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Strawberry Point Mail Press Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1902, Page 1

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Strawberry Point Mail Press (Newspaper) - February 27, 1902, Strawberry Point, Iowa Struggle of words of inspiration in the Sermon of Jalc shown a that we Hare Many Jit our fight with the Lions of by Louis this discourse of Talmage is full of inspiring thoughts for those find life a struggle and shows that we have Many celestial sympathizers hebrews seeing also Are compassed about with to great a Cloud of witnesses 1 corinthians i have fought with beasts at crossing the Alps by the Mont Cen is pass or through the Mont Cenis you Are in a few hours set Down at and in a few minutes begin examining one of Tho grandest ruins of the the the whole building sweeps around you in a you stand in the Arena where the combat once fought or the race and on All sides the seats tier above until you count 40 or As i shall see fit to Call in which sat the the icings and the excited Spectra at the sides of the Arena and tinder the galleries Are the cages in which the Lions and tigers Are kept without food frenzied with hunger and they Are let out Ion some pd6r who with his 3 condemned to that Paul Hirn Stich a place and tit was not Only but that he had fought with beasts at the gala Day has from All the world the people Are pouring into women and Chil orators and great men and thousands upon thou hands until the first gallery is Paul had been reciting the names of Gid Eon and Barak and then says being compassed about with so great a Cloud of before i get through wills Houyou that you fight in an around which in galleries above each All the kindling eyes and All the sympathetic hearts of the and at every Victory gained there comes Down the thundering applause of a great multitude that no Man can being compassed about with so great a Cloud of on the first Elevation of the ancient on the Day of a Cele sat Tiberius or Augustus or the reigning so in the Groat Arena of spectators that Ratcli our struggles and in the first divine Gal As 1 shall Call sits our one on his head Are Many the roman emperor got his place by coldblooded but our King hath come to his place by the broken hearts healed and the tears wiped away and the souls the roman emperor with folded indifferent As to whether the swordsman or the lion but our Kings sympathies Are All with unheard of condescension i see him come Down from the gallery into the Arena to help us in the shout ing until All tip and Down his voice is heard fear not i will help thee i will strengthen thee by the right hand of my Power they gave to the men in the Arena in the Olden time food to thicken their so that it would flow slowly and that for a longer time the people might gloat Over the but our King has no pleasure in our for we Are Bone of his flesh of his blood of his Fiji once in the ancient Amphitheater a lion with one Paw caught the combat ants sword and with his other Paw caught his the Man took his knife from his Girdle and slew the the sitting in the Gal said that was not the lion must be slain by a other and the the the the the Way up to the All the Way up to the All the Way up to the Forti every place is immensity of audience sweeping the great Cir the Tim for the con test has a Loman official leads Forth the victim into the let him get his sword with firm grip into his right the sit breathlessly i hear the door at the Side of the Arena creak out plunges the half starved his Tongue Athirst for and Svith a Roar that brings All the galleries to their feet he rushes against the sword of the do you knowhow Strong a stroke a Man will strike when his life depends upon the first thrust of his Blade the wild lame and Slinks Back his wasted strength he comes up with fiercer Eye and More terrible Roar than Only to be driven Back with a fatal awhile the combatant comes in with stroke after stroke until the Mon Beer is dead at his and the 000 clap their hands and utter a Phout that makes the City sometimes the audience canal to Bee a race sometimes to see gladiators fight each until the peo compassionate for the turned their thumbs up As an Appeal vanquished be and sometimes the combat was with wild to one of the roman amp Witheat Mirical audiences of people Paul refers when he says we Are com passed about with so great a Cloud of the direct reference in the last passage is made to a race elsewhere having discussed 1 take now Pauls favorite idea of life As a the fact is that every Christian Inan has a lion to yours is a bad the Gates of the Arena have been and this Tiger has come out to destroy your it has you with Many a you have been thrown by it time and but in the strength of god you have Arisen to drive it i believe you will i think that the temptation is getting and you have Given it so Many wounds that the Prospect is that it will and you shall be through brother do let the Sands of the Arena drink the blood of your soul your lion is the passion for Strong you May have contended against it for 20 years but it is Strong of body and thirsty of you have tried to fight it Back with broken bottle or empty wine that is not the with one horrible Roar he will seize thee by the Throat and rend Olieo limb from take this Sharp and up and get it from gods sword of the with that thou Mayest drive Jim Back and conquer but Why specify when every Man a find woman has u lion to fight