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Steubenville Herald Star Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Steubenville Herald Star (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Steubenville, Ohio Steubenville Herald Star comp Oft corer at of f Mingo Junction Ond tin area 297 Phong 2825311 May 1963 22 pages 7c miss armed forces miss Pat shown with her escort Ralph Burkey of saturday night was crowned miss armed forces Day at the military Ball which climaxed the Steubenville Weirton armed forces Day miss who represented the army is the daughter of and Tom Arnold of 810 Niagara she won the title of miss armed forces Day by selecting the White she was presented a Long stemmed roses by Frank commanding officer of the naval Reserve training and project officer for the Annex forces Day of approximately 250 persons attended the military Ball at the Steubenville Moose miss a senior at Toronto High also reigns As her schools Home coming Queen for the 1962 63 school she is a member of student Council and the police probe Large theft of dynamite uneasy Calm exists in Birmingham touring weekend authorities Are investigating the theft of a Large amount of Dyna mite several Days before twin blasts touched off negro rioting in this City and threw Sparks of racial unrest All Over the two cases of dynamite were stolen from a storage House prior to the May 11 bombings of a negro House and a Motel sheriff Mel Vin Bailey disclosed nor that would be 100 its a frightening said there is plenty of Loose dynamite in this an uneasy Calm prevailed Dur ing the nearly Law enforcement officers were Avail Able for duty and potential Trou ble areas were under heavy a about Federal called up by president Kennedy for possible use in were on standby at two Alabama governor files suit George who has sent about 700 state officers into the filed suit saturday in an Effort to Block any use of the Federal the president and Wallace met a few hours later at muscle in North at a Tennessee Valley authority anniversary they talked during helicopter flight to where the president we discussed things Wallace said later at a news con Pierre White House press said the discussion was not 11 persons arrested Wallace maintains that state and local authorities Are keeping the peace in Birmingham and can put Down any disorders that might flare one of the leaders of the desegregation the Wyatt tee contended in a talk at a Washington rally that Alabama troopers Are trying to incite negroes to riot through intimidation and in Northeast it per across Board Tariff cuts europeans agree to demands turn to police 3 Lolli going to California Ohio Andrew the officer responsible for the activities of army reservists and Reserve of Licer training corps Roth cadets in West Virginia and reports to California he will have a similar assign ment no successor has been Lolli took command of the xxx 20th corps at fort Hayti in Columbus 17 months Geneva european common Market countries agreed today to american demands for across Leboard Tariff this apparent reversal of position was aimed at ending the deadlock be tween the worlds two greatest trading but at the same time the six european countries demanded that in return the United states agree to an automatic formula for adjusting gaps Between High american tariffs and lower european West German economics min ister Ludwig Erhard claimed Ere Dit for the new which he said he thought would end the deadlock with the United session Marks time French finance minister Valery Giscard Destain said its for the americans to the full session of the 73nation general agreement on tariffs and trades conference marked time while the common marketers and the americans cockeyed for Posi chairman Hans Schaffner of Switzerland called off an after noon meeting but agreed to pre Side at a special evening session of the disputing Crux of the situation is that ministers of the common Market countries West Ger the Bel Gium and Luxembourg insist on reductions in individual tariffs they considered too High As Well As agreed general the delegation has insisted on equal percentage cuts from both with a goal of slashes As High As 50 it wants to open formal bargaining ses Sions May a common Market official sait no Date could be fixed for bar gaining talks until the United states and the Trade bloc agree on an he said the common Market would agree to a Date if the United states con sents to handle the High Tariff problem on the same level As its proposals for across the Board decision conveyed Maurice belgian min ister of foreign conveyed the Market groups decision to Christian president Kennedy chief negotiator at the Gatt the talks wind up the proposal Calls for substantial equal linear Tariff re with limited except in the United states wants nearly All tariffs slashed a the same at Frances insistence the common Market countries contended that Ligh tariffs should be slashed greater amounts than Low european american negotiators rejected this As a violation of the Trade expansion act of which gave the president the broadest Powers in history to Cut american suspect faces three charges by deputies Jefferson county sheriffs deputies said at least three charges will be filed today against a Steu Benvil Learea Man whose attorney fast talked him out of the county jail this arrested at yesterday for investigation was Richard of 515 state route Deputy sheriff George Hus Croft said Applegarth was to be charged formally with disorderly resisting arrest and Public but the suspects Nathan had him freed from jail this mor Ning after warning deputies on duty of the danger of false arrest because no formal charges had been sheriff Huscroft later ordered deputies not to release anyone to attorneys without proper auth he said formal charges will be filed in the Toronto county Applegarth was arrested by sheriff Deputy Huscroft and Island Creek township con stable