports received from the 50 and More to whom full Pardon has been granted were most several wrote using letter Heads that bore their others were holding responsible and trusted positions with prominent business Bouses and Indus trial one was the incumbent of official position of Trust and responsibility in a new England City of More than in Many were reported to have become industrious and to have won the full Confidence and esteem of the communities in which they very few pardons and less commutations Hare been granted during1 the past biennium encouraged by the action of the i have been Liberal in granting1 paroles und have released Soi on conditions More or less suit Able employment has usually been secured before the and the parole Bas been condition that the recipient employ his time Industry spend his evenings at absent himself from All places where intoxicating liquors Are sold or kept for and report every 30 Days to this office the amount earned the disposition in i have a number of benevolently Dis posed persons in each county unbeknown to the con duct of paroled and report their conduct to this the re sult in most instances has been very of the 201 unfavourable reports have been received from und they Hove been returned to serve out the unexpired portions of their the present whereabouts of 15 others is most of these had but a few months of their Terras and they were released the Hope that the conditions imposed and the system of surveillance inaugurated might have helpful the remaining 155 Are doing reasonably and Many of them some of if they should Chance to to thrown out of would very Likely lapse into a volume could to written that would be As interesting is u Romance of the transformation in some of these 1 have extended a full Pardon to quite number whose terms would have sex und who have acquitted them selves it has not been my purpose to extend clemency to those who have deliberately embarked upon a career of but to sift out such As appear to have been in a sense accidental sonic of it is were iut Iocent of the crimes a detailed giving the names of All persons to whom executive clemency has been extend Ami my reasons is this Day submitted your Honora Lobody As provided by i refer to the subject Here As preliminary to the following1 suggestions rcom j think additional Luton should be but i do not favor encumbering the parole system with specific i think chief executive should i ave be Pluto authority to release at pleasure Puc charged with a Lees Olfonse than Nirdev in Tho first and to re Lotta to the Penitentiary 6t the statutory provision for shortening the term because of Jool conduct should be so amended to to permit the governor to declare the same forfeited in Case the con Luct of the prisoner when on parole s Bach Case is Dos from All and no plan can be formulated with sufi Lieut Clas to the requirements of changed and Ever changing Condl under statutory As distinguished from free exercise of in it is is easy for the intentionally vicious to earn is for those of Honor Able and virtuous i have paroled several before they have Ever seen Tho this i have not except upon the recommendation of the trial judge and the county attorney who prose there arc two distinct classes of criminals the one deliberately and permanently the other to some extent the creature of Circum and no Law can be made that will enable a chief executive or a Par Ron Board to discriminate mistakes will be inn do at but on the whole i believe in the greatest possible and the free exer Cise i have returned several o the Penitentiary because their ear y education was they had never been taught to and when released would not seek or accept can they arc now the tool factory sit fort Madison nequmng1 what they should have been taught in Ali Ricau of labor the investigations made by the Bureau of labor statistics the last Jinni us Are of great the report will be interesting and More than 300 inc ories were facts ascertained and reported Lead to the Relief that it would be Well to make All needed provision for the inspection of the nearly other fac ories in the cities and towns of employing the tary condition of Many of the fac tories is Well nigh alarm no ands i de mantis consideration by this general Tho department should be clothe with of As ample As the mine inspect and it should be made incumbent the commissioner to protect pm Loyes from inadequate heat and dangerous and to enforce Ade quate fire wholesome san airy the report shows that a Large Isune Jer of some As Young As ten years of Are being employed in he factories of Anil the faces o4 Many of the Tell a and Story of Over work find Over the statute of shia state already prohibit car Joy mint of children under a certain age in Coal Why restrictions As to their employment in factories healthful employment for limited hours is and j there fore do not object so much to tie fact of Chil labor As to its character and there should be at i some statutory and the Bureau be n Wise ample and plenary Lake two years ago i called attention to the fact that the title to the Beds of a Large Nunier of meandered lakes was in the state claims title to these i think it would be Wise to memorialize Congress to protect the rights of the state by appropriate certainly nothing ought to be done to with what is now believed to be our vested i am still of the opinion it would be Wise to Grant these land