if be one Here who has no beset Ting lot him speak for him Frame i if you have pot fought the it is because you have let the lion out you this very moment Tho contest goes Trajan where gladiators fought and wild beast were was not so terrific h struggle As that which at this moment goes on in Many a the combat was for the life of the body is for Tho life of the that Javus with wild beasts from the Juu this is with the roaring lion of i men when Tho contend against an evil that they have fight it All no they Stimpl in the Center of a immense Circle Lions were turned and the poor victim you cry shame shame at such but the King in this Case is our and he will see that we have fair he will forbid the Rushing out of More Lions than we can he will not suffer us to be tempted above that we Are thank god the King is in the gallery his eyes arson his heart is with his hand will deliver blessed Are they who put their Trust in i look and i see the angelic there they Are the Angel that swung the sword at the Gate of the same that Ezekiel saw up holding the throne of and from which i look for the splendor is Here Are the guardian that one watched a patriarch this one protected a child that one has been pulling a soul out of temptation All these Are messengers of Light those drove the Spanish Armada on the this turned Sennacherib living Host into a Heap of those yonder chanted the Christmas Carol Over Bethlehem until the chant awoke the these at creation stood in the Balcony of heaven and serenaded the Newborn world wrapped in swaddling clothes of and holier and mightier Han is the to command an earthly Host gives dig but this one is Leader of the 000 chariots of god and of the times i think god gives command to the and the archangel to the and the Seraphim to the until All the lower orders of heaven hear the command and go Forth on the High bring on your Lions who can tear All the spectators in the angelic gallery Are our he shall give his Angels charge Over to keep Hee in All thy they shall Bear thee up in their hands lest thou dash thy foot against a thou Shalt tread upon the lion and adder the Young lion and the dragon Shalt thou trample under though the Arena to crowded with we with the angelic help strike them Down in the name of our god and leap on their fallen car casses 0 bending throng of Bright angelic faces and Swift wings and lightning i Hail you today from the dust and struggle of the Arena i look and i see the gallery of the who is that Hugh sure enough he would not apologize for the truth he and so he the night before swinging from the bedpost in perfect glee at the thought of who is that army of they Are the theban legion who died for the Here is a larger Host in magnificent who perished for Christ in the persecutions of yonder is a family Felicitas of Koine and her while they wore dying for the Faith she stood encouraging quo son was whipped to death by thorns another Wuh Hung from a Rock an other was at lust Tho Mother became a there they Are a family group in heaven yonder is John who said in the fro to shall have a merry supper with the lord tonight yonder is Henry who exclaimed us to died if i had ten Thoy should All fall off for Christ the great throng of Tho martyrs Thoy had hot Load poured Down their throats horses wore fastened to their hands horses to their and thus they Woro pulled apart they had their tongues pulled out by re hot Pinchers they wore sowed up in the skins of Ani Mals and then thrown to the dogs Thoy were daubed with combustibles and set on fro if Alv the Jna Tyre stakes that have been kindled could would make the Midnight All the world Over Bright As Noonday and now they sit yonder in the martyrs for them the fires of Perse cution have gone out the swords Are sheathed and the mob now they watch us with an All observing they know All the All the All the All the All the they cannot keep they cry Cour nge the fire will not consume1 the floods cannot drown the Lions can not courage Down there in the Arena i look and i see another Gal of eminent what strikes me strangely is the mixing in companionship of those who on Earth could not Thero is Albert Barnes and around him Tho presbytery who tried him for Hetero doxy yonder Are Lyman Beecher and the Church court that denounced him stranger than there Are John Calvin and James Arminius who would have thought that the would sit so lovingly together there Are George Whitefield and the ministers who would not let him come into their pulpits because they thought him a there Are the Sweet singers Charles Isaac Watts and if heaven had had no music before they went they would have started the and there the band of talking of China redeemed and John of India saved and David of the aborigines evangelized j and Adoniram Jud whose prayers for Burma took heaven by violence All these christians Are looking into the our struggle is nothing to theirs do we in christs cause suffer from the cold they walked Greenland icy do we suffer from the heat they sheltered in trop do we get fatigued they faint with none to care for them but Are we persecuted they were and As they look from their gallery and see us falter in the presence of the Lions i seem to hear Watts address ing us in his old Only a Little changed must you be carried to the skies on flowery Beds of ease while others fought to win the prize or sailed through bloody seas top lady shouts in his old hymn tour be trembling Down from the Willows take loud to the Praise of love