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Stevens Point Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 18 1961, Page 10

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Stevens Point Daily Journal (Newspaper) - March 18, 1961, Stevens Point, WisconsinKyj major extermination Camps pre War jewish population Stivins Point Wisconsin daily journal House committee probing air Force space monopoly Eichmann faces for final solution by Sid Moody a new features writer on the eve of world War h there were approximately jews in Europe. At the end of the War six years later Only a few More than remained. Seventy two per cent of them had died victims of the nazi problem. Final solution of the jewish next month a cold eyed former Salesman goes on trial for to _ _ "___1 -3u._ 1_ his life As one of the principal administrators of the final he of course is Adolph Eichmann. His superiors once commended him for his Zeal resourcefulness and loyalty in carrying out the extermination of six million jews. The government of Israel agrees Eichmann was thorough. He kept rec ords of everything. Israel now has Many of these files and Hopes they will bring a Small Token of Justice for a crime that can never wholly be atoned. Adolph Eichmann was born in modest circumstances in Solin Gen Germany in 1906. Later he moved to Linz Austria where his father had been made head of the municipal trolley system. As a growing boy he had Little use for study. Perhaps his his tory teacher May have recalled another boy of Linz some years before who had been an indifferent student a brooding child called Adolph Hitler. Eichmann quit High school after two years to become a sales Man for an electrical firm. In 1932 he joined the austrian nazi party. In 1934 he became a ser Geant in the is and later a clerk in the Hitler government Bureau dealing with freemasons. Col leagues said As much As Eich Mann became preoccupied with the final he always regarded the freemasons As his first before the War there were freemasons in Ger Many. After there were Only by 1936 he was assigned to the jewish division of the Security division of the is a Job he Pur sued so diligently As to take yid dish and hebrew lessons he did t do too Well apparently As he later took tutoring from a rabbi. Eichmann received a fateful appointment in 1938 when he was promoted to Captain in the is and transferred to Vienna to head the Central emigration office of jews under Reinhard Heydrich. This team worked jointly for Sev eral years arranging emigration of jews from occupied territories. That was Only a mild beginning. With the occupation of Poland the nazi government drop Ped the formality of encourage emigration and began a pro Gram of forceful deportation of jews to Poland particularly a ghetto reservation in Lublin. Eichmann became an official in the red and settlement office Yrsha which handled the deportations. His outstanding organization Al ability caused his promotion to lieutenant colonel by 1941. Oddly that was As High he got. Eichman himself said this showed he was just a Little cog in the nazi machine. But others said his rank was kept intentionally Low to avoid attracting notice to what thersha was really doing. And Al ready it was quite Busy. Testimony during War crimes trials claimed that Eichmann made a visit during 1941 to the Lublin ghetto and ordered 200 jewish doctors nurses and patients shot. Rudolph Hoess testified that in that year Eichmann introduced the first Gas Cham Bers in the Auschwitz Camp that Hoess commanded. Those Cham Bers were to claim victims a Day for four years when they hit their Peak a total of 000 lives. Although disease and huge and brutality took Many live during the deportation of jew to Poland there was not yet in 1941, planned extermination Heydrich regarded deportation As a temporary solution to the jewish problem. The nazi regime even for a time considered an effective final solution would be to de port All the jews to the Island of Madagascar and pay for i at a head contributed As Ransom by american jewry. Then in january 1942, hey Rich acting on orders from Hil Ler and Himmler called a meeting in wan see a Berlin suburb there would be a different Fra he said the Rigours o the ghettos and forced Labo Camps would kill Many jews. H said but the remainder should Mot be allowed to become the germ cell of a new jewish sur Vival Heydrich did t have to b More explicit. His men got the message by that March Eichmann cadres had herded Tram loads o jews and had them rolling t places in Poland the world Hac never heard before Treblinka Maidanek sob ibor see map awaiting them in the quickly built Camps were windowless rooms with neatly lettered sign on the doors Shower room delousing these were the Gas Chambers. Death came in three to 15 minutes. What remained was left for is specialist who had taken 10-Day courses in How to Burn corpses. Not All the Camps were for extermination. The nazi Home front stripped of manpower for its armies needed labor. Millions of jew and non jew were a posted from the occupied lands of work in Germany. Quartered n thousands of labor Camps the is fills three Telephone Book sized volumes they worked until hey dropped in their traces of exhaustion and starvation. The jews suffered no illusion hat their lot in the labor Camps would be any different from that of their Brothers in the extermination Camps. Germany needs your said an is officer in greeting French jews at the mat i Ausen Camp. You Are therefore going to work but i want to Tell you that never again will you see your families. When one enters this Camp one leaves it by the Chimney of the but at the extermination Camps All were to die As fast As the