Frank Horniewicz after he reportedly caused a disturbance at the Paul Yontz residence at 204 Jewett pottery Addi Applegarth Richard of re Steu had been involved in an automobile Accident saturday with Paul the mis Hap occurred in the Sears Roe Buck parking lot in Steu Deputy Huscroft said Young Applegarth went to the Yontz residence but Yontz was not Applegarth reportedly slapped Yonts wife in the face and hit Herman her husbands when he deputies received a Call from Yontz for help at and two More Calls about after 2 Days of questions Cooper taking time off before further honors High court puts curb on Market rules Exchange not immune from antitrust Laws Washington a the supreme court ruled today that the securities Exchange act does not give the new York Stock Exchange immunity from antitrust Justice delivering the courts majority said the antitrust Laws Are peculiarly appropriate As a Check upon anti competitive acts of exchanges which conflict with their duty to keep their operations and those of their members honest and via the practical effect of the 72 decision is to restrict the changes regulatory Power through concerted action by its dealings in seat the same Goldberg said it was Clear that there must be some method of telling a protest ing nonmember of the Exchange Why a Rule is being invoked and allowing him to reply in explanation of his vote made 7 to 2 Justice Stewart dissented wit an opinion in which Justice har Ian making the court vote Stewart said the courts ser to the problem is both unsatisfactory and Stewart protested that he thought the court erred in using the antitrust Laws to serve end that they were never intended to enforce the courts concept of fair procedures under i totally unrelated thought liability removed Stewart and Harlan said they thought the securities Exchange act removed antitrust liability for any action taken in Good Faith o effectuate an exchanges Sta Story duty of the decision applied specifics y to a suit by municipal Securi ies and municipal securities engaged in securities siness in on the Exchange ordered its members to discontinue their wire connections with the Allas it also terminated Exchange ticker service with my the two firms sued n District court in new Fork and won an the District court ruling that action of the Exchange and its members constituted a concerted refusal to Deal in violation of the Sherman won reversal appealing to the circuit turn to court on Page 3 Kennedy Washington a presi Dent Kennedy returned to the White House today after an abbreviated weekend at Camp the presidential hideaway in the Cato tin mountains of court upsets Satin cases convictions Washington a the us ireme court overturned today convictions of Satin Demon tractors in five major the cases were from new and two cases from Birm the courts action was Dis closed with the release of an Opin on by Justice Harlan in which concurred in part and dissent and in part with the majority it was not known immediately who delivered majority Opin presumably it was chief jus Tice since he released an opinion in the Case from Green in the Greenville Case Warren declared when a state Agency passes a Law compelling persons to discriminate against other persons because of and the states criminal processes Are employed in a Way which enforces the discrimination Man dated by that such a palpable violation of the 14th amendment cannot be saved by attempting to separate the mental urges of the hear Cooper Tell of Gordon Cooper right sits proudly with her two daughters left and As Cooper tells of his experiences in space at press conference in Cape Coopers fellow astronaut Walter Shirra behind empty chair listens up telephoto threats sent As delegates go to Ottawa hotels housing nato envoys get bombing letters Ottawa a terror i threats to bomb Ottawa hotel brought increased Security pre cautions today As to ranking diplomats continued in the Canadian capital for the minister Ial meeting of the North at anti treaty among those due in today were Secretary of state Dean British foreign Secretary Home and French foreign minister Mourice Couve de Mur the meeting begins a number of hotels received Anonymous letters during the week end saying hotels housing nato delegates would be blown regrouping supported it was assumed the threats came from the Fly Quebec liberation the underground roup that wants to separate drench speaking Quebec province the Fly has claimed credit for a number of a bings in the past few months n so far its violence Las been confined to Quebec prov Ottawa is in and most of the provinces people Are of British Rusk and Many of the nato ministers will be housed at their West German foreign minister Gerhard Schroeder arranged meeting with Canadian foreign Secretary Paul Martin for this the German made Clear that he will Back the proposal to it up a new nato command Structure to handle National no Jear units in the Alliance and to coordinate their wants to forget Germany supports the re roup big of a part of the alliances dear capability under discus he we believe that Uch cooperation will mean pro Ress in handling the difficult task f nuclear Rusk is to see Martin e also will Confer with other delegates in Advance of the nato space age scroll Cape canaveral ordon Cooper probably never worked harder in space than he lid at his news conference Sun a turning the Knob of a Mech Nical it seems there were a lot of Lotes in a Little Box in his hand sort of resume or capsule log if his sky while talking would keep cranking the Knob o new notes would come into Riew and remind him what came it was sort of i miniature space age diplomatic sources said there is tie doubt that the 15 nato of unties will approve the new no Lear in today Herald Star amusements Ann Landers Bridge news 8 comics deaths Molner editorials Heloise financial 17 social sports television great presence of mind Cooper tale seen contrasts study by