divine bid every string while Charles the Metho Breaks Forth in words a Little varied a charge to keep you a god to a never dying soul to save and fit it for the sky i look and i see the gallery of our Many of those in the other galleries we have heard but these we How familiar their faces they sat at our and we walked to the House of Godin com have they forgotten us those fathers and mothers started us on the Road of Are they careless As to what becomes of us and those Chil they look with stolid indifference As to whether we win or lose this Battle of life they remember the Day they left they remember the agony of the last though years in they know our they remember our they speak our they watch this fight for i see them Rise up and lean Over and wave before us their recognition and tha gallery is not they Are keeping places for after we have slain the lion they expect the King to Call tis saying come up higher Between the hot struggles in the Arena i Wiki the sweat from my brow and stand 01 reaching up my right hand to clasp theirs in rapturous handshaking while their voices come ringing Down from the crying be thou faithful unto and you shall hav a Crown but Here i overwhelmed wit the majesty and the Joy of the scene gallery of the King gallery of an gels gallery of prophets and apostles gallery of martyrs gallery of saints gallery of friends and Kindred o Majestic circles of Light and love barns Avenue in new York become food for of life reported at fifty with property loss estimated at deadly and destructive new which i Tor cd at saturday de Troy eco the seventh regiment t thirty fourth Street and Park no the metropolitan car barns and he Park Avenue guests of the Otcel were thrown into wildest it is reported that 50 persons Are cad in the corridors of the he firemen rescued dozens of per one of the dead is said to be James the Louisville Dis the loss on the hotel and car barns is estimated at Walls of armory shortly after two Oclock the Walls if the armory on the thirty fourth Street Side fell with a in the armory were stored explosives and much ammunition for Small As soon As the fire reached the ammunition the cartridges began to 2xplode like packages of o the great terror and Clanger of per sons had assembled to see the fire anti others who lived in neighbor no the fierce wind and storm added to the excitement of the la fillets Fly throw Ike Rifle cartridges in the magazines in which they were kept began to shoot and it sounded like Volley bullets flew in every it was reported to chief Croker that the Magazine of the second Battery obtained about 200 pounds of pow an Effort was made to get it but the fire was so near it the firemen were unable to do it was reported at that time also that there was a Large Quantity of dynamite for use in the rapid transit Tunnel stored in the shed contiguous o the after the Granite Walls of the armory fell there was a succession of unusually heavy As if the ordnance ammunition had been following one of which fairly Shook the the blazing Tower seemed to be lifted in the air for an with a tremendous it toppled Over and carrying adjoining parts of the Walls with hotel guests flee in the which is situated across the Street from the caught fire on the third the guests were All notified by manager Reed by Means of the Telephone connection Between stories that the hotel was and All rushed for the Many of the guests were panic stricken and the police seemed to lose their Heads hotel guests dashed from the building in their night Robes out into the Street and armory a the seventy first armory was a Mas Sive Granite Structure and one of the striking buildings in the the Cornerstone was Laid in and the including the was nearly the armory is also Headquarters of the first the signal corps and the second Bat proprietor Reed after a trip to the Tipper part of the that he had seen not less than eight Bod ies on one Reed also said that All the guests in the hotel could have got out alive if they had started soon Admiral Miller May Admiral who had a room on the fifth floor of the Park Avenue fell unconscious in his attempt to escape from the burning it is stated that he cannot Admiral Miller went through the Windsor hotel fire and the Murray Hill explosion Trade dad weat Lier checks general Busl Noss in some farts of the new Dun weekly review of Trade says along the Atlantic coast business was temporarily checked by the storm and some Interior Points also suffered from unfavourable but consumptive demands give no evidence of prices of per goods advanced the whole Range of Staple commodities tended up jobbing Trade in Spring lines of wearing apparel is of ample and all1 heavy hardware and products of Iron feel the pressure in that prospects Are most encouraging As to the labor railway earnings thus far reported for february show a decrease of but per from last years which is fully explained by weather Condi while compared with 1doo there is an increase of per Bank exchanges for the week at leading cities out Side new York show a gain of per Over last while the loss at new York is but per from the total in which is More than accounted for by a decreased activity in the Stock liabilities of commercial failures thus far reported for february aggregated of which were in Manu in trading and in other commercial failures for the week number 250 in the United against 253 last and 31 in against 39 last Here a los sur Kuimai Hay sends Secretary of state China und ill Klu