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Strawberry Point Mail Press Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1902, Page 1

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Strawberry Point Mail Press (Newspaper) - January 16, 1902, Strawberry Point, Iowa The the 23 Strawberry january the press the published by but Pujji Wilsher enter a at the Vost Osco As second dims subscription yearly in Advance six months author of Uny article sent us for publication must accompany his name with the As an Evi Dence of Good Faith to uie Kates of 60 25 75 spa e 1w 28 40 70 85 1 00 1 40 240 2w 40 8 70 2 so 7u 1 00 1 to i 10 1 00 2 70 4 50 1m 180 1 90 2 Fiu 8 10 3 70 5 8 00 3m 75 g 25 87n 825 975 15 00 22 50 6m 7 w 1000 00 15 on 2250 40 00 Hoo 18 50 8250 2500 40 00 7500 recent paintings found in Egypt show that Norih was not the inventor of the the egyptians have used them for eighty centuries vol ii Aitkin and verily the attorneys Law for one Admiral Schley have appealed unto president even from Everli stint to and it is written from the Hack Bottom end to the front top end of the Page that Trio Empress of China is once again twisting the Oriental Pigtail from the Vicinity of the forbid atm they say that out West the scrip Tures have been amended to woe unto the world because of for it must needs that it uces and even though posts go like potatoes in Iowa at ten couts the state teachers association will Cote before this session of the Legisla Ture to ask tile passage of a compulsory education which shall to in Force upon All children up to the Taefi of a Effort will also be made to pass a Law against if the legislature succeeds inputting up on tile Pant Ute books two Laws embody ing such Broad and humanitarian views As the it will Well deserve rent Emmerence in the annals of the even if it does nothing1 the exigencies of the Timea de mind Sulci it is no Radical move for there Are Many states trendy reaping the benefits of such Wise provi Iowa must not be last in the Estey organs and Davis sewing the Best on for Sale by Roberts dorm an sons office Over meat office opened Fri Day and this value of a Weller Ilter in a new Apaui be feuds upon the Aub scrip you the value i Attiat list be feuds upon the Quality an Well As the Quantity the Jim Elf Rosss 1ms As All our advertisers when you have Lesieu its you will know it tiie Spring like weather of the let week in the new year came Yucai our of More than once were we tempted to dish up the usual Sheu and haberdasher ail ice to our Jet sent Farmer in feuds about its being Ime to get the Oats in Anil do the Spring clothing and Louis Bush clothing and 5 r Quality shoes to close they we have about fifty pair of the Semok Are this seasons the leathers Are Vici and Patent kid the Price is stamped on the shoe so you see there can be no deception until All Are sold we Are going to offer them at m h r Ratos office in North suite of rooms de1ove henrys pharmacy Strawberry b to Todnem at 1 a to Todnem at Tiaw to Eute err writes collects r Cole a Tlok Najy at and notary a up augers drug store Andrews a a specially made of Fine Block terror Mai orders solicited Lodge directory Strawberry Point if 4 moots every a saturday i evening on or before full vis Foffi Brethren Coral Law Preston Home Lodge knights of meet the first and the third tuesdays of each visiting Brothers Are cordially invited to attend meetings who l u pc 8 what Wood noise mod Ern Woodman of Peel in the a Roulo the 8ud and 4th thursday ave Pluks of each visiting Brethren York no f moots every saturday night in their Hull Over the Strawberry visiting Brethren n Jewis Futi oof Point Lodge order of Eastern meets in masonic Bull Friday evening on or after the full Moon Vult log members cordially la voted to attend Boboia Gusta fall Man Point meet in the la Hal the w Hurt 4tu Mon Day evening of Paoli Haskul Kath one slaters lust of the to Ulings of the 1st and 3rd Tamra Ayub of each visa plug Bulatow exec for m out every Bud Aud 4th y Tiv Hulub at the 0 Man is but human Aud bound to make a slip weve teen b the newspaper business Ever since be can but we expect we Low and then miss some interesting ittle item of when of have drop in and Tell or ring us up on the rom now Weili buld Down from our Aud dusting Anil airing them with our local government a the most important of Ell to for it is that with which we come in daily London is to have a sanitarium for some Well meaning and certainly practical philanthropist hav ing left for purpose in the hands of King this is a movement As sane and essential to the Public welfare As of Ruggles libraries and it must always be the Hathly body for the sane the Hepburn Nicaragua canal Bill ims passe the House with but two opposing it is generally believed that this is merely intended to Start the Ball and it Mit flit yet happen that the Panama canal would be but this possibility is not since in a recent test of strength in the House the Nicaragua people Imd about fifty one thing noticeable in this connection is the remarkable Tumble the Panama lies have taken in the Price wanted Foi their