John Barbour associated press science writer Cape a astronaut Gordon Cooper space tale of his whirlwind world tour is a study in contrasts he saw the Bambo curtained heart of red he nearly saw his own hidden by in he saw things As colossal As the and things As puny As houses in a he awoke startled from his Pace forgetting for a moment where he yet he a presence of mind flying his spacecraft Back to ear through toe roasting and Dange Ous moments of comes out same but somehow in the telling a sundays news i Coopers own relaxed and Ligh it All seems to come of the the first signal of trouble with Washington to see hero on tuesday astronaut to get address Congress session Cape a with two Days of questions and confetti behind astronaut Gordon Cooper planned to do absolutely nothing today cent that something that Comet easy to a Man who can doze off while perched atop a rocket set to blast him into asked at a news conference sunday if he thought his flight concluded project Coop or replied that it was his personal Pinion that great gain would come from a extended Mercury then he tossed the question to Robert associate administrator of the National aeronautics and space adm Nistra faced with decision we Are faced with a decision n the next week or so on another Mercury Seamans but said it is quite unlikely an other Mercury manned Mission will be the longer you keep Mercury is automatic Pilot was the Flash no Green of a wanting i thought maybe at first id ust ignore but i decided May be i better he i was fraid it go i found that the reentry into he earths denser atmosphere As easier on the portion than what we had been practising procedures Trainer with the everything went very Rell on Luxor catches situation with the Calm diagnostic tones f an he measured the preciseness of each element of his occasionally his humor caught the he held up a plastic Container f Brown and yellow dehydrated and admitted some difficult in adding water to it during what was it a news will address Congress then he will address a joint ses Ion of and the follow no Day will go to new York for ticker tape today Cooper plans Only to rest rom the one predictable after of it of his 34hour cosmic Advent Onrush of adulation from admiring his latest taste of it was a Omey and Heartfelt Welcome by lie people of Cocoa Beach who turned out sunday along a simile stretch of Sun drenched a and waved flags and Bunting and Beach towels and hollered Well Ife betide him it was one of the largest crowds turn to space Page 3 pollsters9 opinions May guide Rockefeller Washington Intel Ive reassessment of the political situation will be the order of the a for new York Nelson Rockefeller when he returns from is what his private pollsters Tell in about the political effect of is marriage to Divorcee Margar Ita fitter Murphy could have a direct bearing on whether the gov nor plunges into an Active drive or the 1964 Republican presiden Al nomination or merely coasts Long awaiting if the indications Are that his marriage has built up resistance his the governor an be expected to tread water r a while until a new canvass an be made this if relative i Clear sailing is in he a step up his believer in polls Rockefeller is a great believer n he also is a Man who lays his politics close to his Eldom confiding his plans in and Ance even to party for he told Kenneth Only 20 minutes before the ceremony that he was oing to be although Rockefeller has made 11 of the familiar motions of a candidate for the his marriage after being divorced Ait year by his wife of 31 yews v has injected a new element of doubt about his what Rockefeller marriage has done to his prospects for the nomination and to his chances of beating president if the governor should be the gop Standard remain a subject of discussion and expected to blow Over Senate Republican Leader Ever Ett Dirksen of who has adopted a Neutral stance on the Choice of a said in a separate interview he thinks the whole matter will blow Over in a few this is essentially the same View taken in private conversations by Barry r regarded As a rival of the governor for the Goldwater has told friends he thinks if the election were this year the remarriage might dam age Rockefeller but he has said he thinks the Issue will be eclipsed in Abraham d who managed Kennedy successful 1940 convention bid for the democratic came up with a democratic Ribicoff said he thinks Rocke Feller already has concluded from his private polls that he cant beat Kennedy in 1m4 and wants turn to 9 personnel working on Mercury the longer you delay put Ting them on the gemini pro he tuesday the laconic oklahoman with the Huck finn Grin will receive the National aeronaut us and space administrations distinguished service medal from Percsi Lent Kennedy at a ceremony in he White House Rose turn to Page 3 woman freed after arrest by deputies a woman arrested by sheriff Eorge Huscroft last night on suspicion of soliciting for ution was released this g for insufficient the 21yearold Aims to live in Columbus but to reportedly has been twice in the last year for restitution in was eed shortly before 11 to a on advice of assistant pros Tutor Dominick a 26yearold Steubenville Man arrested with the woman at Northern Jefferson county n still was being questioned at Toon he reportedly was woman the arrests were made by sheriff Huscroft and Deputy Matthew Galich before Midnight Ter the sheriff received a Tele tone Call that prostitution Wai Wing conducted at the proceeding immediately to the Avern without obtaining a Earch the sheriff and Deputy Galich made the two ests but Only after they caught the customer who jumped trough a Olivito reportedly told the sheriff that no Money transaction As witnessed and that re no conviction could be cd on being released the woman As required to sign a waiver a paving the sheriff from any Laim Tor arrest i

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