that former i it con cede no special be get it a rope they throngs How shall we stand Tho gaze of the universe myriads of eyes beaming on us Myri ads of hearts beating in sympathy for us How shall we Ever Daro to Siu again How shall we Ever become discouraged again How shall we Ever feel lonely again with god for us and Angels for us and prophets and apostles for us and the great souls of the Ages for us and our glorified Kindred for to give up the fight and die son of who didst die to save us be whose wings arc spread Forth to shelter us be prophets and whose warn Ings startle us be loved whose arms Are outstretched to receive us no we will never surrender sure i must flight if i would to Fajt Hrul to my and Bear the endure Tho supported by thy thy saints in All this glorious War shall conquer though they die they see Tho Triumph from afar seize it with their when that illustrious Day shall Rise and All thine armies Shine in Robes Victory through Tho Eljie Bspry shall be my shall we die in the Arena or Rise to join our friends in the Gal Lery through Christ to Oil More tha a Soldier dying i the Hospital Rose up in Bod lust moment and cried his attendants put him Buck on his Low and him Why he shouted hero i heard Tho Roll Call of and i was Only answering to my name i wonder whether this tattle of this life is Over Napes Vylla be called inthe mus of the pardoned and Glov hied jpy of heaven breaking sensation was caused in diplomatic circles Here wednesday when it became known that the United through Secre tary of state John had sent a note to the russian and chinese governments following closely along the lines of the Anglo japanese treaty of january the note is a distinct warning to both China and Russia that the United states will not permit the integrity of the Empire to be molested in favor of one nation to the detriment of another that any agree ment giving any corporation exclusive right in the development of Manchu Ria would be viewed with the gravest concern by the United because it constitutes a monopoly which is a distinct breach of the stipulations of the treaties concluded Between China and foreign and thereby seriously site cts the rights of american favor three new House committee on territories Friday unanimously voted to report Bills Foi the admission of Tho territories of new Arizona and the vote was taken up on a motion made by of de Clari Ngit to be Tho sense of the com Mittee that the three territories were entitled to and that subcommittees be appointed to pre pare the the subcommittees were new ainu our new of Defeated Charles formerly Amateur billiard Champion of the Chicago ath Letic and now of Tho Knickerbocker athletic for the Crateur billiard championship of America at the Knickerbocker ath Letic club wednesday night by a a coif of 500 to in Datti by bal tues Spain faces a the element in a live in Many parts of the to Fri Day mornings advices from Barce Lona the situation there is though it is still ail Effort will be made Friday to resume Ordinary the most stringent measures have been prepared to protect traffic and the strikers have few but were Well supplied with revolvers and martial Law has been proclaimed at the strike is spreading in the Llo Bragat and Cardona there is a general cessation of work at Cas Tellon de la Plana and and much excitement prevails at forces of gendarme have been dispatched to those forty persons have been killed since the disturbances broke out the strikers thursday attacked the in an attempt to Rescue their imprisoned but they were repulsed by the after a num Ber of rioters had been killed or the Ordinary necessaries of life Are failing and the distress is becoming the strikers Are said to be receiving Large sums of Money from Boers strike severe inflict terrible punishment on a de inc lament of the Scot Greys it much discussed question now be fore Iowa legislature in the shape of specific House May oppose changes in detachment of the scots Greys Sec find one of great Britain crack Dragoon has been Cut up by the Boers at Feilden and Ussher were severely two men were six were wounded and 46 were Cap the news was received thurs Day morning from lord in a dispatch dated february the scots Greys formed part of Gilbert Hamiltons col the while moving on february engaged a Force of Boers at the scots Greys became were surrounded and Cut Hamilton was unable to dislodge the Boers from their to so he continued his March to released the biennial More Torr or to Board of election sex factory pay ment of Avoir claims Anil Oiler measures la fore special pcs much discussed Railroad taxation question is now before the legislature in the shape of specific Bills for changes in the method of assessment for Taxa a subcommittee of the Senate committee on ways and com posed of four senators Healy and agreed upon a taxation measure which it has Heen freely predicted would easily pass through the if not through the the com Mittee reported that it believed that the prevalent belief among the people that the railroads do not Bear their just share of taxes is Well found it recommended that the executive Council to required to assess the railroads with Especial reference to the value of their stocks and Bonds on the Exchange markets of the it has been predicted that practically no opposition would be offered to this measure in the in which it will come to a different be Lief exists As to the House of repro the defeat in that body by a narrow margin of