ovens could accommodate them. Even babies were gassed on birth. Jews were buried up to their Heads in the Earth and then cavalry was sent Riding Over them. The skin of victims was made into saddles gloves and ladies handbags. Two healthy dutch jewish youths had their stomachs and kidneys removed and then Gaso line was injected into their hearts. An is officer kept the Skull of one of them on his desk. Even when the inevitable end became apparent the nazis kept on. In 1943, when transport for the armies was critical Eich Mann could still get ample rail Road cars to transport jews to Poland. In the Early stages of the War puppet such As Hungary had been encouraged to Deport jews. Then As the Al lies closed in Germany occupied Hungary and deportation began in Earnest. Eichmann personally visited Budapest within two months jews were ship Ped to Poland. That was Eichmann for you a Brilliant organizer. He could get things done. Himmler was proud of Eich Mann proud of the whole final solution he said once the extermination of the jews is a Page of glory in our history which has never been written and is never to be written he was wrong. And ironically Eichmann himself will be writ ing Many pages of it when he takes the stand. By w. B. Ragsdale or. Washington House committee today questions top air Force officers about a controversial Pentagon decision that gave the air Force a virtual monopoly in military space projects. The decision Drew a protest from Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer the army officer who Heads the joint chiefs of staff. He reportedly said the ruling goes too far and was rushed along without giving the military chiefs a Chance for proper study. Earlier chairman Overton Brooks a la of the House Sci ence and astronautics committee said he Felt the March 6 directive on space control went beyond strictly military responsibility and should have been reviewed by the president s space Council. Gen. Thomas d. White air Force chief of staff and it. Gen. Bernard a. Schriever chief of the research and development com Mand were scheduled to appear before the committee today. Deputy Secretary of defense Roswell gup Atric testified Friday the decision was pushed along with Only limited military consideration to prevent delaying tactics by the armed services opposing the order. Gila inc said the directive was circulated for concurrence and with the military departments required to express their views through the civilian secretaries within seven Days. Be Reinitzer s objections to the far reaching decision were made in a memorandum to Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara. The committee has not heard Lemnitzer yet but a copy of the memorandum has been circulated. It quotes Lemnitzer As saying the decision was reached without giving the joint chiefs As a body a full Opportunity to study carefully matters which have far reaching military the air Force had sole responsibility for developing producing and launching High powered space vehicles before the directive was issued. However the army and Navy had authority to develop payloads to be put into space with air Force rocket Power. Under this authority Ine army had developed a communications satellite and the Navy a navigation satellite. Gilpatric said that under the March 6 directive the army and Navy will turn Over to the Secretary of defense any space projects they come up with. The Secretary will evaluate the ideas and turn Over to the air Force the ones he considers feasible. On another front Friday the de sense department announced a reorganization of air Force re search and ate a new procurement to Cre air Force systems command for centralized direction of missile and space pro Grams. Schriever will command the new organization scheduled to be ready for business by july 1. The ethiopian Church related to the coptic Church of Egypt. Holds to the doctrine that Christ had a single nature instead of be ing both divine and human. Wow and now four More William w. Cutaiar m gives out with an understandable look of dismay As his wife Arlene holds up four fingers to indicate the four baby girls she gave birth to in upper Darby a. The couple has two older children. The quads born seven weeks prematurely weighed in from two to three and a half pounds. All Are i isolette similar to incubators. Saturday. Morch 18. 1961 in authorize switch to dial service Madison wisc on in Public service commission has authorized the it. Vernon Telephone co. In Dane county to convert to a dial system and make other improvements at an Esti mated Cost of the Utility services subscribers in the towns of it. Vernon. Verona and new glarus. In other orders the pc Fri Day authorized the Milwaukee Load to install automatic signals at the Black Bridge Road Cross ing North of Janesville and at the Cormier St. Crossing in the Vil Lage of Howard in Brown county. Lucky Day Indianapolis ind. Apr and mrs. Leonard Schutt now have two sons born on St. Pat Rick s Day. The latest is Phillip who arrived on the first birthday of Douglas sports clean record thanks to the Irish Green Bay 9m Negan of Greenleaf has an in smudged driving record today and he can thank two other Irish men and probably St. Patrick for it. Finnegan was haled into the court of judge Donald w. Gleason Friday on a minor turn charge his Case was pleaded by jul Iasi j Duffy a Green Bay attorney. Judge Gleason apparently rec on eng the Day when All Irish men should he Friendly Delaye action on the Case. Aim for feet Edwards air Force base Calif. Xl5 rocket plane is expected to take Man to 000 feet on its next flight higher than he has Ever been before. 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