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Strawberry Point Mail Press Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1902, Page 1

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Strawberry Point Mail Press (Newspaper) - December 18, 1902, Strawberry Point, Iowa Grandma Dorkins Christmas by Mary s Tom comin Home this mis Dorkins Homer Fox As he delivered the pint of milk he brought daily to the Little House at the upper end of j Dorkins wiped her hands on her checked Gingham and got the Blue Pitcher from Helf upon which it was e aint quite she answered a Nils to he but seems something always happens at the last minute to keep see youre fixin for ats mince pies i fix for him every i ital int like him to come an not find Ery thing 1 dont give him up Hll 1 have them mince an Are Dri dapple come she opened the pantry door Homer Fox aint Goin to do his Best to fetch him Toms got to be a Reglar High observed the has his private car an All that sort of to see that poor of enl havin Faith in his comin year in an year an never shown hair nor hide o himself Homer broke its Morcus flesh an blood can Gimme a pasteboard Peter one big enough to hold he unwrapped the cakes grandma Dor Kins Hud Given him and Laid them on the there h Tom Dor Kins has got a piece of a heart in him Nway anywhere them cake Sll make you him i dont Spose now what these she saw Willa smile half half sad Lif Tilg a cloth from the u i i4f5pp you must Stop at the Otise for Tell my wife not to be anxious Ive gone to my Shes and Shes sent for ill be Back Mon 1hil helped him on with his Over and brushed a bit of imaginary dust front his hat before handing it to i wish i had time to get something to take Tom Dorkins As lie pushed the Box of cakes into his desk and locked Ive always sent her a youre All she Phil ventured to he was hardly More than a Anil he had a Deal of swallowing to do to rid himself of the Lump in his gee you Haj peeped Over her s whups he dont mean to Ive got to have one b Gra Iima sure s my names Homer Fox horse Gin ver kind by crack the very k you used to make when me an Tom an Susy went to school to aunt lid by Jackson grandma Dorkins and wrapped him up three of the big Brown cakes Cut into some semblance orse with her theres or one for an one for Tell Susy i sent pm to re her of old you an she sweethearts even when you used with Tom for a piece of his he writes to her sometimes an sends her Peter crimp As he brought an assortment of huh whats Money to her when she wants him Homer with selecting a Box and trying the to see if they would Lem my have pen an Ink an a Sheet opa he want much of a and he sucked the top of the pen frequently us he wrestled with his finally it was and he held it Oil at arms surveying it with this is what he had written Tom for nine years your Mother has baked these cakes for your Christmas because you liked them when you was a has she got to Send them to the Wel Lington orphan Asylum this same As on account of your not thinking enough of her to come Homill if that dont bring Tom Dorkins nothing he conviction in his his epistle was spread of a one lil j mini were or the the lid tied on stamped and while Peter Crump winked at so flagrant a Viola Tion of postal Laws under his very some spits of Snow were falling is Christmas eve Drew to a and the wind sighed dismally around the Corners of the grandma Dorkins piled an extra log on the brass and the Ruddy glow lit up the room with a festive i wish the wind didst howl so about the she it seems that exactly As if it knew id been hopi against an Tom want comin this year she smoothed her Black silk apron with trembling fingers As the up trains whistle ill soon know she feeling suddenly weak and if Tom i dont believe id Ever get Over that whats been keep in me up All through the an to be disappointed she sat with eager eyes on the hell come right for he knows in sex pectin he knew she was As he came up the Board walk he could How they the for snowbound i Mariethe two Chlor Tran four travellers who were Snow bound in a Western passenger train on Christmas eve speedily became acquainted with each and sat about the stove it the end of the car to talk it one of the men was h another a third a big cattle Ami the last Tho minister who tells the they finally fell into conversation with a poor woman and her two Tho Only remaining Passyn who had tried to maintain herself by sewing since her husbands was giving up the unequal struggle and going Home to live with grand the Little threadbare says the youths had been promised a joyous Christmas and when they found that the Block Ade would prevent their getting for the they cried bitterly until sleep quieted just before they dropped off the drummer remarked weve got to give these children some that what said the in added the the children were told to hang up their we aint got quavered the Little leptin those weve got and a says its too cold to take pm Ive got two pairs of new Woolen said the eagerly i aint never wore and youre Welcome to the children clapped their hands but their faces fell when the elder