the House Bill to prohibit officials from taking free transportation on the railroads has led Many to believe that that House will oppose any change in the Railroad assessment differing with the subcommittee in the belief that railroads pay their share of the taxes of the state under the present arrange Many hallway a number of other important Meas ures have been introduced and consid the among these Cummins supp aged ing f in to fire j built nigh thei tier Capi Mel from Fri Abb maj inc i or list Daj the the Vor Iowa newspaper project state historical society of Iowa Damag or til missing text gain la Bureau of statistics reports net gain in wages in Illinois years of nor flees shall not spend in securing the nomination and election amounts in excess of the following for for each additional 100 voters up to for each 100 voters Over and up to one Dollar nothing additional to be spent for voters exceeding it is provided by the Bill that any additional expense will invalidate the sworn statements must be filed with the county clerk 15 Days before the convention and 15 Days be fore the any candidate failing to flip such a statement is to be made liable to a Fine not exceed ing and to the loss of his cer it is provided also that treasurers of political committees shall be required to file sworn state ments stating How the Money is sex of interest to among the most important Meas ures which have been called to the attention of the legislature is that introduced by senator of Jasper enlarging the Powers of the state labor commissioner and establishing a system of factory inspection in it is proposed by senator Maytag that the labor com missioner be Given full Power Over the establishment of proper sanitary requirements in factories in this at present he has no Powers except those of the new Law would give him Power to compel proper methods of Sanita Tion for Labouring and in Case of failure on the part of factory owners and managers to carry out his recommendations they will be subject to prosecution by the county the present explicit terms of the Law relating to the reports from employers of labor to the state labor Bureau Are to be repealed by the new and the commissioner is to tie Given Large discretionary Power with respect to the information he shall elicit from these employers for statistical he is Given Power to enforce his inquiries and to make them petition for the Only Pardon of general inter est before the legislative committees is that petitioned for by Wesley Al of Clay Elkins killed his father and Stepmother on the Day before he was 12 years and has been incarcerated in the Penitentiary for about 12 he is reported As a Model Pris 1 As having demonstrated and desires a Chance Correct petitions from Ytoiz Cox into people protest just his Pardon have been filed a Large number intent people from the com where he committed the the appeared before the com if the legislature to object issuance of a Pardon to bless to fear thai if he is let prison he will return to the Ity from he Tak Kenge himself upon the peo to Phil cover War have been received by of the Assembly from and Secretary of the that Iowa re claim she incl cd from the Feder i went on account of inter jul ads advanced by her to props for the civil All of aits in the Iowa Case have been the court except one or and these disputed Points in All to not exceed Shaw and senator Allison eth written to the legislature governor that the remain will be paid to the state i the end of the present session on this basis the a prions committees Are consid Hie expenditure of this by understand there is a cer of its the ways and i committee of the legislature estimated that the estimate of mailable funds by the treasurer Widitor of state have been exly and that in i of being it will a Nate so that the a nations committees feel them justified in considering the available for appropriation to the neighbourhood of Eort will be made to keep the privations within and the is done there will be none for a material increase in the me sentence for House of representatives has the Bill making it an offence Al pole by life imprisonment to w this Bill has been steel in the Senate and will be is by that the present oxides for Only a Short sen upon conviction of a person of the legislation was in y the mothers Congress and rpm ens organizations of the is regarded As a response Idaho kidnapping difficulty to fast Ami Ulory Totory compulsory Educa the House of representatives state superintendent Barrett that the measure will pass without material oppose t requires All children under 14 age to attend the Public is a certain period during each no increase in lie practical defeat of Tho Bill to re the salaries of the supreme Ages from to has Dis forage to All who Are interested in be increasing Public officers Sal and it is now believed that the judges will not be Vible to so Advance of More than science of inn prot by some expert to lilt vines at the California what he in a Little new England Village lived a lawyer famous for drawing in which Branch of the business he had Long enjoyed a monopoly of the Busi Ness of the on the death of a certain respected citizen there was much speculation As to the value of the and the Village gossip undertook to find out the he hunted up the lawyer and rather bluntly i suppose you made Blanks will then you probably know How much he would you mind telling me not at answered the he left everything he never missed he returning