ditch when they found that Foi once in his life your Uncle Samue showed some Strong objections to being mulched out of hefty 01 a Hundric they Are now fur the estimated valuation placed upon it by the experts of the canal to newspaper advices from Miles is laying his wires for Trio democratic nomination Lor the and it is hinted tha Sunley or Dotov a Oujo make an acceptably these reports and they May be inspired by the enemies o that at this is Noi ours to lint whatever May be Trio Oast we do not believe it to be to tie Best interests of Trio Republic for met steeped a thu arts Aud practices of Stu to be placed ill such a responsible Posl Slonas the whore the know ledge of civil life and the wants of tin general people must be Broad and deep to would not in the least Stop Una Man from holding such High Spir Atli but we would restrain him from eve attaining let men who train for War abide their time till War Aziul Aud Tho Inco who aspire to things wore peaceful hold their peace till the recognizing ills weak shall Call upon the Stocky a trillions Stripling the Manchester after re marking the tax ferrets Limaye collected Over in Clayton asks easy conscience or easy assessor the Clayton county con science is admittedly above and that no doubt has something to do about it the though human Aud May Erin judgment we doubt not in the least that if saintly Delaware invites a tax ferret into her As her sister on the North has her children will be As frightened in proportion to heir number As were Clayton errant boys and Tho Strawberry mall press 1ms final y evolved an original which shines jut in effulgent Beauty among the canned matter with which its readers Are re the editorial referred to shows the Vii Ter to be ignorant of tie fun that Delaware Nouty engaged the service a of taxter rats be orb Clayton know of their i Hearel should get that Chip off his which seems to interfere with his Manchester As to the former subject in Dis Are much obliged to Jann for the bit of ancient history concerning the tax ferrets in Delaware seers to us we do remember now some such thing in the dead and mouldering and though not know no thei we presume conditioner As warrant an of Tavfer Resinto would venture the to our brother on the South hat past contrition still May not be a sure sign of contrite hearts in the for id the same Ine of simply because tradition hands the legend that ones ancestors were excellent newspapermen is no evidence that the pres ent generation is Cut and dried on the Fence for that to Rann forgets that we did not say that Dela Ware county never had a we suggested another then As to original let this joker of the pack be taken out and before the shuffling con that the Mai press gives credit for every article it clips from its the remainder is or but not of that Stripe of originality which itans private dictionary we do not pretend to be master of the insulting and egotist ical Stylo employed by the editor of the and by Tho Humble assist Ance of what Little mental ballast to May we never intend to we have never yet been obliged to part our hair in the Middle and snap around like a Sheet in the wind in order to attract bub when we out of pity for our we Hope that our hands May grow palsied and the pen fall from our enervated when nature shall have reversed her orderly and we shall have de generated to leeches and we Trust that she will endow us with us much instinct As she has the blood that to May drop of when to have had our ill instead of attempting to draw life eternal Tho to not to partisan tuft were we such and then play the disgruntled role so thoroughly noted by Liann in last Falls simply because of Junius happened to have the we hold ourselves worthy of a coat of tar and Iua Thiis and a ride out of town on a we would never assume political dictator ship in our of duty and then ovine out of the scrap with a forehead because the other counties to the a Well As refused to give us Tho bos ship of the were we guilty of us much mudslinging against with As Little As is to would pull Down our Shingle mud strike fur the tenement districts of new York we Jinero such things Are said to be Rui Iii should take of Sceau Geu guis and Leum that his Fellows Tiro not us w he Hub special Clearing Sale on ladies ladies storm slippers first Quality 59 ladies Hub arties Best Quality overshoes most stores ask for this Quality Clearing Price Only 69 overshoes usually Sells at ninety Only Black Host Black cat no better make on the 25 cent Grade now Only 19 cents per by flak flfl8 go toll Hose Black Gat Twenty cent Only 1 cents per 15 cent Quality Clearing Sale Price Only 10 boys 25 cent Quality Black stockings either fleece lined or Only 19 cents per 25 cent Grade 19 cts cent Grade 25 Grade 30 Only a few dozen Clearing Sale of boys fleece lined shirts and drawers boys Black Gat Brand Clearing Gale of mens extra heavy Wool 3g that were 25 cts not Only 18 cts boys fleece lined shirts and drawers that were 85 cts now Only 25 cts boys Odd knee 25 it Clearing Sale Price 17cts boys Long cloth or 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