abuses of the the Verlins Thon Orlu would hardly consent to the a Bowlon of Clit is the latter Day fashion to talk eos Uchwat of christinas and its we Are told that the ancient custom of exchanging Christ Man remembrances among friends has become matter of calculation and vulgar that people Nowa Days Speed More than they can afford a Christmas Pren Elied by the genuine of n ill talc girl in her letter to snit ii when we Are prone to think that Christmas 1ms degenerated into a Date for the payment of obligations As regards it is pleasant to on counter genuine writes Katherine in youths com a True incident of this kind occurred last year in a Large Western joins Doit Middlin am t Homer making a Stift to but holding onto the Back door As he waited for her Toms Doit the old Wom an Hes Way up in the Railroad business its near on ten years since he was aint it nine years this she corrected Hes been intending o come for so Long but Hes awfully Tom with so much responsibility he cant hardly Ever took his wife to Europe last id the they was gone three j wrote to me after they got he thought for sure he was to get up that but now he i was real for id been most certain id have him Here last its Likely hell come this by Way of dont you in sort o positive he grandma Ive been disappointed often enough but this time him not Bein Home for so i wrote him i haunt been Well my bothers me dreadful this Puttin it in bound Torns comin this Homer hitched at his faded Over shut the door and1 then opened it a he find a word to old Dorkins laughed softly As she wiped off the Kitchen dont you Ever Homer but Ive baked horse Ginger cakes every year for Toms an then had to Send pm to the orphan Asylum Over at this year i Cal Clate Toms Goin to eaten its Only two Days till Homer you ought to be Earin from him whether Hes ill see if on the morning of the Day before As the general manager of the Pocomoke Westhaven Railroad was leaving his private his Eye was caught by a Small package lying unopened upon his nearly forgot that thing he it came lust and 1 went Home without he called to his open this and if it requires an answer fix up the polite when he returned some hours later the package was still upon his apparently i thought i told1 you to open this see the firelight flickering on the the Wreath of Christmas Green hang ing against the his hand Fum at the Latch a then he opened the door gently and went to got Home last night after All old Dorkins As she reached Homer Fox the Blue milk Pitcher from the Kitchen window on Christmas gee whats you dont say to and see if it needed an answer he i did open but you Are the proper person to the stenographer in a curious Dorkins Cut the string around the pasteboard a tinge of impatience in his lifting the homers painstaking scrawl was Exmer stamping the Snow from his Rawhide i guess youre Happy As Birds in the Spring grandma Dorkins hearing came out from the and finding went half Way in the Snow to meet Prosperity aint puffed Tom up a his Mother he real glad to see what a Long handshake he gave farm and remarked but Santa clans will know Thyr not our hell put in All the things for lord love you roared the Burly he wont bring me one of Usell sit and Tell him its for then the children Knelt Down on a Day for at Christmas time let vhf hell make the to he read a frown a title folks it Goirn to the Post theres letter for grandma id1 rather not have it till the last if he be com in i wont have anything to look for Ard an if he my cakes an pies Are All All Ive got to do now is to Shine the andirons Over in the an put up some greens to make it seem i have the heart to to if i knew he want she was still but All he with a great a Ileal of cheesiness in his voice but in like in positive Toms in most sure Well see him this time but if theres a to dont bring Peter Crump Al ways brings it up to Ane As he goes Home on Christmas Homer climbed into his clattering old and with the lines shipping loosely on the Gray mares Back he let her take her own gait Down the Long arriving at the Post he exchanged greetings with the few gathering on his Over at his desk by the window the stenographer rustled his papers not daring to steal a look at his the general manager tossed the note aside with a muttered imprecations and took up one of the big it More than covered the Palm of his and there was to his nostrils a spicy smell that brought with it Mem ories of his Little things he had not thought of in years suddenly crowded upon his life had been such a Busy such a shoulder to acc Kandreck race for place and he had had no time for any thing he sat very holding the big cake on his outstretched and All the struggle and care and All the pleasure of Success and a knowledge of Power fell away from again he heard the Hickory logs crackling on the the brass andirons gleaming like Gold in the it was Christmas and his stocking Hung on a Nail by the Black Man he was a great boy of Large and Strong for his mothers she called in the Circle of Light from the cheer Ful stringing raisins and Popcorn on Long i reads to trim his baby Sis ters