from a Long journey How did you feel during my absence you will have missed me very no every night i took some of your old clothes and scattered them about the then i Burnt a few cheap cigars in your tramp led the mud out of the Street All Over the then it Felt just As if my Darling husband were at death with it is too bad that you have to die before you can get even with your Cousin who cheated you out of your ill be i shall die before the win Ter is what difference can that make custom will require him to attend my funeral and stand by the grave with his hat Thall kill the ground with Snow is covered the youngster he has to say it very before h starts to results of experiments in Bench grafting resistant vines have recently been reported from the California Experiment the experiments include tests of the relative value of English and champin leaving two eyes on the scions and leaving Only preliminary Cal using in planting out in the Nursery immediately after grafting and Cal using in Straw covered with the Cut Tings used varied from on fourth to on half Inch in and were from six to nine inches the lower Cut was made through the knot of the Bud and the last Internode of the upper left As Long As All the buds on the Stock were carefully re a deep Cut being made in order to remove the adventitious buds at the base of the main scions were prepared in a similar except that the buds were left a serious makes you so old what Man Mabel has sent me Back my the Deuce what is the matter had a but what about i hesitated when she asked if i was sure id have loved her just the same if wed never As to some one has said that All the world loves a that quite not one has grafts for grape English Cleft champin end to do you think every Man has his Price yes i think most every Man has been sold More or the scions having Only one Eye were Cut through the second in order to leave the Eye protected by a closed with the scions having two the upper Cut was made about an Inch above fhe second Bud care was taken to prevent the drying out of the cuttings and after Ward of the end trend originated in was practice in some in the number of successful grafts obtained by this method was but those that did unite made excellent in grafting by this method the ends of Stock and scion Are Cut at an Angle of about 70 degrees and held in place by a piece of galvanized which is pushed into the pith of each the proportion of successful Cham pin grafts was slightly greater than that of the English the Success Points on the crop mean Les n Midi and Loose soil which must be thoroughly the culture of celery has spread Over All the United originally it was a Mere Garden being grown in very Small its culture has so extended that it May be considered both a Gar Den and a Field it is grown from Maine to Louisiana and from the at lactic to the no less than 20 stations have made experiments with it and reported results in its first culture began near new York in and Peter Henderson was one of the first this Plant grows wild in England and some parts of it has generally been supposed that celery was not cultivated till this but this is declared to be a it is declared that its cultivation dates Back at least though it was used Only As a medicinal Herb Princi not till the Century that just closed did it become a common Gar Den the Plant has been developed in two ways in the Bot Tom has been enlarged into a turnip like this is eaten by europeans under the name of in the other development the stalk has been rendered Large and and this is the form in which we know it in the land largely used for the grow ing of celery in this country is re claimed swamp and Marsh this gives a Loose just suited to such lands can be used when thoroughly Here it makes a larger growth than on but the Plant grown on Uplands is frequently of better the time of seed sowing depends when the celery is wanted for to get an Early crop seed can be sown in the House As Early As the soil is kept moist and the boxes away from when the plants begin to appear they should be gradually accustomed to the it is better to transplant them once or twice before removing them to the open the soil must be made if Good results Are the Plant foods most used Are nitrogen and when the plants Are about ten inches the celery that is wanted for fall use should be banked up to Blanch and this operation should be repeated As the tops the celery intended for Winter storing should be earthed sufficiently to induct the stalks to grow bowl your hoop in the front on you must go into the Back it sunday in the Back dont rail against the weather although you think it be patient for a minute and its pretty sure to cure Len a says that cant marry you because you dont Wear what have they got to do with it a says if a Man Hast got sense enough to take Good care of himself he wont have sense enough to take Good care of ice will stay will be very cheap next wont it ice i dont you weve got a Good Deal dear ice left Over from the year and Well have to sell that because it might you and in afraid by the time the old Stock is gone the cheap ice will All be would much eld f Olk riot have mania for skimming off the Pally his Wilfe not a it very Seldom said Ham let Horatio that we Are permitted to adopt the career for which we Are ambitious in i always wanted to be a comedian instead of a and make people dear said the sympathetic Young you ought not to be so i am sure you make people laugh very often As it the i