i to some one or More of our educational they Are supposed to be Worth seven to Hundred thousand Dol Oil experience has shown that the pro vision for the inspection of linseed Oil is insufficient to protect the pub the Roost vile and worthless Adul iterations Are readily so jul As pure Lin i nov of the opinion that dealers in paint oils should be required to place is Label upon the ves Sel containing each and penalty should be provirjc7 for the Sale adulteration unless appropriately Tho act of Congress which admitted the Stelle of Iowa into Union fixed the Western Boundary of this common wealth us the Middle of the main Chan Nel of the Missouri since that time the Channel of the River Luigi and there is territory formerly in this state now on the of tint this has Given Rise to much and to the last ses Sion of the legislature of a Boundary commission was same to to appointed when the legislature of Iowa should make Ilar the jaw pro Vides for three members to be appointed by the governor to receive ten Dol Lars per diem for a period not to exceed 30 and sum of Vas appropriated Flo defray the expenses of the i Sim Ilar action in this Stanlo in the wipe Tufit a permanent Boundary inny lie established and ratified by the interested und by of the United in during the lust biennium die people of this state have been culled to mourn the clench of John of the govern representative in and United most conspicuous in Iowa of no Man has it Ever with greater Verity he web the of the lie never held u Tion that to did not never filled a position of which lie wus not of in a Litho he failed to Houv those who lib red him More ref Centy our people were in cd at the violent death of the Best i closed of rulers and the most Hon ored of William presi Dent of the United Isha Junot weary with an it to recount the Virtues of that Noble the Hnin Artal words used by Lincoln concerning and which have been repeatedly reiterated As applicable to Lhoir can now be said of my Iii try to add brightness to the Surv Sigil glory to the name of washing on is alike let none at tempt in solemn Awe pronounce he and in its a pathless leave if shining such a Trinity of names blesses not annals of any country but and no other people cherish such a priceless legacy of Tom Vorry to fill the vacancy occasioned by Tho death of senator Jonathan Prentiss of the City on the 22d Day of appointed a senator of the United states from the state of Lovator the remainder of the term that expired on the 3d Day o f last and on Tho 25th Clay of Dol Iver was appointed for the term begin Ning on 4th Day of March follow to Holo until this general Assem Bly shall elect a of Tho Deyot on the Lith Day of Jan commissioned a member of the Board of regents of Floc state uni to fill a vacancy occasioned by the death of Mortimer the commission taking effect january and continuing until this meet ing of the general the state is in a flourishing Condi her people Are if there be discontent anywhere or among any it is not while our population is increasing t7ie court records indicate that crime is fewer persons were sent to the Penitentiary during be last year than in any Savo in last Quarter of a the re lations Between capital and labor have been exceptionally and deeds of violence have been the fair record of the state has not been marred by an illegal execution in Moro than a Justice according to the distinctive feature of anglican is the recognize Rule of Oxire with no Small degree of Pride for the past history of my rejoicing in her present hopeful for her and in the full Confidence that the conservative wis Dom of your honorable body will pre serve and strengthen All that is and cure that which May need Correl i submit the Leslie january two Odd one Wax Jyh it the Tomb of Grant in five years ago two the Entrance to englishman and a genial Young Ameri can affirms the i few they were strangers to Eek Ether informally entered into passing the Wall which hallowed the Flung him self from his and scratching some leaves from a Vine wac ii Clam bored along the base of the Vau with a glowing face Seef i Nave found some sacred sorry a deceive said the imperturbable but that is merely our Chicken to an other hour they parted Goodyk tiredly Early in two men aide by Side into the crypt where lies the body of neither had noticed the other until the act dental remark of undoubtedly a great uttered in tones of ble caused the Ottier to raise his a look of Mutual recognition was the Wei old the said the i arrived in new York from Japan Insi Luccis on Deposit me in but not a you there knows and i need the will you identify of course i said the nod i glad to something just As a la Wemm Kab in tuner Tina n colonel in our time time was an Impromptu gathering Story tellers in Llie Rotunda of Pho Eaux including senator of Texas is of Moulison Ami Jacob of a Well known Inu Utain flys the Lexington Cregory several times to Whick finally replied i am not a an4 never it is und More i no judicial proves i a in Jake the Only strictly private in the tire Commonwealth of i us not up the you uru 1 Shenold think you ought to be at have always Uii Derstad Ken Tucky it is the easiest cheapest thing in the world to be a there is something in Patricks Quick response h is Alinoski us cosy am i Ftp to be o colonel fat Kentucky to to the Latigu was on end the matter by Josejf

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