Christmas he knew what he would find in that stocking in a red cheeked Apple in the Anda paper of fat Walnut eats and one of pop Corn made into tally by some process known Only to his there would be half a Sticks of Pink and White striped a Ball of yarn covered with Good Stout sheep skin by his mothers own and Al the top of All such a spicy queer looking horse Ginger cake As he Down on the noises from the the rattle and Roar of Traelic below were the Only sounds heard in the general managers private the stenographer had ceased to Rustle his papers he almost held his breath for fear of disturbing the Man sitting there so presently Tom Dorkins Christmas seems to be the one festival of the year which rightfully belongs to the time when the Chris child came into the born in such a lowly that no however but should share in the Joy of his if we have children in our says a writer in the farm and let us invest the Christ with All the Beauty and brightness that is teach them the Sweet old Christmas such As holy once in Lloyal Davids o Little town of Bethlehem and Joy to the Tell them again the Story of the birth of the All children love and it is Ever these talks Are made More interesting by looking at Good copies of old masterpieces illustrating the life of Christ Are very cheap and should be in every such pictures As Correggio a the worship of the the Madonna and will make a last ing impression on a Childs As christinas commemorates gods greatest and Best gift to the it a Sweet custom for friends to give some gift to each other Symbol izing their in too Many Homes the children Are in danger of having their own idea of Christmas one of getting instead of sharing i the Joy of in this Way they lose the Best part of the Christ the floor of the car beside their improvised instinctively the hands of the men went to their and at the first words of now i Lay hats were the Cowboy stood twirling his and looking at the Little kneeling the cattleman vision seemed while in the eyes of the travelling Man shone a Distant look across Snow filled Prai Ries to a warmly lighted the children were soon then arose the question of it dont seem to me Ive got any thing to give said the unless the Little kid might like my id give my gun to the Little though on Gen eral principles i dont like to give up a never said the drum Mer you come along with me to the baggage so off they he opened his and spread before them such an array of trash and trinkets As took away their said just pick out the Best and ill donate the lot you dont said the in Goin to buy what i want arid pay for or else there aint Goin to be no Christmas round that my said the and the minister so they sat Clown to their task of they spent hours Over it in breathless and when their gifts vere ready there arose the question of a Christmas it had stopped and tramping out into the Moonlit they Cut Clown a great piece of the Mother adorned it with tinsel in buying Christmas and give them grudgingly an expect in return presents of at least an equal Money even the Christmas with it Plum puddings and mince is fair game for the present Day he gloats Over the dyspepsia and indigestion which and hints the Day which should be the Lappy Climax of the year Asa Nourn us season made memorable by empty blasted expectations ill Many people have perhaps unconsciously caught the cynical spirit of the and in Conde inning the with the Celebration of have apparently lost sight of the spirit which still Vivi fies the greatest of Chris Luin tint men talk More lightly than they says the Chicago and it snot Likely that the Chiefest of the cynics would willingly consent to the abolition of he would miss the glow of kindly feeling in spite of All that he and May still warms the heart of the world when the holidays come perhaps Ive instill of an age when go ing for Christmas Means so at he forgotten the annual meeting of All the members of a perhaps scattered family at the old perhaps he a Homestead and children of his in that Case it will be hard for him to remain a no Man can play Santa clans for abroad of his own confessing aside from any Christmas bring too much innocent happiness to be Ever forgotten or so far As the abuses of the Day Are each Man May Correct them for and after All is said the Day before Christmas the clerk of a Large while sorting Over the Romu upon a letter addressed As no Hincu gentleman had registered clerk showed the letter to two or three of the and they decided to open it proved to be from n Little who signed merely her Given name she had the Street and which were in one of the poorer parts of the what most impressed the readers was the fact that although the child had asked Santa clans for Many a doll for a dress for Mamma and a clog for not one thing in the Long list was to be for two of the business men who had read the letter determined to seek out the unselfish and Seo How she was they found in a Humble Home which lacked Many of the comforts of life a poor bed Ridden Little girl who had written to Santa Claus with the supreme Faith of an asked for not for but for those she the