can stand the health food said the wearily i have eaten prepared cereals and health biscuits and taken imitation Coffee without a but James has a phase of it just now which is dreadfully and that his doctor told him he ought not to smoke and he has taken to Sweet Fern suffering your Shell like have they pierced i ask with kind no Only the maid i wonder what she unique bean its inventor considers it the Best n of the kind been he Ohio web who Vrh Tive that candidates for and Lor state and of instead of the that they w3qn Brown it was to Slippery cowing Down Here tonight that i lost Ray feet Sev eral remarked the awkward dancer to his fair As they were enjoying the dreamy mazes of the i notice youve found them All said the fair As she stopped dancing and limped Over to a natural the say that you were walking behind this could not distinguish her figure cause of Tho Cape she saw nothing of her and yet knew that she was a very pretty How do you account for that the i would see the faces of the Wei owning towards goodness Why do you make such a terrible Din keeping the baby but where is the baby under the Brooklyn they All do when a woman gets a letter at the postmark she will then Shell Eay How funny i i dont know anybody there cd Caiso Dally gush Young said the Stern do you think you Able to support a family said the Young Brave i have thought that All and 1 have come to the conclusion that i am willing to endure wll Laus family Foj the of Lillian and on Eye scions on the in favor of the use of two the difference Between Cal using the grafts in Sand and planting them i restly in the Nursery As soon As made was very to those previously callused produced 01 per of Good while the others produced but per there was also a differ ence in the growth of the grafts in favor of those callused in Good peach expert fruit grower thinks suitable soil can de found in All of the the past season has been one that has made peach culture More interest ing than any other season that i recollect in fro the fact that they have shipped an excellent kind of peaches to Market and i suppose made a reasonable amount of we used to talk about peach sections it used to be supposed that it was confined to certain narrow some of them Down one of them Over in another in Southern but the spirit of commercial ism has led men to study requirements for successful culture of various kinds of one of of be ing the and that study has set men to Hunting for suitable knowing the we find Liere Are millions of acres of Good peach i have no idea of How much undeveloped firs class peach land there is in the United and the transportation companies have made possible the delivery of peaches grown in any Section of the United states to any other part of the United states with due dispatch and in Good that leaves commercial peach growers in a position where it is a perhaps in the near of a survival of the fittest a brutal old but Humankind seems to know no Law but the survival of the in the Pursuit of the almighty Dollar we know no limit to our am where acres of peaches were planted a few years whole solid sections Are growing the mar of has been developed and extended by the same transportation facilities the consumption of All fruits seems to be on a rapid although we must doubt to whether it can keep up with the wonderful in crease in the in Farmers pout neglect the gardens that pay Best Are those that receive the most a Garden will not take care of itself and yield a probably no port of the farm pays As Large a profit As the Garden in Good a Man that realizes this will give it the first at Tention in the both As regards labor and the Garden Lover will not forget it when other parts of the also need if a Man will riot do the work necessary or have it he May As Well not attempt to a Kev jew the is of one Inch Boa the not spread 3y2 feet which is found suf Flecien under comfortably a r Hole for a mortise will not to arms would rotate out of details of bean not less than on Chalfinch holes i the twine and use coarse Wool set the Center Post when spadix the one As you come six feet and in cloy soil n less than 16 inches set the Stic for the Hills two feet from centrals both and two feet 11 but one bean to a i covering for tree wounds Fred cards experience is taking All things not seems to be better for covering wounds made in pruning than a Man Lead which is closely Lowed by grafting the we Superior to paint in the Matte but does not last As is not so convenient to Altha in warm when it works i there is Little trouble in this Coal tar is useful in preventing Wood from but a plier be a positive hindrance to Henling in spite of the fact that its there is Little to Reno mme Pine tar is no Aid to be ii patently a trifle w helps Only slightly in the to and does not last we fore it has nothing to record shellac is a it does and neither aids the your ing nor to any appreciable vents it from on silk Liik Plaitt in taking slips from plants of Many persons take off the from the sides and pc the forcing it to expend energies in sending out Nevy from the and the result craggy try Takii slips from the very top of to leaving All sprouts at therl sides of the old and pc surprised to find what Nuci plants you will have in Begej pruning la Fang branches Ujj ing May be put and Hung behind n1 that 4he vines will twine Ahi ing a pretty decoration while Are forming mud the Little Bra starting out along the
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