touched by the Childs consulted a and ascertained that with proper treat ment she could be she was sent to a Hospital and in that City now there is a Well child who can not Only the generosity of but her own Sweet nature for her new strength and the choirboys and the gifts were prettily Christmas dawned for two of happiest children under the and a Happy for inside the big plus album selected for the cattleman had slipped a Hundred Dollar Mas Joy he sure to let even the up a and1 gassed abstract edly at the dirty want your Homer the Post master when there came a Lull in his Homer got up from the Cra Kerbox to receive his copy of the Scarborough weekly he held i first in one then in the the last Lounger shuttled away from the fire and out the Homer roused to instant say got any letters for grandma Porkins he one from guess he aint Coni a this same As gee whups Homer it was his nearest approach to Wear Tom Dork us dont come Home two it be because that the Young Man it was so different from the brisk tones to which he was is your Mother living Are you going to spend Christmas with her he he did not quite understand the Drift of his chiefs tiits said Little ones have a share in the Christ Mas preparation teach them that the Best part of every gift is the love that goes with and to try to make a Happy Christmas for As Many As they would be a Good thing if All children would commit to memory these by Phoebe and practice them children whose lives Are Blest with love whose Tiff Tare greater than your arms can think of the child who stands today with empty bands go 1111 them up and you will also fill their empty that be so cold and and brighten longing eyes with May All who have at this Blest season seek Lils precious Little poor and weak in Sweet thus lending to the lord Christmas like it used to be that the kind would Gladden kith and Kin from far and near joining in the Christmas the laughing girls and boys the feasting and the Joys it be Good to see Christmas us it use to be Christmas As it used to Snow bending Bush and1 Hells a jingling Down the cousins John and1 Jim and sue and Kate Andi All the rest dressed up in their sunday coming to the world of Christmas like it used to Christmas like it used to been to Long time to acc to wished when Santa Claus would come you a and i a you a Book and 1 a Strong an Swift and painted red that Day of Jubilee Christmas Elko it used to Christman like itus Editone h is still As glad and free and As fair and full of truth to the clearer Eye of could we gladly glimpse it through Kyes our childrens children in their Joy time we would see Christmas Elko it used to in Aller thought you were per in going to spend Christmas with too u thing 1 Haven done for nine hut ill make it up to her nine years to make up do you think i min do it he thu Eccl hurriedly at Bis 1 can barely make connections if in to get there i wont have time to go never Viruet Nole of to he sure to Send u note of thanks for a gift received at the earliest possible write it before your ardor make it you need not to liven if you do not like the gift you must like the spirit that prompted never defer writ ing with Hie idea that you will thank the giver in you May do that As Well when Opportunity but do not risk nothing is More discourteous than belated Home factly delighted with the Christmas present Youv wife gave you that time i didst know shed had it would Aii Kwit ii Uncle it you i heard singing 1 want to be an Angel id be Satis Rietl if Santa Claus brought me a Hying a and done it i Likely that they Are not so widespread people seem there Are to give and Rece with no the kindly pleas there i not spend n afford to i be involved n be heartless Little boy eat Good for bin Sand children they have ii fill of that wha the toot of of the i u the commit most buried Load of Chr was a great the red was Wax doll Anc doll great myst i dozen other various frien the commit of Christina be 1 around the c something to Bill got i sail All but w the coinm1 around the Ive g i cannot for Bur what it string on my the red Warigi that the thai that got every one o something i knew it was or so i think of and it would be re Down town i cant a Mem toy not found it Hen neighbor it the the look my Ful that that up Loy who Salt daily Coli Merlh Given by them in tue Clelles by new Yearsin the South Iowa newspaper project state historical society of Iowa damaged or Missin was commonly the prac Tice As to Cornfield niggers and unskilled labourers of both there were pathetic scenes now and i then when negroes were sold at Public auction on new years very rarely it that at such times members of a family were sold to masters mid Appeal to the common sense Man that slaves being valuable their owners would neither treat Kelly nor permit them to be abused owners of valuable horses uni ire kind to and horses Are s Southern new years t to Settle Long due to pay id to rent farm taken Al it was a Busy full medics As Well As its in times the slaves of the Planta Joyed their annual two weeks and these crowded the villages All manner of ribbons and having cheap candies As any Jred slave could make overtime Ami it was a very sorry in to had not a few dollars at the to throw away in Folly upon a a Iwhite trash gathered then solely new to looking on and to picking As they were de y both the Wel Todo Whites Anc of All they usually they neither hire but in some manner con o secure Mieir full share o he old general Muster Day o the afo de Wall a has passed away with All it and yet the memory o is with the older residents As re hat one Day at and that the of the was one o Energy and signally characters incidents of the age and text Hud Semi r that jacks Innee has mad a new years Promise to Stoi of mine has not said nit giving up the but on has just the same 10 time i Call All the cigars in m act manage to get Anc i dont smoke Amin for illicit a Tiv Jiun resolves to strive anew in the coming year win More it which misers fasten to n lie has Ever gained Ife applauds him mails is Down How she will show jew to the town Abby 4ets his schemes to ago to his society of Iowa if location of missing materials is known get the stand it youll ind that he raises by an income miss you Hung up your Mistletoe yet miss it int necessary for me to use some said Uncle looks at do Price tag so Dat Liviu Chris mus gift gits to be Purly Uigh As eol blooded us a Hoss again with yuletide the one for whom the years great est holy Day was named As inspire the artist along us the world shall Las from the baby in marys improvised Cradle hem Downto the cruel Cross on Cal each step of his life lius painted Ufa la mud or it pos Yueh Kluvo Purisi Tlell to choose person for whom he would seme there wore who remained with the Sunie employees your by your fur Nuny Elioso that Sor Vinita Luul no Dilli Zulty in choosing desirable frequently the master left this mat Lei entirely in the la urls of the after Ottiero were those who vere unknown Puiul Muny More who were Patti tidally and these were out at to the highest bid two resolutions that failed by Elisa Armstrong of were going to give your husband n Lovely Surprise for new years do Tell me How it turned out said the brides did you carry out your intention i and i can safely by that i will never give him another uprise As Long As i you head resolved not to lose his temper or complain about anything about the House or the entire i waa so pleased that wanted to do something awfully Nice i decided to become Model by Way of knowing the depth of my i deed d to Cook his new years dinner my perhaps it was As Well that he id resolve to keep his temper for an turning a new Leaf a new years Story she ma11cia be11k1i5 Hud Chen mistress of the Shelly farms for Only a few Short months but Long after for every one in the neighbourhood to have an Opin Ion of John berries second dressed finer than his first wife second wives spent More hours at the and seemed several degrees More aristocratic than the first airs it was an honoured reaching Back to the stouter branches of the ancestral for the owner of the farms u new years dinner to the Countryside and each guest was invited to come and turn a new Leaf for yearly of it was the and not the seconds or As the ship pers who enjoyed these annual feasts they began several weeks before to plan what to this year it seemed a necessity to be a Little More particular about the Cut of gowns and Width of for the new Berrie was a lady of Means in her own and dressed must make an said and she must feel that our presence is an Honor to the i intend to have a new silk a regular dinner party and so the firsts planned to sur pass All former for the Sake of profound impression by the Middle of december a score of Lovely new gowns were the Pride of As Many ambitious feminine the mistress of Shelly farms was affable and gracious to and the Tony firsts were just dying to display their Rich costumes in her but some unaccountable reason tiie invitations were could it be possible that the second wife was one of those new who at one fell eliminate the annual dinner Ami would John Berrie stand that in sheer desperation of Tho Little to wants Ive Resolute never me hand in Auger Sugiu a Oder if yer Tor lift o lie is one of the most resourceful Lazy men 1 Ever Why do you say that instead of writing out Hie Good he Cut the Page for Jhu jury from his old diary and panted it in us Dir resolved not to lose my entire fudge and Angels food Are not very filling for a hungry fudge and Angels idea i decided on a menu of six and pent ten Days in looking up the recipes or it and studying he exertion made me so tired that i be came mentally upset and was Apt to con use a recipe for italian Cream with one for creamed and they Are very when new years Day really came and Harry said hat he must spend the greater part of it at the office going Over his accounts i Felt Success was by the Haven you a Good Cook and didst you let her help and advise i she wanted but i told her that she needed a Holiday and must take it while t got the she then confessed that she didst want to go out because her Jeau was coming to see her and would be offended if she was i told her that made no difference that what you did on new years Day you did the year round and if she did not work on that Day she would doubtless he married to a million Aire and living a life of luxurious idleness within six did she go then she then i set to How i did but somehow nothing quite like the pictures in the household the odor of things became so Strong that the Man from next perfect came Over to see if the House was on fire and if he could he of any you could air the whole place thoroughly before Harry came i by noon i had cooked enough to feed u was to be at somehow it did not seem very so i decided to have Only four courses that was a More economical Din Ner for a Young couple when Harry promptly at i was All ready and trying to look As if i Felt Cool and hide the two burned and one Cut i had decided that three courses were enough for anybody save a by that i am sure that everything was very it was not quite perfect i had forgotten to stuff the chickens and i had put Salt in the cranberries instead of but that was Mere for Tho table looked Lovely with All my Best Glass and China on As i wanted to Surprise him i did not Tell him that i had cooked it meant to Tell him that at the very As a sort of postscript to the How Nice though lie had said lie was wildly to did not played with to kept starting to and then shutting his Mouth tight without baying a something was wrong with the though i had put in twice Smuch As the Cook Book As lie set Down his rather More forcefully than was quite to said it is new years and i have resolved not to lose my temper for an entire but 1 must buy one thing the girl who cooked that dinner must be dismissed before Tomor rows Sun is a woman who would give a hungry Man underdone overdone potatoes and Asbestos would be capable of murdering us in our Beds you need never Lull him that you cooked that i didst Tell but he undertook to discharge Tho and she did am la lid year you pall to Call Mother ill know without your waking me hint tis Trio kid new for every we lilo in Uio town will blow from 12 to and boys with Daci dinged will toot a few for Goldwaite was delegated to in at the ostensibly to speak of a philanthropic but really to scent the new year festivities and overdue Berrie received her visitor very courteously and and supported the philanthropic idea even graciously accepting the presidency of the society when they should but when the conversation drifted into Holiday news the caller could by any draw out the brides plans concern ing new years Goldwaite suddenly let go skirmishing and asked Point if the farms would give annual dinner this year answered the new her face lighting up with Hus band and i have Heen planning for that some the invitations Are but Barrie could not help me until of i am not Well enough acquainted to get the names we shall Send them this and Al the adroitness of their feint and Ita the expectant firsts were All agog for a few looking for invitations strange to not one of them received the familiar Square envelope with the Berrie coat farms in the and things were once More fast Assum ing the but everything was made exceedingly by the buxom Washerwoman for a Trio of the immaculate and its me and mine who Are Goin to have a Fine dinner on new dears Day yer Awag off i she boasted to Wilton on the next monday As she ran her Broad hand through the steaming some one going to Send you a Nice Basket quieted thinking at once of the benevolent president to now yer away off laughed the woman of weve an invitation to the new years dinner at Shelly farms got it in a Fine cover with the Berrie army coat blazed onto the Corner of Why in Linda Meigs exclaimed the astonished you Are not jacking me in giving the handle of the wringer an emphatic yank its the Bible and i was so tickled at what she writ onto the Golda ged she sent what was that asked the awfulness of a philanthropic movement gripping her heart she writ that she and her Hus band would turn the new Leaf themselves this time and invite the worthy poor to Dine with them on new years and dropping her voice to one of pleasant where be you again to new mama i hardly know answered truthfully then she fled to the closet and studied the new dinner with conflicting for a Young chit from College to come lording it into their midst and make such unheard of snubbing plans in her Endeavor to appear was simply outrageous the Shelly farms Row Leaf was perfectly abominable something would have to be done to offset this Dis gusting by four Oclock that afternoon Wilton had made the rounds of the insulted elite of the Countryside and a swell Dinne parly Lirl Horn i for three Olid to air their new Toilette to soothe one another in their common and the Iok Vaite cot Tage was so situated that they could easily see the tide of the and possibly the to the punctually at the appointed time the outraged upper current Gatihi Rcd at the appointed place to see Tho outrageous under current set toward the Philan Luv by three Oclock All the indigent but up Citable people of the neighbourhood gone by in their sunday onions and sauerkraut drawled As a German family passed 1 our White Necktie comme de another As the of a f a mile and tie Supern Dent of its sunday together dozen went by in a do and the firsts rustled t Silks and smiled in aristocratic Conte before the Goldwaite party broke a messenger from the a bowed himself into their midst and leaving the hostess looking s viciously at a message in her Wii the army coat blazed onto the As Meigs would have she glanced timidly around the expectant Circle and finally Drew Forth a perfumed note and read a very Happy new year to All it has occurred to dear that you May not have comprehended our motive in bidding our guests for the As we All Are interested in philanthropic we will he understood when we the new Leaf we turned is very timely and and has made Many hearts husband and 1 turned the Leaf suggested by the beloved phys we knew you were All Well Able to return the and so we bade those who com not recompense we extend greetings and desire that you All rejoice with and John Shelly the firsts looked soberly at each other the spirit of the note touched the Good in them and the new dinner dresses for the they the whole neighbor Hood has enjoyed a Happy new year to surely it is a pleasant new Leaf but tile philanthropic society has Sijak been although the prospective president is ready and Poil future i want to swear off Whall you charge for a pledge Twentyfive cant you make it five for a Dollar a genuine Johnny you have fun watch ing the old out and the new year in Willie 1 say i watched my sister and her Beau watch the old year out the new year Why have you moved the sofa out into the Middle of Tho room thought you would want it since you have Hung the Mistletoe How about your annual dinner i shall enjoy the new Leaf turning with my neighbors this information was what Gold Waite had talked philanthropy Lor two full hours and she took her feeling that she was u heroine of the first but Berrie accompanied her caller to the front Gate in her eagerness to talk More about the h is to elevate the 1 she and to get in touch with our poorer neighbors answered Hesi Tating to break up her luxurious new years dream by bumping against the intrusive fact that was women and ditch diggers occupied the same planet together with the the and when we organize you will accept Tho presidency and she got up an interested almost As Good As Tho was the i thank Yon for the and John Berrie pressed the callers hand the Delegate was not very favourably in Lluent cd with the Young wife enthusiasm Over Tho and the pressure of her hand rather than her festive but one consoling thought ran through it All they never would it was Only a subterfuge to note out some thing More old Wiiilie tripped along to the where she met who reined in her ponies to Asu breathlessly did you find out to be sure it lakes to to find and she to used her head in they will have the dinner As hut not being could not write the invitations alone and Berrie could not help her until Yos cried that accounts for it we Are ready and will a delighted to help turn the new Leuf this because of the Sweet she was wonderfully Over Tho philanthropic and vol Wuite rolled up her eyes in mock both ladies giggled Ami slapped their amused 711hy did they ring tha Bells last night w in steeples whits and tall Why was the Earth with juy Bedacht the soft Snow Over All was it a or did i hear a sound beneath my while Winters cold and revealed the sleeping Hill the new year came last another year was born Hia footprints in the Fleecy White Tho watchers saw this a turn the Newborn Fuest is at the a smile upon Hia brow but he will leave us old Anil poor a fleeting year from e Bihis to All who wait for him a a a tear fill the chillies to the brim and drink the new year let every heart be Gay and Alul vanish every a new year came to us last Nocht Adown the Wyntur at Hia Beck Tho Birds will in springtime scented and from beneath his feet will Spring gods fairest Lowers hell Tarry till the summer her web of Many and autumn Mil her Golden her happiness or him the songsters of the will ctr Iku their clearest and buttercups and Lily a sols Ibeck tha and Plains his skies will Wear the softest the Brook that seeks the sea will have a Sone for me Ami Benet the stately nor will he leave i till once More the Earh is in and on the eve sounding Shore the winds of Wontor blow leaning on his Tajii Good old and the of the year Lell quaff and slowly pass t bless the Bells that ring him with Many a song and Ere i amid earths Din gladly ring him out but while he tarries As cur Euest let there be lit Long cheer hell be Tho Friend we love the Best the Ead new Yearl re came Iro the Dawn of a Cherus with a Adown the filmy starlit Way he travelled Many a mile and at each door All Oer the land he knocked amid the Din and Blest to he whose kindly was first to win Che chalice fill Narf it him know that love for my is amid the softly fall Hir Snow o Greet him with a song from Polo to from sea to in accents lend and let every heart be glad and to Greet the Good new
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